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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 8, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. well, president obama is now in italy to attend his first g-8 summit. there will be a slew of
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challenges to tackle. charlie d'agata is also traveling with the president. >> reporter: world leaders put the global economic crisis front and center as they gathered in italy, stimulating the sluggish economy is the first order of business at the annual g-8 summit. in a draft statement, the leaders said the economic situation remains uncertain. along with powerful stimulus measures, they are studying how they will rein in those strategies. this is the first g-8 meeting for president obama. he arrived with the first lady in rome earlier today and sat down for talks with the italian president. >> we discussed the importance of europe and the united states raising standards on financial institutions to ensure that a crisis, like the one that has taken place will never happen again. >> reporter: the global economy is just the beginning. over three days, members here will wrestle with north korea's nuclear ambitions, aid for poor
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nations, what to do about iran's disputed presidential election and global warming. italian prime minister moved the summit to the city after the earthquake devastated the town. >> their hearts were broken by the death and destruction that took maybe place after the earthquake. >> reporter: a aftershocks are still a concern and officials prepared emergency air lift for the world leaders in case another strong tremor hits. charlie d'agata, cbs news, italy. outgoing alaska governor sarah palin says it is a rose egg -- if the resignation ends her political career so be it. she spoke to reporters for the first time since they are surprise announcement last week. she did not hint at a future plan but did not rule out a run for president in 2012. a new poll by gala and our partners at "usa today" said 19% of americans would be very
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likely to vote for pailn in partial election. 24% would be somewhat likely. 13% not too likely and 41% not likely at all. a number of u.s. and south korean government websites have been paralyzed by a cyberattack. south korean officials say they are trying to determine if the attack is the work of north korean hackers. the website took several u.s. banks that were targeted in the attack which began on july 4th. many of the websites are still affected. today congress will hear about security at federal buildings across our region. investigators say they were able to sneak bomb-making materials past security guards and to federal buildings. at least ten buildings are involved. and under cover agents were able to carry the materials around the building unnoticed. tomorrow, the dc council
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member marion barry is scheduled to appear in court on a stalking charge. in a late-night news conference, barry spoke and confirmed more information about barry's relationship with the woman that he is accused of stalking. our 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull has more from the wilson building. >> reporter: council member marion barry's spokesperson says his exgirlfriend, donna watts, was seeing a psychiatrist and her allegations of stalking against him is a product of mental instability. >> miss watts should not be believed. her allegations against mr. barry are simply not true. they are lies. >> reporter: but miss watts crashed that press conference and denied those accusations. >> only heard a little of what she said and what i did hear is not true. >> reporter: barry's spokesperson admitted that watts had been awarded a $60,000 no bid contract for a poverty reduction program in ward 8 but said it is legal.
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>> it is not unusual nor is it illegal for council members to award contracts to supporters or family members woodwale fie or can provide the services that are required. >> reporter: barry's spokesperson says the former mayor and watts were romantically involved was irrelevant to the contract process and offered this explanation as to why watts was given the award. >> miss watts was about to lose her house, her car and due to stability of finding employment. mr. barry did, in fact, do this primarily not because of miss watts but because of mrs. watts ' children. >> reporter: dc law says public officials cannot use their position to directly benefit members of their household meaning children, wives, husbands, et cetera. it does not say anything an girlfriends. as far as the stalking charges go, barry says he expects those charges to be dropped when he
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appears in court tomorrow. armando trull for 9 news now and a train operator caught on camera texting while on the job is back on the job after serving a five day suspension. the video was recorded by a metro rider and it was posted on the website youtube. the incident happened on the blue line in june. prior to the deadly crash on the system's red line. metro spokesperson says that the offense does not mean the operator should lose their job. >> we believe what the -- with the policy we have in place given the operator was suspended without pay and lost income and we all know thou important income is these days that that in itself should send a lesson. >> reporter: metro did not say how long the operator has been an employee and if he returned
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to the same line. police have a driver in custody after a deadly crash on the beltway. the accident happened on the outer loop just before the american legion bridge. according to police, 33-year- old kelly loose of chesapeake lost control and went over the guardrail. investigators believe that alcohol s a factor in the crash. an autopsy will be performed on a high school football player who collapsed and later died during a conditioning session at northwest high school in germantown. the family of 16-year-old edwin miller says he was in excellent shape but he showed signs of heat stroke and dehydration. school officials say coaches attempted cpr to save miller.
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the voluntary preseason conditioning session have been suspended indefinitely at northwest high school ♪ [ music ] ♪ a day after a star-studded public good-bye for michael jackson. many questions remain about his estate. and the future of his three children, and also where will he be buried? teri okita has the latest information from los angeles. >> reporter: michael jackson's family still hasn't revealed where the pop icon will be laid to rest. one possibility is jackson's beloved neverland ranch but legal hurdles stand in the way. >> i'm hoping and praying he gets buried here. that would be awesome. >> fans see it turning in to a popular tourist destination like graceland. >> fans would like it a lot. >> his death certificate was released without any cause of death. officials say that will not come until a few weeks when
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toxicology tests are completed. most of the jackson family including the sing ers three children are in seclusion at the tamm pi compound after the emotional sendoff. >> daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine. >> reporter: in his will jackson made clear he wanted 11- year-old paris michael and her two siblings to remain with his mother. but deb bee roe may seek custody. a guardianship hearing is scheduled for mobbed. >> you don't want to traumatize them any more. my guess is they wouldry main with catherine jackson. it remains to be seen if they will open their wallet. l.a. officials have asked for donations to cover the $4 million cost for tuesday's public memorial. teri okita, cbs news, los angeles. you can see much more from the
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michael jackson memorial service by going to our website, click the banner at the top for a photo and video gallery. still to come on 9 news now at noon, doctors around the country are baffled over how a simple stomach ache turned in to a medical mystery that has a man fighting for his life. later, find out how an extra fee at dc grocery stores could help to save the anacostia river. we'll be right back.
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doctors are baffled over one man's mysterious illness. what started as a stomach ache turned in to fight for billy anderson's life and there's more attention to find out what is making him sick. mike has more from baxter, springs, kansas. >> reporter: it's been 17 months since london has spent time with her father outside of the hospital walls, just long enough for the 3-year-old to learn what the words medical mystery means. >> they don't know. >> she's understanding more about the situation. she knows now when she goes places she will see other children with their daddy and she realizes her daddy is not able to do those things. so she knows something is wrong. >> reporter: doctors are yet to figure out what that is.
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they watched him lost 100-pound and become bedridden. his pain is so severe he can barely speak but his story is spreading word about this mystery disease. from news segments to national websites to music records. interest. & this one is for you billy ♪ ♪ have on the east coast a performer in baltimore heard his story and wanted to get involved. >> the day i heard it i felt something in my heart which made me realize i have to help them. and i have a talent and that is poetry which i like to put in music. & a husband and father and a friend and two daughters ♪ ♪ >> everything in the song i'm trying to explain what he is probably feeling. >> billy and i listened to it and i cried my eyes out. it is so emotional. ♪ ♪ i just can't cry i can't die ♪ ♪ >> on the west coast. >> we had two research scientists from stanford come forward.
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it's been probably a month ago and offer their assistance and their lab, free of charge. >> reporter: from professions in between including an athlete in florida who wanted to run on his behalf. >> it is overwhelming but at the same time he is excited to know people haven't forgot about him in that hospital bed. >> it has been two years since they walked in the door at st. johns and since then word of his disease has spread across the nation and around the world. while the trial and tribulations haven't gotten easier for nikki and her family she say the help of strangers helps through each day. >> he is in so much pain and suffering through so much and we miss our children so much and i will get an e-mail from somebody saying i'm praying for you and everything is going to be okay. and it is one of the only things that keeps me going and able to encourage him. >> reporter: it with the help of encouragement from strangers that is solving the disease
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piece by piece. >> they were figuring out small pieces of the puzzle. enough to eliminate some diseases. we were able to determine he doesn't have an immuno deficient disease which is a huge deal for our family. >> keeping the family hopeful as they continue to fight billy's disease. >> the help is paying off because billy anderson has gotten out of bed for the first time and he has managed to walk almost 300 feet with a walker. our best wishes to him. coming up next, kim has the forecast. j.c., it is so nice out here. what can i pay our producer to do the weather outside? hmm, think of that. the forecast is ready to go this wednesday afternoon. you are tcnghi9 news now. fa
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beginning january 1st, shoppers in the district will have to pay a nickel for every disposable bag used at grocery, drug, convenience and liquor stores. dc mayor fenty signed the bag fee bill in to law yesterday. and most of the money raised by
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this fee will be used to help to clean up the anacostia river. that's a good thing. take a bag with you if you are going shopping in the district. >> i have a couple of those. i keep forgetting to bring them in the car to keep them in my car. >> i have to say something about that. it is glass. >> it is antique glass. >> i got it in florida visiting my mama. >> pretty. >> thank you. a gorgeous picture to share with you. we have facebook friends that like us here at channel 9 and they become our friends and then they share with us picture and i can share them with you. my friend donald h action rwood's front yard. this nest is hog something he built, like a so they could build the nest. he is helping with the wildlife. they love to roost. thank you, donald for finding me on facebook and sharing it.
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they are great. so how w argsinthingoing, ving a good lunch? if you can sneak outside, i don't know about you if you rkwoin rkplace where theyeykee it like a fridge dare in the ac, you need to get outside because it will warm you up. feels so good out there. clear skies, plenty of sunshine. it is gorgeous. look in maryland, 77 hailingerstown. 78 in the district. 78 patuxent river. high temperatures around 80 to 83 whether you live in urbana, gaithersburg, mechanicsville looking good. northern virginia you are in the spotlight now. already 81 in fredericksburg. 78 ft. belvoir. 72 off to the west in winchester. highs will be cooler out there 81 but warrenton has a shot of 85. sunny and 82 forecast for fairfax. it is gorgeous. the humidity is low but temperatures are mild. we like that. coming up tonight, it will be partly cloudy, lows in the 60s and winds from the north five
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to ten. the allergy update. the grass is moderate. the weeds and mold are low. if you are sneezing, likely grass. i think i discovered my problem. northwest winds today, keep things fine and dandy. those winds will shift around tomorrow and more from the northeast. that's going to push cloud cover but not rain. boy, we're going to save the rain for maine. that's where it has been the last couple of weeks. that cluster of storms stays out of reach. we have northwesterly winds today. look at what happens tomorrow. more northeasterly. so that will push in maybe a couple of clouds. partly cloudy day and slightly cooler weather in the lower 80s and upper 70s are forecasted for ocean city tomorrow, 77. what do you say we put the forecast in writing and help you plan the rest of the day and the next seven. it is looking pretty good. today 85. there's a slightly cooler weather tomorrow. a few more clouds. friday back up to 86. over the weekend, we got two
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things to think about. the hot day is saturday. that's also most likely the rain-free day and sunday scattered thunderstorms and next week in the driver's seat with fantastic weather, 85 and 86 on monday and tuesday. don't change that dial. we are not done yet. the 9 news 9 news at noon continues after this. stay with us. n ( crack of bat, cheering )
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it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom it is time to get physical. my friend, fitness expert evelyn kimball is here and she will talk about an early- morning workout.
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i love it. i just love getting up in the morning and working out. what should i do. >> what do you do first of all? >> i asked the question and you answer them. >> i want to get somewhere with you first, j.c. >> your morning workout. if you are a morning person, go 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning if you have children and they are asleep and children and husband are asleep, let's get going. this is about you. >> what do you do. >> if you have a gym downstairs or a group you workout with get with that group and go on a walk. >> just walk. >> just walk for now. now if you are just starting go on walks. >> all right. >> just go walking in the neighborhood and then on your walk let's add some things like the jump rope. so you may take a break, walk a mile, 15, 1 minutes depending on who's leading the pace. incorporate jumping rope in to
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your exercise. now the weight. i don't recommend weights, heavy weights when you are walking because it can irritate the joints. so if you use the weights very light on weights. now before we start the walk talk about the scale. >> this is my favorite item, the scale. >> don't allow the scale. >> it determines my day in the morning. if the scale doesn't say the right thing i have a bad day. >> the day may start off bad. >> are you saying don't get on the scale. >> don't live by the scale. don't allow the scale to determine whether you are healthy or making progress because your body fluke waits depending on stress, if you are carrying a lot of -- your body is retaining fluids or to forth. drink a lot of water. stay away from the scale. i recommend once a month. >> she says get your day started with a boost of energy. develop better eating habits, handle stress better and
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motivate lookers who are on their way to work, like me. >> thank you. >> i'm going to do better. i am. i'm going to do better. back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day. bye-bye.
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