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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 1, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EST

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bill: are you ready for weather, we have a big storm headed our way, is our area prepared for what is coming? a deadly fire in brooklyn leaves two people dead, there are a lot of questions. >> heartbreaking. bill: as kids in parkland, florida, head back-to-school, there is a debate on how to keep our schools safe, many say lawmakers are focused on things that are a dir distraction, oths say time to get back to work. one local school talking out against never -- nerf guns. >> and l train is closing for 15
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months, we have an idea to share with you, how so solve the problem. a pontoon bridge, wait until you see it, i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." >> bill: a weather alert, wind, rain, storm surge, how bad? we check in with meteorologist dan zarrow. >> march is known for big storms here in northeast united states, mother nature delivering a weather mess from late thursday to friday, maybe saturday morning. rain is pretty much a guarantee, an inch or two may cause localize flooding, but snow is possible, temperatures drop on friday. could cause icy conditions, and to north and west of the city, higher elevations may see a few inches of snow acomm
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consolidation. -- accumulation, wind is a concern, down trees, power outages with 50 to 60 mile per hour gusts, that could cause coastal flooding concerns, 2 to 4 feet of sun surge could cause tidal flooding issues, we'll talk about the storm in just a little bit. >> deadly fire broke out in an apartment in brooklyn. two are dead, nate rodgers is on the scene, what do you got? reporter: a tragic day, fire department said it was caused by an unattended electric heater, this cell phone video captured part of what neighbor describe as mayhem, smoke and panic in the air. >> is was very scary, it was so smoky he could not breathe, we
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went to the next building. reporter: fire burns in the apartment around 1:30 this morning, one-third fire crews tackle flames, an unattended electrical heater inside this first floor bodega started the blaze, a mother and daughter in third floor apartment died. >> heartbreaking, i am right next door, it is heartbreaking, i was overcome with smoke. reporter: investigators from department of buildings and emergency management spoke to residents here, 18 families, that include 25 children, are displaced and seeking services from the red cross. >> it is surreal, and crazy. reporter: fire department said that many residents here were able to escape, they heard the smoke detoke ors go off. -- detectors go off, there were no working smoke detectors in
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the unit where the mother and daughter lived. "chasing news." bill: been two weeks since horrific shooting and murders in parkland, florida, at the high school, communities wrestling over how to keep our schools safe. lawmakers debating gun control, background check, arming teachers. meanwhile, threats again school on the rise, in poughkeepsie, schools were closed. in ridgewood, new jersey principal sent out a letter, encourages parents from discouraging their kids from participating in nerf gunfights. reporter: today the students headed back-to-school after mass shooting, gun reform was a hot topic i trenton on wednesday.
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>> it has not happen the here yet. it is incumbant upon us to act. as we sit hir here today, theres an active investigation in south jersey, in 6 district, in community that i live, in a expool alschool all my childrene attended. there was an arrest made. it is but for the grace of god that it has not happened here yet. reporter: bill include a gun violent restraining order, why family members can present a case to a judge if they have any indications. and taking guns from a person if they are determined to be a risk. >> common sense tells us, if assault weapon is a weapon of choice, why don't we ban assault
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weapons. reporter: there was an over flow room for those who wanted their voices heart, many who favor testified, and those who were opposed were just as passionate. >> by disarming me, you are doing a disservice. reporter: governor murphy said it clear he is eager to sign the reform bills into law, reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you. >> all right, bring this back locally to high school in our area, ridgewood high school, principal on monday sene letter to parents, imploring them to discourage kidding from participates in annual even called dart war, kids running around town, shooting each other
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with nerf guns, your thoughts on the nerf guns, do i think they cite tcontribute to a culture of violent. >> i don't think that the nerf guns contribute significantly toly to gun viole, and culture in our country. bill: you have a rally coming up march 14, you are asking kids to walk out of school, are advocating for gun control. >> i think we should ban certain types, like ak-47 and other types of assault weapons, i support background checks that will help get guns from criminals and other people who should not be trusted with a firearm. >> do you believe in the value of the second amendment, people's right to defend themselves? >> i do believe in the
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secondmm, amendment -- i don't support criminals and terrorists having weapons, and killing americans. >> your -- you know that nra does not support criminals and terrorists having weapon. >> not directly, they want as much weapons to be sold add possible to make the most money. bill: thank you for coming on, i am sure we'll talk as your rally data,proachs. >> okay thank you. bill: bring in a plus panel, i am joined immigration attorney. and column ichist for law and c, and an attorney, and mike, i will start with you. nerf guns, a principal now. >> there is a serious climate out there, kids are rightfully scared, given how adults have acted from law enforcement to fbi, up and down, kids have a right to be scared going to
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school today. but a principal making a point to tell persons, to encourage your kids to not play nerf gun wars is absurd to me. >> we will agree , that we have to be mindful of what is going on out there. but we have to still instill in our children, we are basically in a safe environment. a cautious environment and scary right now, but we should not add to paranoia, that is when you lack common sense in how to deal with things. bill: to tell them not to play nerf gun wars outside, half go inside to play call of duty on their video game. >> right, i think that glorifying things like playing with guns is always a bad thing. it rally ways desensitized young people to violent, does not mean follow cause every young person to become an active shooter. i believe it has a bad effect on
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society as a whole, i don't see a problem with a authority figure like principal saying. bill: it is time to ban home guns. >> in my home they are banned. i have a policy of no guns in the home, no call of duty. and just because it is smart parenting. >> if you can't separate fantasy from a nerfgun from a real gun, there is no problem. >> my dad out the me it shoot at 12, i have no toy guns in my house. >> all right. bill: 2018 congressional midterm elections are coming up fast. new jersey is in play, democrats thinking they have an opportunity to take back a long held republican seat, mark with the details, mark. mark. >> i'm here, in heart of new jersey 11 congressional district. this district is considered to be so uncompetitive that in year
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2000, michael moore, the filmmaker wanted to put a ficas tree to take on rodney, and now this race is wide open in 2018, primaries on both democrat and republican tied, interesting year in 2016 this district voted for trump, now democratic national campaign committee thinks they can flip the district. bill: mark, you brought up ficas tree that ran as a write in candid. it was michael moore trying to prove a point that democrats should have run someone. but, now you go from ficas tree to an actual democratic debate with four candidates, one of whom tamera harris is strong, i have talked to her. you have democratic congressional campaign committee weighing in. >> not only is tamera harris a
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strong candidate, so is mike cheryl, now democrats are persevered putting down strong roots in the sol sold here, andn last electe e-- election in mors count 7 officers flipped from republicans to democrat. bill: thank you, mark. >> update on mikey cheryl as fawaz we know does not live in district but she gotten dors am of morris county democrat that help hers with her fundraising this is a battle as democrats spent an student to flip the district on their march trying to get back in washington. >> stay with me for break, a lot more "chasing news" coming up. >> how did this, a solution to the l-train closing for 15 months, a pontoon bridge across
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the east river? it could happen. >> you will meet a bone ofafied soup -- bonafied superhero, ready girl is coming to a school near. >> you bad weather on the way, facing a nor'easter, just how bad? dan zarrow with details. >> a vlad flood watch, a coastal flood catch, a potential for ren
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bill: if you were trying to get across the east river, you know that l train will be closed for repair for 15 months, this is if the mta is on school. what do you do about it? what is the work around? one guy, a real estate investor, he is from new york, parker shin, had when i thought was a great idea. how about a pontoon bridge. parker shin welcome to "chasing news" how are you? >> i'm doing great thank you. bill: where did you come up with that idea. >> i have been familiar with pa- pontoon bridge for some time, they have been used in a various
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places. i know they can be benefit quickly -- benefi, benefit quicd they can be affordable. bill: for what you uncovered, how much would it cost? how fast could it be erected. >> cost side, we're in process of getting some estimates from customers who are experienced building types of bridges, i think it will be under $100 million, and that between $1 toll, and some other potential revenue streams. bill: how do you combinate maritime traffic, who has the right of way, and how do you deal with bad weather? >> actually, three designs that we're considering for that one is the draw bridge that people might have seen in the kickstarter video. and other solution is that there a good example of of, retracting
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section. the bring on rollers -- if bridge on rollers, if i can get one bridge built i will be happy. bill: thank you, parker, i think it is an outstanding idea, bringing back our a plus panel, jannette? >> i love it too. bill: cheaper than a tunnel or a bridge, it can be moved, why not across the hutted son. >> that would be -- hudson. >> that would be better to make commute to manhattan better, and easier, and more reliable would be great. bill: you are a government guy, does this show a trend of ideas saying time to bring in private investment that government is down on the job, they have one solution too raise taxes, they still can't get it done. >> i don't think that money that
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makes idea, bring me the people who creative ideas, and new ideas and bring them to county, we'll figure out ways to pay, i love out of the box thinking. bring it to essex, we're doing -- >> pontoon bridge. >> crazy. jim: you think it is crazy. >> it could work. bill: did you see the video. >> i did, i was not that impressed. opening is narrow, no. it feels pop up issue. bill: when l train closes, 15 months if they are on schedule, what are the chances, you could be looking at a couple years. >> i think that permitting aloip by tha--alone, by the time theyt up and running, l train will be up and running. >> it is movable. bill: a 10 year project, you
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could build a couple pontoon bridges, i would love it thank you. >> >> a chasing alert for you, we have a legitimate bonafied superhero joining us from chasing news, ready girl, she is out there, trying it keep new york city safe for the next emergency. ready girl, welcome to "chasing news." >> hello, thank you for having me. bill: i have to ask, you are -- i i don't know want to expose anything if there is a whole clark kent thing going on, can i use your real name. >> yes. bill: caitlin, you realize you had a knack for this for helping people in emergencies, teacherring kids to -- teaching kids to survive in merges when you saved your family in hurricane sandy. >> i knew i wanted to get out to school teach kids about being safe for different merges that could happen.
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and i have been met with great success, i have fun going to school teaching children, and they go out and tell their families what to do, to be safe for different merges in new york city. >> emergencies is new york city. bill: is this your full time thing? >> this is my full-time job. new york city emergency management. bill: how did you get received by the kids, you show up at school with your cape, big rg ? how do they react? >> they love it before every presentation, i have a video i send, they get excited, and i talk aboutny -- about my flashlight and utility belt, they are ready to talk about emergencies and ask questions. it makes it fun, and the learning process engaging and empowering. bill: what the current crisis that you are dealing with right now? >> we're in flu season, we're talkin about different ways to
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stay safe from the flu. bill: top 3 tips you tell kids in new york city school. >> gets your flu shot, wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze. bill: i got it. >> thank you. >> yep, thank you. bill: let's check in with meteorologist dan zarrow with your wet, wild forecast. reporter: a big storm coming in. i want to talk first about timing, you can plan. they are getting really nasty out there. first rain drops thursday afternoon. it will start out there light then heavier, thursday night, peak of storm will be friday. as temperatures plummet, you will see rain t to wintry mix ad snow, and could be snow accumulation northwest of city, 3 to 6 inches. still uncertain forecast in terms of how far temperatures drop and high likely snow to stick. that is not the big deal, i
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think that wind will be the big problem with the sustained winds 20 to 30. and gusts to 50 to 60 miles plus, highest are 70 plus on eastern shore of long island. whether you have big wind and coastal storm you have to look at coastal flooding, it could be a big deal with maybe moderate levels of tidal flooding, and 2-4 feet of surge, those waves off ocean will be big, beach erogued will be a prob -- erosion will be a problem. be carbe -- careful. >> we have a lot more chasing news coming up after the break, chases your headlines this one about barbra streisand cloning her dog
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, looking at headlines here with chasing for you. barbra streisand, she cloned her dog, but twice. >> white house confirming that
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communication director hope hicks is resigns, one day after she testified on capitol hill in front of house intelligence committee, president trump issuing a statement, saying, i will miss having her by my side, when she approached me about pursuing other opportunities, i totally understood. >> main street. was closed in belmar, new jersey this morning for practical painting of green stripe. start of festivity for the st. patrick's day parade, it is sean sunday march 4. >> barbara true sphries andre vg two of her dogs are cloned from her dog "samantha who" died last year. -- those are some of headlines we're chasing tonight. bill: battle over how to keep our schools safe will rage on for weeks, months and years,
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parents, leader and people in the community, we have to do something to keep our kids safe, it is no wonder why kids don't feel safe right now, have you schools that have doored unlocked, easy access, no armed guard, no cops, no plan. and let me tell you what make its worse, principals like the principal in ridgewood, who thinks that way to salve the som to tell parents to encourage their kids to not participate in an annual nerf war, toy nerf guns, as if that is the problem. we're talking real solutions to a real serious scary problem, shooting in schools, can be, should be and must be prevented, it is not going to stop because you ban toys, it is going to stand when adult in law enforcement getting it and step up, harden the soft
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. a powerful storm douse the midwest with major flooding. you see that on the left. neighborhoods underwater. on the right the radar. the same storm could slam the shore just as we flip the calendar it look like march is off to a stormy start. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. dangerous winds and heavy rain but the good concern is flooding and kathy it could really slam the shore. >> it certainly could, lucy. we're talking about flooding concerns down the shore coastal flooding and of course right now looking at ocean city it's looking a little foggy down there and breez breeze damagings a huge concern as well the storm right now is over arkansas it will be moving though into the midwest and redeveloping as a major coastal storm and as we go hour by hour tomorrow, the rain will be moving in after


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