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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 7, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight new developments in the marion berry stalking case. we have learned the former girlfriend used to work for the city. a historical memorial service for michael jackson gives a personal peak at the mysterious icon. >> we begin with a tribute to the musical legend. this morning the california highway patrol escorted the jackson family caravan to the forest lawn cemetery. they held a private gathering there before the public memorial service. that memorial service was full of heart breaking moments. >> it was broadcast across the nation and around the world with more than ten million people watching it on line. there were several viewing
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parties all around our region. michael jackson fans watched. tonight we give you an abbreviated uninterrupted look.
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we will have a bit more coverage coming later in the broadcast. after the service we found fans
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rushing to get their hands on a memento to help capture their memories. we will talk about what your treasures are worth and where can you get your own. that's less than 15 minutes. we have learned that a congressional report bomb making materials were smuggled into ten federal buildings. they were able to get the materials past the guards. the investigation was cared out by the government accountability office and lawmakers will hear all about it tomorrow at a senate hearing. caught on tape, an employee texting while operating a metro train. that operator is back on the job after being suspended. >>reporter: it's the you tube video that folks who ride the metro are talking about. we want to be clear this video has nothing to do with the
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deadly metro accident two weeks ago. this was recorded two and a half weeks before the accident with an operator texting. but metro wasn't made aware of it until recently. the video has riders shaking their heads. it's the you tube video that's causing a major concern with metro riders. >> that is kind of disturbing. >>reporter: in this blurry video the driver is looking down while the train is moving. the video was shot by someone who kaulz himself the pearl necklace. he said he captured the video on june 5th. metro officials confirm it. >> this operator actually committed he was texting? >> that's correct. >>reporter: metro spokesperson says the operator was suspended for five days without pay last week. could this send a bad precedence that if an operator is caught texting once i'll still have my job? >> we believe with the pog we have in place given the fact
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this operator was suspended without pay and lost income and we all know how important income is these days, that itself should send a lesson. >>reporter: we asked riders their reaction after watching the video. >> i think he will probably get the message with five days off and no pay. >>reporter: should riders feel safe if an operator has been caught texting? >> we believe and we feel that we have a very safe system. >> that's pretty bad, especially when he has his head down, he's not even looking. >>reporter: texting or any use of your personal cell ten is against metro policy. they say during their investigation they talked with the person who shot the video and metro says the operator reported to work yesterday. they were not able to say how long the operator has been an employee and if he's returned to working on the same blue line. thank you so much. did the punishment fit the
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crime, we ask you to chime in on our web site, here's how you voted. 32% felt the punishment wasb@ about right, 68% say he should have been fired. now to some breaking news, city records show former dc mayor marion berry hired his former girlfriend soon after they began dating. this comes out days after he was charged with stalking the same woman over the 4th of july weekend. we have a late breaking press conference called by berry. >>reporter: he did not appear. he had a spokesperson who said she was speaking as a direct voice for marion berry. as soon as she started talking about how this former girlfriend, donna bright house has herself admitted that she's been seeing psychiatrist, we heard a voice from over our shoulder, turned our head and
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she was there defending herself. she later left in a vehicle, but apparently there is a back and forth dispute with whether or not she -- mr. berry is repeatedly defending himself through his spokesperson saying she is unstable and launching these allegations over the weekend that he was stalking her. since then of course uh-huhs mentioned earlier it's come forward that she was hired -- she has been hired by mr. berry since they were dating back in august. that was over the past few months, here's what his spokesperson had to say about that. >> the fact the contract was awarded to a friend or relative of the former mayor and in this case ms. watts is irrelevant as long as it was awarded properly. and brought value for the money that was paid. this is absolutely the case for the contract between council member berry and the contract between ms. watts. >>reporter: she also said for the record it is not unusual nor
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illegal for a council member to award family members or friends if they are qualified. at the time mr. berry believed ms. watts was qualified for the job. since then obviously they have grown apart and this ongoing dispute of her stability and whether or not he was stalking her will be resolved in court on thursday. i think that's when the attorneys are going to decide whether or not they will continue to press charges against mr. berry. thank you. sarah palin says she's not ruling out a run for the presidency. the republican governor spoke with a reporter while she was on a fishing trip in alaska. >> are you ever going to run for president? >> all options will continue to be on the table as they have been for me might entire life. i'm not going to close any door that may be open for me out
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there. >> palin announced last week sh will resign as alaska's governor later in the month. her office released records that show the state paid $2 million fighting ethics complaints against her and she has racked up a half million dollars in personal legal bills. program heads to italy tomorrow where he will attend a g 8 summit and meet with the pope. the president ended up with an agreement that the white house had expected, that both nations reduce their nuclear stockpile. congratulations senator. on capitol hill that's vice president biden administering the oath of office to brand new senator al franken. he has a seat on the high profile judiciary committee in charge of next week's supreme court confirmation hearing.
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let's just stop time now, keep the weather like this forever. i don't know about foufr. >> low humidity lots of sunshine, not bad. for tonight we will keep going, there will be a few ou ds. lows in thecl0s 6, winds out 6fo orh er at autbo 1 mpesteaturig rhtow r n n comfortable, 78 downtown. low 70s for leesburg. we will come back and talk about cooler air rolling in. but then summer's lurking. it's all coming up. coming up an emergency landing at bwy, find outtha w forced a pilot to turn around.
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welcome back. in tonight's living smart focus if you have fall travel plans it will be hd to btea southwest airlin llouwi tiet for a flight tou00 4p s. we60et bmien 40000 and 750. and f $90orghli ftsve or50 7 7 o ourntrcrou cry there areintr sgstt aached. for one thing you have to buy before midnight tomorrow. cheaper or not you do not want to be on this southwest flight. it left bwy late today bound for
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rhode island, after taking off the engine sucked in a lot of birds. the pilot had to declare an emergency and safely brought the plane back down. no people were hurt, but apparently the ground crew had to deal with a lot of feathers. tonight in living well a multi state kidney swap that set a record and has johns hopkins hospital in baltimore in the middle of it all. doctors explained how eight people got new kidneys from eight unrelated donors when their loved ones weren't a match. it involved four hospitals in four states. >> i thought oh, my gosh, they took my live kidney out and put it in somebody else, it's living there. it's almost something that's not real. but i can get by fine for the rest of my life with one kidney. >> this is the realization of something i've dreamed about for a decade and it's happening and i couldn't be more excited about
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it. >> chief transplant surgeon montgomery is a big advocate of expanding kidney swapping nationwide to ease the critical > gan shortage. welil wet g a the scoop on the mj memorabilia goods in three minutes, keep it right here. fios guy! where ya headed?
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a look at the staple center where they had the memorial service today. michael jackson memorabilia is selling at elvis presley type prices. >> the jacket you see right there is one of 250 originals. the owner is a former motown tour manager, he is putting it up for sale on the web. professional collectors say if you plan to sell any jackson
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memorabilia don't wait long. >> the hype is right now, so the maximum is probably going to be within the next few weeks or months. after that things kind of quiet down and there's not as much call or demand for it. so appreciation probably won't be that great. >> that michael jackson world tour jacket it is on craig's list, starting price $2500. the owner says he has a medallion and motown watch, he will not be selling those. >> i have white sox you can buy. i can't say michael wore them or anything, but they are white sox. >> i know a buddy of mine that would probably jump on that. in the 80s he knew every word to thriller, had all the outfits. >> did he do the dance? >> he thought he could. he did the best he could actually. we have a full moon out there and some clouds.
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the temperature is very pleasant. the next three or four days very nice. temperatures will remain well below average, low to mid-80s tomorrow, low 80s on thursday. friday we go back to the mid-80s, but that is not hot for this time of year. we will have clouds around all three days, particularly on thursday. we will remain dry we think. weekend, you may notice the weekend heating up a little bit. forecast overnight in detail. partly cloudy, lows in t0s wi. 6ou s ndt os f the north at 10. temperatures right now in the 70s. a little farther west we're talking some 60s. now, tomorrow morning partly cloudy, mild, 60s and 70s. as long as the winds stay northerly we will be okay.
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partly cloudy, high 81 to 85 by afternoon, winds still out of the north about ten. a few clouds tomorrow morning, mainly with some fog. then we get clouds returning at lunchtime. it won't be a totally clear the next couple days, but pleasant. we will put this into motion, by midnight still clouds. on thursday notice the clouds begin to work their way this way from northeast to southwest as the winds turn northeast terly and that will provide clouds for us, keep us dry, but also keep us a little cooler, which i don't think anybody will complain about that. all six zones still on the web site. everybody's dry, partly cloudy, low 80s winchester, leesburg. downtown mid-80s, maybe 83. a very nice day to be on the
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water, no small craft advisories, no threat of storms. okay. next seven days. low 80s tomorrow, partly cloudy, low 80s on thursday, clouds come in. we go back up a little bit on friday, mid-80s, still dry. just a touch of summer over the weekend, not crazy hot. temperatures either side of 90 saturday and sunday. a couple thunderstorms possible saturday. a better chance of storms next monday late and monday night. >> we're getting to the double digits of july in terms of date and still just a touch of 90, that's amazing. in tomorrow's washington examiner some metro train operators say they're afraid to operate trains since the crash. that's according to the union chief. the dc summer jobs will end on july 22nd this year due to a lack of funding.
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let's talk about tennis. there's some action here. >> venous who lost in the washington final had to show up in dc and play team tennis. venus williams comes to town for the calendar he will home opener, we will show you her night in northwest. plus it's the good, the bad and the ugly, it's coming up next.
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at giant, you'll find fresh, delicious, quality meats at prices that sizzle. like super g split chicken breast, just 99 cents a pound. only at giant. in denver tonight the thats tried to zimmerman the rockies to death. zimmerman was on the mound.
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first inning, that's willingham total through thriving since being named full-time right fielder. that peers to be a benign pop-up, this is denver, the air does funny things. then came zimmerman, ryan, three run shot. it's tied at four and that is where we remain right now in the 8th inning. >> from the nba the pistons picked a new head coach, cavaliers assistant john kuester has agreed to take over the team. he has been an nba assistant for the last 14 years. >> in terms of tennis horror and history there cannot be two more opposite places than center court at wimbledon and the corner of 11th and h northwest.
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venus williams was here today. full house to see the five time wimbledon champion and she delivered the goods, winging her singles match and doubles match and winning mixed doubles. castle fall. >> wnba heart breaker for the miss particulars in minnesota. ultimately fell, that's former lady vol, 96-94 the final. >> with that i love your enthusiasm before the break. it is time for the return of our weekly look at the excellent and not so excel ebit, it's the good, the bad and ugly for july 7th. we start with the good, 8th grader from ohio trying to
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impress the girls before he leaves for the summer, pulls off the front hand spring full court and nails it. his gym teacher was shooting the video, even she wanted to go to the prom with him after that. >> the weavers, last week jared weaver pitched against his brother jeff weaver. what did mom and dad do, they made up half and halfer assist and played it down the middle. >> best use of $300 seats, dressed up in full umpire clothing, mimicked every call the you were made during the game. watch this, the guy reaches in and pulls a new ball out and gives it his girlfriend like she's the catcher. >> let's go to the bad. you know drag racers that parachutes that deploy to
11:30 pm
showdown the cars, ever wonder what happens when it doesn't work. they slam into a huge net. i suppose it's better than clamg into a concrete wall, but still pretty bankrupt stop. >> worse anger management, charles tray hand who is cutting here with his driver for 17 straight holes because he busted his putter over his knee on the first hole. that's a rookie mistake, if you're going to do that you have to do it late in the round because you can't replace it. >> here's the ugly, worst biblical playing to overtake a sporting event, a swarm of bees who made a hives inside one of the pitcher's jackets. apparently they have had it happen before, they have a guy on stand by and he cleared it up. >> finally worst wardrobe
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malfunction, egypt, he reveals the tidy of his whitey. >> the return of the gbu, thank you. >> we enjoyed it. thanks for staying up with us. >> don't forget we're always on, the letterman is up next. >> good night. fios guy! where ya headed? ah, just installed fios in the whole building. now everyone has the fastest upload speeds. and we're giving them a mini netbook. well, i'm sticking with cable. so's ted. (voice) no i'm not! he's just goofing. (voice) no i'm not! (sighing) ted has betrayed me.
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