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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 10, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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63 fredericksburg. satellite-radar loop together no problems. saying good-bye to the rain drops in southern and central virginia. conditions are comfortable this morning. temperatures in the 60s and as we reach for highs in the lower 80s it will feel good and mostly sunny. good morning, washington. we are kicking off the 6:00 hour. and i am going to give you a camera tour. let me be your guide. let's begin in virginia. 95 northbound from the prince william parkway to the mixing bowl, here's your live camera shot. notice drivers are moving at a great speed. taking over to 395 northbound. we are live from duke street next where this driver remains delay free to the 14th street bridge and beyond. on to 66 eastbound from gainesville to centreville, all the way to the capital beltway, no incidents or accidents to report, but the traffic is picking up a bit. we will head out to maryland now. 270 southbound from 124 montgomery village avenue to the split, drivers are moving at speed. and finally to wrap it up we take you north of the district.
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here's your beltway traffic. looks great on both routes as we track the outer and inner loop. lanes are wide open. over to you. >> thank you. metro's red line riders need to prepare for several months of delays and slow commutes. the transit agency plans to begin an overhaul of the red line next year. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull is live with more. >> good morning. well, in fact, the project will last four years and that means for folks on the red line things will get worse before they get better. over those 48 months red line commuters can expect some delays. metro plans to single track many of the trains passing through the areas under repair. however, metro will do most of the work after p.m. nevertheless, a portion of the red line will be the most impacted. the improvements had been scheduled before last month's
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deadly train crash, but now some of the money will be used to upgrade the automated train control systems and other problems identify by the national transportation safety board. the first phase will focus on the track between dupont circle and silver spring. here's where some of the other money will be going to -- the board is expected to vote next thursday and they are expected to approve it. 9 news now and and in other metro news the agency has adopted a zero- tolerance policy on using wireless devices. over the past few days, videos have surfaced showing metro train and bus operators texting while behind the wheel. in the past that called for a
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five day suspension for the first offense and a firing for anyone caught a third time. now comes the new policy. using a cell phone behind the wheel will get a metro operator fired on the spot. dc councilman marion barry has been cleared of stalking charges, but his fight with u.s. park police could be far from over. marion barry says his arrest on charges he stalked a former girlfriend caused him great pain and he is considering filing a complaint. >> what do you plan to do about it? are you going to let it drop? >> we take one step at a time here. the first thing is to say to the public. it was an inappropriate arrest. >> reporter: marion barry's former girlfriend is donna watts. weeks after they began dating last year, barry hired her to work in his office. some are calling for an investigation in to the $60,000 government contract that barry negotiated with her. six workers at the jail for
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juvenile offenders are out of a job including the superintendent of the facility called new beginnings. mayor fenty ordered the firings after the escape of seven inmates in the last five weeks. the mayor blames physical shortcomings and staff indifference. nearby residents say they are worried about their safety. >> there were staff on duty who either should have, could have or just plain did not do everything could have and should have done. >> reporter: the fenty administration is promising improvements and there could be more firings. police have arrested a man they say murdered an 8-month- old baby in prince georges county. authorities arrested 21-year- old clifton wilson in charles county, maryland. 8-month-old anthony mary ruse deboy the third was shot and killed. he was in inside a car seat in
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a vehicle. authorities have identified the man beaten to death by what police say was a gang attack in wheaton. the victim was 21-year-old edwin umana. he died on wednesday after beaten and stabbed on blue hill road in wheaton. the seven suspects range in age from 16 to 21 and will all be charged as adults. umana was targeted for talking to a group of girls at a home where the alleged gang members were visiting. today the man accused in the holocaust museum shooting is expected to be in court. at 9:30 this morning james von brunn is scheduled to go before a judge to determine if he is healthy enough to stand trial. the 88-year-old faces a first- degree murder charge in the death of museum guard stephen t. johns. james von brunn is recovering from being shot in the face from other guards at the museum. police released a composite sketch of a suspect linked to
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attempted abductions in manassas. a man tried to abduct two teens near the community center. both girls got away and went to the pool for help. authorities are on the lookout for a dark blue minivan with virginia tags. president obama will meet with pope benedict xvi today. the president will spend the beginning of his day attending sessions with african countries as part of the g-8 summit. then the entire obama family will have a private audience with the pontiff. the witness list for sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearings is taking shape. the hearings, which opened on monday will include testimony from a white firefighter from connecticut who is the subject of an appeals court ruling which rejected the firefighter's claim of reverse discrimination. sonia sotomayor was a member of the appeals court which made that decision. the decision was recently overturned by the supreme court
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5-4. >> time for another "living $mart" report and digital correspondent jessica doyle is here with gm's exit from bankruptcy. >> good morning. it is a big day for gm. it was a long night for gm's lawyers, who spent most of the night signing paperwork, piles of paperwork to get the company out of bankruptcy protection as soon as this morning. it is a new beginning for gm. fewer brands, government owners, no debts and a vow to make money on every year. the blue square with silver letters could be a green square to signify its commitment to fuel efficiency and it is keeping the same headquarters and top executives and it will keep chevrolet and cadillac. aig could be facing a new wave of public backlash. in march disclosures of $165 million in bonuses to executives sparked outraged and threatened to undermine the government's efforts to rescue the financial system.
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now aig is asking the federal government's compensation czar to approve a plan to pay millions in promised retention bonuses next week. the company is not required to get the government's blessing because the payments are for 2008 employment contracts but the company wants political cover. don't try to contact state agencies in california today. most of the state's government offices will be closed. california is furloughing workers to try to make up for $26.3 billion budget short fall. the state employees will now be off the job three days a month. calling all free chicken lovers. today is free chicken day at chick-fil-a with a major catch up to dress up head to toe like a cow. it is cow appreciation day honoring the cow mascot. dress up and get free chicken, fries and a drink. if you want to chicken out that's okay, too. you can grab a cow hat or purse
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or a cow tail and still get a free entree. what do you think? >> cute. >> thank you. >> i planned this ahead of time. >> i wonder what sofia is saying. >> what is mommy doing. >> it's for the birthday party tomorrow and we wish her happy birthday. thank you, jessica. well, airlines are finally taking some of the pain and headache out of travel. the transportation department says fewer flights are being cancelled and fewer suitcases are getting lost and more planes are landing on time. the improvement is largely because airlines have cut back on flights which make it easier to stay on schedule. hawaiien airlines had the best on-time performance. com air had the worst. it will soon be easier to find your way around the national mall. the national capital planning commission has approved guidelines the pylons and kiosks will replace 102 existing signs. the senate approves a bill
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which will give you better access to cheap medicine and chicago families express outrage at the desecration of their loved ones remains. those stories coming up. fist we want to focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's kim. that's what we do at this time every morning. tgif, maryland. i have the forecast ready to go. check it out on the satellite loop. though trouble for you. we will zoom in and look at the temperatures. it is pretty comfortable outside. i'm expecting 50s in cumberland and even have them in gaithersburg. annapolis 65 patuxent river 64. today in la plata a high of 83. crownsville 78 and thurmont 82. angie, how are maryland's roads? >> we begin with columbia pike and stewart lane where all is a go. moving to 355 and shady grove. a smooth ride both ways and flying above the traffic on 95 southbound out of baltimore we are finding pass 32 to the
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beltway, drivers are moving at speed. tgif. drink up that coffee. it is 6:11. you are watching 9 news now.
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an 11-year-old boy walked 1125 miles from his home in tampa. why did he do it. zach said to raise awareness about homeless kids and teens. now zach actually started the
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walk in 2007. keep in mind he was only nine then. so it has taken him two years of walking off and on to make the journey. along the way he was joined by hundreds of people, including many homeless children and teenagers who say this 11-y r-d boy is their hero. >> you can always make a difference. whether you donate a dollar or hundred dollars and if you are not in to giving money give your time at a local homeless shelter of whatever cause you are interested in. >> if you would like to learn more about zach go to the hero central home page which is here and click on the 11-year-old walk to dc for homeless kid an the full story will pop up and there you will find out about zach's latest plans. he announced plans to walk from his house in tampa to los angeles starting next summer and he will be the focus of a documentary film. again, zach is only the latest hero. you can find all of the heros
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here on the hero central home page. do you have a hero or are you in need of a hero? the 9 news now hero central team wants to hear about it. send an e-mail to heros a t at >> thank you. in the news now at 6:14. families of those buried in a cemetery near chicago are outraged about an alleged crime involving the resting places of their loved ones. a cemetery manager and grave diggers are accused of digging up corpses so the plots could be resold. some bodies were left in a weeded area and others were buried in existing graves. later today roland burris is expected to announce he will not run next year. burris who was appointed by blagojevich has said he doesn't want to be remembered if they are controversy surrounding his senate appointment. a proposal which will allow americans to order low-cost drugs from canada over the internet has cleared the senate. it is a major blow to the
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industry here but it it remains to be seen if it will survive a house senate conference. we say good morning, again, to kim martucci. this has been a fabulous week. >> it has been. and you know what, there are so many festivals going on this weekend. if you go to my blog i have a list for a couple and some great ideas. one of which is the reston festival. they are celebrating their birthday in reston and they will have a dunk tank. wouldn't that be fun to be in one of those on a hot day. >> maybe to get someone. >> would you rather be in that or a pie throwing. >> the dunk. >> i agree. ready to go. grab the coffee. great to see you. i want to show you the beach report so why not show you the weather in ocean city. nice and mild and 72. as we look at saturday's forecast for the beach, i see 83 at bewes, delaware and
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solomons island 83. 78 in chesapeake for the temperature. not too shabby. here's the satellite and the radar loop, fired up and ready to go. a couple of showers through south central virginia last night and they are dying down this morning. we have nothing but mainly clear skies. it is a gorgeous morning across the board. love when we get 50s in july. patuxent river 64. saint indigo 62. north and west, cumberland 59. fredericksburg 64. 70 leesburg and 65 quantico. today we will reach for 82. tomorrow 88. that's the hot day of the weekend and sunday a good bet for thunderstorms and 86678 we can thank the southeasterly winds for keeping the temperatures moderated by the lower 80s instead of upper 80s. take you out to chicago. this area is going to be very stormy if you are flying in to o'hare or up to milwaukee this afternoon.
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we will be on the watchout for storms coming in and creating all types of delays. as for us by the afternoon we will see saturday's temperatures really go nice and high to the upper 80s with southwesterly winds. this is a front that brings the storms here on sunday. are you ready, are you ready for the seven-day forecast? let me show it to you. it looks like this. 88 for the warm one of the weekend. 86 on sunday turning stormy and then as we look in to next week we will keep temperatures comfortable, turning hot by wednesday and thursday. good morning. >> good morning, kim. hey, everyone. it is 17 minutes after the 6:00 hour. i just got off of my computer where i twittered a new accident on westbound route 32 at the broken land parkway off ramp. fire department is on the scene. we know a crash involving at least one vehicle. moving to the outer loop. it is great past new hampshire to georgia. taking it to the district,
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here's inbound new york avenue for you. we have volume building between the times building and bladensburg road and okay florida to the third street tunnel. 395 northbound is now starting to become below speed from duke to seminary. and finally take a look at the travel times. here we go. we are in the green on the dulles toll road eastbound from 674 to the capital beltway. seven minutes and the same for dc 295 toward the beltway and on the inner loop from 395 to the toll road we are looking at a 13 minute commute. andrea, over to you. straight ahead in sports the nats only needed seven minutes to beat the astros and the greatest swimmer of the generation breaks another world record. before we head to break, here's a look a the signs of now. on this day, ten years ago what major event took place in u.s. sporting history olthe answer
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vo:have some type of proud to report thhealth coverage.ll-time and part-time associates but we won't be 100% satisfied until every american has quality affordable health coverage. save money. live better. walmart. welcome back. it is 6:21. on this day, ten years ago, what major event took place in u.s. sporting history, was it major league lacrosse being
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founded. michael jackson setting -- michael johnson setting a new world record in the 400-meter race or the u.s. women's soccer team winning world cup? the answer is c. on this day ten years ago the u.s. women's soccer team won the world cup over china. you'll recall the win is remembered for the impromptu celebration by brandi chastain where she tore off her jersey. two months ago the nationals started a game against the nationals. yesterday the sight of the game moved from washington to houston and the team resumed the game postponed by rain in the bottom of the 11th inning. josh immediately signals morgan to second. then josh hits a double play ball. miguel throws it away. morgan who was a pirate in may scores the winning run and the nats prevail in that long rain-
6:23 am
delayed game. after that one inning both teams took to the field for a second game and started great. 3rdinning, bases loaded for josh. he puts one up the middle and scores a pair of math and they led 4-1. but a tough night for john and the bull pen. burkeman in the 8th hit a three run shot. nats lose 9-4. albert haynesworth caused an accident that left a person in a wheelchair but he won't go to jail. instead he will serve three months probation. he pleaded no contest yesterday to a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving. the incident took place last december when according to witnesses haynesworth was driving his ferrari at nearly 100 miles an hour and struck the car of 25-year-old cory edmondson causing him to lose control and crash in to a median. he has filed a suit for $7.5
6:24 am
million. phelps is back in the water yesterday in indianapolis. he was at it again breaking the world record in the 100-meter butterfly with a time of 50.22 seconds. that beat the mark set in 2005. phelps won the 200 fly and the 200 free style. to spain we go for stage six of the tour de france. riders had to deal with rain which led to several crashes. but the story did not change. lance armstrong still won behind fabian for the lead. norway's thor won the stage. a decision by metro transit has ripple effects across the mid-atlantic. and local leaders release information about a plan to combat the h1n1 flu virus during the upcoming school year. it is almost 6:25. here's angie. >> we are looking live at canal
6:25 am
and chain bridge road where we have little traffic to report. more shots that matter to you on this tgif. i will have it coming up. kim? >> our apple tree is producing fruit. a lot of apples. how is your garden growing? i will tell you if you need to water today. the forecast is next. it is friday and you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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melt to sleep fast. new unisom sleep melts. welcome back to 9 news. it is 6:29. the state of maryland is looking at new ways to increase the blue crab population. maryland natural resources officials are offering to buy back more than 3600 commercial catcher licenses. the state is targeting anyone with inactive licenses. welcome back to 9 news now. howard bernstein is enjoying vacation time. kim is here with us. she's on the weather terrace enjoying a beautiful early friday morning. >> oh, those crabs make me think of polk creek and the great restaurants there along the potomac. good morning, everybody. t' is great to see you. s get started. let's talk about what is happening here as we take you through friday and in to the weekend. it is nice outside. i'm out here. it is comfortable and 64. leesburg down to 68. look at the 50s martinsburg to
6:30 am
winchester. fredericksburg 64 and 60s at andrews air force base. for the weather i dare say it will be another keeper. partly to mostly sunny. temperatures this afternoon will go from the 60s now up to 82. the humidity should stay in check and the winds will be southeasterly at ten. i'm going to have the weekend forecast. which day will be hot and when the rain gets here when i see you next. good morning. we have half way through the 6:00 hour. and as director chris here, floor director chris said happy friday to you and everyone out there. we're ready for the weekend and great traffic to get you started. 66 eastbound. a little volume right now building between 50 and 123. over to the inner loop and outer loop we go in to virginia. going to the maps, and i know i have that shot from 95 to 66. a live shot for you. we are doing okay. the outer loop is fine, as well. in maryland, 20 live from germantown road, right now happy pi to report no slow goes
6:31 am
to the split. and finally wrap it up with a realtime graphic. here's route 4, route 5, crane highway. the area is incident and accident free. that's a quick look at traffic. now over to and california. the oldest and busiest part of metro's rail system is about to receive $177 million facelift. plans to overhaul the metro's red line were in the works before the deadly crash. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull is live outside of the metro station with more. >> reporter: well, andrea, that renovation will begin early next year. but things will get worse before they get better because doing repairs will take four years. the red line repairs had been on the agenda even before the deadly plane crash last month but now some of the money will be used to upgrade control systems as well as other problem areas identified by the national transportation safety board. the first phase will target the track between dupont a circle
6:32 am
and silver spring. the next 48 months red line commuters will face delays. metro will single track many trains traveling under repair. however, most of the work has been scheduled after p.m. the portion of the red line most affected is judiciary square and farr are agut station. here's where some of the money will be going -- metro board will vote on this on thursday and they are expected to pass it. armando trull for 9 news now and metro's zero-tolerance policy for using a wireless device while on the job caused a ripple affect in our region. the maryland transit administration plans to enact a similar policy.
6:33 am
mta officials say operators will be fired in caught. mta also says because they serve many of the same customers as metro transit it is fortunate maintain consistency between the agency's safety policies. house speaker is pushing congress to approve a health reform bill before it takes its august break. right now house democrats are trying to work out details behind closed doors but speaker pelosi says one thing is certain. >> we will not be taxing benefits, health care benefits in any legislation that comes from the house. >> reporter: house democratic leaders are trying to finalize a proposal and unveil it later today. the obama administration is preparing for a fall out break of the h1n1 virus. the outlined the plan at the national institute of health. they talked about administering a h1n1 vaccine to children and
6:34 am
some other groups. they said they liked what they heard. here's maryland governor martin o'malley. >> what are the triggers, the benchmarks, the things that make it school, that a particular school should close and those are all things we are discussing now and i'm grateful we have an administration that is so committed to homeland security and preparedness. >> reporter: this fall, high- risk groups like seniors would be advised to get a second vaccine to guard against the regular flu. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is joining us with a hot new trend, making money using twitter. >> you got it. >> whoa! >> you can't escape twitter now days. it is everywhere and while a lot of people wonder if it is good for anything, some small businesses in our area are finding ways to make money off of their tweets. this bakery owner has fun with
6:35 am
branding, her cup cakes named best in america. >> this is our cherry blossom and we created this for the cherry blossom fest. >> ing on twitter last month was a natural set. >> we have a lot of people signing up. i get new responses all the time of people looking and seeing what we are doing and what we are producing so it has been a lot of fun. >> every time a bakery item is brought in the shop a tweet comes out. >> get in early lemon blueberry muffins will be here. >> the chef often tweets the specials of the day right from the kitchen on his phone. >> say i have got beautiful soft shelled crabs, wonderful spring garlic so we can put them together in the form of this dish. >> reporter: after the washingtonian recently said west end is serving up the best classic burger in town, followers were treated to free fries and milk shake.
6:36 am
another benefit of the free promotional tool at his fingertips. at baked and wires, tweets have added to the tech ambience. on thursday it was the meet up for asocial networking club called sweets and tweets. on the menu, cup cakes, of course. >> it unusual for a tweet to pull in 25 diners in a day based on twitter promotions. cybermarketing translating in to real world bucks. >> that's more important than i'm waking up and -- >> or i just had a great latte. >> unless you tell us where you had the great latte. there you go. children living in the district have a new program to enjoy. mayor fenty says the city is adding quick start tennis to the recreation menu. he expects the tennis program to encourage health and encourage an active style for children. >> we will introduce 4,000 children and youth, ages 6 to
6:37 am
13 to tennis through the dpr discovery summer camp program. >> the number of camp discover locations will be increased from five to 21. the expanded tennis program will be offered from july 13th through august 21st. a few new words are added to the american version of the english language. and that stadium is transformed in to an outdoor concert venue. it is 6:37. we focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's kim. >> thank you, andrea. good morning, virginia. time to focus on your weather. the temperature is delightful. felt so good outside. we have mostly 60s on the map and earlier some 70s but they have relaxed a bit. leesburg 68. winchester 59. quantico 65. ft. belvoir 60. culpeper is 64. today in front royal you will reach for 81 under partly cloudy skies. ash burn 83, staff ford 81.
6:38 am
80 in recommendington. everyone is partly to mostly sunny. that's the virginia spotlight. the seven-day forecast is up next. here's angie with the traffic. we are keeping a close eye on those virginia roads. we are beginning with a life shot of 50 and 29 if fairfax. this area is generally delay free. dolly madison is the next stop at coleshire. clear commutes here as well and finally flying over the gw parkway, making your way from the beltway. here we go, slowly. you can see the cars moving fast. everyone is at speed as they make their way to the c bridge and 14th street bridge. the time is 6:38. our show will be right back after these messages. many surfaces that seem smooth and strong...
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perfect piece of steak. people: oh! it's the steak. enjoy quality selections from the butchers at giant. like petite-cut sirloin steak, just $2.99 a pound. this week only, at giant. fresh, fresh, fresh. really fresh! come into your local giant today for mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, all at prices you can handle. like blueberries, one-pint carton, 4 for $5.00. this week only, at giant. welcome back to 9 news now. we also say good morning to russ mitchell in new york with a preview of the "early show." good morning, russ. >> andrea, good morning to you.
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coming up on the "early show," a leader general motors is set to emerge from bankruptcy. is this a sign of a new start for the company and the. some people are kicked out of a pool but it is racism. we will have a discussion with a camp counselor was there and his video. a man who got sweet musical revenge on the airline that did him wrong. >> i watched you guy on tv. fantastic job you do. >> thank you very much. come by the next time you are here. >> i will but i see that sometimes, just like me they don't give you a chair and you have to stand up. >> well, you know. it is a new economy, right? >> what can we say. >> thank you, russ. have a great weekend. >> aside from michael jackson's memorial there is a lot more happening on the web. let's go to kristin fisher for
6:43 am
the latest. >> reporter: you have got it. well, you had it right, michael jackson's memorial service was the top story on the web this week but the other big story is the cyberattack on u.s. and south korean websites. in case you missed it the attacks started on the 4th of july and are still going on today especially in south korea. in total it hit 26 websites in both countries. these are not small websites. look and you will see what i mean. one website hit in the attack is the white house's very own website. some other websites hit were the state department, the secret service, and the new york stock exchange. these are all very big websites, very important to the u.s. government. now, nobody is saying for certain who's behind or what country is behind these attacks, but without a doubt north korea is the prime suspect. the here is wondering what we should do about the big
6:44 am
attack allegedly by pyong yang. that is a question they are trying to tackle on-line. some websites like this one here, the right perspective says a u. s. north korea cyberwar is underway. they also say that this is the first ever cyberwar. that's kind of the buzz word we are seeing on a lot of websites. is this a cyberwar? here's the story on the ap. they say that possible u.s. responses are limited. some people are saying this is rw possibly could be the rs becyar between the two countries. blotbelihes crog ker chungear saying let's slow down with e ch thar y songscdiun cyberwar stuff. they want to remind hiopdi tlest could very well eddein be from ande anonymous hacker in a foreign country. they can do this just as easily and somebody with the backing of a major government. those are the two sides playing out on-line right now.
6:45 am
i want to leave you with this. there are some reports that iran and israel have already engaged in some sort of cyberwar. so the question now is how does the u.s. government respond? is there any kind of response? and that is of course a question with an answer that we still do not have at this point in time. andrea? >> very puzzling question. all right. no question, just answers from kim. >> yes, yes. you are talking to? >> i'm looking at something at my blog. there are all of these festivals going on the roots music and artst festival in westminster going on in carroll county, maryland. a bunch of country music, blues music, you name it and looks like it is a two-day event. might have some rain on sunday. if you are going there be advised. i want to start with a click. this little guy mikey plays for 10 and under team. the maryland panthers. that's his game face according
6:46 am
to his mom karen and they are traveling to kentucky for the national championship playoff. and his brother b.j., who i didn't have time to get his picture on he will be going to cocoa beach in a few weeks. we wish you well as you play your summer league basketball. and mikey he likes it. here's a checken the boating report. a lot of fishermen out there. here's the deal for the cheese peek. winds five to ten. keeps waves a foot but keep in mind the normal water level will be surpassing by one foot today. southerly winds gusting to 20 knots. waves one to two feet on the chesapeake. 64 in town. baltimore 61. as we take you south and west, culpeper in the a 0s. and maryland's panhandle for that matter, we have mainly clear sky and gorgeous morning.
6:47 am
no rain. rain-free today and tomorrow. tomorrow evening we will try to sneak in evening storm and stormy on sunday, everybody the hottest day in to the weekend will be saturday, 86 on sunday. if you are heading the area beaches, delaware this afternoon, 78. 77 ocean city. the water temperature 72. it will feel refreshing when you go in the water and easterly winds are keeping the beaches in the 70s. tomorrow we will see our temperatures actually get a lot warmer as our winds shift to the south. look at where the storms are brewing. if you are flying in to 0 o'hare you will fly in to a complex of rain showers and embedded thunderstorms moving this way. there might be delays out there. other than that good weather here. look at tomorrow, 88 degrees. pretty warm and if you have some plans, heading away for the weekend, phoenix today, the high 110. let's put it in writing. our weather forecast great
6:48 am
today. 82. warm tomorrow. and stormy on sunday. next week i see a nice way to kick off the workweek. 84 on monday and a couple of storms brewing an on monday. highs approaching 90. you know what i hope is brewing your coffee, nice and fresh to kick off this wonderful friday. it feels great. we are energized and ready to get you the traffic. 95 northbound in virginia we have volume building between the prince william parkway and lorton. taking a look at the northbound trip on 395. it is pretty heavy. a different story here. we will switch that camera over if we can. thank you, chris. looking at ten minutes. adding that to your delay from the beltway to seminary. to the district we go, inbound new york avenue through northeast, we will get there. i will show you from the times building to bladensburg, okay florida to the third street tunnel. on the capital beltway a little delay has set in from new hampshire to georgia. and finally, i present to you your travel times. here we go.
6:49 am
in the green on 66 eastbound in the fairfax county parkway to the beltway a ten minute commute. an 11 minute drive is getting bigger on the outer loop on 270 and 270 the spur to the beltway looking at a three-minute drive. sot so bad. over to and i can't remember the city of falls church is hours away from finalizing a proposal to the federal government for $30 million them city wants the stimulus package to create a more sustainable green community. city council members voted unanimously for the proposal. we know we want to install solar panels using a new type of construction. we want to install vertical access wind turbines that work in new urban territories like we have here and a comprehensive geo thermal heating an cooling and hot water system. >> reporter: if their request is approved the bulk of the
6:50 am
money will come from the department of energy. preparations are underway for the first ever major concert at nationals park. billy joel and sir elton john's face-to-face tour stops in dc this weekend. yesterday the stadium was transformed from a ballpark to concert venue. tickets for saturday's show are still available. the american vocabulary just got bigger. 100 new words are in the new addition of the dick their. it include old phrases with new meanings. sock puppet is an example. the old version is a child child's toy and now it can be a falsen on-line identity. los angeles police ask the public for help in paying for the michael jackson memorial.
6:51 am
and thousands say good-bye to former nfl quarterback steve mcnair. caeople about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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in the news now police are waiting on the coroners report before ruling out any possibilities in the death of michael jackson. meanwhile the city of los angeles has set up a website asking michael jackson fans to help them to pay the $1.5
6:54 am
million bill the city had to pay for overtime and extra security for the jackson memorial. thousands gathered in nashville, tennessee for the funeral of steve mcnair. a bishop urged the gathering not to judge mcnair who police say was shot to death by his girlfriend who then killed herself. i'm liking today's forecast again. by the way, it is friday, everybody. enjoy it. we have a high of 82 in the works. mostly sunny skies. the time is 6:54. tgif. right back with the seven day.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
barbie lovers around the world are flocking to washington. 1200 people around the globe are registered for the barbie
6:58 am
doll collectors invention. it features the largest collection in the world. >> they have brought a variety of dolls with them. everything from exquisite rare vintage finds to really fun, current barbie jewelry. so you might be able to find the doll you grew up with, the one your mom put in a garage sale. everything is here this week. >> a rare version is on sale for $4,500. this one. the convention opens to the public this morning at the marriott wardman park in northwest washington. >> you guys have a favorite barbie? >> beach barbie. >> mine was always peaches and cream. remember that one? >> let's talk about something not so sweet. an accident on southbound 395. it is approaching c street. we are losing the right lane. but volume is light so we are okay. looking at 270 which is germantown to 370. that's the main delay we are
6:59 am
looking at but it is not so bad. no incidents or accidents and like many of our roads across the region, even new york city's times square is experiencing a friday light. over to kim. >> the seven-day forecast is up. there we go. yes, in to the weekend we warm up, upper 80s on saturday and mid-80s on sunday. scattered thunderstorms. got anything for us. >> wall street is looking lower but you can compensate by getting free chicken at chick- fil-a if you wear a cow hat. >> the "early show" is next. maxwell performs on the "early show" plaza. coming up at 9:00 a.m. we are cooking with a french twist in time for best deals day. >> back on monday. until then you can get the news at >> don't forget to check out my blog at oh, my goff. i have a bunch of things you can do that is fun this weekend. bye-bye.


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