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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 9, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. >> lou lou mason. something is going on over here. you all say this is the radio. you have to come meet me with the money. >> new tonight, taunting the five dispatchers in prince george's county. >> a man admits he's using a stolen radio. >> firefighters and paramedics rely on those radios to locate those in trouble. but for ten hours today, the radios were tied up with taunts from a man who demanded a reward for the return of the missing radio. andrew stack with more on the story reported first on >> reporter: this is what fire dispatchers are contending with. >>. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: music , singing and abusive taunts clogging their vital air waves. >> we at your ma ma's house.
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>> reporter: a man repeatedly tortures dispatchersusblioiv ausehe fact that itio could le.ife their >>e. ma knows where i live. my papa knows where i live. nt.efrho gs wame whe i l t.>> reporter: fally after several hours, he seems tology cooperate with dispatchers -- wiing to cooperate with ditch patchers. >> i apologize when he gets up th he's so sorry. i'm terribly sorry. >> 8:46. what's your location. >> 202 largo road. >> okay. 8961now tow cente.cilerc >> reporter: firefighters on a goosee c ngha as he changesng his on 'm. i>> on 7th avenue and brandy wood street.
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>> i reporter: and prince george's county, andrew stack 9news now and >> well, now prince jarjz fire says today -- georges fire says today it did not pose a safety risk. they're implementing a new system next year. a new policy on texting. over the past few days video has shown train and bus operators texting while behind the wheel. in the past that called for a five day suspension and a firing for anyone caught doing it the a third time. now comes the new policy. using a cell phone behind the wheel will get them fired on the spot. marion barry is cleared of the stalking charges but his fight with the u.s. park police might be far from over. his arrest on july 4th on charges that he was stalking a former girl frernd caused him great -- girlfriend caused him
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great plain and now he's filing a complaint or thinking about it. >> what are you going to do, let it drop? >> we take one step at a time here. the first thing we say to the public it was an inappropriate arrest. >> barry's former girlfriend said weeks after dating her last year barry hired her to work in his office. some are calling for an investigation into the $60,000 contract that barry negotiated with her. new night, police say they have the -- new tonight, police say they have the man that murdered an 8-month-old baby behind bars. police arrested 21-year-old karen wilson in charles county. the baby was shot and killed last september. the child was in a car seat. he was charged with first degree murder and is being held now without bond. also new tonight, police just released a composite sketch tonight of a suspect linked to
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an abduction in manassas. a man tried to abduct two teens. both girls got away and went to the community center's pool to get help. police are also on the lookout for a dark blue mini-van with virginia tags. well, after the escape of seven kids over the last five weeks, the administration is now removed the superintendent of its brand new jail. it even hinted others could be losing their job as well. but gary nurenberg tells us residents of the neighborhood are not re insured. >> reporter: the $46 million neighborhood is called new beginnings. the first came the day after it opened, the last came sunday. >> these escapes were preventable. >> reporter: the mayor says it's staff in deference and short comings. >> there were staff on duty who either should have, could have
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or just plain did not do everything that they should have and could have done. >> reporter: since they replaced the superintendent, fired five workers and gotten others. >> they did capture them. >> reporter: edith and albert are scared. >> we're not happy with it. we have tried to fight them for years to get them out of there and it's not working. >> reporter: it's not just area homeowners. some correction officers here say the new emphasis on therapy leeches them un-- leaves them unsafe. >> we should not allow the youth to control the facility. >> reporter: and do the kids control the fa sill -- facility he. >> reporter: . >> at this time they do. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9news now and >> and earlier today, the executive wrote his congressional delegation can go them to explore oversight of the facility. and one more note, officials are
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working on a notification system that would alert neighbors just in case of another escape. well, this is the man beaten to death by what police say was a gang attack in wheaton. the victim died yesterday after being beaten and stabbed tuesday on blue hill road in wheaton. the seven suspects range in age from 16-21. all will be charged as adults. >> police say they have uncovered a crime at a cemetery near chicago. they have now charged employees with removing hundreds of bodies so they can resell the gave sites and pocket the money. several prominent african-americans are buried there, including lynching victim emmett till. investigators say the suspects set up a memorial fund and pocketed that money as well. people with loved once buried at
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the cemetery can't believe it happened. >> i have the marker so it's no mistaking where he was. >> nobody deserves anything like this ever to occur to them. and we're trying to bring closure, but it's going to take a long time to do that. >> investigators say the suspects destroyed a lot of the burial records which could make iding people next to impossible. in philadelphia, racism and the states plans to look into it. a private swim club that's pre dominantly white. organizers say days before the blacks were essentially kicked out. they overheard racial remarks while swimming at the pool. >> i heard this lady say what is all of please black kids doing. i'm scared they might do something to my child. >> the other members were taking their children out while our children were there swimming. >> what did you make of that?
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>> i was appalled. i ignored it initially. >> now, the head of the swim club says several club members complained that the visiting black children fundamentally changed the atmosphere at the pool. but he says those complaints did not involved race. illinois senator roland burris is expected to announce tomorrow he's not going to run for a full senate term. burris took over the seat vacated by president obama. disgraced former governor blagojevich appointed him to that seat and from the get go there was talk of a behind-the-scenes deal. he denied that happened. house speaker nancy says -- sheila jackson lee announced she would lead the motion to honor the singer as an official american legend. a resolution would open up to contrary views that aren't necessary. tow teeny pan is here --
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tony pann is here with the nine forecast first. >> the temperatures are going to stay below normal for the next couple of days, at least as we ekad into theegng b oinni tfhe d.enwee ow.e'r ir fon anhefoeric nay dmo art' its wthstt whas i ghppriowg n tain aea bulifs ut n i progress.n clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures upper 60s to around 70 degrees. and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, most spots will be in the low 60s once again. we're going to throw a chance for rain in the forecast, especially by sunday. we'll talk more about that when i come back in a few minutes. for now back inside. >> thank you, tony. the battle to stay young. >> uh-huh. tonight find out what has anti-aging experts very excited. plus sending your retirement being the mom to dozen of kids. meet the woman right in the middle.
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a new report says your chances of surviving a serious illness could depend on where you get treated. there's apparently a big gap in the quality of care in the u.s.. at the best hospitals in the country, only 11% of patients
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die from hospitals. at the worst rated hospitals, it's nearly 25%. the findings were based on the most comprehensive study of its kind. 1 million patients at 4600 medical centers. a compound originally found in the soil on east er island extends the lives by a third. a study says it helped middle age mice live the equivalent of 13 people years longer. anti-aging experts are pretty excited. but it suppresses the immune system, a pretty serious side effect that needs to be weighed when it comes to risk versus benefits. and how about some candy to improve the clarity of your skin? that is the claim behind the borba skin val us confection. they are supposed to support healthy skin. all good stuff but don't think this is fda approved.
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>> nothing has been proven. there's been a suggestion that maybe antioxidants, such as those in green tea, may be fen beneficial. we don't -- may be beneficial. we don't know. >> the inventor of the borba lines maintains these edible products help replenish the skin from within. they're sold online. . when you think of retirement, what comes to mind? golf? plenty of time to read. >> reporter: maybe a vacation that just never stops. well, how about a parade of neglected, perhaps troubled kids moving into your home for weeks at a time demanding every little bit of love and affection you have to give. that is how one local lady is spending her golden years and that's why i talked to her for
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hero central. >> the hardest thing is listening to their stories. it's almost as if you don't want to ask. >> reporter: but heart-breaking stories are part of the package with the foster children that 59-year-old gwen brown well comes into her home. >> i said where did you live. she said in the park. i would say what did you do in the park? othid whatit if rned mesoin otepesh w wyse ot get rr:>>te aorfter 31 years as a flight attendant, including a stint flying troops to kuwait, she was looking for a way to give back. >> i said i've always enjoyed working with children. >> reporter: so why not open her home. >> i take kids for short-term. anywhere from one night to three months. >> reporter: and so far she has been a surrogate mom to 30 kids. >> it's satisfying. >> reporter: what's the most satisfying? >> they leave and call you and they let you know they're doing
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better in school or they're going to try to go to college or the ones that leave but they're not successful where they are. and they call you and ask can they come back. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well , just in case you're wondering why you didn't see any of the young people it's because the foster care rules do not allow us to show their faces to you. but you can find her story on our website just click on hero central. >> and you're looking for people who are heroes who need heroes, all of that out in the community. >> if you know anybody like that, go to the website, click on hero central and tell us your story. >> i like to see that he on the news. >> it is good stuff. the weather will make you smile too. >> oh, yes. >> when you're not talking about 90-degree temperatures and a heat index of 100 and you're in july, you're doing pretty well in washington dc. and we're going to keep that trend going at least for the next couple of days. let's start with the three-day out look first as we always do
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and then we'll get into the extended in a few minutes. i'm going to throw a little rain into the forecast. the normal high 188. we're going to say -- 88. we're going to stay below that all the way through the weekend. spikly for the rest of the -- specifically for the rest of the night, i think you can open the windows again. low to mid 60s in the city. light southeast wind at 5 or 10 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, a repeat of today. partly sunny skies. mild conditions with a high temperatures in the range of 79-84. east, southeast wind at ten. obviously you don't expect any weather problems when you wake up in the morning on friday. we did have some thick cloud cover around a couple of hours ago, but a lot of that has dissipated now. and that's because the little weather system that was passing on by in the mountains is now off to the south and west. can you still see it's producing a little bit of light shower activity in the south central part of virginia. but that's all pulling away from us now and we're going to wind up with a clearing sky, i think, as we head through the overnight
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hours. temperatures very comfortable. already down into the mid 60s in the western suburbs. 66 in culpeper. 68 at vwy. but the thing we want to point out here is the wind direction has shifted to the east and southeast. and this is usually a cooling wind for us. so tomorrow i think the temperatures again will stay below normal. dew point is still very comfortable at 59. high pressure, that's the main dominating factor here in our weather story that's sliding down the east coast. that will provide the east, southeast wind and enough stuff in the air to keep things on friday. but there's a weak system coming out of the ohio valley and into the southwest that will produce the thunderstorms i was talking about over the weekend and a little chuck of the heat will slide eastbound. it's still 91 degrees at this late hour in dallas. it's not going to get that warm here but a little piece of that heat will come visit us on saturday and sunday. but i still think the temperature will technically be below normal. but when you compare it to the cool temperatures we enjoyed, it will be warmer. if i was going to pick one of
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the two weekend days, i would pick saturday to do something outside. i think there's a better chance for rain on monday. so very unusual to say no 90s in the seven-day forecast this time of the year. >> and we'll make our plans for saturday. >> good. >> yes. well, you know, brett, there's one thing that maybe some don't like about baseball is the games can stretch out. >> but not two months long. [ laughter ] >> i was so confusing were they home, away, what uniform were they supposed to wear. what started two months ago had a happy ending to night. how the nats finished off the astros and why the winning pitcher was a thousand miles away. plus, former teammates speak out tonight at steve mcnair's memorial. hear the comments on 9 sports coming up.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> the guy who got the win for the nats is no longer on the team. today he plays for the pirates. when last we left the nats and astros on may the 5th, they were tied at ten in the bottom of the 11th. they hit homeruns. ryan zimmerman extended his hit stream 23 games that night.
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remember it would go on to 30. and then the rains came out and it happened while the nats were batting one out dukes on first having walked. so we jumped in the old capacitor with jackson brown and the dog and we set it for july 10th, 2009. where we're going we don't need any road. and here we are back in houston, the game has moved from dc. we're wearing gray uniforms instead of white ones. and dukes has turned into morgan because he is now playing a triple-a. and right out of the gate. next batter is the catcher he hits into a 4-6-3 double play but hejxt tejeda throws it out. i got to see back to the future. then they played another game
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all in one day, thankfully. and this one started out great for the nationals too. bases loaded in the third. players wanted to score a pair. nats lead 4-1. but a tough night for john lannan and the bullpen. 3-run shot off of mcdougal. the nats lose 9-4. albert haynesworth caused an accident that left another motorist in a wheelchair but he will go to jail not at all. instead the redskins defensive tackle with the $100 million contract will serve just three months probation. he pleaded no contest this morning to a charge of reckless driving. that's a misdemeanor in tennessee. he was driving his car nearly 100 miles an hour and made contact with another car causing him to lose control and hit the median. ed munson has filed a civil suit for $7.5 million. meanwhile across town tonight a public memorial held for steve
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mcnair. fans lined up hours in advance to pay their respects. daryle mason who played with mcnair spoke and addressed his two sons. >> to trenton and tyler, i can't teach you how to fish, i can barely swim, and i can't love you like your dad did, but i can love you like a father. >> we move on to swimming tonight. michael phelps, as you know, holds about every medal. he won a championship in indianapolis tonight. broke the world record in the 100-meter butterfly. the time was 50.22 seconds. yesterday phelps won the 200 fly and 200 freestyle. tour de france today not actually in france. it's in spain where there was rain on the plane today and
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every elsewhere. but lance armstrong just the second off the lead. finally tonight, you're about to meet justin darlington, a 20-year-old from canada that doesn't play college basketball which means a bunch of coaches that should have his number right now. look how high his head gets. his chin over the rim. that's six all by itself. have you ever seen this dunk. a cart wheel through the legs. one hander. we have another version of it, i believe. cart wheel, grabs the ball on the way up, puts it through his legs backwards and then dunks it. the truth about this guy is the canadian track team wants him to compete in the olympics in the high jump. he's not even a competetive basketball player. >> wow. >> he's just got mad hops. >> he can learn to shoot. >> we'll teach him to shoot. >> he can jump. >> we'll be right back.
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. things are just a tad bitter sweet here at channel 9 tonight. if you liked the 11:00 and what we do, a big reason for it was our producer and she is taking her talents away. so we are happy for her. but sad for us. >> i'm mad at her. >> we are. >> we r. >> talk about amazing talent and an even greater spirit. april, we will miss you. >> bye, april. >> bye. >> bye.
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