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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 10, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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absolutely going to have to learn a new way of doing business. >> the new general motors. it's smaller, but will it be smarter? a presidential trip but no harm done. as the g8 summit winds down, next for mr. obama, a one on one with the pope. and demonstration discrimination. protests grow over alleged racism at a private swim club in suburban philadelphia. >> how they were mad that black people were coming in here and how they didn't want these black people in here. captioning funded by cbs good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. this is a big day for a smaller general motors. after a 40-day reboot, the new gm is being unveiled with fewer workers, fewer brands, and new
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owners. you, me, and all the american taxpayers. let's get more from susan roberts in washington. susan, good morning. >> reporter: experts say gm's success now down the road is going to depend largely on its ability to let people know it's a different company and one that will build cars with equal availability or is going to outlast the japanese model. general motors is expected to emerge from bankruptcy leaner and greener. >> how that organization unfolds is really going to be the demonstration as to whether or not there will be a new gm or just a smaller, same old gm. >> reporter: the automakers' fresh start will mean 6,000 white collar workers will lose their jobs by october, and some 15,000 hourly employees will get pink slips by the end of next year. the new scaled down gm will focus on four core brands -- chevy, buick, gmc, and cadillac. the company is even consideration a facelift, changing its logo background from blue to green.
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the government will now own 60% of the company. president obama says he's not interested in running the new gm, but his administration is picking the people who will. fritz henderson will stay on at gm's interim ceo, jeff whittaker will become gm chairman. and product chief bob lutz, who was set to retire, has agreed to stay on in a new role. >> i don't think they're going to come out of bankruptcy, and tomorrow we're going to sell a ton of cars. but i think they needed to do this restructuring for a long time. hopefully, things will be okay going forward. >> reporter: turning a profit won't be easy. gm lost more than $80 billion in the last four years. if it weren't for billions of dollars of government loans, the company would have hit a dead end by now. as for people who bought vehicles from the old gm, there is no need to worry. the new company says that warranties will be honored for purchases that were actually made before and during the bankruptcy proceedings. michelle? >> susan roberts in washington.
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susan, thanks. the state of philadelphia is investigating accusations of racism against a private swim club in suburban philadelphia. they involve a group of minority children from a city day camp. the club in the mostly white suburb of huntington valley denies discrimination. but our philadelphia station kyw reports protestors say otherwise. >> reporter: the controversial decision sparked a community protest, and now the pennsylvania human relations commission is investigating. the anger now is even coming from some swim club members. they're outraged over their private club's decision to essentially kick out about 55 mostly minority children from the creative steps day camp. the kids, including 12-year-old marcus allen, swam at the pool on june 29th. they say at that time they heard racist remarks coming from other members of the huntington valley club. >> how they were like mad that black people were coming in here
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and how they didn't want these black people in here. >> saying what are all these black kids doing in here and how she was afraid we might do something to their child? >> it hurt our children, and it hurt their children. no children should be hurt because of this. >> reporter: the club's president says allegations of racism simply aren't true, claiming he knew the ethnic backgrounds of the children from the start and "unfortunately, we quickly learned that we underestimated the capacity of our facilities and realized we could not accommodate the number of children from these camps." member amy goldman was there. she was at the pool when the kids from the camp were swimming. >> the kids were responsible. they were well organized. they were very respectful. there was no problem whatsoever. this is not a crowded hour of the day, not crowded at all. they're using it as an use, now they're back pedaling because they got caught. >> reporter: the day camp's check for $1,950 was refunded.
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however, some feel that doesn't go far enough. day camp organizers say they have received offers from other camps in the area for the children to swim at. reporting in huntington valley, i'm ty quinones for cbs news. this final day of the g8 summit is devoted largely to africa. president obama and the summiteers are meeting with eight african nations from egypt to ethiopia and algeria and south africa. the g8 nations plan to contribute $15 billion over the next three years to boost agriculture and ease the contine continent's ongoing food crisis. mr. obama is heading to the african nation of ghana today as the last stop on his foreign trip. before leaving italy, the president will meet with pope benedict xvi from the vatican. joining us now is papal expert father thomas williams. >> good morning, michelle. >> father, what do we expect the
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pope and the president to talk about during their time together? >> they'll have about a half hour together. i think boast men have already expressed in past days different ideas they have they'd like to bring up with the other. president obama has spoken about the environment. he's spoken about the situation in the middle east. they'll both want to speak about poverty, the economic crisis, and all the points of conversion they have. the open undoubtedly is interested in these things but will bring up issues of ger divergence, especially life issues. both men have been looking forward to the meeting and will start out talking about all the different points they have in common and get down to brass tacks, especially the elimination of extreme poverty and other points both men are concerned about. then they'll probably move on to discuss the question of conscience, protection for healthcare workers. the whole question of life in u.s. law and other questions where they tend to differ a little bit. >> could this meeting change
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what some have called rocky relations of the president with the catholic church? >> i think both men hope so. a face to face relation always means a change in reports, not like written back and forth. the chance to get to know each other a little bit. they will have a half hour to be face to face to kind of hash through these issues. >> the president is not going to be alone. he'll be with the rest of the first family. is that unusual, or is that something that's been done in the past? >> that's been done in the past. the pope will meet alone with president obama while michelle is given a tour of the sis teen chapel. later, she'll be escorted in to join them and have a chance for a photo op. this has been going on for quite a while. a funny story a while back, raisa gorbachev, the wife of russian president gorbachev, came in wearing a red dress, which is completely against protocol. today michelle obama will be
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wearing black. >> have all the presidents met with the pope through the years? i understand it wasn't since kennedy we've had a catholic president. >> that's true, but since woodrow wilson, all the presidents have made a point when they're in italy to visit the pope. mostly because of the moral authority he represents for the rest of the world. president obama has been courting the catholic vote in the united states quite assiduously. it's very important for him to be on the right side of the catholic church. >> father thomas williams in rome. just ahead, the money watch report. plus beating the baby odds. a florida mother gives birth to her third set of twins. first, katie cue irbg has a preview. >> she needed a heart transplant. he needed a hit. see how a girl and a major league baseball player helped each other achieve their dreams in "assignment america."
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some violent weather battered southeastern south dakota. winds as high as 74 miles per hour knocked over a semi yesterday. took a beating from heavy rain and hail. in andover, kansas, near wichita, they're still cleaning up from storms that produced baseball-sizeded hail. on the "cbs money watch" stocks didn't move much this morning, and paris hilton is in trouble. >> that's right. worries about the global economy failed to inspire asian markets overnight. japan's benchmark nikkei ended the week fractionally lower. hong kong stocks slipped .5%. on wall street, investors shrugged off another big month for the nation's biggest retailers in june. industry-wide, sales were down 5% from a week ago. the dow jones industrial average begins the week up nearly five points.
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the nasdaq also tacked on five. get ready for another round of bonus backlash. aig is preparing to spend millions of dollars more in bonuses to top corporate executives even though an earlier round of payments four months ago set off a firestorm of controversy. "the washington post" reports that the 80% taxpayer owned company is now asking the government to approve next week's bonus payments in an attempt to head off public outrage. federal officials say states need to get ready to administer a vaccine for the h1n1 flu virus. at least 1 million americans have been infected with the virus that's blamed for 170 deaths nationwide. several major drug companies are working to have it ready by mid-october in time for the flu season. paris hilton takes the stand today in miami federal court to testify against allegations she failed to adequately promote her 2006 box office flop "pledge this." she's being sued for breach of contract by her bosses at
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worldwide entertainment group who claim she neglected to honor publicity agreements for the film, insisting she owes investors a massive $8 million. hilton contends she plugged the movie numerous times and did everything the contract required. michelle? >> claire leka here in new york. claire, thanks, and have a good weekend. and in ft. lauderdale, florida, the story of twins times three. kathleen hendrickson gave birth to her third set of twins this week. summer and dylan are the latest editions. she's already got two sets of twin boys at home. summer is going to be the only girl in the family. the rest of the family went to the hospital yesterday to meet the newborns. the couple used fertility drugs with each pregnancy, but they're saying, no, they're not planning on having any more children. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, the arizona diamondbacks make their fans very unhappy.
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across florida. and the rest of the east is nice and clear. later on it will turn stormy across the midwest and lower great lakes. thunderstorms will continue to develop over florida. the rest of the east enjoy the beautiful afternoon, and it will remain extremely hot throughout the southern plains. in sports, the florida marlins rally from a 7-0 deficit. the marlins sent 14 batters to the plate and scored 10 runs in the eighth inning for the team's biggest comeback victory. it was also the biggest lead the diamondbacks have ever blown. florida beat arizona 14-7, leaving some d-back fans really unhappy. i love that kid. in philadelphia, a long flyball took a lucky bounce for chase utley, enabling him to round the bases for an inside-the-park home run. that put the phillies on the scoreboard, and they went on to beat the cincinnati reds 9-6. san francisco's tim linsicum carried a no hit bid into the seventh inning as the giant at
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beat the padres 9- im> and olympic gold medal mer michaelheswslp is back in championship form. at the u.s. national championships yesterday in indianapolis, phelps broke the world record in the 100-meter butterfly swimming it in, get this, 50.22 seconds. he held the record for one day back in 2003, and he's wanted it real bad ever since. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories, and an update from italy on president obama's summit trip. s
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look atted today's weather. thunderstorms will develop across the great lakes and midwest. a few storms are scattered aroun the southeast. it will remain extremely hot throughout the southern plains. here's another look at this
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morning's top stories. general motors is coming back from bankruptcy starting today. emerging from chapter 11 protection, the new gm has fewer brands, fewer workers, fewer dealers, and fewer debts. it also has a new owner, the u.s. taxpayer. and in italy, the g8 summit concludes this morning with president obama and other leaders meeting with official from several african nations discussing how to boost food production in africa. after the summit, president obama will meet at the vatican with pope benedict xvi. bill plante is in rome this morning. good morning, bill. >> good morning, michelle. you never know who you'll meet at these summits. at the dinner last night there's a picture of president obama shaking hands with moammar gadhafi, the leader of libya. he was called the mad dog of the middle east. he was blamed for various terrorist attacks. in 2003, they paid reparations, admitted to blowing up pan am
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flight 103 and got rid of their weapons of mass destruction. since then things have nbeen ona better footing. that was the first meeting between gadhafi and an american president. >> the meeting wraps up in l'aquila. did anything come from that? >> reporter: today is about aid to africa that was promised and never delivered. today was about climate change more than the economy. again, more promises than concrete action. >> there's a picture on the internet we want to show, and it's causing a little buzz about president obama. tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: you know what, that picture sort of flew around the globe in no time maybe because it's such a revealing, human moment. the white house officials shrugged it off. it's hard to tell. it's a quick snap, and it can mean whatever you want it to mean. >> it can happen to anyone. also, michelle obama, one of our favorite topics. she's been busy while her
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husband has obviously been busy with the g8 summit. what has she been up to? >> reporter: she did take part in some of the summit activities with other spouses like touring the ruins of the earthquake in l'aquila, but she's also been doing some touring. yesterday she was at the pantheon, an ancient temple by the romans built to the roman gods in 21 bc. she and her daughters went in and got a guided tour and came out. you know what she told the wife of rome's mayor? she said, i want to teach my girls that italy is about more than just pizza. >> all right. well, camp obama is definitely in full swing. bill plante in italy this morning. bill, thank you. this morning on "the early show," a concert on the plaza by r&b singer maxwell. i'm michelle guillen. this is the cbs morning news. when it comes to being more like the original,
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. metro plans to start an overhaul of the red line next year. the project is scheduled to last four years. it was in the work before the deadly crash. most of the work will be done after 8 p.m. but trains will single track as
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upgrades are made. a man who murdered an 8- month-old baby is under custody. police arrested wilson in charles county. -month-old baby was shot and killed on september 3rd in suitland, maryland while sitting in his car seat inside of a vehicle. the new general motors is expected to be reborn today. gm lawyers spent the night signing piles of paperwork to get the company out of bankruptcy protection. it will be largely government owned. that means here's kim with the forecast, a new auto owner. >> i'm loving my nongm car, but it is getting me around okay. i need that 5050-mile a gallon mileage which i really like. it is friday. we have been lucky th isweek and that cenidry stretch we will continue to see today.
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the satellite-radar loop. no rain drops inhtig s. th eyige arar0 to charlottesvil and scattered. focus on maryland, the morning temperature in gaithersburg is 51. taking a trip to 81 in wood stock. arlington 83 and partly sunny. angie, this is a great friday forecast. i noticed my commute had a few more cars than normal. is everyone getting out of town early. >> i don't know what the deal is. if you are on the road right now you are doing fine. >> clear commutes starting 95 in virginia past dumb fridays to the mixing bowl. we are in the clear. the inner and outer loop is at speed. and 27 a southbound from 121 to the split is incident and accident free and traffic is flowing. now back to andrea. following marion barry's
4:58 am
latest brush with the law we wondered what his constituents are thinking. it turns atom of his supporters say the criticism of barry only leads them to dig in and love him even more. bruce leshan has the story. >> he's a good man. marion barry is a good man. >> reporter: he's been winning elections in ward 8 since ' 72. his supporters are still passionate. >> he helps with the projects and gave black people opportunity to get jobs. >> reporter: in anacostia it is tough to find critics. >> always my vote. without him i would have never got my first summer job. >> he does a lot for the senior sits ins. >> only a few seem to have lost confident dense. >> this chasing people around in cars and i just think he is an old man now or an older man and he should be somewhere
4:59 am
relaxes. go somewhere and sit down. >> one woman called the 73-year- old a sex addict but she was afraid to show her face. >> until you address the addiction the problem will never go away. >> reporter: there is plenty of suspicion of the motives of the police and media. >> it is clear to me that we have some people out here that have a lot of hatred toward marion barry and they will stop at nothing until they believe they can get him. >> bruce leshan, 9 news now and metro starts to schedule the massive upgrade of the red line. a project which will take years. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. kim is in for howard bernstein. she will have the weather in a second. and angie has the traffic. it is friday and we have been loving the week's weather. >> i know. >> i want to join in and sing


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