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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 15, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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looks like clouds are coming in. those are high thin ones. partly sunny and temperature- wise we are deing with 60 and 50s once again. the cool spot being in s. chester at 55de 66 on the bay in annapolis. manassas 567. but in town, by the river, reagan national is 69. we will call it partly sunny today. warm. highs in the upper 80s but the air quality, watch out if you have respiratory problems unhealthy for sensitive groups. it is 6:00 a.m. and time for a traffic update. here's angie. >> thank you. we kick off the 6:00 hour with a traffic alert for those that live near the warrenton, virginia area. we have a fatal accident approaching courtney pools road. we know road closures exist out there an police are on the scene and directing traffic. so something to be aware of. also in virginia we are flying the gw parkway from the beltway to the key bridge. nothing but green cars here.
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this is incident and accident free. moving along to 95 northbound. we are okay from dale boulevard as drivers make their way up to the mixing bowl going southbound at 234. we have crash activity but not much volume. so traffic is getting by fine. over to the outer loop, it is smooth sailing knot of the district. live shot here at new hampshire avenue and finally to wrap it up here's 270 southbound. from 109 to 121. volume is building. past this point we are doing fine. as we can see through our live camera shot. over to you. one minute past 6:00. following a developing story. an ongoing standoff with police in fairfax county. this is a story we brought you first at and at 11:00 last night. the focus is on a house in the 7700 block of fisher drive in the mclean, virginia area. digital correspondent, armando trull is there live with the latest. >> well, it is a standoff
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that's been going on almost 12 hours. look behind me. that blue van the officers you see are part of the fairfax negotiation team from the police department and they have been trying to speak to a man inside of a home in the 7600 block of lyle avenue since 6:37. why? there was a shooting yesterday. a woman was shot. they believe that man may have information about that shooting. they believe thereswith a prior relationship between the man and the woman who was shot. but after that shooting a person police tell us he went inside of a home and let's pick it up with lucy caldwell. she is the spoke person. >> police are trying to bring about a peaceful resolution. we are trying to have a conversation with a person of interest with an investigation regarding to a shooting that occurred last evening. >> we understand a woman was shot last night and you are trying to interview someone inside the home at the 7600 block about that shooting.
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do you know what the relationship is between the person who was shot and the man inside the home? >> we know there was a relationship and that they knew one another. we are not elaborating further on that but we are certainly hoping to speak with the person inside to have a conversation and at this point have not been able to. but we will continue to try. there are other people in the home and certainly they are okay. that's why police are being so cautious or so patient about going inside of that home they want to make sure it ends peacefully. armando trull for 9 news now and crews may resume a search for a swimmer in the potomac river. the two were trying to go across the river near the old anglers inn.
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boats and helicopters were brought in but the man was not found. the search was halted at sunset. metro is trying to stop equipment mall funks in the place where last month's deadly crash took place. on captiol hill on tuesday, a man, who was on the train, shared his story. >> i heard a screeching noise. a shuttering feeling came through the car. someone yelled behind me that she believed we derailed and one of the loudest bangs i have ever heard in my life. >> metro general manager was at the hearing yesterday. he says today metro will begin on a plan to alert the operations center immediately about any equipment failures. right now that information only comes in once a day. a 737 from st. louis landed in orlando. pilots got a warning about a possible fire in the plane's
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auxiliary power unit. after landing no evidence of a fire was found. a judge could make a decision in the case of benita jacks. the question is whether dramatic videotapes of jack's police interrogation should bed a mythed at trial. on the tapes jacks says her daughters were possessed by demons. supreme court nominee, sonia sotomayor heads back to captiol hill this morning for another day of questions and answers. all 19 members of the senate judiciary committee got 30 minutes to question the judge. the big question is about her comments from several years ago. that's when she said a wise latina judge could issue better ruling thats than white male judge. patrick leahy was the first to bring it up. >> here's your chance. you tell us what's going on here, judge. >> i do not believe ethnic,
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racial or gender group has an advantage in sound judging. >> reporter: the hearing should wrap up this week. a vote from the committee will follow and then on to the full senate. >> time for a "living $mart" report. you say actions in our area are costing jobs. >> we are talking about budget cuts at the pentagon and that is leading to cuts. we heard that the head of boeing's integrated defense system has told employees it will have to eliminate 1,000 jobs. they said they would cut 10,000 jobs through attrition and layoffs and it has already cut 3500 jobs. boeing was the hardest hit defense contractor under the pentagon's budget. in april the largest defense contractors labor unions and trade groups started to argue the cuts would put 100,000 jobs or more at risk. bernie madoff is waking up for the first time in his new
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home. he arrived yesterday in north carolina to begin to serve his 150 year prison term. he was assigned to one of two medium security prisons a the complex. madoff was sentenced in june in the $6,500,000,000,000 ponzi scheme. if you like to shop at dollar stores to save a buck or two, are you getting the deal you think you are getting in consumer reports shop smart magazine compared prices of common items at dollar stores with supermark, drug and discount stores the results were mixed. envelopes, brown paper bags and birthday candles cost the same as other retailer and other items cost less, wrapping paper and aluminum foil. so know your prices. >> kind of flimsy aluminum foil. >> that's true. >> be careful. in three minutes the latest
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on our hero central project. learn about local families trying to make a difference for the viral. see what they have to do and why they are doing it. >> but first check on the maryland traffic and weather. >> maryland is enjoying a nice weather out there. humidity levels in a nice range and temperatures are comfortable. other than that few high clouds a quiet morning with readings which are down to the 60s and 50s in a few spots. mid 550s there in places like rockville and salisbury. highs in the 80s later this afternoon. angie, how are the maryland roads? >> a new incident to tell you about on 295 northbound. this is at howard road. a report of an accident. please watch for crews and expect minor delays. moving outside, here's the beltway at river road. we have our inner and outer loop moving fine. and finally through silver spring, happy to report we
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remain incident free. here's the live traffic at the intersection of georgia and arcola. it is 68. ea'll be right back after this br k. hu thousands of workers... walmart was creating 30 thousand new jobs... all right here in america. save money. live better. walmart. save money. live better. walmart. /d (female narrator) from jennifer:
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a microfiber sofa bed for just $299, only at jennifer. $299. jennifer: the only place to buy a sofa bed. vo:have some type of proud to report thhealth coverage.ll-time and part-time associates but we won't be 100% satisfied until every american has quality affordable health coverage. save money. live better. walmart. here's a look at the day ahead. the redesigned museum at forbes theater opens to the public today. it looks at washington life in the 19th century. students across maryland will meet astronaut donald thomas today. he will visit the johns hopkins lab in laurel, maryland this morning and mayor fenty holds a ribbon cutting for a development project on georgia avenue. it is a $71 million housing and
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retail area called park place. kristin fisher is joining us now. she has the latest local hero. it is part of our hero central project. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. most of the time our heros in our heros central stories are about heros helping people but today, i have some heros helping the environment. four local families have agreed to be part of a global climate change. it is called climate pilots and for six month these families have agreed to open their homes and be guinea pigs to see how much energy the average american house hold can realistically save. let's meet our four families first up is isaiah aiken and his wife maya who couldn't make the shoot. they live in alexandria. and 29-year-old angela representing the single ladies out there and single households and the harman stocks family. a family of four who lives in
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falls church and finally roy and his wife jane who also wasn't able to make the shoot. they live in alexandria. these four families will be facing four challenges over the next six months. the first is all about food. how to be climate smart when buying food. the others are transportation, energy and spare time and they will be learning to help the environment and how to be climate smart in each of these areas with the help of their climate coaches in sweden, of all places. >> we're excited about the project but it is definitely going to be a six-month journey and there is a lot to learn. first challenge is around food and it is the typical american family we run to the grocery store and grab what we can and eat and then a lot of food, fortunately gets thrown out, fortunately gets thrown out, too because sometimes we over . there's a is a lot to learn. >> reporter: the reason that there is, their climate coaches are based sweden is because it
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is a collaboration between sweden and -- i'm sorry, the embassy of sweden and washington. so that's why these coaches are going to be coming all the way from sweden to help them out. they have a great website which i will have a link to on my blog. all of these families will be blogging about their experiences and their challenges they are facing as they learn to become climate smart. those are our four environmental heros for the day. i will have more coming up tomorrow. >> very good. we will be watching them closely. thank you, kristin. it is 6:13 on this wednesday morning. here's what is in the news now. three more arrests in the execution-style killings of a florida couple. that brings the number to seven. prosecutors think robbery was the main motive. nasa will try this evening to get the space shuttle "endeavor" off the ground. if it can't blast off the ground soon the launch may have to be delayed until the end of the month. and people in minnesota are cleaning up after at least two tornadoes hit yesterday.
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there's damage to homes, other buildings and trees but luckily no reports of any injuries. just goes to show, howard we have been lucky in our area with weather since summer started. >> except the last couple of weeks it has been dry. a pretty good season so far. we have only hit 90 three times so we are doing. >> very good. >> good morning to you. another night morning out there. i want to tell you about the next three days because changes are on the way. a couple of thunderstorms not widespread yet but a couple of thunderstorms will be possible tomorrow and friday with temperatures upper 80s, flirting with that 90-degree mark in a few notes. this morning partly cloudy. real pleasant out there once again. 50s to the 70s. we will have 70s showing up in in the next couple of hours as the sun comes up or has come up there. and winds on the light side. we will pick up from the southwest 10 to 15.
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highs upper 80s. but look not too humid just yet. that moves in tonight. for tonight, mostly cloudy and not as cool as the last couple of mornings. low unless the 60s to around 70 with south winds five to ten miles an hour. look at the big picture. low 50s from williamsport to upper 60s in ocean city, 67. locally we are ranging from the mid-50s in the shenandoah valley with winchester being the cool spot at 55 to 60 or so. baltimore 59. 57 from montgomery county air park. we have 62 at quantico. southern maryland 64. eastern shore we have been missing some temperatures. they are not showing up at the moment but it is a beautiful, beautiful morning out there with just a few high thin clouds coming across the area. real pretty out there and temperatures at reagan national, last check 55. winds are south southwesterly at six and the dew point not 40s but low 50s and a nice area to be in. we have high pressure with us.
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in the middle of the country here's a cold front. with showers and storms. remember we showed you the tornado video from minnesota. look at this. chicago being hammered this morning with showers and thunderstorms. that will cause some flight delays and the ripple effects could be problematic even around here. for us, though, high pressure is in control and will be for the next day or so. these storms, a couple of them any way could be here tomorrow afternoon with much-needed rainfall. it has been bone dry for the monday of july. the seven-day forecast, 88 today. mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow, another mix of sun and clouds but muggier with a chance of a thunderstorm. friday a chance of a thunderstorm and 88. the highest chances of storms is on saturday. temperatures in the low 80s. sunday much better with a high of 83 and monday and tuesday can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. >> traffic time. >> that's right. thank you, howard. we are making it through the 6:00 hour. we want to keep you updated
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often that police standoff situation in mclean, virginia. we know it is impacting the drive for many drivers. right now, police are out directing traffic at lyle avenue where it meets leesburg pike and fisher drive in the area between fisher court ands of wald place is closed. you can follow me on twitter oh my goff is my name. i will be tweeting updates throughout the morning. moving outside and show you 395 where it is almost to a complete stall. we are kind of making it along here. stacking up from duke past seminary. this is just volume. on 66 the trip is better out there heading eastbound. things aring out around 50 but no real problems to the district. moving to the maps here's route 50. fine from the bay bridge to the capital beltway. and to round it out we give you another camera shot. 270 southbound. traffic is flowing really nicely past montgomery village avenue as lanes are wide open to the split. now over to andrea. a sign of the times for
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wall street scam artists heading to prison. the headline in "usa today" reads prison coaches charge up to $20,000 to prep white-collar peppers. to talk about this we are joined by lauren ashburn. this is an incredible story. we had andy on last week and for a few dollars he wrote who stole my soap to help people like bernie madoff but $20,000. >> $20,000. this is one of those really stories, really $20,000 to tell you what will happen in prison but there is a company in baltimore called the national or the american prison consultants and they actually worked with martha stewart and with bernie madoff. now they waived the fees for bernie madoff. he's the one who has fallen on tough times. >> his asset were frozen and he was a wall street scammer sentenced to 150 years away. here's what they do. they tell you about prison yards and what it is like.
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and most of these are taut by excons. this one in baltimore is not. the national center for institutions and alternatives but half a dozen over firms across the country are. one guy opened it up after the enron scandal. he teaches classes on close- quarter combat. and he calls himself an inmate adaptation specialist. but this is my favorite. in l.a. there's an excon that served ten years for drug trafficking, security violations and distribution of machine guns. he has a course called fed time 101. >> oh, my goodness. >> and his course is help avoid assault, prison ringo and how to avoid the worst jobs in prison. >> reporter: and he had one chapter about prison feng shui.
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we are out of time and we will have an interview with one of these prison coaches today at as lauren said, really? if you want to really find out about it is at thank you. wow. our time is 6:20. ahead highlights from the all- star game and hear what president obama says about the washington nationals. but first it is the signs of now. what recession? that's what one real estate company is saying after selling a $43 million home. it is the biggest sale of the year. so where did this deal go down? it is aspen, colorado, burlington, vermont or coronado beach, california. think you know the answer? find out when we come back. in the 1930s, b@ farmers planted nutrient-rich soybeans...
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to replenish the barren soil of the american dust bowl. today, we take that same historic bean, mix it with fruit and bake it... into soyjoy.
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back with signs of now and quite a real estate deal them biggest home sale of the year nationwide with a $43 million price tag. we are asking where did the deal go down? the answer is a, aspen.
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in the 25,000 square foot mansion comes with 11 bad rooms, 15 bathrooms a wine cellular and pool. and it is on 4 1/2 acres in the rockies. what a deal. in sports the last night the national league won bill clinton was president. for rat was playing for the redskins and we never heard of twitter. tied in the second last night. one on for milwaukee's fielder. he hits a double to left. the national league is ahead 3- 2. it was tied at three in the seventh. a blast to left but the rays crawford with an amazing catch steals a home run so it stays tied. to the top of the 8th, look at that. one up, adam jones flying out to right. the tigers curtis comes in to score. the american league wins 4-3.
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president obama threw the first pitch and it was probably called the ball. later on the president was in the broadcast booth and said fans of every team can have hope this year, well, except for one. >> maybe the exemption who for the nationals who are young and have a new ballpark. >> just fired the manager but outside of that. >> i know he is biting his lip over here. >> trying to be politically correct. >> i'm trying to be encouraging to the country. >> reporter: zimmerman was the only all star for the nats. ahead the latest on the push for health care reform. it is coming in at over a trillion dollars. plus, marion barry is talking about his recent arrest. our exclusive interview is eight minutes away.
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diarrhea just stops me. (announcer) kao speeds to the source to shut down diarrhea and its discomfort. stop it fast with kaopectate. we are back at 6:29 with a bizarre find at a new york beach. look at this. it is a 20-foot shark washed up on long island. some people were worried about going in the water near the
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shark. turns out this was a harmless creature called a basking shark which is the second biggest fish in the world and there it was basking on the beach. marine biologists aren't sure why it came on shore. >> thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard is live on the weather terrace enjoying a beautiful wednesday morning. >> getting spoiled. we have had so many nice mornings in a row out here. weather terrace very comfortable. the humidity is down and no complaints at all. that's going to change as we head to tonight and rrtomoow. this morning a couple of high clouds out there. attetoermpures in wntoerin the- 60s. we have 60s from southern maryland. still 55 winchester. 59 in culpeper. and same in baltimore. we are looking at a nice day with a mix of sun and clouds. today 88, 89 and the muggies return tonight. seven day is coming up in 12 or
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14. right now angie has the traffic. >> we don't want those muggies. you keep those, howard bernstein. hello, everyone. half way through the 6:00 hour. i want you to know about this near marina drive is where we have a downed tree. crews are uses caution. -- crews are there, use caution. we are below speed from van doren to eisenhower. that's just volume. taking the shot back to the realtime graphics. and this time go 3-d for you. at howard road. that's where we have a report of an accident. to round it out we take you to the district. heading through northeast. here's inbound new york avenue where we have a little delay. stretching from the washington times building to bladensburg road. now over to andrea. we are learning about a police standoff in fairfax county. it is a story we have been tracking overnight. the scene is playing out in
6:32 am
mclean off route 7. armando trull is live from there with more. >> we are now in the 12th hour of the standoff behind me is the police scene. you can actually see some neighbors escorted by the police through this area that has been cordon off. that is being done for their safety of course. you see a police officer with a black vest. she's part of a negotiating team and in the blue van are the negotiators that for the last 12 hours have been trying to reach a man in a home in the 7600 block of lyle avenue. they want to speak to this man because they believe he may have information about a shooting, a shooting of a woman that also happened here. they believe he and that woman are related and they are trying to talk to him about that shooting. he is yet to communicate with police as far as we know. and police say there are two men in that home. you can see member of the s.w.a.t. team walking in. they have been going around the area and basically right now where police are stressing they
6:33 am
do not want this to end in any other way but peacefully. so they will continue to speak to the man inside of this home and try to make sure he comes out in a peaceful fashion. reporting live, rule triewl for 9 news now and now to a 9 news now exclusive dc councilman marion barry is talking an his troubles. stalking troubles were dropped against him last week in an interview with johnson barry said he is not to blame. >> the blame ought to be on the park police. that's what started all of this. illegally arresting me. if they had not illegally arrest me we would not have some of this going on. >> you apologized to the council members why? >> because i brought unintended consequences to him. >> reporter: the councilman says he will cooperate with the
6:34 am
no bid contracts what he gave his then girlfriend. police in baltimore do not suspect foul play the body of deshane was found on tuesday morning. earlier in the day council members paused to remember him. evans spoke about the shock to his staff. >> didn't come in to work on monday an we contacted his partner and we're told that on saturday night they were attending a party on a boat and they couldn't find him after the party was over. >> reporter: police say deshane had been drinking and was last seen around 10:30 sunday night at the baltimore marine center. the fund-raising totals for june are in for the virginia gubernatorial race and deeds did well for himself. however, mcdonald has nearly twice as much cash in the bank
6:35 am
as deeds. both candidates will get plenty of attention from tear parties nationwide. virginia has one of two governors races this year. more than $1.5 trillion. that's the price tag on a ten- year health care plan presented by house democrats. president obama is expected to push hard for health care reform in his speech this afternoon. the plan calls for a 5.4% tax increase on people making more than a million dollars a year. employers who don't provide coverage would be hit with a penalty. time for the living smart report and jessica doyle has news of another airfare sale. >> just when we thought they were going away, not so fast. this is what we are learning. more deep discounts. how big of a deal are we talking about, how does $39 a flight sound? this is what you need to know. our partners at "usa today" report passengers can get a one- way favor for as low as $39.
6:36 am
southwest is offering trips as low as $49. last week southwest offered some $30 flights one way. these are all for travel this fall. millions of dollars from the economic stimulus package are going to shovel ready project at washington dulles international airport. this week the airport shut down one of the runways to make way for reconstruction. air traffic has been moved to a new runway that's just been built at the airport. when the rehabilitation of runway c is completed dulles will operate as a four runway airport. the government is spending $15 million on the project. reagan national is spending $3 million in stimulus money on new video security cameras. no, it is not your imagination, those are christmas decorations you are seeing in stores in july. and christmas music. for example a display of snow top villages and ornaments has gone up in the sears store in manassas and deals on holiday
6:37 am
ornaments and stocking stuffers if you head to and the "washington post" reports that july 25th toys r us stores are inviting children to decorate christmas cards and parents can shop christmas sales. it is july. retailers are trying to give a kick start to weak sales. >> if i had one of those martha stewart gift closets i would jump in on it but i don't have that. >> there is always next year. >> maybe too tempting to pass up. get ready to change those car radio presets again. wjfk p.m. fm is switching to all sports come monday. it will be known as the fan. the sports junction i cans will remain on the air joined by "washington post" columnist wise and lavar arrington among others. is it a television mishap or a political conspiracy? what millions of us didn't see last night when president obama
6:38 am
threw out the all-star game first pitch. that story is five minutes away. our focus on virginia weather and traffic begins with howard. >> a quiet pleasant morning across virginia and the entire region for that matter. look at the temperatures. in the shenandoah valley in the 50s. 55, 56 around winchester this morning. we have some 60s. notice even fredericksburg at 61. warm spot being reagan national 65 degrees because nice start out there. this afternoon it will be partly sunny and warm but not too humid. around 90 in fredericksburg. 88 fairfax and 87 in straussburg. angie goff is checking out the virginia roads. >> looks like we are looking at a 12 minute commute on 395 northbound. that is growing. 12 to 15 minutes from the beltway to king street. that's just volume. 14 minutes from 495. here's the toll road from the
6:39 am
greenway. as we make our way past the airport to the toll plaza before 495, lanes are wide open. it is 6:38. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back after these messages. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ welcome bea this living green tip of the day. this is for all of you who need a cup of coffee to get going in the morning. switch your regular cup to organic coffee. in costa costa rica, 700 coffee farmers get sick every year from the toxic chemicals used to grow the beans. organic growers preserve the land where they work and you will have better coffee and they will have safer land to farm on. for more tips go to and click on liven green. now back to andrea. >> thank you, howard. our time is 6:42. you already know president obama threw the first pitch at last night's all-star game but what you didn't see had some
6:43 am
people talking. kristin fisher has the story. show us what we are talking about. >> fox dropped the ball big time last night. anytime you watch a major league baseball game on tv you see a close shot of the pitch and then it cuts to a shot of home plate so you can see what happened to the pitch. makes sense, right. only problem is that didn't happen last night at the all- star game when president obama threw the first ceremonial pitch. look at what happened last night. right here you see the president walking out. here we go. he's about to start to -- lined up. he throws it and then what happened to it? you have to no idea who caught it. did the ball make it over the plate. isn't the fun of the first pitch to see what happens d faan e atwhkind of arm the president has? i'm not the only one who thought that. this story has got the blogs and the twitter folks on fire. they say fox screws up obama's
6:44 am
first pitch. they are not pleased and look at all e thattweets coming in. people were mad, andrea. this is from diana mcdougal. she wrote how did fox manage to ruin the broadcast of obama's first pitch. after all the build up they filmed like a d'ilchs home video. and said fox never showed ilwhe it went. here you have another one -- i asked this question half joking because i have been seen it yet but some political blogs may run this story later today and finally bob speculates the fox camera guy missed it while he was setting up for a righty president obama, a lefty threw the pitch.
6:45 am
what happened i'm going to quote here. this is from the president of fox sports. he says the camera didn't get positioned where it was supposed to be. there are a lot of issues where we are not in total control when you have a president attending the game. there was a bit of a scramble there. maybe there were issues with secret service. i don't know but a lot of people not pleased this morning about it on the web. >> sounds like the dog ate my home work. >> a camera in center field that always shoots the guy. they have 50,000 cameras and they couldn't punch one up. >> oh, well. >> maybe it is a vast right wing conspiracy. >> a little diversion from the tough news. >> although it did reach the plate. >> the catcher made a good play on it. all right. weather wise we have been on a nice roll lately about it being dry. we will have some rain, some chances creeping up but today one more comfortable days before the muggies return
6:46 am
tonight and the remainer of the week. show you the next three days. today we will warm up. yesterday 85, today upper 80s with a couple more clouds an but the humidity levels still in check. tomorrow, and friday, little more humid. mix of sun and clouds and chances for afternoon thunderstorms, not widespread but should be a couple out there. again, we will be upper 80s to near 90 in a few spots. this morning, partly cloudy and real pleasant out there. 50s and 60s but rising to the 70s the next few hours. winds are light. it is set 8:32. upper 80s with southwest winds at ten but not too humid yet. tonight not as cool as it has been. lows 65 to 70 under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. this morning we are talking rainfall. only 1300 of an inch at national. 500 at dulles. these are an inch and a half below where we should be if this time of the month. we need rain and again rain
6:47 am
chances aren't be highest until saturday. this morning some high clouds moving in from the northwest. other than that there is a fine, comfortable morning out there. 55 our cool spot in winchester. manassas, montgomery county 57. 64 from from patuxent river and on the bay in annapolis, lou anne 66 degrees. outside we have been looking at a nice morning the sun is up in the mid-60s. southwesterly winds at 6:00 and the dew point is creeping up at 54 thunderstorms from illinois to st. louis and more delays. over than that a good looking wednesday on tap. here's the seven-day forecast. 89 tomorrow with a slight chance of a storm. by saturday rain chances go up.
6:48 am
not all day rain but scattered shower and storms. we dry out for the second half of the week. good morning, angie. hello, howard. we begin with a story we have been following since overnight. the police standoff in virginia impacts traffic this morning. we know police are out directing traffic at lyle avenue and leesburg pike and fisher drive is closed between fisher and oswald place. moving outside, let's show you 66 eastbound. a couple of delays out here from 50 to the beltway. looking at a 13 to 15 minute commute and slow from 234 to 28. taking this next shot. we take it to the outer loop and show you the drivers are crawling along north of the district. from 95 to georgia we are estimating this drive time at 15 minutes and growing. 270 it is a slow ride from montross to the beltway but to incidents or accidents to report at this time finally to round it out we go back to our
6:49 am
realtime graphics and show you 295. this is heading southbound at malcolm x avenue. that's is where we have crash activity at the entrance to bolling air force base. that's a look at traffic. over to andrea. good news for prince georges county. crime is down. county leaders credit better enforcement and enjoyed efforts by agencies. so far this year violent crime in prince georges is down 10% compared to last year. that includes a 16% drop in murders, a 14% drop in rape and a 15% drop in property crime. a park in the district could soon be renamed for this man president obama. right now the park is called gurode street park. it is at 14th and injure regard streets northwest. residents say they voted to rename it after the 44th president. >> we have the first black president and he is obviously doing well. doing very, very well.
6:50 am
>> i would hope our current president has a great legacy and we'd have something little more grandiose in terms of honoring our president but we will see what happens. >> there are a lot of things named washington this town. so just because it is the first one doesn't mean it is the last. >> reporter: dc councilman jim graham introduced a bill to make the name change official. in sports the capitals schedule comes out today in the globe and the capitals will take on the canadians inside of montreal's olympic stadium. it would be a massive crowd with as many as 60,000 in attendance. baseball's all-star game last night. the highlight of the night. tampa bay's carl crawford stealing a home run from brad hoff. what a catch. american league wins 4-3. team tennis action last night with washington hosting newport beach. and serena won all three of her matches for the local squad.
6:51 am
the kastles won 22-12. we have 65 degrees here in northwest washington. >> supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor heads back to captiol hill. in a few hours, a preview is three minutes away. i'm julie chen. coming up as the new harry potter movie hits theaters we will talk to one of the leading stars coming up on the "early show."
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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a check on what's in the news now. we go live to armando trull. well, andrea, the standoff here in the neighborhood of mclean in the 13th hour. police want to talk to a machine inside the home there are other people inside the home and they want to question him about a ooshting that happened at 6:30 yesterday afternoon. 168 people are dead after a plane crash in iran. the flight left teheran and crashed on the way to armenia. the plane was destroyed and the wreckage was found in flames. in a few hours sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearings resumes. tuesday she backed the roe v. wade decision and promised to be an impartial jurist if confirmed. another nice day ahead. a few more clouds. still partly to mostly sunny. humidity is in check. upper 80s but code orange air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. the seven-day forecast is
6:55 am
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b@ it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom the by wizard has arrived. harry potter hit theaters at midnight and you can see this is the line to get in new york. plenty of lines in theaters in our area, too. this is the sixth for the film. they say grown up story lines can present a challenge. >> we have not done much before. it was good. it was -- the kissing is quiet awkward thing to do. >> hear more from him coming up on the cbs "early show." so you know the next movie will hit theaters in november 2010 with a final installment in
6:59 am
july of 2011. get your tickets now. >> like the never-ending story. remember that story. that is one of my favorites. real quick i want you to know 295 northbound at highway ward we have an accident blocking two lanes. drivers are backed up to the naval research lab. what you are looking at is a live shot of 395 northbound from duke to seminary we are looking at a 15 to 20 minute commute. heavy montross though beltway and on the outer loop in maryland delayed from 95 to georgia. >> just got word in of a tsunami warning off of new zealand. they a had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and so they will watch that carefully here in the mucher 80s. as far as the seven-day forecast is concerned, a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and friday and best chance on saturday. the "early show" is next. they will have more on the florida couple killed in their home and at 9:00 a.m., getting some muscles from


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