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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 11, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> glor: tonight, huge crowds welcome the president to africa as he delivers a message of tough love to the continent of his ancestors. >> i have the blood of africa in me. >> glor: i'm jeff glor. also tonight, cash for klunkers. will it qualify. eight new chances at life. the extraordinary story behind the biggest multipatient kidney exchange ever. >> where is your kidney now? >> glor: and tunes, three quarter pianos, enticing londoners to loosen up. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.
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>> glor: good evening. president obama is on his way back to washington but not before delivering a stern message in africa. a final stop of a trip that earlier took him to russia and italy. speaking warmly of his own african heritage, mr. obama was blunt about the work that still needs to be done. chip reid correspondent is traveling with the president. >> president obama was greeted by a crush of humanity and the sounds of exuberant celebrations. many here say he's their president too. before parliament president john atta mills welcomed him home and president obama acknowledged his roots. >> i have the blood of africa with me. >> reporter: he chose ghana because it's a dact see. >> you show us a face of africa that's too often overlooked by a world that sees only tragedy or a need for charity. >> reporter: here as a nation
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described as a model of african success nearly 30% live in poverty and most of african conditions are even worse, the fact that brought a stern lecture from the president directed at the entire african continent. >> no business wants to invest in a place where the government skills 20% off the top. no person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery. >> reporter: he urged the young people of africa to build a new future where poverty, disease and corruption are conquered from the ground up. >> you can do that. yes, you can. because in this moment, history's on the move. >>erreportpo: in an emotional final stop, the president and his family visited the notorious cape coast castle where tens of thousands of africans kidnapped into slavery were kept in dungeons before being shipped to america. he says this is especially for his daughters that are growing
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up in such a blessed way. >> hopefully one of the things imparted to them during this trip is their sense of obligation to fight oppression and cruelty wherever it appears >> reporter: after the president's ten hour flight he'll turn his attention back to the agenda on capitol hill and bad news on the economy while overseas, he will be hitting the ground running. jeff glor >> glor: chip reid in ghana, thank you. top house democrats have unveiled a proposal by increasing taxes on the wealthy. the plan calls for a 1% surtax on individuals earning $ 280,000 or more or couples earning at least $350,000. the tax hikes will take effect in 2011 and would rise $550 billion over ten years. a similar amount will be raised
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by cutting medicare they say. to help us put the week in focus we're joined by john dirkson. it's good to see you. let's talk about the healthcare plan. how much trouble is it in. >> it hit a bit of a rough patch. the president says he wants the house and senate to pass bills by their august recess that first week in august. in the house there's a slow down. conservative democrats say they're worried about the cost and the new government involvement in expanding healthcare, the so-called public option. in the senate they are also democrats debating the public option and also again the tricky question how to pay for it. so the president now that he's back in the country will make public appeals to get reform back on track. he will be also doing it privately but on the hill more and more members from his own party are saying this august recess idea, it's just not going to happen. >> glor: as we talk about paying for it we want to move to the stimulus plans. there are calls in some quarters as you know are for a second stimulus already. the president addressed his first stimulus today.
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what are the chances a second happens? >> well, from the whitehouse we hear there's not a chance any time soon. the president is defending his first stimulus saying hey republicans who say it hasn't worked are judging it too early. this was supposed to work over two years. of course it's not just republicans who are saying that it's not working. warren buffett as a supporter of the president said the stimulus was a mix of viagra and candy. he's on the defensive and trying to argue it is actually working. the political problem is the whitehouse under estimated the severity of the economic downturn. that gives opponents an opportunity to say look if you under estimated the problems in the economy, how can we know that your predictions about healthcare are going to be right. >> glor: don dickerson joining us from washington. a cash for klunkers effort that gets rolling two weeks from now. how do you define a klunker.
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randall explains. >> reporter: in germany it worked like a charm. a program to give consumers cash for their old klunkers took gas guzzling cars off the road and boosted new car sales by 40%. but here in the u.s., a similar cash for klunkers program is more complicated. dealers like jim in new jersey say it may not be as effective as germany's in driving up sales. >> the restrictions are much more severe than i thought they would be. >> reporter: germany spent $5 billion to buy back cars. a klunker as defined as a car nine years old turn one in for scrap and you receive an equivalent of $3300 towards a new car. the u.s. allocated $1 billion for its program. the car allowance rebate system or kars. buyers who qualify receives 3500 to 4500 towards a new car. but the qualification for
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klunker isn't easy. it's based on an epa gas mileage rating of 18 miles per gallon or less when the vehicle was new. so this 1989 buick regal, a 20 year old car does not qualify as a klunker because it was sold with an epa rating of 21 miles per gallon. but this 2000 forward winstar only nine years old does qualify because its original gas mileage rating was only 17 miles per gallon. >> i think more than 50 % of the people will not qualify. >> it has to be registered and insured by the same owner for a full year before trade-in. >> we estimate about 150,000 people will take advantage of this deal. it seemed like a good idea except when you really go to try to qualify for it you don't. >> reporter: for car owners who qualify, there's one more wrinkle. while the program took effect
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july 1st, the rules won't be ready until july 23rd. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> glor: for more information of r models that qualify,and a you can go to our website at there's a report tonight that former vice president dick cheney ordered the cia to withhold information about a secret counter terrorism program from congress for eight years. "the new york times" says the currency director leon penetta disclosed the information about the still unidentified programs to members of congress last month. meanwhile cbs news has learned the new u.s. general in afghanistan is considering a request to the whitehouse for additional troops. as kimberly dozier reports stepped up fighting in the south of the country is forcing the u.s. to rethink its strategy. >> reporter: 4,000 u.s. marines pounded into afghanistan in helmand province this month
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to take back territory from the al ban. but they had 600 afghan troops fighting alongside them. the marine commander there said he cannot hold this teeter unless he gets more afghan forces to help win the people's trust. the top u.s. general in afghanistan, stan lee mcchrystal needs to protect afghan security. >> we need to protect them from violence whatever its nature. >> reporter: u.s. officials tells cbs news general mcchrystal hasment decided how many troops they need. this is simply a snapshot of his ongoing review which he's due to report to the whitehouse by early august. there's currently a surge of 21,000 u.s. troops that will bring the total to 68,000 in country by the fall. that includes 4,000 u.s. troops devoted to training more afghan security forces. that u.s. brigade is supposed to
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boots the army to 134,000 by the year 2011 at a cost of $7.5 billion a year. some of those now advising general mcchrystal say that's not enough. >> general mccrystal is going to have a tough time figuring out how he's going to protect much of the population as possible if there are he not enough troops. >> we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: the president said depending on how afghan elections go next month he hose to focus on a different type of surge. >> it may not be on the military side, it made be on the development side. >> reporter: another group of experts advising general mac crystal says you can't have both. >> they are all interrelated. >> reporter: officials working with general mcchrystal tell me he will probably wait to ask for any more american troops until he sees how the ones he's promised work on the grounds and they won't be in position for
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months. jeff. >> glor: kill -- kimberly dozier, thanks. the space endeavor is delayed. they will try tomorrow evening. lightening strikes. cbs news has time lapsed pictures of 11 lightening strikes on and near endeavor's launch pad last night. nasa says the shuttle itself apparently was not hit. coming up on tonight's cbs evening news, how one small to o ecis affted by gm's efforts e's. it's a whole new neighborhood. the rest of the body is a no brainer. doesn't your whole body deserve excedrin strength relief? a
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>> glor: a brand new gm, mostly owned by the u.s. government is on and running today after racing through bankruptcy in 40 days. to keep afloat, gm has been forced to jettison more than a thousand dealers.
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one in a town in the middle of illinois has been around since the earliest days of the auto industry, the only dealer generations have known. >> reporter: it's a typical small town in america, planted in the middle of central illinois corn country. a place for the local dairy queen is the social center and buying a car from rust chevrolet is a rich well until now. >> when i talk about new cars it starts to hit me a little bit knowing this is going to come to an end. >> reporter: a family business since 1916, rust chevrolet is one of the dealers forced to close under gm's plan. karen walde says that's when it's begin. >> i could hammer more sales how but that's not me. >> reporter: how important is that gm dealership to this town.
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>> very very important. >> rust chevrolet is the town's largest source of revenue. it generates half the town's annual sales tax. that's 20% of the town's budget. without that money, mayor rick bear says the residents will be cut from services, businesses will be hurt and there will be even more fallout. >> we could lose families. they might have to go elsewhere to find employment. >> reporter: gm's decision is not just about the economic impact it has on this town. this dealership has been here for 94 years. the residents who live here has live here for more than 40 years and has bought all his cars from rust chevrolet. he says the decision to clothes the dealership is a slap in the face. >> gm could care very little about cissna park. we're just a small dot on a map. >> you never would have thought so many people cared. >> reporter: 50 dealers who
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promised higher sales got a reprieve from gm but karen rust says to remain open she would rather shut down. >> we did the best we could. i don't have any apologies or regrets. >> reporter: just 9 the 4 years of memories and uncertainty future for one small american town. ceril brown, cbs news. cissna park, illinois >> glor: they called it a crime scene. relative came to the historic black cemetery hoping to locate remains of loved ones. four cemetery workers were accused of exhuming bodies in an alleged scheme to resell plots. up next in tonhtbs's c evening news, the kidney swap set a record and saved eight lives.
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>> glor: six men and women look for recoveries that outdid a fictional tv show. we have most on the complex multiple kidney transplant ever. >> reporter: two years ago the simple pleasure of walking their dog around the
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neighborhood became a distressing chore for bob and lisa brinkman. >> i normally am a high energy person, two speeds, fast and faster and i was operating on slow to slower. >> reporter: 58 year old bob brinkman's kidneys had begun to fail and he started dialysis 12 hours a week. lisa, his fiance at the time offered him one of hers. she wasn't a match. then a surprise rescue. the chance to be part of the biggest multicity multipatient domino kidney exchange ever, an altruistic donor offered his kidney to anyone in need kicking off a chain on of 16 surgeries. eight people gave their kidneys to strangers so their loved one or friend could get one and where is your kidney now. >> it's in detroit. >> it's the sort of operation that only seems possible in
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fiction. it was in the story line of gray's anatomy. >> donate kidneys to total strangers, six people get kidneys from total stranger. >> we beat grey's awe that me by two transplants. >> reporter: chief transplant surgeon oversaw more than half of the surgeries which took place over two and-a-half weeks in four hospitals and four different states. >> it's a logistical nightmare. it is difficult. >> reporter: the dom knee operation took months of planning and more than 150 people working in concert to pull it all off. but dr. montgomery argues such flop should be routine as 84,000 people in the u.s. need kidneys and only 6,000 people donate every year. he says creating a national data base of willing donors is vital. >> right now there are about 150 kidney pair donations including domino paired donations in the
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united states. that's 10% of the potential. >> reporter: the potential for this. >> i woked up and after a minute or two i realized i felt normal better than most years. >> reporter: next week, bob and lisa will celebrate their first wedding anniversary with the glow of renewed future. pria davis cbs news, baltimore maryland. >> glor: still ahead tonight on cbs evening news, street corner concertos in london town.
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floor >> glor: glor celebrating the bell and clock power above parliament pealed for the first time. pianos place in random experiments is bringing up the music lover in every one. sheila mcvicar had to listen. >> reporter: four magic words in london this summer claiming i'm yours. and guess what? that is and 33 corner pianos are
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what it takes for it to break that stiff upper lip. it's an experiment in you are bon art. music to break the boundaries of busy city living and the organsers hope to start a dialogue. >> it's easy to start a conversation about a piano. what's that doing there, i don't know. it makes a lovely change than just talking about the weather. >> reporter: london's famously rainy weather is a challenge but in the three weeks of pianos of the outside museum in shopping malls and under railway bridges, not one is vandalized and not all have been played. ♪ >> what you need in a credit crouch. to realize the pleasures of live are free. >> reporter: you never know what people will play.
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maybe jazz or improv. it turns out that london is full of frustrated pianists of all ages. sometimes just join in. >> you never know what's going to happen. and so it's pretty quiet, humbling to watch the pianos to just come alive. ♪ >> reporter: cbs news, london. >> glor: brilliant. that is the cbs evening news tonight. later on cbs, 48 hours mystery. russ mitchell will be here tomorrow night. i'm jeff glor for cbs news. ig nodht.h@
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