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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 16, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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future clinics, visit and click on living well. if you drive through alexandria, listen up. a new traffic 70pattern is goin in to affect on the beltway near the wilson bridge. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. howard is here with weather and angie is here with traffic. but let's start with howard with changes in the forecast. >> feels like july finally. by the time we get to the weekend things will improve and won't be feeling so muggy and oppressive out. there talk about this morning. moisture moving in the form of clouds. a few showers in west virginia and delmarva. the ones in west virginia may hold together. not convinced so keep that in mind but the best shower chance we have seen in me time as it is bone dry out there. keep that in mind, as well. we need the rain.
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temperatures in the 70s. you have to go to roanoke or central pennsylvania to find 60s in ocean city, a balmy 80 degrees and shower and storms west of them. upper 70s if not 80 by 9:00. mid-80s for lunchtime and 90ish for a high. a code yellow moderate air quality. let's get a traffic update from angie goff. yes. the time is 5:01. quickly looking at the inner loop at georgetown pike. the ramp is closed due to an accident. move outside and show you the capital beltway here on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue, looks like drivers are moving at speed. inner loop is fine, as well. back to realtime graphics, westbound on little river, we know it is closed at cornwell drive because of a sinkhole out here. we know the crews will be working out here. the best bet is to use columbia bike or braddock road as an
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accident. eastbound through manassas you are fine to the district. that's the latest look at traffic. now over to you. commuters along the beltway near alexandria will find a change in the traffic pattern this morning. a new traffic pattern, the right lane of the outer loop in virginia. let's move on. the right lane will be diverted on to the eisenhower avenue connector. because beltway traffic will be using the connector it will not be open to other vehicles. this pattern will be in affect until september and we will have a live report from the scene of the changes coming up in the next half hour. today metro's tacoma station will be closed for five hours for more tests on the tracks where last month's deadly red line crash happened. the tests will run from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and again on saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. the fort ttotten stations will be open.
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shuttle buses will be used for that portion of the ride. police are not revealed the man shot and killed by officers yesterday afternoon. police tried to pull a man over on a traffic violation a few blocks from the capitol but the driver fled going the wrong way on louisiana avenue before hitting a police cruiser. police say the man got out with a gun and fired at officers who returned fire and killed him. a 24-hour standoff ended in mclean, virginia with two people critically injured. a man shot his exgirlfriend and then holed up inside of a home with their 8-year-old son and another woman. officers entered the home when negotiations broke off late yesterday afternoon and found the man with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. the woman and boy inside are okay. both the man and the boy's mother had life-threatening injuries. police are on the lookout for a man who attacked a woman along a trail in northern virginia.
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i happened between air hill avenue and the vienna town line. police say the man was on a bike. he stopped and exposed himself when he saw the woman. when she started to run the man grabbed her. she managed to get away and call police. it is 5:04. coming up on the first "living $mart" report of the morning, jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street. good morning. another day of earnings and the economy, the major focus for investors today. this is a really big day. weekly jobless claims and earnings from j.p. morgan chase, ibm and google as the trading so far today another rally in asian ya. that is after the best rally on wall street in about four months thanks to intel and the federal reserve's positive comments about the future. the dow surged 256 an the nasdaq up 63 and the s&p surged
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26 points. now, back to google it is set to post earnings after the closing bell. the internet search giant has not been recession proof and has been hit by a drop in sales. they have had to turn to cost- cutting including laying off a few hundred workers and taking away some employee perks like free bottled water. do you own a pair of crocs? a lot of people do but since they are nearly indestructible, few people are replacing the shoes and that's a major problem for the company. they swung from a profit of $168 million in 2007 to a loss of over $185 million last year. and the "washington post" reports auditors are wondering if it can even stay afloat with only until september to pay off the debts. crocs is marketing it to people with foot problems and george
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clooney signed up to work for the company. if only can save it, george clooney can. >> the problem is they are indestructible so you don't need a new pair. we are saving people hundreds of dollars on their energy bill using technology. >> we will be watching. nasa engineers are reviewing photos from the launch of the space shuttle "endeavor." officials say eight or nine pieces of foam insulation came off the fuel tank during liftoff. some scuff marks were spotted but mission control says the damage looks less expensive than the last shuttle flight. the shuttle is enroute to the international space station where the astronauts could awaitress cue if the damages are serious and not reparable. 40 years ago today the apollo 11 astronauts blasted off on an historic trip to the moon. kneel armstrong and buzz aldrin became the first men on the moon
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moon. the flag they put on the moon, it was bought at sears. students at space camp in baltimore, maryland might end up as astronauts of the future. a veteran astronaut talked to a group of 6th and 7th graders on wednesday. one topic they loved, handling food in space. >> this is like a 40-year-old man here playing with food. we are conducting science experiments. >> dr. thomas talked about using the exercise bike and looking out the window down at earth. two amazing fiery escapes to tell you about this morning, including one where police came
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to thes re-- rescue of a trapped disabled woman just in time. more on that coming up. it is 8 after the hour, 75 degrees. and you are watching 9 news now. fa
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welcome back. traveling southbound on the beltway past 8123 to -- 123 to arlington the lanes are wide open. it is angie with traffic coming up. flames shot hundreds of feet in the air when a gasoline tanker truck exploded near detroit, michigan, collapsing part of an interstate overpass. a truck driver and two other drivers suffered minor injuries. an investigation in to the accident is underway. a patrol car camera
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captures a family's harrowing ordeal near atlanta, georgia. a tire blew on their minivan and they pulled off and the mother was disabled but officers got there in time. she suffered burns but will recover. the government of honduras reinstated a curfew over night after supporters of the ousted president launched a nationwide strike on wednesday. he was forced from office in a june 28 coup and encouraged supporters to demonstrate against the usurpers. president obama's plan to reform health care takes a step closer to become being law. anything severe to worry about. >> the muggies are back and that means the chances of thunderstorms on the rise, as well. there's hope for the weekend. i will detail the seven-day forecast when 9 news now this morning returns.
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o pamprin multi-symptom
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welcome back to 9 news now. the equipment is out to help recover from a tornado minnesota minnesota. on the town lake the twister overturned some boats. fortunately no one was injured.
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we say good morning to howard bernstein. nothing like that but you say the severe muggies are coming back. >> that is right. we will see severe thunderstorms slight chance today. tomorrow night we have a big cluster of storms we think will move in. bone dry. so i have been out with the hose a little bit. one of those that tends to let the grass go brown and crunchy. haven't mowed in three weeks. we have changes in store. today 90. going to add the word muggy or humid or something to the forecast. slight chance of a storm. tomorrow late in the afternoon and in to the evening and tomorrow night a chance of showers and storms after highs in the upper 80s to near 90. cooler, more comfortable, highs in the low 80s. so this morning we are dealing with temperatures anywhere from
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the 70-degree range all the way up to near 80 right now. if you could see what is happening we have a bunch of showers that have been popping in the last hour, east of town across the bay to the delmarva. there you go. a few other showers getting in range in west virginia. if you are traveling no problems across the bay bridge. toward reedville and northern neck you may see a shower but the vast majority of the activity from delaware, salisbury eastward over to the beaches. talk about temperatures. in the 70s by 9:00. pushing 90 for a high. 74 right now. but it is 76 at the naval air station in patuxent river and 75 on the bay and 75 hagerstown. 72 culpeper, 75 fredericksburg. the humidity is back in a big way. we have 74 relative humidity
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64% and a southerly moist wind at 8 miles an hour at reagan national. nationally still an active weather pattern. that ridge of high pressure with the heat in texas suppressed a little bit. look at the clusters of showers and thunderstorms across the south and the carolinas through tennessee. north of i-40 here. all of this is moving to the east and then more stuff to the northwest of that and around here we have the activity that we showed you. again, west virginia, we will see if that holds together but the big story is the mugginess and the chance of thunderstorms returning tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures, well, we are going to have to fast forward to that again. temperatures will jump to 90. tomorrow we will get in to the 80s. i will come back with the seven day in a few minutes. sunday also looks good, 83. we will get that seven day up for you. angie, it is early for a list that long. >> i know.
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details, details. we have them for you when it matters in the morning. an update in virginia where we have that sinkhole situation where crews were blocking all lanes here at westbound little river at conwell drive. now we know one lane is getting by if you want to avoid that all together you can use columbia pike or braddock as the alternate. moving along and we will take you to 95 northbound from the prince william parkway to lorton incident free. next we will go back to the maps. on the capital beltway, better news here, as well. that georgetown pike accident blocking the ramp, according to our realtime sensors it is clear. hopping on the beltway to show you, actually 270 to show you the volume is building past shady grove. you are delay free approaching the split and finally back to the graphics we go. i feel like we are ping-ponging here. route 3, route 5, suitland
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parkway this is an accident- free zone. that's a quick look at traffic. now over to you. in living well headlines, today a house committee will vote on a mass health care reform plan. a senate committee approved a version of the plan on wednesday but with no republican support. while democrats are touting the goal of the plan to cover tens of millions of americans who are uninsured republicans say it costs too much and overburdens taxpayers. >> launching a massive new government bureaucracy, paid for with higher taxes on individuals and small businesses during the worst economic recession in a quarter of a century is a profoundly bad idea. >> for millions of our fellow citizens, those without coverage, those who are too high deductibles this is a response to them. >> reporter: president obama is pushing forage of the plan before the august recess. today he will meet with the swing votes in an effort to make that happen. there are new concerns this
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morning about the possibility possibility a super bug could be contaminating our food supply. we are talking about mrsa. they found skin infections among poultry workers. the concern it could spread from raw meat to your hands especially if you have a cut. health experts are reminding you to wash your hands thoroughly. an update on a proposed smoking ban in the military. the pentagon says not right now. the veterans affairs department had called for the ban but the defense secretary robert gates says he doesn't want to add to the stress level of troops fighting in iraq and afghanistan. right now it is time to say good morning to kristin fisher. she is in the web center to tell us what people are talking about. good morning. imagine this. you are 15 years old an doing a two-week summer internship at morgan stanley in new york and your boss asks you to write a report on how consumer --
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teenagers view the media. which what if they published it on-line? that's what happened to matthew. and his report has become a big hit on the web and the talk of the financial world. look at the headline on they are calling him wall st reet's king wizard. this is forbes. the number on the times on- line. they are saying twitter is for old people. work experience whiz kid tells bankers. so right here is a picture of that whiz kid from the u.k. and this, rit here, is his record how teenagers consume the media. it is impressive enough to have a article publish by morgan stanley at 15 and what is more interesting is what he had to say and nothing generated more headlines than what he said about social media. here it is right here. he wrote facebook is popular as
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one can interact with friends on a wide scale. on the other hand, teenagers do not use twitter and says tweets are pointless in this teenager world and that's one of the many revelations this 15-year- old made in this report. if you would like to see all of them, some are less ground breaking i will have a link on my blog at go >> tweets pointless among teenagers. >> a 15-year-old saying that. >> he must know. the quest for the -- jug is underway. but the team talks about what he must do in the sec half.
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here's a look at who'sle is -- celebrating a birthday today. in sports golf's third major of the year is underway. tiger teed off an hour ago and he is even threw three holes. the leader is westwood who is minus three at three holes. the final group won't take the course until 11:30 a.m. our time.
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staying across the pond, stage 11 of the tour de france. lance is stalking the leaders. italy has the yellow jersey as the leader. coming up the all-star break and the nationals host a four game set against the cubs and will do so with jim riggleman at the helm. he managed in seattle and san diego and took to the cubs to the postseason. he complimented manny acta but said he is ready to leave this group. >> all managers would like to have their club in spring training and, you know, get it started from spring training and run with it but ultimately you have to win some ball games and create your longevity. >> jim is the right man. he will jump start us. he brings a totally different demeanor, more serious, tough
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demeanor to the team and i think that's what we need right now. riggleman decided to keep the practice scheduled by acta. players agree they need to work to improve in the second half. some caps players are under contract they are the season. the one year offers went to morrisson, forward edward and the caps inked chris fehr. the mystics hosted san antonio in a matinee game. harding finished with 18. san antonio had a ten-point lead and held off a late rally by washington to eke out a 79- 78 win over the home team. if you drive the beltway near alexandria, a warning about a new traffic pattern starting today is coming up. plus, if you wear a badge you apparently don't have to worry about speed cameras in
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part of our area. also the amazing recovery of a boy in ocean city whose heart stopped beating after he became buried under a pile of sand. >> 50 westbound traffic is slow and that's because of rubbernecking for an eastbound accident. more traffic and your forecast together. we will have it when 9 news now returns. stay with us.
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some district's teachers paychecks are in jeopardy after they missed a payment to the charter schools. welcome back -- welcome back. we begin with howard bernstein. his forecast feels more like summer. >> glad my air conditioner works. this is one of those days especially when we have been unseasonably mild this month. today is one of those days, feeling like july, almost august, the heat and humidity
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and slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. fairly typical summer day around here. get you going. obviously the moisture is back. the muggies are back in a big way. some clouds but not a bad morning. over to the delmarva, showers and rumble of thinner there. look at livedoppler 9000. on the northern neck of virginia you are seeing a couple of showers around reedville. this is moving east northeast to the eastern shore. temperature-wise, we had a lot of 50s the last couple of mornings. tda15y o 20 degrees warmer. manassas is a cool spot 15at 68 75 on the bay and here at 74. we are going to the 90-degree range this afternoon. let's get an update with more here's angie goff. begin with a look at 50 westbound. the drive is slow at dale drive because people are rubbernecking as they watch an eastbound accident. here it comes up.
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we will skip it. a live camera for you beginning with 95 northbound. no delays to report from dumfries over to the beltway. and switch it over to the outer loop at new hampshire avenue. drivers are moving at speed. lanes are wide open. the inner loop is doing fine. that's a quick look at traffic. now over to you. commuters along the beltway near alexandria will find a change in the traffic pattern this morning. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , is live at the scene with more on what drivers will encounter on their commutes. well, a andrea, i'm here, hard hat and all on the eisenhower connector bridge and the head lights belong to traffic moving from springfield to the wilson bridge. that traffic will face some major lane shift changes and we will see what is going on. >> good morning. what's happening here? >> folks should be aware that traffic on the outer loop at
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the eisenhower connector will split where two lanes are going to the left and one lane going down a ramp that was carrying the eisenhower connector traffic. they have a ramp lane that is carrying the beltway. we have two lanes on the main line beltway and one lane is using the ramp lane going forward. >> so the ramp people are looking at right now is actually part of the highway. >> it is part of the highway. it was an exit and for the next three months it will be serving as the third lane of the beltway through this area. >> reporter: john, i understand that exit 174 is closed. so that affects people heading where. >> to the eisenhower avenue. the eisenhower avenue connection was closed last week to prepare for this shift here for putting the beltway traffic on to the ramp. >> reporter: what are the detours folks should be aware of if they want to get to -- >> come from van doren street to the west to telegraph road to the east. >> thank you very much. as you heard, all of this will continue through september.
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so if you are heading in this part of the outer belt, beware. reporting live, rule triewl for 9 news now and morning commuters may also want to avoid part of the little river turnpike. a water main break near cornwell drive caused a sinkhole. the scene is west of old columbia pike. at times traffic has been able to get by on the access road but expected to backup more during the peak of the commute. aaa says a plan to close 19 virginia rest stops could compromise highway safety. they are calling on the governor to reverse the decision. the stops are being closed to save money. aaa mid-atlantic says its concern is that drivers who are tired will keep driving without a break. four montgomery county police officers caught speeding by automated cameras are off the hook because a county judge threw out the ticket. the judge said the police department should have a
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written policy on when officers are allowed to speed before fines are collected. the department is considering an appeal. appeal. >> we have rules. and rule one in our police department is obey laws, obey all laws. >> reporter: the judge in the case, ronald rubin calls the cameras revenue raisers. a plan to make bus commuting a breeze has passed a key test. the washington council of governments okayed a proposal to create a network of rapid service bus lanes. urn the plan, parts of downtown k street would be radically restructured with more bus only lanes. it relies on federal stimulus money to get the job done. the defense says there is no physical or scientific evidence to show that jacks killed her four daughters. the prosecutor says the bodies of the little girls will speak for themselves. the jacks trial is officially
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underway now. jacks is accused of i canning the children in their row house on 6th street southeast. the mother of four could get life in prison if convicted. two powerful ennies have joined forces in a move to send wal-mart packing. right now plans call for putting a wal-mart in locust grove, less than a mile from a civil war battlefield in orange county. nell andwepo want wal-mart to find a site further from the historic battlefield. it is time for another living smart report and jessica doyle is back with another day on captiol hill, including looking in to a wall street candle. >> that's right. we are talking able bank of america's controversial purchase of merrill lynch during the height of the financial crisis last fall. this is controversial because there are big questions on who is pulling the strings behind the wescenes.
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today it is henry paulson's turn to tell his side of the story. they want to know if the former treasury secretary forced the bank's management to go through with a buyout. ben bernanke and ken lewis ceoo have testify about the deal. residents looking for work will get a crack at similar stimulus jobs. eleanor holmes norton is hosting a job fair at the washington convention center. 80 employers will be there including private companies, federal and local agencies and nonprofit and training organizations. patsicanip must bring proof of dc residency and asked to bring resumes and wear professional attire and a jobs workshop including a dress for success fashion show. time for the money-saving tip of the day. did you know your computer, scanner, and other peripherals are using energy after you have
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turned them off. this is called idle current and can really pad your energy bill. way to eliminate it is to use high-tech power strips. one brand is called the smart strip and senses how much power your equipment is using and provides it or cuts it off as needed. it costs $44. tests by an independent consulting company says it saves you enough to save $20 on your electric bill. it is $200 after paying it off. go to the financialista.on some teachers at dc charter schools may not get paid this week because the city missed a $100 million payment. 28,000 children will attend those schools this fall and administrators were counting on the money to get ready for the year. you may brown's children go to charter schools. >> i don't think there is one resident in the district of
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columbia believes the city doesn't have any money and is not budgeted to pay teachers. if that is the case that is a disgrace as a city and we should be awe pauled by it. >> we expect to have the matter resolved to everyone's satisfaction by friday. tom says the city can bridge the gap with the contingency fund. it is not expected to affect the start of the school year for studen . an> an amazing story for a boy vacationing >>in ocean city. the boy went in to cardiac arrest after a massive sand tunnel he was building collapsed on him. it took bystanders a minute or two to realize he was in trouble. the beach patrol dug him out and revived him. amazingly he wasn't hurt but at first the boy hesitated to return to the beach yesterday but wound up having some fun. nasa has some investigating to do after debris hit "endeavor" during the launch. that story is coming up. plus, you may know the
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chicago land mark is the sears tower but that's not the official name any longer. here's angie. we are traveling on the dulles toll road from the greenway past the airport to the beltway. we are moving without incident. more news is next. stay with us. (female narrator) from jennifer: a microfiber sofa bed for just $299, only at jennifer. $299. jennifer: the only place to buy a sofa bed.
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welcome back an update in
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annandale on the sinkhole situation. eastbound little river, two lanes are getting by. westbound one lane getting by. nasa officials say eight or nine pieces of foam insulation came off the external fuel tank during the liftoff of the space shuttle "endeavor." the craft was hit two or three times. some scuff marks were spotted but the damage looks less extensive than the last shuttle flight averment more tough questions are expected today, the fourth day of sonia sotomayor's senate confirmation hearing. they will get a second chance to grill the supreme court nominee who's made no blatant missteps thus far. today, chicago's sears tower is no more. it is not being imploded but the name of the famous windy city landmark is changing. it will be known as the willis tower after a london financial services company secured the
5:42 am
naming rights. the twitter site gets hacked. more on that coming up on what's on the web. and a trick official proms to take action after a report on the lack of regulation for pedi cabs. >> it is not oppressively humid out here but the muggies are back in a big way. we will look at doppler and look at the weekend and yes, a chance of rain, as well. 9 news now this morning returns after this. there are moments in time
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when the paths we take do determine our future. today we are communicating with each other as never before - and that requires a seamless network that is constantly growing better, smarter, and more secure. that's why our scientists and engineers in our labs, are taking the fastest technology in the world and making it mobile, better and faster - to keep pushing the internet further than anyone dreamed. last year alone we invested more in building america's future than any other company - improving and expanding our network, to keep you in control. and behind the scenes, that takes work by our employees,
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who pride themselves knowing, that because they do it right, you might not even notice. if all of that, makes your connections, faster and more secure... well, that's our business. at&t... your world... delivered.
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welcome back. dc officials are promising to make rules for the pedi cabs. this news comes as a result of a 9 news now exclusive report on monday after the death of a pedi cab passenger in another city. digital correspondent bruce johnson has our exclusive followup. >> they are the new wave in downtown washington, the virallally friendly pedi cabs have become thearchies of a lot of tourist and government workers. >> what are the rules, do you follow bike rules or taxi cab rules. >> good question. >> reporter: there is growing concern how safe are the bikes, the operators wear no helmets, no seat belts and how many people should be squeezed in to the seats. >> it is green transportation. we know the tourists love it. and we want to support things that work in the city but it
5:46 am
has to be safe. >> reporter: this dc council member sent a letter to the fenty administration following a report on monday. why is this an issue now? on july 4th in san diego a woman riding in a pedi cab fell out and died from her injuries. no one in the industry or out wants to ' see a repeat of that here. >> who's this charge? >> no one. i think that's the problem. >> reporter: the attorney general peter nickels says he saw a pedi cab tip over in new york with two passengers on board. following our report on monday he took action. >> what i have directed people to do three or four days ago when you asked me the question is look for best practices in new york, philadelphia, other surrounding jurisdictions, what do they do. >> reporter: he says by next week he expects to assign the pedi cabs to the agency to issue licenses to pedi cab operators. bruce johnson, 9 news now and
5:47 am the new regulations may aplay to segways which are also being rented for tourists in downtown dc. time to say good morning, again, to howard bernstein and you may spritz your lawn but you may get help from mother nature this week. >> you may. the best chance we have seen in weeks will be late tomorrow and in to tomorrow night and then good news here it should be out of the way by the weekend. i think this will be out of here early on saturday. let's talk about the allergy update before the forecast. grass is moderate but everything else is low. so perhaps, andrea, grass pollen is the problem. by saturday i think we will clear out early but cool down also. highs on saturday in the low 80s. decent morning. call it partly sunny though it is muggy and warm. really upper 60s is the cool spot. climb to the 80s pretty quickly
5:48 am
this morning. wins are south five to ten. this afternoon, partly sunny and hot, humid, isolated thunderstorm around 90. some spots even above that. west southwest winds 10 to 15 and then mostly cloudy with a chance of a shower tonight. upper 60s to lower 70s. another muggy night. a few showers in west virginia but look at the activity to the delmarva and the northern neck of virginia, as well. go to live doppler hd and show you we have activity. not so much in southern maryland but in the northern neck. here's reedville. showers and moving to the east and northeast. so this will miss the district by a long shot. get to the weather computer and show you what a nice morning we have had. high clouds overnight and you can see them as we get the first predrawn images here. updating as we speak. a few clouds out there it is a muggy morning, 74.
5:49 am
south winds. 62 degrees and the humidity has really come up. relative humidity 64%. national 74. 76 in southern maryland. even the northern shenandoah valley in the low to mid-50s the last couple of mornings and now pushing in the 70 to 75 range. much different air mass. we have a lot of thunderstorm clusters. the jet stream is active and it will help to fire off our storms as we get in to tomorrow and tomorrow night. 90 this afternoon on the seven- day forecast. tomorrow 88. tomorrow night there's the thunderstorms and a big way. out of here on saturday. decent weekend and isolated storms return on monday and tuesday with temperatures back in the low to mid-80s. an update at 5:49. appreciate it. >> 11 minutes from 6:00. better news on 50 eastbound. looks like the accident has cleared. however we are slow approaching the scene and we know westbound traffic was slow, too but that will clear up shortly. to the outer loop and take it
5:50 am
outside live from university. a little volume between new hampshire and georgia avenue. switching that shot, hey, virginia, how's it going, 66 eastbound we are dealing with a great drive from the fairfax county parkway to 50 to the capital beltway. moving along and take you to the maps and move it to annandale, virginia. we are dealing with a water main break that caused a big sinkhole out there that has crews working hard. little river and conwell drive we have two lanes getting by. one westbound lane getting by. to avoid this all together use columbia pike or braddock as analyte thattive. back to 395. heading northbound from duke on to the 14th street bridge, that drive is delay free. get my traffic updates on-line. follow me on twitter, oh my goff is my name. good morning, everybody. well, twitter has been hacked again. this is the third time since
5:51 am
january. only time the hackers then leaked some confidential corporate documents to the popular technology blog tech crunch and they posted it on- line. what makes the story even more scandalous is those documents contained twitter's financial projections which have been wildly speculated about for months. here's how the story all went down. starting with yesterday. i noticed this post on the blog tech crunch. it read in our inbox, hundreds of confidential twitter documents. in this post the author debates whether or not to publish those hacked documents and he writes, rite down here, some documents show floor plans and security pass codes to get to the twitter offices. we're not going to post any of those documents but we are going to release some of the documents showing financial projects. so he was true to his word. he posted them and here they are. now, this isa financial
5:52 am
forecast for february 2009, straight from twitter and for the third quarter of this year which is right now, istwitter w predicting $400,000 in revenue. for the fourth quarter they were expected to rake in $4 million. quite a jump. and right here is an actu close up sh thofotat hacked document. by 2010 an this is a big figure here they are forecasting an annual revenue of $140 million. so what does twitter have to say about this? clearly they are not pleased but bottom line no user accounts were compromised. so that's the good news for twitter users but the big news on the web today is just how much twitter could be making, but still no word on exactly how they were expected to bring in all of that money. >> thank you. harry potter rewrite the hollywood record books. details coming up in the buzz. plus, sir paul mccartney mist makes a historic return to
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the ed sullivan theater.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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wet spring has led to an explosion of mosquitoes and potentially more cases of bug borne disease like verse west nile virus and fairfax county wants to toss 19 pounds of fouled sewer equipment at the heart of their beef with krispy kreme. read thee stories and more in the examiner. one fourth othis beatles made history last night. paul mccartney returned to the
5:56 am
ed you will van theater to perform a few new and old hits. 88 he got back to new york to perform on top of the theater's marquis on wednesday night ♪ [ music ] ♪ the place where beatle mania first set teens on fire. some were in the theater for the famous live broadcast were back to relive their youth. >> we love you. >> what did you think as you were standing there and got to see the beatles in america performing. >> it is exciting because they were knew and everything but i didn't realize what a piece of history it really was. >> reporter: the last time mccartney was at the ed sullivan theater 73 million people tuned in. it launched the british invasion and most say it forever changed american pop culture. mccartney performed as part of his appearance on late night
5:57 am
with david letterman. >> what we were trying to do, i thought we were older than i feel now ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the concert was so secret the show's crew members didn't even know about it until tuesday night. >> nothing like the beatles. >> only in new york city can you have this kind of fabulous experience. >> reporter: fans lined the back door to get a glimpse of mccart think arriving. others took pictures out of windows high above the stage. some will also watch mccartney's return to the home of the mets ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he will play two shows at the team's new stadium this weekend. >> that's neat. speaking of impromptu shows dave chappelle who disappeared, he showed up in oregon. they put it on the net. they expected him 12:00, 12:30 but showed at 1:00 in the
5:58 am
morning. 2500 people showed up. >> wow. >> the cops came because they heard about it, too. it was orderly and the pa system not working was the only snafu. he performed an hour and thanked the police officers and no other word if he has more impromptu performances. >> that was through twitter, right. i think the whole idea even though the pacific a was not working this was an underground movement. >> and we know the teens aren't doing it because twitter isn't for teens according to the 15- year-old financial wizard. maybe some of them people who weren't there were at the midnight showing of harry potter. to bring you up-to-date harry potter had the biggest screen opening in hollywood history 22 million. breaking 18.5 million record set last summer by "the dark knight." this film keeps raking it in. dunn hurt reviews are positive about this different turn, the kids getting older and looking
5:59 am
at the things that happened at adolescents as they grow older but can you believe that, the midnight showings only 22 million. >> they added a 3:30 a.m. show because midnight shows were soldout. >> harry potter fans are hard core. "playboy" playmates handing out wieners at the capitol. it is happening. she was on captiol hill wearing nothing. >> where was i? >> she was passing out veggie dogs and this was a gimmick for peta to get their point across. >> she is an advocate. >> that's a good gimmick. >> yeah, i guess. >> obviously -- nothing else to say. >> today you might want to wear something like that because it is hot and sticky and the humidity is back. going to be feeling like summertime for a change. show you what is happening. muggies b@e arba ck.


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