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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  July 13, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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confirmation hearings. supreme court sonia sotomayor confirmation hearings. families of the victims killed in the crash expected to file what is believed to be the first of many lawsuits. manny no more. the team decides to part ways with acta. thanks for joining us. it is monday, july 13th. kim is here and she has not a be bad forecast. it is summer so it is a little warmer but -- >> but tolerable because that humidity is m.i.a.
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we don't care. just keep it away. great to see you. an fyi. i'm simulcasting live from my blog on my laptop. we have a nice group of chatters including patty. yesterday we hit 90. yes, that's a little warm for us but that 90 is something we . ve not done since neju thne so, yes,the re heat and humidity we normally associate with dc sumter time weather has been m.i.a. and that's been great. annapolis 73. 70 gaithersburg. 72 manassas and quantico. here's how it looks on the satellite-radar loop. plenty of sunshine. we will keep the showers to the south across north carolina today. we can thank northeasterly winds for flexing its muscle and helping to shove the humidity to the south. look at that humidity. it is only 45%. a nice low reading. as we reach for upper 80s here.
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closer to the water with the northeasterly winds pushing the cooler temperatures of the ocean on shore, highs will be tempered here. 81 ocean city and 84 lewes, delaware. 72 is the water temperature. warmer here in the chesapeake. temperatures in the bay 79. an your high today at solomon's island is 82. kris sneed is forren if angie and he has the traffic. how's it looking. >> little rough but it is starting to clear. we will start with the water main break. van doren is closed at vine street and will be closed through the morning rush. you can not access eisenhower from van doren. this is causing delay unless the area. moving to 395, slow from the beltway up to seminary road and pentagon to the 14th street bridge. an extra 10 to 15 minutes there. the inner loop live at little river. slow braddock to 66.
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that's about 15 minutes, but it is starting to clear. should be done with that in the next half hour or so. moving to 270 southbound. still parking lot from father hurley all the way to i-370 where we had an earlier accident. still slow from 20 to 30 minutes and finally outer loop. we have an accident at new hampshire and andrea, over to you. >> thank you. as you heard kris say a water main break use caused problems during the commute. it happened at the intersection of van doren and vine street the alexandria section of fairfax. 9 news now digital correspondent, kristin fisher is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing right on van doren street where it interneck -- intersects with eisenhower in alexandria. just over my shoulder you can see a bunch of police officers rerouting traffic. that is because traffic on both sides of the street have indeed been shut down due to this
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water main break. i want you to look at the video we just shot a few minutes ago. now, as andrea was telling you, this water main broke 7:30 this morning and crews are now here on the scene trying to get the roads clear and get this water main bra fixed, but as you can imagine this break happened just about less than a half mile away from the capital beltway. it is causing quite a bit of problems for commuters on the monday morning drive to work. we have seen quite a few people walking about as they try to make their way in to town. if we can look at this live shot you are seeing right now. this is where the actual water main break occurred. it is about two blocks away from where i am standing right now and you can see the water just rushing gown the hill and even the water pouring out of the actual water main and of course that is the street that had been shut down, van doren street. you can even see some people on the side of the road walking
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by. we have heard some people say it has been a bit of a problem. some said it added excitement to the monday morning commute but the road will be shut down for at least a few more hours until people are able to get on the scene and figure out what the problem is. >> an interesting take, adding excitement to the morning rush hour commute. thank you for that update. in just under an hour, supreme court confirmation hearings for sonia sotomayor are expected to begin. she's expected to be confirmed as the first hispanic and the third woman on the highest court. susan roberts has the latest. >> reporter: judge sonia sotomayor gets her chance today to convince senators and a national tv audience she's ready to serve on the u.s. supreme court. >> for someone like sonia sotomayor, the only thing standing between her and confirmation is herself. >> reporter: with democrats holding a majority in the senate, the 55-year-old new
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yorker is virtually assured the nomination barring any bombshell nomination. that doesn't mean she won't face tough questions from the gop, especially about her ability to be fair and neutral. republicans want sonia sotomayor to explain her comment that a wise latino woman would reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life. they will also see why the sought no reverse did crimination against firefighters in new haven. that was overturned by the supreme court. >> every judge must be committed every day to not let their personal politics or ethnic back ground or biases or sympathies to influence the nature their decision-making process. >> reporter: democrats see a much different justice. they see a woman who rose from a humbleable inner-city childhood to be a tough prosecutor and effective judge. >> as a judge she has shown over and over again ultimately and completely the law
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controls. >> reporter: if confirmed sonia sotomayor will be the first hispanic to serve on the nation's highest court. susan roberts, cbs news, washington. we are joined by professor fontroy and pamela gentry to talk about the confirmation hearings getting underway. good morning to both of you. well, many have been reporting this as sonia sotomayor will be easily confirmed because of a 60 democrat majority in the senate. i can't imagine democrats being unified on anything. is easy the wrong word to use about the confirmation hearings. >> i don't have a particular problem with the wording. it is all relative i guess. the reality is, even if 60 delegates, even if they don't all hold, there will be a handful that won't support a filibuster if there was evidence that democrats were concerned about a nomination but from that perspective
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likely to get 64, 65 votes and if that happens that is a really good number. even with a substantial democratic majority because most recent nomination have been so tightly fought that the numbers closer to 55 or so. and i don't think that is someone for putting someone on the court. >> senate republicans are saying she has spoken openly about decisions made by justices alito or even supreme court chief justice roberts. republicans say this is not a free ride. can they afford to hammer harder than -- as hard as you think they might have. >> i don't think so. i think they pretty much laid out the tough questions ahead of time. she has had time to prepare for them and they have to do it because they are getting a lot of pressure to drag the process out. everyone is aware she's going coto be confirmed and will be the 111th justice. what they want to do is see if they can delay it for
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discussion and keep the -- delay her getting on the bench by the first monday in october. in all sincerity, i don't think that will happen. i don't think the republicans have the stomach for it and i don't think they want to beater up or badger the first hispanic nominee. >> one of the firefighters from ride will be called and he was victors you in the supreme court overturning her appellate rulings. >> the supreme court followed new law. she followed the law the way it was written at that time. i think they are going to call him as a witness but i don't know how much weight he will have. >> in some respect it is a publicity stunt. no matter of the united states senate is going to make a decision whether or not to vote based on what she said. i see it as a way too keep it in the news for what i believe republicans effort to launch
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the 2010 campaign on some issues they disagree with on sonia sotomayor on and it ultimately it will fail. again, if they have to rely him they are in bad shape. how else do you explain, literally pulling somebody off the street and saying bad things. >> they -- the hispanic vote has been one of the largest swing votes. they have voted republican and democratic, especially in local elections. city and state elections. and in national elections so they cannot take a chance and a lot of these members understand this is a constituency that is growing. >> the senator from texas, you have noted some comments yesterday a third of his constituents are hispanic so he understands what side his bread is buttered on. >> he said there's not going to be a filibuster. >> between prop 187 in
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california and president obama the republicans are in bad shape with regard to la to an know voters and it is my expectation there is prevailing wisdom among republicans they cannot beat up judge sonia sotomayor. if they do they are in big trouble next year. >> they really don't have a good track record on the issues that are used as litmus tests with judge sonia sotomayor such as abortion or gay rights. is that a good or bad thing. >> it is a neutral thing in a sense. even if we did it she will not say what her opinions will be if she came to the court. she will fall back on the comment, that i can't give you any further comment because it may be on me if i come to the supreme court. she will be steady on the litmus tests because she doesn't have the type of record -- that's why they are going after a couple of things she said. her judicial record has been relatively -- i don't think i
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don't want to say conservative but pragmatic. >> main stream. >> she is not really an outlier. to to tag her will be a liberal judge is not going to work. >> reporter: if she is confirmed and everyone expects that will happen will there be a different in the way the court proceeds given the pack she is replacing justice. >> this is why elections matter. if mccain were president mccain we would be looking at a different nominee and that would have an impact on the ideological balance of the court. >> we will end that there but you will be coming back later in the newscast to lkta about politics and president obama. stay with us. fa
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china is hoping to restart six nation talks on disarming knot korea of its nuclear program. president obama says he wants to get to the bottom of reports that u.s. allies were responsible for the deaths of as many as 2,000 taliban prisoners. he deaths allegedly happened during the opening days of the afghan conflict. according to the report, the northern alliance placed prisoners in sealed cargo containers over a two-day period suffocating them and burying the dead in mass graves. one of the key people named is a top general in the afghan
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army. vice president may put cheney on the hot seat with an investigation in to the bush administration's anti-terror policies. they say ' leon panetta informed them that cheney ordered the organization to keep a counterterrorism program secret from congress. details have no been revealed but a source says the program never became fully operational and panetta cancelled it when he learned it had not been reported to congress. we are talking politics with professor fontroy and pamela gentry. we were talking a while ago that the election for 2010 is not that far away and we will talk about the loyal opposition. sarah palin who is stepping down in a few weeks says she is going to jump in the political scene and campaign for republican candidate, even democrats if they believe in her conservative philosophy. the impact of pail ail and what went down with her a couple of
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weeks ago. >> i think everyone is trying to figure out what her announcement was. i think what she is trying to do is clarify why. over the weekend i heard former -- her daughter's boyfriend said that basically the reason she was leaving is to raise money and she felt it was more lucrative but i think other critics have said she left the job because she found out it was too hard. she enjoyed being a candidate more than being a governor and once she had gotten the simplicity and found out she could be a spokesperson maybe she is better suited. >> a good resume to help others get elected. >> no one has raised more questions than sarah palin and if the job of governor of arkansas is too difficult, with 600,000 people than how could she. >> that is other people saying the job is too difficult. >> if she felt that way and was
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burdened by the job, i don't see how she could be president. the more logical explanation for her decision to resign, rambling as it was is that there is likely to be significant stress in the family because of money and i believe if she stood up and said, listen, these investigations are dipping a deep hole in the financial aspect of our family and i have to go and make money. the reality is she will have to campaign for people but they have to pay to bring her in. she's going to make money. i'm just surprised that she is been able to get along as she has. but ultimately she will not have impact going forward. >> what about president obama is he campaigning for any candidates ahead of the election. >> report he is going to campaign for governor corzine in new jersey. corzine is in big trouble right now and this is just created a flood of enthusiasm. something like 50,000 requests to come and hear president obama campaign for corzine. they have had to move it to a
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larger venue and still don't have enough space and president obama will also campaign for key deeds in virginia which i think will be helpful. >> there was an article in the paper talking about how the obama administration needs to look at what happened to carter. very popular president even though the president's popularity numbers are dropping. they are still high. people like him individually but they are not certain as with carter he has what handle on things. the economy is still an issue. could that hurt the candidate like deeds or corzine who are in tough battles with the unemployment in double-digits and the economy slumping. >> not now because it is early in the slump and recovery and only a small amount of the money has been spent. as long as the president can say there is proling to be made and unemployment numbers don't increase he is an asset rather than a liable and what he has going for him and the
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republicans can't come up with a good argue against anything he's doing. they are naysayers but haven't come up with a solution. so right now it is the only game in town. as long as he keeps momentum going forward and not much regression i think he will be fine. >> they say they admitted the under estimated the depth of the financial crisis. people like him but health care reform, the economy, like with the clinton administration it is the economy. why is it taking so long for the stimulus money to get to the solution. >> it has been how long, since the stimulus package has been signed in to law. some patience is in order. the president has been president barely six months and i believe people need to understand that this is -- it took a long time to get in to this mess and it is going to take some time to get out. having said that if unemployment gets to 12, 13% people may lose patience and
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that's what he has to guard against but i think he has until the end of the year but things need to turn in the right direction because the 2010 elections are around the corner and republicans will certainly use the economy as the obama economy, not the bush economy. >> the trip to ghana, helpful? >> helpful in the international world and i'm telling you building our international relations is something that is pivotal right now and he's doing a good job with that. >> i thought it was really good. i was curious how low key the trip seemed to be. it wasn't the volume mouse response i expected but overall a good trip. >> michael jackson did that. >> it did cut in to the coverage. really did. >> michael jackson is more important than the president? >> i'm not saying what happened but that's what happened to the coverage. >> on that note, pamela, and michael always good to have you with us. >> go to kim with the forecast. our weather is really nice.
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if you are local this week maybe you are extending one day on to the end of the weekend taking today off you picked a good one. it is 76 inside the beltway. we have 70 now in martinsburg, west virginia where you dropped down to the 50s earlier this morning. check it out on the satellite loop. no rain drops in sight. instead of wake of clearing conditions on the heels of northwesterly winds which we will have across maryland. our temperatures range from 71 hagerstown. temperatures in the upper 70s at patuxent river. middle 70s at andrews air force base and the high today is partly sunny and 86. 82 up to urbana. across northern virginia upper 70s as i mentioned. right near ft. belvoir and fredericksburg 75 leesburg and the highs upper 80s warrenton to purcellville. let's extend it to the next three days. if you want to watch the car
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i'm giving you the weather seal of approval. and i think you are going to be fine. go ahead and mow the lawn, too. 85 on tuesday. and then 90 starting to turn warmer by wednesday. not until thursday that we will have a threat for some showers and thunderstorms. where are they right now? they will be off to our south along this stalled frontal boundary that stays out of reach until thursday when it lifts north as a warm front. we are super hot. phoenix working on a high of 115. , ou is t wiouththe humi thwit tha heat index. ghalouy thhe tdon't get high he humidity there. 80 in boston, finally. some raining. wet across new england. 95 new orleans. the seven-day forecast reveals plenty of sunshine tomorrow. as i said it will be dry through wednesday. we will get a 90 in here by then. isolated stuff on friday, nothing to write about. as you consider the weekend plans it is looking 50/50.
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saturday stormy and 85 and sunday looking to be dry. that's the seven-day forecast. back to you. of course sonia sotomayor is capturing headlines as the first hispanic named to the supreme court in the united states but here locally there's been an historic nomination. it is associate judge of the district of columbia superior court and we welcome judge florence with us and larry the owner of a restaurant in northwest washington and active in the asian-american association. thanks for joining us. and congratulations, judge. >> thank you. >> what does this nomination mean to you personally? >> well, it is clearly a great honor to serve on this court where i practiced for many years as a prosecutor. so to join my now colleagues who i used to appear before is quite an honor and i'm still getting used to the idea of being a judge. >> this will happen in about two weeks and i read in the
9:25 am
opening statement at the confirmation hearing how much this meant to your family, especially your father, who was a judge in an administrative court in china. talk about this proud moment for your family. >> well, my parents were imgrants from first china and then taiwan before they came to the united states. and it is actually my grandfather who was a judge in china on administrative court and he didn't get to live to see this day but it is really meaning effect to my father to see me following in his father's footsteps. >> and larry, too, the rest of the asian american community what does president obama nominating judge pan mean to them. >> this is a great deal to the community because this exemplifies the public service. i think it encouraged a lot of new immigrants to know to see
9:26 am
the example. just like families in the public service the husband is the person, the partnership for public service. encourages a lot of new and young college kids to take the job as a commenter or public service as a career. >> judge you said it is an honor to be on the court. where you appeared as a prosecutor for many years. as you said ten years as a member of the, you know, part of the prosecution in dc dealing with narcotics and whatever. so what will your job be as a member of the dc superior court? >> my first assignment is in the criminal division and i will be starting on a misdemeanor calendar so less serious crimes and may do some criminal traffic crimes to start with. i'm pleased about that because my background is in criminal law and i feel comfortable with that. but the court has other
9:27 am
divisions such as civil court and family division and i may rotate to those other assignments during my career. >> let me ask you this. with the judge sonia sotomayor nomination, a lot of questioning from the republicans will be about a statement she made about a wise latino judge would come to a different decision than a white male counterpart. being asian, being a woman, does that inform your decisions in any way different than any other male, white, black, any other ethnic group? does it have a barring on your decisions? >> i think that every judge brings to the bench his or her life experiences and that is normal. it is natural and it is not something we should shy away from. and i think what judge sonia sotomayor was saying and even if it was unartfully phrased is expressing the general principle that it is important that the bench reflect the diversity of the community and
9:28 am
that that is an important voice to be heard in the judiciary and so i think that every judge does bring all of their life experiences to the bench. >> reporter: as what larry said about other young women, other women of asian descent see interrogatory you get to this position, what does that mean? >> i actually feel very proud to be the first asian-american judge here in dc and i think that has been meaningful to people in the apa community and one example i would give you is a young asian woman approached me on the subway and told me how proud she was of my achievement and it was inspiring to her. so i think this is something that is important to the community. i would note, too many of the groups and organizations at the apa community have been supportive of my nomination and have been energized by it. they have been sending out press releases and announces about it and i think it is
9:29 am
something meaning ever to other people an it is important. in particular i'd like to say some of the organizations that supported me -- >> we are almost out of time. >> we know they appreciate your support. >> congratulations it will be an important day for you your family and for all in the district of columbia when you take the bench in two weeks. >> thank you for being here with us. we'll be right back.
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eating on the run. diarrhea just stops me. (announcer) kao speeds to the source to shut down diarrhea and its discomfort. stop it fast with kaopectate. welcome back to 9 news now. this is a live look at the u.s. senate hart building where the confirmation hearing for sonia sotomayor is scheduled to begin at the top of the hour. chairman of the judiciary committee patrick leahy will call the session in to order. as we said, in about 28 minutes and we will hear from justice
9:33 am
sonia sotomayor in her opening statement. right now we want to welcome daniel to our studio. he's an incredible artist known for being unique in the materials he uses and he has an incredible exit on display at the straitmore music center. thank you for being with us. and there are several elements to this exhibit that is at stratmore and one of the most prominent is a piece called rubble bullets. tell us about that and what inspired you. >> the rubber bullets, each of them. there are three pieces there on the lawn where they have every wednesday night they have a free outdoor summer concert series. >> we are looking at rubber bullets right there. >> there they are and there are hundreds of people that come out for this. and these sculptures i wanted to make a large free standing flexible sculpture. i never anticipated the way
9:34 am
people would respond to this. i have shown them in galleries in new york but never in such a public outdoor place where people feel. >> was their response so much different because look at how they are moving. they seem to cry out for being touched. >> they do. with the kids they really torture tested. >> than assure vived. >> they survived. it was gratifying to see how people responded. >> reporter: what inspired runner bullets. >> rubber bullets actually the series of silicone work came after a series of work i did with jell-o-like material that i invented. >> wow. >> as i said you are known for unique and unusual materials. >> okay. so that this material is more durable. it can be outdoors. the jell-o lasts forever, didn't shrink, rot, mold decay none of that but this is a more
9:35 am
permanent material. >> reporter: as we said with rubber bullets is one of three exhibits. another is a smaller version of the rubber bullets but with butterflies on the outside. >> those are butterflies around the world. rebutter flies. it was difficult to suspend it in the rubber, and people come and look very closely at those. >> one other piece of the exhibit is indoors. this is the fountain of feathers and it sounds fabulous. >> it is a new piece and i'm very pleased with how it looks there. it is all of these birds feathers that rise up off the base and fly in the air and spin vertically around their quills on the mirror base and get swept back toward the center and up again. so it is like a fountain except with air and feathers. it is the third generation of
9:36 am
-- the third sculpture i have done in this series of work with air. currently i'm doing more work with air on a larger scale, room size with many, many fans and putting things like plastic drop cloth in to -- creating a vortex in the middle of the room and it flies through the air and i have done this with different forms of garbage as well, some newspapers and styrofoam peanut and plastic bags and it creates this swirl. >> have you always worked looking at the things around you as media for your art or were you ever traditional? >> i was traditional for the longest time. i worked with traditional sculptural materials, clay, wood, plaster, bronze and steel, all of these things. but, you know, at one buoyant i was at the end of a series of work and i was either sort of
9:37 am
bored with my own ideas and wanted to branch out and do something new. i had this idea i wanted to be totally free to think of making sculpture from any material. and that's when the jell-o came along. it was so ludicrous that i felt like -- but on a monumental scale. then it is something else. >> you are free to experience donald's -- daniel's art at the art center in bethesda and it will be there. >> through august 13th. >> through august 13th. >> thank you very much and congratulations. >> now to chris for an update on the rush hour. >> thank you, andrea. we will start at south van doren street. we expect it to be closed during the morning rush. we are slow from 95 to eisenhower due to that water main break. on the inner loop braddock to 66.
9:38 am
moving up to maryland, 270 southbound. that is starting to clear. slow from montgomery village avenue to montross due to an earlier accident at i-370. checking out the outer loop. delays are starting to appear, as well. slow university to georgia. an accident, 95 southbound on the off ramp to 495. finishing up we will head to the district. an accident to let you know about, south dakota avenue and irving street northeast. overall a pretty clear commute through the district this morning. 9 news now will return after the break. we will have more news, weather and traffic foyou. it is 76 degrees outside.
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in living well headlines get rid of standing water around your home. dc department of health officials say three mosquito pools have tested positive for the west nile virus. on saturday, officials collected the mosquito pools from a block on washington boulevard southwest near ft. mcnair. no one in dc has been infected by west nile virus this year, by in 2008, six residents tested positive for the virus. u.s. department of health and human services says virginia is eligible for nearly $9 million to prepare for swine flu and the fall flu season. it is part of $350 million president obama signed in to law for fighting the flu across the nation. the virginia department of health says at least 310 cases of the h1n1 virus have been confirmed in the commonwealth. there have been two deaths.
9:42 am
general motors is promising a greater commitment to fuel efficiency as it emerges from bankruptcy. but gm's hottest car looks like one of those honkin' gas guzzlers from the ' 70s. however, as bruce leshan reports the muscle car has been transformed if the new millennium. >> from a starring role in transformers to a star in the transformation of gm, the chevy camaro is smokin'. >> i bought a new one. because i couldn't afford them when they were old. >> reporter: on lots bulging with unsold cars it is you have to to find a camaro. buyers put down deposits on 14,000 of them before a single one was built and some dealers are selling them for $5,000 over msrp. >> reminds me of a g-20 i used to have from ' 69. >> when people get a phone call their car is in, it is not a day but hours before they are at the store ready to go home and you can see the grin on their face when they drive out.
9:43 am
>> reporter: they are sold out in gaithersburg. in the heyday of mullet hair dos gm was selling 300,000 a year. no one is expecting the new one to pull those numbers but hope it will bring people to the show room. what has gm thinking a model built in ' 66 and discontinued in 2002 can help to resurrect the company from bankruptcy in 2009? this is not your father's camaro. the v 6 gets 29 mpg on the highway. though fans say the v-8 is the real muscle car. >> can't legislate what everybody gets to drive or we will get the great russian cars that everybody got 30 years ago. >> america loves the camaro. in gaithersburg, bruce leshan 9 news now and >> the auto critics seem to
9:44 am
like the camaro but complain about blind spots and a cramped backseat. we'd like you to know if you want to see more of daniel's sculptures like the one on display at the stratmore center we have a link on our website at harry potter mania arrives in theaters this week after a two-year absence. and next we are in the kitchen talking about the low foods movement. ////kkk÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷
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>> this is jeff norman. he doesn't get health insurance from an employer, so he's been buying it himself for years. he's healthy, so he wonders why his rates keep going up. liz sloan wants health insurance but doesn't think she can afford it. we're assurant health, and we've been customizing plans to
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meet the needs of individuals for over 110 years. for instance, with our two-year rate guarantee and healthy discount, jeff will get 15% off his rate and lock in that rate for two years. for liz, we offer plans that allow people like her to pay for only the benefits they need, saving them money. in fact, liz could get up to $2 million of coverage for less than $100 per month. unlike other health insurance companies that focus on corporations and treat everyone the same, assurant health is there for the individual. so if you need health insurance, call the number on your screen, visit our website or contact your local agent. [♪...] michael jackson's mother catherine and ex-wife debbie roe have for the second time delayed a hearing which could decide the guardianship of the pop star's hearing.
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the custody hearing has been scheduled for two weeks. they are hoping to reach a settlement out of court. bruno, it was the star of the box office over the weekend. the mock documentary starring sasha baron cohen made $30 million. do you know dawn of the dinosaurs in second place. and transformers finished third after spending two weeks in the number one spot. bruno probably won't spend anymore time at the top of the box office because harry potter arrives in theaters on wednesday. the sixth installment in the series, harry potter and the half blood prince finds the main character dealing with the troubles of adolescence and trying to defeat baltimore and his band of evil wizards. we all know the world we live in is a little fast paced and with most of us we expect instant gratification and that sometimes extends in to our
9:49 am
food. i'm guilty of that. but now a movement to reintroduce americans and especially children to real food. what are we talking about? it is called slow foods. think opposite of fast food and with me to explain, we are joined by ray witman from dc and john guadrie and you are together inspiring and oh, about yum. these things taste so great. i didn't know what slow food was and i said is it really the opposite of fast food and you said yes. so let's explain more. >> slow food is dc is part of the slow food usa organization. we have 1 thousand members and supporters here in washington. it is good, clean and fair foods sustainably farmed and we have been partnered with clyde. he's been our sponsor a long time. they are doing our dinner this year, seven years in a row now and it sold out and we have
9:50 am
fantastic food here from clydes. >> so tell me about, give me a perfect example of a slow food dish. >> all of this came from the local farmers market yesterday. picked fresh by the farmers. the peaches are from pennsylvania. >> can you guess what these greens are in my hand if we can get it on the camera. you may recognize them. i actually grow these things and i am great at this. i pull them out and sell them to you. >> those are dandy lions. we also have a red dan delions. >> do they grow local. >> they are delicious. >> this is bright light swiss chard. it is bright light because of the different colored stems and delicious. this time of the year they are tender and delicate and people think of greens and there's more of a winter thing but in the spring they are delicate and simple. what we will do today is we are doing a slow food dinner and we
9:51 am
like to feature what is fresh and seasonal. what we did is took the depend lions and to get the bitterness out you had to do something. >> we boiled them in salted water. and then a little vinegar at the end but really the dish is simple. we take greens and put them in the middle of the plate and this is an appetizer and we take a couple of pieces of the honey glazed peaches cooked if butter and honey. >> butter, too. oh, nice. >> which you can't go wrong there. and then we have the leg of the the -- small chicken. >> does it have a different flavor. >> no. it is more delicate because the chicken is not as mature. and then we will put that over top. and then we have some nice -- unfortunately we can't make olive oil here. so olive oil is from toscanini.
9:52 am
>> we will give you a pass, little drizzle on that. and then sherry vinegar. >> tell me about this. >> pickled red onions and we will put those on top and why we do it is the pickled onion takes away the sweet of the peach and cuts the bitterness of the greens. >> i thought we got rid of it with the salt. >> not quite all of them. >> that's it. it is puscan with greens honey roast peaches and red onions. >> all local and slow. plug your event. when is it. >> august 1st at clydes willow creek form location. >> you know what august 1st is, everybody. >> no. >> my wedding day. we wish you well so i won be able to make it. we have a link on our i hope we have the tend lion
9:53 am
recipe. that i want for sure. don't change that dial. you are watching 9 news now. @@
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time to check the numbers on wall at the opening bell. hey, look at this. everything is green so far. the dow is up 35. the nasdaq up 3. s&p up almost 4. here's a look at what is coming up on wusa 9 at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow we will be joined by dr. harris. the first black nasa astronaut. and on wednesday we are celebrating ethiopia. join us for 9 news at 9:00 a.m. on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. >> oh, yeah. all right. seven-day forecast is up every day of the week. first three of the week are looking good. some storms firing by thursday. ray has something he wants to let you know about your eating. >> slow food is doing a
9:57 am
national campaign for children's nutrition. it is called the time for lunch campaign. it is september 7th on labor day. we are doing a series of nationwide in eat ins. we'd like everyone to go to slow food slash time for lunch. thank you. >> you are welcome. we will do that. thank you for coming in. your dan lions, i must say not so dandy until you put it in the magic sauce. it makes it all taste good. >> these are not from your garden
9:58 am
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