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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 7, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we are at and working toward 82 at noon. mostly sunny and 86 for the high. it is air quality code yellow. that's the moderate category but the way i see it is another keeper of a day. angie goff, good morning. >> good morning. we are ready to kick off the 6:00 hour early on this tuesday. thanks for joining us. we begin with our maps showing you route 4, route 5, crane highway. right now no major incidents or accidents to report at this time. some good news there. as we take it outside, go to virginia. i will show you 95 northbound. or 395. right now we are tracking zero delays past duke street to the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. we will take it to 66 westbound at 234. that's where we had an accident. everything is pushed to the right shoulder. delays getting by. eastbound past 50 no problems and finally looking at the capital beltway i will show you the outer loop is picking up between new hampshire and georgia avenue. send it back to andrea.
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>> thank you, angie. the jackson family is preparing to bury michael jackson today. the private service comes a few hours after they observe observe observed a wake for the loved one. several members of jackson's family were seen coming and going from the funeral home. police were screening cars at the entrance to the cemetery. all of this leads up to this morning when the world will say good-bye to michael jackson in a public memorial at the staples center. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull is live in the 9 news now information center with more. armando? >> reporter: some michael jackson fans are hoping his brothers will reunit once more to pay a final musical tribute to the most famous and talented member of the jackson five. if that doesn't happen you can expect the entertainers to be at the memorial for the king of pop. >> the golden ticket.
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>> reporter: mona austin is one of the 18,000 people lucky enough to witness firsthand michael jackson's star-studded memorial. >> i'm delighted to have opportunity. >> reporter: just like he did in his real life concerts, tickets to the final act are the hottest ones in town. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: stevie wonder, lionel ritchie, mariah carey and jennifer hudson are some of the stars that will perform in the streets in and around the staples center the know key what theater will be sealed off by police to keep away those who didn't get tickets. >> a lot of jealous people out there. >> before the memorial, the jackson family and their closest friends will participate in the private ceremony at the forest lawn cemetery. there are ways to participate live. you can drive to fredericksburg, virginia the silver point theater will be showing it and you can see it on facebook and my space provided they don't crash and
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we have other ways. >> yes, cbs news will have coverage of the service. you can watch it here beginning at 1:00 p.m. here's how that will impact our broadcast schedule for the rest of the day -- president kennedy once called him the smartest man he ever met. he was referring to robert macnamara who died at age 93 yesterday. he is remembered for being the architect of the vietnam war. that view of him had recently begun to change after the release of a memoir and recordings from the kennedy and johnson administration which suggest he was following the lead of the president he served. a prominent montgomery county public servant has been laid to rest after a battle with cancer. blair ewing served on the board
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of education and montgomery county council. he was a strong advocate of school desegregation. marion barry denies every stalking a lock-time friend. park police stopped barry in anacostia on saturday after a woman with whom he had a year long relationship complained to police. barry called to reporters to the wilson building to denounce the accusations that led to his arrest on saturday night. >> we believe the charge stems from a personal relationship that has gone horribly wrong in a lot of ways and resulted in one party to that relationship striking out at mr. barry. >> reporter: barry is scheduled for a court hearing on the stalking charge on thursday. he declined to speak at the news conference on the advice of his lawyer. a mans in a, virginia woman faces decades in prison after admitting to killing her
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daughter. alfreedia gregg-glover plead guilty in the death of her daughter. she told police the 13-year-old had run away from her at the manassas library and she was later found in a ravine. she faces 51 years in prison. five after the hour. time for a "living $mart" report and jessica doyle is back with allegations that cell phone carriers maybe acting illegally and hiking prices. >> that's right. there are there's growing concern that certain phone carriers maybe affecting illegally. herb cole is demanding the justice department open an an investigation. they say the chairman of the judiciary committee has written to the fcc. he wants future mergers to be more closely scrutinized and a look at whether they are stifling competition and raising prices. the white house is betting the new version of general motors will be launched and ready to go by the end of the
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month. a judge cleared the way for gm to sell its best assets to a government-owned company and come out of bankruptcy. some creditors are promising to appeal but the president's auto advisers believe the ruling will stand. since business in the u.s. is soft pepsico is looking overseas to invest another billion dollars in manufacturing and distribution in russia. the parent company of pepsi is among the u.s. firms participating in a business summit today and that is aimed at expanding in the country. we'll have to see how that goes. >> thank you. earlier this morning, president obama addressed russian students in moscow. prior to his address, the president met with russian prime minister putin. the two men spoke for two hours. mr. obama spoke to a group of students about the importance of freedom and specifically spoke to the importance of a free media. russia is considered one of the
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most dangerous places for journalists to work. under the putin era, many were jailed or killed under mysterious circumstances. western china is once again the scene of violence and unrest. hundreds ofette nick chinese have marched through the province destroying the property. tensions increased with many more migrating to the region which is the homeland of the people. the government released new rules expanding federally funded research on embryonic stem cells. the final guidelines will take effect today to increase the number of stem cell lines available from 20 to more than 700. funding for new lines require documents showing the cells were donated. a watch dog group warns the pollution in the chesapeake bay is harboring a hazardous bacteria which is known to be harmful to humans.
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they noted increases in virginia and maryland of the number of infections from the salt water bacteria known as vibrio. some varieties of which can cause life threatening blood, skin infections and intestinal illnesses. north korea receives more scolding for the weekend missile testing and police in the palmetto state say the serial killer scare in the town of gaffeny is over. first, let's focus on maryland weather and traffic. we start with kim. >> as we do every morning at 6:08. good morning. let's zoom in and talk about maryland's weather today. it is gorgeous outside. here's a look th e numbers this morning. it is not all that cool. we have temperatures 68 in town. 63 hagerstown. up to cumberland, 59 and across the bay easton is 68. your weather today, mostly sunny. middle 80s for the forecast. damascus, 83. frostburg 79. la plata sunny and 83.
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angie has the maryland traffic. good morning. that's right. we are focusing on your local roads. the east west highway where it meets connecticut, drivers are fine, just stopped at a light. 117, chopper road and great seneca highway, no incidents or accidents to report. finally come fly with me. we are crossing the bay bridge. making our way annapolis to the capital beltway. lanes are nothing but wide open. it is 6:09. you are watching 9 news now. and we will will be right back.
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it is time to talk hero center. a woman hit financial hard times when her car broke down. so she brought it to a auto shop but couldn't afford the repairs. what did the shop do, they fixed it for free. how often does that happen. this woman sent me an e-mail nominating those employees as her heros. she wrote sometimes we forget that businesses can do right by their customers and consider an individual's circumstances when offering a helping hand. i'm so grateful to these companies for their honesty, empathy and expertise in resolving this dilemma which had me so worried for two weeks. that e-mail from carolyn in washington. i will be shooting her story this morning. be sure to follow me on twitter for the latest. the full story will air on thursday morning at 6:10 a.m. if you would like to nominate a hero in your life or community, we want to hear about it.
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e-mail here's a story about another local business helping in our community. remember a few weeks ago i did a story on the 75th birthday of martins tavern gineorgetown? get this. today they are giving back to the community who's made them the oldest family-owned restaurant in washington. today and only today the restaurant is rolling back their prices to 134 -- 1934. that means everything from appetizers to entrees including their famous steaks and crab cakes will be sold at the same price they were sold at in 1934, i'm not sure what those prices are, but i guarantee you they will be dirt cheap. and there are a few rules. you can only go from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and you can't take out any orders. you have to eat in house but again these are prices that people would have seen when they walked in 1934.
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so martins tavern, it is open happen -- it is only happening today. >> i bet $10 could go a long way. >> no kidding. the u.n. security council is giving north korea another scolding they are condemning the north for firing seven ballistic missiles on saturday. they say they must comply with obligations under the resolution. police are confident they have killed the man responsible for five murders in cherokee county, south carolina. patrick tracy burris was shot to death by police investigating a burglary complaint. his gun matches the gun used in the murders. republican leaders in south carolina have reprimanded governor sanford for his recent admission involving a mistress. but the gop did not ask him to step down. sanford says he appreciates the party's position and will work
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to regain its trust. i love google. i just typed in price of steak in 1934 and this one place in atlanta is having a similar promotion. the price of a steak burger, so maybe not the same quality was 16 cents. >> so even the steak may have been. >> 25 cents. >> not bad. good luck getting a table for the little window. i think they have free advertising so it works. >> they will be able to watch the sun outside of the window at the diner, too. i'm ready to go. it is tuesday morning. look at what is going outside. visit my blog and join my interactive chat room like big n red j a fellow cornell alum did. here's the satellite and radar loop. i'm not finding any trouble with our weather. nothing but clear skies. a few patchy clouds otherwise and temperatures delightful for july morning. we have got 60s and a southwest breeze an it is comfortable outside.
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here's a check at the forecast in to the afternoon. mostly sunny. we might have an isolated shower far north and west. highs today around 85. i'll take it. it is 70. good morning annapolis you are closer to the water. 65 andrews air force base. over my shoulder, though, in martinsburg in the 50s. that's the number in cumberland. 61 manassas to culpeper. all right. this is one of our computer models. we look at it to see in we will have any rain showers in the forecast as you can see the time by 1:00, hardly any rain drops. as we head in to today, we may squeeze out a shower far north and west and tomorrow a period of partly cloudy skies but the way i see it we are hard- pressed to get rain to fall from the forecasted clouds. the main energy with this front trying to sneak in is well to the north toward the great lakes. so the weather forecast for today, mostly sunny and 82 at noon. 86 for the high.
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a degree or two shy of the average of 88 degrees. speaking of fronts there's one across central pennsylvania. this is going to try to creep down on us but again the support to generate showers is closer to the great lake and it's going to be wet today if you are heading in to new england, hartford, worcester, boston, portland, maine, you know the drill. they haven't had many breaks from the wet weather recently. here's the latest round as it heads across the mountains. to the deep south they have rain firing up across northern florida. so if you have a flight to jacksonville, that's where some thunderstorms might slow you down. in terms of the heat across the middle of the country we found it. dallas 93. 90 memphis. a nice one in chicago, 77. if you want triple-digit heat phoenix is the place. pacific northwest 66 for seattle and 80 in los angeles. as for our weather we will keep it mostly sunny. our temperatures, take a trip
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to the upper and mid-80s but the humidity really not that bad. are you ready for the chimes? that means it is time to put down the toothbrush and look at the screen. the seven day is up. 85 tomorrow. on thursday cooler and 81. more clouds by the afternoon and night. over the weekend we will build in toe the 90s by saturday and scattered storms on sunday. if you look at the right, the rundown is up all the time. if you miss my seven day we always have you covered. >> the traffic alerts are there and i'm also on-line. you can friend me on facebook, shoot me an e-mail, follow me on twitter. i'll hook you up with a opinionallized traffic report. my word. biggest delay out there is 24 minutes to get from dale boulevard to the fairfax county parkway. that volume is building. moving to 395 northbound a
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little slow. tracking it from duke to seminary. that delay is growing, as well. put it over to 66. drivers here are experiencing plus five minutes in the car to make it from 50 to 123. and then in maryland, on 270 southbound, our main delay where the drive is filling south here around montgomery village avenue to interstate 370. to wrap it up, let's do it with the beltway. the outer loop in maryland where we have a little congestion. not so bad from new hampshire to georgia avenue. now over to andrea. an offensive explosion lights our look around major league baseball. the sports headlines are next. but first it is the time for the signs of now. a rare animal was tentatively declared to be extent after several years of poaching and sports hunting. was it the west earn black rhinoceros, the golden toad or
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the black soft-shell turtle. find out if you have the correct answer when we come back. thursday, finally!
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the answer is a, the western black rhinoceros. the animal, which was once widespread across the savannah of western south africa was down to 10 worldwide in 2000. today none of the animals are known to exist in the wild or in captivity. in sports the nats were in colorado yesterday. washington starter craig stayman tossed a gem. one run in seven innings. rockies pitcher was bert. he didn't allow any runs in the win. nats fall 1-0. we got slaughtered said the reds manager dusty baker. the phillies chase utley and shane all went long in the 1stinning last night against the reds. the phillies eventually scored ten in the first frame and went
6:23 am
on to win 22-1. today venus williams will be in the district for the world team tennis season. freedom will take on the capitals. her sister serena is on but doesn't join until next tuesday. her sister-sister show down is today in the district. andy roddick tweaked his hip in the final against federer. he has withdrawn from the davis cup against croatia. marty fish will take his place. stage three of the tour de france saw lance armstrong move to third. just 40 seconds in the overall lead. local budget constraints will soon many many highway rest stops will no longer be open for you when you need them. and investigators confirm more rumors in the death of
6:24 am
mcnair. here's angie. >> no incidents or accidents to report. live from pennsylvania and minnesota in southeast dc. more shots of the roads you take early. i will have them coming up. kim? i love being outside in the morning with these blue skies high above my head. we have a rockin' weather forecast coming at you next. don't miss it. you are watching 9 news now. ú
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the senate is following the houses lead in creating transparency. they will post expenses on the internet instead of volumes that must be purchased or viewed inside of capitol buildings. the idea is to let people see what they are doing with their accounts. they must pass a compromise before before it takes even. good morning to kim martucci on the weather terrace in for howard bernstein. hi, kim. >> reporter: good morning. it is gorgeous on our weather terrace, i'm enjoying our furniture and blue skies and the birds that live in the satellite dish couldn't be happier. look at the numbers. i will help you plan your day. i want to tell you quickly about the allergy report. the good news e the weed thmoe , lde trees are all in , the low category. all right. here's a check on the numbers.
6:29 am
pleasant conditions across the board. mostly everybody in the 50s, eastern panhandle of west virginia, western maryland that's where you will find upper 50s this morning. nothing terribly cold but they are the middle of july near perfect weather. today we will keep it like yesterday, mostly sunny. if anyone gets an isolated shower, i think far northwest suburbs will see it but not very high odds of that happening. it is in and around the beltway and points south that we will have mostly sunny skies. we are in good shape. 60s for you. no rain. blue skies above. the afternoon we will keep it that way. like yesterday in the middle 80s. the seven-day forecast is a few minutes away. angie has the traffic now. good morning. good morning. happy tuesday. half way through the 6:00 hour. we are beginning with a look at virginia roads. 95 northbound looking at a 24 to 25 minute ride to get from dale boulevard to the fairfax county parkway. that's just volume.
6:30 am
no incidents or accidents there. over to the realtime graphics we go or not. we will take a live shot a of the inner loop from 95 to 66 no problems. drivers zipping by here. on the outer loop the same situation overall. a little sun glare as a factor this morning and then a little congestion building between new hampshire and georgia avenue. finally we will wrap with a map. 95 and the bw parkway. nothing but green cars telling us drivers are moving at speed. now over to andrea. today fans worldwide will say good-bye to michael jackson. his family will hold a private funeral in the hollywood hills. the rest of us will focus our attention on today's memorial service. >> ticket to michael jackson's performances used to be the hottest tickets in town and the
6:31 am
same thing is happening right now. one of the greatest memorials ever and could even crash the internet. >> i never thought i would get this opportunity. >> reporter: but she did get the opportunity and mona austin is jumping for joy. >> the golden ticket! >> reporter: the bristow, virginia resident will be among the 18,000 people packing the l.a. staples center and the nokia center for michael jackson's memorial. >> it would be great to see his brothers, the jackson five perform for him one more time. >> reporter: no word on whether that will happen, but stevie wonder, lionel ritchie, mariah carey and jennifer hudson are some of the stars that will perform. >> this is the best entertainers there. >> one group police hope won't be there the tens of thousands of fans that didn't get tickets. the streets around both venues have been barricaded to discourage the crowds. there are several ways to watch
6:32 am
it live. drive to fredericksburg virginia. the marquee south point nine theater will be showing it and on facebook and my space provided the traffic isn't so huge it crashes those site and i understand, you have another way folks can watch. >> that's right. cbs will have live coverage of the memorial. you can watch it beginning at 1:00 p.m. here's how that will impact our broadcast schedule for today. -- police investigating the death of mcnair say his 21-year- old girlfriend bought the handgun at the scene. last night her nephew said that she said police told him they were almost sure his aunt was the shooter. police have not confirmed that
6:33 am
report. police are waiting for the results of ballistic and toxicology tests before they issue a final report. a memorial for mcnair will be thursday in nashville. he will be buried in his hometown in mississippi. pentagon officials say the air force is developing a in video sensor program and assigning 2500 new analysts to help with the war in afghanistan. they will gather and interpret the flood of aerial surveillance data coming from the war front and get it back to the troops on the ground. the technology will be available for deployment to the war zone on a limited basis early next year. monday was the deadliest day for u.s. forces in afghanistan in nearly a year. bombs and bullets killed seven american troops. taliban militants also claimed on a militant website that they are holding an american soldier who the u.s. military says might have been captured last week. this morning the associated press is reporting a suspected
6:34 am
u.s. missile attack in pakistan near the afghan border the missiles which are believed to be launched by unmanned american planes killed 12 suspected militants. the united states has launched 40 missile strikes against targets in the same region since last august. later today, minnesota's new junior senator al franken is scheduled to be sworn in. franken arrived yesterday afternoon to officially move to his new office. his arrival is months after he counts and legal wrangling which ended him in him leaving a seat once held by republican norm coleman. it is time for another living smart report. jessica doyle has senior back with a major agreement to get health care coverage for millions of americans. >> this is a major step for health care reform. it is being consider. the nations hospitals have agreed to pick up part of the cost for expanded health care
6:35 am
coverage. the "washington post" reports the hospital industry agreed last night to contribute $155 billion over ten years. that will help to put the bill for insuring 47 million americans without health coverage. most of the contributions will come from an agreement to accept lower medicare and medicaid payments and there will be a reduction in what hospitals get to care for uninsured. virginia is closing nearly after of the interstate rest areas. all but one of the 19 rest areas shutting down will close the doors on july 21st. officials are struggling to close the gap in the transportation budget. and a washington institution is about to close its doors. last call at nathans in georgetown is sunday night. the 40-year-old restaurant and bar sits on prime real estate on the corner of wisconsin and m street but nathans couldn't survive the economic reality of the day. this is somewhat surprising nauseous because when we talked to the owner a couple of months ago she was hopeful because she
6:36 am
had secured a month to month less lease that was favorable. >> but things got worse and they couldn't survive. that's too bad. the state of maryland has new weapons in the fight against comebacks. three prosecutors are being assigned to a new gang unit. that's a record number of prosecutors tackling the problem. u.s. attorney rod rosenstein is behind the new strategy. police busted a ring of drug smugglers who hid heroin inside of stuffed animals. they say it was a multimillion- dollar operation that used teddy bears to smuggle heroin from the bronx to new jersey. police shut down the operation on thursday when they raided a bronx apartment. neighbors were surprised it was happening next door. >> i have been living here nine years and this is something that is a shock to everybody. it is a quiet neighborhood. police arrested 12 people and seized 3-pounds of marijuana. gay marriages performed in other states could soon be
6:37 am
recognized in maryland if one lawmaker has his way. and metro transit sets a july 4th holiday record. time to focus on virginia's weather and traffic. >> we have nice weather for virginia this morning. we found crystal clear skies and temperatures looking good. look at the satellite and radar loop. got to like what i see. no rain in sight for you across virginia. instead we are waking up to temperatures comfortable in the 60s because few upper 50s as you get to the west. as we plan ahead for today we will take a trip close to 90 as we look at gainesville. 87 chantilly and orange 88 sunny skies. nice day across the commonwealth. angie has the roads across virginia. >> good morning. we are keeping an eye on the local roads in the old dominion. columbia pike and walter reed, finding hardly any traffic. one two three cars stopped at a light. in fairfax the same situation.
6:38 am
this intersection, all of these roads are checking out fine. and finally finish up with a fly of the dulles toll road headed from the green pais past -- greenway past the airport, before the capital beltway. lanes are wide open and drivers are moving at speed. 38 minutes after the 6:00 hour. we'll be right back.
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bring. in this living well report a pediatrician says he has the answer to soothing a baby to sleep so moms and dads can get rest, too. anita brickman has more [ crying ] >> i turn to her like what do we do? >> reporter: like most first- time parents they were in search of ways to help console their newborn isabella. >> she would be crying throughout the night. >> they went through all the stand by, swadding, rocking, pacifiers, sandy was feeling so sleep deprived she was ready to try anything. >> i set the vacuum up, left it turned on and got a 30 minute nap in. >> reporter: sandy noticed these so-called white noises were the one thing that helped to soothe isabella. a friend and mom recommended the sounds for silence baby settling program developed by an australian pediatrician. >> babies like low frequency
6:43 am
sounds. >> reporter: he says he used 20 plus years of experience in taking care of babies to create the cd and emic the sound that lulls them to sleep while inside of the belly but there is not a lullaby on the cd. >> there is coffee grinders, blood flow sounds. >> using white noise is not a new concept but they say this cd seems to bring the elements together in a mix of soothing sound. these parents are sold but we had to see it for ourselves. isabella is crying but when the sounds for silence come on. she stops. >> let's try that again with the baby in her crib and mom completely out of sight [ crying ] >> wow. that was anita brickman
6:44 am
reporting. to find out more about sounds for silence go to and click on living well. well, let's go to kristin fisher. she's standing by in the web center. what's happening on the web? >> well, andrea, this is really cool. one of the most important and ancient books is now available on-line in its original form. i'm talking about the oldest- known bible in the world. it was written 1600 years ago and contains the oldest complete copy of the new testament. it was discovered in an egyptian monastery, 160 years ago. but now, thanks to an international collaboration called the codex sinaiticus project. it is available with anyone with access to the internet around the world. go to this website and i will have a link on my blog and here you can learn more about the bible.
6:45 am
right here you can learn more habit the project but the real gem is here on see the manuscript. click there and this is what will pop up and you can view in great detail every surviving page of this bible, all handwritten in greek. you can go through the passages. i just clicked on psalms and what it will do is you can zoom in and see the original text in greek. it will pull it up in a larger form over here and translates it down here for you. i'm not going to read it but you can go and check it out for yourself. the other neat thing the site does is in addition to translating it, it soalwill zoom in and show you how this sobiblhas been repaired and restored over its 160 year history. as you can imagine this is of particular importance for lib lick call and religiou scholars all over the world. this bible includes two books that are not part of the ofal
6:46 am
cifi new testament and seven books that are not in the old testament and the new testament books are in a different order and very important passages are missing including versus dealing with the resurrection of jesus. so this on-line project is becoming a very big deal in the world of biblical scholars. but it is great for just, the e avciagerpers agwho wants to g on-line and check out one of these ancient manuscripts. again it is the oddest known bible in the entire world. the bottom line is this project is pretty much giving everyone the opportunity to connect directly with a famous manuscript and again i will have a link on my blog it is pretty cool. >> absolutely. thank you very much. howard is enjoying vacation time an kim is enjoying the morning hours with us. >> i am. howard has been facebooking pictures, too, if you are his friend from his vacation.
6:47 am
i happen to come across it. it is interesting to see what your colleagues are up to. i have had old friends of nine town, my childhood friend and her lovely family visited me yesterday. we went to the diner in adams morgan and here's my click of katie. this is one of those things where i'm kneeling down taking the picture. we have her son on the left and daughter on the right. what cutie pie and we had a nice visit and reminisced about old times in new jersey. nice weather for you. oh, is it nice outside. i was just on the weather terrace taking it all in. upper 60s to the north and west. there we go 59 garrett county. 63 winchester. patuxent river in the upper 0s. the satellite and radar loop we are looking good. no rain in sight. we will keep it that way. a mostly sunny afternoon. a lot like what we had yesterday with highs approaching the middle 80s. i want to focus on thurmont
6:48 am
with 82. why? rumor has it the thurmont carnival is going on. my buddies from my weather kim chat room at my blog will go there for crab cakes tonight. i'm so jealous. should be good in crownsville with a high of 84. so let's talk about the computer models and if they are going to try to squeeze any moisture on top of us. looks like we are hard pressed to do that. here is the tidal. the time line, a slight chance of a shower western maryland, eastern panhandle of west virginia and then a few patchy clouds float by tomorrow. but nothing heavy falling from them if anything at all. so this workweek for for the most part dry and uneventful. just the way i like it when we want too coast through the summertime days. it is bringing heavier showers across new england and they are going to stay up there out of reach. a lot of people are traveling
6:49 am
on vacation, heading to new york city and to new england to go to the mountains. we will have rain showers up there. deep south is looking dry. i will tell you what, the heat is building in to the desert southwest. 108 phoenix today. contrast that with 77 over chicago. around here it will be a mostly sunny, middle 80 kind of day with the humidity in check. let's put up the seven day. the chimes tell you to look on up on the screen. seven day is up for you. 81 by thursday. that will be the coolest day this week. thursday will have some clouds building. i think we stay dry. not until on sunday when we have scattered thunderstorms. >> we had to get a shower in there somewhere. it wouldn't be complete. a pleasure to have you join us. we begin with the biggest delay out there. looking at a half hour on 95 northbound to get from dale boulevard to the fairfax county parkway. this is a live shot north of you can won. 395 northbound just the usual
6:50 am
delay. that's what we are dealing with from the capital beltway to seminary and then slowing down again approaching the 14th street bridge. in to the district we go. inbound new york avenue, that main delay is stretching from the washington times building to bladensburg road. to the maps, route 4, route 5, crane highway, all of this area is checking out nice and finishing with the beltway. the slough go between new hampshire an georgia avenue it is here. over to andrea. if a person has rights under another state we should probably respect those rights. that wet is what governor o'malley said in response to a question on whether to republic news gay marriages performed in other states. he spoke on wtop radio. o'malley made it clear his preference is legal civil union not gay marriages. virginia state police also had a tough july 4th weekend. they responded to 562 highway
6:51 am
crashes which left ten people dead. they say alcohol was a factor in four deadly crashes and seven of the dead were not wearing seat belts. authorities say they also arrested 129 suspected drunk drivers. less than two weeks after the deadliest metro collision in history ridership hit a record this 4th of july. riders took more than 631,000 trips on independence day. that sets a record for the 4th of july. south carolina is leading the nation in a new way to try to ensure its safety for all americans. and thousands of revelers are in patch low ma for the running of the bulls. i'm dave price. coming up on the "early show," michael jackson's spectacular sendoff. we will be live in los angeles where fans will bid their final farewell to the king of pop. we will have special coverage of the celebrities, the security and give you a first look at the memorial service. that's coming up on the "early
6:52 am
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6:54 am
homeland security secretary secretary toured a port security in south carolina. and tens of thousands of people crowded in to patch low
6:55 am
ma spain's main square on monday to celebrate the beginning of the bull running festival. it is part of a festival which runs in patch low ma from july 6th to the 14th each year. i'm loving this day at a glance. it will be another keeper of a day. 82 at lunch. today's high 86. air quality code yellow which is moderate. another peek of the seven-day forecast is coming up on think other side of the break. you are watching 9 news now. good morning. when i get my period
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it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom a close look at traffic. 95 in virginia delays getting smaller from the prince william parkway to lorton. 15 to 20 minutes so 50 to
6:59 am
vienna metro that's the main delay and slow approaching the capital beltway. and in maryland, heading southbound from 118 germantown road to montross just a little below speed. now to whispering kim. >> here's the seven-day forecast, we're talking about what is on the 9:00 a.m. show which we will tell you about in a moment. middle 80s, and same tomorrow. over the weekend hot on saturday and stormy on sunday. that's my scoop. >> as for wall street today we are looking at a flat open but that's an important because earlier it was looking like we were going to see losses. the "early show" is next. of course we will have a report on michael jackson's memorial as well as other iconic -- and a crash course on love. >> get news around the clock by going to don't forget, we're going to make it a great day, everyone. see


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