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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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good evening i'm lesli foster. they lied about her adopted daughter running away and today, she admits that she killed the 13-year-old, alexis. pleading guilty to murder, child abuse, and filing a false police report. now, those who witnessed and reported her abuse, they say that the department of social services, they allowed it to happen. peggy fox has details. >> reporter: she fell through a gaping hole when social services made for her. >> the other school buses reported seeing her abuse r he -yd eaolr-add optedaughter, alexis on several occasions, so did others, 11 reports were made
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to social services and two to police. >> now, we made the reports we saw her being put in the trunk. and as they stated in the courtroom, you know, it was seen the second time, a person saw someone where the trunk was partially open. how many times do you need to see that and report it over and over? the teenager mother sent her to the bus wearing only a diaper. they believe that the mother also starved her. >> and social services, did they ever come speak to you? >> never. they never said anything. >> no questions. a lot of mistakes were made per
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relationship that has gone horribly wrong in at lot of ways, and they have resulted in, well, one party to that relationship, striking out at mr. barry. >> barry, he's scheduled for the court hearing on the stalking charge on thursday. and now, he declined to speak at today's news conference on the advice of his lawyer. and starting today, the district, they began recognizing same-sex marriages, performed in other states. and the attorneys are still trying to get that law overturned. they are the lone council member to vote against the measure earlier this year. traffic is back to the usual rush hour mania on i-95. a couple hours ago, this, some trouble, off the southbound lanes, just north of already go -- largo. running off the road and hit the trees in the median and flipped.
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that crash threw three people out of the van. first responders rushed the three and five others to the hospital. but now, here's the good news, none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. > ke a good look at your screen. pothli, beceey lieve that the same to men forced their way inside thremehoeys this morng, all in the e a re district in heights, maryland, one in glen arden. they wore ski mask, tieing up their victims. at least one rra ied gu n,but did not thhurt anyone. they are doing what they can to track down those men. and now, investigators, they are working to find out what started a deadly fire in prince george's county. the blaze broke out on late saturday night in a house on wheeling avenue and upper marlboro. two people died. the budget cuts, some fire houses, they are going unstaffed from time to time. and the county officials, they say that the staffing problems were not an issue in the department's response to this fire. several new developments, this evening, on the state of michael jackson, well, a california judge, they ruled
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that jackson'sing long-time family and friend, they should oversea the administration. and those are the terms of the will. the pop singer, they signed that in 2002. the mother flew out there to oversea the estate, dying deeply in debt. but a court estimates his estate will be worth than $500 million. meanwhile, fans in los angeles, they began picking up tickets for jackson's memorial service at staple center. more than 6 million people fill out an online form for the 8,750 available seats. one of the people who will not be at the memorial is jackson's ex-wife. she lashed out at reporters who asked about custody details, surrounding her two children with jackson. >> do not touch me. >> no one touched you here. >> you just did. don't. >> are you ready to fight for your children? are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't touch me. >> are you ready to take a cash settlement for the kids?
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how important are the kids to you? >> her attorney said she backed out of attending jackson's service because she felt like she would be an unnecessary distraction. and now, one woman from virginia, they will be among those remembering michael jackson at the staple center. and we caught up with her at dallas airport this morning. >> it's not everybody she gets followed by the local media to the airport. the golden ticket. tomorrow, she will join thousands of michael jackson fans at a memorial service in los angeles. >> i never thought i would actually get this opportunity. it didn't even cross my mind, but you know, you just do it because you think what if, so i mean, i'm just excited that it actually happened. i could hardly believe it has happened. >> her daughter and husband sent her off in gear inspired by the king of pop. >> hey, now, this is my version of the beat it jacket, and it has been a long time and i still have it in me.
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>> my favorite michael jackson memory is when he danced on his tiptoe. i thought that was incredible. >> reporter: she says she is headed to an event of a lifetime. >> i just keep waking up in the morning thinking, well, something about you baby. i love that song. >> but she is also trying to contain that excitement. she knows tuesday's event is also a tribute to the entertainer, gone too soon. stkpwh i don't want to sing -- seem too excited because i'm going to a memorial, at the same time, we're going to say good-bye to him. i want to be respectful of that too. >> cbs will have live coverage of the memorial service tomorrow. that coverage begins at 1:00 right here on wusa. and still to come on nine news now, does your home need a new look? we'll tell you why this could be a great time to buy. plus, president obama, they strike the historic deal with russia to reduce the world's nuclear arsonnal. and now, i'll tell you what, early july, temperatures in the
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mid-80s, low humidity. just spectacular outside. we'll take you out there. you can access via the web, click on left turn tab and -- weather tab and follow the drop down menu. follow the dropdown menu to where it says that, another menu that will say the climate data. 85 and 63 going into the books. averaging 88, 69. and record high, i think that it is hot this time of the year, 103, record lows, 7 -- 57. no precipitation today. and a rain fall, well, you know, we're at 23 inches. for the year. we have about 3.5 inches in the bank. and that will come in handy. we'll come back and talk about cooler weather believe it or not in the weeks end, and then a hot finish throughout the weekend. stay tuned.
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the former defense secretary out there for escalating america's involvement in see in a minute has die -- vietnam has died. a role that he will later regret. and as a member, he was the key figure in the disastrous bay area out there in 1961. and the cuban missile crisis, 18 months later. he died this morning after the long period of feeling health. he was 93 years old. >> the defense in afghanistan, swáupb, they are continuing out there with the u.s. marines, pushing deep into the taliban control in southern afghanistan. thousands of marines, they are on the offensive side from the control. and they are fighting back, launching suicide bomb attacks that have claimed the lives of
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six american service members. the nuclear warhead, with 1500 weapons each, they lower them to the level of any arms control agreement between the two countries. the leaders, they also pledged out there for them between the two cold war enemies. they are expected to make $223 million annually. in tonight's living smart focus if you're shopping for home furnishing, they say that
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sales, they will sizzle during the month of july. and the nrs says, you can save anywhere from 20 to 50% on table linens, dinner ware, and other items for the homes. you are likely to find the best buys this month. still ahead on nine news now, new details are emerging from them and about the shooting death out there for them and the quarterback area. and you will have those. plus, they are coming to washington, and the former funmy man says that they will be -- funny man says they will be all business right now. coming up live from los angeles, a judge removes michael jackson's mother as executor of his estate. with the ex-wife fight for custody of their children? tonight on the cbs evening news. travel, stress, eating on the run.
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diarrhea just stops me. (announcer) kao speeds to the source to shut down diarrhea and its discomfort. stop it fast with kaopectate. this could be a big break in the serial killing that has the town in south carolina. now, police shot and killed the man this morning trying to break into the home this morning
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about 30 miles from south carolina. now, police, they are not saying immediately, whether the crimes are connected, five people, they were shot and killed and then the rural community, they were last waoeb. hundreds of people attended that for two of the areas. >> when you start feeling older and children, you know, it's out there. >> and a handle of witnesses, they caught a glimpse of the killer and provided a police for them and the description of the composite sketch. new developments, standing from the quarterback of steve mcnair. found shot to death along with the girlfriend this weekend in nashville. a relative of the woman, the 21-year-old. and she said she recently purchased a gun. police, they called the former quart -rback a -- quarterback a homicide victim. they are not going to do that. and that is a little later in sports. an appeal is underway following the ruling that would allow the general motors to sell the bulk of their assets.
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the bankruptcy judge ruled that they can sell the bulk of the assets to a new company. and in that move, theyed would clear the way for gm to quickly emerge from bankruptcy. but a firm, representing the people who are suing the automakers, they say that it will appear that the ruling is out to the u.s. district court in new york. senator al franklin, they are getting to know their new man. the live comedian, they traveledded to the capitol hill today where they met with the senate majority leaders, terry reid. >> i'm going to workday and night for them. and to make sure that, well, our kids, they have a great future out there and that america's best days, they play ahead. i'm ready to bet to work -- to get to work. >> the official oath tomorrow to become the junior senator from minnesota. the protracted eight month recount and then finally a concession from the republicans incumbent. what a day to come to
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washington. >> yes. >> that is fantastic weather. >> i would not expect it. every july 6. >> i was going to say we're usually pretty swamp páeu and complaining about -- swampy and complaining about humidity. >> and now, that is cold and out there. and that is pretty good shape. we saw some clouds rolling. in that's the forecast first. but tomorrow, we'll say mid-80s, once again, a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms. now, wednesday, we're down in the low 80s and a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms. we're in the low 80s and a slight chance for them. and the northeast flow, and that really can reach havoc for us, in july alone for the wintertime. and clear to partly cloudy, upper 50s to upper 60s, the light wind. so many of the suburbs, they will be in the upper 50s tonight. we don't see that too often in july either. in fact, lows, look at th-rbgs 58 great falls -- look at this,
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58 great falls. which is still below average this time of the year, and that is not, well, a way that produces a lot of high humidity. still fairly comfortable tomorrow even though that we have a chance of the shower out there or the thunderstorm in the forecast. they will start in virginia and temperatures also in west virginia. they are in the low to mid-80s, and 83 out there.
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86 though in springfield. and 86 in stafford and 81 out there. a slight chance of an aáfrpb shower or -- afternoon shower or thunderstorm. downtown, 84 or 85. and 85 out there. not quite as warm as the bay, not a bad day to be on the water. that is not a small craft advisory. 83 for an nap los and -- annapolis and 86 out there. a slight chance of the shower, better chance out there northward as opposed to the bay or southern sections of maryland. satellite pictures, radar combined. generally clear, just a few clouds that are back out there north there towards pittsburg. and these will just move in tonight. essentially, clear to partly cloudy and dry tonight. next seven days? >> high temperatures, sorry about that. >> right. >> high temperatures tomorrow. that is 86. >> yeah. 78 in pittsburg. mid-80s for us, still a bargain. you can do it. next 7 days, just isolated showers, then that northeast flow, and we're talking about
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temperatures around 80 on thursday and friday and that might be optimistic. we might actually end up in the upper 70s on thursday and friday. we are going back into the summer big time. low 90s, upper 80s on sunday, showers and storms possible. then monday, that is kind of like today. kind of a bad pattern to get out there and sunshine, 84 and low humidity. >> they are mixing it up a little bit. >> yes. >> all right, lance armstrong, moving up on the tour de france. >> i don't think anyone took him seriously out there. and how do you learn from now that you always take them seriously? >> could they actually win it again at 37? lance armstrong, jetting through the field at the tour de france. we'll tell you how close he is to the lead. and plus, steve mcnair's long-term coach speaks about out the -- utea oks fat abouthe death of a long-time friend. fa
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christian guzman, out there, and unfortunately, the d ol spell check demons, they have reared their ugly search for them out there and the team, they urge you to vote for emol beforethe
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deadline for tour day. th e th uniform and now, at is teddy roosevelt and theycod uld hold that paperweight spelling out there and an adventure. here is tonight's pitching matchup for them and they are going for the mats down there in that area. and that is restarting out there to take out there for them and they are leading the national league for them with ten wins. capitol star, alex, they have a new job. ambassador, the two time mvp has been named an official ambassador and their native russia. they played for team russia out there. and you won't have to weight long to get out there. and the world team tennis, they are back out there. that is tomorrow tonight against
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them and the freedom and serena william will join the castle next tuesday until then, the former number one, that is the right one for them out there. and the stubs, they are fresh off the area. >> they played a good match in the final. and for that. >> speaking of wimbledon, they tweaked their hips on one of the areas yesterday. putting one on against them and now a rod, they have withdrawn against them and for the final tie against that. and that is the fish for just that. all right, for some reason, lance armstrong, they are out there and they are not getting much attention from them. that is just a couple years off that they could actually win. well most people, they may want to take a look at this, stage three today. and to third in the


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