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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 7, 2009 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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so they are rewriting it to bring it up to date. and the law, expected to be effective by the end of the month. they are daling with the tragedy. and will they need to play football. >> at age 16, they were already a mentor. and he collapsed on the track at northwest high school, thursday evening, during a voluntary preseason conditioning session, for about 100 high school athletes. according to the acting principal. >> i know that they were doing some sprints and dashes and he was not breathing.
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and now, the coach, they called 911 immediately and performed cpr. that is dehydration, you know, possibly out there. and that is the leather at the time, that is as far as the practice, they are on hand. and that is out to the demise. we would like to know and we just want answers. now, in largo, maryland, hundreds of people have gathered to watch the memorial service of michael jackson. >> they invited michael jackson fans to watch the memorial service at his restaurant. that is the most influential tour in all of the creations. so you know, for somebody to have grasp it as well as michael jackson, i don't think that it ever happened. >> it's good to know and to see them that they have been showing by their music.
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and it is just so real. >> the people that came here, they say they could not bear to watch the memorial alone. they wanted to be in a place where they could feel support. >> i just want to be here to experience the michael fans. i didn't want to be home or by myself. i wanted to be among the lovers and the people that thanked them so much for the contributions around the music. the memorial they were watching was broadcast live from the staple center in los angeles. inside, friends, family, and thousands of fans, they are remembering the artist that they loved so much. michael inspired me so much, that for days, i walked around humming the bright little happy tune with them in mind. >> oh baby. >> like you were my brother. >> the entire service, they are filled with music and memories of michael skwraás. but perhaps the most emotional moment came when the little
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daughter, paris michael katherine, spoke to the crowd. ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father that you could ever imagine. i just want to say that i love you so much. we'll have more coming up later on in the broadcast. >> they will have them recognize in washington, d.c. the city council, they passed it by the 12-1 vote back in may. many local church leaders who opposed the bill saw that referendum on the d.c. board of elections saying no. same sex marriages are performed over connecticut and what made
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maine, massachusetts, new hampshire, and all of them to do that. they opened up a brand new housing for them and you could see that today. the facility among them and the avenue, they actually opened last month. but they did not get the official cutting out there for them and now, they are billing it as the one stop shopping for the modern income family for individuals trying to find places to live in d.c. raising traffics along them in the county, but as the correspondent tells us that the virginia department of transportation, they are believing that they will all prove to be safer and smoother. two of the four roundabouts at the corner, they have been built. detours, they are in place. in the long run, they tell us what the construction is done and that this will be a better place.
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that will be smooth to traffic and that is what we're looking for. that is making it out there each way. >> businesses, they are slower due to the construction project. but the bigger concern is just getting to the big area through the big circles, when trafb is backed up and motorists are not sure where to go. they are stuck behind them. >> they have delayed the response time of the fire department. the communities, they are east of here which means that they are no longer automatically responding to the calls and replaced by another company.
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if you see them already, pull them over to the shoulder before you get to the circle. and 36 people, they were arrested today at the protest to gain six weeks for the meetings in italy. and dozens more, they are covering the faces and they wore a helmet as they block the roads to set fire to the garbage cans and the tires. they are deploying thousands of police out there and officers to try to prevent any such violent outbursts. this year, they are held out there where a devastating earthquake hit last fall. they won't have the kind of luxury sweeps that they might be used to. they are making special plans for president obama. they have a single hoop to
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shoot some hoops. they are out there with the look at the forecast first. and that is one of the days where you know, they are with you. >> i know. it's just spectacular. they really haven't been summerlike just yet. and now it is still early but we'll take it. your forecast first. for tonight, partly cloudy, low temperatur into the 60s, even downtown we're talking about 60s. o ndwiout of the north at nd10. ght now, temperatures in mi d- t 80 miithu sono feels great. wndown an84wn out there and also there. now, we'll come back and talk about some cooler weather ahead. but then summer, we'll, well, go out there. we'll talk about when coming up. thank you, tom. well, there is nothing like going for a swim on the hot day. but coming up, find out why you may not want to take a deep area out there into the bay. plus, making the shift from funny man to, well, serious lawmakers. we'll talk with the washington examiners, and about al innklin's brandew ne ol
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stphr-frpblgts welcome back. with the author of the brand new book is raising intriguing questions about the ráelgsship between robert f. candy. and they are claiming that the former first lady and their brother-in-law, they were actually, well, deeply it many love and they have the long- term affair after the president and john f. kennedy were assassinated. and they were married to the kin deat the time. they kept their relationship a crete to protect their political career. >> well, in the meantime, there was more celebrity times for them. and this time, they were swearing one in. and that is one half of the washington areas out there for them. we're talking about al franklin, the new senator from minnesota and they used to be a funny guy. now, they are deciding that they would rather be dry, boring, taken seriously. >> i think that washington, they have already changed al
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franklin. and he showed up yesterday and that is the first time after the recount for them. for and now, he made two minutes worth of comments, nothing but health care, the environment, and education, and turned on the area for them. not only did you crack a joke, but you don't need to crack that smile. today, however, you have a real taste of washington. joe biden is swearing them in. they had to wait for them to show up. then they had to wait for that. and they don't need to get that. i'm thinking that he is still waiting on the last one. >> and now, here's one that they need to do that. and michael jackson's old song, ben. and they are now being sought after. did anyone remember that theme to them and the horror movie. >> right, they are trying to do that and to see that laboratory area. but you're not telling people. that is the flesh eating rat. then i'm taking over on the human race. which, you know, might be a part of their agenda afterall. we don't know.
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>> well, you know, just to show you howed old i am, i remember the sequel to that movie called willard. he was the second one. so there you go. >> just before live from the examiner, thank you, sir. always the conversation we appreciated. the 16 people in four states, they are making medical history, the maryland connection, coming up in a minute. plus, they are back with the full forecast. we hope that it is as nice as today. stay right here. b@
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burn your balances with a brand new tool for them. they are offering you free help to get your finances on order. you can type what you owe them and they will set up a payment plan for you and it even helps you track your progress what is seen here on progress. and for $10 a month, they will manage your account and prepare a deadly debt plan. by the year, the end of the year i should say, you can also pay your bills. starting january 1, you'll have to pay a nickel if you want your groceries or anything else in tkáflt c. today, they signed that bill which opposes the five cent fee on the disposable bags used for them. that fee is expected to raise $3.50 million a year. most of the moneying will go cleaning up the river. a new report says you might
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wan to avoid the water. they are becoming more and more dangerous for humans. >> it is an unbearable soup of viruses for them. the waters are posing a significant area and rib. >> now, one man in today's press conference, they said they were swimming in the river and the seven river with the small scrape on their leg. and only developed, well, that, a massive infection, while the bay foundation, they are wanting the sequel matter in the waters, they can lead to skin and blood infections and others. the liver disease, even cancer. they are calling on the environmental protection agencies to work harder to clean up the bay. and in tonight's living well report, a a tells -- atina -- anita tells us about the kidney swap, getting it from four unrelated donors. and one of those hospitals, john hopkins, they are also involved. >> reporter: the surgeon, robert montgomery says the last in the domino of operations to transplant eight kidneys was completed last night. and dr. montgomery says for
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that last recipient, getting the organ was truly a matter of life or death. >> she was literally. just days or weeks from dying. >> the kid nigh swap involved patient -- kidney swap involved patients in maryland and missouri. helping find matches fothem and nonexistence. >> and she was not a match finish her husband's job. however, to complete the swap program, she ended up giving it to a man in detroit. >> and that is at john hopkins. >> it really is evasive. people say, well, thank you. you're a hero. i wanted my husband back. >> you know, i still remember it now. because they have beaten the odds. you know, they were very slim and that would happen. >> afterwards, you know, all of a sudden, they did that. >> i'm anita brickman for
7:17 pm >> we love to see the good news stories. >> the transplant operations work at john hopkins. they say that the new model could have 1500 additional plants for them. all right, more good news, you know, we just love the summers where they are 90 degrees and that's a summer. >> we're going to keep it at bay for a while. i think that you'll come around for a weekend. >> 88 today. and they were just 79 downtown. it's like arizona, typing it in. >> here is your forecast first. the next three day, temperaturewise, well, they are okay. humidity, they will creep up there for them. and that is partly cloudy. and the clouds, they come in. they are dropping out there to explode and we'll give you clouds late in the day. 86 on friday. still below average on the partly cloudy skies. they are cool and comfortable.
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and that is 81 two in annapolis. by morning, partly cloudy and mild. and a comfortable start. 60s and 70s. and by the afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. 81 to 85. maybe a couple of degrees cooler. perhaps not quite as dry. but still, it's not going to be on the comfortable humidity wise. winds out of the north again at about ten. all right, their own forecast, six zones, they are available on our website on and also go to our website and check out my blog. i want to thank everyone for coming out on the five case where the autism speaks. i appreciate it. 82 wind chesters. and now, low to mid-80s for them. and 85 as you go down to the bridge. 83 downtown. 84 there. and a beautiful day to be by the water tomorrow. just, i guess, don't go in it for that story.
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and 80 for ap napless. annapolis. and satellite picture and radar combined. we'll zoom in with the showers and storms into the midwest. but that is a massive storm, just to the north of us, in new england. i mean, a lot of severe weather coming into connecticut, massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire. just a couple of showers close to us. mid-80s on friday and well, we'll be close to them. saturday and sunday, maybe a thunderstorm on saturday. much better chance for them on storms on monday. a little bit cooler. and temperatures in the mid-80s, next tuesday. and that is with a little better chance for some showers and thunderstorms. >> still no real 90s happening. you know, we always do the weird news this time. we have some weird news, okay? >> you can have a competition. it is kind of easy and geeky news. >> okay, tomorrow, they will last for a second. but your clock is going to match the calendar. '04, '06, and '07, they will
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match the date. thplus, ey will go usfor '05, '06, '07, '08 an 9.'0 are you impressed 9.hawith tt? >> i'm gointhto see mine impressive level that is low. >> well, we'll start with the kind of cool out there. if you want your temperature there. >> i don't know how to say that. >> do you have better stuff? >> mine might be better. let's get to the real weird news where there are world records to make people say wow, like that one i guess. then there are others that they have looked at a different reaction. like what are you nuts? this will be the ladder. the day job, they are out there. in the spare time, they like to see themselves on fire. and to see how far they can run. >> i kid you not. and will and apparently, well, that's pretty far. malcom as you can see, they are doing it right there. they are breaking the all-time areas here for them running far. and that is flat for them. and fireproof underwear for them. and the jacket. and three fireworks in the motorcycle
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helmet. they went 259 feet before i got down and too hot. now, they broke the old record. even weirder, you are doing this for the lifetime area. and i'm just saying. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to the mail bag. the address, mailbag@wusa9.koáp ne ne w wsnowill be right back. every day about 30 women in the u.s. learn
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in the the mail bag tonight, the world said good-bye to michael jackson today. but not without leaving behind the strong feelings and not all of them are so pleasant. and listen to anthony for them over maryland. the long-time friend said that he felt the most pain from this year, needless of people. and that is from them and they not only ridiculed them. but they raced them from their radar until they first, died. then it was our super star. he belonged to the world and it is a little too late to show your love. you cannot feel it. he's out of your reach, which might be a good thing. >> wow, harsh words, anthony. let's be real about it. there's a ring of truth to what they say. how many people, black people included, made fun of michael's skin. his plastic surgeries, even the parenting of his children. peep of all background -- people of all backgrounds love to tear their celebrities down. but now we tend to remember why
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we fell in love with them in the first place. like you said, anthony, michael jackson is beyond anything out there for them. if you think about it, in 20 or 50 years, all the pain, and that will be forgetten. and the world, they will be left with the artistic legacy that cannot die. well, that's our report, i'll be right back here tonight at 11, with anita brickman. tonight, we're working on the metro train driver caught on tape texting. that story will come your way next, bye bye. log onto to learn more and more. and we'll share your responses. we remember this man by celebrating his life. and in all of the love that he brought to our own lives. or for half a century. ♪[ music ]
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♪[ music ]
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we need to look up where he is undoubtedly personalled -- perched in a crescent moon. and we need to smile. ♪[ music ]
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this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. ♪ where there is love, i'll be there ♪ >> inside staples center, high above the stage. >> michael jackson the final good-bye. and "entertainment tonight" event. >> michael was the biggest star on earth.


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