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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 7, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tickets are expected to try to attend this public memorial service. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. kim martucci is in for howard and angie has the traffic. >> we don't have as much fog as yesterday morning so far. >> beautiful moon. >> isn't it ever, looming on the horizon. straight up 5:00. let's get moving. temperatures reveal upper 60s in town. low 60s in cumberland and if you are watching on satellite from oan city hau yove 66 degrees. the satellite-radar loop, hardly any clouds out there. a couple of showers approaching pennsylvania. if anyone gets an isolated storm it is folks north of the district. by noon in the low 80s. middle and upper 80s for the high. right now partly cloudy 68. angie goff, good morning. >> hi, everyone. happy tuesday to you. glad you could join us.
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happy to give you a nice report. a shot of 95 northbound tracking the head lights. hardly any past dumb fridays to the capital beltway. we will continue to 395. here's the situation. we are delay free past duke street. drivers making their way to seminary and the 14th street bridge. mapping out route 4, pennsylvania avenue, route 5 branch avenue. going to realtime graphics and showing you all is a go here. crane highway is checking out okay, as well. a ride on the inner and outer loop north of the district. lanes are wide open. a live shot here at university and finish up with a fly of 50 westbound leaving the bay bridge making your way through annapolis to 495. we are finding no problems. that's a look at traffic. now over to you. michael jackson's family apparently held a wake for the pop superstar last night. cameras captured a hearse pulling in to forest lawn
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funeral service. police were screening cars at the entrance to the cemetery. in other news, the judge ruled that jackson's long-time attorney and a family friend named conspirators in his will should take over his estate instead of his mother who was temporarily appointed to that duty last week. 17,000 people will be allowed in the staples center today to watch the public memorial for michael jackson. they were selected from 1.6 million people who applied for tickets on-line. armando trull is in our information center with more. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. some michael jackson fans are hoping his brothers will reunite once more to pay a musical tribute to the most famous and talented member of the jackson jackson five. even if that doesn't happen you can expect them to be in attendance at the memorial for the king of pop.
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>> golden ticket. >> reporter: this woman is one of the 18,000 people lucky enough to witness firsthand michael jackson's star-studded memorial. >> i'm delighted to have the opportunity. >> reporter: just like in his real-life concerts, tickets to michael jackson's final act are the hottest in town. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: mariah carey and jennifer hudson are some stars that will perform. in the streets around the staples center it will be sealed off by police to keep away those who didn't get tickets. >> a lot of jealous people out there. >> the jackson family and closest friends will participate in a private ceremony at forest lawn cemetery. the marquee south point will be showing it and you can see it on facebook and my space and i understand you have some way a folks can watch it on tv.
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>> cbs is covering michael jackson's memorial service starting at 1:00 p.m. our time. here's how that will impact our forecast schedule for later today. the young and restless can be seen from 11 to noon today. as the world turns will be pre- empted and the price is right will move to 3:00 p.m. today. in other news, marion barry is denying charges he stalked a long time friend. the former four-term mayor called reporters to the wilson building to denounce accusations that led to his arrest. park police stopped him after a woman with whom he had a year long relationship complained to police. >> the charge stems from a personal relationship that has gone horribly wrong in a lot of way and resulted in one party to that relationship striking out at mr. barry. >> reporter: barry is scheduled for a court hearing on the
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charge on thursday. he declined to speak at the news conference on the advice of his lawyer. a manassas, virginia woman faces decades in prison after she admitted to killing her adopted daughter. glover pled guilty in the death of her daughter alexis. in january, she told police the 13-year-old had run away from her at the manassas central library. her body was found in a ravine. prior reports of abuse led to internal investigations at prince william county department of social services and the police department. glover faces a maximum sentence of 51 years in prison. it is five past 5:00, time for the first living smart report of the morning. and jessica has a preview of the day on wall street. >> good morning. it looks like investors are waking up in the mood to sell stocks today in overnight
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trading asian stocks held to a holding pattern after a wild ride on wall street yesterday. the dow opens at 8324 and added 44 points yesterday. it was in the triple-digits earlier in the session. the nasdaq fell by 9. the s&p rose by 2. with protesters taking to the streets, they are gathering gathering for a summit tomorrow. if you are looking for some good buys at the mall this month you maybe surprised. certain types of products are likely to be deeply discounted. the national retail med ration says you can save 20 to 50% off linens, dinner ware and home decor and if you need a wedding gift you will likely find the best buys. hopefully kim doesn't hear us. >> shh. >> today we are say saving
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$16,000 while paying off think mortgage. >> definitely listening for that. montgomery county has said good-bye to one of its most prominent public servants. blare ewing was laid to rest after a battle with cancer. he served on the board of education and montgomery county council. he was a strong advocate of segregation he was 75. president kennedy once called him the smartest man he had ever met. kennedy was referring to former defense secretary robert macnamara. he is best remembered for being the architect of the vietnam war and his role in the bay of pigs invasion. many considered him the most influential defense secretary within the 20th century. within the last hour, president obama delivered a speech in russia. it came after the president's first meeting with russian prime minister putin. addressing a group of young
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people, the president said it is up to the united states, russia and people of all countries to decide what world order will replace the cold war and he says the u.s. wants a peaceful, strong and prosperous russia. before the speech he held a two hour close-door discussion with putin. a fairfax county woman is one of tens of thousands of people following the riots in china. 150 people have been killed in fighting between ethnics groups and security forces. they blame separatists for the trouble. including a fairfax activist that has lived in virginia since leaving china four years ago. >> the government sees me as a threat instead of the solution to existing. >> 1400 people are under arrest. news led to protests in other chinese cities. now to a disturbance in
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this hemisphere as today a deposed latin american president plans to come here to washington to ask for help in returning to power. relief for a town in south carolina which has been terrorized by a serial killer. we'll be right back. u
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come travel with me. on the dulles toll road through herndon, reston, tysons corner and beyond. lanes are wide open. the commute is looking pretty clear. it's angie with the realtime traffic coming up. police say the serial killer who terrorized gaffeny, south carolina more than a week is dead. officers tried to arrest 41- year-old yesterday on a parole violation when he pulled a gun on them. police say the gun he used is the same ones used in the
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murder. honduran president plans to meet today with hillary clinton. u.s. and most other countries in the region condemned the coup that forced him from power. homeland security secretary got a tour of port security in charleston, south carolina. the port is establishing a program which could become a model for the rest of the country. it is designed to use law enforcement on local, state and national levels to monitor port security. metro sets a new record over the holiday weekend. details coming up. plus, some researchers say your sunscreen probably isn't working as well as you think it is. kim? >> if you follow me on twitter you know today will be a spectacular day. the question is can we keep it the rest of the week? my seven-day forecast will answer that question. it is coming up next.
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(sighing) ted has betrayed me. (announcer) switch to verizon fios tv, phone and internet today and get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v welcome back. a nonprofit research group wants you to research before
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you buy sunscreen. they say i they tested 1500 sunscreens and singled out those with the best protection and safest ingredients. they are -- here's one place they could have used some sunscreen. people who extended their 4th of july vacation enjoyed sunny skies on monday at the point pleasant beach in new jersey. they say the beautiful weather is offsetting sales and calming concerns about the recession. a buff day yesterday. does that mean a beautiful week ahead? >> i'm pretty sure we can stamp the rubber seal of approval of every work day this week. >> work day, okay. >> yes. >> good morning. it is great to see you.
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5:15. tuesday morning. time to get moving. i have maryland and virginia weather all ready to go. here's a look at the numbers. gaithersburg 61. you share that with cumberland. to the south, 69 patuxent river. la plata 83. 82 thurmont and temperatures around 79 in frostburg. here's a check on the virginia conditions across the region. looks like we have temperatures pretty comfortable this morning with 64 in fredericksburg, 61 manassas. like maryland a warmup today to around 90 in gainesville this afternoon. 93 dumfries and upper 80s across northern virginia. look at the numbers now. 60s locked in place. not as many 50s as yesterday morning but comfortable outside. the satellite and radar loop reveals we are rain-free in every direction you travel unless you head to williamsport where you will run in to
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showers. computer model is showing today is mostly sunny and skies should not bring any rain drops here. if we get an isolated shower may see it across the far northwestern suburbs that you can see by this evening. other than that i don't anticipate problems. let's talk about the bigger picture. our skies will stay clear the next several days because we are sandwiched. the air is sinking and we have a nice day out of it. temperatures warming. instead of low to middle 80s, we will be in the upper 80s. in new york they will be in the 60s in that direction. let's talk about the next seven. looking good. the coolest day on thursday and no rain drops really forecasted. some clouds on thursday night. in to the weekend a couple of thunderstorms enter the picture by sunday afternoon. look at that. a pretty warm weekend coming our way. saturday 90 and sunday around
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88. angie goff, good morning. good morning, folks. it is tuesday, the beginning of the week and it's going to be one terrific day. get started with 66 westbound at 234. we have an accident it is off to the shoulder. drivers are getting by. eastbound traffic, tracking the head lights past 28. no problem. on the beltway between 95 and 66. virginia side of things shaping up nicely. drivers are moving at speed. in maryland, here's the shot for you. moving, too. a live shot at colesville road and no delays to report right now. as we go to the maps and take you up and show you the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198 to the beltway, lanes are wide open. rounding it out inbound new york avenue through northeast, no incidents or accidents to report. andrea, over to you. police are looking for two men in a series of home invasions yesterday morning. investigators say the men forced their way in to three homes, two in district heights and one in glen arden.
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all three times the intruders tied up their victims as they ransacked their homes. at least one carried a gun. no one was physically hurt. this morning marc and metro riders may see extra police at station and on trains. the county is conducting exercises and training at undisclosed locations around 6:00 this morning. you may also see officers inspecting trucks. police say these are regular exercises and not based on new intelligence about terrorist threats. less than two weeks after the deadliest collision in its history, metro set a record over the weekend. riders took 631,000 trips independence day. that sets a record for the 4th. right now good morning to kristin fisher who's standing by in the web center. >> good morning. by now most of us are well aware of the hazards of social networking sites and chances are you have heard a facebook horror story.
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an employee calls in sick to work but sayser in going to the beach on facebook and their boss sees it. what if you are a spy and not just any spy but the head of britain's secret intelligence service and your wife blows your cover on facebook. it happened. take a look at this story on the times on-line. wife blows mi 6 chief's cover on facebook. the wife of this guy here who is set to take over mi 6 this november has caused tysericu breach by publishing family photos and personal details on facebook. things like where they rilive a work, where they spend holidays and a picture like this of him on vacation with his family. so in fact on the day her husband was appointed the new chief his wife even congratulated him on facebook using his code name. to make matters worse his wife put virtually no privacy
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protection on her account making it visible to any of the sites 200 million users around the world. this is the story on cnn. here's the story on the week. their headlines, why spies should avoid facebook. a lesson they learned the hard way. all of the sensitive material has been removed from the internet and his wife has indeed learned her lesson. her facebook account has been deactivated, thank goodness but the damage has been done. once it is on-line it is out there. we know it and many are wondering can he keep his new job now that his identity has been compromised. it is a great question and i'm sure they are having serious family discussions at the dinner table. back to you. >> all i can think of is she knew what his job was, what was her motive for putting all of this information. >> it is an excellent question. maybe she is a spy. >> disgruntled. >> there you go. some of the stars of tennis will serve it up today in
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washington. plus, the nationals go to a place known for offense and are on the giving and receiving end of pitching gems. stay tuned. sports is next. it is 5:22.
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here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today, july 7th.
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apparently the nationals and rockies forgot they were playing at mile high city because the balls were not flying high last night. seven innings and just one run. colorado star todd healthen hits a gaper to score. rookies pitcher didn't allow any run. nats fall 1-0. perhaps the phillies sold the nats offense because utley, dodds and shane went long in the 1stinning against the reds. the phillies scored ten in the first frame and went on to win 22-1.
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today wimbledon ladies runner up venus williams will be here. she is on the freedom of world team tennis and is visiting the washington capitals that held an opening ceremony yesterday. today reigning french open doubles champ will be holding down the fort and preaching the tennis gospel. >> i think if you go to the society here in dc and throughout america and create a wareness of the team structure in an individual game like tennis it will be fabulous to see a bunch of kids enjoying themselves. >> and speaking of tennis, apparently andy roddick tweaked his hip on sunday's marathon. wimbledon's final against fedder. he has withdrawn from the davis cup. lance armstrong is making a move in stage three in the tour de france. armstrong moved from tenth to
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third place. he's just 40 seconds off the overall lead. switzerland still holds the yellow jersey. today there is a team timed trial. there are ways to save money on your mortgage. that story is coming up. but if you are looking for your first or new credit card, that could be more difficult. plus, the latest on the scramble to be part of the public memorial service for michael jackson. hey, virginia, live from 66 westbound at 234, only the left lane is getting by due to this accident. more things that can slow you down on this tuesday coming up.
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president obama holds a meeting with russia's prime minister. welcome back to 9 news. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. angie goff is here. she has the traffic in just a moment. we start with kim's forecast.
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it is a gem. >> oh, boy. really nice outside. have you noticed so far this summer we really haven't had any hot and humid weather? >> i like it. >> me, too. >> boy, so today. >> except for the mold. >> oh, that allergy. >> it has come down. definilyme co down, everybody. time to get moving outside. the urmpateres show 68 atinde the beltway. 70 at annapolis and 61 manassas. 50s for martinsburg and cumberland. upper 50s feel good this time ofthe year. cotoar ed yesterday e numbers are warmer, running four to seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. so pretty comfortable. by noon around 82. 86 for the high under mostly sunny skies. air quality is code moderate. angie goff, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we are kicking off 5:30. i want to remind you we are simulcasting live from my blog at come behind the scenes with us. and talk about traffic, too, an
5:31 am
accident on 66 westbound at 234. only the left lane is getting by. so definitely a slow go approaching that scene going eastbound where we are seeing most of our volume. that's where we find no problems. here's the shot of 95 northbound in virginia. this ride also remains delay free past dale boulevard to the beltway. taking it to our realtime graphics. here's route 4, pennsylvania avenue, branch highway, crane highway. all of these roads are checking out fine and finishing with 270. here we go southbound past father hurley. traffic is flowing to the split. that's the traffic. president obama told russian prime minister pouten it is time to put america's relationship with russia on a "strong footing." the first meeting this morning comes after both countries pledge to cut their nuclear arsenals by year's end. charlie d'agata has the story. >> reporter: president obama and prime minister putin shared a hand shake and hopes for
5:32 am
better relationships between the u.s. and russia. at his first high level meeting with putin, the president said he hoped to improve ties through mutual respect and confrontation. it is a day after president obama announced a deal the two countries would slash their nuclear stockpiles by a third by the end of the year. >> we have taken important steps forward to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. this starts with the reduction of our own nuclear arsenals. >> reporter: next stop on the tour is the grk-8 summit in italy where countries will try to continue the work that began here in london earlier this year. the host, italian prime minister decided to move the summit to the earthquake struck city top boost the local economy. thousands of extra forces have been deployed to provide security for the three-day summit. >> here we have troops coming from navy, air force and army.
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>> reporter: after the summit, the president will have his first meeting with the pope in rome before ending the week long trip in the african country of ghana. cbs news, london. this morning police in los angeles are gearing up for the public memorial for pop superstar michael jackson. while there are just under 18,000 tickets some analysts predict hundreds of thousands of fans will still try to get close to the staples center temperature 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull has more information. >> reporter: tickets to michael jackson's performances used to be the hottest ones in town, but no surprise then that the same thing has happened for the final tribute to the king of pop. >> i never thought i would actually get this opportunity. >> reporter: but she did get the opportunity and mona is jumping for joy. >> the golden ticket! >> reporter: the bristow, virginias redefinite will be among the 18,000 people packing the l.a. staple center in the nokia
5:34 am
center for michael jackson's memorial. >> it would be great to see his brothers the jackson five perform for him one more time. >> no word on whether that will happen. but stevie wonder, lionel ritchie, mariah carey and jennifer hudson are some stars that will perform. >> it is the cream dela cream of entertainers there. >> thousands of disappointed fans didn't get tickets. the streets and venues have been barricaded to discourage them. there are several ways to watch the event live. drive to fredericksburg, virginia. south point theater will be showing it and facebook and my space if they don't crash and i understand you have another way folks can watch, right? >> exactly. they can watch here on cbs. it is covering michael jackson's memorial service live starting at 1:00. here's how that will impact our broadcast schedule for today.
5:35 am
the young and restless can be seen from 11:00 a.m. to noon. as the world turns will be pre- empted. the price is right will move to 3:00 p.m. today. in other news, in the courtroom a judge has changed who's in charge of michael jackson's estate. his mother catherine won temporary control last week but monday the judge put the two men named as executors of jackson's will in charge. however they were ordered to keep her informed of their actions on behalf of michael's estate. investigators in nashville are waiting for the results of ballistic tests that could provide key clues in in the murder of former nfl star steve mcnair. the question is whether a gun recently bought by mcnair's girlfriend is the same gun found at the scene where mcnair and his girlfriend were found dead. the former quarterback met her only six months ago. tmz got these shots of them on the beach. relatives are still in shock. >> she started to date this
5:36 am
famous guy. well, i don't watch football so i had no clue what is going on but i was like are you sure that's what you want to do. i didn't know he was married or anything. >> i couldn't believe it. right now i'm still in disbelief but you know, just the idea of knowing that he's gone. >> reporter: the bodies were found in a nashville condo leased by mcnair. he was married and the father of four children. time for another living smart report. digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with a major agreement between the white house and the nation's hospital system. >> that's right. this is considered a big step forward for the movement toward health care reform. the news is the nation's hospitals have agreed to pick up part of the cost of the white house plan for expanded health care coverage the "washington post" reports the hospital industry agreed last night to contribute $155 billion over ten years. that will help foot the bill for ensuring 47 million
5:37 am
americans without health care coverage get it. most of the contributions will come from an agreement to accept lower medicare and medicaid payments and also agreeing to reductions in what hospitals can get to care for the uninsured. it is getting harder to get a credit card even if you have sterling credit. the banks are pulling back on card lending despite government stimulus money. in the first four months of the year, banks 9.8 million credit cards. according to data from eck question fax, even low-risk borrowers are getting smaller limits, down 3% to nearly $4,600. well, it's time for the money-saving tip of the day. paying off a mortgage is usually the biggest expense i have individuals and families face but there is a way to save a lot of money over the life of the loan. if you can spare the cash make an extra mortgage payment every year and specify it goes to paying off principal only.
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it is a faster way to dwindle down what you owe. here's an example. on a 15 year, $300,000 mortgage with a 5% interest rate, paying extra $200 a month in principal will cut down on the number of payments by nearly 20 months and save you nearly $16,000. of course the higher the interest rate the more you will save my making extra payments and for more money saving tips check out my blog on the financialist ta at the key here is specify it is principal because otherwise they will put it toward your interest. >> very good idea. thank you. he's not mr. smith but he is finally coming to washington. that story is coming up. plus, a new warning about a danger for people who swim or fish in the chesapeake bay. here's angie? >> -- you know what i love about raisin bran crunch®?
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all the delicious raisins. i like the crunchy flakes and the granola clusters. you know, that's why it says "crunch" on there. yeah, but raisins are before "crunch" on the box. even "bran" made it before "crunch." yeah, but look at how big the word "crunch" is. i mean it just dominates the box.
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i like the box because in the middle of the word... "kellogg's®" is "ello," like a british greeting. "ello govenor." three tasty ingredients, one great combination. ♪ raisin bran crunch®! ♪ from kellogg! welcome back through dupont circle. it is accident free. another look at the roads you use is on the way. crews are trying to get control over a wildfire in oregon. so far the fire is not threatening any buildings. a watch dog group warning
5:41 am
the pollution in the chesapeake bay is harboring a hazardous bacteria. the foundation noted increases in virginia and maryland of the number of infections from the salt water bacteria known as vibrio some varieties of which can cause life-threatening skin and intestinal illnesses. today al franken will officially become a u.s. senator. vice president joe biden will administer the oath of office. he arrived on captiol hill on monday after months of recounts and legal challenges. he was declared the winner last week over norm coleman by a margin of 312 votes. the scramble is still on to scalp tickets to michael jackson's memorial service. that's coming up in what's on the web. and baltimore is launching a first of its kind program.
5:42 am
and i'm relaxing on the weather terrace. it is a beautiful start to tuesday. don't miss the forecast because it is next. you are watching 9 news now. good morning. fa fios guy! where ya headed?
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gm is spending much of its future on the volt. but how about getting rid of gas all together, the first all
5:45 am
electric rental car and sharing fleet in the country. bruce leshan took a spin. >> reporter: could a little green car be the future of the auto industry. >> all electric, zero pollution and emissions. >> reporter: it is called the naya 300 built on a chinese car platform but equip with remarkable technology that allows batteries to power it to 85 miles an hour. >> where the -- where are the batteries. >> and 120 miles between charges. >> see the plates. >> people are going it is not making any noise. this is cool. when can i sign up. >> that was it. you are on. >> the mayas are already drawing stares at the baltimore inner harbor. >> i love it. it is neat it. >> all comes down to the battery. that's the thing. how long will it last. >> reporter: if you come to the maryland science center right now you can just take one of
5:46 am
these babies on a cruise around the block while they get the bugs worked out but in the next few months you will be able to rent one and drive it around or join a car-sharing program. the cars are still going through crash testing, so for now they are restricted to less than 35 miles an hour but advocates say it is nearly perfect for city dwellers looking to run errands and far more advanced than earlier all- electric vehicles. >> in baltimore, bruce leshan, 9 news now and >> they plant to launch the rental car and car sharing program by august 1st. like a lot of technology, prices maybe a bit steep, $29 for two hours but much cheaper for the car share program and includes electricity from the solar panels atop the science center's roof. >> so, andrea, rumor has it there's a lot of good sales on wedding gifts.
5:47 am
>> we heard something like that from the financialist that. >> yes, we did. >> tick tock, august 1st, oh, my gosh. >> something should have come in the mail already. >> i got that. thank you. >> we have spectacular weather. that's my gift to you this morning and this week. let's get started. i want to talk about the ailer jens in the air. we have been talking about mold but every day at noon we get the latest allergy report an as of yesterday everything was in the low category. soou yare still sneezing. i don't know ouwhat is causing that. here's a look at numbers across the area. warmer than yesterday morning with upper 60s on the map. mid-60s in hagerstown. spotlight on virginia looks like the warmest air out to gainesville. 93 dumfries. 87 luray and mostly sunny skies. as you are watching from
5:48 am
western more marc frostburg today 79. folks over to crownsville 84. thurmont 82. la plata home to our friends in charles county looking good with 83. here's the satellite and radar loop. no trouble this morning. up to the north, central pennsylvania is where you will find rain drops. none in our immediate vicinity. instead we have partly cloudy skies. south to southwest winds blowing at six miles an hour and the humidity is 81%. so a little bit of a squeeze play going on. we have activity far to our south. stays our of reach. this front that will be approaching us and it has a couple of showers but the main core to stir the showers up is that big low. it is still spinning over the eastern great lakes. it hasn't changed. so that's going to spin showers closer to that front but i think those showers will stay out of reach. this weather pattern across new england, i'm getting married next month, has been terrible. it has been raining all the
5:49 am
time. hopefully we will get that pattern lift in but it has been a benefit to us. it is keeping us comfortable with low humidity. we will see that again today. put the forecast in writing and show you the satellite-radar loop. ensures we are ready to go. low humidity, i'll take it. here's the seven-day forecast, everyone. middle 80s today. by thursday a little cooler, 81. clouds on the increase with that front nearby. i don't think we will have enough dynamic to get the showers, but by sunday that's our shot for scattered thunderstorms after a hot high on saturday of 90 degrees. so angie, that's my scoop. what's the latest on the roads. >> things are looking better out here on 66 headed westbound before olney. the left lane was getting by. you can see all of the crash activity, 66 west has been rushed to the right shoulder. everything is clear. lanes are open. now the drive going eastbound we are doing okay. also from nutley to the capital
5:50 am
beltway. speaking of 495. here's the shot on the realtime graphics from 95 on up. drivers are clocking in at a good pace. tracking the outer loop delay free. the shot from university. a good example of how things look around the beltway. in the district a different story. we are finding speeds starting to drop on inbound new york avenue from bladensburg and no issue on 395 northbound past duke street to the 14th street bridge. kristin fish,er over to you. >> good morning. by now you probably know that today is the public memorial service for michael jackson. armando has been telling you about washington-area residents heading to l.a. for the service at the staples center and about the disappointed fans who did not score tickets. that's exactly who scalpers are now targeting on-line. here's the story on scalpers selling tickets on- line. they are reporting despite
5:51 am
efforts to keep people from profiting from the service, scalpers on-linea are asking as much as $9,000 per ticket to the free even. there are two sides to the story. i'm reading right here. some users say that the scalpers should be ashamed of themselves and others argue, hey, we live in a capitalistic society where money is what really speaks. i'm quoted from right there. regardless, both ebay and craigslist have taken steps to this wart ticket sellers. in a statement released yesterday which you can't read because it is jumbled on the screen but i will tell you what it says. they will not allow michael to son memorial servibes listed on the site. if found ebay will remove them from the site immediately. but i was able to find tickets on ebay very easily this morning. here they are right now. all i typed in was michael jackson. searched in the staples center
5:52 am
and here's what popped up. five listings and all seem legitimate given the pack they are supported with pictures to the right which you can see right there. if we zoom in and look at the r esicth are going for. most of em in the 6100, $5,000 range. five to $6,000. there's one for 1200, but check this out, right down here, michael jackson memorial tickets, four seats, row ten, v.i.p., nearly $50,000. so that's the price on-line. it is getting close to the deadline but you can see they are still available on ebay and craigslist and sites like that. back to you. >> unbelievable. thank you. one captiol hill lawmaker is publicly airing his not so kind feelings about michael jackson. that story is coming up in the buzz. plus, a washington landmark is holding its last call for good later this week. you are watching 9 news now. (mom) i'm not going to be able to see her every day.
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walmart. it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom dc places number one in a distinction, human trafficking. and montgomery county police stage a fake raid for a tv show but nearby residents were not warned. read these stories in the examiner. a washington landmark is about to close its doors for good. last call at nathans in georgetown is sunday night. the 40-year-old restaurant and bar sits on prime real estate at wisconsin and m streets. >> reporter: since 1969, nathans has been gracing this
5:56 am
corner at the heart of georgetown. >> this place is a dc institution, we love coming over here after work. you want to come over and hang out and have a couple of beers. >> reporter: some that pass through the doors are relative newcomers. >> have been coming five years now. >> reporter: others long time comers. >> he admits the bar is older than he is and knows he is upholding a tradition even if it is only for a few more nights. >> what can i get you. >> what do you recommend. >> how about a coke. >> you got me. >> being since you are on the clock. >> you have got me. >> ed has been managing nathans for 2 1/2 years and says even though it looks busy the economy is hitting nathans hard. >> it is slow. having problems keeping it together. >> reporter: although nathans sits on prime real estate,
5:57 am
don't expect to see anyone new opening the doors anytime soon. >> what will happen to it? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure. >> reporter: on the corner of wisconsin and m 9 news now and over the years nathans has been well known for sponsoring luncheons featuring washington liberties. so far there is no buyer yet for the building. it is still on the market and prime real estate at wisconsin and m. >> well, we have been buzzing. kristin has been buzzing about michael jackson and the memorial on ebay. she said tickets to get in the memorial service $50,000. a republican congressman in new york is sick and tired of it. the rants about michael jackson. here's what peter king has to say on youtube. >> all we hear about is michael jackson and let's knock out the psycho basketball. this guy was a perfect, a child molester, pedophile. >> yes, he did violate young boys, he put them in
5:58 am
inappropriate positions and that's a terrible signal to be sending society that we are somehow condoning that behavior and you are condoning it when we give him this type of legal coverage and millions of people fighting to get to his megamemorial. >> peter king posted this video on sunday on youtube. he was willing to speak about it yesterday but today, the day of the memorial service he isn't having any comment on often the charges of pedophilia michael jackson was acquitted in court but i was reading in the paper that even colin powell said for his talent he deserves this kind of recognition and he specifically addressed the talent. >> by the way, since that video hit the internet, i saw it all hover the social networking sites people that had supported him and had a lot of bad things to say. >> it has been nonstop and i was grateful to sarah palin on friday. she was the one thing that
5:59 am
changed the story a little bit. and now it is back of course but today is the memorial service. we will carry it live, cbs at 1:00 p.m. >> tell us about transformers. >> looks like we have a box office winner, my friends, transformers edged past ice age dawn of the dinosaurs to claim the crown at the box office. and this is according to updated figures. first it was reported that both of them raked in 42.5 million but look like transformers took in 42.3 42.3. not the best of weeks to see movies the weather is too nice. so head outside. le t's t'go and take a look. waking up to a pleasant 68 downtown. 65 hagerstown. 64 fredericksburg. the satellite and radar loop shows we are almost cloud free. a few patchy clouds through the beltway right now. by 9:00 in


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