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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 9, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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inappropriate arrest. >> reporter: in the meantime, some city council members are calling for an investigation into barry's hiring of his former goilfed who was at the center of this controversy. she was paid more than $20,000 for consulting work. the barry camp doesn't want to talk about that yet. >> i'll tell you what we do intend to do is deal with the information at the appropriate time. >> reporter: i'm scott broome in wheaton where the specter of gang violence has terrified a neighborhood. >> we found out it's gang related, they might want to come around and look for the witnesses. >> reporter: the attack began on this road, a 21-year-old man walking by exchanged words with some girls near here, and at least seven men poured from the house and cornered the victim. >> there was so many of them nobody could get a punch in until people moved out of the
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way. >> the people we have arrested have identified themselves as gang members of the latin kings. >> reporter: 21-year-old jose vas wes of wheaton is accused of doing the stabbings. the suspects range in age from 16 to 21. metro has reversed its policy, and it's getting much tougher on texting. >> nothing wrong with that. >> this operator received a five-day suspension for an incident last month that was posted on youtube. in the future, metro says 30 tolerance, they will not give warnings for using cell phones or other electronic devices. >> people's lives are at stake. >> reporter: metro says it is still investigating this video shot by a 14-year-old. a spokesperson says they don't know if the operator is dozing or not paying attention, but either way, it is a serious concern no obstacles on the road to get general motors out of federal bankruptcy.
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a judge is allowing general motors to sell some of its assets today. once the deal is done, the company will leave bankruptcy protection. he spent two months in the hospital until he came home and found all his belongings out on the street. well now, fred brook ju is fight the what he calls an overreaction by his rental company. >> reporter: fred had lived in the house apartments on 16th street northwest for a long time. >> i was here since 1908. -- 1980. >> reporter: until now, on his way home, he spotted his belongings on the sidewalk like someone's trash. he's two months behind in rent. he says he had a good excuse. he was undergoing bypass heart surgery. >> i told them about my condition, and they said it's okay. >> reporter: he said he started geghted behind in payments in january when he began having health problems and trouble breathing, but he says he recently paid everything except the last two months.
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>> i told them i would pay. >> reporter: we talked about the management company who says they notified the man that he was supposed to appear in court to plead his case. he says he never received anything, and that the management company should have made an exception. the company says this is the appropriate procedure and says when frank didn't show up in court, they had every right to evict. tenants are upset, and say that people are being kicked out so management can receive higher rent. frank says he pays 860 a month, and on the website, the company says they can get higher rent. frank now lives with a friend and wonders why a place he called home for 29 years could be so heartless. in northwest d.c. 9news now and >> the management company refused to go on camera.
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jim graham has gotten involved and he helped frank find storage for his belongings. the head of the united nations is criticizing a group of 8 leaders tonight saying they are not making enough progress on climate change. the secretary general says the leaders of the eight largest industrialized nation in the word need to make more commitments to climate change in the near term. but president barack obama says it's just not that easy. >> we have made a good start. but i'm the first one to acknowledge that progress on this issue will not be easy. and i think that one of the things we have to do is fight the temptation towards cynicism, to feel that the problem is so immense that somehow we cannot make significant strides. >> yesterday, the g8 recognized that the average global temperature should not increase by more than 2 degrees celsius, but they made no commitments to do very much in the short-term to reach that goal.
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the president called in to a summit on the h1n1 flu in bethesda today. representatives from the department of health and human services, education, and homeland security all met to create a plan for any potential outbreak of the illness. experts are worried the h1n1 could have a resurgens in the fall when the regular flu season gets started. we are just getting word tonight of a developing story in the information center. the food and drug administration says the e. coli found in the cookie dough found in a nestle plant in virginia does not match the strain that has been making people ill in 30 states. nestle voluntarily recalled the dough, and now the fda is trying to trace the exact route of the contamination. 26 demonstrators are facing charges after effectively shutting down the capitol rotunda this morning. >> fight global aids now. >> the 11 men and 15 women
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linked themselves together with plastic chains and around 10:00 this morning, they brought in the sign supporting needle exchange programs, hiv aids housing, and programs aimed at fighting aids. one protester asked why lawmakers are bailing out banks instead of devoting millions of dollars to aids programs. would you walkrl0 nea90y miles? a1190r-n b-yeadoloy walked all the way from his home in tampa here to washington, d.c. and he did to raise awareness for homeless kids and teenagers. zach barner finished his journey today, and during the final mile, he walked with hundreds of people, including some homeless kids. and they thanked him. >> i was on the streets at one point, and i know how it feels to do drugs. >> you can always make a difference, you know. you can donate -- whether you donate a or $100, it all adds up and it really makes a difference. and if you're not into giving money, you can give your time at
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a local homeless shelter or whatever cause you're interested in. >> just as he reached the end of that journey, zach announced plans to walk from tempa to los angeles next summer. gentleman this is the kind of week -- this is the kind of week that's boring for the weatherman, but we really like it. >> no doubt. no big thunderstorms, nothing like that. the temperatures below normal for this time of the year. it's not uncommon in the g gidnn lyofinul juloav t he hht ermpesteatur iathe t0s 9, the hendve o0.ex i t 10 theas ceay c t.od 0spe s i a beautiful thursday evening under partly cloudy skies, don't expect any precipitation tonight, and it will be comfortable when you wake up tomorrow as well. and tomorrow will be a repeat of today, but we do have some rain in the forecast for the weekend, and we will talk about that in a few minutes. derek. >> thank you, tony. a struggle hundreds of years old appears to be rearing its head once again.
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coming up. a little later on, new stud zi find women being treated for breast cancer may not need to be. you will want to hear this. stick around. fafab@fab@b@b@b@b@@
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welcome back. faces of all different colors crowding into d.c. back in january for the inauguration of president barack obama. the election of a black man as the commander in chief has been touted as a major milestone in race relations in this country. but then we had this week when we have heard some disturbing reports that we may not have come as far as we thought. near philadelphia, a private swim club turns away black members after members complained they changed the complexion of the pool, and in ohio, a case of a white family by a gang of teerngs shouting this is our world. this is a black world. joining me is the director of
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the african-american leadership center at the university of maryland, dr. walters. these are small incidents, but do you think they are signs of something larger going on? >> i think if you put them together with things we have been looking at for the last several months, what we see is a clear indication of the fact that we don'tly in a postracial america. last year, there was an increase of racial incidents. blacks are mostly the victims. so it's clear that there is a garden variety quality to this with respect to blacks and whites that is set in our culture. >> do you think it has something to do with the election of barack obama? is there a post-obama backlash going on here? >> no, we were concerned about the hate groups, the dedicated hate groups in that concern. but these, most of the data tells us that hate incidents are not perpetuated by hate groups. we're talking about ordinary americans that are doing this
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kind of thing. barack obama could have an impact on this. so far, we've looked at stylistic things, his family and the way in which he dealt with race. the speech he made during the campaign off the shelf and talk about it. >> wait a second. i remember a friend of mine after the election, and a black woman told me and said my son came out of his room and was inspired and wants to do better in school. could there be others inpyred in a different way? >> i think that's one of the reasons the people are looking at the hate groups and some of the incidents we have had where people are threatening barack obama and looking at some of the people who are acting out so that i think,yes, it could have an adverse consequence, but i think that as president, he has i think a responsibility, and because he is who he is, i think a responsibility to speak to it. >> i have to get to the idea i brought up earlier, white pushback, is there a sentiment that says you got your black
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president now, can you move back to your neighborhood? >> i think there's a lot of that. we have seen it in people who talk about the fact that you have a black president now. we don't knee affirmative action. you don't need all of these things that were compensatory. there's a lot of that not only with respect to hate groups and people in neighborhoods, but there's a lot of that among the elite class in this country. >> some of the people you wouldn't expect. >> absolutely. >> thank you, sir. appreciate your time tonight. now is your chance to weigh in. where do you think we stand in this country when it comes to race? are race relations better or worse when it comes to the election of barack obama? is this backlash or just isolated incidents? share your thoughts in the mailbag at coming up, birthday to you. we will take you to the national zoo for a celebration. and tony back with your full forecast. keep it right here.
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nobody wants to take any chances when a doctor says it's cancer. but tonight, we are learning about a new study that claims one in three patients being treated for breast cancer may not need to be. anita joins us now with more. how is this possible? >> reporter: derek, we're talking about a study out in the
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british medical journal that looks at screening programs in europe run by the government and find some women who were picked up in the programs and treated for breast cancer didn't need to take such an aggressive approach. joining me how this can be, dr. regina hampton, director of signature breast care in greenbelt. these are government programs, and how are they different than how we screen here in the united states? >> one of the things they do different is they start their screening at age 50, and we start at age 40. >> reporter: in smof the older -- in some of the older women, could the tumors being slower growing? >> yes, we can take a woman's particular tumor cell, they run an assay that looks at 21 different genes to determine does this woman benefit from chemotherapy, and in their studies, they found that 4 of
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100 women may ont benefit. so that leaves a lot of women who may not benefit. >> reporter: you are saying they may be getting chemo even though it's not going to help their type of breast cancer. >> exactly. and this is a new test that's out in the market that we're using part of the cancer guidelines. so i think we're going to start doing better. >> reporter: as far as not overtreating breast cancer. >> exactly. >> reporter: when a woman is diagnosed and she gets testing, what are some of the options including surgery, which is your area? >> there's surgery, radiation therapy, and then there's chemotherapy, so depending on the type of tumor, depending on how aggressive the tumor is, some women may get all three, some women may get one plus the other. there are different combinations we do based on that particular woman's situation. >> reporter: and is that why it's important to have a team of specialists and oncologists, surgeons, different people collaborating on your care as a woman to say let's go down this road and not this one? >> yes, in breast cancer care,
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we have moved to the multidisciplinary approach where everybody is at the all at the same table, and we go and discuss the patients options and discuss that with the patient. >> reporter: we treat the cases that need to be most aggressively, and those that don't don't. >> and yes, it looks like we're getting down to specific gen ethics for each individual woman. we are finding that every breast cancer is different. >> reporter: thank you for shedding light on the study and what it means to women here in the united states. derek, back to you. in tonight's living smart focus, the ongoing recession has been terrible for business, but odgoor fod cmesuhoon wtrs wanp e nts. sy.coar sayep dtmentep storese have slashed prices onumrme ng o 5o0% aom h ndfue evene.or m and full-service restaurants
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like applebies are offering low rates on that your menus. a special birthday cake this afternoon for a fourth birthday. the panda got a cake made of water, bamboo, shredded beets, and beet juice. and the panda loved it, and he's popular. you can always get a peek at what the pandas are doing through the panda cam. find the link to the story at tony, the weather once again proving that it doesn't have to be bad because it's summer in washington. >> exactly. this time of the year, you think muggy, heat index over 100. >> nothing like that. >> and i think it's going to stay like this for a while. it's not going to get -- it's going to get hot in brief stretches, but for the next couple of weeks, we will stay in this pattern. >> no need to go on vacation. hang around. >> that's good advice. we are going to throw a little rain into the picture over the weekend, not a lot of, if you
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want to pick one of the weekend days to do something outside, pick saturday rather than sunday. but specifically for the rest of the night, partly cloudy skies, sunset coming up at 8:35. during the day tomorrow, we will do it again. partly cloudy skies. the temperature below normal, the normal is 88. we will make it into the low 80s, and sunrise tomorrow morning at 5:53. watching a week front passing to the west this evening, and it's producing a little bit of cloud cover and even a little bit of rain. but that's off to the west in west vrng and back into the western part of virginia. we're starting to see a few echoes here, and if you're in southern maryland, you may see a few sprinkles over the next couple of hours, but generally a dry forecast for the rest of the night. upper 70s right now, 73 in winchester, and 77 at dwi. and here's is the key to the for
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example, the wind direction out of the northeast at 6. as long as the winds stay out of the east and northeast, the temperatures stay below normal. the major weather player will be the high, and we have dry weather in the forecast for the next 24 hours. over the weekend, that changes a little bit. i put a 20 or 30% mark on it for saturday, and maybe up around 50% on sunday. but look, there's no 90 degree temperatures in our seven-day forecast. that hardly ever happens in july, so i think we will stay in the 80s all the way through at least thursday and friday of next week. >> this is great payback for may. let us hope in august, we don't have to pay this back. >> hope we don't go the other direction, it will be 100 every day in august. any questions about how michael phelps would fair at the u.s. national championships are history tonight. in the last 45 minutes, we have learned phelps broke the world record in the 100 meter butterfly. he swam the final in 50.22 seconds, and that broke the
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previous record by 18/100ths of a second. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mailbag at 9news now will be right back. abrasive on dentures? look, scratches collect and grow cause bad breath instead clean without scratching causing bacteria every day
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in the mailbag tonight, yesterday we asked you if you thought that just maybe there had been a smidgeon too much coverage of the death of michael jackson. and sandy says... too much? that's what you call an understatement. coverage was way overdone. michael jackson spent the last 12 years shielding his children from this kind of media, and now they are being thrown into the public eye. he as a father would not be happy. someone is going to make a lot of money from his death, and i only hope there's something in place to protect his children and their future. and there is a similar complaint from someone who wrote in. the sentiment is far different. when i see all the television stations gave michael jackson more coverage and praise than they did for princess diana and john lennon, i was appalled. it sickens to me to see how this man sent a message out that he wasn't happy being who he is and
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that his roots meant nothing. okay, so then i'm thinking, you're not an michael jackson fan, which is okay. but let's be real and fair about this. michael's career was a lot more than just showing our children body gestures, and i'm not sure you could say anybody's death got more coverage than princess diana. and then there is this, little kids riding on sheep until they get thrown off. it was said that even the name mutton busting is misleading. this is an event that is funny only to some adults. i can assure you most of the pre schoolers i have known are not interested. thanks, lee, and thanks to everybody who filled up tonight's mailbag. as always, the address is mailbag at and please, don't forget to include your name and where you're writing us from.
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that is our report. i'll be right back here at 11:00, and you can post your comments at remember, log on any time for the latest headlines. we will see you later on. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. woman over p.a.: this is your final boarding call. all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 miles per hour. almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. starting august 16th, fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to boston logan for just $49 one-way. bags fly free on southwest so our low fares stay low. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at
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tonight, in the michael jackson/"e.t." investigation. where is the body? >> "e.t." cameras literally caught the trail of the casket at forest lawn cemetery. >> what we saw and know right now. i think they did have sex. >> you do? >> yes, i really do. >> michael's dermatologist on debbie. and drugs. >> i knew at one point he was using diprivan. >> and is there controversy brewing on michael jackson memorial? the two programs. then, a member of michael jackson's inner circle breaks her silence. >> if his mother couldn't take his children, then he wanted janet to have his children. >> did he want to change his will and where would he want to be buried? >> he hated neverland. debbie rowe's plastic suer


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