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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 10, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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welcome to 9 news now at noon. a leaner greener general motors emerged from bankruptcy protection today. the initials gm could stand for government motors because the government owns a major share of the automaker. drew leavenson has more from the company headquarters in
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detroit. >> reporter: general motors is out of bankruptcy. >> today marks the beginning of our new company. >> reporter: he is promising laser focus on high-quality, fuel-official cars and a management structure humbled and determined to pay back the taxpayer. >> a new era. we have to have the highest expectations for ourself ourselves and everyone associated with the company must realize this and be prepared to change and fast. >> reporter: the new gm is leaner, fewer brands. gone are saturn, saab, pontiac and hummer now four from which to choose, buick, cadillac, gmc and chevrolet. >> everyone is getting acclimated to less volume and now it is fine to produce cars that are energy efficient. >> reporter: for that gm is pinning its hopes on the electric volt, due on the market next year. until then it is relying on bread and butter cars like the malibu and the resurrection of
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muscle cars like the popular camaro and the company will sell on ebay. >> consumers will be able to bid on vehicles like they do on an ebay auction. >> reporter: emerging from bankruptcy the company leaves behind the mass i have debt and liability. while it is the dawn of a new day at gm it will be a long way back to profitability. the government owns the largest block of stock. president obama has put $50 billion on the line to help gm and the federal government is watching like a hawk. drew levinson, cbs news, detroit. the ceo says he will launch a tell fritz website allowing owners and the public to share concerns about the automaker. another nationally-known figure has taken a stand on wal- mart's plan to build a super center near a civil war battlefield in virginia. in a column in the amaneric er spectator actor and humorist ben stein questions the ebb
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giant retailers decision to build a store within a conditionens shot of the d. rness battle he suggests that l- rtma officials look elsewhere to show the tartreer rehas a heart as wellas a calculator. robert duval and a fi maker and a who's who of historians have taken a stand against the proposed location in orange county. a courtroom appearance did thaenppay for enorjames von brunn brown. his attorneys argue he was too ill to attend. ce-year-old james n brunn s a rsfigrfat-deee mut-errd charge in the death of museum guard steven johns. and police have arrested a man they say murdered an 8-month- old baby in prince georges county. 21-year-old karen clifton wilson was taken in to custody
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in charles county. 8-month-old anthony maurice dubois the third was shot and killed on september 3rd. the child was in a car seat inside of a vehicle in suitland. clifton has been charged with first-degree murder and he's being held without bond. police have released a composite sketch of a suspect link to atempted abductions in manassas. the man tried to abduct two teens near the community center. both girls, however, got away and went to the community center's pool for help. police are also on the lookout for a dark blue minivan with virginia tags. illinois junior senator roland burris is expected to announce today that he will not run for re-election. burris was appointed by ousted governor rod blagojevich. blagojevich is accused of attempting to try to sell the seat though highest bidder. burris said he does not want to be remembered for the controversy that surrounds that
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senate appointment. thousands of mourners gathered in nashville, tennessee for the funeral of nfl quarterback steve mcnair. a bishop urged the gathering yesterday not to judge mcnair, who police say was shot and killed by his 20-year-old girlfriend. six workers at the district's new jail for juvenile offenders are now out of a job. that includes the superintendent of the facility called new beginnings. dc mayor fenty ordered the firings after the escape of seven inmates in the last five weeks. the mayor blames both physical short comings and staff indifference. nearby residents say they are worried about their safety. >> there were staff on duty who either should have, could have or just plain did not do everything they could have and
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should have done. >> reporter: the fenty administration is promising improvements and there could be more firings. metro's red line riders should prepare for several months of delays and slow commutes. the transit agency plans to begin the $177 million overhaul of the red line early next year. our 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , has more information. >> over those 48 mondays red line commuters can expect some delays. metro plans to single track many of the trains passing through the areas and the repair. however, metro will do most of the work after 8 p.m. nevertheless, a portion of the red line between judiciary swear and fair gut north will be most impacted. the improvements had been scheduled before the deadly train crash but now some of the money will be used to upgrade the automated train control systems and other problem areas identified by the national transportation safety board. first phase will focus on the
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track between dupont circle and silver spring. here's is a list of the improvements -- metro's board is expected to approve that plan when it meets next thursday. dc council member marion barry says he's considering filing a complaint against the u.s. park police. the move is a result of the july 4th arrest on stalking charges. prosecutors dropped those charges, but barry is not satisfied. >> what do you plan to do about it? are you going to just let it drop? >> we take one step at a time
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here. the first thing to say to the public, it was an inappropriate arrest. >> reporter: marion barry's former girlfriend is donna watts and weeks after they began dating last year, barry hired her to work in his office. some counsel members are calling for an investigation in to that $60,000 government contract that barry rewarded her with. well, stage hands resumed work today for the first ever major concert at nationals park. billy joel and elton john will top the weekend concerts. the stadium is being transformed from a ballpark to a concert venue. and the stage is in the nationals outfield. tickets for saturday night's show are still available. still ahead, on 9 news now, a man hospitalized for two months comes home to find that all of his belongings are in
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the street. a sad story. we will have details when we come back. president obama, the first lady and their two daughters meet pope benedict xvi. i'm charlie d'agata at erthe vatican. we will have the story coming up. having the right tools is crucial
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to being able to manage your diabetes properly. it's very important for me to uh check my blood sugar before i go on stage. being on when i'm feeling low can be like a rollercoaster. it does at times feel like my body is telling me to do one thing... and, my mind, my heart is telling me to do something else. managing my highs and lows is super important. with my contour meter i can personalize my high/lo settings so it really does micromanage where my blood sugar needs to be. i'm nick jonas and never slowing down is my simple win. president obama said lasting global recovery is still a ways off.
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charlie d'agata has more now from rome. >> reporter: two of the world's most powerful leaders met face- to-face for the first time. pope benedict xvi welcomed president obama to the vatican. president obama's last stop in italy before heading to africa. the two men share similar views on pushing for peace in the middle east, fighting global poverty and reaching out to the global world but don't see eye to eye on stem cell research and abortion. president obama had a meeting with the vatican secretary of state before talking to the pope in his privacy study the pope has been interested in president obama's views and the vatican arranged a special meeting at the end of the president's trip to italy for the g-8 summit. before the president left the summit, he summarized three days of meetings saying the g-8 nations have taken significant steps forward on economic, environmental and security issues. >> as we work this week to find common ground we have not solved all of our problems, and
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we have not agreed on every point but we have shown it is possible to move forward and make real unprecedented progress together. >> reporter: having just secured a $20 billion african aid package from the g, president obama heads to the sub-saharan nation of ghana next. charlie d'agata, cbs news at the vatican. >> reporter: the meeting between the president and the pope lasted for 25 minutes. well, aig could be facing a new wave of public backlash. in march, disclosures of $165 million in bonuses to executives sparked outrage and threatened to undermine the government's efforts to rescue the financial system. now aig is reportedly asking the federal government's compensation czar to approve a plan to pay millions in promised retention bonuses next week. shouldn't try to contact state agencies in california today because most of the state's government offices are
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closed. california is furloughing workers to try to make up for $23 billion short fall. state employees will now be off the job three days a month. he spent two months in the hospital, only to come home and find that all of his belongings were on the street. and now freed brucu is fighting what he is calling an overaction by his rental company. our digital correspondent has more. >> reporter: fred had lived in the dorchester house apartments on 16th street northwest for a long time. >> i have lived here since ' 80. >> reporter: until he found out on his way home when he spotted his belongings tossed on the sidewalk like someone's trash. he is two months behind in rent. he said he had a good excuse. he was undergoing bypass surgery. >> i had an operation. >> reporter: he said he started to get behind in payments in january when he began to have
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health problems and trouble breathing but he says he recently paid everything except the last two months. >> i have been paying the entire time until i had problem with my heart. >> the management company said they notified him he was supposed to appear in court to plead his case. he said he never received anything and the management company should have made an exemption. >> reporter: the management company says this is the appropriate procedure and said when he didn't show up in court they had every right to evict. tenants are upset and say a people are being kicked out so management can receive higher rent. he says the pays 860 a month. on the website the same apartment can go for twice as month. >> after someone has been paying for 30 years that is almost a mortgage they do whatever they can to kick them out so they can get higher paying tenants in. >> he now lives with a friend and wonders why a place he called home for 20 years could be so heartless. 9 news now and
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the management company refused to go on camera. dc council member jim graham, however, helped him to find storage for his belongings. still ahead, on 9 news now at noon, michael phelps rewrites the record again. and we will tell you about his latest achievement. kim? >> j.c., got my wedding hair do on. hope you like it and i'm sitting outside. what is proving to be a beautiful friday here in the district of columbia. i will help you with the weekend plans. don't you worry about it. i will see you on e thr heotth side of the break.
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he did it again. michael phelps, the baltimore native shattered another swimming record last night. and so now he goes to indianapolis for the u.s. swimming championship. he set another world record the 100-meter butterfly. he did it in 50.22 seconds. can you believe that? it breaks a record set back in 2005 by ian crocker. phelps had already won the 200 butterfly and the 200 free- style event. he pulled out of the event in the swim meet today because of a sore neck and that's okay. we can understand that. he is something else. congratulations for donald dell. the bethesda native will be
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inducted in the tennis hall of fame tomorrow. he devoted his life to the sport and is a cofounder of the leg mason tennis tournament that is held every year. the induction ceremony will take place at the international tennis hall of fame in newport rhode island and we congratulate donald dell. >> chevy chase, maryland. >> and a lot of tennis players are real happy about him. a lot going on in the world of tennis. >> stay tuned to my blog next week and you can help me pick my hair. >> the 19th street baptist church. >> at 4707 16th street northwest. they are having a block party from 10:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. bring the kids a lot of food and activities there. >> but we won't see j.c. there. >> and health screenings for hiv, prostate cancer, diabetes. >> and -- >> it goes on and on. >> and if you need a ride there's a number to call. go to my blog. i have it all there for you.
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it is a good thing. it is great to see you guys. let's get moving. i have fantastic weather to show you. you guys going out on the bay and doing some boating, waves one foot an as u yoanu pl to th afternoon pretty nice. 75. 77 frederick. 79 fredericksburg. here's the satellite-radar loop. we have some southeasterly winds pushing in. that direction for reagan national airport is off the water. that keeps things a little cooler. that's why we have temperatures around 80 today. tomorrow the winds go southwesterly. the warm direction and we will zoom in to the upper 80s. thunderstorms approaching us saturday in to sunday. but there's the southeast winds. light at three and the humidity, it is really not humid at all. 55%. if you are heading to the beach today, ocean city 77 and partly cloudy. tomorrow a warmer day to go to the beach. it will be closer to 80 degrees. and that water temperature, again, coming in at 73. let's take a flight. we will go to the west.
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this is where we are seeing the rain. we have people flying in and out. if you are heading to oshare today, some rain delays for you and including the greater st. louis area. back home, our weather will be rather good. dry. tomorrow we will be warm up to 88 and partly cloudy. but this front, this is going to trigger storms probably by saturday evening and definitely on sunday. let's roll that seven day. looking good today near 80. tomorrow upper 80s. there's the scattered thunderstorms on sunday. then we will head back to work with 84 on monday. isolated storms on tuesday around 89. don't forget, you can follow me on twitter. my i.d. name is weather kim and i love to give out the forecast whenever it changes. you can stay updated on it. we will be back on the other side of the break. you are watching 9 news now.
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always a pleasure to introduce you to outstanding people making a difference in our commune. i want you to meet dr. george thomas. he has an incredible learning academy in bethesda that is really making a difference in a lot of youngsters ' lives. i have heard so much about you. i want to congratulate you and thank you. how did you get the idea to start this academy? >> well, the idea really came in a group of noted leaders in montgomery county who wanted to
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make a difference and in the academic achievement of students. >> you were a teacher first. you have gone through a lot of areas of education. >> yes. i was a teacher, a curriculum writer, i was a principal, i was a director of instruction, a district superintendent and ultimately a college president. >> reporter: and you have 12 sites throughout montgomery county where youngsters can go and get help. >> yes, indeed. every saturday morning from 8:30 until 11:30. >> that is wonderful and you have seen the difference, haven't you? >> we have absolutely seen a great difference. >> reporter: what do parents tell you? >> they say thank you for starting this program. because they said it is really making a difference in the achievement of my child. >> reporter: if someone is listening, if a parent or grandparent is listening and they know of a youngster who needs help in arithmetic, science and english, what should they do?
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>> go to our website which is or go to the school and talk though the principal. >> an the principal will tell them about the george b. thomas senior learning academy. 12 different places in montgomery county. your offices of course are in bethesda. how many students do you help a year approximately? >> we serve just under 4,000 students last year. >> reporter: 4,000 students. >> 4,000 students last year and the superintendent has charged us to eventually serve 6,000 and if we get funding we might do that. >> if you get funding. you need a little much. i know montgomery county public schools are a partner, and you have other partners, but you need funding for this program. this is an incredible program. i have heard so much about you. it is ' a pleasure, dr. thomas to you on my newscast. thank you for all that you do.
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we love you for that work. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for being with us for 9 news now at noon. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great weekend. we'll see you on monday.
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