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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 23, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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." >> your government is open senate democrats compromised with republicans in washington to end the government shutdown on the third day. one of the things they are going to be talking about in this roping is daca and how are they going to solve it. and new jersey transit it is a nightmare and the new governor coming in said he is going to start the process by issuing executive order to audit and in one new jersey town don't get caught taking that shortcut tot the george washington bridge. it is going to cost you. [chanting] and in a startling revelation over the weekend and first lady tammy murphy in new jersey takes about her being assaulted back in college.
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>> three decades ago as a college sophomore i was sexually assaulted. all of that coming up. this is "chasing news." >> your government is back in business and that is right. the federal government shutdown is over after three days and senate democrats striking a compromise and with republicans and our own caroline shively has the story. after nearly three days of fighting and finger pointing. lawmakers have come together with a plan to in the government shutdown. >> with that vote the senate took the first step to roping thanks to a deal struck by leaders. >> they had to come together for a good of the country and said we hear you loud and clear. you are going get a chance. to get to this point. senate majority leader promised democrats who were brought here as children before protections run out for dreamers
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march 5th but the white house has laid out three more issues needed for the president's support of daca. >> into chain my grigs to the lottery system and funding for border see core that i would include the wall the measure reopens the government a new deadline with a new budget. >> i think they are going to operate on last year's budget and if it doesn't reflect this year's priority and congress voted as many government work presser forced to city home. leading thes in's capital less crowded than usual whiled agation among the american public grew. i think republicans probably think the republicans are winning and ordered democrats think the democrats are winning and everybody else in america is kind of wondering how some folks um here made it through the birth kamal. >> who are the americans blaming? in a plitco morning poll taken just before the shutdown and released monday. 41% said republicans. 36% said democrats. in washington caroline shively,
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fox news. >> all right. bring in the a plus panel for tonight. bill caruso, democratic strags this year. welcome back. good see you. immigration attorney is here. goad sue. thanks for being here and a lawyer and columnist for law and crime. let's start with you. they reached a deal. daca on the table in discussion. think the democrats caught themselves they were caught in a position they could not get out of. now they had no choice. nothing has changed. >> evidently the democrats gamble here and they did lose in my opinion they are going to be discussing daca before february 8th that all happened that have not won anything here. >> from a tragedy standpoint and it seems schumer got caught flat-footed and didn't have a plan when he went ton the president and the president engaged. he stepped back and he weekend went by. yeah. it was misfire. i mean, the long game i think will be important here if we get it done. i think right now yes they did. they put a lot on the table here
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and didn't get anything and end up doing a continuing res lugs or whatever it is going to be if they are going to pass today ap this dee have done that last week. >> well, it sounds to me like is political posturing nothing really gets there. end on the size of daca the president included. sure. we do want to kick out these nearly 800 thousand people. >> yeah. think that is primarily why this shutdown is such a big failure of our elected officials you know, you had a situation where the people are not even really disagreeing about a major essential issue here and yet they could not come up with a way to coop the government open. that is a failure. i am glad to site is stopped for now. then, hopefully the people can come up with something. >> see where we're in february. ok. thanks. >> driving in manhattan could be getting even more expensive if governor cuomo has his which and wants to introdeuce congestion price to charge people more. well, tempers are flying on both sides. people are upset.
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some thinking it is a great idea and others saying how could you do this to us? john has the story. where on, a do you got for us? >> way, bill. this is a sign of what is to come this year in albany. the four congestion pricing faced off with those against congestion pricing and at a rally and a news conference on sunday. first take a listen what happened. >> that is what we are here. >> thank you. >> thank you. i think it. >> we don't have a subway. no, are saying it. you are saying. >> what are you looking snore. >> i am just trying to like. >> yeah. get a handle. >> all right. now this started with a news conference from three democrats and a state senator and a city councilman all trillion eastern keep withs and now no subway in eastern queens in the neighborhoods and and no long island railroad stop but the folks most likely to drive into
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manhattan not pay a toll on the queensboro bridge and they are constituents around saying $11.52 so when we spoke last friday about congestion pricing wits an idea. this might change. they may pay $20 and maybe few less. bill: can i ask you. you say they are democrats. have the republicans stated anything about this? is this one of the things that could go listening the party lines? >> well, they didn't like it the last time when it was introduced in 200 by mayor bloomberg. no one wants to also include a toll and introduce toll during the election year and but the main difference is the state of the subways this time around and significantly worse. >> so there may be some movement now. >> all right. thank you, john. all right. let's bring back the a plus panel now. guys when i first heard of this idea, i thought it sounded lake good idea. can anyone argue that manhattan
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is not overly congested and so hard to get around during, hour if you drive and listen, it is enat great alternative. >> no. i mean, i get the point of wanting to get that down but look i am born and raised on staten island these type of plans impact the outer boros so badly and impact staten island more than any other bore re and we talked about it im paging queens a lot. at the end of the day. woe have one city where they are give in the shaft so other people get better. >> why should the bridge be pre. folks coming in crossing the hudson and paying it. someone has got pay for the upkeep. i would pay it so we can reduce congestion in the city. it is worth it. again it will fix the mta. i always wonder when we talk about revenue rates where this is money going to go. this makes some sense but you know, what are we doing to reduce congestion. i have a lot more questions than answer thons one.
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i am not for it. >> ok. no space in government. ok. all right. >> it is flu season and this year, it is particularly bad and it happens fast and earlier according to the cdc. we're already at epidemic level of the flu. people have died both people in the group and some not in the group. some are saying that the effectiveness of the flu shot not as good year between 16 and 40%. so mannitol bees are turning to tamiflu. it is antiviral medication to fight the flu as long as you take it within 48 hours of getting the symptoms now. the challenge is, some reports of short ofages we caught up and they said there is no nationwide shortage however some areas are pockets of shortages and the local drugstore and they don't have it. ok. let's bring in the a plus panel. guys am we talked about this a little bit last year. some people got the flu shot.
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others don't. >> yeah. there ends up to be pockets of places now. there is no reason. can order anything in the world on and get it the next day. we should be able to have flu medication everywhere in america. >> i don't think i know anyone that has the flu. >> i don't earth. my husband is a physician. he had mentioned there is increased mortality in young adults anhalt think adus and there are strain of the flus that are resistant to the flu vaccine. it is becoming an issue. did you get a flu shot? >> i personally do not get a flu shot for different reasons but i do vaccinate my children. >> no flu shot for me. i am afraid needles. >> that is what it is? >> yeah. it is a sketchy. we had flu mist for awhile. that doesn't work. >> it it didn't work. we now have 10% to 40 chance this flu shot may or may not work.
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now you can take tamiflu in the back end if you gettette time. my 12-year-old son who did not want to get a needle in the arm asked his mother to get a flu shot on friday base is worried. has gotten the flu shot. >> now outside of this hype that you here, you know, this year, not necessarily much different than past years. people die from the flu every year. when you start to hear about it and hear about effectiveness of the shot. >> well, ta tickses are actually alarming and 2015, 57,000 people died of the flu if you compare that in the height of the aids epidemic. 51,000 people died in the worst year ever if you look at that the flu is a serious thing. all right. get tamiflu flu. thans, guys. also check in with the headlines we're chasing four tonight. >> the nypd is searching for gunman who shot three people near penn station sunday afternoon. we said two men are,ing a near prod which and just before 5:00 p.m. when one pulled out a gun
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and started shooting. three mep including one innocent by stand pler shot. their injuries not believed to be life threatening. the search continues for a new jersey woman missing since january 12th. the 20-year-old woman was last seen at her home in bradley beach described as hispanic, '4 tall and 135 pounds anyone with information is asked to call 732-775-6900. and that is a look at some headlines we're chasing today. >> don't go anywhere. we got a lot more "chasing news" coming up for you tonight in clouding a startling revolution from new jersey's first lady tammy murphy. >> as a college sophomore i was sex lay assaulted and meteorologist dan zarrow will have the forecast. yep, it is warm and going to get wet. but cold could be on horizon.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea we got a lot more for you tonight in clouding a startling revelation by mid new jersey's first had dy tammy murphy but first check win ashley johnson who has the story of the new governor phil murphy making decision of executive order to audit new jersey transit and find out wheres the money going and one new jersey town, let the tull, it is a shortcut to the george washington bridge for a long time but not so fast.
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the fines could really be ef hefty. ashley chute? many of us rely on apps like waze to avoid traffic but if you are take the george washington bridge you might want to think twice. starting monday in new jersey, if you don't live her and turn done the wrong side street you could be hit with a $200 fine. i want to point out the sign here behind me which lets them know they are banned from driving down them from 6:00 toten ten in the morning from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. at night seven days week. >> there are times of die get to the end of the street. got to wait five or ten minutes to get on the next street. >> in this ry it is not much different than new york city's proposed congestion pricing for driving in the city and police say it is a quality of life and safety shall hue. >> well, more importantly, cardiac arrest and then to get to one of the three area hospitals and come down normally and it could delay the response to the hospital buy easily
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double amount of time because intersections are clogged up with vehicles and we don't have officers. while they are trying to reduce traffic the mu governor is making transportation a big priority. new jersey governor phil murphy signed executive order monday to audit new jersey transit and he will announce a gnaw head of new jersey transit insiders say the tickets comes weeks after murphy nominated a former executive director at the new jersey turnpike authority and for transportation commissioner. the big question is is murphy headed in the right direction meanwhile, the first two weeks they will be giving out verbal warnings. i am ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, ashley. all right. let's bring our a-plus panel for tonight's show. we got bill caruso, democratic strategists back with us. welcome, bill. good tow sue. immigration attorney. always good see. you. >> you, too. >> and a columnist for will you
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and crime and a lar. let me start with you. on the side of phil murphy. will give the new governor a lot of credit. this was not something overly discussed but to come in and sign an executive order to audit new jersey transit and excellent first step. >> a plus. this is the best thing he could have done. we know new jersey transit has a lot of problems the most response thing is to go in there, find out what is wrong. find out what we can fix and move forward to do that. >> does it work? well, a good first political step as well. i mean, do you think is getting it if he wants to be serious about 2020 and got to get something done. well, think this is the smart approach. he said he wanted to reform and figure out what is wrong before you can fix it. the thing that i thought was the smartest move was not the audit and message that he delivered on pri dy i believe to the rank and file and i know i don't believe you are the problem but i believe you the leadership. i think that is important. >> what do you think part of the challenge is that n.j. transit.
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this is a long time. this problem is not going to be fixed overnight. yeah. we are talking about this for months and n.j. transit is a mess so i also agree i like he started from the top down and saying that issue has been leadership and that is where you start. >> all right. thanks. >> united. [chanting] >> j over the weekend at the woman's march in morristown, new jersey. first lady of new jersey tammy murphy made unbelievable announcement talking about her being sexually assaulted back in 1984 when she was student at the university of virginia. >> i know the feeling of shame. i know the feeling of selfleness. i know the disappointment and just is denied. jenn: think a lot of folks are starting to wrap their heaheads around the firsted df of the state coming without a personal admission. let's bring in our panel to discuss it. let me start with you. first of all ton the personal side. it takes anal of lot to get to
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my dro phone to talk anything personal. this is, you talked about attempted rape. >> yeah. i mean, i have to give them quit a lot of credit what she did was empowering to many people to come in front of the people and talk about something so personal and so devastating to her i think it really sens a message to the people of new jersey and everywhere else she is here and present in today's world with us and that her struggles are something that she is willing to share with us. i think it is meaningful. >> i guess part of it is, do you feel safe today. i mean sexual assaults are back over the last 20-30 years. dramatic reduction. dra mact reduction. you could argue today we are the safest we have been. when you hear something like this. does it change the message of me, too? the difference between inappropriate workplace interaction and rape? >> no, in the way it does. i think vulnerable and authentic
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and through that connection with her. we could possibly and those sta tibbss are all huge because women have been scared to report what has happened to them and through, through you know the first lady found more women and feel, you know, kind of channeling that. that's the whole people of the me too movement in the first plates. >> the other side of this. you do you feel that once you start talking about something as serious as violent cripple and something that is a violent attack on innocent person you know, does it change the conversation where all of thed den everything gets lummed into that. does that elevate the smaller ones? >> i get the concern. i think what danny murphy did and was moment of profound couple of. i think it opens up the spectrum of a lot of folks sitting at home. they can identify. i had my moment, too. i had experience. we hair bond. i think giving people the courage to speak out. giving people the coverage as you said. some of these are unreported.
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can you see law enforcement help and help from other places and go see this help. is oh die do that. thanks, guys. guide. all right. let's check win dan zarrow with your weather forecast. dan: monday made it three days in a row of spring-like above normal temperatures and we got one more ahead of us although the forecast turns no a bit of a roller coast forethe rest of the week. not one of those extreme 300 feet straight down kind of arctic blast roller coasters. the important things to take away from the map. number one, he stay mild on tuesday with high temperatures making the run for 60 degrees and number two we fall under the green section of the map so we're looking at some are in and even some thunderstorms the went try weather trend will stay to the north. cooler air will if il phil ter in behind the rain but not arctic here. it is going to start to feel like january again. the forecast tonight. done think they are going to fall very much and mid 40 oh's so so with patchy dense fog.
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be careful if you are out and about. visibility may be reducinged. ons to day, we see round of rain and thunderstorms then morning and midday hours. that could be steady or heavy at times and umbrella for part of the dy and hopefully clearing buy the time you wake up wednesday morning. the cooler will have arrived and more 6's in more 50's highs in the lower 40's on wednesday and a little bit breezy and see a nice mix of sun and clouds. so unseasonably cool for wednesday and thursday and friday. temperatures at or below normal this time of year. the as we approach next weekend and the warm-up on the way i think we are back to the's before you know it? i am meteorologist dan zero. >> stay with me. light more show coming up including all the sports. george is going to three breakdown of the super bowl and the set and this is perhaps the unluckiest one in philly.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. all right. we got a lot to talk about as we wrap up the show. how about the super bowl? we know white is going to be. the eagles and patted tree why its and george is going to have a report on the unlookist man in physically. george, what do you got for us? reporter: a new york football fan's nightmare has come to pass. the patriots and the eagles in the super bowl. let's go back to the highlights and we start with jacksonville at new england. tom brady was the most watched right-handed football. did it affect him? not so much. it was the jaguars who jumped out to the early lead and there it is tom brady. two touchdowns on the fourth including a game winner to danny. the telephone pi toe catch. 24-20 pats back in the super bowl in the c title game the vinings jumping out to early 7-0 lead in philly.
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boned back big time late second. avod the return. the long pass. 63-yards to jeffrey. that made it 21-738 unanswers pointed force the eagles. 38-7 win and a rematch of super bowl xxxiv now the vikles offensive coordinator named the giants' head coach monday. >> and finally, we go back to philadelphia the unluckiest eagles' fan in america trying to company of a train and instead -- [cheering and applauding] reporter: cue watch that forever but we do have time limitations here. for "chasing news," bill, back to you. >> new jersey governor phil murphy did the right thing monday. executive order to say it is about time we audit new jersey transit. compliment the nu governor on teak the bold first step which is critical if we fix the agency. where is all the money going? new jersey transit has got son bad that so many people decide
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it is just better to drive to manhattan but if you are taking that ride don't take the shortcut through. you could be facing a $200 ticket now look. i get that a local town doesn't want have to this in guessing and bridge traffic. come on. are in leonia. you are right there at the bridge. it makes sense that people are going to do that. i have to say that if you are a taxpayer in new jersey and you are paying for some of those roads and geeing any government revenue. well, what do they have to stop you from taking that shortcut that you are at and the best which to the bridge all right. thanks for waving did the former on that conversation and everything else tonight. follow me on twitter at bill spadea. of course will see you tomorrow night on "chasing news."
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. the eagles super bowl lii. two phrases that go oh, so well together. next stop minnesota, fly, goals, fly. our coverage just getting started. we're about two weeks away here and we are getting pumped. so good to have you with us here at 11 coliseum i'm thomas drayton iain is page is off this week. did you think it was possible? was there ever a doubt in your mind we know carson wentz's jr. scared a lot of people but nick foles is earth certainly making us dream. chris o'connell is live tonight. we're underdogs against atlanta. underdogs against minnesota now against new england. i mean is it time to stop doubting this team, my friend? >> reporter: did you ever doubt rocky? we're the city of underdogs, thomas. yes


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