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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 9, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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weather, 62. partly cloudy skies keeping us company. the threat of main far south and west of the district. we will have a nice one today. 77 at lunch and fire up 81 for the seasonably cool but beautiful high temperature. >> good morning. it is thursday and we are closer to the weekend. not there yet but hey we will help you get through it. 95 northbound. things looking nice here. a little volume between the prince william parkway and lorton. we will take you to the inner loop in virginia as well and show you 95 to 66. drivers are clocking in at a great pace. right now they are moving at speed. 61 miles an hour on the average. speaking of the outer loop north of the district here's the situation. a live shot. a good example of how traffic is moving really nicely around the beltway. live from university going back to the maps. checking out the area with route 5, crane highway, this
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remains an accident free zone. and finally wrap it up in the district. going through northeast. here's inbound new york avenue where we have a small delay that is building between the times building and bladensburg road. over to you. in a few hours we will hear from dc councilman marion barry about the stalking case against him. charges will be dropped but the story is taking a new twist. digital correspondent, armando trull is joining us live with more on this story. armando? >> reporter: a lot of different twists. first of all, marion barry says he was treated shabbily by u.s. parks police so he will not let the matter drop. today marion barry will get yet another one of his many days in court. >> on behalf of council member marion barry, his family and his friends, we'd like to say our hearts are full tonight with thanks. >> reporter: that is because this time around the ending will be happy. >> we are grateful the office of the u.s. attorney has seen fit to not proceed in charging
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mr. barry for any criminal violations surrounding the july 4th event. >> reporter: events that led to stalking charges being filed by police after a bizarre altercation between barry and his former girlfriend in anacostia park. >> the the arrest of mr. barry should have never taken place. >> reporter: for the allege victim, former barry girlfriend, donna watts the ending is not so happy. >> i hate the fact i'm going down in history as one of the many women who he thinks he's defeated. yet there is something else that may happen. after the arrest it was brought to light that barry hired donna watts on a city payroll with a $60,000 no bid contract and that has some dc council members upset. one is asking for an investigation either by the council or by the district attorney general peter nichols. so a lot more episodes to go in the marion barry reality show.
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the question is anyone watching or does anyone care? back to you. we are learning more about virginia governor tim kaine's moon lighting job. he's talking able how he is splitting his time as the head of the head of the democratic national committee. he says he spends a day and a half each workweek dealing with dnc business. most of it is fund-raising and policy issues. he is still keeping his travel plans confidential. metro has some more tough questions to answer today. questions brought up by another youtube video. it shows a bus driver texting on the job. it was posted yesterday. >> we were able to tell it is one of our buses. we have a general idea of what the operator looks like but don't see the face. if the person who posted it can get in touch with us and let us
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know that it was whatever route at whatever time of day and whatever day of the week i'm pretty sure we can track down the individual without a problem. >> reporter: we reported yesterday that metro suspended a train operator for a week after video of him texting was posted. >> now a followup on a story we brought you 24 hours ago. a deadly crash just before the clara barton parkway. we know now that 39-year-old men dose is a and franklin monanares died when their car fell 60 feet to the ground below. they were hit from behind bay drunk driver. the driver is kelly russ loos. police say she crashed her suv in virginia. court records show she was recently charged with driving on a suspended license. right now president obama is attending day two of the g-8 summit in italy. six other nations are taking part in the session.
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just a few hours ago, the president met with the president of brazil. the two exchanged soccer jerseys as a sign of goodwill. they are focusing on ways to pull out of the global economic recession. meetings are scheduled for all day long. government officials say they can't identify the source of a massive july 4th cyberattack. dozens of websites in the united states and south korea were targeted. the white house and pentagon were among the sites and servers targeted. so far north korean hackers are the only suspects. time for a living smart report. jessica doyle is joining us. you have an update on the camera -- ritz camera story. >> a number of locations are looking like they will be closing they don't have enough money to purchase fall
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inventory and contemplations. they plan to u.k. off remaining stores by the end of the month. they have closed 20 local stores. they were among the 400 that shut down. there are 30 ritz stores in the washington area. washington is losing the smith and hawkins score it is an upscale gardening store. it is shutting down all 56 locations because of the weak economy including the smith and hawkins store on 31st street in georgetown. clearance sales begin today. here's a sweet treat. we learned of one new store opening. the first peeps and company store will open at national harbor in november. not only will you be able to buy the pastel marshmallow candy but t-shirts, peeps pens and key chains and peeps china. some of it is even made by lennox. very high end. >> how about that. peeps and little kitty. i'll tell you.
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are you taking a bottle of water to work today? americans spend billions of dollars each year on bottled water but now the question is what is in it? tap water is regulated by the government. now a consumer watch dog group wants bottled water regulated the same way. laura was on captiol hill on wednesday. >> consumers spend more for bottled water than tap water but they have no way to know what is in the bottle. only two faof 188 bottled water make facts disclosed by local tap water utilities. >> those basic facts are the water source, how it is treated and any pollutants in the water. ahead the latest on our hero central project. listen why a maryland car dealership fixed a woman's car for free. and hear from the redskins chris sam yum as he teaches some maryland high schoolers about more than just football.
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that's in two minutes. but first a focus on maryland weather and traffic. here's kim. must be 6:08. that's precisely the time we do this segment every morning. maryland the focus is on you. check out the satellite-radar loop. good shape. no rain fallg this morning. temperatures across maryland looking good. that's 55 up the road. frederick and gaithersburg. high temperatures will be in the lower 80s. going to be low humidity again around 80 in waldorf, 77 in hancock, maryland. dunn get any better. good morning. >> i like it. good morning to you. a quick look at the maryland roads. begin with wilson lane and river road where it looks like we have hardly any traffic. all is a go at veers mill and georgia avenue. that's the next shot. more volume here but no incidents or accidents to report. not the case in fort washington. we have a report of an accident at allentown and temple road. we'll be right back.
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more people are joining up with hero central. chris samuels is teaching a three day clinic at a football camp in bowie, maryland but he says the real lessons have little to do with football. >> if they had any type of questions i was going to answer them honestly as possible anything about life i would tell them. >> one bad decision will steer you off the road. hehe said you will make mistakes but try to do the
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right thing. >> reporter: he back for training in three weeks. he said he is 110%. we wish him well. kristin fisher is joining us with the story of a local company doing good. >> that's right. this is a story about a local company that saved a maryland resident thousands of dollars. carolyn cook sent sent me an e- mail nominating two employees at a bethesda car dealership as her heros and here's why. >> i was driving and all of a sudden i see this light go off in my car, this check engine light and i'm thinking what is that? >> reporter: it is a bad feeling for any driver but especially if you are in between job and unemployed like carolyn cook. she she brought her car in to chevy chase acura. >> i remember her very upset. >> the service representative gave her the bad news. >> 0 my acura 2003's
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transmission was diagnosed as failing. >> reporter: it would have been $3,000 repair. she got a second opinion and found it was a malfunctioning sensor. >> she came back and had tears in her eyes an she tugged on my heart strings a little bit. >> she told her manager about the car and he agreed to waive all fees. >> they ended up to replace the sensor and what went from a $3,000 car bill went to zero dollars and i drove away one happy customer. >> reporter: now carolyn is back to thank her heros. >> oh, my gosh. hi, mike. how are you? >> i just have to say you guys are the best. my car is running so beautifully. >> positive feeling to be able to help somebody's situation but what we are doing is our daily job. it is our daily routine. we make friends through sales and keep them through service. >> if i was in the same situation i would want someone to do the same thing for me.
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>> i will see you soon for those brakes. >> bye. >> in addition to those two employees at chevy chase acura, i promised carolyn i would mention tom and jerry at the amoco transmission in falls church. they were the ones that realized it was only a sensor, not her transmission. so carolyn says they, too are her heros. do you have a hero? we want to hear about it. e-mail us at >> such a nice story. she was so genuinely happy to see them and to be able to thank them. >> absolutely. thank you for telling us the story. >> you are welcome. 13 this morning. here's what is in the news now, leaders in iran are warning against protests like these last month. the governor of teheran says he will smash rallies. opposition leaders are calling for protests in the streets today. while you slept crews restored power to los angeles. thousands of homes and roads in west l.a. were in the dark for hours last
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night. i made the awful los angeles traffic even worse. and charges are pending against 12 greenpeace activists. they unfurled this banner on wednesday on mount rushmore. it calls for them to do more on climate change. that's one of the topics for today. we have no climate issues in our area this past four days. this has been one of the most beautiful weeks of the year. >> it has been. we have, our best man is in town on business and i was like i was packing for high humidity and heat and when he got off the plane it was delightful. time to get moving. if you follow me on dwighter you don't get just my weather forecast but you can act as a weather watcher for me. my i.d. is weather kim and i'd love to hear from you. steve in cross junction, virginia just did that. great to have you with us. the average is 88. the record today 104. and yesterday we had a high of 81. it's been so nice.
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winchester 57. that's 11-miles to the south across junction. 66 here and 60 up in baltimore, 58 hagerstown. the satellite-radar loop. no rain except for central and western west virginia. this will dive closer to charlottesville. i think we will have a partly cloudy day for the most part and some northeasterly winds in to the afternoon. this will keep us cooler than average. 77 at lunch. 81 for the high. air quality is good. that's nice. so those northeasterly winds will flex the weather muscle around here and again bring in a couple more clouds and keep us cooler than average. again that average high is up around 88 degrees. the folks to the deep south have been dealing with heavy rain and now pulling to the atlantic. more showers will be skirting across southeast georgia and north florida today. up across the central great plains they are dealing with thunderstorms. leaving the dakotas behind and moving to minnesota and des moines, catching a flight here may have weather-related delays
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this afternoon from cluster that may even make it to chicago before the day is over. as for the heat, texas count on triple-digits there, just like phoenix. chicago 79. 92 in new orleans. if you are staying local we have a nice day. partly cloudy skies and lower humidity. and this is highway it looks them seven day is up. by the weekend warming up. saturday's high of 89 and scattered thunderstorms making a comeback. a couple will be around on monday. and then in to next week i see some really nice weather on tuesday and wednesday. don't forget to check out my blog i'm live behind the scenes with my web cam. >> what's the latest. >> i hope you are up and i hope you have the coffee brewing. i hope you are ready for a great thursday. weekend is almost here. 395 northbound past duke street finding lanes looking pretty out there. wide open all the way to the district right now. over to 66, that's where we go. heading eastbound you'll need the shades.
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a lot of sunshine this morning. eastbound 50 to 123 happy to report we are a-okay. moving along, hello, maryland. 270 southbound germantown to 370, we move without incident. going over to the realtime graphics. here's 50 westbound for you from the bay bridge past route 3 to the capital beltway. nothing but green cars telling us the drivers are moving at speed. talking about speed, talk about the travel times. i give you the inner loop from 395 to 267, a 13 minute drive. seven in minutes the car is -- in the car is what you can expect and six minutes on the toll road from 674 to the beltway. now over to andrea. >> thank you, angie. the time is 6:17. generations ago it was called living in sin. today it is called cohabitation. couples living together before they get married. the headline in "usa today" reads couples study debunks trial marriage notion of cohab tating. lauren ashburn is here to tell us what it all means.
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>> good morning. this is a new federally-funded study. >> our tax dollars at work. >> hard at work. let's get to the statistics so we have a good baseline here of what is happening. the percent of young adults that say 0 cohabitation is okay, with no plans to get married. they agree, 57%. disagree, 24% and 19% neutral. so, you know, this is just really shocking and something that is just a new way for us to show that these people, young people really are doing this. they say it is not just a way for them to see if they want to get married. that's what the national studies had said before. that's what they said. >> a trial period. >> no. but that is not what 18 to 24-
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year-olds are saying. >> are they getting married, though? >> a lot of them do get married after two years but then a lot of them break up. the reason they are doing this, they say, is so they can spend more time together. so, what we are going to tell you now is the statistics of who's doing it. >> the religious folks are not doing it as much as other people obviously. the more religious the less likely. the reason they are doing this they are not making a conscious decision to live together but they are making a decision that sort of happens. they are sliding in to it. >> it's not the economy and saving money. >> no. it is more of just let's do it. right. so we have a chart, as you saw called live and let live. this generation is very much about it's okay. it is not a big deal. maybe we'll get married. maybe we won't.
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we are going to test the waters. >> no one points fingers generations ago when we called it living in sin. >> that's right. and there will be a conference a marriage convention today in atlanta where they are going to -- i'm sorry in orlando, where they will reveal this information. >> interesting to see what comes out of that. lauren, thank you. ahead why the nationals will be the home team tonight in houston. and a beautiful goal for maryland soccer player last night at rfk. but first it is the signs of now. the town of bundanoon australia is making history. they banned the sale of -- a a gasoline, b western talked about this, bottled water or c, ground beef. think you know the answer, find out if you are correct when we come back.
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the answer is b, bottle water.
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besides the environment the town has a beef with the water bottling company which has tapped in to the town's water supply. so there. in sports at 6:24 the nationals are in houston today. they begin a four-game series with the astros after taking care of unfinished business. may 5th, the astros and nats played here in washington. the game was suspended in the 11th inning because as you see all the rain. that game will be completed today with the nats as the home team. the nats wrapped up their series with the rockies yesterday. colorado chased ross early. the three run triple made it 5- 0 in the fifth and that was it for him. for jose he went six and a third striking out five and giving up three runs. the nationals lose 10-4 and were swept out of denver.
6:25 am
>> that is baltimore native and former dc united player scoring for team usa last night. they beat honduras 2-0. u.s. takes on haiti this weekend. the time is 6:25. coming up how stress at work could have a direct impact on your waistline. and plus the safety of federal office buildings here in washington. disturbing findings made public on captiol hill. we are live from 27th street and the whitehurst freeway in northwest dc where we are moving without incident. more roads you count on early are up next. more clouds than yesterday at this time. but it is still a gorgeous morning here in northwest dc. the forecast forecast is ready to go. looking in to the weekend, too. you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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save money. live better. walmart. break out the bamboo birthday cake. , tai shan turns 4 today. that is teenager years when it comes to pandas. he started life as a little butter stick and is now 200- pounds plus. the zoo has a day of fun planned for him. learn more going to click on the district news page
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and happy birthday if it is your day as well. >> thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard is off today. kim martucci is on the weather terrace. she's my buddy because it is buddy check 9 day. how much longer can we enjoy the cool summer breeze, kim? >> we have all day today and we pretty much have all day tomorrow. let's enjoy it while we have it. good morning, everybody. on the weather terrace i'm here every morning at this time. it is great. no problems. put up the forecast and show you the temperatures. leading with 50s in winchester. mid-60s downtown. low 60s patuxent river. as for the weather forecast, we are going to have partly cloudy skies. as you can see on the satellite loop, our temperatures will go from the 50s and 60s to the lower 80s today. hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. we are half way through the 6:00 hour. it is thursday, and we are ready to get started. 95 northbound are the prince william parkway to lorton.
6:31 am
looking at a slow go. an overall time of ten minutes. report of an accident down here as we take you to the map we will show you in prince georges county. northbound 210 where it meets livingston crews are working there and nearby allentown at temple hill road. another scene. be careful heading that way. checking on inbound new york avenue. we take you toe district. drivers below speed to times building to bladensburg road and the beltway we are north of the district where we are live from university. a little below speed. minor delay from this spot over to georgia avenue. the inner loop is shaping up great. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. 6:31. president obama is in italy. right now he's meeting with the leaders of the other g-8 nations along with leaders from the economic power houses. about 3:30 this morning our time, mr. obama met with his counterpart from brazil. the two exchanged soccer jerseys. yesterday the president met
6:32 am
italy estop leaders. the hot topic is the economy and the recession. president obama says g-8 leaders are looking to the future. >> we discussed the importance of europe and the united states raising standards on financial institutions to ensure that a crisis, like the one that has taken place will never happen again. >> reporter: the summit is taking part in the area of italy hard hit by this year's earthquake. president obama met with some recovery workers yesterday. accusations this morning that the cia lied to congress during closed-door meetings. congressman reyes, a democrat from texas says leon pan net that admitted as much during a meeting last month. other house members say he admitted the agency concealed action and misled lawmakers repeatedly over the last eight years. the government accountability office wants to know how safe are federal
6:33 am
workers? they released this video on wednesday. it showed uncover agents get past security with bomb-making materials. once inside they were able to construct bombs. we spoke to judy adams who work at the noaa headquarters in silver spring, maryland. she says that security operators are constantly falling asleep on the job. >> i have waken up so many officers at my post with their guns on and let them 0 know they are endangering these federal workers. >> reporter: noaa tells 9 news two guards caught sleeping on the job have been removed from their post. an incident in maryland highlights the importance of pool safety and always being aware of your children. on tuesday night along middleton road in white plains a 19-month-old boy drown in his family's pool. police say the toddler was left in the care of a 15-year-old cousin. when his mother returned home the teenager was gone and the
6:34 am
mother found the toddler in the pool unconscious. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police ruled it an accident. stalking charges will be dropped against dc councilman marion barry but the drama surrounding him will go on. digital correspondent, armando trull is live in northwest washington with more on this story. >> andrea, absolutely. a lot of drama always surrounding marion barry and this time a matter of good news and bad news. the stalking charges against bare bay will be dropped today for lack of evidence. >> we are thankful to the u.s. attorneys office for seeing through it, and making the right decision. >> reporter: however, marion barry may not be willing to drop the matter, especially as it pertains to his treatment at the hands of park police after the 4th of july arrest in anacostia park. >> he was held almost two hours before being arrested. and he was held for almost four hours without having an
6:35 am
opportunity to contact his attorney. mr. barry has said that he has ever intention on elevating these concerns. >> reporter: the alleged victim, former barry girlfriend donna watts said she never wanted to press charges against barry but had this to say. >> marion is just competitive and of course it is never his fault. he's never wrong. and he's slippery. >> reporter: bad news for marion barry is this incident brought to light a $60,000 nod by contract that he awarded to his then girlfriend donna watts and while barry claims it was done legally some want an investigation either by the council or by dc's attorney general. so a lot manufacture to go on the marion barry reality show. the question is, are district residents tuning in or out?
6:36 am
armando trull for 9 news now and jessica doyle is keeping tabs on how the stimulus money is being spent. busy woman. >> yeah, right. the big idea is to jump start the economy with this money and do other things like build new schools, pay for education reform. that's not how the money is being spent in some places. government auditors say that many states are setting aside the plans to stay afloat. the $787 billion in stimulus is keeping teachers you have unemployment lines and making payments and providing a cushion to state budgets. oil prices have been on a wild ride for sometime and are holding $60 a bare. that's double the lows reached in january but off of the record highs. now the commodities future trading commission is considering tougher regulations on the oil futures mark. the aim would be to crack down
6:37 am
on speculation that it -- prices over the past year. the oil business is raking in the dough. fortune magazine is out with the biggest rankings in the world and royal dutch shell topped the list this year. it made $15 billion more in sales than the number two on the list, exxon mobile. wal-mart fell from first to third. bp and chevron rounded out the top five. why don't we have oil wells our backyard, andrea? we are making a mistake here. >> i know. it is adding to my stress. and stress at work can lead to a bigger waistline. a study in the journal of epidemiology finds people who are already overweight can add even more pounds because of stress at work. men are more likely to gain weight because of job-related stress or worries over bills. women share the causes but are also tied to family relationships and lack of control. we will have details on the study at on our
6:38 am
living well page. speaking of work, green collar jobs are red-hot these days. they are jobs in environmental fields. in five minutes a closer look at what those jobs are. and a great new tool to find the right one for you. but first a focus on virginia weather and traffic. we start with kim. >> it is gorgeous outside. ft. belvoir, you are in my spotlight this morning. 52 degrees. culpeper 63. up in leesburg 64. the high today, cooler than yesterday. we will be in the low 80s if not upper 70s. wood stock 79. arlington a high of 82 and partly sunny. angie, how are virginia's roads shaping up? not so bad. we will kick things off in alexandria, virginia. route 1 at 23rd street. a good amount of traffic here approaching the beltway but no incidents or accidents.
6:39 am
and flying the toll road from the airport all the way to the capital beltway. if you want to hop on 66 we are finding lanes wide open. it is 6:39. we'll be right back after these messages. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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6:42 am has launched a new part of our website. it is dedicated to helping you find a green collar job. that's a job related to the environment. but it isn't all about planting trees and cleaning streams. before we check out this site, howard bernstein looks at these jobs. >> reporter: when you think of green jobs you might think of something to do with polar panels or hybrid cars but there are penty of jobs that are green. >> i'm director of finance for an energy efficiency company
6:43 am
called aleasing energy. >> reporter: he has a simple definition. >> anyone who is helping to make things more efficient, use less fuel can be kima ngit a green job. >> reporter: she runs eco-coach helping green job seekers. >> some people are interested in the green job field because they recognize the potential and it is a trend and something that will be growing in the future. >> reporter: one job seeker is david cokier. >> i'm looking for a job in climate change strategy consulting or sustainability consulting. >> renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs numbered 9 million in 2007 but could go as high as 37 million by 2030. in in spite of the growth potential, he says he is facing obstacles. >> i think it is tough. there is a lot of talk about green job and a lot of interest from policy standpoint about green jobs but i'm not sure
6:44 am
everyone is there yet. >> he says there are other ways to get in the door if you don't want to go back to school. >> how can you lend your skills, even on a part-time basis to a company that is going green and prove your value so you can partner up or they can bring you on board later on. >> howard bernstein for 9 news now and >> as howard mentioned those green jobs are hot right now. if you haven't checked out our living green section of our website, now would be a great time to do that. take a look. here it is. the is the site. you can find a link on the home page at if you haven't checked it out, what it is, on the left side you will see the latest green news and the latest green stories that aired on over on the right you can watch the green tip of the day. all the video right here. you can even send in your green story ideas. what we want to focus on this
6:45 am
morning is our new feature, the green jobs. click on this button. this is what will pop up. this site breaks it down in to three types of green jobs. federal government, nonprofit and the private sector. for n fui clicked on the privore fuctse. this is ctatwhwill pop up and they have a list of quite a few private sector green collar jobs and just randomly i picked out one moms organic market, click there and it will take you to the job listings at moms organic market and just look at all of those jobs there. i mean there's quite a few ranging from assistant general manager to wellness staff and andrea, a new study stju released by a charitable trust shows the number of green dollar jobs in the u.s. grew nearly three times faster than traditional jobs between ' 98 and 2007 and that number is of course expected to just keep growing. >> that's a good thing. >> a great thing. especially for people wanting
6:46 am
green collar jobs. >> this is a great service. having the green jobs and knowing where to look on our website for them. >> you know what, i love us. great for everybody wanting a green job. we have a link right to it it. >> is really easy. click on it and it is right there. >> the forecast is terrific. >> yes, it is. good morning. it is 6:46. christopher williams my facebook friend just got out of the hospital. we wish you well and a speedy recovery. fantastic outside. our weather has been so delightful. we will have a few more clouds around today. we will have some northeasterly winds. so this is a cool direction for us this time of the year but not down right told at all. not quite that 88 which is our average high. right now a pair of sixes at reagan national airport. northeasterly winds are blowing at eight miles an hour. temperatures dropped to 59 in baltimore. 57 frederick. leesburg 64 and 62 in quantico.
6:47 am
the weather today look at it. pretty nice. partly cloudy. not as sunny as the last couple of days. 82 on friday, tomorrow to kick off the weekend mostly sunny and saturday a pretty nice warmup. ramping things up to 89. saturday on the lookout for a couple of thunderstorms and better chance of getting wet on sunday. high pressure is a fair weather maker and that's the case today but sometimes when they are to our west or one across new york state and new england that will pull in northeasterly winds and that is moisture in the form of clouds to the ocean is slightly cooler weather. thisaway we are facing today. nothing to write home about. folks in the carolinas dealt with all the rain yesterday and this is where the southern branch of the jet stream has been squashed. we have been out of its way and missing the rain. the northern branch is locked up across the grit lakes with an upper level low spinning. we have been in between the two
6:48 am
branches of jet stream in no man's land of no weather going on. that's why it has been nice around here. help you with the forecast if you are heading out. denver 87. pacific northwest 74. miami 92. only in the 60s in boston. pack that jacket. here you go. seven-day forecast is up. we will take you to 82 tomorrow. again, saturday is the warmup. sunday a couple of thunderstorms. haven't seen them here in a while. and next week not too bad p. don't forget my twitter i.d. name is weather kim. i have the forecast every morning by 4:00. that's early but that's when you need it. >> good morning. don't forget i'm oh, my goff if you want your traffic on-line. i twitter it through the morning. northbound 210 this is an accident we have been watching the last half hour or so. it is at livingston and it is blocking two left lanes. expect minor delays. outside to the outer loop. the sun is shining and looking
6:49 am
pretty. below speed from university over to georgia. inner loop is getting by fine. no incidents or accidents to report as we make our way to 270. the main southbound delay stretches from germantown road to 370. in virginia, 66 headed eastbound. we are heavy from 50 to 123. and then using the brakes once again approaching 495 and speaking of 495 here's the beltway live from the inner loop in virginia. one slow go not that big from braddock to little river. over to you. amtrak and marc trains are running on schedule again this morning through baltimore. a natural gas leak in the northeast part of the city halted all trains for a few hours on wednesday. the leak was under a bridge where construction work was going on. that leak has been fixed. people in one sterling, virginia, community are forced to drink bottled water or risk exposing themselveses to cancer-
6:50 am
causing contaminants. folks there were built next to a land fill. an environmental study of the soil found high levels of tce, a toxic chemical which can lead to increased risk of cancer and liver problems. the epa says cleaning the site could take up to ten years. ne>>st ed to be slow and methodical. water cleanups are never quick or easy. >> the epa says the broad run farm site is one of the most contaminated in the country and designated a super fund, meaning it is a top priority for the government. in sports the u.s. national championships in swimming are underway. michael phelps won the two trials he was in last night but aaron piersall stole the show and reclaimed his record in the backstroke a week after his spanish swimmer took it away. in tennis the kas les
6:51 am
tennis team is winless on the season. they fell to st. louis 21-15. the next match is sunday against new york. the time is 6:51. we have 66 degrees here in northwest washington. and an expected end to legal trouble today for a new redskin. the latest on albert haynesworth is just two minutes away. we'll be right back.
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hanes worst will make a plea deal today. think hearing will begin at 9:00. today stalking charges will be dropped against marion barry but he wants an investigation in to his treatment at the hands of u.s. park police and some want an investigation in to why marion barry awarded his then girlfriend a $60,000 no bid contract. and the countdown is now on for spie space shuttle "endeavor." nasa cleared it for a saturday night launch. but stormy weather could delay that. >> no stormy weather here. i wouldn't worry about a jacket today. 77 at noon and 81 for the high at 5:00. 6:55. you are watching 9 news now.
6:55 am
we'll be right back.
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when i get my period
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it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom we're back with an innovative team. meet andrew a 17-year-old living in kansas. he got sick of paying high gas prices so this teen with no automotive knowledge converted his ford escort in to an electric car all by himself without any help. andrew says he gets a lot of questions about it. >> they ask where i bought it and i'm like what part the motor, the car. they don't believe i actually converted the whole thing. >> nick has turned -- it has been a great project. i'm really proud of him. >> that was his mom. how did he learn what to do, the internet of course. this do it yourself electric car goes 38 miles an hour and
6:59 am
gets 11 miles on a single charge and didn't cost 60 or $90,000 like the car in california they are developing. >> i think he liked the science there. >> have gm hire him. >> go andrew. talk about the traffic, northbound 210 at livingston road an accident is blocking two lanes. 95 northbound in virginia slow from prince william parkway to lorton. on the outer loop below speed from new hampshire to georgia. weather in a word, fantastic. jessica? >> well, wall street is looking good. modest rally indicated at the open. >> i have a better word, waterfront. the "early show" is next and they will have more allegations that the cia flat out lied to congress. and at 9:00 looking good without spending a lot. >> and go to have a great thursday. bye-bye.


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