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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 15, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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russell building. we have a 35-year-old unidentified man shot dead by capital police officers. we have another capital police officer who is suffering minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital. a few moments ago, they wrapped up a press conference where the capital police officer explained exactly what happened. here's what she had to say. >> the suspect produced a weapon. the officers gave verbal commands. demanded subjects put the weapon down, show them the hands. the suspect did not. the officers fired, and the suspect was shot. at this point, we have recovered a weapon. my understanding is that the suspect is dead. >> now that 35-year-old suspect they are talking about was driving a mercedes. he was approaching the columbus circle area when they told him to stop. he turned around and drove the wrong way on louisiana avenue and that's when he struck a capital police officer with his vehicle. he went further and approached
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three different officers. that's when the confrontation went down that you heard the police officer describe. that's what we do know. one 35-year-old man shot dead by a police officer and another officer injured. >> all right, thank you for that. stw to the other breaking y.or oisneof o uty. mcan vi rginia. we are hearing the 24 hour long standoff is over and digital correspondent who has been covering the action all day has the latest. >> the situation has been resolved, but not the resolution that fairfax county police wanted. we just learned moments ago that man who is responsible for holding police at bay for a day is dead. we go to that video from just moments ago. you will see a woman coming out. she is wearing an orange t- shirt. her hands in handcuffs and that is just a procedure for public safety and police safety. just a procedure and precaution. also, a child coming out
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safely. we also have tony wright with the fairfax county police to bring us up to date on what exactly happened moments ago. >> at 6:30 p.m., we had an entry team. they went into the house. they located a man, a woman, and child inside. the woman and the child are okay. the man is deceased. i don't have anymore detail for you at this time. we'll talk to them and get more information and fill in all the gaps so everybody will know what happened. >> at what point did we know that this man had possibly shot himself or had been deceased? is it at the moment that police entered the house? >> that's all part of the detail investigation. it happened minutes ago. i don't have that information. once we do, we'll let everyone know. >> these types of situations where you have been communicating with this man for 24 hours, not what you wanted and how this should have ended. >> it's always unfortunate when somebody loses a life. i guess on the plus side, the woman and the child are okay. unfortunately, we did lose the
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man. >> was this a hostage situation? >> we don't call it a hostage situation. it was a crisis situation and it is over now. >> can you tell us who these people and how they were involved and how they were connected with this man? >> i don't have those details either. they will be released shortly. >> although they cannot confirm anything, they will go ahead and be debriefed. neighbors had mentioned that the people inside the home were known to that man who is deceased. those two people, a child, possibly his son, and also his current girlfriend who were inside that home. of course we'll have much more coming up tonight and have all the details then. stay with 9news now. for now, back to you. >> i have to ask you quickly, you mentioned the fact or the speculation that the man may have shot himself. do we know whether he shot himself, police fired, what happened there? do we know? >> what we know is and this is again coming from police as
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they were entering as they tore down that door, they heard a shot. so again, they had not entered the house yet, so again, at this point we are saying that when they approach the man, he had already been dead. >> important information, thank you for that. now we move on to tonight's other top stories. day one in court. the trial of the woman accused of killing her four daughters begins. plus, massive mortgage fraud. more than 100 people are taken for their money and metro's red line is still in the red. >> i'm scott broome on the metro system where passengers are reacting to revelations that the computer control systems that are supposed to keep riders safe and trains separated are malfunctioning. in the wake of the june red line tragedy. >> it is taking an extra 30 minutes. >> here's one reason why. metro employees stationed along the station of track where the
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tragedy occurred. human fail safes to be sure one train at a time is on the rails between fort totten and takoma park. >> i am scared being on the train, you know, this is the redline. >> all of this because the computer system separates and controls trains mysteriously continues to fail in the area of the crash. even after replacement of suspect switches. metro general manager held the first meetings today to shop for a solution. costs and time frame, still unknown. >> i'm lindsey mastas. police are searching for diana. she had been indicted in a $50 million mortgage fraud scheme. >> we estimate she walked off with slightly over a million dollars. >> she is accused of falsifying documents so homeowners would get bigger mortgages. she would accept larger commissions and victims defaulted on the inflated loans. >> their credit is ruined, they are bankrupt. they are foreclosed. >> mortgage companies lost
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millions. >> and of course, the mortgage companies that are out possibly $50 million as well. that gets passed on to anyone who owns a home. >> police believe she fled the country and working to locate her. police say more people could be involved with this scheme. they are continuing to investigate. >> i'm audrey barnes. the trial of a woman accused of murdering her four daughters is underway. attorneys for banita jacks kept a tape from being admitted into evidence. a judge denied that motion. defense attorney lloyd nolan says will is no physical evidence, no scientific evidence that shows banita jacks killed her children in their row house. only stories from witnesses who didn't see anything. prosecutor says the bodies of the little girls will speak for them. four different medical experts will lay out a time line of the killings, which they say
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started with 16-year-old brittany. the last time she was seen was when a boyfriend came to visit which angered her mother. neighbors heard them arguing about it that night. soon after, they reported a horrible smell, the scent of death. and one by one, the three other little girls disappeared too. >> an 11-year-old boy is reported back on the beach today just one day after he went into cardiac arrest while buried under the sand. this happened at 37th street in ocean city, maryland. arfegu ds are guitedcred with pulling the boy out and reviving him. >> within approximately a minute, we got a pulse and the patient started breathing again while we have the patients still on the beach. >> i was very happy. i was happy all the training on the beach patrol helped to do that. i am very happy. >> we are happy, too. that boy had been building a tunnel. the beach patrol says the 12- year-old girl was the first to realize that the boy was in
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serious trouble and alerted the adults right nearby. >> and tony is here with that 9near cast first. a lot closer to beach weather out there today. >> no doubt. a little warmer today. but derek, the humidity stayed in check. it is still not all that bad out here. yes, it was warmer, but edit doesn't feel oppressi. s t'leke t'a ok at e th nu mbers. hastill leong il into0 9 to. es bu wn 84 in the city. 80 degrees in annapolis. and we have a nice little breeze coming out of the south. it is going to turn warm and humid tomorrow. the humidity is going to go up tonight. the temperatures won't drop into the 50s. it will stay in the 60s and throw a changes for a shower or thunderstorm for the end of the week. we'll detail all of that when i come back in just a few minutes. for now, inside to derrick. >> thank you, sir. attention commuters, some traffic patterns are changing. and we have an update on that controversy in washington, d.c. so stay with us, we are back in
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5 just 6seconds. st
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welcome back and a head's up on that morning commute. the wilson bridge project is scheduled a major traffic shift for thursday morning. starting at 5:00 a.m. the right lane of the beltway's outer loop will be diverted to the right. traffic will be able to use the eisenhower avenue connector ramp as a third lane and drivers will not be able to turn on to that connector or stop on the ramps. a little confusing, new configuration will be there through september. >> make some rules and regulations for those popular cabs that are carrying tourists and downtown workers between the office buildings. this news comes as a result of a 9news now exclusive report on monday, in which we told you about a passenger in another
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city that was killed. bruce johnson has our follow up report tonight. >> they are the new waves in downtown washington. the environmentally friendly cabs have become the choice of a lot of tourists in government workers. >> what are the rules? do you follow bike rules or taxi cab rules? there is growing concern of how safe are the bikes. the operators wear no helmets. we didn't see any seat belts and how many people should be squeezed into the seats? >> we know that tourists love it. we want to support things that work in our city, but it has to be safe. >> dc council member sent a letter to the fenty administration following our report on monday. why is this an issue now? back on july 4 in san diego, a woman riding fell out, hit her head, and died from her injuries. nobody in the industry or out wants to see a repeat of that here. >> what are the rules, regulation, who is in charge? >> no one. i think that's the problem. >> dc attorney general says he
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saw one tip over in the streets of new york with two passengers on board. following our report on monday, he took action. >> what i directed our people to do about three or four days ago when you asked me the question, really, is to look at best practices, look particularly at new york, philadelphia, other surrounding jurisdictions, what do they do? >> by early next week, he expects to assign them to an agency, which issued licenses to the operators. bruce johnson, 9news now and >> those new regulations might also apply to segway scooters, which are being rented for tourists in downtown dc as well. keep it right here. to is ckthbawi yourforecast in less than 3.
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an update now on e pentagon's proposed ban on smoking. the pentagon says it is not going to ban its troops from lighting up in war zones despite a study recoendi ng it. the pentagon's pressecretary yssae thtroopsree under enou stress and they e ar making ouen ghsaific es and the defense secretary does not want to add to that stress by taking away one of the few outlets they still have. want to keep your clothes gi? k.hveose fibers a ea brrsthe alnaonfipee ncogbl sa op larideun ngth gsin somu. enwhenyou , docoe usldwae r,te
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u'll vesaveon energy d on nread. ot wearredo ss s oeshilwh e aru ivardrin your heels will thank you. reenforce your hems wi a st chan d tcwah e wheryou work and live. chairs, desks, and counters can wear down your clothes. now to a major milestone along dc's georgia avenue corridor. dc leaders celebrated the opening of park place. it's a $71 million housing and retail project that sits atop the georgia avenue metro station. mayor adrian fenty says it is the latest sign that good things are happening in that neighborhood. >> i think the days when stagnantcy is over. the energy, the vitality, the hopefulness and the optimism that the city's main street has to offer is now bearing fruit. >> park place actually began leasing apartments this week
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and some families moved in. up on capitol hill, maryland senator is urging fellow lawmakers to support honoring harriet tubman. tubman was instrumental slaves. the legislation and the second one bob in auburn, new york, where she spent most of her life. after several days, the shuttle endeavor lifted off. endeavor took off about one hour ago. there she goes. it will dock with the international space station and the crew will offload and install the final section of the giant space lab. so while florida escaped from the specter of the thunderstorms. apparently the specter is coming our way. >> we have a couple thunderstorms. you know what some people are rooting for rain around here. > we had a lot of rain in the
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spring. we deserve a dry stretch. now the front lawns are porched and dry. it has been two or three weeks since we have had a good soaking rain. hopefully, you'll get rain at your house. the best chance will be as we head into the beginning of the weekend. let's start with the three-day trend. our fantastic summer is going to continue. nothing above normal. normal high is 89 and that's what i'm forecasting on thursday and look what happens again as we go into the weekend. you fall into the low 80s and i don't see any change in our weather pattern for the next ten days or two weeks. i'm not saying it won't get hot again, because it will. overall, i see the same weather pattern staying with us all the way through the end of the month. specifically for tonight, partly cloudy skies, slight chance for a shower. we will put that in there before midnight. there's a nice breeze coming out of the south. 10 to 15. low temperatures instead of being until the 50s, we'll drop into the 50s. during the day tomorrow,
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sunshine and clouds. warmer and more humid. we'll get a 30 or 40% chance of a shower or thunderstorm. this is not going to be a widespread rain event tomorrow. if you are rooting for the rain at your house, probably not. there's a 60% chance that it won't rain. the high temperatures are between 86 and 91. a southwest wind at 10 to 15. right now we have high, thin clouds out there. these are not rain producers, but they will produce a nice sunset. we superimposed the radar, we won't see some rain in the mountains trying to develop a couple sprinkles at the end of the loop. coming into west virginia out of ohio and its that weak disturbance comes through late tonight. generally, it's going to be a dry night. 84 degrees top of the hour. the dew point is 62. that's higher than yesterday. yesterday the dew points were running in the 40s. 62 for this time of the year. you would consider that nice. it's not uncommon to get the dew points in the 70s.
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south wind at 13. some of the other numbers, still in the upper 80s. that's 88 in fredericksburg. only 81 in winchester. same thing at the air station and 84 degrees at bwi. again, everybody settling back into the 60s tonight as opposed to the 50s like the last couple of nights. take a wider view on the temperatures. you can see the sizzling stuff continuing in the southern planes. dallas is 101 degrees right now. 94 in memphis and our flow is coming from that direction. that's why we will keep the warm temperatures around for one day during the day tomorrow. that will change over the weekend. system coming out of the midwest. that is producing thunderstorms around st. louis and back into parts of kentucky. will drift through and a cold front will come by on thursday night. before the front comes through tomorrow, we'll get into the quote, unquote warm sector of the storm system. the humidity will come up on thursday. the cold front sweeps through on thursday night and actually stalls off to our shout and there will be an area of low
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pressure that will come through friday night and saturday morning. our best chance for a widespread rain will take place. so if you are rooting for the rain at your house. friday night into saturday morning, will probably be the best time frame, but i put a 30 or 40% chance on it. maybe a shower hanging around on sunday, but the big change is in the temperature department, falling into the low 80s for highs on saturday and sunday. the hottest part of the year and i still don't have a 90- degree forecast in the seven- day. >> saturday morning isn't looking so great, is that what you are telling us? >> it's still a couple days away. if i were to say, you should go for a ride, i know that's where you are going, probably not on saturday morning. let's get to our weird news file. cigarette taxes have been going up. this is a little crazy. it's the priciest pack of pal
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mall's ever. 23quadrillion numbers there. that showed up on jason bryant's credit card bill. when he tried to buy dinner, the card was declined. nobody wanted it believe that bryant wanted to smoke that badly. it was a mistake by the bank of america, which has now been corrected down to the only slightly less unreasonable sum of $3.25. but still. >> i'm going to withdraw all of my money as soon as it gets direct deposited and buy a safe at the house and put it there. i feel safer with it at home. >> we are all coming to your house. this did not just happen to jason. another guy named josh, who is in new hampshire says the exact thing happened to. one pack of cigarettes, $23 quadrillion. he was even hit with an overdraft fee. they said we are sorry, we fixed your account. no word on whether he is going to take his money out and put
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it under the mattress. > hope he got his $15 back. >> hope he got that. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be righba. ck.
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in the mail bag, a practical question from joan in
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virginia who was apparently watching when our living smart segment advised folks to unplug appliances. i don't understand how you can save on your electric bill if you unplug your toaster and microwave. how can they use electricity without being turned on. those appliances may be turned off, but if they are plugged in, they are draining power. over time, it can add up. then there was this on my conversation yesterday with dc council member, david catanya who is pushing for an investigation into his colleague, marion barry, and the possibility that the exmayor may have misused city funds. he had enough from the e mayor. it's about time someone take a stand regarding barry's unethical behavior. barry needs to resign from office. well, let's be clear. even the councilman was careful to say that nothing illegal has
7:27 pm
been proven just yet. he is about like you, he wants the former mayor to take responsibility for actions that if nothing else, would not pass the smell test. while barry has been focusing on how the park place shouldn't have arrested him and, there are major unanswered questions about those contracts and the city money and the taxpayers are waiting. i'm waiting for your e-mail. the address, that's our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 with anita brikman. i'll be back with the catol hill shooting. we'll see you then. bye.
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perfectly priced. this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. michael jackson on fire. the never before seen video from on his infamous pepsi commercial accident. his hair in flames. stagehands rushing in. burns on his head and face. and the excuse for his dependence on painkillers? then, just in, are police treating the jackson death investigation as a homicide? investigation as a homicide?' we have new information today. brand-new images of michael's children, how they're coping with the loss of their dad. then the jackson's family failed interventions. plus, what happened when dame elizabeth confronted michael about his addiction. >> michael was in desperate need of specialized medical attention. brad pitt, caught scanning a dirty magazine.


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