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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 10, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i feel good. >> great outside. a string of gorgeous weather here. if you are visiting from out of town and thinking what should i do today? you have all day to get in all the free things we like to do here in dc. >> there are a lot of them. >> and no weather in your way. great to have you with us. satellite-radar loop s realve ae have decent weather. no rain drops. central virginia getting a couple this morning but we have nice conditions as we take a look around. it is 61 winchester. 65 downtown. the warmest spot, leesburg is waking up with 70. inside the beltway 70 by 9:00 and sunny. mostly sunny at noon, 78 and the high today 82. a few degrees shy of the normal high but i'm not complaining. good morning. >> are you up and at it? you got that cup of coffee. drink it up. today will be a great day. let's talk about 95 an the baltimore-washington parkway. right now so far so good as drivers make their way past 32
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to 495. on the outer and inner loop. take it outside and show you the traffic north of the district live from colesville road, drivers are zipping by without a problem. inbound new york avenue we are watching this road, as well. things are shaping up nicely. nice and quiet from the times building to bladensburg road. 395 delay free past duke street and finally eastbound that 66 trip is doing great out of gainesville, manassas to route 50 and the capital beltway. now over to andrea. we are learning more about a massive rehabilitation project on metro's red line. the plans were already in place before the deadly crash but now we know more on how the work will impact riders. 99 news now digital correspondent armando trull is joining us live from the fort talk on the station. >> it is a red line project, $187 million slated to begin
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next year. over 48 months redolent commuters expect delays. they plan to single track many planes. however, metro will do most of the work after 8 p.m. nevertheless, a portion of the red line between judiciary swear and fair gut north will be the most impacted. the improvements had been scheduled before the deadly crash but now some of the money will be used to upgrade the systems and other problem areas identified by the national transportation safety board. the first phase will focus on the track between dupont circle and silver spring. here are some things involved in the repair. new escalators at in the dupont circle and foggy bottom stations upgraded platforms in shady grove and rockville. track repairs and modernization of ac and fire and ventilation
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systems. the metro board is scheduled to vote on thursday and they are expected to approve it. armando trull for 9 news now and police say the man who murdered an 8-month-old baby is now in custody. officers just arrested 21-year- old wilson in charles county. 8-month-old anthony maurice was killed september 3rd. the child was in a car seat inside of a vehicle. wilson is being held without bond. police identified the man they say was beaten to death by a gang in wheaton, maryland. the victim was 21-year-old edwin umana. he died on wednesday after beaten and stabbed on blue hill road in wheaton. the suspects range in age from 16 to 21 and will be charged as adults. he was apparently targeted for talking to a group of girls at
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a home where the alleged gang members were visiting. marion barry is cleared of stalking charges but his fight with police may be far from over. he says his arrest on july 4th caused him great pain and he's considering filing a complaint. >> what do you plan to do about it are you going to let it drop? >> we take one step at a time, dear. first thing to say to the public, it one was an inappropriate arrest. >> reporter: his former girlfriend is donna watts. barry hired her to work for his office. some are calling for an investigation in to the $60,000 contract barry negotiated with her. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with gm's exit from bankruptcy later today. >> that's right. it is a big someday. the expectations are that gm will except bankruptcy.
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fewer brands, government owners, no debts and avow to make money on every vehicle. the logo will remain the same for now but the blue square with silver letter could become a green square to signify fuel efficiency commitment. it will keep brands such as chevrolet and cadillac but shutting others. futures predict more arrows and we also saw losses in asia today. the dow opens at 8183. it added four points yesterday. the same pattern for the nasdaq which added 5 and the s&p ' added three. you may want to head to 7- eleven tomorrow because it is free slurpy day. they are giving it away to honor the 7th birthday and the store excts to give away 5
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million slurpies and my daughter's birthday because it is 7-eleven. we are saving people $1,550 for every major piece of electronics or major appliance they purchase. >> we will be watching. house speaker says lawmakers will not take up a motion to honor michael jackson at an american legend. texas democrat sheila jackson lee announced she would lead the motion to honor the singer as an official american legend. the speaker says there is no need for a resolution and congressional debate on the matter could open the pop star's life to contrary views. today illinois senator roland burris is expected to announce he won't run for a full senate term in 201 of he took over the seat vacated by barack obama. blagojevich appointed him to
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that seat and from the start there was talk of a behind the seats deal. burris has consistently denied that. preparations are underway for the first ever major concert at nationals park. billy joel and elton john face to face tour stops in dc this weekend. thursday construction workers transformed the stadium from a ballpark to a concert venue. tickets for tomorrow's show are still available. he's 4 in human years but roughly a teenager in panda years. the national zoo celebrated his fourth birthday on thursday with a cake made of water, bamboo and beat juice. the panda is one of the most popular attractions at the zoo. you can get a peek at what they are doing through the panda cam. find a link on the story at unfortunately there's bad news from the homeland of tai
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shan's family. details after an earthquake strikes china. this morning the first family has even bigger plans in italy. it is eight after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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can you feel it? it is friday and it feels great. nothing but green cars is what we see toward the beltway telling us drivers are moving at speed it is angie with the realtime traffic coming up. more families are finding out their loved ones are not buried in the correct place in a cemetery in chicago. four employees removed hundreds of bodies and dumped them in a mass grave so they could resell the individual gravesites and pocket the money.
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at least one person is dead after a earthquake in china. 300 are injured. it was measured 6.0 and caused 18,000 homes to collapse with tens of thousands more sustaining damage. first lady michelle obama along with their daughters visited the pantheon. president obama is joining the rest of his family for a private audience with the pope benedict xvi at the vatican. scientists make a discovery that could be a key to living longer. details coming up. plus, the viral video of the day is sure to make you smile on this friday. it is babies on wheels. >> it is cute. >> bret the cyclist is in my blog and needed a forecast. i can give you one, too.
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these children are stuck inside in much of florida but not because of rain. it is because of the heat wave which may set records. kids at the ymca are getting outside twice a day to jump in the pool but many say even the water is too warm. that's bad. >> my mom is in florida with my nephew. she takes them for the month. i love what she does. she is spending quality time with my nephew. she books them for two weeks of summer camp. sleepaway summer camp. she is a little tough. it is hard.
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she already raise us so. >> good morning, everybody. 5:14. let's get moving. it is friday. i hope you can grab your coffee and have a nice drive in. we will check in with angie in just a moment. satellite-radar loop shows patchy clouds to the south of it including rain drops to charlottesville. up here nothing like it. clear skies and it is a gorgeous morning. we will focus on maryland first and then virginia's weather. here's the current conditions outside. it is delightful again. 66 frederick. 65 patuxent river. across the bay easton is waking up in the upper 50s. middle 60s inside the district of columbia. partly sunny skies to mostly sunny skies. daimios cast 83. la plata 83 and over my shoulder frostburg 85 for the forecasted highs. northern virginia you have a gorgeous start. the highs will range from 80 in
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recommendington. burke around 82. at the wild bird feed store i'm so fond of. all right, everybody. let's talk about what is happening. i'm planning a warmup and a return to rain. our gardens need some rain. we haven't had rain here, measurable rain since july 1st. across the deep south where my mom is right now they have been dealing with off and on thunderstorms each day. i was surprised to hear about  the record heat. when you have cloud cover and a lot of thunderstorms usually that is precluded. that's the story to the south. this cluster of storms working toward chicago and milwaukee this morning. if you are flying in to o'hare you might be delayed. as for the forecasted highs around here, low to mid-80s is cool for july. this actually feels like what we normally see in may. let's check it out. rooting for boston because of instead of highs in the 60s they have highs in the 70s. ready for the seven day, i don't want to miss it.
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i will give you a chance to come running in from whatever room you are in. the chimes say to look up. the forecast is on the screen. 88 on saturday. we are getting warmer. then sunday, scattered thunderstorms are a very good bet. they may start as early as saturday evening. don't forget, weather kim is my twitter i.d. the forecast is waiting for you as early as 4:00 a.m. good morning, hey, everybody. hello washington. are you ready to rally for a fantastic friday. we sure are. begin with 95 northbound from dumfries to lorton to the beltway. looking a smooth commute. on the inner loop from 95 to the american legion bridge, take you to the maps and show you according to realtime sensors drivers are clocking in on average at a great pace, 63 miles an hour. can't complain. keeping things going. here's 270, hey, maryland, heading southbound not much volume here at father hurley.
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no delays to the split. and to the outer loop we go. this time on the maryland side of things, live from new hampshire avenue a good amount of taillights but no brake lights. they are flowing without incident. finally to round it out. go to the maps and zoom in to route 4, route 5 and crane highway writ is an accident free zone. that's a look at traffic. now over to you. >> thank you. in the living well headlines a come pound originally found in the soil on easter island extends the lives of mice by a third. so what does it mean for humans? it is called arapmicin and it helped mice to live the equivalent of 13 people years longer them compound also suppresses the immune system and that's a a serious side effect that may outweigh the benefit. how about candy to improve the clarity of your skin. that's the claim behind borba
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confections. they contain green tea extract and a slew of vitamins that are supposed to support healthy skin and block in moisture. the dermatologists says it is all good stuff but doesn't believe it is fda approved. >> nothing in here is proven. there is a suggestion that perhaps antioxidants such as those found in green tea maybe beneficial, just a suggestion. we don't really know but that has not stopped entrepreneurs from selling it to the public. >> the inventor of the products maintain it helps to replenish the skin from within and they are sold from various retailers on-line. time to say good morning to kristin fisher in the web center with something fun for us to watch. >> you have got it. good morning, everybody. it is friday. so i have to start with a fun viral video. what you are about to see is a video posted on youtube. it wasn't created by amateur videographers like much of the
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content on that site. it is actually part of a global campaign campaign for a major company. see if you can guess what company this ad is for ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ all right. so we have roller skating babies. is it an add for diapers, roller skates, any guesses over there? >> i have seen it so i know. >> well, actually, guys, this is an ad for evian bottled water. why? their slogan is live young and the brand director said the company was trying to sell water drinkers a dream. it was created by a special effects team in london and if you look at this, they took real babies that could barely walk and put them in a green screen before they became the
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digital roller skating babies. did it work? is this an effective ad. i don't know if it makes me want to grab a bottle of water but the video has been viewed 4 million times on youtube and it has been getting a ton of play in the main stream media. i have seen it on cnn, cbs, not to mention on the social networking sites and whether you like it or don't like it, the numbers don't lie. this has to be getting out there. this is exactly what the advertisers want. >> just wash down that gummy candy with the evian and we will all be babies like in the ad there. michael phelps proves once again he rules the pool like no one else in history. and the nationals complete a game they started two months ago. stay tuned for sports. (mom) i'm not going to be able to see her every day.
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here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today.
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in sports two months ago the nationals started a game against the astros. yesterday the game moved from washington too houston and the teams resumed the game postponed by rain in the bottom of the 11th inning. josh willingham immediately signals morgan to second. then josh hits a double play but miguel throws it away. morgan, who was a pirate back in may scores the winning run. the nats prevail 11-10. then the team played the game that was actually scheduled for thursday. job bard comes through with a bases loaded hit in the third but the nats pitching staff blew the 4-1 lead. burkeman struck the biggest blow, a three-run homer in the
5:25 am
8th. nats lose 9-4. fans lined up to pay their respects to steve mcnair. a public memorial was held for him in nashville. people waited for hours to walk past his casket. derrick mason who played with mcnair in baltimore spoke during the service and addressed mcnair's two sons. >> to trent and tyler, i can't teach you how to fish i can barely swim. and i can't love you like your dad did, but i can love you like a father. >> reporter: also in nashville on thursday the redskins new defensive tackle appeared in court. albert haynesworth pleaded no contest to a charge of reckless driving. he was sentenced to three months probation. witnesses say that he was going nearly 100 miles an hour when it collided with another car.
5:26 am
the crash left 25year -old cory edmondson in a wheelchair. he is suing haynesworth in civil court for $7.5 million. now back to actual sporting events and michael phelps holds just about every swimming record there is. but at the u.s. swimming championship in indianapolis last night phelps broke the world record in the 100-meter butterfly. he swam it in 50.2 seconds breaking the record in 2005. phelps had already won the 200 butterfly and 200 free style events. after another escape, less than two months after it opened dc officials have removed some of the people that run the new beginnings juvenile detention facility. that story is coming up. plus federal officials say some of us will need two flu shots to make sure we are protected this fall. we'll be right back.
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the ready line is about to
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get a facelift which will take years to complete. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this friday morning. angie goff is here with traffic and kim is here with the friday forecast. it is 5:30. >> a lot of people are focused on the weekend. with have your eye on the prize. i will be moving this weekend. i start to -- i have to start consolidate my life with my fiance. i'm hoping for no rain. and. >> and good friend. >> someone with a pickup truck. the game plan is to keep it dry most of saturday. the satellite and radar loop, we are rain-free here and clear skies. 59 gaithersburg, martinsburg 61 . . annisol osdaiscly er to the water, anclpolis slightly cooler and 78. 83n owowntand in leesburg and the high in culpeper 80. i have got that weekend
5:31 am
forecast. oh, angie, i can taste the weekend. good morning. >> it tastes good. i know. and i'm glad you are willing to share. the time is 5:31. good morning, washington. we begin with 66 eastbound. live from route 29. we are watching the head lights build. we are gold to dc. no major delays to report at this time. in virginia 395 northbound at duke street them trip to the 14th street bridge is probably free. northeast, as well. nice and quiet commute. and you are going to find lanes wide open as you make your way on 95 or the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198 to the outer loop or inner loop. andrea, now over to you. >> thank you. next week metro's board is expected to approve plans for a huge rehabilitation project on the red line. the project is scheduled to take years to complete. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull is
5:32 am
live at the fort talkton station with more. >> it will take four years to complete and cost $177 million. the red line repairs had been on the agenda before the train crash. but now some of the money will be used to upgrade the automated train control systems as well as other problem areas identified by the national transportation safety board. the first phase will target the track between dupont circle and silver spring. the next 48 months red line commuters will face delays. metro will single track many trains. however, most of the work has been scheduled after 8 p.m. a portion of the red line most affected will be between judiciary square and fair gut. here's are the additional upgrades -- as you mentioned
5:33 am
the metro board will be voting on this measure next week, on thursday, in fact and they are expected to approve it. live armando trull for 9 news now and no more three strikes and you are out at least when it comes to texting by metro operators. metro imposed a zero-tolerance policy after several videos surfaced. the videos show train and bus operators teching while behind the wheel. the old policy called for a five-day unpaid suspension for the first offense and the firing for anyone caught a third time. the dc mayor's office removed the superintendent of its new jail for juvenile offenders and fired five over workers there. the $46 million facility called new beginnings opened in may. a day later a juvenile inmate escaped and that was followed by the escape of several
5:34 am
inmates this past sunday. all were quickly recaptured but mayor fenty blames the escape scape on physical shortcomings and staff indifference. >> there were staff on duty who either should have, could have or just did not do everything they could have and should have done. >> some nearby residents are worried about their safety and so are some corrections officers who tell nine news the emphasis on therapy could put their safety at risk. the city is promising improvements and officials are working on a notification system to alert neighbors in case of another escape. today the family of a man shot and killed by park police will talk about what they want done. officers shot 25-year-old trey joyner on june 8th in the trinidad neighborhood. family and friends say city officials brushed off concerns about the officers use of
5:35 am
deadly force. police say they were investigating reports of shots fire when joyner got out of the car with a gun in his hand. joyners advocates say officers murdered him. a hearing is set for the holocaust shooting case but it is unclear if james von brunn will appear. previously prosecutors said he is in no condition to come to court. he face also first-degree murder charge in the death of stephen johns. other guards shot james von brunn in the face. flu season could be much different this fall with some people getting not one but two flu shots. >> best case scenario is h1n1 vaccine will be available by mid october. >> she discussed the progress for the vaccine. she was one of several federal leaders taking part at the national institutes of health in bethesda. they believe the swine flu
5:36 am
could make a comeback later this year. high-risk patients like pregnant women and school-aged children would be first in line for the shot specifically targeting h1n1. it is time for another living smart report. digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with more bonuses possibly going out 0 aig. >> i know. this is really a potential minefield in terms of public reaction. you will remember in march, the closures of 165 -- disclosures of $165 million to executives sparked outrage and that threatened the efforts to rescue the rest of the financial system. now they are asking the federal government compensation czar to approve a plan to pay millions in promised retention bonuses next week. the company isn't required to get the government's blessing because the payments are actually for 2008 employment contracts, but the company wants political cover. the airlines are finally taking some headache out of
5:37 am
your travel. the transportation department says fewer flights are being cancelled, fewer suitcases are getting lost and more planes are landing on time. the improvement is largely because airlines have cut back on flights which makes it easier to stay on schedule. time for the money-saving stipof the day. next time you owbuy electronics or applnc esthink long and hard before you buy the extended warranty. take a pass and safe the money. eight out of ten of the consumers said the terms and conditions were not clear by the sales opinion. a couple of things to keep in mind. if you are buying an expensive item an extended warranty may make sense and see if your credit card will extend the warranty at no added cost. many of them do. for more tips go to and click on living smart.
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>> -- or check out my blog. >> the financialist and the national guard's goal is to clear neighborhoods of debris after a round of severe weather in the midwest. friday morningful traveling to the beltway, lanes are open. more news for you when we return. we all have confidence
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lisa ring tells hundreds of demonstrators overnight outside of the california state capital. they want amnesty for her sister lawyer and euna lee. north korea found the journalists guilty last monday of illegally entering the country and sentenced them to 12 years hard labor. 400 fugitives are behind bars this morning. officers from the u.s. marshals and dozens of law enforcement agencies rounded them up as part of operation falcon. one month a year the justice department pays the overtime for them to catch wanted suspects. national guard has been called in after severe weather left damage in north dakota. authorities want to clear the debris quickly before it causes serious injury.
5:41 am
there's a new weapon in the fight against pirates off the coast of africa. that's coming up in what's on the web. plus, the plight of a local man who says his landlords evicted him while he was recovering from heart bypass surgery. i see the moon under our blue skies this early friday morning. if you are getting a go on the weekend early i will have the forecast ready to keep up with you. don't miss it. it is 9 news now this morning. great to have you with us. fios guy! where ya headed?
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welcome back. he spent two months in the hospital only to come home and find his belongings on the street. now he is fighting what he calls an overreaction by his rental company. >> reporter: he had lived in the dorchester apartments on 16th street northwest for a long time. until now when he spotted his belongings toss on the sidewalk like someone's trash. he is two months behind in rent. he said he had a good excuse, he was undergoing bypass surgery. he said he started to get behind in payments in january when he began to health problems and trouble breathing but he said he had paid everything except the last two months. >> i paid them.
5:45 am
>> we talked to the management company who said they notified him he was supposed to appear in court to plea his case and he said he never received anything and the management company should have made an exemption. >> they say this is the appropriate procedure and say when he didn't show up in court they had every right to evict. tenants are upset saying people are being kicked out so management can receive higher rent. on the company's website the same apartment can go for twice as much. >> after somebody has been paying for 30 years that is almost a mortgage they do whatever they can to kick them out so they can get higher paying tenants in. >> he wonders why a place he had called home for 20 years could be so heartless. 9 news now and >> the management company refused to go on camera. dc council member jim graham has helped him to find storage for his belongings.
5:46 am
our time 5:45. here's kim. >> good morning. got plans this weekend? huh huh huh? >> see if i can come up with anything. >> actually you can help me move. >> i have something i just thought of i need to do. >> oh, shucks. okay. you are off the hook. >> do my hair. >> good morning, it is friday, tgif. great to have you with us. let's get moving. i'm ready to go and the forecast is lock and loaded. and apparently i'm on the seven day, it is a little better, no? why is the clicker? glee computer is frozen. that would be the problem. see behind me? that is floor director chris. he is walking over to ask for a change. there is angie. unfortunately i think the computer is frozen so what we do in tv is we ask angie to try to do traffic but i don't think it will buy me enough time. what we could always do is put
5:47 am
up the seven y dabecause that is the most important part. we will do that in a moment. here we go. here's the seven day. notice how the icons aren't moving it is because it is a frozen computer but today is 82. starting off with mid-60s in the district. coming up tomorrow is when the warm air gets here. upper 80s. in to sunday, a good bet for thunderstorms. daey may get started as early as saturday eveni saturday plans if you are moving should be okay and as you go out to celebrate the move on saturday night it could be raining on you. 80s on monday and hit and miss storms on tuesday. the warmest days this week appear to be this coming national in to next week on wednesday and thursday. the delightful weather is today, everybody. it is going to be just like yesterday. lower humidity, mostly sunny and 82. not as cloudy as yesterday. that's the way i will see it. i'm going to reboot. i hope you are ready to go. >> i am pumped up and i want to
5:48 am
start with moo. hey, free chicken at chick-fil- a if you dress up like a cow. if you follow me on twitter i give you tips like that. just posted a link on-line. 270 southbound live from germantown road. the main delay from 109 to 121. that's just volume. we are moving along and taking you to the capital beltway. on the outer loop. no issues from new hampshire to georgia. your inner loop traffic is looking friday light. over to the maps we go. checking in on route 4, route 5, 301 crane highway. all of these roads are clear. taking it to the district, inbound new york avenue is delay free from the washington times building to bladensburg to florida avenue 0 the third street tunnel. to round it out in virginia where from 95 northbound lanes are wide open and moving from fredericksburg to dale boulevard to lorton an the beltway. and now i'll send it over to kristin fisher who is live in the 9 news now web center. >> good morning, everybody.
5:49 am
i have a wrap of some rather weird and even disturbing news on the web from around the world. now i could not believe this first story when i heard it. it is that wild. remember the pirate attacks off the coast of somalia? the russian yacht owners are turning the tables on those pirates and offering tourists a chance to kill e pirates. i'm not kidding. look at story. russian yachts to offer pirate hunting cruises off the somali coast. and this story is coming from the travel blog dadling. these are supposed to cost 5 thundershower u.s. dollars and that's what you will get. $5,000 will buy you a spot on a yacht that will cruise in an attempt to attract pirates and you get an ak-47 with ammunition available for rent every day. in case you are worried about your security the ships will be
5:50 am
protected fr t hepirates with guards made up of exspecial forces. i know. it sounds totally wild. >> the a-team gone wild. >> reporter: so wild that of course a lot of people are wondering is this fact or fiction? is this for real? the answer is it is still up in the air but i will say it has a lot of people in the russian government talking and even some russian yachtsmen sounding off. one guy said this is worse than the pirates at least the pirates have decency to take hostages. these guys are paying to commit murder. this is from a --ing video that surfaced on youtube of someone decapitating a replica in a statue of liberty in an al-qaeda style. the 200-pound replica that was stolen from a coffee shop in new york, is blindfolded,
5:51 am
beheaded and smashed and at the same word we don't want your freedom and death to america flash across the screen. police say they are handling the case as larceny. this just in from the bbc. i'm reading this for the first time. but a man has indeed been gored to death in pain during the annual running of the s. llbu this isll the firstime anyone has been killed since ' 95 enwh an american was gored during the running of the bulls and my dad is actually right there right now running with the bulls. i was so worried about that. he's there right now. i just got a text message from him. he is all good. 63 years old. i don't think he should be doing that but i can't tell him what to do. >> wasn't space enough for him. >> unfortunately she a thrill seeker. a couple of new movies. he will take a look at them. and introduce you to a bethesda man who is not a
5:52 am
household name but this weekend will be a tennis hall of famer. you are watching 9 news now. wh travel, stress, eating on the run.
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donald dell never earned a top ranking or won a grand slam but tomorrow will be inducted in the international tennis hall of fame and if you have watched a tennis match in the last 40 years chances are in one way or another donald bell was in on it. >> he was not a star himself. rather a star maker. >> the thrill for me, really, in representing some of these great attelet -- athletes is watching when they stop play and it is five years later. what are they doing with their lives. >> reporter: it is a question he has helped too answer for best athletes in the world. but most notably in tennis, sampras, agassi, connors and scores of others entrusted dell with their careers but this bethesda native almost took a different path entirely. >> i was interested in politics
5:56 am
very much. >> reporter: in ' 68 he helped to run bobby kennedy's campaign for president. >> i was running five states in the advance for bobby. i played a lot of tennis at hickory hill on weekends. i wasn't married and when he was killed it changed my whole direction. >> reporter: that direction was sports. in 1970, he turned to two friends from his playing days, arthur ashe and stan smith and asked if they would be his first two clients and from there pro-serve was board. to give you an impact he has had. his name hangs in the dc sport hall of stars here at rfk stadium. not bad for an agent. afterall agents as a group don't have a global reputation for integrity but donald does. ask anyone. >> on a hand shake basically i agreed to trust him with my life. >> he helped propel the game to
5:57 am
the next level with a terrific agent. just a terrific promoter of the game. >> reporter: and a stallworth advocate for his clients like the time michael jordan called him up and said i want out of coca-cola. >> and i said why. he said they are never using me. and when he did he went with gatorade, be like mike. the song, it was a phenomenal relationship. & if i could be like mike ♪ ♪ >> congratulations to donald dell. his sister mary lou is part of our mind over money group and his mom is still alive and still plays tennis. really great. at the movies this weekend i didn't see the first one, borat. >> oh! >> i'm sorry. now he's back. as bruno. we are running out of time. from critic bruno drags on. the more apparent it becomes there is nothing to him.
5:58 am
he is rampant as the culture he is -- it is r for crude language, nudity and language. otherwise a typical sasha baron cohen film. >> one and a half stars. >> out of four. >> saying he was a one joke character. >> a lot of people worried that borat wouldn't carry over. you can't do the same thing over and over again. >> there is more dimension to borat. there was more. >> it is new. >> i love you beth cooper. this sounds like something i'd like to see. this geeky valedictorian goes to give a speech at the end of the year and in his speech he confesses his love about the head cheerleader and he's been in love with her since 7th grade and gets revenge on the kids that tormented him and apparently this is a great opportunity because it wasn't a dream sequence or anything like
5:59 am
that. but according to movie critics the movie falls flat. it doesn't play out. >> talk about another movie that has come out transformers ii is becoming a monster. it is transforming in to a huge one. $300million in 14 days and making it the second fastest film to bring in that much in ticket sales. can you guess the other one, last summer the dark knight did it in ten days, took in $600 million. >> harry potter debuts on wednesday. >> wednesday not this weekend. >> wednesday. >> oh. >> you are moving. >> you have to wait. >> right. >> someone tells me it is time to do weather. >> let's fago. it is 5:59. heavens to betsy miss the weather. t't's go. s go. we ha le65 here. 70 leesburg. it is 59 in


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