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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 16, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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of thin clouds out there and a few showers in the mountains of west virginia and over to the delmarva. but these will be missing us for the mo part. in the 70s almost everywhere except orange and manassas. muggy start to the day. slight chance of a shower. 85 by noon. 90 for a high and right now 74. angie goff, it is 6:00 a.m., how are the roads. we want to keep you updated on a water main break that turned to a sinkhole. crews in the anen dale a area. we know regular lanes are blocked but you can access the road through the service road. we have two eastbound lanes getting by. one westbound lane. but if you want to avoid it all together you can use braddock or columbia pike. moving over to the cameras, 95 northbound in virginia. looking at a ten minute commute from the prince william parkway to lorton. we will switch the shot and take you to 66 and show you
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eastbound traffic here. we have something new for you. an accident near nutley blocking at least one lane. as a result of this you know the drivers are backed up to 123. that delay is growing. and moving along, hello, maryland. 270 southbound not looking so bad here at montgomery village avenue but we are watching volume build between germantown road and i-370. slow ride from university to georgia but that's a minor delay. over to you. beg shift often the beltway and it is a change that is affecting take right now. armando trull is live what what you need to know good morning. >> good morning. i'm on the eisenhower connector bridge and behind me you see traffic heading from springfield to the wilson bridge. that traffic is being diverted because of work on the wilson
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bridge. >> the eisenhower connector loop, we are two lanes and we are routing one lane down the ramp that was taking traffic to the eisenhower connector. that is a lane. it is the beltway lane that takes you through. three lanes but traffic is splitting and going through the eisenhower connector ramp. >> reporter: why are you doing this. >> this bridge is old and needs to be replaced so when you are replacing a bridge you have to move traffic to one side and the other side to get in and work. >> reporter: this will continue how long? >> three mondays we intended this to happen in the summer when folks are on vacation but it will run in to september also. >> we understand that the exit to eisenhower is closed. that's 174, right. >> ' that's right. last week in preparation for in the access to the eisenhower connector, most of it was closed to allow the lane to be used for the beltway. >> how do folks divert.
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>> they go van doren street to the west and telegraph road to the east. >> thank you very much. that's it. work on the outer loop from springfield to the wilson bridge will be going out for the next few months. folks driving this way will get ready for lane shifts. armando trull for 9 news now and from water to fire check out the scene in michigan. 75 in detroit closed indefinitely. a truck exploded along the highway yesterday flames were so intense they melted part of the overpass. amazingly no one was killed. while the road is closed this is a live picture showing you what is happening right now. 160,000 vehicles will have to find their way around town. as you can see, this is still smoking from yesterday afternoon when that truck exploded on that portion of the highway collapsing that section
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of interstate 75. incredible. capitol police do not think a violent day yesterday had anything to do with politics. police shot and killed a man after a wild chase. officers tried to stop him in a white mercedes. he sped off hitting an officer on foot. the car crashed in to a parked car on jersey avenue northwest. kimberly snyder explains what happened next. the suspect did not comply was shot. >> police have not released the suspect's name. two officers offered minor injuries. they were treated at the scene. a gunman who held fairfax county police at bay for 24 hours is in critical condition after shooting himself. we told you about the story yesterday. police say the standoff started after the man shot a woman in the -- hills neighborhood.
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at last report, that women was in grave condition. the man's 8-year-old son who was in the house with him is safe. investigators say she is the mother of the gunman's 8-year- old son. ♪ [ music ] a vigil last night in germantown, maryland. family and friends and classmates gathered to remember edwin miller. the northwest high school student collapsed during a summer football practice last week. he died four days later. some practices at the high school have been cancelled as a result. miller's cause of death is unknown. jessica doyle has a look at foreclosures and this information came out at midnight. >> more proof that homeowners are having trouble paying the bills. new figures for realty track show a record number of homes
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falling in to foreclosure. there are 1.9 million foreclosure filings in the first six months of the year, up 15% from the first six months of 2008. one out of every 84 homes received a foreclosure filing. foreclosures are growing as more americans lose their jobs or take pay cuts. the world's largest retailer plans to demand all the suppliers measure the environmental costs of making a product. that is so wal-mart can calculate and post an eco rating for each item it sells. the program is being announced today. it is seen as spurring companies to redesign products from electronics to jeans and presents additional costs as companies are trying to pinch pennys. shoppers won't see green ratings on products for several years to come. oak local residents may get a helping hand when it comes to buying appliances. there is $1,500 energy tax credit for buying energy efficient appliances and they are kicking in more money to push energy star products.
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$300million in stimulus funds is being made available. 13.4million coming to virginia, dc and maryland alone. and states must indicate they want the money in the first place and they will figure out how to give go rebates for energy star alliances. in you are in the mark for energy star this is a good time to be looking at it. >> thank you, jessica. now it is time to blast off. >> four three two one. >> booster ignition and liftoff of "endeavor." >> after a month of delays the shuttle "endeavor" finally got in to orbit. it blasted off just about 12 hours ago. the shuttle did lose a little foam on takeoff. nasa will check that out later today. last night a nasa administrator said it shouldn't be a big deal. >> we don't consider those an issue for us. those are probably coating the losses. the issues will be in the back of the vehicle and we'll look at those when we do the role
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pitch maneuver that is planned. "endeavor's" wakeup call in two hours the crew will survey the shuttle and rendezvous with the space station tomorrow. it is 8 after the hour. in ten minutes why more car sharing companies are going green. and the latest installment of hero central. coffee shop customers are doing a little bit to make life easier for everyone. but right now our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. we start with howard. >> good morning, everybody. maryland is waking -- waking up to a much muggier atmosphere than yesterday morning. humidity is a lot higher. not oppressive but certainly muggy. look at the temperatures for you as you step out the door. readings in the 70s right now. slight chance of a thunderstorm. angie, take it away.
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as we look at our live cameras at 38 a 5 and a few drivers are on the road. moving to connecticut avenue and the east west highway. also tracking here a nice quiet commute. and want you to know westbound 32 at cedar lane is where we have a truck fire out here. crews are on the scene. expect some delays. it is 6:09. we'll be right back. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ it's time for the latest story from hero central. kristin fisher is here with the
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latest piece of good news. >> that's right. good morning, andrea. this is a great story because it shows that it doesn't take a lot to be a hero. it is the story of a one woman's kind act and it started a trend in a coffee shop near kansas city. digital correspondent john peppetone shows us. >> it started a week ago at this drive-thru window. the customer wanted to pay for the next customer's drink in addition to her own and it continued on ever since. >> since that customer paid it forward at the steamin' bean, 1,000 others are followed. even though the drinks have been free they are paying for the next customer. the owner says it seems no one wants to break the chain of good deeds. >> it is hard times but people are wanting to be part of something knowing their five cents or a dollar goes to the greater good. it may not hey change the
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economy but simple gesture. >> customers are donated more money so if someone in need takes advantage of a free drink there's money available to keep paying it forward. >> yeah, sure. >> in a week's time that has amounted to $160. >> i was really surprised and then i couldn't believe this many people had paid it forward. so i just wanted to continue it because i didn't want to break the cycle. >> reporter: bledsoe says word of the free drinks have spread like wildfire bringing new customers to the shop. many like the idea of supporting a local business that's not a franchise and the anonymous woman who started it all returned to learn her good deed is still paying dividends. >> she started to cry when i explain we generated so much money and people are going to give so much. and she started to cry and thought it was great. >> great story. that's the story from kansas city. we want to hear about more heros in our area.
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if you have or know of a hero or if you know of someone who wants to be a here low or perhaps somebody in need of a hero we want to hear about it. e-mail heros at >> thank you, kristin. >> you are welcome. on this thursday morning, here's what is in the news now. president obama is praising congressional democrats and their work on health care reform. both houses are passed versions of a reform plan and both include a tax for people in higher income brackets. today should be the final day for sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearing. the supreme court nominee side stepped questions on abortion and gun rights. a full senate vote could come next month. the pentagon says our troops in the war zone can smoke cigarettes. that's despite a defense department study urging the military to become tobacco free. the pentagon calls it a stress reliever for the troops. certainly don't want to add to their stress at this time right
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now. >> speaking of stress a lot of plants and trees are struggling with the weather we have had the last couple of weeks and there is a particular section of highway they just wanted. i wrote about it on my blog at tell me what you think. i don't get it why plant now and not wait until september september or october. >> got the money now to put them in. >> and water and replace them. let's not get in to that. we have a change. got muggier last night and this morning. waking up to warmer readings an muggier conditions. the next three days feeling like july. muggy, 90 chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow a better chance as we head to the late afternoon and evening hours. and by saturday i think that mess will get out of here early and may be done with it and that will mean a nice weekend with lower 80s. this morning partly sunny and warm. a couple of spots in the 60s.
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mostly 70s and climb to the 80s in the next few hours. hot and humid this afternoon with an isolated thunderstorm possible. highs an 90 give or take a couple of degrees. tonight a chance of a shower under mostly cloudy skies. upper 60s to lower 70s some showers pop south and east of us to the delmarva. in those in west virginia will have a tough time getting here but if they hold together one or two may get northern virginia the next couple of hours. cloudy skies overnight to partly cloudy conditions. this morning you can see those high clouds out there. temperatures are running to the 70s now. 74 with the south winds at 8. humidity 69% and the dew points in the 60s now. you notice readings in the mid- 70s from easton to the naval air station, patuxent river and hagerstown is 75. reedville we have 70. 67 knew land and manassas 70
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degrees and everyone is feeling the affects of the change in the air mass. look at the thunderstorms along i-40 to the north. the energy in the at mos fear for july, that jet stream should be near the canadian border and still to the south and that means the active weather pattern will continue. for us looking at the seven day, 90 today. tomorrow afternoon, evening a cluster of storms will roll through. some on the heavy side. saturday morning maybe something leftover, otherwise a good looking weekend and storms return on monday and tuesday with comfortable temperatures. angie steps in with the traffic update. >> you have got that right. thank you very much. hello, everyone. we begin in annandale, virginia where we continue to monitor that sinkhole situation. westbound little river at conwell drive. the regular lanes are closed but one lane on the service road getting by. to avoid that all together, you can use columbia pike or braddock road. moving outside and check on 395 northbound. looks like no problem past duke
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street toward the 14th street bridge. taking it to the district. move over to inbound new york avenue. we are finding more drivers are hitting the roads between the main delay spot of the times building to bladensburg road. checking on the capital beltway from university to georgia, volume is building and go over to the maps and show you 95 and the bw parkway. we are okay out of baltimore past 198 to powder mill to 495. now on over to mu fellow lady in red. >> thank you, angie. it is 6:17. could you give up your car for a year? how about 30 days. that's what 30 people in our area are doing. they took a low car diet pledge yesterday. this is a publicity pledge with zip car, that's the car sharing service. we will have to find out if they do it. and more are using alternative energy to move their cars around. car share programs get more
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plugged in. for a closer look we are joined by lauren ashburn. >> good morning. >> there are a couple of reasons for this. it is that number one people are demanding these alternate energy cars. biodiesel, electricity, natural gas. but the other thing is the technology has improved. you can now go 120 hours in these cars without having to plug it in. right? and the -- you should see the chart. the chart goes like this. from 1999 when 304 people had joined car sharing services, you can look at it right here and the chart keeps going up. to right now when were aat re 309,000 people doing this. zip cartels us that 80% of the customers want alternative fuel cars. >> where is this really taking off? any particular section of the country. >> it is interesting right here in baltimore, not too far away you can test drive electric
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cars right at the harbor free from now until the end of july and starting in august a company called altcar will have ten that you can use. hertz is getting in to the game, as is enterprise. so you are finding in the hubs where these car feelers are is where you are seeing the most use and obviously in cities. it is so much cheaper to pay $7 to rent a car to renn an electric car versus $9 an hour for another car. >> it is good for the energy, environment. >> of course. >> a lot of people are concerned right now about climate change and they are concerned in the recession about money and the mental attitude right now is starting to change. it is changing. people are thinking, i don't have to own a car in order to get around. >> absolutely. and there are more parking spots for them every day on the
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mall. >> thank you. our time 6:19. ahead early leaders a the british open. let's hear from the nats new manager jim riggleman but first the signs of now. harry potter and the half blood prince is already setting record. it earned $22 million in midnight ticket sales yesterday. which movie did it knock out of the old record holder? was it independence day, lord of the rings the return of the king or the dark knight? if you were with us in the morning buzz you know the answer. we will have it for you when we come back. gkc÷qqñ
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back with the signs of now. harry potter fans are out in force. the new film set a record with $22 million in midnight ticket sales. which movie did it knock out as the old record holder? the answer is c, the dark knight. it had a record with $18.5 million in midnight sales. harry potter knocked it out. the british open is underway this scotland. the first tee times began five hours ago. tiger teed off at 4 clean 9.
6:24 am
right now he is three shots back of the leader and that would be tom watson who is four shots under after 12 holes. tonight the nationals begin the second half of their season. they begin a four-game series with the cubs. tonight is the first game under new manager jim riggleman. he spoke to reporters yesterdays and talked about the guy that came before him manny acta. >> he is an youth standing manager that i know really good days are ahead for manny. anyone would be fortunate to have him. it is a situation where -- i have been there and you lose a couple of games and you lose enough and the manager usually takes the hit. >> listennen starts tonight. he won five of his last seven starts. our time 6:25. in four minutes the name change
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going on today at an american landmark. also, more delays for red line riders. how the investigation in to last month's crash will delay you now. angie? >> let's talk about the traffic. 14th and independence. we are live. a great example of the clear drive in the district. and mix of sun and clouds this morning but muggier than it has been and a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. we will talk about that when 9 news now this morning returns.
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a pop quiz. what's the name of this building? well, if you said the sears tower, you are wrong. starting today it is officially named the willis tower. chicago's landmark will be named after a british broker instead of the american retail chain. the building is still the tallest in the united states. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace. not as balmy as in mornings past but still not bad. >> the humidity has come up. it was almost chilly in the shenandoah valley the last few mornings but temperatures there 15 degrees warmer today. this time yesterday, but we have had a change in the air mass and a change in the regime and a chance of thunderstorms
6:30 am
especially tomorrow afternoon. for today we start off with a few clouds and sunshine out there. we are seeing showers to the delmarva trying to hold together in west virginia but right now nothing close to us. look at these readings in the 70s now. manassas 68 degrees. a few folks around 70 but it is really a more july day than what we have seen lately. that's the case this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds and it will be humid. the muggies are back. highs near 9 a with an outside chance of a thunderstorm. angie has been watching the roads this thursday morning. >> we want to begin with that sinkhole situation in annandale, virginia. we know it is at little river and conwell drive. all westbound regular lanes are blocked but if you use the service road one lane is getting by. the i it nate is to use columbia pike or braddock road. eastbound travelers are doing fine. over to the inner loop in virginia where this is where it
6:31 am
meets 495. we want you to know at the braddock road on ramp it is closed because of a disabled vehicle. this a tentative. moving to 66 eastbound. we have an accident at route 28 in centreville. we also know that drivers are jammed from 50 to the nutley and the accident is not blocking any lanes. it is pushed to the shoulder so traffic is getting by. the southbound trip from montgomery village avenue to the split. check it out. it is smooth sailing. over to you. president obama is calling on lawmakers to have a health care reform bill on the desk by next month. it overcame an obstacle. passing the senate committee but it came along party lines. >> this is an important moment. we may never get a better chance to do it. it is no longer just unacceptable. the health care system is unsustainable. >> launching a bureaucracy paid for with higher taxes on
6:32 am
individuals and small businesses during the worst economic recession in a quarter century. it is profoundly bad idea and republicans will oppose it. >> reporter: more votes on planned on health care issues later today. >> the confirmation hearing for sonia sotomayor should wrap up today. during questioning yesterday, senators asked the judge about hot button issues like abortion and gun rights. >> it would keep an hope mind if the supreme court takes up the question of whether the second amendment could be incorporated against the states, is that right? >> yes, senator. i take every case-by-case and my mind is always open and make no prejudgments to conclusions. >> what is the law in america about abortion. >> in planned parenthood versus casey, the court reaffirmed the holding of roe v. wade that a woman has a constitutional right to terminate her
6:33 am
pregnancy in certain circumstances. >> reporter: a full senate vote on judge sonia sotomayor could come by next month. u.s. capitol police calling yesterday's shooting outside of the senate office building an isolated incident. police shot and killed a man after he sped off during a routine traffic stop. the man almost ran over two officers. afterwards there was a chase. they opened fire after the man took out a gun and started to shoot. he died at the local hospital. his name has not been released. the investigation in to the deadly metro crash will delay commuters again and once again it is on the red line. the tacoma station will close today between 10:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon. that means you will have to take a shuttle bus between silver spring and fort totten the station will close from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. so you want to add 20 minutes to your commute. on the roads, expect some changes in the beltway in virginia. and overnight lane shift will
6:34 am
affect you for vehicles. how you get through alexandria, well, it's new this morning. digital correspondent armando trull is live with the story. i am on the eisenhower connector bridge and the traffic behind me are folks heading in from springfield to the wilson bridge. all of that traffic will be shifted. why? because the eisenhower connector bridge which i'm standing on is being repaired and to tell us why it is being repaired, is john. what are you repairing the bridge. >> it is just worn out. it was built in the 60s. it is structurally deficient. to work on it you have to shift traffic to one side and the other side and that's what we are doing this morning. >> show us where the traffic is being shifted. >> one lane coming down the eisenhower connector ramps and going up again. >> the traffic we are seeing used to be an exit ramp. right now it is part of the highway. >> part of the highway and the beltway. we have one lane here and two lanes on the main line of the
6:35 am
beltway. >> how long will this continue? >> we have this going for three months. traffic that would have gone to the eisenhower connector we are routing to van doren and telegraph road. >> 174 is closed. >> that's right. the exit is closed to be useder the beltway lanes. >> there you have it. and now as you heard it will be going on a few months and so you have to be patient if you are driving through this part of alexandria. 9 news now and one day soon you will be able to ride the bus past that traffic. the metropolitan washington council of government gave a thumbs up to a network of rapid service bus lines. they would use dedicated lanes to get around choke points. the agency still has to ask uncle sam to pay for the system. time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is here with news of a big job fair today. >> good morning. this is in the district. dc has a really high
6:36 am
unemployment rate. higher than the national average at 10.7%. but something is happening today. dc residents looking for work will get an early crack at stimulus jobs. eleanor holmes norton is hosting a job fair at the washington convention center. 80 employers plan to be there including private companies, federal and local agencies and nonprofit and training organizations. par 'tis pants ared -- participants are asked to bring resumes and wear professional attire. and a dress for success fashion show that starts at t 30 this morning -- 9:30 this morning. martin o'malley is hosting a cookoff to kick off a buy local promotion. it is aimed at getting residents to incorporate at least one locally harvested product in to their meals each day. 16 teams of local producer and chefs will prepare different
6:37 am
recipes featuring maryland food. just about 20 minutes ago, la plata got the first stand alone chick-fil-a restaurant. the ceo is there for the grand opening of the new store and he has a lot of company. the first 100 people in line got a one year supply of chick- fil-a meals. works out to be one a week amounts to a $26,000 food giveaway. they do this with every new store and it is creating 65 jobs. what is interesting is people started to line up yesterday. i was curious. >> wearing chicken outfits. >> no. but i'm sure there was some of that. if you know you are not the first 100 people why do you stick around. >> they give away food every two hours. >> that way you get something. >> a big party. there's angie in the background. a piece of history is about to gone the auction block, there it is the watergate hotel. a developer bought it five years ago and plans renovations
6:38 am
but it didn't happen and now the developer received a foreclosure. they plan to take bids on tuesday. as lance armstrong tries to win another tour de france the historic race is taking a 21st century turn. it has nothing to do with the cyclists or their bikes. in five minutes what's going on? right now our focus on virginia weather and traffic. howard is starting us off. it is muggy outside. right now clouds out there and some sunshine but any rainfall is to the northern neck pulling over to the bay right now. look at the temperatures this morning. it is a muggy start to the day. we are inadregs in most places 70 or higher. notice 74 down there toward kwan coe. and we have other readings there 69 over to ft. belvoir. one of the cool spots. highs today 90, 92 with a chance of a thunderstorm. angie, tell us about virginia traffic. >> we begin with a live shot at
6:39 am
route 50 where it meets 29 here in fairfax. looks like no major issues. drivers are stopped at a light. at 123 near international boulevard near tysons corner, the stores may not be open but i'm going to sell you good traffic out here. to the maps, flying the dulles toll road from the greenway to the beltway, nothing but green cars. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. it is 6:39. we'll be right back after this break. ad
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thank you. the "early show" begins in 18 minutes. maggie rodriguez is joining us with a preview. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: good morning to you. coming up this morning as president obama pushes the biggest change to the nation's health care system in decades, we will talk about how this may affect your coverage. also an 8th arrest in the murder of a florida couple who took care of special needs children. as authorities are verdicting now, possible ties to drug trafficking and money laundering. we will talk to the sheriff and a criminallologist about the latest in the case and you know him as e from intercourage. we have kevin connelly in the studio to reveal what is ahead this season. emmy nomination and more on the "early show." so keep it tuned here. >> thank you. we will be watching. lance armstrong is getting americans interested again in the tour de france. some modern technology is sending messages to people half way around the globe.
6:44 am
kristin fisher is in the web center to show us what this is about. >> reporter: well, andrea, we are talking about a robot that takes twitter posts or tweets and then writes them on the road on the tour de france route using talk. it is called the talk bot and it is creating a stir on the web this morning. listen to how the developers describe how the talk-b orange t works. >> we build talk bot together so people from everywhere can spread messages of hope and cancer survival to an entire world at the tour de france on the street. >> reporter: so basically what they are doing is using the road as a canvas. during this year's tour de france, it will write 100,000 messages on the road. as you heard the developer say it is part of nicky's live strong campaign. the tweets are messages of encouragement for the riders and cancer survivors. lance armstrong, of course,
6:45 am
fits both of those categories. he's a big supporter of the talk bot and even sent the account his favorite tweet that the talk-bot wrote while he was riding. here it is right here. n sent this th and e caio is an example of what a talk bot does and the message on the road is survir renee nicholas lives strong. a simple message but those are along the route. here's one more picture for you. you can see this is what the riders will see. all of these little messages followed by a big live strong banner all the way across. if you want to get in on this talk-bot action you could have your message on the tour de france route. i will have a link to how to do it on my blog at >> thank you. the tour has taken them from france in to spain where there was some rain on the plains. any rain for us? >> tiny bit today. slight chance today but tomorrow afternoon and evening, tomorrow night, the first half,
6:46 am
i'm feeling optimistic we could get the biggest rain from weeks from thunderstorms that will roll from the west and the northeast. keep your fingers crossed that we can break this mini drought we have been having for the month of july. 1300 is it for the month so far. the next three days looking like this with the forecast first. 90ish today. some spots in the lower 90s. it will be muggy. slim chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow a better chance in the afternoon in to tomorrow night. on saturday, most of this could be gone before we wake up and that would mean a nice weekend. lower 80ed on saturday and sunday at this point. the average high right now is up to 89. the average low is 70. this morning, partly sunny and warm. upper 60s and the coolest spot i should say. in the 80s here over the next few hours. winds from the south at five to ten. partly sunny and hot and humid, isolated storm. 90ish this afternoon with a west southwest wind at 10 to 15
6:47 am
miles an hour. tonight, mostly cloudy. a slight chance of a shower. upper 60s, low 70s another muggy night out there. showers are pushing to the east. the ones that popped up in west virginia popped down, as well. not much left with that. southwestern virginia will see a little activity over the next few hours. for us just got high clouds out there. mixing in with the sunshine but really a fairly nice morning. temperatures are warmer, 74. south winds at 8. nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. dew points in the 60s. so that's why we are saying the muggies are back. we have 74 on the bay. 75 easton. 72 andrews and gaithersburg. 69 coolest spot right now in martinsburg or manassas. you were 68 and now 70. a cold front to the north and west. the muggy air ahead of it. cooler air behind it. in the 50s this minneapolis this morning. as the front gets closer to us,
6:48 am
tomorrow we will see some showers and thunderstorms pop up. slight chance to see something today. there it goes. very quickly. but tomorrow, i want to get through this before we see the seven day. see the activity as it develops tomorrow night an pushing through. here we are at 1:00 in the morning. 90ish today and 88 tomorrow with thunderstorms late. 83 on saturday. as we get rid of things early. sunday looks nice and 81 and isolated storms return on monday. angie is stepping in at 6:48 with traffic. >> we will begin with live camera tower. happy thursday to you. 95 northbound check it out. a lot of drivers out here. mainly between the prince william parkway and lorton. estimating the drive time ten to 12 minutes and growing. to the maps and take you to the sinkhole situation in annandale, virginia at the next of little river and conwell drive. this is the latest. crews are out there and they
6:49 am
currently block one left lane in both directions. to avoid this all together the best alternates will be to use braddock road or columbia pike. taking it outside to 66 eastbound. we are watching that crash activity at 28. it is over to the shoulder main delay is stop and go 50 to the capital beltway. speaking of 495. switch it over and show you the delay stretching from new hampshire to georgia avenue. finally we are going to wrap it up with a realtime graphic. looking at route 5, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, suit land parkway and crane highway. right now we are tracking that typical volume. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. andrea, that's the traffic. now over to you. >> thank you. 0. an arlington, virginia, man will not spend time in prison for killing another man during a botched romantic encounter. we told you about this last december. willy donaldson killed matthew hicks inside of donaldsons home. he met him through an internet
6:50 am
posting. donaldson pleaded guilty but said the killing was in self defense and he received three years probation. the district vows to resolve a problem with charter schools by tomorrow. the problem schools were supposed to get a $100 million payment from the city on wednesday. it didn't happen. that means some teachers may not get paid this week. the city blames financial woes. brown has two children in charter schools. he's furious. >> i don't believe it. i don't think there is one resident in the district of columbia that believes that the city dunn have any money and has not been budgeted to pay teachers. if that is the case that is a disgrace as a city and we should be appalled by it. >> schools should be open on time so parent and students shouldn't notice. in sports the capitals schedule for next season is out and here's the highlights. they open on the road october 1st in boston. the caps home opener is saturday, october 3rd. it is believed the caps will
6:51 am
play the canadiens at montreal's stadium on november 28th and the hated penguins first visit to washington will be on sunday, february 7th. get a link to the entire schedule at in the wnba, washington hosted san antonio yesterday and here's a great move down court by the silver stars. they edge the mystics, 79-78. our time is 6:51. 74 degrees here at the information center. news for users of the popular washington and old dominion trail. in three minutes, what police are warning about.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54 on thursday morning. here's what is in in the news now. police in vienna are warning people to stay alert on the old dominion trail. a woman was attack odd the trail yesterday. she was able to escape and call police. the next few months traffic on the outer loop approaching the wilson bridge is being shifted to the right and the eisenhower avenue connector ramps are being used as a third travel lane to ease congestion. crews are working to pick a water main break in annandale, virginia. it is at little river turnpike. traffic delays will go through the morning rush. the muggies are back. not oppressive but more humid than it has been. pushing 85 by noon and topping
6:55 am
off around 90 with a chance of a thunderstorm. you are watching 9 news now. st..lar.n eahe wcompanies were laying off hundreds of thousands of workers... walmart was creating 30 thousand new jobs... all right here in america. save money. live better. walmart. he
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but we won't be 100% satisfied until every american has quality affordable health coverage. save money. live better. walmart. we're back at 6:58 with the story a bank mistake. he bought a pack of cigarettes and when i was rejected by dinner later he found out why. he was charged 23 quadrillen dollars for the cigarette. that's is with a q. the bank fixed the mistake and charged him the correct $3.29 a price. now we want to give you an idea how much a quad drillen is, this is how long of a number 23 quad drillen dollars is. this is how much he paid for a pack of cigarettes.
6:59 am
just say no. >> gosh, that is not making a statement. that's a lot of money. >> yes, it is. >> that's a lot of numbers. i can't belief that would fit on the receipt or on the statement. let's talk about the traffic. that sinkhole situation in annandale. here's the latest. little river and conwell drive crews are blocking both directions. that's expected to last through the afternoon. in virginia also want you to know on the outer loop we are seeing a slow go because of a report of an accident at route 1. going to the maryland side of things from new hampshire to georgia on the outer loop. we are looking at a ten minute drive and that delay is growing. a muggy day out there. could see a thunderstorm, 90. better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, 88 and the weekend looks a whole lot better. >> the "early show" is next. and we hope all quadrillen of you tune in at 9:00. we are talking about noodles and company. the "early show" show


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