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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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first up, life and death hiding in your own home. one school sent home a warning letter about it today. even school officials can't believe they had to ♪ seriously, kids taping themselves eating laundry detergent. a local school caught between a rock and a hard place.
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nervous about warning students because they don't want to give them ideas. ♪ i certainly learned there are big differences between eagle fans and vikings fans. >> four more days. chris o'connell freezing mind enemy lines. all right, minnesota. bring it. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. eating tide pods, what? this is supposed to be some kind of challenge apparently. one local school says it's just stupidity. >> administrators they're saying torn here. they want kids to know that eitherring laundry detergent is clearly wrong. but they also don't want to give them any ideas. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in neshaminy with the urgent warning from school leaders to parents. dave? >> reporter: these challenges often get around a little bit slowly when it comes to parents hearing about it but this one is
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getting across quickly because of its deadly potential. >> i didn't hear about this. this just happened today. >> reporter: lynn did not know about the tide pod challenge until fox 29 filled her in on the latest craze children and teens around the country are literally biting into causing serious injuries. >> i think it's horrible. all these challenge that is the kids do. it's scary because they put them on youtube and the kids think it's fun and then, you know, they can potentially die. >> reporter: colorful pods contain several chemicals many teens are cooking them and eating them. we aren't going to show that you part. >> people just think by doing this they'll get more followers and be cool and get famous from it. you can like die from it. so why die and like risk your life just to be famous. >> so bad neshaminy school administrator sent out this letter linking parents to a warning issued by the pennsylvania state police. the administrator ended the letter with a shaking my head quote they couldn't believe it
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either. >> according to data from poison control centers throughout the country, there have been already 39 calls since the beginning of the year. >> reporter: dr. mike cirigliano walked us through what the tide pods can do if eaten. >> it can burn your mouth. it can get in your eyes and it can get down into the esophagus which is the tube here leading into the stomach and lead to problems with irritation, burn. >> i have not had this conversation with my children. my daughter is eight. and you know it hasn't really come up yet but i men i guess i kind of have to now it's going around in schools and things along that line, social media and stuff. >> reporter: if you think you may have a problem. if you think your kid may be sick, call poison control and get them to the er right away. dr. mike says -- back to you. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ sorry about that, by the way. don't know why people think it's cooled to something like that. nonetheless countdown to sunday's nfc championship on fox is four days away. eagles are a win away from a trip to super bowl 52. think fans are pumped for sund sunday? nothing compared to the team. kristyn rodgers here. kristen, the biggest game the eagles have played in almost a decade. >> lucy, the last time the eagles were in the conference championship was way back in 2009. it's been a minute. clearly eagles fans are excited to see the birds back on this stage. the linc was lit on saturday for their divisional game against the falcons. now with shot at the super bowl on the line, players are mentally preparing themselves for what it's going to look and sound like. >> i can only imagine because last week exceeded my expectations and it's only going to get even better, um, i'm just excited, man, 'cause because i know we going to bring the energy and i know the fans going to bring the energy and have
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championship game here, you know, for all the marbles to go to the super bowl, you know, i know it will be electric. >> it's craze seem especially when your home games. last week was that environment was the best environment i've ever been in. it was the most fun that second half when we were kind of inching and inching closer to winning the stadium just kept getting louder and louder. when they had the ball first and goal from the nine i never heard the stadium louder. >> to be honest i'm a little terrified what this crowd is going to look like full of hundreds of dog masks out there. but that's where we are right now. coming up later breaking down the battle of the backup quarterbacks that's still ahead. lucy. >> is it sunday yet, kristen. >> so close. >> our chris o'connell live in minnesota doing what philly fans do best, talking -- talking a little smack. chris, you're not ice fishing any more. >> reporter: we're taking it all in here in the twin cities, lucy. i tell you, though, the vibe among vikings fans very strange. bizarre.
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they are scared. they are petrified. the fans any way of losing this game. there's one thing i learned about vikings fans and eagles fans, we are nothing alike. >> if you wear your viking gear and you are going let's say you're going with your wife or something, think twice about it. they will beat you up. >> the talk of the town on minneapolis sports radio philly fans. you got to hear this. >> there's definitely a fear that eagles fans are going to light you on fire and slam you through a table or something. >> reporter: are you getting the feeling vikings fans may be a bit nervous about coming to lincoln financial field? >> if the philadelphia eagles, win on sunday, if i'm a bar, i'm upping my security quota. >> reporter: even callers from philly were chiming in. >> okay. this is philly we're not playing some warm dome. okay. this is philadelphia. we're going to take your hearts out of your chest. >> reporter: to get real pulse of the vikings fan we did the most minnesota thing you can do. ice fishing. here on 18-inches of ice it's a
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mini city of fishing shelters on white bear lake. >> what's the difference between a viking fan and an eagles fan? [ laughter ] >> well, the intensity. i don't know i might have to give it to philly. >> reporter: if there's one thing eagles and vikings fans have in common we're starve fog a championship that's why coming one game away from super bowl almost seems too good to be tr true. >> there's lost uncertainty. it's minnesota. they think they still got the curse. looking to break that. >> reporter: we couldn't find any eagles fans but we did find real eagles on the lake feasting on prey just like sunday. >> there's an eagles nest right here on the lake and look what the eagles have been doing to the fish. they've been destroying the fi fish. >> we didn't catch any fish but i did learn something from our day with vikings fans. >> you guys talk funny up here. >> oh yeah. minnesota. how do you say it? >> minnesota. >> minnesota. >> you betcha.
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>> you betcha. >> reporter: all right. back out here live, showing the eagles green here on the streets of the twin cities. now, many fans say the wheel reason why they're so nervous here in minneapolis is because it would be the first time there would be a hometown super bowl literally. lucy, u.s. bank stadium is about five blocks behind me where the super bowl it doesn't matter for vikings fans it's the eagles fans that will be there in a couple of weeks. >> you got that right. i think that the eagle on the lake that was an omen. good omen for us. i'm just saying. >> reporter: they're there every day. >> all right. thanks, chris. behave. fox 29 is where you want to be all weekend leading up to the nfc championship many you've seen our coverage guessing you want little more. and then let's talk about sund sunday. good day with mike, alex and the gang at 7:00. "game day live" at 10:00. fox 29 news is on at 4:00. before the fox pre-game show at 6:00. then it's kickoff at 6:30. my, oh my. >> live look at allentown quite
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a few us had to do a little shoveling and scraping today following the snow but check this out. this was the scene along houston, texas, highway. do you see what's going on here ice there forced drivers to turn around and try to get off the highway using the on-ramps it is a very serious situation across our nation. 12 people have died. all right. kathy orr what's happening with our forecast tonight? >> i want to know why chris doesn't have gloves on. >> he didn't, did he. >> no. only like 20 degrees there. yeah. just as cold here in philadelphia. you can see the parkway looking good. worry talking about clearing skies, lucy, and light winds for tonight. ultimate doppler shows a few clouds left out there. the snow long gone. northwesterly winds right now keeping it cool. allentown 16. mount pocono five. 23 in philadelphia but guess what? even with a little wind wind chill feels like six below in the poconos. eight in wilmington feels like three in lancaster. come tomorrow morning we'll be waking up to temperatures in the teens and the single numbers but whipped chills will be even
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colder. there is a warmup right in time for the eagles game. we'll talk more about that plus your weekend weather coming up with the seven day forecast. so far no snow on in seven day. better weather ahead lucy. >> sounds good. thank you kathy. happening right now, the search for a guy who drove up to some elementary school children in south jersey and scared the living daylights out of them. police say his target was three young boys walking home from school. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in gloucester township, dave, you spoke to parents who are understandably concerned. >> reporter: lucy, very concerned tonight. those three brothers ages seven through ten left their elementary school and were walking home yesterday afternoon when police say a guy in a car pulled up and told them to get in. >> very close to home yes. >> reporter: for parents pick up their children at glendora elementary's after school program there was surprise and fear when they learned suspicious man tried to give three young boys a ride moments after they left the school tuesday afternoon.
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>> makes me scared. it makes me nervous. >> reporter: holly mecca's daughter attends cheerleading practice here she lives a few blocks from the school. she was stunned to hear of the incident just off school property near station and ridge avenues. >> her, i can't even let her go out because it make me nervous. there's a loft sick people. it's very nerve racking. >> we put out a critical alert to the local agencies. >> reporter: police say just after 3:00 tuesday when an older model green car approached the three brothers ages ten, seven and seven. as they left the school grounds here. >> he did roll down this window and asked if the juveniles need add ride. they stated no. the driver then responded, come, get in the vehicle. >> they got a lot of guts to do that. you're in public area. there's plenty of people around the schools. >> reporter: the boys ran off and went home. they reported the incident to their mother and then police. they did notice the suspicious man's four door car had an h on the back. >> it's maybe a honda or he
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wasn't day the driver's side taillight appeared to be kick out. >> reporter: all this left holly mecca concerned for her daughter and police asking parents to remind their children about stranger danger. >> if you're approached by a stranger, run, make noise, we always tell people trying to make a scene. that way other -- grab other people' attention. >> she knows not to go near anybody. she knows to scream, to holler. young brothers were not injured. police say they're looking for surveillance cameras in the area. hoping to get video of the car in question. lucy? >> all right, thank you dave. a north philadelphia corner grocery store is turned into a murder scene. police are on the hunt for the killer. just past 7:00 tonight on the 3300 block of north sixth street a gunman shot a 22-year-old man again and again. police rushed him to the hospital. he did not make it. a high school friends now charged with murder. the victim a university of pennsylvania sophomore. now prosecutors say it may have been a hate crime.
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have you seen geneva. she's 72 years old walked out of her home friday night. no one has seen her since and her family is
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happening right now in northeast philadelphia police and neighbors are frantically searching for woman with alzheimer's. 72-year-old geneva mc kill ton disappeared five days ago. no wallet new york city phone, not dressed for the weather. our shawnette wilson has been talking with her daughter and joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, as you can imagine her daughter, everyone is really concerned here. number one, we have the weather. it has been cold lately.
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also, the fact that she has alzheimer's. she may not be able to find her way back home. this is 72-year-old geneva williams mc killton she's been missing since friday her daughter shantel is concerned. >> very worried. especially since the weather got very cold. >> her long time companion called them friday night saying she walked away from the home she share on the 4,000 block blake street in the northeast and she has a medical condition. >> he stated that she has developed alzheimer's over the last six years. she's in very good physical condition but obviously she can get disoriented. >> reporter: neighbors and businesses along frankford avenue say they last saw her that evening in the kfc at frankford and academy at sunoco at frankford and knights road her picture also is posted at businesses in holmesburg shopping center not far from where she lives. including at this rite aid where workers told me off camera she comes in to get medicine and a newspaper. >> she's really nice report.
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he owns liberty bell diner. >> i've been here 14 years i seen her few times. she come here to eat. report roar friends are desperately looking for her. >> i can't eat. can't think. >> reporter: yeah. >> you just want her back safely. >> yes. >> reporter: family is very concerned. very difficult. everybody wants her to come back safe and sound. >> because of the alzheimer's her mother doesn't really know her way around any more and doesn't remember basic information like her birthday. she may respond to her name though. >> be a good samaritan and, you know, if she seems disoriented to you, then call someone, please call the police. >> reporter: again, you just heard her daughter say geneva may respond if you call her name but she asked that you call police right away if you see her because again she has alzheimer's she may become combative. lucy, back to you. >> praying for the family. thank you shawnette could hate have prayed a role in blaze
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bernstein's death. prosecutors charged his high school classmate with his murder. they say that former classmate stabbed bernstein to death and tonight new information has come in. iain page is in our technical operation center. iain? >> lucy, the or r county district attorney held a news conference earlier today and they charged samuel woodward with murder. also in that charge they included what's called an enhancement which would allow prosecutors to seek more jail time for woodward if he's convicted. now bernstein who is gay was at home on winter break in california. he went missing. the exact time and place of that murder is still under investigation. but at that news conference today, prosecutors say a hate crime charge has not been ruled out. >> the question of a hate crime is one question that we have about the possibility of special circumstances, so we're looking to see whether or not that might be supported. so farce motive is concerned, um, we haven't completed the
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investigation. so we have a ways to go before we can actually determine something about motive that would be supported by the evidence. our priority on this brutal murder of a 19-year-old ivy league student is to make sure that woodward his s brought to justice and held accountable. >> prosecutors accused of woodward of visiting the crime scene days after the murder. they also say woodward cleaned up the car he used to pick up bernstein. woodward is facing up to 26 years in prison if convicted. lucy. >> all right, thank you iain. a grandmother's packing up to move her family out of their west philadelphia neighborhood. she is sick and tired of the violence there. but days before their move someone shot her two grandsons with a pellet gun. you saw that as breaking news last night right here on fox 29 news at 10:00-ton night our joyce evans spoke with a tearful grandmother who just wants kids to put down the guns. >> i can't understand how this happened because rashaun and
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zamir, they are good -- they are good children and this shouldn't happen to them. >> reporter: grandmother theresa hold away could hard get the words out but toll us she to spoke out after seen rashaun powell, 12, and 15 year older brother zamir like this. >> they was just coming from they girlfriend's house, little girl that is they play with, and they just gunned my babies down. >> reporter: they were just four or five doors away walking to their grandmother's house when police say what appeared to be three young people dressed in all black and wearing masks fired on the brothers with some kind of pellet gun. >> we both was upstairs. we heard four or five shots. by the time we came downstairs, one of the neighbors they kick the door in. >> reporter: smears of blood mark where zamir was carried inside. shot twice in the chest and once in the hand. while they called for help, another neighbor yelled out. >> there's another one out there. that's when we ran out in and seen the youngest grandson laying down on the ground shot
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as well. >> reporter: rashaun was shot in the neck. >> thank god mine's didn't die. >> reporter: ironically theresa and thomas were just days away from moving from the 6,000 block of ludlow street. they say to offer a better environment for the boys to visit. >> it's just like we just wasn't quick enough to escape it. what gels. >> you do all you can do and it seems like it's not enough. >> reporter: they say running away is really not the answer. fighting back is. >> all we doing is killing each other. >> if ya'll black grandmother an mother like me ya'll need to tell these kids to put the guns down. please, stop the violence. >> reporter: the good news is, the brothers are in stable condition. police are working to track down that beebee gun that was used and detectives say neighborhood children are cooperating. they're saying something about a fight between two groups, but we haven't heard yet anything about what if anything those two brothers had to do with it. joyce evans fox 29 news.
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hey! >> oh, my god! >> can you imagine? turns out that driver couldn't see where he was going. ♪ this is how minnesota ans prepare for the nfl championsh championship. i got one question. how do you think that the vikings have any chance of winning this game this weekend. eagles already winning up here in minnesota
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who would ever forget the last time the eagles played at home for an nfc championship. >> it was january 23rd, 2005. we had blizzard and the wake of get that snow out of the stands so the fans could watch the ga game. 67,000 people watched that game at the linc that day. the eagles went on to victory and we went on to the super bo bowl. it's going to be much more comfortable this year. i'll be back with the game day forecast coming up. all right, thanks kathy. the chance for the eagles to make it to the super bowl has a city and many in the nation buzzing but things were a bit more low key when the birds won their first football title 70 years ago. our bruce gordon takes a look back at the game where the eagles knew to victory. >> reporter: wednesday morning's snow reminded some of a frosty december sunday back in 1948. shied park in north philly nfc championship game between eagles and then chicago cardinals.
10:25 pm
our footage has been watched by thousands of birds fans on youtube. ray didinger says many people the game shock postponed. >> this was a full blizzard that rolled into philadelphia that day. and just paralyzed the city. >> reporter: remember, the nfl back then was a fringe sport it's players part timers. >> some of them were substitute school teachers. some of them sold insurance. some of them sold beer. i mean they, um, they just grabbed work wherever they could and not in the off season even. in the regular season. >> reporter: didinger says eagles star running back steve van buren woke up in his drexel hill home on the morning of the contest and certain the game would be rescheduled, went back to bed. phone call from head coach greasy kneel convinced van buren his services were needed at the park. >> couldn't get his car dug out of the driveway. the snow was that deep. so he took public transit to the stadium. >> reporter: as for the game the birds saw an early touchdown pass nullified by penalty.
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the two teams slogged their way through the snow scoreless for three quarters. before just under 30,000 frozen fans. the birds recovered a fumble deep in chicago territory. >> eagles don't take any chances they just hasn't the ball off to steve van buren and they just let him take it in and so they punch it in. and that was it. >> the final gun goes off. with the philadelphia eagles winning the national football league championship. >> reporter: seven-zero was the final score. afterward, well, there was no big citywide parade. just a private team party at a center city hotel. minus their biggest star. >> van buren just retraced his steps on the subway, broad street subway, market street el. >> went home. >> took bus home. he didn't bother going to the party. >> reporter: the birds would go on to capture the nfc championship in 1949 beating the los angeles rames 14 hoy zero. back to back nfl titles by shut out. it had never happened before and has never happened since. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news.
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we are all hoping this is the place the eagles will be in a couple of weeks. minnesota. we are here talking to fans. it's cold but it's hot because we're letting the vikings fans know who is coming to town. you know it's enormous problem. plaguing every community. and we're not going to take it any longer. we're so fed up in fact, the entire city of philadelphia is
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breaking news. north philadelphia. someone shot a woman about an hour at north seventh and and green streets. here's what we know right now. she is 60 years other bullet hit her hip she's at hahnemann doctors have stabilized her. what police do not know as of yet who pulled the trigger and why. stay tune. ♪ ♪ ♪ just four days until the birds face the minnesota vikings in the nfc championship game it's so close we can almost taste it but before we get to
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the game, we need to make sure our rivals know that we are ready for them. our chris o'connell is live in minneapolis. that's right. enemy the heart of [ laughter ] >> reporter: lucy, i tell you, minnesota i thought these fans would be nuts. i thought they'd be in my face. trash talking. all pumped up for the game. that's really not the case. we went to sports radio station today and really the talk of the town were philly fans and how they're going get treated if vikings fans plan to travel to lincoln financial field. they say they are worried about going into the stadium. i'm not sure if they're just being minnesota nice, being polite. they don't have confidence in their team. but they're really worried. they're anxious. they're nervous about this game but i did just about half hour ago ran into a philadelphia eagles fan here on the streets of minneapolis and i asked him just for a little bit, can you dream a little bit?
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>> come back here in couple weeks for super bowl yes. >> i would love to come back here in couple weeks for a super bowl. >> reporter: i'll join you. i'll buy you dinner. >> all right. excellent. >> reporter: you know what i told him? i'd come back and i'll be wearing this. number one. i can tell you though lucy -- >> yes. >> reporter: super bowl being held five blocks away from here but that doesn't matter. we're not thinking about that. we're thinking about sunday. we're thinking about beating the vikings. did you hear me minneapolis? the birds are going to win! >> is it echoing off the buildings. >> nothing. >> yeah, no trash talk. i came up to trash talk. i'm not getting anything. >> minnesota nice. >> i'll be back at 11:00. >> you go out there. go find someone to stir it up with, chris o'connell. there he goes. off into the distance. >> fox 29 where you want to be all week long leaves up to the nfc championship game. you've seen our coverage. thinking maybe you want more. let's talk about sunday. good day with mike and al allegation and the gang at 7:00. "game day live" at 10:00. then fox 29 news is on at
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4:00 before the fox pre hiv game show at 6:00 and kick off at 6:30. ♪ right now the city is taking a big swing at the opioid crisis with a massive lawsuit. the target is prescription opioid manufacturers and the payout, it could be huge. fox 29's jeff cole has the companies and in the city's crosshairs. >> reporter: a biting wind whips through the streets and alleyways of kensington but the brutal winter has not deadened the pool of opioids and heroin openly used here. >> jack, are you using? report yes. >> her low win user as well report. >> y can you kick it any any way. are you going to be able to kick it. >> i've been shooting heroin for 30 years. >> reporter: kensington has the worst opioid and heroin abuse problem in philadelphia. a city with the most severe opioid crisis of the nation's big cities. wednesday not far from the gritty streets where the opioid epidemic is raging, philadelphia leaders opened a legal battle with the makers of the opioids.
10:34 pm
>> the cities current until the grips of what can be termed as public health nightmare. >> reporter: a nightmare that killed 1200 people from overdo overdoses and 2017 says the health commissioner. more than the peak of the aids crisis. a nightmare that's cost the city millions for first responders to treat the addicted to jail the sellers. so wednesday, they filed a big lawsuit to match the size of the problem. >> today we're asking the companies that sell these drugs to stop pushing these drugs in philadelphia. and to start helping us clean up the problems they have caused. >> reporter: named are ten drug makers like johnson & johnson, perdue pharma and endo health solutions. they're accused of deceptive marketing and sale of prescription opioids. the city has partnered with private law firms which will get a third of any money won in what's likely to be a long battle. >> sell syringes to support my habit. this way i don't have to rob and steal or anything like that.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: back in kensington, jack shouts works to users looking for clean syring syringes. he's got plenty of takers. >> it's bad. >> reporter: gotten better at all. >> it's bad. no, not at all. it's bad. >> reporter: losing friends. >> oh, yeah. i lost lot of people in the last year. >> reporter: fox 29 contacted the companies named in the suit perdue pharma says it vigorously denies the allegations and looks forward to presenting its defense. alert again says it supports the safe responsible use of prescription medications. janssen says the allegations in the lawsuit are both legally and factually unfounded. i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. a major drug trafficking operation busted the montgomery county district attorney's officer says the group dubbed the big five mailed packages of crystal meth and marijuana from california all the way to montgomery county. police say they shipped 350 pounds of the drugs since april 2016. now arrested five people including two in pennsylvania
10:36 pm
brian holt and lorraine seen know. ♪ >> hey! hey! hey! >> oh, my god! >> that is not a movie. really happened. and the driver the driver says he just couldn't see over the dash. wish we were kidding here. >> he's the white house steve of staff and tonight john kelly answered one question when it comes to the one guy he says the us simply has to deal with. ♪
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♪ hey! hey! hey! >> oh, my god! look out. >> near death experience for three fishermen in oregon. a much bigger boat headed right towards them. you saw it did not stop. fortunately the three guys on the boat jumped out of the way in the nick of time. one of the fisherman is suing the other boater claiming it not only is he injured he now has vision problems. the guy who slammed into them says he couldn't see where he was going. the reason, because the dash of his boat just block his view. hmm.
10:40 pm
passionate speech on the floor of the us senate republican senator compared president trump to one of history's most notorious dictators this all comes as lawmakers and the white house work towards an immigration deal an plan to avoid a government shut down. iain page now in the operations center. iain, fireworks yet again in washington. >> yeah, lucy. outgoing republcan senator jeff flake blasting president trump today for attacking the media and using terms like fake news and enemy of the people. >> it is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words spoken by joseph stalin to describe his enemies. >> he's not criticizing the president because he's against oppression. he's criticizing the president because he has terrible poll numbers. and he is i think looking for some attention. >> that's not the only battle in washington right now. democrats and republicans are still at odds over a plan for the federal budget. a short-term spending bill one option now being considered part
10:41 pm
of an effort to avoid government shut down before the friday deadline. >> firework in washington don't end there. as today lawmakers also interviewed former campaign manager for trump core lewandowski about possible collusion with moscow in new interview the president is accusing russia of helping north korea evade sanctions. stay tuned, lucy. >> speaking of interviews, tonight white house steve of staff john kelly talked about the threat posed by north korea with bet bear on fox news channel. >> if kim jong-un does not abandon his nuclear program, is the us headed for war? >> i hope not. >> but i don't think -- upping this is one of those things that landed on this president's lap much it's been in the process for five years. we kick the can down the road. there's no road left. we have to deal with this guy. >> the north korean regime has
10:42 pm
conducted several ballistic tests in recent years and months. maybe a shift here. north and south korea have agreed to march as unified team at the upcoming olympic opening ceremony in pong chang that is a huge deal. >> first though we've got snow, then we had cold, right. >> yeah. >> but kathy, looking up from here i hope. >> yeah. we are looking up. ultimate doppler it is still snowing in the carolinas. our snow is out of here. the cold is still sticking around. but not for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day. >> so perhaps are you the eagles lucky charm? we all want to think so, right? those superstition they work. think so, right? those superstition they work. they work, right? don't [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo?
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she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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ttp://>[a5df] ♪ how did that bud light commercial go? it was called superstition. it's only weird if it doesn't work, right? eagles nation, eagles nation is very superstitious. we've got that story minutes away. happening right now upper prof den, police are looking for
10:46 pm
group of men posing as electricians to get into homes. one homeowner says two men came to her door last friday. saying they needed to install new electrical line. once inside they cut the power to the woman's home which is about when she and her daughter heard a third person inside. well the jig was up and the group took off in a gray toyota tundra. the woman and her daughter found several drawers open throughout their home. it's not clear if they stole anything. down the shore we go. live look at ocean city. guess what? we are in for a warmup which is fantastic news. we'll tell you all about it in 15 seconds. wind chills already in the teens in philadelphia. it is cold on the parkway tonight. not much going on. it's a cold and very quite
10:47 pm
wednesday evening. temperature is 23. it feels like it's 14. not much wind. winds out of the northwest 8 miles an hour. take look at this. ultimate doppler shows we've dried out completely but still seeing snow showers in norfolk, and richmond and raleigh and charlotte and toward the coast. really a amazing how far south the snow has been this particular winter. let's take look at the temperatures. five in the poconos. 20 in wilmington. 12 in reading and 14 in pottstown. whole country pretty much in the freezer most of it. 90% of it even tampa 46 degrees. 15 in memphis. 24 in raleigh and 32 in new orleans that's. the jet stream will take little bit of a lift. not for upstate parts of new york, new england and northeastern pa. but for southeastern pa, new jersey and delaware and southward, we're talking about a warming trend. 40s and 50s coming up over the next four to five days. overnight tonight, 19 in philadelphia. nine in the poconos. 13 in allentown. 17 in trenton.
10:48 pm
and wrightstown 16. the good news is, this is the last super cold night and tomorrow morning of the entire seven day forecast. so things are looking up as we look ahead our future wind chills not a lot of win but lot of cold. and that means tomorrow morning at the bus stop or on your way to work it will feel much colder. two in the poconos. 13 in philadelphia and nine in millville. in wildwood it will feel like four. lancaster and in dover it will feel like it's only 9 degrees. so a cold start to the day. mostly sunny tomorrow. we have cold high pressure to the north and northwest. the temperature 35 with a chilly breeze. but after that it gets better. take a look at the forecast for friday. 42. that's normal. saurday 50. 10 degrees above average. looking good for the birds on sunday. monday a chance of a shower 53. tuesday 50. we cool it back down to average on wednesday, 41. take a look at the kickoff forecast for tailgators we'll be in the 50s for sunday kick off at 6:40 sunday partly cloudy 48. a cool evening at the end of the
10:49 pm
game 45 degrees and of course lucy you can watch the game in the comfort of your own home on fox 29. >> are you superstitious when it comes to the game. >> i am little bit. >> you are? we'll talk about that in a little bit. whether it's lucky soft pretzel stocks must be worn on eagles game day that would be senior producer aaron's superstition or 15 year old eagles jersey that cannot under any circumstances be washed. we are perhaps even more superstitious with the nfc championship game this sunday at the linc. ♪ >> very superstitious. but lied commercial's tag line om weird if it doesn't work. >> ♪ >> nothing made up about that. eagles nation it's real life. >> maigre wears her jersey and has to sit in that spot on the couch. i sit in that spot on the couch in my jersey. >> d'antonio' firmly planted on that coach in their reading home
10:50 pm
this sunday with tiny looming large. >> we mut innate tiny in the living room, outside, somewhere near the television. >> tiny must be inflated these glasses they belong to the siemens same eagles glasses, same lucky spot on the kitchen table every game day. critical. >> go, eagles! >> long standing superstitions and new ones born every day. take drew's crew who was hungry lat game and wants to make sure the birds within again. alex sending you money for cheese fries again that's why we won. cheese fries, eagles win. who knew the power of cheese soak fries or unwashed jersey. >> the jerseys can never be washed. we do not wash them all season long. and the only time we didn't do this this year because we were out of town are the only games the eagles lost. ♪ >> don't mess with the mojo. >> ♪
10:51 pm
wasn't one of the more interesting rituals you shared involves throwing the evil eye at the opposing team especially during field goals and also putting a bulb of garlic on top of the tv. this has been enlightening experience kristen. >> we're learning a lot about eagles fans. i'll tell that you. it will be the battle of the backup quarterbacks on sunday and these former teammates cannot stop praising each other. a look at nick kohl's and case keenum plus the eagles key on offense hopefully to send the vikings sailing back to minnesota with a loft. that's next.
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>> your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. ♪ sunday is going to be decided by the defense. luckily for the eagles defensive lineman brandon graham said today he's ready to wreak havoc. statistically speaking nine minute has the number one defense in the league. how can the eagles shake them. the offense says it's all about stabbing their tempo early. >> as long as we can find rhythm going and get everything going our way, um, i know we'll be pretty. good i think we'll put ourselves in pretty good position. >> i think the key to it all is run the ball. put nick in good situations and stay out of third and long. kind of the same thing with every other game but really
10:55 pm
about running the football and stopping the run. >> if you knew it was going to be nick foles and case keenum vying in a spot in the nfc championship on sunday looking to go to the super bowl, you need to give me your lottery numbers. serious these former teammates very close and very compliment receive each other. >> it's pretty while. absolutely. we were on the same team not too many years ago but that's where like i know -- i said over and over again case's success and the way he plays doesn't sprays me because him and i were together and we prepared together. we were around each other every day. >> great football player. prepares well. extremely talented. big app. he's really really athletic, t too. so, you know, i know he's got a lot of confidence and i'm looking forward to playing against him. >> fox 29 the only place to watch the game on sunday. we've got you covered all day. "good day philadelphia" at 7:00 fox 29 "game day live" at 10:00. fox 29 news at 4:00 and nfl free game at 6:00.
10:56 pm
kick off 6:00 40. detour from the eagles we got full slate of college hoops tonight. we'll start with number one villanova at georgetown. wildcats were shooting threes like oprah gives out cars. everyone had a a three. bridges had four, dante had three. villanova had 17, three-points to night. crush the hoyas 88-56. temple taking on tulsa owls down by one. clock running down quinton rose misses the three here temple gets the offensive board. josh brown with the layup that is going to be your game winner. temple gets by tulsa 59-58. st. joe's taking on dayton hawks up 14 in the second. taylor if you know gets it to james demure. he's going to have the lay in. he led the way with 19 points for the hawks st. joe's gets the win 81-65. >> all right. you know what, somebody went shopping tonight. went to modell's and look what kathy got me. >> fly eagles fly. >> isn't that great. i'll be on good day tomorrow
10:57 pm
with under dogs. like real underdogs i'm going to wear this. i'm so excited. >> i got eagles tatz. >> we're going tat it up. >> that does it for us here at 10:00. iain page has you covered at 11:00. >> it will be whi
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