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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 6, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking news. michael jackson's family tries to put the battle for his estate on hold this morning as los angeles prepares for tuesday's memorial service and an onslaught of fans. >> you'll be standing in the hot sun on a city street with a lot of other people. a southern town gripped by fear as an alleged serial killer claims his fifth victim. >> the town is more or less on lockdown so nobody can just walk in or out. >> we'll bring you the latest on the man hunt. the palin puzzle. why did sarah palin suddenly decide to step down as governor of alaska? >> i think there's an alterior motive there. i don't know what it is. i don't think anybody else does but her. and take another sip of that coffee. we'll tell you why it could help in the fight to ward off
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alzheimer's disease. "early" this monday morning, july 6th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning. and welcome to "the early show." i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. julie is on assignment. >> you might be wondering why we have five cups of coffee on the set. not only because it's the monday after a holiday and we kind of need the extra boost but also to illustrate how much coffee you would have to drink to improve your memory from alzheimer's disease. this was a study that was done on mice, but there is great hope about what it could mean for alzheimer's patients, and we'll talk to our dr. jennifer ashton about that. >> okay. also coming up this morning, we're going to get the latest on president obama's trip to moscow. the obama family is in russia. there they are getting off air force one. lots to talk about on that. bill plante is traveling with the president. we'll check in with him in a little bit.
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first this morning, an odd mix of sadness and celebration as thousands of michael jackson fans are chosen to attend his memorial service tomorrow in los angeles. also, the battle over jackson's estate was supposed to begin today. now his family wants that pushed back. our own dave price is at the staples center with the latest. good morning, dave. >> good morning to you, maggie. we are here just outside staples center. that's what you see in the background there. 20,000 seats at this venue, normally home to the l.a. lak s lakers, star-studded events like the grammys, but in just a few hours, thousands of michael jackson fans are going to flood this area for the memorial service. in a city that's no stranger to massive public events, officials here are saying they're prepared for anything. from street closures to barricades to manpower, police are mounting a major security effort. event organizers who received more than 1 million online
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requests will hand out 17,500 passes at dodger stadium later today after notifying recipients by e-mail last night. 11,000 of those tickets will allow entry here to staples center while the remaining 6,500 ticket holders will watch a simulcast of the ceremony in the neighboring nokia theater. city officials are also preparing for upwards of 500,000 fans without tickets who may still converge on the area despite repeated pleas to stay away. >> you'll be standing in the hot sun on a city street with a lot of other people. much better to watch this in a manner it should be watched would be with friends at home or somewhere else where you have access to a tv. >> for michael jackson's family and close friends, the day will begin at forest lawn cemetery, where they'll gather for a small private ceremony before making the 13-mile trip to staples center. this morning jackson's family is said to be seeking a delay in today's hearing over the estate. the hearing will deal with who
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will control that estate, and the jackson family also wants to see if another will emerges. meanwhile, the mystery surrounded jackson's cause of death continues to grow. according to an "l.a. times" report, a search of his rented mansion turned up bottles of diprivan, a powerful sedative that can stop a patient's breathing and his heart. investigators are likely to focus on how the singer gained access to the drug. now at least five physicians who prescribed medication for jackson are reportedly under investigation. >> knowing michael, all he would have needed would have been one doctor that he trusted to tell him that it was okay, and that would have been enough for him. >> joining us right now, l.a. councilwoman jan perry, who's also acting mayor while mayor antonio villaraigosa is actually out of the country. thanks for being with us, acting mayor. let's go through this quickly. first of all, are you prepared? >> we are prepared. the los angeles police department and the city departments are ready to go to
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ensure the public safety in the area surrounding staples. there will be street closures from blaine on the west to olympic on the north to flower on the east, southbound to pico. if you don't have a ticket, you cannot get inside that zone. >> you've cut out traffic to a pretty large portion surrounding this area. do you actually believe angelinos are not going to come here and they're going to heed these warnings and stay away, or do you think there's going to be a push of people here? >> i think there may be a push of people, but we're encouraging people to stay away. because of the zone, they won't be able to see anything if they come down here. it's kind of a waste of time. it's better to stay home and watch these services from the comfort of your home on television. you'll actually be able to see more. >> how many people are you expecting here? we know the amount of people that are going to be let in. how many people are you actually expecting? >> well, i'm going to be conservative and say we're expecting the number of people who received tickets to come. hopefully, there will not be a lot of people on the perimeter.
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there is no way to judge how many people may show up on the perimeter outside of the boundaries. >> let's talk money. the city is in dire financial straits. the state is giving out ious at this point. how much is this going to cost? who's paying for it? >> we're not the state. we're actually in better shape than the state. we budget every year for extraordinary or unusual events, and that covers the police costs. what it does not cover are the incremental, or costs that were not teefd, street cleanup, sanitation, information technology. that's where we need to close the gap on that. >> do you have a number? >> not yet, but we should have a number probably by tuesday. we'll be having a meeting on tuesday, council meeting, where we will ask all the departments to present their figures to us as to how much they believe they expended. >> in a word, have you heard from the jacksons or aeg for chipping into this event? >> not to this day. >> would you like to? >> i would love it, love it, love it. >> thanks very much, acting mayor. thanks for joining us this morning.
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1.6 million people registered online, but only 8,750 were awarded with pairs of tickets to attend tomorrow's memorial. joining us right now are two of those winners, if you will, joe langer and paul pagnini. good morning to both of you and thank you for being here. first of all, did you ever imagine that you would wind up with entrance into this event? >> never in a million years. we were watching like everybody else when the family decided to open it up to the public with this lottery and went online, like probably millions of people, and just decided to take our chances. it just came true. >> what's your connection to the jackson family? why? one of you is an actor. one of you is a doctor here. what's your connection, and what drew you to apply in this lottery? >> well, i've been a jackson fan since i was a little boy. i mean, the very first rock concert i went to was the jackson five at the manuet theater go round when i was about 6 years old. and michael jackson and the jacksons have been a part of my life ever since.
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>> you've seen all sorts of people, i would imagine, since michael's passing, whether it's at neverland, whether it's at forest lawn, right here. are you surprised at the spectrum of fans that you've run across? >> i'm not, no. >> i'm not either. just because he was really able to become such an icon and a star at a time when there's cable and internet access and video all over the world, he's an international star. >> and he's transcended gender and religion and race. that was the magic of michael jackson. he was really able to touch anybody, young or old. there was something about his music that really touched people. >> now, we're also seeing that, if you go online, some people are offering their wristbands and tickets to this memorial now for $10,000, $20,000. >> we saw $20,000 last night. >> you saw $20,000? >> on ebay. >> it's crazy. >> this is all about honoring someone's life, and for someone to take self-interest for
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themself, it's just -- >> it's not fair. it's not really in the spirit of what michael jackson would have liked. he's about love, and i think realness. you know, and fairness. this is selling these tickets on ebay for thousands of dollars certainly isn't fair. >> we appreciate you both coming in. we appreciate you letting us into what's going on in your lives the last 24 hours. thank you so much. be well. now, maggie, we'll send it back to you. much more here from staples center in los angeles throughout the morning, and much more on the developing issues in michael jackson's estate battle as well. >> thank you, dave. we'll see you then. now to sarah palin and the mystery surrounding her decision to step down as governor of alaska. in a twitter update on sunday, she said she was looking forward to going fishing with her family in the short term. cbs news correspondent terry mccarthy is in wasilla, alaska, with more. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. we're standing just several hundred yards down the lakeshore from sarah palin's residence. so far, she's given few clues about what she plans to do after
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she leaves the governor's office behind. the most recognizable face of alaskan politics is stepping down even though her term should last another 18 months. >> i've given my reasons. it's no more politics as usual, and i'm taking my fight for what's right for alaska in a new direction. >> reporter: palin made it clear what she called the politics of destruction played a role. >> although it may be tempting and more comfortable to just kind of keep your head down and plod along and appease those who are demanding, hey, just sit down and shut up, but that's a worthless, easy path out. that's a quitter's way out. >> reporter: palin still has significant support in the republican party, that she may try to parlay into a bid for the white house in 2012. >> the rank and file of the republican party look at sarah palin and see part of themselves in her. she will attract large crowds of republicans especially, just by virtue of the fact she is sarah palin. >> reporter: but with no official platform to campaign
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from, by resigning early now, her critics say she might start to see that support erode. palin, characteristically, is keeping her thoughts to herself. >> i think of the scene on my parents' refrigerator. a little magnet that says don't explain. your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe you anyway. >> reporter: people who know sarah palin says she doesn't like to take much outside advice. she likes to rely on her own political instincts. it remains to be seen whether this time around her instincts have got it right. >> terry mccarthy in wasilla this morning, thank you very much. joining us from austin, texas, is former aide to george w. bush dan bartlett. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're a diehard republican. you eat, breathe, and live your party. you heard this news a couple of days ago, and your immediate reaction was what? >> just that, what? she's left both supporters and detractors, once again, scratching their heads, harry, and hasn't left much of a road map going forward about what her
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political ambition might be. i kind of view this as a two-step process. she believes, probably, she has outgrown the governorship of alaska. she's going to spend some time getting her family affairs in order and charting a course that will give her the opportunity potentially down the road to seek higher office. >> from your perspective, is she asset or liability to the party? >> i think it's too early to tell. i think there's a core part of our party that really does appreciate what she brings to the table. she generates a lot of coverage obviously and has become a lightning rod, but if she harnesses that in a positive direction and demonstrates over the course of the next couple of years that she can be a positive force for the party and shore up some of her liabilities, like on foreign policy. so this is still an untold story, harry. she needs to do a lot if she decides to run for president. >> one of the things that so many people find so appealing about her is this kind of raw energy. if she came to you for advice, what would you tell her about
7:13 am
seasoning? >> well, i think not only is there this raw energy it's this authenticity. that's why i think where she missed the mark on friday, by leaving people guessing, i think she's not coming forward in a very straight, direct way, really telling what her intentions are. it's this kind of vague language she was using. well, is she or is she not? i think that was a mistake. going forward, what she needs to do is demonstrate she can be there for the party during the midterm elections next year and then work on finding some way to demonstrate that she can play on the international stage. that's been one of her big achilles heels during the last election cycle. i would tell her over the course of the next 18 to 24 months is to find ways to demonstrate that she can have a seat at that international table as well. >> there you go. all right. thanks very much. dan bartlett. have a good morning. filling in for dave this morning is -- >> sean mclaughlin from kpho, or affiliate in phoenix.
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hi, sean. >> hi, everyone. if you're heading back home from that long holiday weekend, travel trouble spots from the carolinas back in through texas along the stationary front and thunderstorms firing up. nice and dry in through the southern great lakes, central plains. showers and thunderstorms in the eastern rockies, high plains. nice and cool throughout the pacific northwest. i'm flying back to 110 >> it's actually going to be pretty hot in l.a. tomorrow for the memorial service.
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more on that in the next half hour. >> i was going to ask you how hot, but i'll wait till the next half hour. thanks a lot, sean. rg up next, to russia with love. president obama arrived in moscow this morning. we'll tell you what he's hoping to accomplish there. also ahead, the latest on the man hunt for a serial killer terrorizing a small southern town. and how your morning cup of coffee might help prevent alzheimer's. you know what i love about raisin bran crunch®?
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welcome back to "the early show." >> let's check in with russ mitchell at the news desk. russ, good morning. >> good morning to you. and good morning to you at home. president obama is in russia this morning. at the kremlin he took part in a wreath laying ceremony at russia's tomb of the unknown
7:19 am
soldier and met with russian president dmitry medvedev. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has more from moscow this morning. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, russ. the president has said that he wants to reset relations with russia. that begins today with the outline of agreement to reduce the number of nuclear weapons on both sides. president obama arrived in moscow this cold, rainy july morning, and the highlight of his agenda today is a meeting with russia's president medvedev. later, they'll announce an agreement on the outline of a plan to cut each side's nuclear weapons to as few as 1,500 each. but russia wants the u.s. to cancel plans for missile bases in poland and the czech republic, which are intended to defend against attacks from iran. the u.s. refuses to link the two issues. also on the agenda, iran's nuclear ambitions, u.s. support for neighboring georgia, and nato expansion to russia's borders. above all, says analyst heather
7:20 am
conley, russia wants to reclaim its status as a super power. >> it's trying to find ways where it can be that super power. >> reporter: no one wants that more than russia's former president and now prime minister vladimir putin, the man who everyone agrees is still really in charge here. president obama meets with him tomorrow. russ? >> bill plante in moscow. thank you very much. questions remain in the death of former nfl quarterback steve mcnair. mcnair was found saturday shot four times. nashville police call it a homicide. his 20-year-old girlfriend was found dead with him from a single bullet. authorities will not say at this point if it's a murder/suicide. and for two sports giants, a case of text success. roger federer just won his sixth wimbledon title yesterday beating andy roddick in 77 games. quite a match. so golfer tiger woods sent federer a text message before teeing off in bethesda, maryland. he wrote "great job, but now it's my turn." get this, it was.
7:21 am
woods won the at&t national by one stroke. just how cool is that? >> so confident. can we talk about wimbledon? did you guys see it? >> amazing. fantastic. >> i felt so bad for andied roic. he almost had it. he was so upset. >> it changes his career forever because he came out there and played the match of his life. his future is so golden from now. >> when you won wimbledon, i think i sent you a text. >> that's right. i remember that. it was like 12-10 or something like that. >> coming up, the drew that can help you ward off alzheimer's. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mastercard. there are some things money can't buy. for everything else, there's mastca.rd (announcer) one pair of pleated slacks: i don't think so a pair of capri pants: never in a million years
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7:30 on a monday morning. hope you enjoyed your fourth of july weekend as the day gets start. >> what is that? >> i think it's the sun. >> still? >> still. >> a couple of days in a row here. >> fingers crossed we'll keep it going. hope it's beautiful where you are too. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. >> coming up in a couple of minutes, jack ford is going to be here. we're going to talk about all the legal entanglements. it's only going to get worse as the days goes on. there really is a will. is that the only will? who really has claim? all of this money and all of the rights to all of the publishing of the songs and the jackson is supposed to go into trust. family is saying, maybe not so
7:31 am
fast. we'll try and untangle some of that stuff in a little bit. also ahead this morning, your morning cup of coffee may do a whole lot more than just give you a little jolt to get you through the day. it could also help you jolt your memory. we'll tell you about two promising new studies concerning coffee and alzheimer's disease. first, the man hunt continues this morning for a suspected serial killer terrorizing a small town. on sunday under heavy guard, funeral services were held for two of his five victims. cbs news correspondent mark strassmann is in gaffney, south carolina, with the latest. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. this community is waking up rattled this morning, and 100 state and local investigators working this case 24/7 realize that. they know they have to put a stop to this. a serial killer has targeted the city of just 13,000 people, scared people. gaffney grapples with the unthinkable, five murders and a serial killer still at large. only 15, abby tyler was the youngest victim.
7:32 am
>> it's devastating. >> reporter: hillary key met abby as toddlers in daycare. as teens, they ate lunch together every day. on thursday night, someone shot abby and her father in their family appliance store. he died there. she died saturday in the hospital. >> she never did anything to anybody. that smile, i'll miss that smile. >> reporter: this sketch has generated hundreds of tips, but until the killer is caught, janice foster will keep weapons ready throughout her house. >> the town is more or less on lockdown so nobody can walk in or out. >> reporter: in one traumatic week, gaffney feels different. >> it's really scary. but i don't think we should shut down our lives for it. eventually, he's going to get caught, and this is going to end. >> reporter: but for now, streets are generally empty because many people are going out a lot less. when they do, it's generally not alone. this is a community convinced this killer is going to strike again. maggie?
7:33 am
>> cbs' mark strassmann. thank you, mark. joining us now is cherokee county sheriff bill blanton. good morning, sheriff blanton. >> good morning. >> do you believe you are any closer to finding the killer? >> we don't have him identified yet, but, yes, every day that we can work it, we're getting close. i think we are. >> tell us a little bit about what you do know. do you believe these killings are random or linked? >> well, we don't -- they're all linked by the fact that the same murderer -- and that's what he is -- that the same person has killed all these people. he's been at all the crime scenes. so they're linked that way. but any other, does he know them or know all three of them or all three incident locations, we don't have any evidence to match it. >> do you know anything about him? >> witnesses, and we have
7:34 am
probably five or six that have seen him, put him between 6'1" and 6'3" and probably 230 to 250, salt and pepper hair. he's had a bald cap on at all three of the locations, and his hair comes down over his ears a little bit. he's driving, we think it's possibly a champagne or brown or goldish color ford explorer or vehicle that looks like a ford explorer, two-door ford explorer. >> do you want residents of gaffney to stay home? what advice are you giving your own family members, sheriff? >> no, we don't want to ask them to stay at home. we don't want to succumb to this guy. we ask people to be cautious, try to travel in groups, keep check on people that live by themselves. folks here is going to try to carry on a normal life as much as possible. >> sheriff, good luck with the investigation. sheriff bill blanton, thank you. >> thank you. >> joining us now from
7:35 am
washington, d.c., is criminal profiler pat brown. good morning, pat. >> good morning, maggie. >> we just heard the sheriffs give us a physical description of the suspect. from what you know about the case, can you give us a psychological profile? >> i think the most interesting thing is he's probably between 40 and 50. this is the typical age you find somebody who's usually a mass murderer. a type of guy whose life is finally going down toilet, and he says, i've had it. i'm going out after everybody. i would not say he's a serial killer. he's more of a spree killer. that's a mass murderer in slow motion. he's kind of suicidal, but he's going to take everybody out on the way. i think they're looking for a middle aged guy whose life is pretty much, he figures, over, and he's probably not that far from the area. either a local guy or right outside in one of the towns surrounding it. >> so if it's a spree killer, that suggests that these victims are targeted randomly. does that mean the victims of this town are basically powerless? >> well, not exactly. i mean, i like people to be armed, to keep their eye out for this guy. if they see that vehicle showed
7:36 am
up, if they're armed, they can protect themselves. keep looking, keep giving those tips up because this guy can be identified, especially if they spread the information to the towns surrounding gaffney. i think they're going to be able to eventually identify the guy. they do want to stop him because he's already killed five people. he hasn't anything to lose. if he is a spree killer/the type that's a mass murderer, essentially he's not planning, like a serial killer necessarily, to go back into regular life and live normally and go back two years from now and kill another person. he will continue on his spree. >> until he's caught. >> right, exactly. >> thank you so much. now let's check in again with sean mclaughlin in for dave price. we've got a cooldown down south, but it's going to come at a price along the stationary front. thunderstorms will fire up. high wind damage possible. high pressure building in pretty strong out west pushing that monsoonal flow in through the central rockies. that's going to heat things up. 110 in phoenix. close to 90 tomorrow in downtown l.a. for the memorial service.
7:37 am
let's take a look at that >> and we continue to enjoy the sun here in the northeast. that's your latest weather. now back over to harry. >> there you go. you know, all roads lead to iowa. >> really? didn't know that. >> sean, belmont. >> you, central college. >> some of us had to go to state school, harry. >> you officially can stay. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> you're good till 9:00.
7:38 am
up next, the battle over michael jackson's millions. why his family wants to delay today's hearing. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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♪ like a perfect flower that is just beyond your reach ♪ the battle over michael jackson's estate was supposed to get under way today, but his family now wants to delay the hearing so they can take a closer look at his affairs and also to see if other wills come to surface. joining us now, attorney jack ford, anchor of "courtside," on the program in session. we appreciate you stopping by this morning. >> good to see you. >> there is a will, one that we know of. this is the one that basically says, i want my mom to take care of the kids, and i want the money to go in trusts, right? so far, so good? >> so far you're perfect. >> let's talk about the money going into trust because the family has already said we're not so sure we want to go that route. >> you're starting to see tensions developing here. we know immediately, a couple
7:42 am
days after the death, michael jackson's mother said, look, we don't know about wills or anything, so appoint me. somebody has to have a handle on what's going on there. and then the will shows up, and the will says, you know what, you've got some roles here, but there are two other people who are the executors. it's executors whose job it is to say, we're going to marshal all the assets. we'll find out what's out there. we'll make sure, if people are making money off of his likeness right now after his death, we'll get the appropriate piece for the estate. right now that's where you have the conflict. >> and these executors are plugged in music industry people who know what the heck is going on. they want to get control of this as soon as possible before it breaks into a million pieces. >> exactly. and they're also apparently the co-trustees of that trust where all of that money, however much it is -- because they've said, at this point, we don't know what's out there. it's estimated maybe $500 million. they've got to start handling that also.
7:43 am
>> what about the idea of these kids? because wasn't there an original agreement where debbie rowe said, okay, you have the kids. and could it be in dispute? do we know for sure whether or not she actually did anything except carry the children? >> that's the interesting question. everybody said she is the biological mother. she had negotiated away her rights. if michael jackson was still alive, that wouldn' be a question. once he dies, now a biological parent can say, i want back into the picture. >> if she's the biological parent. >> if she's the biological parent. and just because you're the biological parent, ordinarily you get an advantage. you get a leg up if you're the biological parent and the other parent dies. here she hasn't been anywhere near these children, apparently. the grandmother, katherine, has, and she says, we want to be the guardians and take care. the court's going to have to wrestle with that. what do we have here? on one side, debbie rowe, biological parent but no contact. grandmother, a lot of contact but older. what's in the best interests of the child? those are the magic words.
7:44 am
what's in the best interests of children? >> this is a knot that's only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger as days go on. jack, as always, thank you so much. up next, how your morning cup of coffee could help you ward off alzheimer's. [ female announcer ] want color that shines all year long? spend 10 minutes a month with natural instincts. it's the healthier way to blend away gray and give you color that shines on. how? the antioxidant rich ammonia-free formula feels good and looks even better. in fact the more often you use natural instincts, the healthier your hair looks. it's the healthy-looking color that shines in just ten minutes' time. natural instincts, it's all good. look for natural instincts new champagne indulgence collection. from clairol. delicious flavors... expertly blended... because great tasting dressings aren't just made, they're crafted.
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they check other stores' prices, to make sure i save on everything we need this summer. but the kids don't need to know that. they have more important things to do. summer costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. in this morning's "healthwatch," caffeine and alzheimer's disease. two new studies have found that your morning cup of joe might help prevent memory loss due to alzheimer's disease. our own dr. jennifer ashton is here to talk about it. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. >> these are two studies that were done on mice. >> right. >> please tell me they didn't give this much coffee to the little mice. >> they didn't. they were very humane. they gave the equivalent of 500 milligrams of caffeine per day to little lab mice, who have been induced to have the same kind of memory changes we see in alzheimer's disease, and they found a very positive effect on
7:48 am
their memory and thinking actions over a two-month period. so put another one in the column of a good effect of caffeine. >> this is how much a human being would have to drink. >> right. >> if this scenario was created in our world. >> correct. it looks like a lot, but it's important to realize that now, when we go to a deli or a starbucks, this could actually be just the equivalent of 2 1/2 large or grande cups of coffee a day. while it's a little bit more than most people have in the morning, it's actually not such an excessive amount. >> how quickly did they see the effect on these mice, and how long did it last? >> they saw it over a two-month time period, and they're still following them. it's not yet known whether the changes appear to be permanent or not. their thinking is that actually the caffeine worked by decreasing the inflammation in the brain, cuts down on protein we see in the brain of people with alzheimer's disease. >> how encouraging is this, jen? >> i think it's very encouraging. people are affected by alzheimer's. while it's important to remember
7:49 am
that caffeine is a drug, this is something that's readily accessible in our environment practically. it's in people's day to day, and something that can have an effect like this is very important and very encouraging. >> would you encourage people who are aging to drink more coffee? >> it's important to see the coffee didn't have a healing effect but more of a therapeutic effect. more studies are on the way. coming up next, they've come from around the world to pay their respects. some of michael jackson's super fans on "the early show." >> announcer: cbs healthwatch eckssoredogy llspkes l g'ia products. b@ dinner with the girls tonight. mmm... mexican, or italian? i really want dessert tonight. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. ( stomach growls ) skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast, like the special k® breakfast, actually weigh less.
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♪ and i'll be there they will be there by the thousands, paying tribute to michael jackson. we'll introduce to you some of the lucky few who will get to pay tribute inside his star-studded memorial service. the battle to help kids with peanut allergies just got a new best friend. >> without remy, i probably wouldn't be here right now. >> she saves your life? >> she saves my life every day. and this holiday week en, it was the battle of the blockbuster sequels. we'll have a summer box office report card "early" this monday morning, july 6th, 2009.
8:01 am
hi there, everybody. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, spectacular, awesome july day. >> and every other adjective you can think of. hi, carly. happy birthday. >> you got your shout out. hey, uncle pace and aunt silvia? hi, grandma and grandpa. >> and how about foldham, minnesota, in the house today? where is that? >> it's in southwest. >> it's close to iowa. >> of course it is. it must be. >> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. julie is on assignment.
8:02 am
>> also in this hour, a great way to save on your health care. you've seen the clinics popping up at the pharmacy in your neighborhood. we'll tell you exactly how they work, all the advantages and the disadvantages this morning. >> i want to know that. and planning on going on a picnic? we've got the latest gear for your next outing. whether you live in the big city or out in the 'burbs. first let's go inside and check in with russ mitchell at the news desk. good morning again, russ. >> and iowa would be close to missouri, is that correct? >> kvery close. >> and next door to miami. >> there you go. good morning to you at home. fans pick up their tickets today to michael jackson's memorial service in los angeles, and a hearing is scheduled on jackson's estate. for tomorrow's memorial at the staples center, a private ceremony will be held at forest lawn cemetery. meanwhile, it's reported the jackson family is seeking a delay inned too's estate hearing. "the los angeles times" reports at least five doctors who prescribed medication for jackson are under investigation. earlier, the acting mayor of l.a. told dave, if you don't have a ticket to the memorial,
8:03 am
stay away. >> they won't be able to see anything if they come down here. so it's kind of a waste of time. it's better to stay home and watch the services from the comfort of your home on television. you'll actually be able to see more. >> no funeral procession is planned, and services will not be shown on outdoor screens. in miami, police are searching for as many as three gunmen who opened fire at a house party early this morning. 12 people were wounded. 3 are hospitalized in critical condition. witnesses say up to three men all dressed in black stormed the house and opened fire with automatic weapons. in western china, witnesses say muslim ethnic protests have spread to a second city this morning. yesterday's bloody fighting began as a quiet protest over an incident at a factory. government officials say at least 140 people were killed and more than 800 injured. and manuel zelaya could try again today or tomorrow to reclaim his job as president of honduras. his plane was turned back yesterday because the military blocked the runway. zelaya supporters fought with security forces, and one man was
8:04 am
killed. he was ousted in a military coup back on june 28th. it is now 8:03, coming up on 8:04 this monday morning. sean mclaughlin is out on the plaza with another check of the weather. sean, good morning. >> tell you what, we've got a great crowd on the plaza, 59th and fifth. come visit us. we've got a marching band from folda, minnesota. say hello to the rifle twirlers. you guys marched yesterday in washington, d.c. was it fun? did you hydrate? was it hot? >> yeah, it was hot. >> i played drums in high school. where's my drummers? the odd bunch over here. we are drummers together on the drum line. where's my kringla? that's a cookie. do your research. let's talk about weather. it is hot and sticky down through the southeastern plains. up north in the pacific northwest, we're talking a pleasant plunge, 60s to 70s today. they dropped almost 50 degrees this morning in boise. had a high of almost 100
8:05 am
degrees. in through the central plains, it's going to be nice and dry. that is an >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by ihop. it's hawaiian pan cakes only at ihop. come hungry, leave happy. >> that's your latest weather. we'll toss it back out to los angeles now with dave price. dave, no cookies for us back here on the plaza. >> all right, sean. hey, listen.
8:06 am
there are michael jackson fans, and then there are michael jackson super fans. coming up in just a cup of minutes, we'll show you the length some have gone to to pay tribute to the king of pop. the great american holiday is here. and here's something to celebrate -
8:07 am
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8:09 am
side effects include nausea, dry mouth and constipation. ask your doctor about cymbalta. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. ♪ let me fill your heart with joy and laughter ♪ ♪ togetherness is all i'm after ♪ ♪ whenever you need me i'll be there ♪ tomorrow's celebration of michael jackson's life and career is most likely going to crescendo at the memorial service, which is going to take place at staples center right behind us. it's going to involve generations of fans. remember, the jacksons started making number ones in 1970 with "i want you back," and michael sold 100 million copies of "thriller" in 1982. we spent time yesterday with fans who made pilgrimages to
8:10 am
l.a. to spend time with the man who taught us to moonwalk. in life, they flocked from around the globe to be near him. ♪ i'll be there >> reporter: in death, they're doing the same. from the jackson family home in the san fernando valley to the gates of the neverland ranch north of santa barbara, to the heart of hollywood, fans from all over the world had only one thought when they heard there would be a memorial service for michael jackson, i'll be there. is this evidence to you that michael jackson was truly a global phenomenon? >> he is a global phenomenon. please don't make me cry. >> late yesterday, some fans started to get the news that they won lottery tickets for admission to the service. >> i'm"4k really excited. i feel very fortunate to go. i can't wait. >> for the less fortunate, it was enough to be here near michael jackson's star. >> i may not be able to attend the memorial. this is all that we can do. >> name the state, name the country, people from all over the world have flocked here to the hollywood walk of fame to
8:11 am
pay homage to michael jackson. this jackson impersonator has been a fan for a quarter century. it took him three days and thousands of dollars to get here from french guiana. >> michael lives forever. don't forget him. >> when michael passed, it just surprised me how it hit me the same way it did as with a family member. ♪ i'll be there >> joining us now is deborah dannelly. she's the founder and president of the largest michael jackson fan club in the world with 260,000 members. deborah, thanks for joining us this morning. i had just spoken to you off camera before we got on, and i asked to you speak from the heart. your eyes immediately started to well up with tears. how with your members holding up, and how are you holding up this morning? >> it's been hard. it's been really hard. it's an emotional time. most of us have followed him for most of our lives.
8:12 am
and now to come here, it's hard. >> did you ever think -- >> never. never. >> you must have been aware -- you've met him many times over the years. you have had impressions of him as his career and his life has changed. >> yes. >> did you have a sense, though, that his personal troubles were beginning to overtake him? >> i felt like they were overtaking the press. i felt like they were becoming the spotlight rather than his career and his music. but i never felt like he was out of control. >> you have met michael over the years. >> yes. >> tell me about that one on one interaction that so many millions of fans would have loved, but you actually got to have. >> right. he was very compassionate.
8:13 am
probably the first word that comes to mind is compassionate. he cared more about the people around him than he did about himself, no matter what the situation was. he was always worried about the people around him. he was funny. he liked to have fun. he liked to play jokes. >> would you describe him, though, as fragile? i mean, not simply physically. he was almost frail. >> i wish i had his strength. >> but emotionally. >> emotionally, he was shy, withdrawn because, i think, the media through the years. it started very early for him. at 11 years of age, he was bombarded by fans. so i think that that caused him to be a little reclusive. >> you are president of the largest michael jackson fan club in the world, 260,000 members, but you get no special treatment here at staples. did you register for tickets, and do you have them? >> i registered, and as far as i know, i was on a plane, but as far as i know, no, i don't.
8:14 am
>> so you may very well be part of the potentially hundreds of thousands of people out here without a ticket observing from the outside. >> that's correct. and it really worked out bad for a lot of fans. i think it was bad management. >> well, we appreciate you taking the time to come here to l.a. to spend time with us this morning. our condolences to you and to the rest of the members of the michael jackson fan club. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. harry, we'll send it back to you in new york. much more from the staples center here in los angeles. up next, peanuts and puppies. what's the connection? we'll tell you. it could save somebody's life. decisions, decisions. which beneful prepared meal tonight? roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night.
8:15 am
you've made another fine choice. look at those beefy chunks all packed with protein, the real vitamin-rich vegetables, the wholesome grains. and you think you're getting spoiled. it's so good for you too. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. three new entrees. healthful. flavorful. beneful.
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8:17 am
>> announcer: this portion of "the early show" upon soared by purina. your pet, our passion. it has been estimated that nearly 2 million americans have an allergy to peanuts. our resident vet, dr. debbye turner bell, find a boy whose life has been changed by a dog. we're going to put this all together this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is great news for allergy sufferers that have peanut allergies. just walking outdoors in public could be lethal, even if they come in contact with the smallest amount of peanuts. it turns out that man's best friend can truly be man's life saver. billy gensel looks like your average 9-year-old boy. he takes piano lessons, russian classes. and like any young boy, loves going out for a big plate of fries. but until last year, it was nearly impossible for billy, who is deathly allergic to peanuts, to do any of these things. >> i couldn't go to the carnivals. i couldn't do hotel rooms.
8:18 am
i couldn't go to some restauran restaurants. it was really, really harsh. >> but all that changed when remy, a labrador retriever, trained to detect even smallest trace of peanuts in food and the environment joined the family. >> without remy, i probably wouldn't be here right now. >> billy's allergy is so severe, touching anything with the tiniest amount of peanuts on it, could send him into a po tepgsly fatal anaphylactic shock. >> my job was to follow him around with an epipen if i noticed he touched something and all of a sudden was touching his throat or couldn't believe. >> when remy walked into the gensels' lives, she opened a whole new door for timmy. >> she sniffs for peanuts and tells me you can't sit over here. you've got to sit here. >> remy literally sniffs everything and anyone he comes into contact with.
8:19 am
these dogs aren't cheap. they cost about $10,000. but for their owners, they're worth every penny. >> i feel that remy and the people who trained here are heroes. >> this dog has changed our life. it's a life of normal. for us, that's a really big deal. >> just one more way dogs do amazing things for us. there are only two centers we know about that train these peanut sniffing dogs. there's one in florida called the florida canine academy. another in texas called the star ranch. there's probably a dozen of these dogs out around the country right now. >> i remember a story you did a while back about the dogs that can smell cancer. their noses are how many thousands of times? >> they're hundreds and hundreds of times more sensitive than ours. they can smell one to two parts per million of something. >> phenomenal. >> and now they're sniffing out people that we don't know what they emit. they have epilepsy, maybe with diabetes. dogs have a real health and therapy application now.
8:20 am
for a boy like billy, he wasn't living a normal life. now he can. >> this is easy, relatively speaking to other things, peanuts are a piece of cake for the dog. >> and the dog doesn't eat the food when he snifs it. >> dr. debbye turner bell, thank you very much. maggie? >> thanks so much, harry. what a great story. unbelievable. welcome back from your fourth of july weekend. >> yes. >> did you do anything fun? >> not really. just hung out, watched a few fireworks preponderate new york city barbecue. >> you state in the city? >> stayed in the city. >> pretty loan any in the city on the holidays? >> of all the holidays, the fourth of july is the one holiday where the city is most dead, when there is no one here. even more dead than christmas, more dead than thanksgiving. >> you were here without your family, right? >> i was. i think i broke several new york laws actually. i was staying down in the hotel, and i'm up on the 40th floor, and i open the window to see the fireworks down along the hudson. first, are you supposed to open the windows? is that legal? >> sure, if they open.
8:21 am
>> i took my camera out to get the fireworks. >> that's illegal. >> and i thought to myself, what if i drop this camera? >> you worried way too much about small stuff. >> a little stressed. >> there are larger issues on the streets of new york. >> harry and i both got out of town. >> the guy's from phoenix on the 40th floor taking a picture. i was in westchester county, way up there. >> what did you do? >> did you have a passport for that? >> hung out. did some serious hanging out. >> hanging with harry. that's a new reality series. >> yeah, it is. >> there's a place we know of called lake waukebuck, and they do fireworks over the lake up there. we sit in our boats going ooh, aah. >> that's all you need. >> really nice. >> we went to a town called trumbull, connecticut. it's an hour and a half out of here. it was perfect. we have friends that live there.
8:22 am
it feels like you're a million miles away. they have trails, and we went hiking. i brought a little picture. there's me and daniela and my husband mike. would you ever think you're an hour outside new york city? we hiked, had a barbecue with our friends. >> looks like yonkers. >> it so does not look like yonkers. it's great. we hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend wherever you are. >> fourth of july is one of those holidays where you sit back. >> chill out. >> great term for that. >> absolutely. no question. and don't be thinking about philadelphia and the people who risked their lives to sign the declaration of independence. committed treason against the king and all this other stuff. don't think about any of that stuff. >> just a day of reflection. >> that is a harry punctuation that we needed for this segment. so still to come, we're going to tell you about those clinics that you find at your neighborhood pharmacies. are they worth it? when we come back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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my grandkids are happy, and so am i. ♪ activia it's a frenzy. >> that's a pretty packed corner of manhattan, 59th street and fifth avenue. three cheers for this awesome weather on our plaza. >> we're loving it. >> loving it. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. got a lot coming up in this half hour. you've seen the mini healthcare clinics that pop up in pharmacies like cvs around the country. we'll tell you if they're safe, if they're worth going to, and whether it's going to save you significantly more money that happen going to the doctor's office. >> i really want to know about this. also, the heat is on, and we've got cool new gadgets to keep your temperature from rising. >> can we show that little cooler on the ground, please?
8:31 am
>> what is that? is that a little remote control thing? >> you press the remote, and it comes to you, harry. it's like the roomba of coolers. >> it's pretty funny. >> also this morning, you can bring that to your picnic, whether you're in the city or the country. but we have some other things to show you. really cool, cutting edge products that are going to make your picnic perfect. >> there you go. russ is at the news desk. what's going on, russ? >> good morning, guys. it is president obama's first moscow summit. this morning an agreement on a framework for reducing each side's nuclear weapons will be announced. after the president and his family arrived, mr. obama placed a wreath at russia's tomb of the unknown soldier. he then went to the kremlin to meet with russian president medvedev. the president thinks the talks will yield extraordinary progress. >> a whole host of issues, including security issues, economic issues. discovering we have more in
8:32 am
common than we have differences. >> the russians have agreed to allow the u.s. to use russian territory and air space to move arms into afghanistan. a judge has given the green light to a plan for general motors to quickly emerge from bankruptcy. the profitable assets would be sold to a new company under government ownership. it rejected objections from bond holders and dealers. a four-day stay of the order could allow the sale as early as thursday. and roger federer has now won more grand slam tennis championships than anyone in history. the 27-year-old from switzerland did it from winning wimbledon yesterday in a marathon match against andy roddick. it was quite a match. federer now has 16 championships, 6 of them at wimbledon. pete sampras, the guy who held the former record, was there in the stand to watch it all happen. katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> i'll be anchoring tonight from los angeles. as the city sets the stage for michael jackson's memorial service, there is expected to be a huge outpouring of emotion as
8:33 am
fans and celebrity frs all over the world pay tribute. join me for full coverage tonight only on the "cbs evening news." sean is out on the plaza with a final check of the weather. >> we've got a good crowd on the plaza, the day after the fourth of july or over the weekend. big band from fulda, minnesota. i don't see any chaperones. where are the chaperones? there's one guy. the band director is back here. you guys are the marching or fighting -- raiders. raiders from fulda, minnesota. >> 90 marchers and 6 chaperones. 16 other adults are tagging along with us. >> you guys are living saints. i was on two band trips. it's crazy, isn't it? congratulations on a great job down in washington, d.c. the showers and thunderstorms are actually returning to the northeast. it's nice today. down south, that sagging stationary front could pick up some hail, some high wind damage possible. now in through tomorrow it's going to be sticky down there in
8:34 am
the southeast. we're going to return to scattered thunderstorms in the northeast heating up through the central plains. tomorrow for the memorial service in l.a., close to 90. they're going to be baking in sunshine in southern california. that is hot for this time of >> karli's rocking on her birthday. happy birthday. there you go. send it back over to maggie. >> thank you, sean. while the president and congress struggle with lowering
8:35 am
the cost of healthcare, many americans are finding that the solution can be as close as their local pharmacy or even supermarket. >> stick your tongue out and say aah. >> 6-year-old samantha malloy woke up with an earache and a fever. >> 102.8. >> her mom kelly thinks it might be an ear infection. >> it takes a little while to get an appointment at our doctor's office. she was running such a high fever, i wanted to have someone take a look at her right away. >> which is why she decided to come here, not to the emergency room, but to her neighborhood pharmacy. for $62, this walk-in clinic in manassas, virginia, treats common illnesses like sinus infections, coughs, and sore throats. a bargain considering each year americans spend an average of $283 at the doctor's office and $445 at the e.r., not to mention the time spent in the waiting room. >> we see a variety of people, people with insurance or without insurance. i think it's getting more and more busy because it's such a
8:36 am
convenient place to come and very inexpensive and very efficient for people. come on in. >> samantha and her mom were seen as soon as they arrived. >> people are tired of waiting. they're really looking for easy access, affordability, high quality, and in a way, when it's consumer driven, they believe they should be able to have all of these. >> this is also called an upper respiratory infection. >> turns out samantha's ears were fine, but she did have a contagious virus. while the nurses can write prescriptions, samantha is ordered to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. >> we're good to go. >> our medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here with more on these low cost healthcare clinics. could you trust the diagnosis? i think i'd be freaking out saying, can d. they get it right? >> buyer has to be beware. the patient has to use the same amount of caution as looking for a doctor. these are staffed by lpns or
8:37 am
licensed nurse practitioners. they're very knowledgeable. they don't have the same degree of education and training as an m.d., but for the basic and minor ailments that people are going to the clinic to have treated and evaluated, they're usually very safe and very effective and aed good use of money. >> what kind of services do they provide? >> they would evaluate and treat minor ailments. anything from an ear infection or throat infection, you're nary tract infection. something that doesn't involve a high degree of complexity or medical risk. it's less expensive for these pharmacies to employ a nurse practitioner than a doctor. >> since they don't have your medical history, what should you as a patient bring with you? >> if you're going to one of these clinics, you want to know your medical history. make that person aware of what your medical problems are. know the medications you're on and bring the list to the clinic. you want to actually get a phone number for someone you can contact in case the symptoms worsen or you become sicker. lastly, you do want to follow up with your normal healthcare
8:38 am
provider, if you have one, and let him or her known that you've been seen at one of these clinics in case they want to do further testing. >> do they take cash or insurance? >> it started out as a cash operation, but most of them have become so popular they are accepting insurance. the hope is it will alleviate the emergency room overflow, and potentially it's a very good use of healthcare resources. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you. for more information on these healthcare clinics, go to our website. over to you, harry. >> thanks. maggie. it was the battle of the sequels at the box office. did "ace age 3" freeze out "transformers 2." that's the question you've all been asking. here with the blockbuster report is missy schwartz, senior editor of "entertainment weekly." before we get to battle of the sequels, talk about the adult
8:39 am
grown-up drama, the dill inger movie, how did that do? >> i think it's a testament to johnny depp's appeal, even when he's not swarbbuckling as a pirate. over the weekend it managed to make $48 million. for a 2 1/2-hour adult grown-up drama, rated "r," it's really good. >> there's a whole thing in hollywood that the stars don't drive the film. will anybody go to anything? it doesn't have to have crashes and animation. >> in this case, it doesn't. >> in this case, it did okay. >> i think it's heartening for us who would like to go to something that doesn't have as many explosions and p pyrotechnics. again, there aren't a lot of movie stars left, but johnny depp is holding it up. >> dillinger and the pirate. what range. >> he can do anything. >> let's talk about the sequels then that have both been out. "ice age" came out last week?
8:40 am
>> it came out on wednesday. it came out this last week. and they're neck and neck. we'll know later today. one of them is sure to pull ahead, just inch a little bit ahead. one of them will end up being on top. >> but "ice age" came out last wednesday, did pretty well. >> did really well. >> and this is the third one? >> it has great staying power. i think it's the testament to the need for a family film this time of year. families who have already taken their kids to "transformers 2," this was perfect. >> and this is certainly ages much younger. >> much younger. but i think it still can appeal to preteens. >> and transformers, is there a machine somewhere that like spitz the money out? >> you'd think. >> because this has been out now a second whole -- what, like, 2 1/2 weeks? >> it's unstoppable. i don't think we've seen the end of it. that's why i think, if you're "ice age" right now, even if they don't end up on top at
8:41 am
number one, they're feeling pretty happy. >> this is a juggernaut. >> that's the definition. >> did you see it? we had megan fox on last week. i said, i'm not sure i actually understood. she said, i was in it. i read the script. i was in the movie. i'm still not sure i understood it. >> you've got to love her for speaking her mind. >> in the end, i'm not sure it actually matters because the robots are so cool. >> you've got a beautiful woman. you've got explosions. you've got more explosions and robots. >> it kind of sounds like a weekend at my house. there you go. all right. thanks very much. >> you're very welcome. >> sure appreciate it, missy schwartz. now here's maggie. >> thanks, harry. now that we're in the warmest season of the year, we've got the coolest new gadgets to keep you comfy. "early show" contributor and senior editor natali del conte is here with the latest and greatest stuff. good morning. let's start with the thing we love. this is the coolest thing i've ever seen. >> this gives all new meaning to the word beach bum.
8:42 am
how lazy do you got to be? it's a radio controlled cooler. you cannot be bothered to get off your lounger, this little guy will bring you a drink. >> this is so harry. come to papa. >> it's not super fast. it's for when you're feeling lazy. >> that's great. is it expensive? >> it's not expensive. it's about $70. you can find it online. >> $70. how many drinks does it hold? >> about a dozen. >> nice. harry, you could live with that. >> none alcoholic because it's early. >> he didn't find what he was looking for. >> i know he likes those lemon sodas. >> let's talk about this one. portable air conditioner. >> this is a portable air conditioner. it's also an air circulator, and it's got a uv light in there that will filter out germs. it's kind of nice. i have one of those new york city apartments that tends to get a little stale. this is nice to kind of keep the air moving. >> expensive. >> it is a bit expensive. it's over $500. when it gets hot like this, i'll pay anything. >> has it been tested and it works? >> i also like that it's super light.
8:43 am
i can move it aruined really easily. very nice. >> industrial strength. we have a wine cooler. >> this is a wine chiller. it works on 40 different kinds of wine. we have the l.e.d. display in the front here that has the temperature of your wine. it takes about ten minutes to adjust to any bottle you put in there. >> why do you think people would like such a fancy wine cooler? >> when you're having fancy picnics and you don't want to bring out the ice and you just want to have a little gadget that's going to make all your wine perfect, it's for the people in our life that love this. >> if you did want to make ice in your cooler, you could make it really quickly with this thing. >> you can make it in ten minutes. drop regular water in. take your hose, put water in there. in ten minutes, you're going to have ice. it plugs into a standard outlet. >> that's crazy. >> really fast. >> so you do need a power source. can't bring it for a picnic.
8:44 am
>> so you're not always sending the guys out to get ice. that's a pain in the butt. >> does it make a lot? yeah, enough. do you know how much? >> this is a little over $100. >> that's kind of a good deal. for ten-minute ice. what's next? margaritas. >> you have ice. then you can make slushies or little ice cones that you had when you were little. one of those snoopy snow cones with the little hand thing. >> anyone remember the snoopy snow cone thing? this was awesome. >> no manual labor. >> maybe it is better than that. there you go. you don't have to wear yourself out. >> in hawaii, you can make shaved ice. >> shaved ice is nice. we have margaritas here. >> very good. all right. the favorite is still the lazy cooler. >> i think all the guys here want that. >> we concur. thank you so much, natali. for more information, go to our website,
8:45 am
coming up next, what to bring to your summer picnic, whether it's in the country or the city. we'll be right back. two medium cappuccinos,
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i'm not sure we've ever had quite this much enthusiasm for a picnic supply segment. >> i feel like i'm at a concert. >> whether you're a city slicker or country folk, summer is the perfect time for a picnic. >> executive editor of real simple magazine is here with the basics. >> a tisket, a tasket, a green and orange basket. >> what you want to look for is it's lightweight and efficient. you don't want to be schlepping
8:48 am
a ton of stuff no matter where you're going. >> schlepping stinks. look at this very cool basket. >> this is your update on a typical wicker basket. it's a polycanvas tote. it will keep everything cool. when it's done, you collapse it down. >> is it light? it couldn't be lighter. >> that's key. it holds a lot of stuff. >> a lot of paper. >> including paper bags. and it's $35. >> very funny. >> so it's a temperature thing too? >> yep. it has insulation inside. >> how about that? put that on ebay. you'll get nothing. >> there you go. when you're done. when you're done, fold it up. so you also want to keep your beverages cool. this is really cool if you're going to the beach. keeps everything nice and cold for a long time. holds six bottles or cans, and it's $23. it's reusable.
8:49 am
>> what do these do? >> talking about eco-friendly. you don't want to bring a lot of plastic with you. these are bamboo forks. fork,brilliant because they're the one utensil. there's a fork on one end and a spoon on the other. small, bamboo, and disposable. >> you can leave it someplace. >> come wak back. >> how many years later? >> maybe 20, 30. i don't know. harry, should you do this. >> are this much more expensive than the run of the mill plastic? >> they're $24. they're washable and reusable. you can use them a couple times and get rid of them. you need a blanket wherever you're going. this is really big. it's nice and soft. it's got a water-resistant backing. even if the ground is damp, you will stay dry. >> the mommies at the park who have this are like the rock stars. >> and it folds up into a nice little carrying case. >> this is key.
8:50 am
the back has to look like that. >> that's innovative. >> that's really key. it's pretty too. there's pretty colors. >> and by the way, excuse me. see what it says right there? picnic time. >> now you know. it's made for pick necks. let's go to the city. our urban picnic. >> again, schlepping is a problem in the city too. this thing is incredible. it has everything basically but the ants in it. it's a backpack. one thing, you just strap it on. anything you could ever need. it has a blanket. it has storage, as you can see, harry, insulated storage for your drink. serving for four. plates, napkins, et cetera. >> and there's room in here for the actual food. >> you've got it. plus the corkscrew, a cutting board, and salt and pepper shakers. you really couldn't forget. >> and let's see. back here it's got the blankie. don't worry. you're not going without the blankie. >> this is $150, so it is an investment. it's a great all in one thing. and also a great wedding gift.
8:51 am
>> where can you get it? >> at french bull. we have the website. this is a table. if you want to literally elevate your picnic to a fancy deal. >> that's cute. >> you can get a little table. 30 inches wide. it's wooden. it comes from crate and barrel. it comes in a carrying case. again, when you're not using it, fold it up. easy thing to bring to the park. >> and then you like these. >> what about the stuff on top? >> okay. >> are these metal? >> they're called melamine. shatter proof plastic. they're everywhere right now. they're pretty. they're reusable. dishwasher safe. not creating a lot of trash. no paper plates. >> these aren't glass. they just look like it. >> these are shatterproof drink ware. a little morrell gant than the typical paper cup. but they're great for storage and stacking. they're $7 each. >> thank you so much there. i love it. >> the single most amazing country-city picnic segment. >> you could ever have.
8:52 am
>> can we agree on that? >> for more information on these products, go to our website, sarah humphreys, thank you so much. >> important reminder for folks tomorrow. we've been talking about this for a couple of days. the big memorial service for michael jackson is tomorrow at the staples center. tomorrow cbs will cover the entire memorial service tomorrow morning. that's at 1:00 eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific. right here on your cbs station. >> dave is at the staples center this morning. we'll check in with him one last time. dave? >> good morning to both of you. of course we'll also have coverage tonight on the cbs evening news with katie couric. keep in mind, the amazing aspect of this event is we are saying good-bye to an artist who sold over 300 million albums in his professional career. "thriller," of course, the biggest selling album since records began. we're willing to wait and see as the crowds begin to come on in
8:53 am
here and invade los angeles to say good-bye to michael jackson tomorrow. folks, back to you. >> i'll see you there later yeah, no it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe... umm, i gotta go. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good.
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hope you had a fantastic july 4th holiday weekend. i'm kim martucci. look at our visibility. it is improving. now visibility is ten miles in culpeper, this morning it was zero. a half mile in hagerstown. the goal today across y northe rg tyinenplia of sunshine. 86 in ash burn. temperatures in the district are running in the upper 60s. it is no more in the 50s to the west. that's the cool weather. we will be getting a nice warmup. 68 right now at patuxent river. a couple of stray showers last night across the northern neck of virginia. that's where we have thicker cloud cover. to the west, plenty of sunshine and that's the kind of day we
8:56 am
are aiming for. middle 85 with winds five to ten. i think it will be moisture starved so as we head through the week we will count on mostly sunny skies and comfortable with middle 80s and we will rubber stamp that throughout the week through wednesday. thursday will be cooler in the lower 80s. see if the drive in is shaping up to be a keeper angie goff has that story. good morning. >> thanks for joining us. hope you had a great july 4th weekend. welcome back. i want to invite you to follow me on twitter. i keep you posted about incidents like this. an accident at connecticut avenue. please be careful. part of beach is blocked. outer loop crawling from t 5 to georgia avenue. 20 plus minutes for that stretch of the drive. 66 eastbound we are jammed
8:57 am
vienna metro, looking at 15 to 2 a for that. here's 395 no problems here. you are looking at a clear commute past duke to the 14th street bridge. >> that looks like a monday light for 395. i don't know the last time i have seen it that clear this late. that is good news. the weather is looking good. focus on the prize, the next seven days look good. i know the weekend looks a little unsettled but for a rain- free workweek not bad. we'll be right back with more 9 news now.
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