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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  July 9, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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marion barry is a free man after prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence to convict. economic recovery. leaders attending the g-summit try to focus on a way to save the world economy. how safe are you? a public hearing reveals disturbing information about the safety of federal office buildings. good morning. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, july 9th. you know what that means, call your buddy today. early detection can save a life. angie goff is here. she will save you time out there on the roadways. >> and i'm is here saving up to good weather. >> i am. >> for a few more hours. >> did you see what was in the studio b. >> yes, i did.
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>> wedding trend and desserts. hello. >> adding to your waistline. >> right. >> have great weather so we can get out for a run afterwards. >> time to get moving. it is gorgeous outside. get started. i will tell you about the weather. we will thank northeasterly breezes today. that will do it. keeping the bermuda high over bermuda of all places. can you imagine that? the upper level winds are locked up in a pattern where it is stormy over new england and the deep south and we are in the between phase of the giant storm tracks. we have been enjoying dry comfortable weather. here's the case and point, right now 68 dc. patuxent river 71. culpeper 70. north and west martinsburg 62. gaithersburg and frederick this morning in the middle 50s. it was open the window type of weather. we will have that again tonight. tonight a few more clouds sneak
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in with northeasterly winds but still a delightful day. we will take the temperatures up to the lower 80s. the average is 88. when you have low 80s and low humidity in the middle of july, in my opinion it doesn't get much better. angie has the traffic. good morning, everyone. i have been busy twittering away. i have all the traffic available on-line. oh my goff is my name. hope you can follow me. 95 northbound in virginia. an extra 20 minutes or so to get from lorton to the mixing bowl. that's just volume and have them switch the cameras over and show you 395 northbound. looks like the delay from the beltway to seminary is starting to break apart nicely. we are below speed from washington boulevard to the 14th street bridge. we have something new to tell you about. a report of an accident located at branch avenue and curtis drive. back outside and show you the outer loop. pretty much stop and go from new hampshire to georgia.
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that's a quick look at traffic. over to you. today federal prosecutors plan to drop the stalking charge against marion barry. it is the latest legal issue for the form per mayor. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull is live outside of dc superior court. armando? >> council member marion barry is not going to show up in court to have those charges dropped and early as this morning we heard he was going to speak to the press. now we hear from the press secretary his appearance is tentative and may not come to speak to the press about the latest controversy in which what has been a controversial year for mary marion barry. today he will get one of his days in court. >> on behalf of marion barry, his family and friends we'd like to say that our hearts are full tonight with thanks. >> reporter: that's because this time around the ending will be happy. >> we are grateful the office of the u.s. attorney has seen
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fit to not proceed in charging mr. barry for any criminal violations surrounding the july 4th event. it led to stalking charges being filed by park police after a bizarre altercation in anacostia park. >> the arrest of mr. barry should have never taken place. >> reporter: for the alleged victim, former barry girlfriend, donna watts the ending is not so happy. >> i hate the fact that i'm going down in history as one of the many women who the thinks he's defeated. >> reporter: this incident uncovered the fact that mr. barry hired miss watts, his girlfriend with a no bid contract for the city for $60,000. mr. barry claims the contract was legal. however, some members on the council are asking for investigation either by the council or by the city's
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attorney general. so, another chapter in mr. barry's controversial life. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and >> thank you. we are learning more about virginia governor kaine's moon lighting job. he is talking about how he is splitting his time as the head of the democratic national committee and as governor. he tells the "washington post" he spends a day and a half each workweek dealing with dnc business. most of it is fund-raising and policy issues. he said he would only work nights and weekends while still governor. me is keeping his travel plans confidential. leaders of the eight biggest economies are meeting in italy. high on their agenda is global warming and economic issues. susan roberts has more. >> reporter: eight of the world's most powerful leaders are reaching out to five of the fastest developing nations them g-8 and g-5 will try to find common ground on a host of
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issues including global warming and international trade. president obama will lead the climate discussions. yet the president and world leaders agreed to do what they can to keep the average temperature from rising by more than 3 1/2 degrees. the g-8 pledged to cut green house gas emissions by mid century but couldn't get developing nations on board with the plan. the global economy will be high on the agenda. the developing nations are expected to complain they are the ones feeling the brown of the current financial crisis. >> the economy is very volatile. there is a sense there is no exit strategy at the moment. >> reporter: progress could be complicated by the absence of the chinese president who withdrew to attend violent ethnic crashes in his own country that killed 150 peep and wounded over 1,000. world leaders appear to be on the same page when it comes to iran. the french president says they will give them until september to accept negotiations over
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nuclear ambitions or face tougher sanctions but teheran is unfaded by the threat. this morning they viewed to carry on with their nuclear program. cbs news, washington. president obama has nominated dr. francis colins to head the national institute of health. colins is known for helping to unravel the human genetic code and finding common ground between science and god. he wrote about that in "the language of god." allegations the cia lied to congress during closed door meetings. reyes, a democrat from texas, says panetta admitted as much last month. others say they admitted they misled lawmakers over the last eight years. a report from the government accountability office says there are a number of problems a the government protective service and private contractors. on ten occasions gao agents
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were able to slip bomb making material past security in to buildings and they would then walk in to the bathroom, assemble them in to a mall bomb and wander through the building. >> in all ten cases they were able to get through metal detectors and x-ray machines andcy emable their bombs. >> it is simply unacceptable that we have such a poor level of security at busy federal buildings that are obvious targets. they say officials were only stopped once and then they were able to talk themselves out of trouble. we have learned more websites were hit by a powerful internet attack. kristin fisher told us about it yesterday. in addition to numerous federal agencies and the "washington post," the new york stock exchange and nasdaq were targeted. although the attacks did not
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disrupt market activity. and this morning people in south korea say they confiscated computers that may have been used in the attack. five men arrested in connection with the beating death of a man in wheaton face multiple murder charges. they are accused of attacking the 20- year-old victim because he allegedly flirted with a group of women sitting on a porch in the 13,000 block of navy road. the suspects are believed to be members of a local gang. police say they are behind the murders of the wheaton man. the attempted murder of a 21- year-old wheaton man and we have just learned chief manger, who is joining us now, that man has not survived. >> this has become the sixth
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homicide we have had this year. we have another update on the case. we have six people under arrest now. as you reported, this victim was walking down the street. he stopped to speak with some women that were in front of a house. the women told him, you know, they weren't interested in talking to him. he did not know the women. and some men at the home came out and started to chase this guy and when they caught him, they -- at least seven individuals beat this man and one individual stabbed him and that stab ended up being fatal. >> so seven individuals stab him and you have six under arrest and you are still looking for one more. >> we are looking for one more. we have the person that did the actual stabbing. the others kicked and assaulted him. the people we have arrested
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have identified themselves as gang members. >> what's the gang? >> latin kings. >> the man who was killed, we don't believe he was involved in any gang. and so i wouldn't say this is a gang-related homicide, the people that committed the crime were gang members but it didn't have anything to do with their gang affiliation but this man's interaction with this woman that night. >> reporter: the problem with gangs in montgomery county is growing and now the county has taken some steps. three prosecutors are part of the anti-gang initiative. what difference can that make? >> john mccarthy, the state's attorney for montgomery county has adopted an all crimes approach to fighting gangs and it used to be that if we had a gang-related homicide or a gang- related assault, a gang prosecutor, person who specialized in prosecuting gang cases took the case. now if a person is a known gang member and they do a shoplifting, even though it is
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not gang related we have the gang prosecutors prosecuting that case. we are looking to maximize penalties in those cases and trying to come down as hard as we can on these gang members. >> this would be one of those cases that the gang prosecutors will be dealing with. >> absolutely. we are working closely with the state's attorney on this case. just yesterday we had the charges were attempted murder. this morning we will have to amend those charges to murder. in the king farms area they have been plagued with home invasion robberies. do you have any updates for us on that? >> we have made an arrest in one of those cases. we had our special assignment team out looking for people that were breaking in to cars because we were having a rash of that. and actually just witness one of those cases. so made a number of arrest and we are hopeful that that is going to end the issue. >> reporter: one other thing i want to ask you about is a comment that dc police chief
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kathy la mere calling cowardly those that new use the new iphone apps that allows them to know where the speed traps and red light cameras are and she was talking about identifying sobriety check points. >> we tell people speed cameras, a lot of federal governments hate speed cameras. we make no secret where they are or where the red light cameras are. we want people to comply with the law, but when you set up a sobriety check points and start to warn people that don't go down this road, there is a sobriety check point, you are enabling people who maybe driving drunk to avoid protection and that is not in the interest of public safety. it is one thing to say to someone there is a speed camera on connecticut avenue so slow down but if people are slowing down, that's what we want. but if you have somebody driving drunk on a road and gets warned be careful, the police are at a certain
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location. you are helping the drunk drivers stay on the road without detection. i think it is do you wardly and not in the interest of public safety. >> thank you and that will have to be it for today. we'll be rht back. stay with us.
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police are investigating a fatal shooting in northeast around 11:42 last night officers responded to a report in a shooting on adams street northeast. when they arrived they found a man suffering from a gunshot
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wound to the head. the victim tyrone of martinsburg, west virginia. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they have no information on possible suspects in the case. another video of a metro worker texting has surfaced on youtube. this time it shows a metro bus driver, someone posted it on tuesday. metro says at the moment it has no way to identify the driver. metro previously suspended a train operator for a week after video of him texting was posted. that incident happened before the deadly train collision last month. we have some valuable advice now for ceos. actually this advice applies only to ceos heading to prison including bernard madoff. andy is here now. he has a new book called "who moved my soap. " the ceo's guide to surviving in prison. thank you for being with us. it is funny and an easy read.
9:18 am
why did you want to write it. >> i have done some tours at business schools like harvard and the biggies and i found they were only teaching them how to get in to prison not what to do once they were there. there is a gap in the curriculum and it is up to me to produce the curriculum and that produced my book. bernie madoff got 1 a -- 150 years so he has plenty of time to read this book. >> because the got 150 years there are no country club prisons in his future. you are talking about someone going to an oz like prison and what is interesting i heard the hired a consultant to help him find the right place to be constitutionalized. the same guy that helped michael milken. >> this is a job i didn't know
9:19 am
existed. there are prison concierges that you can hire to select your prison for you. i guess he will work every angle. this is an uplifting story like tuesdays with mori or majerle and me. a happy story. i'm trying to convince ceos like bernie this doesn't have to be thend of the career but a beginning of a new chapter. >> other advice for prison 25074. from big house -- from big boards to big house. >> this book tells you the story of a ceo going to prison. what he can expect. the message of whom my soap really is, don't sweat it. you are going from one gated commute to another and that's the message of the book. >> reporter: practical advice, packing for the pokey. >> a lot of people think i will bring my blackberry and all the stuff i have been using as a
9:20 am
ceo, because of something -- i'm not going to get in to it but they have ways to finding out whether you are bringing anything in with you. i don't want to get in to it is a family show. something important like madoff, he may want to start a new ponzi scheme while he is there. so i would recommend he grin cigarettes. it could work well. >> you talk about food and something important in getting the ponzi scheme across how to talk to his fellow inmates. >> very important. the thing is when you are working in a board room as a ceo you have to learn corporate speak, corporate speaking like people in the corporate world never say i'm going to call you. they say i'm going to reach out to you. you don't want to say i'm going to reach out to you in prison. that is a different connotation. they will say i will reach out to you and circle back.
9:21 am
you have to learn saying things like you put me on front street, punk which means you divulge sensitive information much to my detriment. >> he will be there as long as 1550 years. >> if he remains in good shape. >> you have fen have way. when you are a corporate ceo in prison you want to get one of those corner cells with a window. i don't know if bernie will be able to do that but there certain things that you can do to rearrange your furniture. arrange your bunk so you are facing at the bars so you can see what is coming at you. >> how golden is your hacksaw, all the information that a ceo prisoner to be will need. andy will have a free standup comedy show tonight at politics and process. he will be signing books at
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connecticut avenue in northwest also. congratulations. >> thank you very much. let's go to kim now. she has an update on the forecast. anyone who wears red converse all stars is okay with me. we have been missing something in the atmosphere. can you guess. let me show you a picture. this is my window on bermuda. a nice facebook friend sent this picture. this is bermuda's weather which is warm and sticky and those highs like to elbow their way to the mid-atlantic this time of the year and bring us oppressive heat and humidity which we have not been having. so i'm happy to saber move das weather is over bermuda. the average is 88. we have been shortchanged but i'm not complaining if you are not complaining. zip it up and keep the good weather while we are here. partly sunny and rain-free. we have been avoiding the rain drops. look at maryland.
9:23 am
70 frederick. cumberland 66. to the south toward andrews air force base 71. easton is 70. highs today for bowie, partly cloudy, 80 degrees. that's the number for waldorf, westminster 78. head over to northern virginia. 68 manassas. high temperatures for amissville around 80 today and 82 in arlington. we can thank northeasterly winds for keeping things cooler and helping to keep the bermuda high away, which is fine. we will head to the deep south and look at the thunderstorms that rocked south carolina overnight bringing rainfall there. that is heading off the coast. this is where the southern branch of the jet stream has been sur pressed and that's where it has been stormy. out of reach for us. to the north more storms moving to minneapolis today. hot if you are flying to texas or phoenix. 79 in chicago. not bad. put the forecast in writing. here's the next seven.
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low 80s today and tomorrow. sunday and 86 in the afternoon. that's a check on the next seven. back to you. a detroit council woman who is also the wife of one of the country's most powerful congressman may want a copy of andy's book. she faces up to five years in prison. we are talking about the wife of michigan congressman john conyers. the paper's general manager is with us. i saw an article about this big, this wide in one of the major newspaper. no pictures or big headlines but this is an important story but what did she do? >> she is the wife of one of the most powerful congressmen on captiol hill. she pled guilty to bribery for accepting $6,000 for her vote
9:25 am
on a contract on a sludge contract an she sold her vote. the evidence was so overwhelming she agreed to plead guilty and do a plea deal and now she is facing up to five years of prison time. in fact, again, the wife of a senior congressman in congress been there 40-plus years, chair of the judiciary committee and some folks sort of glance it by and let it pass by. not good. >> reporter: what we have been seeing this summer is the wife stoically standing beside her husband who's caught up in a scandal. did we have any pictures of john conyers standing bimy monica's side. >> he has been mute on the subject. we in fact tried to contact his office and get a comment. his press folks said no comment at this time. it is clear to understand that he was not involved in the
9:26 am
episode. but the fact she's being groomed, when he steps down she would be the next heir apparent to that congressional seat at least to run for it. so she simply said when the dice is on the table at this point i best resign and get the best deal i can and she submitted her resignation she will no longer be chairperson in the district council. >> reporter: will she actually serve time in jail? >> they suspect she will. prosecutors are pushing hard for some time in jail and not based on the amount of money she received but they feel based on the amount of the contract was worth a billion dollar contract because they are looking for a lot of time from this particular plea. >> a lot of scandals. >> the mayor, and now this happens so they are happy she made the plea deal because it will save the citizens money in terms of legal fees they would have to go through in the legal
9:27 am
process. >> especially in a tough economic time. >> absolutely. >> talk about the michael jackson coverage. did you have to run extra editions. >> absolutely. we did an extra 10,000 copies of this special edition this week and last week because folks were knocking on the door. they want something in their hand to hold as a memorial piece and tribute to michael jackson. we did a special tribute, a video website. >> we have pictures and video we haven't seen. >> from our archives that we have. so there has been a tremendous success with that. the memory will go on. the legacy and of course all of the afteraffects. the legal battles will come forth in terms of custody of the children, estate and all of that will go forward at this point. >> i read the afro american should be congratulated for a major black press award. >> we receive an award at the
9:28 am
annual conference and recognized as the best general newspaper in the country for editorial content both short and long-range articles. we were happy about that. it came from the staff of the dc office and that make are makes it extra real good, you know enthrall congratulations. if people want to read this award-winning newspaper what do they have to do. >> call us or check out our website. it is all there. >> we have a link to that website at thanks and congratulations. we'll be right back. you've got a strawberry pop-tart,
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but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. get gold bond pain relieving foot cream. maximum strength medicine stops pain fast. gold bond pain relieving foot cream. finally fast relief for painful feet. welcome back. you are looking life at a shot at downtown washington. the washington monday numb and the jefferson memorial there. it is billed as broadway's most talked about new musical
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and now you can see the show at the kennedy center through august 2nd. with me is tony award winning director. welcome back. you are a bethesda native. >> that's right. >> where did you go to high school. >> woodbridge high school on old georgetown road i think it is now something else. it is gone. the building is there. i don't know what they use it for. >> reporter: was theater always part of your high school glowing up? did you want to do this? >> i did. i wanted to be an actor originally. and i auditioned for the plays and i was in the drama club and that kind of thing and summer theater and rockville little theater. i really made the most of it. >> when did you make the transition from wanting to be the actor to being the guy in charge. >> well, it is when i faced the unfortunate reality of my acting career going down the toilet and it coinsided with a
9:33 am
new interest i had in looking at a show from outside, from look arm the whole thing opposed to the tunnel vision you have as an actor and just seeing your own part and it was a really good fit. from that moment on, things seemed to really work well. >> reporter: things have worked well for you. you were nominated for spring awakening. tell us what the musical is about. >> it is basically a coming of age story of a group of young people in a community that is fairly repressive. it happens to be set in germany in the 19th century because it is based on about old german play. >> one banned in germany. >> it was banned in germany and the u.k., in america. it is a very frank conversation about what it is to be an adolescent and how challenging and exciting and scary and
9:34 am
potentially thrilling it is to, you know, become a person sexually and politically and socially and religiously, spiritually. all of the challenges that face young people. >> set to music. >> set to music. >> reporter: and it carries the parental advisory, this is adult content. taking adult themes. so it is not for young children. >> not for young children but it is for -- it is great for -- we found it is a fantastic show to bring your kids to that are old enough because it can start a really interest and i think important discussion. >> absolutely. >> about what it all means. the music is completely contemporary. all the things you want on your ipod. really rocks out at times. it feels very fresh. >> what would be great is if you could get one of those tickets.
9:35 am
you have audience members who are there on stage with the performers. as a director how challenging is that? >> what is cool about it is that you can have two different kinds overpercheses at the show. you can sit at the kennedy center at the eisenhower theater like you would see any play and in, mixed among the actors, are on stage audience members. so you kind of see a reflection of yourself a little bit. you see yourself up there watching the play happen. if you are on stage, you are sitting next to the performers. they don't really talk to you and there's isn't too much interaction but you feel suddenly part of the show and at different times they will stand up and start singing and move in to a scene and come back and sometimes you are lit and you feel you are part of the set. and i have done it actually many times, sat on stage and it is really a kick. >> do you talk to the audience members before the show because
9:36 am
if they are lit and do something that the actor might react to or be distracted by. >> we give them a set of guidelines. we don't want them to wear clothes that are too bright. some actors are allergic to cologne. we had a woman on broadway, one of our actresses literally couldn't breathe if she was next to an audience member who had on cologne. props, they are not props but bags and they don't get play bills the way that you do, because it is distracting but they get so pulled in to the story and it is so intimate because you get to be so much closer to the actors when you are out in the big audience. >> the show is spring awakening and on at the kennedy center. you recognize him from bethesda. mike mayer, congratulations. some performances are sold out so go on-line and check out when you can get a ticket. good luck to you. >> thank you so much. let's go to angie for an
9:37 am
update on the rush hour. we are going to begin in virginia where i have better news on the inner loop. an accident at telegraph road is clear. notice the outer loop still in the red and yellow. below speed van doren to telegraph. moving along and take you to 95 northbound. looking at a 15 minute commute to get from newington to the mixing bowl. 66 how's that shaping up? heading eastbound looking a ten- minute drive from nutley too the beltway and in maryland tracking the outer loop out there. pretty much stop and go as drivers make their way from university to georgia and real quick a report of a hit and run on southbound 270 at the spur at democracy boulevard. before we go we have beltway buzz for you. we were watching the washington capitals take on the aces where we caught up with anna kournikova who was asked if she was engaged because we caught this big yellow diamond ring on
9:38 am
her finger. she played mum and said she doesn't talk about her personal life and that there is always something new. you be the judge. we'll be right ba ckafter the break. stay with us.
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our next guest has great taste when it comes to wedding day desserts. we want to welcome executive chef liz hunter. she is here and by the way rsvp invites you to a complimentary, this means free, wedding tasting on tuesday, july 14th. we will have a link on our website at where you can do this. i'm getting married in a couple of weeks. boy, does this look good. you are here to tell us about the trend going on in wedding desserts. what is the biggest trend? >> we are seeing small bite-
9:49 am
sized items to go along with cakes and a lot of mono chromatic displays where a color theme is introduced, mostly white or shades of black. >> you snuck in red velvet cup cakes. it blends in perfectly in because of the white icing. you are doing different things with that and seeing a lot of candy implemented in to buffets classic jordan almond, the white m&ms which is fun and yogurt covered pretzels these are fun to mix and match with different wedding buffets. >> i'd like to know what this is. looks so good. >> those are chocolate tulip cups filled with white chocolate mousse and you managed to take something. this looks so sophisticated but i love when you take basic food and class it up a it will. you took a rice crispy treat over here. >> they are cut in to rectangles and tip them in white and dark chocolate and
9:50 am
for favors this is a great idea. put a card that has your mono gram or wedding date. a lot of people do things like that and then you have a color theme, a lot of silver and white, so we did a silver ribbon but you could do any color. >> and the best wedding favors are the edible kind. >> now we have trends in cup cake design. >> a lot of cup cake trends lately. the last couple of years people have been going crazy with different cup cakes and nobody wants chocolate cup cakes with chocolate icing anymore. >> it has green in there. >> it is crease cheese icing made with marscapone. we pipe that on there. >> is that the zest. >> yeah. and we are lime juice in there as well and powdered sugar and we like to put a little coconut on there. >> dip it in.
9:51 am
>> boy, you have a fun job. >> i do. >> that looks like metal. what is that? >> they are darjes. i don't know what they are made out of. they are nontoxic and edible and cute decorations. >> i call these dippin' dots. that's what they remind me of. >> and another fun thing people are mixing colored icings to make it look like a swirl. >> looks like sherbet. >> we call this dream sickle cake. you pipe it and makes a nice color. >> this is orange and vanilla flavor. >> it does swirl out. >> like when you are at an ice cream store. >> if we were to come to the complimentary tasting, is it weddings, just desserts or all catering. >> everything you can think of.
9:52 am
a station with hordeuvres plates and a large buffet with entrees and salads and sides an then of course the whole dessert station. >> wonderful. if you want more information on a complimentary tasting going on the 14th of july, you have to just let your fingers doing the walking to all right. we are anxious to taste test. when we come back we will do just that. hold them off, andrea. and i have the seven day. you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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ding ding ding. look at this. the dow opened this morning up 48. and the nasdaq up 14. s&p up six. we like that. >> uh-huh. >> here's a look at what's on
9:56 am
tap for 9 news now at 9:00 tomorrow. friday, virginia congressman gerry connelly stops by. and julia wilson weighs in on president obama's historic trip to trick. and cooking with a french twist just in time for past teal day. kim? >> i have cannoli in my mouth. >> all right. seven day. >> gulp. >> looks pretty good. low 80s today and tomorrow and heading to the week we will turn up the heat just a little bit everybody. thunderstorms moving in possibly by sunday, and next week is looking good. we want to thank rsvp catering coming in. visit our website at we love the makeup. >> on the adorable bob bee thomas. >> she says throw away the harsh liner and use eye shadow to line your eyes if you want
9:57 am
them to look soft and not harsh. >> and smudge. >> you are all such beautiful women and people out there need to enhance what you already have. >> and have bob bees fingers working on it every day. >> have a great day.
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