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tv   9 News Now Week in Review  CBS  July 12, 2009 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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good morning everyone. welcome to 9 news now in our week in review. metro got tough on texting. a new policy provides for immediate firing of workers caught using phones while operating train or bus. >> reporter: you and i may get a ticket for using a cell phone behind the wheel but metro says its employeing will be shown the door. >> yes, i can agree with that. >> reporter: it doesn't effect the driver here in this you tube video. it gives a five day suspension on the first off fence and the firing on the third. metro has been unable to
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identify the operator. >> i think it would be a great idea. >> reporter: using a phone is not considered a factor between two metro trains that killed one operator and nine passengers. they found it to be the cause of the crash in california and yesterday a boston trolley operator is accused of texting his girlfriend at the time of the crash. then there is this you tube visit owe reportedly shot bay 14-year-old. they don't know if the operator is nodding off or not paying attention but it is a serious offense. also this week, d.c . city counsel man, his fight with u.s. police is over. they can called to investigate his decision to hire his former girlfriend and pay her with
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taxpayer money. we have more on it all. >> reporter: d.c . counsel man says his arrest july 4th has caused him great pain. >> i was taken to the police station in handcuffs and there for four hours. >> reporter: a u.s. park police officer arrested him saturday after his former girlfriend accused him of following her after an argument. >> she could have decided not to do anything. >> reporter: fred cook says it shouldn't effect his client's probation on tax evasion. >> we love you. >> we love you also. >> and the first to release graphic voice mail messages. >> this is ugly and a disgrace. >> reporter: he may have support but he is not out of
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the woods yet. >> reporter: do you think he has done anything wrong at this point? >> i am very concerned. >> it is an investigation into the $60,000 contract. allegations he refused to answer today. >> we are not here at this point to discuss the contract. >> reporter: they left the door open on possible action against park police. >> what do you plan to do about it? >> we take one step at a time here. the first thing is it was an inappropriate arrest. >> his lawyer says he is stale waiting for paperwork from the night of the arrest. as a result d.c . counsel is trying to clean up its acts. a new plan of checks and balances and code of conduct after his stalking charges were dismussed. here is more. >> reporter: at issue are both
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the contracts and the entire policy that allows counsel members to award these contracts. >> we believe it should be independently investigated to make sure there were no rules broken and also franklin is question that was raised about public deception is very important. we want them to be satisfied and thoroughly investigated. >> reporter: he expressed confidence he had done nothing wrong. >> i have no doubt in my mind that we thought out all of the procedures. a report suggests it is becoming more dangerous to your health. more people are getting sick from a bacteria that is becoming more widespread and
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pollution in water ways. infections are on the rise in virginia and maryland and the foundation blames the environ mental protection agency for failing to move more quickly to clone -- clean up the bay. a small earthquake in central virginia this week. experts say similar quakes hit central virginia about once a year. the proposal to turn a county into a city isn't getting much sportif leaders for is it garnering cue kos on one of them. and we have control of our own zones. we would not want to be turning
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that over to another jurisdiction. >> reporter: they floated the idea of becoming a city because cities and towns get more transportation from the funding than counties do. and use the ones they used this year and last year, but they may be uncomfortable. one of the victims was a 13- year-old that was shot and killed on the street in front of his mom and sibling. the check point went too far but the mayor says they work. >> i think crime did go down in trinidad. the fact that the judge doesn't agree and -- at the appeals level doesn't mean we are going to give up. >> it is a very important issue for presidents issue -- for
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those all around the country. >> a lower court is reviewing the decision on the check points. we'll be back with more in 60 seconds. keep it right here. (music playing) hello? (woman) in here... well, this is new... i'm working on my digestive health. whatcha eatin'? yoplus. it's a yogurt for digestive health. it's delicious.
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here... blackberry pomegranate. honey, i can't find my hand. (announcer) yoplus has the special combination of... fiber plus... special cultures... plus the delicious taste of yoplait. welcome back. a disturbing warning for anybody that visits in the federal buildings. they have been able to repeatedly slip bomb components right past security. we have more on the investigation and the allegations made by a security officer in silver springs. >> reporter: eight years after the terrorist attack and the month after the shooting at the
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holocaust museum. >> they are not safe. >> reporter: she is a private security guard in silver spring. she says she has repeatedly had to wake up people with their 9- millimeter strapped on. >> they bring large pillows and blanket and sleep with these guns strapped on them. >> reporter: you're kidding? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: the g.a .o . released this video of them slipping bomb components through a facility. they put them together in a bathroom with an improved of
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doing this. and the secret investigators were able to talk their way in. >> in all ten cases they were able to get through the metal detectors and get through the x- ray machines and go and assemble their bombs. >> it is simply unacceptable that we have such a poor level? >> all right. thanks for that. judy adams says since she complained her bosses have harassed her and threatened to fire her. they say two guard caught sleeping on the there.
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they pushed far referendum but the elections board rejected the idea. congress which has final say over d.c . law had 30 days to review the bill. since they took no action the bill became the law. gang related crime in maryland is going on. u.s. attorney says he is hiring an attorney to focus solely under gang related. and the list of suspects of a man attacked in a quiet neighborhood. they say most have ties known as the latin kings. >> and i really see this kind of stuff. >> reporter: there is so much fear here now this man would not appear on camera and took the day off to stay with his
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terrified family. >> they might try to shoot up my house or whatever. >> reporter: the attack began in front of this house. a 21-year-old neighbor exchanged words with some girls that lived here and young men began corning the victim at a near by intersection. >> no body were there until somebody -- the people we arrested identified themselves as gang members. >> what's the gang? >> latin kings. > the man who was killed, we don't believe he was involved in any gang. >> reporter: the latin kings are well known around the
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station. suspects ring from 16 to 21. some neighbors are considering exed out graffiti near by and making uncomfortable calculations. >> i didn't prove. >> reporter: and he is not a member of any damage. he was targeted in the home the alleged gang members were visiting. and we'll have some more for you in just one minute.
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have you heard of identity theft via cell phone? the owner tells leslie she got way more than she ever bargained for. >> that is the cruise price. >> reporter: wendy welcomes a call about new business but not the one she received from at&t. >> someone had gone in and used the name of my company and the address and the main phone number and was able to open up seven cell phone lines. >> reporter: she has only two employees and they aren't authorized to make though decisions. >> reporter: i had to start saying, it wasn't me. >> and this time woman one opened ten cell phone lines.
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>> no, not again. they have heard heard about this before. thieves can tick business. >> you can say we are used to doing business with you. can you give us the name of the person in charge of billing or ... >> i don't know who did it. i'm not sure i want to know who did it. i just want it to stop. >> reporter: they say there are some things you can do to protect yourself, shred your documents. keep track of billing and credit card statements. wendy is checking hers and hoping that no one else decides to go shopping with her good
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name. >> inferior they say the key is to prevent and protect identity theft before it's a problem. they say file a report with the police. for more information go to our with web site. and moving on now to living well. all of you know sleep dep from vision a new baby can bring. a pediatrician says he has the answer to soothing a baby to sleep so mom and dads can too. [ crying ] >> i was like what do we do ?) >> reporter: they were in search of ways to console her. they want through swaddabling, rocking, pass fiers. she was ready to cry just about
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anything. >> i set the vacuum up, left it turned on and got a good 30 minute nap in. >> reporter: and the white noises were the one thing that soothed her. it was the sounds for high meant silent. >> it mimics the sounds that lulls the child to sleep while he or she is inside mom's bellly. there is not a lullby on the. >> they say thi seems to bring all of the limits together in a continuous mix of soothing sounds. we had to see it for ourselves.
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isabel will is crying but when the sounds for silence come on she stops. let's try that again with baby in her crib and the sounds for silence coming on. >> to find out more go to our web site, and check out our section called living well. and we will be right back for week in review.
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it's time for a very unique look at some of the stranger moments in sports last week. here we go. >> the good, the bad and the ugly. we start with the good. aaron, last day of school trying to impress the girls. he pulls off the front
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hamstring bulls eye. his gym teacher was shooting the video and even she wanted to go to prom with aaron after pulling that off. and injure rid weaver pitched against jeff weaver? they made up half on yell injure cities and play it down the line here. watch springfielder make the catch. that is a 1-3 look. best use of a $300 seat, these two who dressed up and mimicked every call. my favorite is when the batter fouls one off. watch the guy reach into his pouch, pull out a new baseball and hand it to his girlfriend. this guy has a girlfriend?
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unlikely i think. you know how they have parachutes to slow down the cars at the end of the race? you wonder what happens if the parachute doesn't come out? they slam into this, a net. most operative bird. this bald eagle did not return to his happeneddable handler. and worst anger management, pga tour. putting for 17 straight holes with his driver because he busted his putter on hole number one. if you snap the putter you got to do it late in the round. let's go to the ugly. it was delayed 52 minutes due
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to a swarm of bees. they made a hive inside one of the pitchers jacket. look, they have got a guy on standby with the whole get up for bee keeping. he cleared everything right up and they continued the game. this is revealing the tightty of his whities. and the angels laying one down against the d-backs. we are off to the races. if right fielder throws it into second field. it is a bunt home run. seen that in little league but never the bigs.
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back to you. d.c . is no different and the cast and crew have taken up residents right here in the district. lindsay had her own run in with realty when she filed the report. >> reporter: this is supposed ton to be an -- supposed to be an intimate conversation. you can faintly hear one of the cast members react. >> reporter: the stalkers are actually fans and bloggers. >> it is the first time real world has had to deal with twitter. >> reporter: the real world production crew doesn't want the attention. after the cast went in the house and commotion was over i began interviewing some of the people standing on the sidewalk. what did the real world photographers do? >> everyone is trying to have
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fun. it is showing the dawn of the new era with twitter. d.c . has the most bloggers so it will give a play by play no matter what happens. >> reporter: if you can't make them leave why don't you just make them part of the show. these fans were asked to sign release forms so they might have are came owe and it made them happy. it won't make them go away with blogs and twitter. this city is watching every move. welcome to the real world real world. >> that was lindsay. we'll leave you now with some of the sites and sounds from the memorial service of michael jackson's. have a great weekend. >> we remember this man by celebrating his life and all of
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the love he brought to our own lives. [ music ] >> young kids grew up from being teenage fans of michael to being 40 years old and being confident to vote for a president of color to become the president of the united states of america. [ music ] >> i think he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. [ cheers and applause ] [ music ] >> i love you my brother.
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i celebrate your life. i am proud that i had the chance to know you. [ music ] >> today although your hearts are aching we need to look up where he is undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon and we need to smile. [ music ] >> for you're always in my
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heart. [ music ]
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