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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 6, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello and welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. for the first time since his arrest over the weekend dc council member barry is explaining his side of the
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story. police charged barry with stalking after a woman flagged down an officer to complainant the former mayor. our digital correspondent kristin fisher is live at the wilson building where barry's attorney just wrapped up a news conference. kristin? >> reporter: well, j.c., perhaps the biggest news to come out of this press conference is that dc council member marion barry did not say a single word. the only person who took questions is his attorney fred cook. here's their side of the story. they say, barry did have a relationship with the plaintiff donna watts it ended six weeks ago. his attorney says watts invited council member to his her home on the 4th of july and then watts changed her mind and decided not to go with barry to annapolis. it is unclear how hours later both ended up in separate cars in anacostia park. barry was alone but according
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to his attorney, watts was with her ex-husband. that's when police say the flagged down an officer. barry was then arrested on a misdemeanor stalking charge. >> we believe the charge is baseless. we believe the charge stems from a personal relationship that had gone horribly wrong in a lot of ways and has resulted in one party to the relationship striking out at mr. barry and repaying him for some of his kindness, some of it effort to be of assistance to that individual by offering up these charges, which we believe to be false. >> reporter: now the plaintiff donna watts released a statement this morning. she admits -- she went on to say -- once prosecutors conclude their findings and substantiate their charge i can only hope the consequences are
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just. some slight contradictions in that statement. as for barry he will be in court on thursday. that's when we will find out if prosecutors will file charges. more on this story at 9:00 news now at 5:00, 6:00 and seven. back to you. >> thank you very much. moving to other news, earlier this year, council member marion barry was the only could be council member to vote against the bill calling for dc to recognize same-sex marriages. congress could have blocked the measure but let the deadline pass. so, starting today, the district will begin to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. opponents are still trying to get that law overturned. three guilty pleas today from gregg-glover. the virginia woman accused in the death of her 13-year-old adopted daughter. our digital correspondent peggy fox is in the courtroom this morning and is joining us on the phone with more information. >> reporter: that's right. she pleaded guilty to killing
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her adopted daughter, 13-year- old alexis today in court. she pleaded guilty to felony murder, felony child abuse and filing a false police report. the prosecutor called the case a horror story. he said mistakes were made in the police department and the social services department. four of alexis ' school bus drivers, a neighbor and her school principal, among other citizens reported abuse that they had seen. 13 reports to social services, two reports to the police department, yet alexis remained with her mother and the mother was never charged until alexis was found dead in a creek. one bus driver said alexis told her she was afraid her mother was going to kill her. paul aiitd itisa casewhe er authorie'ts didne bthie vedie child aneastind believed the mother. glover will be sentenced in october. she could receive 51 years which amounts to a life seasons. we will have more on this this evening beginning at 5:00 on 9
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news now. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. former secretary of state robert macnamara has died. his wife said he died in his sleep in his dc home. according to some during the vietnam war, macnamara was among the most hated men in america. he ran vietnam war from the early days until he left the pentagon in ' 68. he was the target of countless protests. later in life he wrote a best- selling meme yarr that reveals he had deep misgivings about the vietnam war starting in ' 67. he is dead at the age of 93. the woman found dead next to steve mcnair hoped to marry the former nfl quarterback. our partners at in nashville report that mcnair
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and the woman have a six-month relationship. both were found dead over the weekend. police say that b@someone kille mcna theyreyin' sat nge ifsa shwas the shooter or another victim. the four-time pro bowler spent most of his career in tennessee, but he played the final two years in baltimore. a public memorial has been scheduled for thursday in nashville. well, it is the hottest ticket in town. a chance to attend tuesday's michael jackson memorial service. more than 1.6 million fans registered for tickets, with only 8750 names being chosen. so that means your chance of getting a ticket was .005%. manuel gallegus has more now on the final preparations. >> reporter: thousands of michael jackson fans hit the
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lottery. >> went on-line and like probably million of other people said let's take our chances and it came true. >> 1.6 million people filled out the form to attend the ceremony. but only 8,000 received the e- mail congratulating them. >> first they have to pick up the tickets at dodgers stadium and given a wristband and anyone trying to enter the area on tuesday will have to present their ticket and show their bracelet hasn't been tampered with or torn. >> city officials say if you don't have a ticket stay away. >> they won't be able to see anything if they come down here. it is kind of a waste of time. >> reporter: as media events go this is as big as it gets. the area has been transformed with risers set up for hundreds of reporter and photographers and satellite trucks jammed together in the street. five networks will carry the show live.
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beside the public there are 9,000 invited guests. no funeral procession. the family will hold a ceremony on tuesday morning to bury the singer at forest lawn cemetery in the hollywood hills. the jam the family you supposed to be in court today but they have asked for a delay. they want more time to say good- bye to the pop icon and deal more with his affairs. 9 news now will carry the service live beginning at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. several local residents were able to get tickets to tomorrow's service and we will hear from them beginning on 9 news now at 5:00. it has been a deadly day amic amfo rcesin afghanistan. four soldiers died in a blast this morning in thrnno pa he y. e thun moo ditw reed in a t blasth to e h.ut h.ndsaofs manerindare tang rtin e ththeslargt limita ofe e the iv ainhast aan sinc e taliban's ouster. both attacks were road side
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bombings. general motors will be able to sell the bulk of its assets. allowing it to quickly emerge from bankruptcy protection. a bankruptcy judge ruled the decision is in the best interest of both general motors and its creditors. gm is expected to sell several properties, as well as the hummer, the saab and the saturn brands. some consumer groups do not like this plan because it frees the company from liability for claims that relate to incidents before gm went in to bankruptcy protection. we still do not know the names of the two people who died in a fire yesterday. prince georges county fire officials say heavy smoke and flames prevented a rescue at the home on wheeling avenue in upper marlboro. one of the victims has been identified as an adult man. the other was burned beyond recognition. one body was found on the first flash flood of the home and the other in the basement.
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investigators are still trying to determine exactly what started that fire. six more teens escaped from the new beginnings youth center in laurel over the weekend. now, this is the second time that troubled teens have gotten out of this new $46 million facility since it opened in may. all six were recaptured within two hours. the first teen that escaped the day after the facility opened was captured two days later. when we come back, president obama is headed to moscow and there's already word of a deal on an arms control plan. plus, which sun screen is best for you? we will check out the results of a new ranking when 9 news now continues.
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president obama is in moscow today and there is an agreement to negotiate an arms control treaty but nuclear weapons will dominate the talk. there are plenty of other issues, however, on the agenda. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: president obama and president of russia plan to use the first summit meeting to repair damaged relations. >> we resolve to reset u.s.- russian relations to cooperate more effectively in areas of
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common interest. >> reporter: the former cold war enemies are finding common ground on nuclear weapons. they have agreed to an outline of a plan that would cut down each country's nuclear arsenal. the two remain in a stalemate over america's pursuit of a missile defense system in europe. the u.s. says it is designed to prevent a nuclear attack from iran. the russians fear it could be used against them. the nuclear negotiations may effect how much cooperation president obama gets in other areas including terrorism, global warming and the economy. and making deals could be complicated by russia's power structure. president obama not only has to work with the russian president but tomorrow will meet with the former president putin. many in the u.s. believe putin is still in control of russia, a country that wants to return to super power status. >> the world has changed from dramatically and trying to find ways where it can be that super
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power. >> reporter: moscow is the first stop for president obama on a trip that will take him to italy and ghana. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >> senator elect al franken is in washington today. in an hour he will meet with the senate majority leader harry reed. tomorrow he takes the oath and officially becomes minnesota's junior senator. in theory he gives the democrats a felt buster profit majority in the senate but with robert byrd and ted kennedy ailing, democrats can only count on 58 votes. well, all sunscreens are not created equal. coming up we will look at which top a new list. kim has this forecast. >> what a great day. this weather is fantastic. i will spell out the forecast in to next weekend. we love looking forward to thwacked. you are watching the noon show on 9 news now. back on the other side of this
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break. b@
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a research group wants us to think before we buy another bottle of sunscreen. the group says three of five screens either don't protect
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skin from sun damage or they contain hazardous chemicals. the group tested more than 1500 sunscreens and the group claims that they don't offer the best protection and also they have bad chemicals inside of them. now, this group ranks the soleo organics as the best. >> you know what j.c., something you have to do because i didn't do this once and i should know better. you have to check and make sure the sunscreen hasn't expired because not only will it not work i got a nasty rash sometimes. i don't know why they can't stamp an expiration date. but you want to wear the spf. >> i didn't know it expires.
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>> it does. we need it on a day like today. it is great to see you at 18 minute past 12:00. the weather today we will zoom in region by region. kw nou w yoyokeli the fore stth. ing to at we are go give you. across maryland 80 in the district. 77 gaithersburg. high temperatures today about 82 to 85. not bad, especially as you ad do creek. asd's looktonohern virginia, manassas is 81. that's the number in leesburg. winchester fog this morning, 77 now. culpeper 79. plenty of sunshine today. temperatures around 84-degrees this afternoon across northern virginia. across the rest of the region, we are inttsig pretty and the delmarva is looking good with temperatures in tte thupth70per so as oo l wek atthat k we are going to look at a nice day with mostly sunny skies. all right. so let's take a look at the next three days. we will keep it easy to
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remember. we will rubber stamp the sunshine and temperatures around 85 each day. i don't see any threats for any major rain. we will have a couple of clouds coming our way on thursday night. by and large the moisture to our south, that is where it is going to stay. so we will be sandwiched between this mess to our south and a weak front up to our north across new york state. in between the two the air is sinking and i must say the air is rather pleasant. that's the air we will have here. looking at the forecast, mostly sunny skies. the air is sinking, keeping us nice and warm and that means temperatures around 85 degrees. up to new york city, if that is where you are heading 83. boston 79. if you are heading south running in to rain around raleigh, 85 and to the west, detroit around 80 for them. let me show you the seven-day forecast. i always wait for those chimes and it looks gorgeous. i know. i hear you. what's the deal with sunday. my thought is this, if we can
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have five days rain-free, does it really matter if it rains on sunday? don't throw your shoe at me. i am going to say doesn't matter. hope you enjoy it. when we come back, how you can save money with group buying. you will learn all about it next. you are watching 9 news watching 9 news now. having the right tools is crucial
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it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom the week on wall street, investors are worried about the economy. the dow is down 20 and the
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nasdaq and the s&p are also in the red. so, we l al kelito savnemoy ke whenever we can y and since tod is money monday i want you to meet nick yeager. he has a new website called buy with let me tell you about this website. it really is a dressing group buying. i don't exactly know how that works. so tell me what is group buying. >> happy to talk about it. group buying is an interesting trend. it is a new sensation in washington in particular. it is allowing people to use power in numbers. we're able to go to merchants and say we are going to get a lot of people. get a great deal on something people need every day. it is simple and fun to use. >> what are some items sold on the site. >> we are featuring right now, today actually, at buy with a mobile spy deal where somebody will come and give you a massage, manicure and
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pedicure at your home or office. >> for how much. >> $90. >> it is normally 180. >> when you say group buying do i have to get my neighbors and friends available. >> the way it works you go to the site and sign up and click on the deals you want to purchase and it is stated there's a minimum number of people that buy in to a deal. when we hit that, they come to your inbox and take it to the merchant. you are insenty vised to share it because we want more people sharing the deals because we love the deals. >> are there deals for men? women are always looking for deals, what about men? >> there are a lot of deals for men. this week we are doing a relationship with i am going to keep it a secret. but sign up. >> buy with >> yes, ma'am. there are deals on things like
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biking scuba lessons, tennis lessons, restaurants, spas, even for the guys. so a lot of things for everybody to enjoy. >> this is something new. is it just in the washington area or do you think it will grow throughout the country. >> we expect it to grow nationally. we started with boston as the first city. in fact in six weeks we have saved consumers over $150,000 already. >> all right. buy with take a look. join, tell your friends about it if you like it. thank you so much for being with us. and best of luck with your new website buy with let's take a last look at the forecast. >> all right. we are looking fantastic today. through the rest of the workweek nothing but mostly sunny skies. 85 for the high. lows in the middle 60s. approaching the 70s as we hit the weekend. sunday we will have a couple of scattered storms, but it is looking good. don't forget that spf.
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back to you. >> nick says go to buy with and get a discount. thanks for joining us. come back and visit us at 5:00. you can check us out 24 hours a day on our website at bye. the distance from the field to your table just got shorter.
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