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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 7, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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stars powered the tribute to the singer's life and music. ♪ [ music ] ♪[ music ] >> reporter: long-time friend spoke to his friends. >> you believed in michael and he made you believe in yourself. >> although that our hearts are aching, we need to look up and where he is undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon. and we need to smile. >> reporter: about 17,000 fans had tickets to the tribute. those who didn't, just wanted to be close to the biggest celebrity sendoff of all times. >> everyone is just getting together, remembering him. >> reporter: the memorial beam around the world and also featured salutes from usher and
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others. t-rz as show ár show -- as the show came to a close, they were around the world. and then jackson's daughter, but the human face on the larger than life entertainer. >> and she is the best father that you could ever imagine. i just want to say i love him so much. >> so many love the king of pop, the thousands here know his legacy will live on. afterwards, the fans who were inside this area, they thought it was a very moving and emotional tribute to them especially when the family got up on stage. they is are -- they have yet to make that and where michael jackson will be laid to rest. now back to you. >> terry, thank you so much for that report. well fans here, gathered in already go, maryland -- largo,
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maryland to remember the king of pop. lindsay masters was there. >> reporter: fans poured into the bar and grill to watch the memorial service. >> it's good to know and see the maxes that he has influenced by his music and everything that he has done. so it is for real. >> reporter: the people who came here say that they couldn't bear to watch the memorial alone. they wanted to be in a place where they could feel support. >> and they need to be surrounded by people, you know, in a time like this. because it is something for that. >> i wanted to be here to experience that. i didn't want to be home. i didn't want to be by myself. i wanted to be among the lovers and the people that thanked him throughout our music, not just pop, r and b, gospel, thank you so much for definitely being here and i would not miss it for the world. >> reporter: she invited michael jackson fans to watch the memorial service at his restaurant. >> the music is probably to me, the most influential tool in
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all of creations. so for somebody to have grasp it as well as what mike the jackson did is it. i don't think it ever happened here. >> nine news now and fans also had the opportunity to record a video message that radio station,3.9 plans to send to michael jackson's family. people are also honoring michael jackson at the center in northwest d.c. a shrine is up in the window on the first floor. they feature newspaper headlines, photographs, and album covers from the past. in new york city, thousands, they packed time square to watched today's memorial service together. some fans showed that as you dress like michael jackson, others play their music and brought that along. from the moment that jackson's death was announced, they flocked to their theater to remember the pop icon. a candlelight visual will be
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held tonight at the rock 'n' roll hall of fame at cleveland earlier today, they unvailed a special memorial wall, dedicated to jackson. and he was inducted into the hall of fame twice. once in 1997 and as part of the jackson five, and then again in 2001 as the solo artist. stay with nine news now throughout our evening newscast for more on today's memorial service in l.a. you can also view a slide show of photos of the days events on an autopsy, it is being conducted on the 16-year-old high school football player from german town who died during the preseason workout last week. and his stunned family says that he showed signs of dehydration and heatstroke after collapsing at northwest high school on thursday. and digital correspondents, they are following new developments in the family search for answers. they were interestt ioun there and g otbaayotfoll >>t e ag, 16 he, was already a mentor, according to his uncle,
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>> he was a s great kid, quiet, kind, polite, respectful, unasuperring. >> collapsing at the track on northwest high school thursday evening during a voluntary preseason conditioning session. for about 100 high school athletes, soup vised by -- supervised by the principal. >> i know they were doing sprints and dashes and just doing basic conditioning. he was not breathing and the coach called 911 immediately, then performed cpr. >> reporter: taken to shady grove hospital. later transferred to washington children's hospital where he died the next day. his uncle says there are clues about what happened, but no answers. >> signs of dehydration. gymnasium they say he didn't have any health problems and at one point, the body temperature was recorded at near 103 degrees. if that is what lead to his
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demise, we would like to know. if there was somebody the hospital who didn't do their job, we would like to know. we just want answers, you know, in order to have closure. there will be a review of procedures. county wide, they will continue. scott broom, nine news now and the death comes after a week of the 13-year-old sister of another player was killed in a car accident. emergency personnel in montgomery teamed up with the federal agencies for an antitear exercise today that is. the drill was aimed at testing how well both local and federal first responders worked together. and to prevent and detect any threat at a metro station. police in federal air mall sals, joined crews from montgomery county at exercise at the silver spring station.
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such as the police department. stpwhr the antitear exercise began at six it this morning and it runs until 7 tonight. if you were riding the redline, you may have notice that increase. they are considering a -- $177 million rehab project for them. that would be done between the stations. that is the site of last month's deadly crash. under the plan, public address and closer television systems, they would be upgraded. but the suspected cause of the crash, a malfunctioning trash area and the data transmitter would not be addressed. and now, the county, they became a city, what would happen to the towns out there? the leaders, they arra nitot about ons gh whether their services as towns, they could continue. in a nine news now followup, the correspondent, they have a look at the controversy. >> cities and towns across virginia, they take care of their own robe.
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they have the money to do it according to the fair fax county officials. because cities and towns, they are getting twice the funding for the miles that they do. that's why the counties, they are looking into becoming a city. >> we are kind of not getting our fair share out of richmond. if that is what needs to be done, then, you know, i'm okay with it. >> but switching to a city, they could negatively affect the towns of i have yen that. >> we have our own police force. that's one of our big things. >> and they have a real nice small town character to it. first they would have to agree on a study and then agree to do it and then ask the state legislature for a referendum and then ask voters. >> that is the resident of fair
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fax county to support it. and i doubt even more whether the legislature and virginia, if they would approve it. >> the supervisor, he calls the debate an un-f fortunate distraction from the immediate problem of transportation funding. they say that fair fax, they could follow their example can had received permission from the state to take care of their own roads without changing their actual status. >> loud noises and rattled windows appear to be the only results of nie ththsmall kertua ua in virginia lag stinnight. the observatory, they say sttha the 2.3 magnitude akqurue stck out there and stand over counti -- hanover counties. experts say similar earthquakes hit central virginia about once a year. you just can't ask for better weather for the first week of july. the meteorologist, they sat on the terrace with your forecast first. another great night. >> are we in vermont? i don't know, it feels like it.
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>> low humidity, temperatures, they are nowhere near 90, a good deal. here is your forecast first. for tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable. not quite in the 50s. but low 60s in the suburbs. and now winds out of the north te n. 80 s.rat esre a erov don' bafe eland now 85 atnational. and 88 lein esburg, and on ly 8 in the area. y. s didisthye st t'orlectfa in thctrevetila hu dimi. when they are in the di30 s, at th 'sspectacular for us and is te th of . e ar mm on t inheheinweattir me in the sumemmernoer, t o tote n ofgewe t tilarevelamidityty 37 why it is so comfortable. we'll come back, we have a great best shot for you. we also have a little touch of summer. we'll tell you when that is going to roll in coming up. not only fish and crabs, a new report suggests that the water at the bay is becoming increasingly dangerous to all of us. i'm susan roberts, police
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say it was right here where they shot and killed the man that they believed to be the serial killer. details are comi u p.
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this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. and miralax relieves constipation with no bloating, no excess gas, no taste, no grit. you'll see. it's clearly different. announcer: restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. it was a down day on wall street. finishing the day lower by 161 points to close at 81.27. now to the latest on the death of former nfl quarterback, steve mcnair. they say that they are hesitant to conclude mcnair was killed by the girlfriend because she doesn't appear to have any motive. according to the tennessee state medical examiner. however, he also says that the
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murder-suicide is the most likely scenario. and investigators, they say that the girlfriend, the 21-year- old, she bought the handgun found under her body less than two days before the killings. and the search is over for a serial killer in gafney, so cah rolina. poceve belie the man o whel mufier ed vepeople last week was killed d in a shootout -- killed in a shootoutar ly ye da ersty er asey po , rtthe investigation, it is far from over. >> reporter: police are certain the man killing five people and robbing a home is dead. in the middle of the night, they spotted a suspicious suv and called police. >> now, it is kind of favoring
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the vehicles that they were looking for. >> he gave police a fake name and then pulmod a gun on officers when they tried to arrest him for the parole violation. >> it really shocked me when the shots, they started going off. and you know, this guy, he has to be crazy to shoot at three police officers. >> one officer was wounded inside the house, but police, they fired back and killed him. police don't know the motive but say that the 41-year-old, they have a 25 page wrap sheet. >> that is underneath and what to explain out there for them. they need to determine if there are even more victims. north carolina. and now, they just mentioned that he does have a long wrath sheet with forgery, breaking and entering.
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and in several states including maryland, virginia, and west virginia. he was paroled from a north carolina prison in april after serving nearly eight years behind bars. and a new report suggests that the polluted waters of the bay are becoming more dangerous to your health. they blame the e.p.a. for failing to clean up the bay. and mr. and now 3-rbgs 22,000 people visited ocean city over the july 4th weekend. that's 4,000 less than last year. we won't know how much money they spent until after then. >> yes. the upper 80s, but we can handle that. >> right. >> i cannot emphasize that it is enough. >> every morning, it is so rare. >> yes, it is rare. it is the summer, you
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know, in june, it is now out there. so it has been kind of cool out there for the whole east coast. >> you won't show us that? >> no. we have a good shot. >> right. they do that too. and more soothing than that. i thought that this was a great shot. they took this. and now she was at the beach one july morning, she's from virginia. but she did everything right. telling me what the picture was, the sunrise, july morning. and off the coast, and she's from out there and we have her name. go to the photo gallery and pick your best gallery and upload your picture. not a requirement in the fields, but in the description, you can certainly have room for them and your name and your town and a little description that they please.
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next three days, low 80s tomorrow. we are back in the mid-80s, a good deal. tonight, partly cloudy and comfortable. everyone in the 60s. winds out of the north at 10. we're looking at temperatures right now, low 80s. 83 in albany. and even they are at 83. you get back to the mountains and they are at 77. oakland is in the 60s. it is a whole other world in oakland. for tomorrow morning, for us, partly cloudy, mild, 60s and 70s to start. winds out of the north. by the afternoon, another nice day. partly cloudy and pleasant. another couple degrees cooler and a high of 81 ask can 85. winds are northwesterly. it starts to get shorter. they are both in the front and the back end. all right, the zone
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forecast, they are down on our website at no drops. we took it away. low 80s for them and now maybe 83, 83 out here. 85 again, down towards the bridge as you go south on i-9. and 83 downtown. now, right around 80. by the bay, and really, you know, a very nice day to be on the water. they will not have a factor. and those thunderstorms, they were pretty comfortable. that is 85 for them in charles county. you'll find mid-80s once again. satellite picture, radar combined, a lot of showers out there along the gulf coast. they have not had many showers in the last three weeks that they are in the heat. that's cooling them off a little bit. and the big thunderstorms just to the north again, they are hammered. i mean, almost the entire state, and actually out there of connecticut and massachusetts. and all that activity to the north of us, as close as they could do that and in the sections of new jersey. and we're okay tonight, just a few clouds. temperatures tomorrow, not too
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bad. low to mid-80s and low humidity again. that is 83 on wednesday and low 80s on thursday. again, a few clouds, northeast flow. we're going cooler out there on friday. partly cloudy. we talk about the weekend being summer like, indeed that it will be, around 90 both saturday and sunday. a chance for a few storms on saturday. and now it fears that the best chance for storms is on monday night and the upper 80s next tuesday with a couple of storms. but we're in july, seven days, that is on that map and the front anyway. >> not too shabby. >> that's pretty good. thank you. >> yes. >> all right, they take credit for when it is good. still ahead, al franklin officially becomes the u.s. senator today. and now first, the last call for them at the d.c. institution, a popular georgetown pup that is closing their doors out erthe no , we'll take you there now. fa fa living with foot pain?
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get gold bond pain relieving foot cream. maximum strength medicine stops pain fast. gold bond pain relieving foot cream. finally fast relief for painful feet.
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i'm topper shutt. now, every year, 400 million ink cartridges end up in the landfills. we throw one away in the trash every 12 seconds. each of these cartridges takes one gallon of oil to produce and thousands of years to decompose. p many electronic stores and printer companies offer programs to recycle them and that saves space and landfill. for more tips, just click on living green. a washington landmark is about to close their doors for good. last, call it nay thans in georgetown which is this sunday night. the 40-year-old restaurant and bar sits on the prime real estate at the corner of wisconsin and m streets. now, our andrew stack has the story. >> reporter: since 1969nathans has been gracing this corner at the heart of georgetown. >> this is the institution where them coming over here, we love it. and after work if you want to come over here and meet friends and hang out and have a couple
5:24 pm
of beers. >> ones that pass through the door are relative newcomers. others, long time locals with the fierce loyalty to their favorite bar. >> i was very upset. really, i enjoyed this as a starting point and an ending point. >> reporter: now, theyed admit that the bar is older than he is and they know that he is upholding a tradition, using if and only for a few more nights. >> what can i get you? what do you recommend? >> i don't know. you got me. >> that is our 40 year anniversary back in april. >> reporter: they have been managing nathans for two and a half years. even though it looks busy, the economy is hitting them hard. >> it is slow. having problems. and had although that nathan's sits on prime real estate, don't look at anyone opening their doors any time soon. >> what's going to happen to them? >> i'm really not sure. >> on the corner, nine news now
5:25 pm
on over the years, they have been known for those regular luncheons, featuring local washington celebrities. so far, there is reportedly no buyer yet for the building. it's still on the market. a young girl's attempt to break a world record makes a stop in our area. we'll show you. plus, you could call him the high-tech guitar hero. how a university of maryland professor, he is revolutionizing the electric guitar. and president obama sits down with the man that many say really controls russia. b@
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capturing the beauty of nature. sharing what i see. that's my vision. and i'm living it. every day, transitions lenses are there to help care for my sight. announcer: transitions lenses adjust to changing light to reduce glare and help protect your eyes from uv damage so you can see better today... and tomorrow.
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live your vision. transitions. healthy sight in every light. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. thousands of people filled the staple center and thousands watched around the globe. it ended with jackson's daughter tearfully telling the audience how much she loved her father. an autopsy is being completed or conducted on the 16-year-old german town high school football player who died during a preseason workout. he collapsed last week after a conditioning session at
5:29 pm
northwest high school. and some leaders in the county are looking into the possibility of becoming a city. cities and towns received twice the amount of the roadways than counties do. but the move from county to city faces extremely long odds. overseas, president obama wrapped up a second day of meetings in russia, after talking with that country's president, president obama, he met with a man that many believe is really still calling the shots in russia, the prime minister. joe brown reports. >> president obama, he is trying to improve america's ráelgsship with the russian prime minister relationship with the russian prime minister. >> we think it's an excellent opportunity to put them on a much stronger footing. >> reporter: while he is no longer president, many believe he's still controlling the country. and president obama wants russia to help keep north korea in check. the russia's current president, he held a second set of lks with
5:30 pm
president obama. agreeing to reduce nuclear stockpiles by a third, and increase the trades between the two countries. they lobbied for russia to join the world trade organization. >> america's trade with russia is only about 1% of all our trade with the world. >> moscow, they are the first stop on this weeking long overseas trip. wednesday, president obama headed for italy for the summit. they have already started in rome, demonstrators lit smoke bombs in the streets and criticized the world's richest nations for not doing enough to turn around the economic crisis. and so president obama, the summit offers another chance to work withed world leaders, to get out of the global recession. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. the prime minister, called his two hour meeting with
5:31 pm
president obama, informative and collaborative. telling reporters that he and mr. obama covered issues from previous years and they found many points and comments. marines are stepping up their massive taliban offenses in afghanistan. the move follows one of the deadliest days since they lead an evasion in 2001. they claim to be holding an american soldier that they captured last week. >> the western china is the sight of more ethic violence. reports of scattered areas, beating people in the capitol. they have imposed the curfew of the aftermath on the riot that killed at least 156 people on sunday. they represent the number of americans killed. and when the suicide bombers hit the three subway trains and a bus. transportation officials say that they have made numerous
5:32 pm
safety improvements in the wake of the attacks. the president of costa rica has been tapped to mediate the political crisis. we hope that there will be a return for them and the order. that is agreed to by all concerns. >> they announced that both of them and the man that forced them from office, they have agreed to work with costa rica's president. say say says she's a fighter, not a quitter. despite the plan to step down a year and a half before the term ends, they say that the unconventional move was the right thing to do. i think that caught people offguard saying wait a minute.
5:33 pm
that's out of the box. well, that's who we are out there and that certain -- that is certainly how i am. after an ate month wait. they were sworn into office today. and a bible belonging to the family of late senator paul was used for the ceremony. the former saturday night live comedian, beating the senator, by only a few hundred votes. it took several months for them to rule in franklin's favor. a 15-year-old is attempting to set a new world record. she's attempting to become the first african american female to pilot a plane from the west to the east coast. after taking off from california, they touched down at the airport today. and the 10-day trip is sponsored by tomorrow's museum. and it is a group that provides the scholarships for aspiring
5:34 pm
fliers. >> the sky is no longer the limit. don't let anyone tell you that you can't. because i have several instructors that might have underestimated me or thought that i was not good enough or stuff like that. when you really focus on something that you want to do, just believe that you can and you'll get through it. that is named after him who serve -dz with distinction during world war ii. a clean start for the running of the bull today. that was in spain. six fighting bulls and six bell steers were let loose for the eight traditional runs at the same festival. and around 2,000 seekers from around the globe, they took part in this morning's running.
5:35 pm
officials say no one was gourd, but four people were treated for bumps and bruises. >> michael jackson never played much guitar. if you think back to your favorite guitar, you probably think of the particular sound, tone. and now, they can throw that blues. they just launched a line of the high-tech guitars claiming to capture that magic care called tone and to make it variable. lots of rock stars jammed with the half kind of guitar, each painting a different color. the sound comes from the steel strings over electromagnetic fields. >> the first thing they do, they rip off the panel and they rewire the thing. >> but they are still left with
5:36 pm
just one sound. >> here's the traditional sound. >> electrical and computer engineering, he has poured nearly 100,000 -- $100,000 of his own money. if you give them red and yellow and blue, now they can make green. and any color they want. >> i just changed it there. >> of course, we're in the middle of the worst economic session.
5:37 pm
but they may give you something else. and that is very sexy. well all right. they are confident that they succeeded to kick if many $135,000 in economic development money. that is suppose to help the taxable business or just sexy. >> that sells. >> all right. coming up, michael jackson sores to the top of the charts on itunes. >> a warning about something that is suppose to comfort and protect you and that. now, it is tuesday and that means the much anticipated return of the good, the bad, the ugly. tonight, what happens when the parachute on the drag racer does not deploy? plus, why this golfer was
5:38 pm
putting with their driver. and we'll explain that in tonight's area as you know a good craftsman, they never blame that. and that is correct. all right, we're looking at a beautiful evening. we'll take you out with the pollen count. they jumped up a little bit. we need to break on everything else. they are so low and both of them are finally low. you need to get to the break down for them on and click on the weather tab and follow the dropdown menu. when we come back, the cooler weather yet. and also, texas summer over the d. k st. tedun cb
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but the death of the man in washington state, they have some questioning the flammability of the products. that's why that you should always read the fine prints on the package. most of us, we would have to see it. but now if it is there, a warning about disposable undergarments. i don't think they think about that aspect. >> reporter: these images force out the warning about how quickly you could do that if you come near the heat source. >> and the people, they are becoming burned and injured due to the cooking and smoke
5:41 pm
products. comes in contact with your clothing to easily spread to the undergarment like this. >> the firefighter took three tkpwrapbdz of the disposable underwear -- underwear -- took three products of the disposable underwear. >> that may trip and take several parts of the body extending the burn. >> they may burn fast, but the fda classifies these with devices with the lowest potential for harm. while they have a responsibility to put a prubt out on the market. they tell us that, "we do not require them to submit an application detailing their safety andth ka seu." >> we wanted to know about their diapers too. the two brands, we have the aloe or lotion inside. something that they hope may have kept the fire from spreading. and mr. they did go through a part of the diaper but again, nothing like what we saw on the adult out there. >> being a father, it does give comfort to me knowing that the prubt, it's a little safer.
5:42 pm
>> safety, that is key whether you wear the undergarments or you put them on your children. now, we contacted the areas and cbs to ask about their products. only they responded. and their undergarments, they do meet the requirements for the in a minute ability. and mctkpwopl recounty fire and rescue are working to educatense kworti nszeci abe tht oufire safety. and they say try not to smoke if yo u e ar narweg esthare tsgaenrm under uryo yocls.he so ald , t mesodicealanst n beantweeu yod r u heotheat ce be resube todispose if anythin is used with the fire property. we have a link to the montgomery safety program on our website, just click on living smart. and even in-depth, michael jackson -- even in death, michael jackson is back on the charts, holding four of the top ten songs and albums on itunes right now. that is the top selling album. jackson's number one collection was number three on the list. and thriller came in number six
5:43 pm
and off the wall, number nine. now let's talk about singles. billy jean was six, thriller, 7th, the way you make me feel is number 8. and beat it came in at number 10. speaking of top tens, casey, they have done their final countdown. and the 77-year-old d.j. told listeners this past weekend on america's top 20, it was going to be his last. they launched a billboard for them on top 40 on july 4, 1970. and he later went onto host two spin-offs. when he took over the original show, five years ago. and now she is sparkling a little more brightly than usual. that is the tennis star, long singer out there for them. showing up for last night's world team tennis match with the huge diamond on their left ring finger. when asked the significance of the ring by the associated press reporter, she replied, and i quote, i thought you were the good press.
5:44 pm
okay. she then put her hand behind her back and she did not elaborate further. >> and that is a great nonanswer. okay. stkh-frpblgts nine news now is 16 minutes away and a look at what we have here for you tonight. the youtube video of the metro that got some people raising their eyebrows. plus, find out what ignited the tempers of several dozen protesters in d.c. and the online tributes, to michael jackson that are flooding the web. all that and more tonight at 6:00. we're gone on a string of nice days for july. liking this summer here in d.c. >> upper 80s. but they just didn't feel uncomfortable because of the humidity. >> i was in georgetown and people were loving it. >> exactly. believe it or not, they will creep up a little bit but the temperatures will go down. a nice little trade-off. >> although that summer is lurking. that's all that we'll say. the next three days, temperatures, low to mid-80s on wednesday. you could handle that. partly cloudy. they will come in on thursday. but they are still topping out in the low 80s.
5:45 pm
my goodness, that's spectacular and warm up a little bit on friday. we'll go back into the mid-80s under partly cloudy skies to remove the drop from thursday. all right, tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable. lows out of the 60s, winds out of the north at 10. and now, even downtown we're talking about mid to upper 60s, low to mid-60s. now, 86 for them right now. 85 downtown. it's warm. but remember, dry air mass, they are heating up quickly and cool off quickly. it's a good thing. 88 out there and only 80 there. and 86 as you go way down 95 south into them. now, for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and mild. 60s and 70s. winds northerly at 10 by the afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. high temperatures are 81 to 85. winds are still out of the north at 10. and they are looking at a quiet day, maybe a few more clouds than we had this afternoon and still very nice. we'll do that in the zone forecast. looking at temperatures, low 80s. and they are 83 in fair fax and
5:46 pm
85 in woodbridge. again no drop. just partly cloudy skies. on the d.c. side, 83. 84 maybe out there. tp-rbz on the bay, very nice. winds, they are not a factor. no threat of storms. high temperatures around 80 for them and out there. that is 83 in rockville. a pretty good deal. satellite picture, this is a visible picture as if you were in space looking down. what you see is what you get. just a few clouds. that's about it, really. we're looking at most of the heavy activity in new england. really they got pounded with thunderstorms today, all the sprinkle stayed just north out there of the maryland border in good shape. the next seven days. 83 tomorrow. partically cloudy. low 80s on thursday. again, the clouds come in because of the northeast flow. we'll keep it dry. mid-80s on friday. partly cloudy. then a little touch of summer. we cannot avoid summer forever. 89, almost 90 on saturday. maybe an isolated storm. 90 on sunday. better chance for storms now late monday and into monday night. mid-80s. then we're back into the upper
5:47 pm
80s on tuesday with just the isolated storms. only one 90 on the seven-day forecast. it really is. >> sure it is. well, back by a popular demand. it's been a little bit out there. >> yes. >> we need our feel. >> yes. >> where we had golf last week. let me feel that. our weekly look out there and not so excellent in the world of sports, drums. and it is the good, the bad, the ugly for july 7. we start with the good, 8th grader. from ohio. last day of school. trying to impress the ladies before he leaves for the summer, pulling off the front hand spring. even she wanted to go to the prom with them after that one, it is pretty cool. that's parental neutrality. you see that last year. he pitched against his brother, jeff weaver. what did mom and dad do? they made up half angels and half dodger jerseys and played it down the middle if you are mop and dad. best team work, watch the
5:48 pm
long drive, they are off the pitcher. and fielder plays out there to make the catch. that is a big bruise out there. best use of the 300 -- $300 seats. these two people that dressed up in the full umpire area and mimicked every call that the real major in the game. and my favorite move is this one when the batter fell, watch the guy reach into his pouch, pull out a new baseball and give it to his girlfriend like she's the catcher which begs the question, that guy has a girlfriend? really? >> really. >> let's go to the bag. you know how drag racers have parachutes that deploy at the end of the race? do you ever wonder when that can you be the work -- doesn't work? >> he's trying to slow it down, slamming into a big net to throw it down which is better than into a concrete wall, but you'll agree, it's rough. >> yes. but they are okay. >> most uncooperative bird. this bald eagle then failed to
5:49 pm
return to his handler. he took a few laps around the stadium, picked up a hot prez -- pretzel and then flew back. he's ad bald eagle, he can do whatever he wants. putting with the driver for 17 holes. and because topper, we have been there, he busted his putter over his knee on the first hole. if you want to tap it, you need to do it out there. that's the rookie mistake. stkpwhr-fpblgt the worse make to overtake a sporting event. the astro game can had is out there due to the the swarm of bees. they made a hive inside one of the pitcher's jackets. but apparently this happened before. now, look, they have a guy on standby. and he sprayed it and cleared the whole thing up. the wardrobe malfunction. and he got them on the dive which reveals, the tightty of his whiteties. thank goodness he didn't make a different choice or we would
5:50 pm
have to do that show on hbo. finally how a bunt turns into a home run. the angels, he lays one down the d-backs. they throw it into right field and off out there going to second. now he's going to third. and the right fielder, he throws it into left field. so he gets up and he comes home. that is a four-base error or a bunt home run. >> i did that in little league but not in the major leagues. >> we can always count on you for a moment. >> you're talking about that underwear moment. >> yes. >> well, that one. we hope that you could make that out there. >> okay. >> well, what was it for you? >> the underwear shot. >> it was not moving on, you're moving on out there. >> yes. >> swapping kidneys along the state line. organ donations help a mandlelaupcolive well. we'll be right back.
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when i get my period it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom
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they say that their cousins can stay on the market, but they are going to get the special pamphlets. they have linked the 50-year- old painkillers to hundreds of deaths from suicide and accidental overdoses. now, also in living well tonight, a record breaking kidney swap. eight people getting new kidneys from eight unrelated donors, at four hospitals in four states. one of those hospitals, john hopkins in baltimore.
5:55 pm
that is a very difficult position to be in if you need that. so now they are slim. >> she was not a match for her husband, bob. however to complete the swap program, she ended up giving a healthy kidney to a man in detroit and bob got his from an unrelated donor the at john hopkins. >> people say, well, thank you, you're a hero. i'm not a hero, i'm a sell fish person -- selfish. i knew the person he was before that. it is really minimally invasive. it's not that bad. >> is -- encouraging the national kidney swap program could help ease the the shortage that we have today. >> they could maybe do 2,000 transplants in their lifetime. and you know the work that we're doing here, they will be responsible for thousands. i still remember that now because that is the odds for
5:56 pm
them and they were very slim and that it would happen. >> afterwards, i mean, all of a sudden, they became fixed. >> four of the eight transplant operations, they were performed at john hopkins. >> they say that this new model of swapping, they have the possibility of resulting in about 1500 more transplants each year than we have right now. and to find out p more about this 16 patient kidney swap, 8-8, plus an updated outlook for one of the patients and their blogs, then you can go to the website on and click on living well. >> i needed that, that's an incredible number because most people that have dealt with this, they know about the weight for the kidney that can be long and some people, they die waiting for one. >> they do and they are on dialysis for years which they have to do that. coming up next at six, a metro train operator caught on tape
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texting. don't forget, we're always on tfa co m. stay with us , nine news now continues. ú fa
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