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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 5, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now. good evening, everyone. i'm surae chinn. bruce johnson is off tonight. thank you for joining us. new troubles tonight for dc council member marion barry. police have charged the former mayor with stalking a woman described as one of his close friends. barry denies the charges and calls them a betrayal. gary nuenburg has the very latest. >> reporter: park police say one of its officers was patrolling a park near goodhope road. >> i was flagged down by a woman in a car. this woman stated someone in another car was harassing and stalking her. >> reporter: after the officer interviewed the woman and the someone in the car marion barry. >> he was charged with a misdemeanor of stalking. >> the best way to describe marion barry at this time is betrade.
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he denies the charges. >> reporter: he described his accuser as his close friend. >> mr. barry has over a period of time lended his friendship and his support to the accuser miss donna watts through her many stages of instability. >> reporter: he has been on probation on income tax charge. >> i had sever calls today and the biggest thing they are saying right off the bat is here we go again. he has been arrested again. this is so embarrassing. >> reporter: ward 8 commissioner sandra seagers has volunteered in barry's campaigns and run against him. >> i don't think he actually stalks women but he goes after women. he is very attracted to women and he will make it known if he is interested. >> reporter: donna watts would not consent to an on-camera interview but speaking on her porch told 9 news now she did
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not stalk down an officer. told barry feels betrayed "i'm sorry he feels that way. there will be lots of evidence to prove it wrong." there will be a court appearance on tuesday. gary nuenburg 9news now and in other news now the district beginning to recognize same-sex marriages starting monday. lindsey mastis is here to explain what is happening. >> it has been a hot issue for a while but because congress has taken no action thus far the measure will go through. those who support the measure say it is about time. >> this battle is certainly not over. it is a battle for the traditional definition of marriage. then we have got to look at the longer best interests of our
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city as it relates to how decisions are made that impact all of the citizens. >> makes me feel good. i think it is a long time coming that same-sex marriages are legalized. this is maybe another step in that direction. >> supporters are hoping that once the district recognizes same-sex marriages it will further open the door to allow same-sex marriage marriages to occur in washington. >> the debate continues here in the district. all right. thank you, lindsey. police in nashville have ruled the death of former nfl quarterback steve mcnair a homicide. the 36-year-old steve mcnair was shot four times saturday. his 20-year-old girlfriend was found dead by his side. she had been shot once in the head and authorities say the pistol was found under the woman's body. they say the married steve mcnair had been in a relationship with the 20-year- old for several months but they
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cannot confirm the former tennessee titans player died of a murder suicide. >> balistics testing is being conducted. from the information we have at present the evidence at the scene is consistent with the gun that was recovered. >> steve mcnair is survived by his wife michele and four children. funeral arrangements have not been announced yet. two mono rail trains crashed at disney world this morning killing one of the train's operators. it happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning in orlando, florida. the 21-year-old driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the other train was not hurt but taken to the hospit asasa onectiau. fi ti guests were also treated on the scene for minor injuries. thousands of park guests use the mono rail system to get around the disney theme park but tonight the mono rail remains closed. in south carolina security was tight as funeral services were held for two of the five
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victims of an alleged serial killer. 83-year-old hazel linger and her daughter were gunned down together at home. today they were laid to rest in a joint funeral service. last saturday a peach farmer was fatally shot in his home. and this week steven tyler and his 15-year-old daughter became the killer's latest victims. police say all of the victims were bound and shot. they have released a sketch of a male suspect they believe might be the killer. the meantime many gaffney residents spent the holiday weekend locked and loaded. >> it's very scary. >> it's in the back of your mind. no matter where you go people are talking about it. >> we have many leads coming in, still coming in. we do want those to continue. anyone that feels they have any information, how slight it might be, please make those calls and get in touch with the task force. >> every time somebody opens
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the door they are carrying a gun. >> this isn't the first time gaffney faced a serial killer. 40 years ago a man dubbed the gaffney strangler abducted and killed four people. prince george's county fire officials say the bodies of two people have been recovered from a burning home in upper marlboro. they are trying to determine how the victims died as well as one of the identity of the victims who was burned beyond recognition. the other victim was an adult male. firefighters tried to get to the two people trapped inside but heavy smoke and fire forced crews out of the house. it took 45 minutes to bring the fire under control. one body was found on the first floor of the home and the other in the basement. an update now on that explosion you first saw on 9news now that nearly nevilleed leveled a house. fire officials say the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak and they are
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now looking for video. the explosion at 6120 oregon avenue caused more than $1 million in damage. the owner of the house was away on vacation and no one was hurt. a bridge collapse during july 4th celebrations in maryville, indiana, plunged 80 people into the lake and sent 16 of them to the hospital. witnesses say the wooden suspension bridge was crammed with spectators leaving a fireworks display 45 miles outside of chicago. officials say there were too many people on that bridge. >> the reason you have uniformed police officers stationed at either end of the bridge is because we know that the capacity is limited. we know it wasn't designed for anything near 100 people. it was designed to hold approximately 40 people. and there wasn't anything structurally wrong with the bridge. it was totally redone just a little over a year ago. >> we are told a number of people had to be pulled from
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the water by dive teams. fortunately none of the injuries is said to be life threatening. president obama and family are off for moscow at the start of a week-long trip. he will meet monday with russia's president for talks remained at improving relationships. officials say both sides want to use progress on arms control as a pathway to possible agreement on trickier issues including iran and georgia. the tiny former soviet republic. it continues visits to rome and ghana before the return to washington on sunday. what a band of police officers dba donut did -- did about a donut opsh that was closing. michael jackson memorial set.
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dba. b@
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welcome back. in california firefighting helicopters and air tankers are battling a brush fire in angeles national forest. hundreds of firefighters are on the scene. it is not clear tonight how many acres burned. no homes are threatened and so far there have been no injuries. dc police are investigating a multiple shooting leaving a 10 10-year-old girl injured. police were called out in a bending ridge neighborhood. one man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. three others suffered nonlife threatening injuries including that 10-year-old girl. police are looking into a possible fifth victim who arrived at the hospital on her own. more trouble this weekend
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at the new beginnings youth center in laurel, maryland. earlier six teens escaped from the district's new $46 million juvenile detention center. all six escapees were recaptured near route 198. tonight they have all been returned to new beginnings. this isn't the first time there has been an escape at the facility. a teen escaped from the center just one day after it opened may 29th. recaptured two days later. who is getting the tickets? michael jackson fans are learning tonight if they are one of the lucky few. we have just learned that several people in our area have called 9news now saying they are one of the 8,750 people selected to receive a pair of tickets. more than 1.6 million michael jackson fans joined the lottery. the odds of getting a ticket were about one in 183. cbs news learned that michael
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jackson's rehearsals for concerts in london were more than what they seemed. this man managed michael jackson when he topped the charts. >> he said this is our time again. he said we are going to recapture. >> he was trying to go back to the good old days and hoping to reclaim his throne with these two guys master minding his career. los angeles city officials estimate up to 700,000 people may try to reach the staples center for the memorial service even though the area will be sealed off and the service won't be shown on the stadium's outdoor t.v. screens. plenty of people are trying to capitalize on the singer's death. rachel kim explains. >> reporter: up the road and in front of the gates of neverland a flurry of fans gather to pay for lots of michael jackson
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memorabilia. t-shirts. hats. visitors are forking over the cash to take home a part of neverland. >> it is a bargain. >> he won't die. he will always be here. >> reporter: buttons are this woman's specialty. she said business has been good since friday and the customers keep coming. >> they want something to remember this experience by. >> $15. >> reporter: t-shirts are the big sellers out here. under a tent or on the hood of a car they are going quickly. this man's designs are selling out in hours. >> how do you compete with all the vendors out here? >> we all have different colors, different types of shirts. they are selling tank tops. we have other styles. >> reporter: for the hungry and thirsty a snack stand and folks that aren't in the mood to wear something michael chose different things. >> business is slow. i'm a fan. i started seeing people selling shirts and realized that these are something people will appreciate.
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>> reporter: while most people aren't hesitating to buy a souvanier one fan said she is shocked that people are capitalizing on michael jackson's death. >> are they going to donate the profits to charities that michael cared for? they are not. it is for personal game it is disgusting. one teen dead and another in critical condition after being found on maryland transit light rail tran tracks. this afternoon a fare inspector discovered the teens lying inside the south bound track just after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. both were taken to the hospital. one teen died a short time later. tonight the other is fighting for his life. the mta said they are still trying to figure out what happened. >> we are fairly confident they were not passengers. we just don't know what circumstances led them to being on the track. none of our operators reported any incidents. but again, at this point it is all under investigation. as you may expect we are inspecting every one of our
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train to see if there is any hint of an accident or a collision or coming into contact with a human because that would easily show. >> as you just heard the mta said it will inspect the undercarriage of each of its rail cars. they also want any passengers who may have witnessed what happened to give them a call. in new york now. a bus carrying ten people rolled over killing at least one person. state police say three people are hospitalized in fair condition and six others have been treated and released. the bus was operated by a privately owned company. no word on what caused that accident. higher toll rates mean less traffic but the toll road is generating more revenue than ever. it now costs $4.50 to drive on it during rush hour and 3.40 at all other times. since the increase last january average daily revenue has
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jumped 11.5%. that's more than $167,000. the fenty administration is issuing sweeping new rules governing schools. the new rule was posed on the website late june and scheduled to take place this month. stricter standards for placing children in so-called nonpublic schools and give the administration broader powers to pull kids out when they suspect there is abuse or neglect. now, you can read the full story in tomorrow's washington examiner. a band of police officers in central michigan were so upset a local donut shop was closing that they bohtugeyit. w ne members of the fineste ar inthnoe fine art of ofrystpa st maki e th d eaolryr-kem bahe 3-11 fro extinction and a lot will be volunteering at the shop free of charge. >> it is a great idea. cops and donuts. everybody talks about cops and
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donuts. >> truthfully i thought, oh, geez, the simpsons here we come. >> we hear the same old jokes. you guys are going to eat up all the profits. >> a group of nine policemen in this community. we all live here. that said we are going to get together as a group and save this bakery. >> this is going to allow people to see police in a different light. we are part of the community. we live here. we raise our families here. and, yes, we eat donuts here. >> the new owners will al be staffing the place with college and high school students. are the showers behind us now? tony panwi thyo urforecast coming straight ahead. b@
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not everyone likes fireworks and apparently we can count j.j. the police dog about the nonfans. blast of fireworks approved to be too much and when he heard the noise j.j. made an escape from his kennel. the dog used his teeth to bend the steel latch back and make his escape over a 6-foot chain link fence. >> he came back to the facility here and saw that the kennel had been pried open and j.j. was no longer around. notified other officers and that. and searched in the area. unfortunately he is a black dog and at night made it very
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difficult to find him. so today officers came back to the area and happened to see him running down the road. >> apparently he wasn't too far from the police academy there. you can see he is doing just fine today. you've got to be worried about the pups when the fireworks go off. >> wouldn't worry too much about j.j. if he can naw his way out of a steel cage he is going to be just fine on the mean streets. my dog is afraid of fireworks too. >> i think a lot of them are. >> the loud noises. >> no loud noises from mother nature. we did get a couple of rain drops but for the most part it turned out to be a good day. 60s and 70s. the normal high this time of year is 88. in some places they didn't get out of 60s today. that's pretty unusual but we are going to turn it around next week. for all of you, we have some
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news for you. tomorrow morning will be fine. bit of fog. don't expect any rain around for the monday morning commute but it is about a 20 or 30% chance you could see a shower pop up in the afternoon. no big deal. same thing on tuesday. so these are not big rain events coming up the next couple days. the temperatures will stay relatively mild for this time of year in the low to mid-80s. for the rest of tonight partly cloudy skies. again, there could be some areas of fog developing. i don't think it will be a problem for the monday morning commute. temperatures very comfortable for the beginning of july. upper 50s in the cooler suburbs. low to mid-60s in the city. during the day tomorrow mixture of sunshine and clouds a little warmer today. but that's not saying much because today we were in the upper 60s and low 70s. make it into the low 80s on monday. again, that 20 or 30% chance for a shower. sunrise tomorrow morning at 5:49 a.m. we did manage to get a few sprinkles around here but mostly in the southern suburbs. if you're watching us up north near the pennsylvania state line you saw sunshine.
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down south fog was thicker. showers going across southern maryland and northern neck of virginia. everything is way off to the south as that system pushes through the carolinas. we head into tomorrow morning. 66 degrees the top of the hour. southwest wind at 7. dew point 59. not uncommon at this time of year to have the dew points up to 70 or low 70s. last couple days it's been great. that trend i think will continue on monday and tuesday. right now we are in the mid- 60s. we will drop off just a few degrees from this point. 63 in winchester. 67 degrees at vwi. watching a weak system coming out of the great lakes. this is the one that gave us the rain shower activity pushing through the carolinas but kind of hard to see. just look north of detroit. this little patch of clouds here. that is a piece of energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere that is going to swing through here during the day tomorrow.
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that's why i put that 20 to 30% chance of a shower in the forecast. this same basic pattern will be with us for the neck couple of days. the jet stream digging down to the south. little disturbances coming in from the north west to give us that slight chance for a shower on monday and tuesday. all the heat will be suppressed off to the west. but things will change by the end of the week and we will get that summertime heat going. so if you're a summer weather fan you'll like the forecast here at the end of the week. in the short term more of the same. temperatures low to mid-80s as we go through the middle portion of the week and for the most part it will be dry, i think. then we will turn up the heat a little bit. near 90 on friday. in the low 90s to start next weekend. but i think there will be a better chance for rain late saturday and into sunday as well. so 60s and 70s today. back into the 80s tomorrow. more typical july weather by the end of the week with highs near 90. >> the holiday weekend turned out fantastic. >> for the most part it was good. >> heat will stall out in the midwest somewhere. >> it's been very hot.
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dallas up to 100 degrees the last couple of days. in the short term i don't see any change for us. most of the heat will stay away from us. >> give the air conditioner a bit of a break. >> there you go. >> coming up a quick look ahead at sports plus. stay with us. when you first smell the incredible scent of gain laundry detergent, time stops. ( ♪ ) your heart races. ( ♪ ) your eyes close. ( ♪ ) and you realize you're in love... earl! stop your time-wasting.
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there are baby steps and then there are big baby steps like the first steps taken by this 265-pound baby elephant born saturday at a zoo in sydney. taking his first steps today. let's hear it, guys? ahhh. the yet to be named elephant were brought from thailand. the species is on the endangered list. >> either a newborn or drunk. i don't know what they are feeding that elephant. >> give the guy a little break. >> sports plus is coming up. >> yes. >> huge day on the golf course. as a matter of fact, turns out
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tiger woods is a full service operation. he organizes the tournament, plays in it, wins it then interviews himself on the at&t screen. dream scenario for the final round. tiger woods in a dog fight on the back nine one which he ultimately pulls off. we will bring that and comments capturing a memorable weekend with his third weekend of the year. >> whether it is my tournament, jack's, arnold's, byron, really doesn't matter, you go out there with the same intensity to win. >> and he did. we will have complete team conference from congressional including the record breaking day from a young american who almost tracked tiger down. the final day let down by defending champion anthony kim. this tournament is leaving town for the next two years. join us with sports plus. final home game before the break for the nationals. not only do they leave town
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with a win streak they head out with a young star. comments from ryan zimmerman upon hearing the big news. i was late for golf this afternoon. epic wimbledon. making history in more ways than one. and what tiger had to say to his good friend roger federer about his victory today. that and much more coming up when sara walsh and dave owens join me for sports plus in about 4 minutes. stick around for that. >> can you imagine that? unbelievable. >> 30 games. >> 30 games in the final set. >> yeah. >> one more look at the seven- day forecast. slight chance for a shower tomorrow. make it up to 83. >> thank you for watching. the next 9news now is tomorrow morning at 4:55 a.m. have a great night. >> good night. >> sports plus is next. at busch gardens... erfect n and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you...
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