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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 14, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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southwest airlines inspects its fleet overnight after a gaping hole is discovered midflight on the fuselage of one of the 737s. a fourth arrest in the shocking murder of a well-known florida couple, and authorities say there will be more. >> it leads me to believe that this was a very well-planned and methodical operation. a brand new cbs poll shows president obama's approval rating sliding and his performance on the economy not doing much better. we'll ask bob schieffer what the president must do to turn things around. and new reports of a $4 million deal to keep debbie rowe from fighting for michael jackson's children "early" this tuesday morning, july 14th, 2009.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. welcome to "the early show." i'm julie chen along with harry smith. maggie rodriguez is on assignment. >> good morning, julie. >> ahead this morning, we'll talk to two of amanda knox's sisters. they're in italy, and they just visited with amanda this morning at the jail where she's being held in the murder of her roommate. we'll tell you what amanda had to say to them. also coming up this morning, kids heading off to day camp today. maybe your kids are away at camp this summer. what about the h1n1 virus? what about the swine flu? how is this going to affect them, and how much should you be worried about it? we'll tell you more about that in just a little bit. but first, southwest airlines is inspecting all of its boeing 737 jets after one had to make an emergency landing last night because of a hole in its fuselage.
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cbs news transportation correspondent nancy cordes has the story. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning, julie. this was a frightening experience. 131 people on that southwest flight from nashville to baltimore last night, a boeing 737 300 that was just half an hour from its destination when passengers heard a loud pop, and air suddenly started rushing out of the cabin. >> in this instance, when the hole happened, it obviously depressurized the cabin, so the oxygen masks would deploy. so that happened. and then the captain has to take the airplane to a safe altitude. and then we diverted, we made the option to divert and get the plane on the ground as quickly as possible. >> the pilot brought the plane down safely in charleston, west virginia, where it turned out a football-sized piece of its upper hull had just peeled away. a passenger took a picture of it. none of the 131 people on board
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was hurd, and so far the cause of the incident is a mystery. southwest has 181 boeing 737 300s. they comprise about a third of its fleet. the airline plan to conduct a cursory inspection of all of them by this morning, so it should not disrupt service today. both the faa and the ntsb investigating this situation, julie. >> incredible. nancy cordes. thanks, nancy. now let's head back to new york and harry. >> all right, julie. the heat is on for the obama administration, and with a list of to-dos growing by the day, his poll numbers are going down. in fact, a new cbs poll shows mr. obama's approval rating has dropped six points in the last month to 57%. approval for his handling of the economy is also down a lot, down to 48%. cbs news chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation" bob schieffer joins us for some analysis. good morning, bob. >> good morning, harry. >> can we blame this all on the economy? >> i think so. i think it's the economy and the economy and the economy.
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i mean, one of the most interesting numbers in this poll, harry, to me was that nearly 7 out of 10 people have some concern about losing their jobs. now, when you have that kind of a number there where that many people are uncertain about whether they're going to lose their job, there's no way the president's approval rating is going to stay very high. it's still well over 50%. he's a long way from being unpopular. but he's done the stimulus package. he's embarked on all these different programs to improve the economy, but so far, apparently, most people do not see the impact on that. they do not think it's affecting their lives. and i think that's what this is and nothing more. >> do you think they got it wrong? vice president joe biden in an interview said, we miscalculate howed ba the economy was going to be. there's an op ed piece by mort zuckerman in "the washington
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post" this morning saying the economy is much worse than people realized. is it too early to say, or is it possible that this administration just didn't get this right? >> you know, i kind of agree with joe biden in this sense. i think the economy was worse than they said it was, but maybe they didn't want to say how bad that it really was. maybe that's the question here. but i mean, you know, you can go around and talk about wors ads all of that, but when you come down to it, the economy is in terrible shape. it was in terrible shape. we've gotten the credit markets back a little better than what they were. but just as far as the impact on these people's personal lives, they're not seeing any improvement yet. what barack obama has got to see here, he's launched all these programs, but people need to see that they're having some impact. >> and very, very quickly, will this worsening economy make it harder for this president especially to get healthcare through? you said yesterday he was nominating his surgeon general, don't count us out.
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don't bet against us. won't this just make this that much harder? >> you think it will be with and i think it's pretty well a consensus around washington now, he's not going to get this done by the august recess, which was sort of the deadline they set. i think healthcare is in big trouble right now. it's an open question as to whether he's going to get anything. >> bob schieffer, thanks. >> thanks, harry. a fourth arrest has been made in the shocking murder of a florida couple who had adopted a dozen disabled children. cbs news correspondent terrell brown has the very latest from ú pensacola, florida. good morning, terrell. >> reporter: julie, good morning to you. you know, it was via traffic stop. the sheriff says it was by mere happenstance that led them to their latest suspect, and it's just one more clue in the mysterious murders of melissa and byrd billings. >> we have another man in custody in the deaths of byrd and melanie billings.
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>> reporter: gary lamont sumner is the fourth person arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of the pensacola couple, the third person charged with their murder. 30-year-old sumner has been identified as one of the men in this photo, seen leaving a local walmart with alleged co-conspirator leonard gonzalez jr. >> we have placed him at the scene of the crime. >> reporter: the scene is this house. home surveillance tapes show them walking in minutes before the billings were murdered. >> we expect more arrests to be imminent. >> reporter: the slain parents of 17 were killed thursday. by midday investigators say they expect to arrest another suspect later today. in all, as many as eight people may have been involved in the murders. robbery has been listed as one motive, but the investigation is far from over. and you know what, as we move forward here, there are going to be funeral services scheduled for the family on friday morning. there have been lots of questions about the children. the sheriff says the children are doing just fine. julie? >> cbs' terrell brown.
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thanks, terrell. also joining us from pensacola is escambia county sheriff david morgan. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> this robbery has been named as one of the motives. can you tell us if there was indeed money or valuables or anything for that matter taken from the home of byrd and melinda billings? >> upon advice of the attorney general's office at this time, julie, we're not releasing that information. the reason being, while we're still in the process of interviewing additional suspects, the information on what was removed from the house can be critical during the questioning phase to tie someone to a particular place at a particular time. >> let me ask you this. did the billings know any of those arrested or any of those you hope to arrest down the road? >> we believe that there have been some associations with the billings family, casual associations, meaning no close family friends that we've been able to develop at this time. but there may have been just a
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kind of a causal relationship, if you will. >> what is believed to be the other motive in this case besides robbery, sir? >> these are kind of ancillary things that fall out of an investigation. i guess probably the best example would be in its most simplistic mode, let's say you're burglarized tonight by someone who has a drug addiction. you can easily say that burglary was to secure you money to buy drugs. but in this case, we can ramp this up several rungs, if you will, and say, well, the robbery may have been the main focus. but let's say, again, just for the sake of discussion, the robbery was to secure large sums of money, and this money may have gone to someone else for other means. that's why the complexity is a little bit staggering. >> you said yesterday at the news conference that the home invasion looked like it was well planned and methodical. do you think the suspects went into the home with the intent to murder the billings in addition to robbing them? >> that is an excellent theory,
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julie, and we are developing that as one of many. again, that may be one of the other motives. >> did any of the children see or hear the slayings, sir? >> we are n prepared to release that information at this time. again, we're considering the family and the family's feelings. we are hoping at the conclusion of this investigation that we can truly do a full and open disclosure to the public. >> looking at the surveillance video outside the billings' home, it looks like the suspects entered during daylight hours. was that the case? >> yes. down here, of course, because of the season that we're in, it doesn't get dark until 8:00, 8:30. so, yes, it was very light outside when they entered. >> sheriff david morgan, we wish you the best of luck with this investigation. we thank you for your time. >> thank you, ma'am. >> now here's lonnie quinn filling in for dave price with a first check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning to you, julie. good morning, everybody. here we are. it is july the 14th, and
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portions of michigan, grayling, michigan, this morning, you're starting off in the 30s. it's going to warm up for you, but not so much. temperatures maxing out in the 70s. portions of florida. moving through the midwest, minnesota into portions of iowa even over to around milwaukee, strong storms out there. we're talking about pretty good sizeded hail, wind gusts, 50, 60 miles an hour. a lot of lightning storms as well. big-time heat continues from texas and through the southwest. temperatures at 100, 110, maybe a little bit more. phoenix yes
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that is your latest weather. i don't care where you are, hope you have a great looking day. harry, hope you're enjoying our cool new york city weather. >> i care where everybody is. >> i hope they're happy wherever they are. >> you'll get a chance to rephrase that in the next half hour. all right, lonnie. still to come, there may be a deal to end the battle over the custody of michael jackson's kids. plus the two sisters of amanda knox visit her in an italian jail. there's news there. we'll speak to them exclusively. and summer camps are dealing with a new problem this season. the h1n1 virus. what to do to keep your kids safe when we come back. with rheumatoid arthritis,
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it's not often i get to actually be close to the seat of power here. >> it's incredible. i'm so honored that you walked over here to say hello. >> well, i'm going to walk away. russ, take it away. >> good morning, harry. good morning to you at home. convicted ponzi schemer bernard madoff has been locked in a federal lockup this morning. madoff is serving a 150-year sentence. it is not clear how long he will be in atlanta. earlier reports said his final destination is a prisoner in north carolina. wall street is looking to build on gains in overseas markets this morning, and goldman sachs is reporting earnings. here with more is bloomberg tv's deed reboldin. >> if the second quarter comes in as expected, the company will report $2.2 billion in profits, and that looks like the company's performance before the credit crisis. wall street is paying particular attention to goldman's numbers
7:17 am
because it could suggest the worst of the financial crisis is over. traders say that goldman capitalized on the upheaval in the markets to make a fortune, trading bonds, also trading currencies and commodities, and it could mean a big payday for employees. in fact, bonuses could average $600,000 an employee with the top producers in the millions. russ, back to you? >> christmas in july. bloomberg tv's diedre lton, thank you. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor is facing tough questions from republicans this morning in her second day of senate confirmation hearings. yesterday in her opening statement before the senate judiciary committee, judge sotomayor sought to blunt concerns she'd be an activist judge. >> in the past month, many senators have asked me about my judicial philosophy. simple, fidelity to the law. >> republican senators say they plan to try to raise doubts about her impartiality, but most
7:18 am
concede she will likely be confirmed. >> unless you have a complete meltdown, you're going to get confirmed. >> and if confirmed, sotomayor becomes the court's first hispanic justice. it is now coming up on 7:18. here's harry. >> joining us now to discuss how judge sotomayor did on her first day is former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzales. good morning. >> good morning. >> did you get a chance to watch? >> i watched part of it, yes. >> what did you think? >> yesterday was really a day of speeches. i think you had the opportunity to see the road map, i think, republicans intend to follow in questioning judge sotomayor. obviously, it's the first time the public has heard from judge sotomayor with respect to some of the comments that have been troubling to some republicans. and so i think the next few days will be quite revealing. we'll see what happens. >> because she pledged her fidelity to the law. she said, my personal and professional experiences help me to listen and understand with the law always commanding the result in every case. is that going to make any
7:19 am
difference to republicans what she says and her track record? >> not that single statement. i think the next few days republicans are going to really inquire into the comments she's made in the past, in terms of the "wise latina" comment, they have a serious question as to whether she can be impartial. in one speech she talked about the fact that impartiality is an aspiration, perhaps it's an unrealistic aspiration. i think that's troubling to some republicans. >> should she, can she divorce who she is from the judgment she makes while sitting as a judge? >> i use to be a judge. i know we're all affected by our experienced. a good judge, i believe, comes to the bench very sensitive to those biases. when they analyze a case, they try to set those biases aside and make sure they're applying the law. that should be the reality in every case, not an aspiration. >> senator lindsey graham said, unless you have a meltdown, you're going to get confirmed.
7:20 am
so is this all theater then, or is this a process that should literally be paid attention to? >> this is a lifetime appointment. she will be making decisions that affect the lives of millions of americans for decades. so i think the members of the senate have taken oath of office to the constitution and to the american people to ensure this is a person that should serve on the supreme court. it's more than theater. i think it's a learning experience, a teaching experience. >> i'm going to talk about dick cheney and this news of the last couple of days that he actual y actually -- it's not clear. asked the cia to keep quiet a notion of trying to find a means to which to assassinate certain members of al qaeda. the cia, leon panetta basically dismembered the program as soon as he learned about it a couple of weeks ago. but there's this notion that there was this sort of secret program that was kept under a cloak on purpose. do you have any knowledge of it? >> listen, it's very difficult
7:21 am
to talk about classified activity ins an unclassified setting. i believe general mike hayden, who was the most previous recent head of the cia and head of the national security agency in 2001 has come out and said that no one ever told him not to go brief the congress when there was a legal requirement to do so. so my experience in dealing with the last administration was that we tried to work as hard as we could with congress in making sure they understood what was going on in the executive branch subject to the need to protect the national security of our country. >> alberto gonzales, thank you for your time this morning. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the national association of realtors. buying or selling a home? every market's different. first piece of nicorette
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coming up, the two sisters of amanda knox met with her in a jailhouse visit. we'll
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i knew it, christmas in july. we'll get back to that later. it's a beautiful morning here in new york city. welcome back to "the early show." in this half hour, a reported deal worth $4 million may head off a custody fight over michael jackson's three kids. we'll bring you the latest on the jackson case. julie? also coming up, protecting your kids from the h1n1 virus while they're away at summer camp. we're going to have tips that every family should know. but first, amanda knox marked her 22nd birthday last thursday and her second behind bars in perugia, italy, where she's charged with the murder of her
7:31 am
roommate. meanwhile, earlier today knox got a jailhouse visit from her two sisters. 14-year-old ashley knox, and 20-year-old deanna knox visited their sister this morning in the perugia jail, where she has been held since november 2007. knox has been on trial since january, along with her former italian boyfriend rafael. the two are charged with sexually assaulting and murdering knox's 21-year-old briltish roommate meredith kircher. knox has maintained her innocence throughout the trial and last week seemed to catch a break in her defense. a coroner testified that a knife believed to be the murder weapon is not compatible with the victim's stab wound. he also testified that there is no evidence that kircher was assaulted by more than one person. hearings resume friday and saturday then break for a two-month summer recess. today may be the last time that amman dan knox's sisters will see her before the court verdict. they join us this morning from outside the jail in perugia,
7:32 am
where amanda is being held. ladies, good morning. >> good morning. >> deanna, let me begin with you. how is your sister amanda doing this morning? >> she's good. she's happy to see us. she described herself as tranquil today. the only sadart was the fact that we had to say good-bye. >> i can imagine. ashley, how was that for you, having to say good-bye to your sister? what did you girls talk about? >> it was really sad for me. i was sad that we couldn't see her again, but hopefully we can see her home soon. >> yeah, i know that's what your whole family is wishing for. last week, i imagine, was very emotional, deanna, because it was your sister's 22nd birthday. how exactly did your family celebrate her birthday with her? >> well, it happened to be a visitation day on her birthday that day. so amanda was able to bring in
7:33 am
cake and juice because ashley's a minor. so we sang her happy birthday as she walked in and ate cake with her. it was only one hour, but we got to spend her birthday with her. >> did authorities tell you what you were not allowed to bring in during that visit? >> well, we're not allowed to bring anything to amanda personally. we're allowed to put things in packages like food or clothes, and we brought her presents from the family like clothes, and we mailed letters. but we can't bring anything to her personally. >> how was she emotionally on that day, on her birthday? >> well, i mean, i know she was sad that it was her birthday again. she told all of us that she didn't want to spend another birthday in jail. she always finds a way to be happy. she was still smiling. >> ashley, what was it like for you to see your sister behind bars on her birthday? what did you say to her?
7:34 am
>> i first told her happy birthday, and i told her that i loved her. and hopefully she won't spend another one there, and we'll celebrate it when we get home -- when she gets home. >> deanna, can you describe what the last two years has been like for your family, seeing amanda accused of stand trial for such a horrific crime? >> i'd describe it as being very surreal. it's almost not real because it's lasted for so long. it's very odd. i'm still not used to walking into the courtroom and people are taking pictures of our entire family and my sister. it's still very odd. so i'm just hoping it ends soon. >> and finally, deanna, after a few more court proceedings this week, amanda has to sit and wait until september for her trial to resume. what's going to happen during that two-month period?
7:35 am
are you guys going to be able to see her? is she just going to have to sit and wait by herself in jail? what happens? >> during the two-month wait, she still has visitation so people can come see her in the jail. me and ashley are leaving on thursday. today was our last day we could see her. but there are no court dates. it's just regular we have two days a week that we can come see her. >> ashley and deanna knox, we thank you ladies. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. now let's head back to new york where lonnie quinn has another check of the weather. good morning again, lonnie. >> good morning to you, julie. good morning, everybody. we have damaging winds out there for the areas north of the twin cities, to the areas south of des moines. what kind of winds am i talking about? wind gusts today up to around 60 miles per hour in that area, also a lot of hail involved in that system and a lot of lightning as well. let's take a look at the big national picture because outside of that front i'm pointing out
7:36 am
in the midwest, that's about the only game in town. we do have a few pop-up showers and storms around florida. you guys expect that this time of year. up around northern new england, little bit of leftover moisture. otherwise, look at that. that is a good looking picture. not too much activity. san francisco yesterday, you hit 87 degrees. today a >> all right, everybody. wherever you are -- and i do care -- i hope you're having a
7:37 am
great looking day. >> thanks. up next, the possible battle over custody of michael jackson's children may be over re i started. we'll have details when we come back. re now at chili's -- welcome to chili's. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. for a second course, choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, like our big mouth bites -- the mini burgers with giant layers of flavor. or a half-rack of our triple-basted baby back ribs. then save some room to share a decadent dessert. a lot of bold flavors, for a limited time only. chili's -- not treating is not an option. all prescription nsaid pain relievers, like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen,
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is there a big money deal this morning between debbie rowe and michael jackson's family over custody of his kids? cbs news correspondent michelle guillen has the story. good morning. >> michael jackson's will stipulated that his mother katherine get custody of the children, but the court only awarded her temporary control. that left the door open for a bruising custody battle, and the wild card in the equation was debbie rowe. >> do not touch me! >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did! >> debbie rowe, the former dental assistant who bore michael jackson's two children had reportedly sold her custody rights in exchange for a big payout before. now papers say she's done it
7:41 am
again, agreeing to forego a custody battle in exchange for $4 million. meanwhile, the coroner says toxicology reports on jackson's death may be finished this week. a report in the newspaper says jackson was so addicted to dip livan, he begged to be put under for four days at a time. he became addicted to the drug following his many skin treatments and plastic surgery. today jackson fans gathered outside the london theater where he was to perform his comeback tour. in a broadcast interview, jackson's faerth says he wasn't up to completing the 50-show event and that he agreed to only 10 shows. the battle over jackson's estate is just starting. the two men named by jackson to administer his estate recently won the right to start doing business despite the opposition of katherine jackson. harry? >> michelle, thanks. up next, an unwelcome guest at camp this summer, the h1n1 virus. we'll have the latest and what you neow tkno .
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in this morning's "healthwatch," the latest on the h1n1 virus and summer camp. younger people appear to be especially vulnerable to this flu, which is of great concern to many who run the camps. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. good morning. >> good morning, harry. most summer camp injuries can be fixed with a band-aid and some rest, camps around the nation this year are experiencing a new health challenge, the h1n1 virus. at blue star camp in north carolina, 13-year-old nicky jaffe experienced something more than home sickness this year. >> i drank out of my friend's water bottle, and she warned me she wasn't feeling so well. the next day she ended up going to the health center, and she had the flu. >> the h1n1 virus had come to
7:46 am
this summer camp nestled in the blue ridge mountains. 35 of blue star's 650 campers were believed to be infected. >> i had a really bad headache, and i just -- i felt -- i just didn't feel good overall. i was coughing a lot. >> reporter: the infected campers were isolated and put on anti-viral medication after experiencing flu-like symptoms. >> they would come in the first day with about 101. they would sleep most of that day, take the tami-flu. the third day they would want to go back to camp. >> reporter: more than 50 camps nationwide have reported outbreak. and the cdc is reporting infections between 5 and 24 more than any other group, making campers vulnerable. >> kids are very, very close, and they're in small cabins. they have limited ability to wash their hands. >> reporter: the h1n1 virus forced this camp in missouri to close for a week after campers
7:47 am
and staff got sick. and camps specifically designed for kids with special health concerns like asthma shut their cabin doors before any campers arrived due to health concerns. at blue star camp, they have learned their lesson. campers showing up with fevers are sent home. and for campers like 8-year-old mason redler, the message is have fun but be careful. >> use anti-bacterial and wash your hands. >> are you going to be careful, mason? >> i'll try my best. >> the cdc recommends that all camps participate in active screening. so don't be alarmed and be honest if your camp or summer school asks if your child has had any flu-like symptoms in the past seven days. harry? >> if my kid is away at camp, at sleepaway, and the camp calls and says, we think your kid has the flu, should i go get them? or if the camp is willing to let
7:48 am
them stay in the infirmary, let them stay there? >> you have to communicate with the camp and the medical personnel. from a public health perspective, it might be better to keep the child isolated, quarantined there until the symptoms pass, rather than bring them home and expose them to more people. >> should i be afraid of this if my kid's going to day camp? >> no more than you were at the end of the school year or in the fall. it's contagious but mild. >> this whole notion that people are wanting their kids to be exposed or wanting to be exposed in hopes it helps develop immunity? >> i don't think we're seeing h1n1 parties yet. the immune principle applies, if you get it now, you tend to be protected and possibly for the fall. >> these kids who get sick at camp may end up with a lucky break. dr. jennifer ashton, thanks. still to come, the lovely and talented emma watson of harry potter fame. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:49 am
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7:53 am
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if you're getting ready for your big summer vacation, we'll show you some of the latest and greatest new travel gear. it's guaranteed to make your trip easier and more fun. he's back living and riding stronger than ever. we'll bring you the latest on lance armstrong's amazing comeback. and the charming, spellbinding emma watson tells us about the latest entry in the magical harry potter series. >> if you had a shred of self-respect, you'd turn that book in. >> not bloody likely. i'm top of the class. >> "early" this tuesday morning, july 14th, 2009.
8:01 am
good morning. welcome to "the early show" on a beautiful tuesday morning, where the crowd outside our new york studio is enjoying a balmy 64 degrees at this hour. i'm julie chen in los angeles. harry smith is in new york. maggie rodriguez is on assignment. good morning, harry. >> good morning, julie. great crowd out here today. really energetic. >> yeah, i saw some santas in the crowd wearing undershirts, beards, and shorts. we'll explain that later, i'm sure. >> i hope so. also ahead this morning, helping people can help at any age. this morning we're going to introduce you to a very special 7-year-old girl who's already making a big difference to orphans around the world, harry. >> all right. and you want to meet the farm chicks. these are the farm chicks, ladies and gentlemen. what they do is they turn junk
8:02 am
into valuable antiques, but they also cook. they're here to share some of their farm chick recipes with us this morning. right? >> right. >> you see that, they can turn on a mixer. hang on one second. look at this. they know how to operate the mixer. very impressive. here's russ at the news desk. >> good morning, harry. good morning to you at home. southwest airlines is inspecting its 737 300 jets this morning after a frightening incident. yesterday a southwest 737 made an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia, after its fuselage ripped open leaving a football-sized hole. passenger steve hall took a picture of it from inside. this morning he told me everyone stayed calm. >> it's not like the movies. everybody was staying in their seats. nothing was being drawn out the hole. so i figured we were in pretty good shape. >> none of the 131 people on
8:03 am
board were hurt. federal investigators will examine the plane to determine what happened. there's news this morning that two marines have been killed in southern afghanistan. they died in action yesterday, and six civilians died in a helicopter crash today. meanwhile, the taliban launch a new offensive in eastern afghanistan where u.s. forces engaged in a dramatic fire fight. cbs news correspondent manndy clark is on the front lines and has this exclusive look. >> reporter: this is the battle for bargh-e-matal. it started at dusk. insurgents high on ridges, pouring fire down on this exposed u.s. position. hundreds of taliban overran bargh-e-matal a week ago, the largest town in the eastern province of nuristan. 100 u.s. troops from the 10th mountain division backed by the afghanistan army are now fighting to win it back, as you can see in this exclusive video shot by cbs news. this battle lasted an hour.
8:04 am
one u.s. soldier was killed along with ten insurgents. u.s. medics treated an insurgent who said he worked for a notorious taliban leader accused of a series of attacks on coalition forces. the taliban takeover of bargh-e-matal was a message to villagers but also to the people of nuristan that the taliban will not tolerate voting in next month's elections. >> the taliban is marginalizing the government trying to ensure they can't participate in the election. >> reporter: the taliban may be gone for now, but if they manage to scare people here from voting in the election, it will be a blow to afghanistan's efforts to build democracy here. the u.s. forces don't have a permanent base in the province of nuristan. the real challenge will be when they pull out and afghan forces have to hold the region. mandy clark, cbs news, kabul. it is now 8:04 on this tuesday morning. lonnie quinn is in for dave
8:05 am
price today. he's out on the plaza with another check of the weather. hello, lonnie. >> hello, russ. we heard about the santas in the crew. julie said we'll find out more about them later. it is apparently christmas in july. santas, you're giving out free concert tickets. we've got a lot of ice cream heads as well. did you guys realize this month is national ice cream month established by president reagan 25 years ago. what i'd like to do is you guys give out the free ice cream cones. take a free concert ticket. give me an ice cream cone. santa, you can have an ice cream cone. can i have your hat? do you mind, sweetheart? put the santa hat on her. let's see how that goes right there. here we go. let's put an ice cream cap on a bald santa. i like that, man. i like that. that is some good stuff. let's talk weather. here's what we see out there. in terms of ice cream month, you're going to want it down around the southwest into texas because you guys are seeking shade. look at these forecast high temperatures.
8:06 am
wichita, 102. oklahoma city to dallas, 103 to 106. that is nothing. from las vegas to phoenix, 105 to 115 degrees. tomorrow phoenix maybe you're going to be below the 110 degree mark. taking a big look at the big picture, here's what we see out there. there's a front around the midwest. that's going to bring strong showers and storms to areas around des moines. it's also going to be pushing to the east. pushing east very slowly along the back side. beautiful weather up and down the west coast. 80s for areas like san francisco. 70s in pacific northwest. actually, i'm going to call the weather hot in the pacific northwest tomorrow. that's a quick look at the
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> hey, i've got to tell you, the ice cream people, they gave me a few ice cream facts here. what do you think is the world's most popular ice cream flavor? >> world's most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla. >> it is vanilla. i know, i know. i thought it was a little blase. i personally love the black raspberry. >> i am the human google. if you ever need any answers to questions like that, just come to me. up next, if you're planning ai trip this summer, we're going to tell you all the cool new things you need to bring with you. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. vo: you don't have to look for sales to save money.
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and give tlc to somebody you love. welcome back to "the early show." there's some great new travel gear available to make your summer travel easier and a lot more fun. david gregg from is here to show us the best of the bunch. you're loving this bag. >> i'm loving this bag, but what i'm loving is the gadget on top of it. it's called the ergo digital scale. one of the things that can really ruin a vacation is if you basically pack too much in your bag, you're going to get hit with a charge. having a scale with you. if you notice, it's very easy to work. basically, you hold it up, and it will beep. after it beeps, it will show you the exact weight of the contents. so you're over 50 pounds, you know you can pull stuff out of the bag and redistribute to other bags so you don't get hit
8:12 am
with an extra fee. it's compact, so you can take it on vacation and make sure you don't return over the limit as well. >> how much was this thing? >> very good. put it the other way, the tsa has established guidelines for new luggage. there's two companies, scuba and target that produced new laptop bags because on the average people lose thousands and thousands of laptops every year after they go through the x-ray machine. >> i was going through the airport the other day, and i almost took tom brady's laptop. i swear to god, i had it in my hand and started putting in the bag and i thought maybe this isn't mine. really crazy. >> a great way to avoid that is with tsa approved luggage. laptop on one side, and here your power and everything else. as long as the tsa sees this, you put it through the x-ray machine, and you're good to go. you do not have to remove your laptop from your bag.
8:13 am
these are bags approved by the tsa. there would be an icon that you would see that would show. as long as you keep your different things separate from the laptop when traveling, you're good. >> that's very interesting. >> you're traveling. you're around the pool. you're outside. you're at the beach. maybe you're going to the bathroom outside an airplane. i don't want to talk about the floor surface. these are from a company called zinetic. it takes the police of a flip-flop because it has a legitimate sole on the bottom of it. you wind it up, and you can go. a lot of people wear flip-flops, and they can be slippery. this is something also good to wear in the shower while traveling. and they're portable. >> this is the bag? >> this is from samsonite. it's the drive system. it incorporates a spinner system. they have double wheels. i actually own this particular bag, and the great thing about it, when you're going down the aisle of an airplane, you can actually bring it with you like that. you don't have to drag it in
8:14 am
back of you. >> so the wheels go all the directions. >> extremely lightweight. 21-inch model about $150. this is called a ride-on -- >> go ahead. >> the trunky ride-on suitcase is terrific for kids ages 3 to 5. you can see, kids can ride on it, and they can store tons of stuff appropriate for ages 3 through 5. weighs about 3 1/2 pounds. just a great way to pull your kids through the airport as opposed to dragging them on their feet. >> i think you enjoyed that. >> i did have a good time, harry. the luggage locator. your luggage is coming around the turnstile. >> and they all look the same. >> here, i'm going to give you that. similar to the remote control for your car. if you push that button, can you hear that? >> it's a luggage locator. >> you'll always be able to find your luggage. another way to locate your luggage is right here.
8:15 am
it's called an identi-grip. >> you put a piece of ribbon on your luggage. >> but this also has the address built in too. $6 for that. the power monkey. you've seen the external chargers before. what's cool is you charge it through the usb port on your computer. you hook up to any handheld device, whether it's an i pod or phone or gaming system. >> it has every conceivable thing. >> but adds 40 hours of juice. unlike the one that takes aa batteries, 40 hours. gps tom-tom. what's unique is new technology that goes in it. most gps units show you the fastest routes based on posted speed limit. this shows you the fastest route. is from fisher price, this is kids hop. you don't want to give your kids
8:16 am
the ipod, this will stand up to wear and tear of travel. >> for more on these products, go to our website, up next, he's back in a big way. inside lance armstrong's amazing comeback when "the early show" continues. come on in. you're invited to the chevy open house. where getting a new vehicle is easy. because the price on the tag is the price you pay on remaining '08 and '09 models. you'll find low, straightforward pricing. it's simple. now get an '09 malibu 1lt with an epa estimated 33 mpg highway. get it now for around 21 thousand after all offers. go to for more details.
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it is one of the most aamazing comebacks you'll ever see. seven-time tour de france winner lance armstrong is just seconds away from first place as the race resumes later today. he's very much in the thick of things, but this comeback may be more difficult than he ever thought it would be. cbs news correspondent mark phillips has the story. >> reporter: the tour de france riders are back on the road again today, heading toward the halfway mark of the world's most famous bicycle race, and the biggest story again is about the
8:19 am
world's most famous bicycle rider, lance armstrong, who's won this race a record seven times and is currently sitting in third place. he's back this year after a layoff and discovering even he can't just pick up where he left off. >> the break, the 3, 3 1/2 years, 4 years, whatever, has been harder than i expected. i don't feel old, but the time away, the time out from competition, that race intensity, you can't replicate in any kind of training. >> reporter: armstrong is as famous for his victory over cancer as for winning races. this year is different. he's fighting not just the riders from other team, but another star on his own team, spaniard alberto contador, currently sitting ahead of him in second place. >> these two riders at one stage in the tour will have to go head to head. but contador said, if lance attacks in the mountains, he won't chase him. >> reporter: the punishing
8:20 am
climbs through the alps where armstrong has usually triumphed, are still to come next week, and they will determine whether the phenomenal story of lance armstrong is over or still rolling along. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> what do you guys say? is he going to do it this time around? >> you know, he owns the mountains. he's in the mountains, and supposedly he just takes off. >> contador is an absolute beast. they have an amazing team. it's absolutely phenomenal. >> we've learned before when we've counted him out, and he's come back. he's incredible. >> they're putting out this press like he's in third. i think this is part of the whole hustle, you know. >> do you? >> you have to think about this. we're talking about a matter of seconds that separate all of these guys. >> of course. >> and the other thing that is just so phenomenal is this guy fell off his bike and broke his collar bone, what, two months ago? >> these guys are machines. i really don't get it. they come back from -- >> it is great for cycling.
8:21 am
>> you cycle every morning into work. a lot of people don't know that. >> that's just my little commuter bike. i ride a racing bike, though. >> when you fold up your commuter bike, how small does that fold into? like a briefcase? >> it fits right in my pocket. >> this little guy. >> something like that. a little something extra in the coffee there. >> little something for him. >> got some more? >> julie, you're missing quite a show. >> yeah, i wish you were here. >> i've seen that bicycle. it's like half the size of harry. sorry, harry. gl see? >> we have another subject to cover this morning. >> egood. >> if you keep telling yourself i am a lovable person, do you think you feel better or worse afterwards? ironically, a new experiment found for those with low self-esteem, saying the phrase actually made them more depressed and self-critical. >> what's the phrase again? >> you know why?
8:22 am
the phrase is wrong. the mantra is wrong. the mantra has to be i'm good enough. i'm smart enough. and doggone it, people like me. and you have to do it in a mirror. >> stuart smalley character, of course, portrayed by al franken. now a u.s. senator. >> see, it worked for him. >> it certainly did. >> do you think he used that on the stump? >> i've got to tell with you be i know this is unfair. i'm watching the sonia sotomayor confirmation hearings yesterday. there's a picture of al franken, and that expression comes to mind. >> you're kind of waiting for a joke, aren't you? a little bit. >> a little bit. >> he says he doesn't know anything about law, and he's trying to lay back during the confirmation hearings. >> exactly, yes. >> there you go. still to come this morning, julie, what's coming up on the show? >> this little girl with the magic wand. you know her, she is so famous. emma watson, can you believe it? she's about to turn 20 years old. we're going to talk to her about a decade of being in the wildly
8:23 am
successful harry potter films. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. (mom) soon, we'll be doing homework, getting up early, packing lunches and running for the bus. and we're ready for it.
8:24 am
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man, we are just rocking this spectacular july day here on the plaza at 59th and fifth. great crowd on hand. you know what, a lot of people around town are starting to say, i'll trade the monsoons we've had this year for the most amazing weather in july anybody can ever remember as we welcome you back to "the early show." in this half hour, my conversation with emma watson, who has grown up before our eyes as hermione in the harry potter series. we'll talk about "harry potter and the half-blood prince," which opens tomorrow. julie? >> she's a young lady now.
8:31 am
>> i know. all grown up. also ahead, you're going to meet a mother teresa in the making. a 7-year-old girl who's been a philanthropist for two years already. it's an amazinamazing, heart wa story, that one person, no matter what age, can make a big difference. and an old pal of yours, hollywood's hottest producer, has put together an exciting new film combining live action, animation, and digital 3-d. it's called "g-force," and jerry bruckheimer is here to explain why his action heroes are guinea pigs. >> that's right. >> in all the stuff that you've ever done and the resume as long as can be, imagine have you ever done animation before? >> once briefly, when i did commercials. that was a long time ago. >> what made you think you wanted to do this one? >> i love the characters. they're adorable. little l james bonds running around trying to save the world.
8:32 am
>> and they're all guinea pigs? >> they're all guinea pigs, action packed, romantic, funny. >> and they're all in 3-d. >> it's amazing 3-d. it's new technology. most 3-d shots of any 3-d movie ever made. >> who were some of the people who do the voices of these secret agent guinea pigs? >> nicolas cage and steve bucemi and john favreau and tracy morgan, penelope cruz. big group. >> so in a movie like this, who's your target audience? >> families, from the little kiddies 5 on up to the grandparents. >> the thing about these movies, if they work, is they do well at the box office, and then there's dvd sales. and then they kind of live forever and ever. "ice age" or whatever, they've done three of those already. they said the last one is better than the first one. >> it's all great for the kids.
8:33 am
we want to make the kids laugh and smile. hard economic times. a lot of the parents out of work. let's do something good for the kiddies. that's what "g-force" is. >> you've been working on another movie for nicolas cage. >> sorcerer's apprentice for disney. and we have another movie coming out next year. >> do you ever stop? >> not enough time. we're doing another "pirates" with johnny depp. he's decided to come back and play captain jack. >> nothing better. he's so good at that. we're always happy for your success and enjoy having you stop by and share your stories. >> thank you so much. always good to be here. >> there you go. this is what you want. you want jerry bruckheimer to touch you because everything he touches turns to gold. >> there you go. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, harry. >> "g-force" opens nationwide on july 24th in 2d and disney 3-d formats. you're going to want to watch it. >> and you didn't even mention
8:34 am
all the cbs shows, "csi," "amazing race." he doesn't sleep. he must have cloned himself. thanks a lot, harry. we turn now to a truly inspirational story about a little girl with a big, big heart who's trying to change the world one greeting card at a time. 7-year-old isabelle redford lives in a tiny town, but her view of the world is larger than life. >> my mom told me a story about two little orphan girls. their momma died while they were being born. >> stories like that inspired isabelle to want to help, so she started selling handmade greeting cards. isabelle's hard work paid off. in less than a year, she raised more than $5,000, enough money to build an orphanage in haiti. isabelle shared a lot with the orphans, a love of jump rope, soccer, and hide and seek. and what she found was she didn't just build them a new home. she built new relationships.
8:35 am
>> i met my six girls who are living in my home right now and lots of other fun kids, and one even made me a necklace. >> now, two years after she started this project, builders are breaking ground on a second home in malawi, africa. >> she's got a huge heart. so for me, just sitting back and watching her, i see all of it kind of coming together. i feel like it's just getting ready to explode. i feel like this is just the beginning. >> and joining us now is isabelle redford, her parents kelly and kevin, and michael fox from the global orphan project, the charity that sells isabelle's cards. good morning. how are you doing? >> good. >> good. you look good. you happen to be on tv this morning. >> yeah. >> yeah, i guess. so how old are you now? >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. well, you're pretty old. how old were you when you first made your first card? >> 5.
8:36 am
>> 5. and so your mom is reading you a story, and you said what? what did you think? >> i thought they really did need a house. i just wanted to make a difference because they did need help. i thought that was what i wanted to do. >> but you're a little kid. little kids can't make a difference, can they? >> they can. >> they can? yeah? so, mom, isabelle makes the card. whose idea was it to sell the cards? >> well, she wanted to try to raise money to build a house. so we started brainstorming, and she came up with the idea to draw. she loves to do art. we came up with the idea to draw cards. we just decided to call some friends and family and say, she wants to sell her cards to try to make some money. >> i think i would probably buy anything that you made. i think it helps to be that charming. but these cards are very sweet. they're very, very sweet.
8:37 am
i guess it's one thing to think something like this and open a lemonade stand or who knows what. how did this then progress beyond just a kid's idea, a kid's fantasy, so to speak? >> it really was one card at a time. we started telling our friends. their friends started telling other friends. before we knew it, she had raised $5,000. we were getting checks from people we didn't even know. >> right. and then how did you figure out, kevin, to go to haiti to do a building? >> just through other friends that were involved with the global orphan project, and they just had shared what they were doing. and that's kind of how it all started pretty much. >> you went to haiti then? >> uh-huh. >> what's it like to be able to see a building that you helped build and with people in it? >> it was really amazing. i loved it.
8:38 am
i was happy that someone got a new home. >> did you make some new friends there? >> i made a lot of new friends. >> you made a lot of new friends. and so now you're trying to raise money to build another building, and this one's in africa? have you been there yet? >> no. >> not yet. if the building goes up, are you going to try and go? >> maybe. >> you should try and go, i think, right? >> yeah. >> will this go on and on, michael? >> absolutery, it will. >> what made you decide to hook up with these guys? >> you know, when we started the global orphan project, we really did think that we would have different people in different lives get involved in this. probably didn't envision a 7-year-old. you just can't thwart the enthusiasm of someone like this that wants to get involved and make a difference. since then, since isabelle's story, we've had hundreds, maybe a thousand different people that have started to do things differently to help support these orphan children. >> smaller ways. >> small and big.
8:39 am
small and big. we have business owners that are dedicating a percentage of their profits to build more homes. >> isn't that something? >> we have family reunions that are coming together and collecting their resources to build homes. we have college girls that have banded together to do -- well, we've got a group at the university of missouri that's banding together to build a school for orphan children in malawi. all of this stimulated by caring for these children around the world. >> isabelle, do you know what it means to have a good heart? you have a good heart, don't you? yeah. what a sweetheart. thanks for letting isabelle come over and see us this morning. sure appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you can stay on the couch and hang out with us, whatever you want to do. what a smile. unbelievable. thank you all for coming. if you'd like some more information on the global orphan project and how you can help, all you have to do is go to our website, that's now here's lonnie with a final check of the weather. >> all right, harry. what nobody knows is that
8:40 am
during the commercial break, little isabelle came out all by herself, harry, snugged up on the couch with you. i'm watching the two of you bond. she is cute as can be. look at that. a smile that lights up the tv screen. speaking about a smile in our house here, i'm with the birthday girl. what is your name? >> hope. >> hope, where are you from? >> roanoke, virginia. >> it's happy birthday for pu p it's okay to ask you how many. >> 15. >> that's a good one for you. happy birthday to you. we've got snickers here on the plaza with us as well. i'm look here at my little notes. apparently, snickers is teaming up with feeding america to help bar hunger. let's just say we chat with you. what's your name? >> shannon. >> i understand there's a kickoff event taking place in new york city. what is it? >> we have david arquette, and it's basically a clear box, and he's going to be -- >> wait, david arquette in a box? good. >> what is it called? >> he's spending some time on top of the madison square garden marquee to raise awareness for
8:41 am
hunger. snickers is donating 3 million meals to feeding america. we need everybody's help. >> how can they help? >> go g. to to donate. >> let's get the message out to everybody. here's what i see. a pretty strong front moving through portions of the midwest. the other big story, from texas to the southwest, searing heat today. as you look into tomorrow, searing heat not going anywhere. litt
8:42 am
>> i just want to say, if i'm looking a little disheveled, it's because of my friend here at national ice cream month. she said, please come over. i get over to you, and you said, i just wanted to do this. i think she was check to go see if it's real. it is real. hey, that's going to do it for weather out here. harry, in to you. >> the wait is over, and the broomsticks are out as "harry potter and the half-blood prince," the sixth film in the hugely popular series, flies into theaters. once again, emma watson returns as harry's loyal pal hermione granger. >> see that in the back? harry, she's trying to make you
8:43 am
a love potion? >> really? >> hey, she's only interested in you because she thinks you're the chosen one. >> i am the chosen one. sorry. kidding. >> emma watson is here with us this morning. >> i love this one better than all the rest. >> fantastic, thank you. >> i love that you're more grown up, and the interaction with everyone seems -- >> better. i completely agree. this is much more of a romantic comedy than it's ever been. just much more chemistry. much more like interaction between all the students. it's quite different for hermione to play because usually she's this very tough, very stern, girl power. in this one, she's much more fragile, vulnerable. she kind of gets her heart broken a bit. so we really wanted to convey that, and we wanted it to be very easy for teenage girls to relate to her situation.
8:44 am
>> in the screening i was in, there were plenty of people of a certain age there, and they were just so reacting to everything that was unfolding on the stage. here's my question, though. because you and harry are best pals. everybody knows you're best pals forever. why ron? you're the one in the front of the class with the hand up. i know the answer. i know the answer. ron is this sort of -- >> that's why, you know. don't they say that opposites attract? you know, he's good for her. hermione is very serious. and she needs someone to make her a bit more relaxed and fun, and he's the opposite of her. like yin and yang, you nknow, sort of balance. >> is there a part of you -- i remember read be when you first -- you really pursued this part when you were a kid. you said, i've got to have that. >> heavily, yeah. >> has this all turned out the way you had hoped? >> oh, my god. as i had hoped and more. you know, i could never -- no
8:45 am
one imagined the success that the films have achieved. i think last year harry potter is now officially the most successful film franchise of all time. you know, above bond, above star trek, everything, star wars. it's some -- you know, it's been amazing. >> and to you, though, it's interesting because i pick up "vanity fair" the other day, and there you are in a burberry hat, looking spectacular. >> thank you so much. >> did it surprise you? >> yeah, it did actually. a lot of my friends said to me, i didn't recognize you at first. >> right. >> you know, it's so flattering to be able to do it. it's fun to do something a bit different. you know, i've really enjoyed kind of doing a bit of modeling and just -- you know, it's just nice to do something different. >> and different, speaking of different, you're going to go to college this fall. >> i am, in august. >> the united states of america. >> i am coming to the states. >> in new york city? >> if you'll have me.
8:46 am
>> in new york city? >> no. well, i -- >> is it a secret? >> it's a secret, which i keep tripping up. i keep kind of giving away here. no, i'm -- i'm thinking of attending four different universities at the moment. so everyone's guessing. >> so great to see you. >> thank you. you too. >> very great to have you. >> thank you for having me again. >> emma watson, thank you so much. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ you can call it junking or barn diving, either way, it's the hobby of finding old stuff and transforming it into new objects for your home. two women that call themselves the farm chicks have found fame and fortune in all those
8:49 am
antiques. for melanie÷ú wesslock, a photographer from the city, country life is good. >> i come up here, and this is where we sort of catch our breath and recharge. >> plenty of fresh air, mountains, and the art of collecting. >> some of the things we've stolen from neighbors. don't tell anybody. and things that just came up with the property. look at this. >> that's where the farm chicks came in. >> the barns pick us. that is too cute. >> meet serena thompson and teri edwards, who have made an art form and successful business out of junking, turning other people's trash into treasure. >> i really love that there's glass jars, which is so common to find in bars, stockpiles of jars. these coffee cans are great. they're just real basic, simple things. >> the farm chicks' claim to fame, makeovers so simple anyone can do them. a chicken feeder into a craft caddie. an old sign into a serving tray.
8:50 am
>> i think what the farm chicks are doing is fantastic. i hope that people -- i really hope people find inspiration. >> serena and teri are here with some great recipes in a new book call "the farm chicks in the kitchen." they're here to share some of their favorites right now. good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> let's look at some of your stuff here. this is stuff -- do you really go diving in old barns? >> we really go diving in old barns, believe it or not. we went to melanie and michael's house and went through their barn and found this great chicken feeder. >> this is an old chicken feeder. >> it's actually a chicken waterer. you put water in it, in the lid. >> and you put it in top with and the chicks come around. so this is cool. >> so we painted it and covered it with wallpaper. and now it's a craft caddie. so we can hang our labels, our paint brushes, scissors, all of
8:51 am
our supplies. and it's on a lazy susan, so it spins. >> since it's metal, you can put magnetic hooks on it. you could use it in your office or craft room. >> and you knew i needed one of these. >> it's yours. >> just for you. >> there you go. >> and we took one of the old jars that we found at the barn and just painted the lid. it's good as new. >> way to go. what kind of stuff did you make over here? >> well, we have this tray that we made out of an old sign in the barn and the handles, and it's holding one of our cherry crumble pies. we've made it mini. >> oh, my gosh. >> we also found these coffee tins. it's a real simple, quick, spray painted them, fabric around the top. >> a couple of segments ago -- >> i saw you. >> i ate honestly what is the best peanut butter cookie i've ever had. really, really good. what's the basic ingredients
8:52 am
here? >> we're going to let you add the ingredients. serena will guide you through it. i'm going to be your mixer. >> we're going to mix up the butter and add in the brown sugar. >> i'll never get the peanut butter. >> the peanut butter, the eggs, the honey. the dry ingredients. >> you needed a bigger bowl. you can operate the machine, but you needed a bigger bowl. so this is grandma's peanut butter recipe? >> actually, this is -- >> no, this is a family recipe. i kind of created this for my children. they love peanut butter cookies. what makes it different, it has whole wheat flour in addition to regular white flour. it gives it a nutty texture and the honey with the peanut butter because peanut butter and honey is so delicious. >> and we have recipes for these bad boys here? >> the mini apple pies. >> cherry pies, so good. so good with the crumble topping. we like the idea of making a miniature. you can give them as gifts. easy to pack. here they come.
8:53 am
>> how are you doing? thank you very much. >> let's hear it for the farm chicks, everybody. p
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