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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thanks for joining us this saturday night. tonight we have got two people murdered appeared a suicide in the distribute of columbia. police are convinced there is a connection. bodies of a man and woman were found in the university city apartments this morning. authorities were initially called to the 2200 block at university boulevard east for report of a fire. both murdered victims appear to be in their 20s. about the same time their bodies were discovered a 53- year-old man who had lived in that same apartment was found dead an apparent suicide victim some distance away in north east washington. >> we think that individual in washington, dc, was the one who actually committed the murders here in prince george's county and fled to dc and committed suicide. >> no names or motives tonight and police have not said how the suicide victim may be related to the homicide victims. new details about a robbery and hostage situation that
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ended after more than ten hours friday night. nobody was hurt and the alleged gunmen is in police custody tonight. digital correspondent lindsey mastis talked to one of the hostages for this report. >> reporter: it started around 11:30 a.m. yesterday morning in leesburg. lynn mishler said she knew something wasn't. she said she ran out of the store and down the street screaming for help. police say the gunman, 49-year- old william spencer then went to this home, tied up a 21-year- old babysitter and locked her in the bathroom with a 2-year- old child. >> he tied up the babysitter. >> reporter: this man and his wife came home for lunch. the door was locked so he opened a window and crawled in. >> as soon as i stepped in my living room i was greeted by a gentleman with a .357 drawn in my face. >> reporter: he said he thought
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the gunman seemed disoriented. >> he was repeating himself asking questions over and over again. i was giving him answers and telling him stuff and he would ask again and again. >> reporter: he says the alleged gunman was there for nearly an hour. >> he sate some food out of me refrigerator, got a drink, smoked a couple of cigarettes in my house. >> reporter: police say the gunman stole steve's car and went to the home of an 83-year- old man and 82-year-old woman. it took hours. police say he finally gave himself up peacefully. a family close to the couple say they are doing just fine. steve says he was renting the house but because of what happened he plans to move out and get a home in the country. police say the gunman, a 49- year-old william spencer, is facing a host of felony charges. bruce? other news tonight. dc health officials say three mosquito breeding pools are tested positive for west nile
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virus. no one in the city has been infected with the west nile virus this year. health authorities recommend that all area residents eliminate breeding areas around their home by removing standing water. president obama and first lady and their daughters all flying back to washington after an overseas trip that began in russia including trips in italy and ghana. they visited a slave dungeon there. >> it won't be easy, it will take time and effort. there will be suffering and setbacks but i can promise you. america will be with you every step of the way. as a partner, as a friend. >> the president's visit to africa wraps up a week long trip in which he held talks in russia, attended the g8 summit
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in italy and met with the pope. they should arrive back in washedz in about two hours. washington area folks are heading to the beaches in brisk numbers this summer looking for bargain hotel rooms and cheaper menus once they get there. one resort town confusion reigned after it was discovered electronic parking meters were ripping people off. >> reporter: it is called the summertime capital with people looking to escape the stress and grind of the washington workplace. who could have guessed that roughly 42 electronic parking meters along the main strip to the ocean could cause so much confusion and frustration. just before the 4th of july crush the meters stopped processing credit cards. >> that's the problem. >> reporter: people walked away thinking the meter had proesed their credit cards only to learn when they returned that 4 # of the 51-meters had stopped working properly and in many cases the parking enforcement
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team which is always close by had left a yellow envelope on the windshield with a hefty parking violation inside. >> i put a credit card in there. they are getting a letter from me. and i got a bunch of minutes. come back within an hour i had a $30 ticket on there. >> and here is my personal contribution. after i put my credit card in the meter thinking i was covered, wrong. $30 parking ticket. >> a couple of weeks ago there were problems. now they are fixed. >> what do i do about my ticket? >> if you take it to the parking division. >> the city manager didn't return our calls this week. he told other media the city would cooperate with drivers and allow people to pleathr eir cases. a majority of the electronic meters are now accepting credit cards. machines have always taken coins without a problem. >> i paid my $30 fine. one official in charge of the
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meters says despite the problems the machines processed over 20,000 credit cards and he says they will likely recommend changes to the meters next season. tuesday, the skies will be just a bit friendlier for four- legged travelers. a new airline operating out of the airport, pet airways offering services for dogs and cats to fly new york, denver, boston, chicago. they will be in the main part of the plane. owners are not allowed on the flights. flights start at $149 each way. the airline plans to expand to other cities over the next two years. nasa has delayed launch of the space shuttle endeavour for at least another day. they are inspecting the shuttle for damage after lightning struck near the launch pad yesterday. nasa says it will take at least another day to check out the
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shuttles. >> when we are getting close to launch it is all plugged in. all the electrical systems, all of the instruments in the shuttle are all alive and active so when you get a big bolt of energy like that you run the risk of some of the electricity maybe making something malfunction. >> if everything checks out liftoff could take place sometime tomorrow night just after 7:00 p.m. we are told. they may not be playing winning baseball at nationals park but tonight concert fans were treated to a winning show. elton john and billy joel. first ever concert at nationals park is wrapping up now. surae chinn with more. >> reporter: fans are moving out right now. you can hear them on stage still and you can see kind of the crowds out there singing their last song. but here at nationals park did
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not disappoint. saturday night was all right for fans at the face-to-face concert bringing the rocket man and piano man on stage for the first of its kind at nationals park stadium. >> i cannot believe billy joel. he is amazing. >> reporter: as the sun went down the crowd got to see quite a piano performance after a mishap with elton john's piano. >> we will get it figured out. >> reporter: a concert that lasted almost four hours. fans fans even enjoyed the concert from out the concert gates and now worried about the train ride home. >> this worked out really well. >> we will probably leave early because it will be packed i'm
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sure. ♪ i hope you don't mind ♪ i hope you don't mind ♪ how wonderful life is >> reporter: fans right now on their. billy joel just finishing piano man and hoping for an encore. people are screaming out. metro is operating an additional eight-car shuttle train for all the crowds that are leaving but expect at least an hour wait there at the train station or the metro station, rather, and folks who are waiting for these fans to come home expect them to be coming home a little bit later tonight. live here at nationals park surae chinn, 9news now and >> thank you. sounds like a lot of fun down there tonight. >> oh, yeah. across the pond in london people are turning out in droves to tickle the ivory. ♪ i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪ >> 33 corner pianos have been set up as part of an experiment
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in urban art. a sign on them play me i'm yours and that is all it has taken for the brits to break out in song and lose that stiff upper lip. they are located outside the museum and under bridges and shopping malls and anybody can show up and just play. >> what you need in a credit crunch, you need everybody to realize that the pleasures of life are free. the real pleasures of life are free. >> you never know what will happen. someone sits down. it is really quite humbling watching the pianos come alive. >> every single one has been played and none have been stolen or vandalized. need a hug? we will show you where you can go to get one. but first an elderly woman's body is discovered in a th laly ocorstwhen we come back. stay with us. yeah, no it's great.
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police are investigating the death of an elderly woman whose body was found in a freezer. police say the woman's grandson called them to the country club apartments last night in glenburny. cook lived in the apartment with her two daughters and apparently died a few weeks ago. >> we don't know why and i'm not going to make a false statement because that would be ignorance on my part. they are still looking into it. they are still looking at finding out what happened. >> there has been no death determination made and there are no suspects at this time. >> authorities say cook suffered from a host of medical conditions and had been bedridden for a long time. they say they believe she was dead before put in that freezer but they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. the body was transported to the medical examiner's office in baltimore for an autopsy. thousands of people turned out to mourn steve mcnair one
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of the biggest funerals in recent mississippi history. the former proquarterback was killed a week ago by his 20- year-old girlfriend and then killed herself. brett favre. doug williams. ray lewis. and other nfl stars. >> for public opinion this man served. >> most of steve mcnair's hometown of mt. olive mississippi arrived by buses rented by the steve mcnair family. a private service was held in steve mcnair's hometown. london to phoenix to inspect a boeing 747 that started to be filled with smoke. people suffered minor injuries
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when they used an inflatable slide to evacuate. >> noxious odor and people started complaining about the inability to breathe and a lot of distress so they determined we had a bit of an emergency and opened up the emergency exits and we all slid down and got off the plane and now we are trying to figure out what to do next. >> it was very smokey and very hot and within a few minutes we had to evacuate. >> only one person and a single crew member were treated for injuries. a fire spokesman said no fire was found and crews suspect an electrical problem. tony pena is coming up next uryosuornd ft.ayasec stay with us. as fios guy! where ya headed?
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happy birthday. hundreds of people on hand for the festivities in old town today for alexandria's birthday. town choir and community exhibits and picnic fair. ended an hour ago with a fireworks display on the
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waterfront. congratulations tonight to the 200 medley relay team for breaking the swim record by almost 3 seconds. >> come on, eva. >> eva green, karen, megan howard and margo harlow have been swimming together for almost nine years. >> congratulations. >> it happened really fast. >> fast swimming. >> fantastic. they are going to go all the way now. >> we are told tonight the 15- year-old eva green has been invited to participate in u.s. olympic qualifying meet in the 200 backstroke for the 2012 olympics. congratulations. >> big stuff right there. >> absolutely. >> outstanding. >> neighborhood bragging rights. >> for sure. we put them on the news. >> i think peggy fox sent that
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in. >> most of the rain missed us this evening. we had thunderstorms out there but i thought we would get a little more coverage out of this but we lucked out. most of the rain stayed up in pennsylvania tonight. i will show you the radar in a second. three-day trend first. see what we can expect as we head through the rest of the week. still got to keep a slight chance for a thunderstorm in the forecast on sunday and monday. i emphasize the slight part of this. this won't be a wide coverage thing so if you have outdoor plans on sunday don't be concerned about that little lightning bolt there. specifically for tonight partly cloudy skies. again, a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. you could hear a rumble of fire overnight as you head off to bed. low temperatures not as cool as the last few nights. upper 60s to around 70. then during the day a mixture of sun and clouds. again that slight chance for a shower and thunderstorm. i think there is a better chance in the morning than the afternoon. usually it is the other way around. better chance in the morning for a thundershower. high temperatures in the mid- 80s but it will be less humid tomorrow than it was today. radar showing most of the rain
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up in pennsylvania as i mentioned getting hit pretty hard in east central pennsylvania all staying north of us heading over towards jersey and maybe into the atlantic city area. a couple little showers showing up just north of cumberland there in western pennsylvania. that's along a cold front that is yet to come through. that front will come through actually tomorrow morning. so until that goes by can't really take a chance of precipitation out of the forecast. we will hold it at that level. dew point is almost 70. a lot more humid than the last couple days. dew points have been running in the mid-50s. tonight close to 70 which is more typical for this time of year. so keep the air-conditioning on tonight. 73 in culpepper . everybody will settle into the upper 60s by tomorrow morning. front will go through tomorrow. slight chance for a thunderstorm in the forecast then as soon as the wind shifts to the north west we will be in
11:23 pm
the afternoon the humidity will be swept away. won't be much cooler but it will be noticeably less humid as we head through the evening hours on sunday. forecast looking like this. unseasonably cool again for the beginning of next week. high temperatures only in the low 80s. normal high into 88. slight chance for a shower on monday. and hit-and-miss thunderstorms late in the week and beginning of next weekend. no 90-degree temperatures showing up. this is typically the hottest part of the year. this is good. >> thousands of people making a pilgrimage to tyson's corner this weekend. she is known as hugging saint. mother of immortal bliss. she give hugs and blessings to those that came to see her . she committed $23 million to tsunami relief and $1 million to hurricane katrina relief.
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followers believe her hugs have healing properties. >> i feel like i was sent into another dimension and i had a heavy cloud over me and it was definitely removed. >> i have been seeing her for about six years and i fly from florida from los angeles to see her and then when she comes here i fly here to see her. >> there is a common denominator which is a feeling of just, i don't know, unusual and unconditional love. a motherly kind of a love. it is an opening also to one's self. a feeling of the mind quietening down. kind of a meditation. >> she will give hugs tomorrow and then be in west virginia on monday. someone was smiling on the nationals today. i know what you think is coming because we are about to do national highlights. take what you know about the
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nationals and throw it out the window. we have a surprise outing in houston as washington gets help on the mound and at the plate causing the nationals' version of this franchise to mark a milestone and the wizards hit the court but it is really antawn jamin who went to work in charlotte. we will tell you why next. (mom) he needed everything for college:
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and now, 9sports with sara walsh. the best sports in town. the nats are a lot like the game of golf. most of the time incredibly frustrating but every once in a while you hit that great shot and there is a glimmer of hope of how things could be and tonight the nationals were tiger woods good. in houston tied at 2 in the 4th two runners on for alberto gonzales and he lines this one down the left field line. josh bard would come home. then the floodgates opening. nick johnson at the top of the 6th launching a solo shot to right. josh willingham. adam dunn. solo shot to left center. back-to-back-to-back home runs for the nationals. first time they did that in
11:29 pm
nats history. 11-2 in the 7th. willingham going yards. two-run blast this time. nats up 13-2. 21 hits for washington. bottom of the 9th. going the distance. fielder's choice. first career complete game. nationals blast the astros 13- 2. >> it was nice just to get all the runs for us just to have an easy one to change. the fact that those guys put together the bats is great. >> the good news would continue for area teams. blue jays and orioles tied at 3 in the 12th. melvin mora saying it has gone on long enough. the orioles win 4-3. well, a year ago it was jim zorn installing a new system and utilizing every spare second to get his players up to speed but those new coach nuances now fall to flip
11:30 pm
saunders who will take a mundane summer mini camp and turn it into a crash course how the wizards work. 18 players at the summer mini camp. four of who are on the roster. it is not as intense as workouts but a chance to study up with the team's new main man. >> you want guys to grasp your system is what you're trying to incorporate. so that's the overall idea as far as that goes. >> going into a new situation an definitely have to adjust to the organization and different offenses. this has been an adjustment. >> action at the verizon center tonight mystics hosting the l.a. sparks. great game. first 13 points for the
11:31 pm
mystics. candice parker held to just two points. men's team isn't exactly an international powerhouse. the rest of the world is beginning to learn the americans are no joke. first round of the gold cup. u.s. men taking on haiti and new england. u.s. defender clearing the ball. putting it away. haiti taking a 2-1 lead and that would hold to regulation. u.s. getting a break. stuart holden way outside the box. u.s. tying it up. this one ends 2-2. and finally we already know he is a good guy but here is the proof. antawn jamison building a playground in his hometown of charlotte today during basketball camp this week. he helped build three playgrounds last year. one in dc. >> it is hard work but anytime something takes hard work you
11:32 pm
will always see great reward at the end of it. it's hard but also have fun doing it knowing that some kids are going to be enjoying themselves playing as well. >> on a list of good guys he is one of the best. >> we are lucky to have him. >> yes, another guy with a class act. >> we are lucky to have tony. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: crest whitestrips has created a strip so revolutionary...
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