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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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just days from the big showdown at the linc the birds are looking to win an nfc championship at home. thank you for joining us at 5:00. i'm lucy noland f you're not at the linc the only place to seat action sunday is right here on fox 29. we've got team coverage for you. chris o'connell live in enemy territory. that's right. vikings country. but let's start at home with kristen rodgers live at the linc. kristen. >> lucy, it's hard to ignore what's at stake for the eagles this week. the nfc championship trophy was right next to doug pederson while he was talking during his press conference today. having gotten to this stage, to be here, playing, in the could have presence championship game, well the eagles know that stopping now is not an option. >> it feels great. but we got to win this one. um, because just being here, you know, it's fun, but we got to get the win. so i think that's how preparing this week and that's what we're going to do. >> last week was all about
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disrespect fort eagles. this week the stakes are high must. so they just block out the clutter. >> you just got to stay grounded in the moment, and, you know, you have to block out the clutter, block out the noise, and focus on, focus on today. focus on wednesday and, you know, get yourself prepared just like you would any other wednesday. >> coming up later in the show it's the battle of the back up quarterbacks this sunday nick foles talk about how wild it is to face off against his former teammate in case keenum. lucy. >> all right. we'll talk to you then. thank you kristen. countdown is on. we want to show minnesota fans we eagles fans do not mess around. so we sent our chris o'connell into enemy territory. live in minnesota. what are you doing? ice fishing, chris? >> reporter: that's exactly what we're doing. this is how minnesot minute ans. we're in white bear lake minnesota. when i say white bear lake we're standing on the lake it's about 12, 16-inches of ice and this is what people do.
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this ice house here this is where they ice fish. take look. look at all around these all these ice shanties all over this lake. this what they do in minnesota i have paul here. he's a big minnesota vikings fan. one question. how do you think that the vikings have any chance of winning this game this weekend? >> well, after what i seen all year from the vikings i think we can do it, yeah. >> you don't sound too confident. >> being minnesota fan we got to be little cautious. >> reporter: is that what it is up here. >> little bit. >> reporter: i want to show you the ice house. literally when -- they go fishing here, can you open this open that door. look at this ice house, guys. look. this is where they'll watch the vikings games. they have the tv, they have -- you see fish in here. fishing for muss key. fishing for wall eye. they have a heater in here and look at the screen if we can see the screen close that. that is where they look for the
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fish underneath 18-inches of i ice. now real quick i got to show before you we go. dave, cull on out here. what they've been telling me throughout the last couple hours is there's an eagles nest right here on the lake, and look what the eagles have been doing to the fish. they've been destroying the fish. what is this? >> northern pike. they've been destroying the fish out here in minnesota. so the eagles already winning up here in minnesota. guys, we'll bring you back here at 6:00 o'clock. [ laughter ] you got your eagles jacket on. my goodness. all right. thank you, chris much cannot wait to see where the neck adventure will take through in vikings country. fox 29 where you want to be all week long leading up to the nfc championship game. you've seen our coverage guessing you want more. then let's talk about sunday. googood day at 7:00. "game day live" at 10:00. fox 29 news is on at 4:00 before the fox pre hoy game show at 6:00 and kick off at 6:30. basically you got no reason to
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ever change the channel. of course, we'll have much more eagles coverage over the next 90 minutes. >> fox 29 winter weather authority whole lot warmer than what bare lake, minnesota. what a difference a few hours makes. this is time lapsed video of the snow coming down in reading berks county. they got 2.4-inches to be precise. from time lapse to life in reading where the snow of course has stopped falling. though it's all over the ground. we've got quite a chill in the air. kathy, everyone talking about the eagles. not as cold as minnesota so that's a good thing. >> everyone is talking about the eagles. right now on ultimate doppler you can see there's not much going on. but when we're talking about game day, we're talking about some much warmer temperatures. now as far as today is concerned lucy take a look at these numbers. mount pocono close to 7-inches of snow. the poconos summit picked up 8-inches of snow. spring town, pa4-inches. allentown 3-inches as forecast. newark, delaware, 1.2, more mt. laurel, 1.2-inches of snow.
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on the slopes looking good. 6.9-inches of pack powder the skiers and snowboarders love it. let's talk about the temperatures. 26 in philadelphia. 13 in the poconos. allentown 24 with that northwesterly win. making it feel much colder. it feels like three below in the poconos. it feels like 14 in philadelphia. in millville it feels like 14 and these wind chills will go below zero in many locations. we'll talk more about that and the warm that's coming for the birds coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right. talk then, thank you very much, kathy. the city is taking a big swing at the opioid crisis with a massive lawsuit. the target is prescription opioid manufacturers and the pay out it could be huge. fox 29's jeff cole joins us live in studio with the companies in the city's crosshairs. jeff. >> reporter: philadelphia joining dozens of communities suing the makers of opioids but it's one of the biggest to join the legal fray. the city has turned tots private legal community to wage the battle in return for a payout. if they win and help for city
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residents. a biting wind whips through the streets and alleyways of kensington but the brutal winter has not deadened the pull of opioids of heroin openly used here. >> jack, are you using? >> yes. >> reporter: you use her row wip user as well. >> yes. >> reporter: can you kick it in way. >> i've been shooting heroin for 30 years. >> reporter: kensington has the worse opioid abuse problem in philadelphia. a city with the most severe opioid crisis of the nation's big city. wednesday not far from the gritty streets where the opioid epidemic is raging, philadelphia leaders opened a legal battle with the makers of the opioids. >> the city currently in the grips what can be term as public health nightmare. >> reporter: a nightmare that killed 1200 people from overdoses and 2017 says the health commissioner. more than the peak of the aids crisis. nightmare that's cost the city millions for first responders to treat the addicted to jail the sellers.
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so wednesday they filed a big lawsuit to match the size of the problem. >> today we're asking the companies that sell these drugs to stop pushing these drugs in philadelphia. and to start helping us clean up the problems they have caused. >> reporter: named are ten drug makers like johnson & johnson, purdue pharma and endo health solutions. they're accused of deceptive marking and sale of prescription opioids. the city has partnered with private law firms which will get a third of any money won in what's likely to be a long battle. >> i saw syringes to support my habit. this way i don't have to rob and steel or anything like that. >> reporter: back in kensington jack shouts works to users looking for clean syringes. he's got plenty of takers. >> it's bad. rot. >> reporter: got tepp better at you. >> no, not at all. it's bad. >> reporter: losing friends? >> oh yeah. lost a lot of people in the last year. >> reporter: fox 29 has contacted the companies name in
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the suit purdue pharma vigorously denies the allegation and looks forward to presenting its defense. allergan says it sports the safe responsible use of prescription medications. janson says the allegations in the lawsuit are goal legally and factually unfounded. we'll have more at 6:00. i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. lucy. >> okay. talk then, jeff. violence in west philadelphia in one neighborhood in particular has a family packing up. last night their two grandsons 12 and 15 years old ended up shot with a pellet gun you saw it as breaking news right here on fox 29 news at 10:00. tonight fox 29's joyce evans has been talking with the family live now in west philadelphia. joyce? >> reporter: well, lucy, it's heartbreaking. they are hard-working family struck by the very violence that they done anybody could do to protect their loved ones from. >> i can't understand how this happened because rashaun and zamir they are good children. they are good children.
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and this shouldn't happen to them. >> reporter: grandmother theresa hold away could are ad gets the word out but told us she had to speak out after seeing rashaun powell 12 and his 15-year-old brother zamir like this. >> they was just coming from they girlfriend's house little girl that is they play with and they just gunned my babies down. >> reporter: they were just four or five doors away walking to their grandmother's house when police say what appeared to be three young people dressed in all black and wearing masks fired on the brothers with some kind of pellet gun. >> we both was upset. we heard four or five shots. by the time we came downstairs, one of the neighbors kick the door in. >> reporter: smears of blood mark where zamir was carried inside shot twice in the chest and once in the hand. while they called for help, another neighbor yelled out. >> there's another one out there. that's when we ran out there and seen youngest grandson laying down on the ground shot as well. >> reporter: rashaun was shot in the neck.
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>> thank god mines' didn't die. >> reporter: i krohn klee terese san thomas were days away from moving from the 6,000 block of ludlow street. they say to offer a better environment for the boys to visit. >> it's just like we just wasn't quick enough to escape it. you do all he can you can do and it seems like it's not enough. >> reporter: they say running away is really not the answer. fighting back is. >> all we doing is killing each other. >> if ya'll black grandmother an mother like me ya'll need to tell these kids to put the guns down! please stop the violence. >> reporter: a grandmother's cry for help throughout the entire neighborhood. now the boys are in stable condition tonight that's pretty good news. police are working to track down that beebee gun that was used and detectives say some of the neighborhood children are cooperating. they're getting some information about something about a fight between two groups of kids but so far no word yet what if anything those two brothers had to do with it.
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lucy? >> all right, thank you, joyce. eagles excitement overflowing in philadelphia. tonight the city is getting ready for the big game to make sure you stay safe. and as we celebrate the eagles we're taking a look back at their first footbal hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh.
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oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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♪ a bucks county man is in trouble after tt self a officers found what they say he was hiding at jfk airport inside his speaker case. no speaker but the tsa says its officers did find what you're looking at. four hand guns and ammunition
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stashed inside. the man was headed to ghana last thursday but luggage set off an alarm instead of ghana the bucks county man got one way ticket to jail. ♪ ♪ ♪ all eyes on philadelphia and with heightened popularity comes heightened security. such as the case for this sund sunday. when more than 69,000 people will pack the linc for the last time this season to cheer on the eagles. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more from the linc. >> reporter: this was the scene outside the linc saturday as police say an intoxicated 22-year-old taylor hendricks stumbled to his feet and confronted two mounted patrol officers. >> he's so drunk. he's tripping. he's challenging them. look at him go. look at him go. in he struck the horse and may have tried to strike the officer on the horse as well.
5:15 pm
>> reporter: hendricks was charged with ago aggravated is that so salt, simple assault and cruelty to animals. police hope to avoid replay of this kind of behavior when the eagles play the vikings this sunday on fox 29. >> stay in control. have fun. have good time. but watch the drinking. >> reporter: officers will be out in force all weekend. first for saturday's big women's rally on the parkway. then so hoy call hot spots on sunday night for the big game. places like frankford and cottman broad street and center city and broad and pattison near >> we want every you one save and of course we don't neglect the neighborhoods while we're managing thee hot spots. >> i am expecting it to be absolutely insane here. >> reporter: folks at rielle sports bar and grill are ready for big eagles win an good time. they do have precautions in place. >> we do have a lot of bouncers that will be coming all hands on deck. no bottled beers. they will be pore flood plastic cups. >> reporter: this was the scene during the most recent philly celebrations while there was some damage police say
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they'll be lots of officers on hand sunday to prevent that. >> sometimes things get a little out of control with the revelry and we have to be concerned not only for people's physical safety but with personal and commercial property as well. >> we want to party. but we also want to show the world who we are. we're going to win gone to the super bowl. that's the predict. >> now as dave tells us, police expect to finalize a full security plan over the next couple of days. the chance for the eagles to make it to the super bowl has the city and many in the nation buzzing but things were a bit more low key when the birds won their first football title 70 years ago. our bruce gordon joins us in studio and bruce, you love sports and history so basically you hit the jackpot with this story. >> reporter: i did indeed luc lucy. long before many of us were born, the philadelphia eagles were world champions. back to back champs in fact and it all began at a snow covered baseball stadium in north phil philly. wednesday morning snow reminded some of a frosty december sunday back in 1948.
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shy park in north philly nfl championship game between the eagles and then chicago cardinals. our footage has been watched by thousands of birds fans on youtube. >> ray didinger says many believe the game should have been postponed. >> this was a full blizzard that rolled into philadelphia that day. and just paralyzed the city. >> reporter: remember, the nfl back then was practically a fringe sport its players part timers. >> some of them were substitute school teachers. some of them sold insurance. some of them sold beer. i mean, they just grabbed work wherever they could and not in the off season even. in the regular season. >> reporter: he says eagles star running back steve van buren woke up in his drexel hill home on the morning of the contest and certain the game would be reschedule went back to bed. phone call from head coach greasy neal convinc convinced vn his services were need the t at the park. >> couldn't get his car dug out of the driveway the snow was that deep. so he took public transit to the
5:18 pm
stadium. >> there it goes. >> reporter: as for the game the birds saw an early touchdown pass nullified by penalty and the two teams slogged their way through the snow scoreless for three quarters. the birds recovered a fumble. deep in chicago territory. >> eagles don't take any chances. they just hand the ball off to steve van buren and they just let him take it in. so they punch it in. and that was it. >> the final gun goes off with the philadelphia eagles winning the national football league championship. >> reporter: seven to nothing was the final score. afterward, well, there was no big citywide parade. just a private team party at a center city hotel. minus their biggest star. >> van buren just retraced his steps on the subway broad street subway market street. >> went home. >> took a bus home that wasn't it. he didn't even bother going to the party. >> reporter: the birds would go on to capture the nfl championship again in 1949 much this time beating the los angeles rams 14-zero.
5:19 pm
back to back nfl titles both by shut out. it had never happened before. and has not happened since. lucy? >> i don't even know they knew they got a first down. all white out there. >> you got that right. the original whiteout. >> thank you very much bruce. fox 29 the only place to be for eagles coverage between now and sunday. on the big day we've got you covered. good day at 7:00, "game day live" at 10:00, fox 29 news is on at 4:00. before the fox pre-game show at 6:00 and kickoff at 6:30. 6:00 in the morning it's still dark, right? on this particular morning snow was falling in bensalem when 30-year-old catherine gaffney tried to cross the northbound lanes of bristol pike on the 3100 block. police say more than one car hit her. gaffney was dead at the scene. police say all the drivers stopped and are cooperating with their investigation. in upper providence police are looking for a group of men posing as electricians to get into homes. one homeowner says two men came to her door last friday saying
5:20 pm
they needed to install a new electrical line. once inside they cut the power to the woman's home which is about when she and her daughter heard had third person inside the jig was up and the group took off in a gray toyota kundera. the woman and her daughter found several drawers opened throughout their home. so far not clear if the criminals stole anything. imagine only have to get a flu shot once. that's it. once for your whole life. well, it could happen. and this guy definitely isn't used to snow and ice. you see he's got there. he's scraping his windshield with a machete
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♪ ♪ ♪ you know it does get cold in texas. but what just hit is anything but normal. extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. take this katie texas man. he grab a machete to get the ice off his windshield. having little fun with old man winter. his son posted the moment on instagram saying he couldn't stop laughing at his dad and
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from houston north to the dallas fort worth area, temperatures dropped into the 20s forcing schools and businesses to close. well that's one way to do it. back here at home in gloucester township, police are looking for a man who scared children. authorities say yesterday afternoon those three children from seven to ten years old were walking home from glendora elementary school when a man pulled up next to them. asked if they need add ride. sew that were so so smart they said we do not. the driver told them to get new jersey the group of kids ran off up harmed. police say the man was driving an older four door green car with an h on the back and a taillight on the driver's side out. so keep your eyes peeled if you can. in santa barbara county people have a long and tough road ahead of them after a zero receives dead mudslides killed at least 20 people last week. officials are working hard to clear roads still dig out buildings and reopen schools and government offices and now the first lawsuit after the disaster is targeting two local utility
5:25 pm
companies. it claims their negligence cribbed to the state's largest ever wildfire leading to the loss of hillside vegetation ultimately setting off the mudslides but so far only three people and one business owner have signed on to the lawsuit while most others are concentrating on just rebuildi rebuilding. >> we're going to recover. we've got a lot of our buildings are looking great. we've got a worldwide group of people that want to come and help and do everything they can to restore us. >> family sift taps center is now up and running in mon is he cito. it's expected to stay open until aft least the end of february. bob dole the longest serving republican leader in the senate has just received the congressional gold medal the award is congress' highest honor it commends dole's decades of service as soldier and lawmaker and statesman. dole who first represented kansas in the house of representatives and then in senate has a long long career. that spans his 35 years in congress. other recipients.
5:26 pm
award former president george washington, thomas edison, walt disney, hear truman, rosa park and few other net abdominals. in michigan caught on camera. not a bird nor a plane but a huge flashlighting up the sky an boom to go with it. the national weather service says the bright light and explosion was a meteoroid entering the earth's atmosphere and a fairly good sized one. nasa estimated it could be possibly a yard or so wide. dam cam video of the oh detroit area shows the fire ball scream through the atmosphere at a little past 8:00 last night. skies were clear so lot of folks saw it. you know meteorite hunters are combing southeast michigan looking for space rocks that can fetch a lot of money. no damage reported. a former classmate charged california man now chase faces murder charges in the death of penn student blaze bernstein. we'll have the latest on the crime. prosecutors are calling senseless. kathy. >> behind that snow cold air lucy and some breezy conditions.
5:27 pm
26 in philadelphia. 12 in pittsburgh. look at charlotte only 28. jacksonville 46. the cold is coming but it's not going to stick. the forecas
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5:29 pm
prosecutors have charged blaze bernstein's high school classmate with murder. investigators found the university of pennsylvania student stabbed to death in a park near his family home last week. now new information is coming out. iain page is our technical
5:30 pm
operations sent with more. iain. >> lucy, the orange da held a news conference today and charged samuel wooder ward who went to high school with bernstein with murder. that charge also includes enhancement which would allow prosecutors to seek more jail time for woodward if he's convicted. now bernstein who was gay was at home on winter break in california when he went missing. the exact time and place of that murder is still under investigation at that news conference today prosecutors say hate crime charges have not been ruled out. >> the question of a hate crime is one question that we have about the possibility of special circumstances and so we're looking to see whether or not that might be supported. so as far as motive is concerned, we haven't completed the investigation. so we have a ways to go before we can actually determine something about motive that would be supported by the
5:31 pm
evidence. our priority on this brutal murder of a 19-year-old ivy league student is to make sure that woodward is brought to justice and held accountable. >> now prosecutors also say that woodward visited the scene of the crime a few days later and also cleaned up the car that he used to pick up bernstein. now he is facing 26 years in jail if convicte convicted. in the operation operations cenm iain page. >> attacks hike on new jersey millionaires, not so fast. the garden state's newly inaugurated governor is all for the idea but fellow democrats in the legislature may derail phil murphy's plan. murphy made increasing the income tax on those making at least a million bucks a year part of his inaugural address tuesday. but state senate presidency sweeney from gloucester county a democrat says his support for the idea weakened after the new federal tax bill eliminated key deductions from jersey's wealthiest residents. sweeney told our bruce gordon he
5:32 pm
fears well money residents may pack up and leave the state and take their tax revenue with them. >> after what happened in washington with the tax changes they made, it will only make new jersey's situation worse. so before we look at doing anything with taxes i didn't say i won't do it but i hit a pause button to that. >> sweeney also has some concerns with the governor's plan to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour. more from bruce's conversation with sweeney at 6:00. your fox 29 winter wet authority now. live look at wilmington on this wednesday night. gorgeous snow is out of here and on its way in is a warm warm front. just in time for the eagles game on sunday. that's a beautiful thing. kathy's forecast in just 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
have you ever wondered what 7-inches of powder looked like that's wait looks likes. blue mountain looking great after we had the rain on friday and into saturday. icy conditions. look at this. the skiers, the snowboarders are loving it. that's where we saw most of the snow and that's where we want it. move through pretty quickly and now we're seeing dry conditions. but still seeing some snow in virginia and the carolinas. it will end up with much more than we have had. take look at some of these totals. mount pocono 6.9 the summit 8-inches. spring town, pa4. allentown three. newark, delaware, 1.2. and mt. laurel, delran, cinnaminson everyone between coat to go around an inch of snow. right now it is 13 in the poconos. 26 in philadelphia. and in millville it's 24. but add that wind out of the northwest at about ten to 15 miles an hour it makes it feel much cooler. the whole nation is pretty cold at least the whole eastern half international falls 26 degrees. chicago 20.
5:34 pm
detroit 20. philadelphia 26. raleigh 27. not. better. but at least it's warmer in philadelphia than it is in atlanta where it's only 25. new orleans 35. i mean this is some cold cold air. the good news is, we are going to rebound. our jet stream will be lifting to the north over the next couple of days as we head into the weekend. and that means not just temperatures in the 30s or the 40s. we'll go back into the 50s in time for the eagles game. so overnight tonight philadelphia around 20. nine in the poconos. 15 in pottstow. 18 in wilmington and millville and wildwood and even atlantic city. and reading 15 lancaster 16. wrightstown 16. as we look at the wind chills come tomorrow morning we'll feel like three in the poconos. eight in pottstown and 13 in philadelphia. so even though there's not much wind it's cold out there and the combination of the two will make it cold on your way out the door and at the bus stop make sure that the kids definitely dress for winter and anything that melted today officer yes yously is going to refreeze overnight tonight. so some slick spots.
5:35 pm
tomorrow afternoon some melting going on. as we get above freezing but still well above average. a chilly breeze out of the west ten to 15 we'll put those wind chills in the 20s. after that, things are looking good. how about 42 for friday with sunshine. i gave eight perfect ten. saturday haven't done in while. not quite as cold the high 50 for the birds 53 the high temperature. a chance of showers monday. tuesday 50. wednesday 41. real quick got to show you the fox cast. tailgators you'll have comfortable conditions. kick off partly cloudy and 48. temperatures aren't going to fall that much with southwesterly wind. fourth quarter 45. so comfortable for the fans in the stands. go birds! >> there you go. thank you very much, kathy. so are you still paying off your holiday bills. >> you are definitely not alone. shoppers spent a
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next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory, fly, eagles, fly, for a
5:39 pm
touchdown, one, two, three. >> ♪ >> that's the drummer for the '80s rock band the hooters in the middle of rehearsing for his upcoming show he's drumming up support for the eagles. the philadelphia band that hit it big in the rock world is playing at world cafe university city tomorrow night at 8:00. ♪ right now, emotional day in a michigan court as more victims speak out in sentencing of the former u.s. gymnastics team doctor. nearly 100 victims may give their statements this week against larry nassar he's plead guilty to ten counts of sexual assault and admitted he used his position to molest young women at michigan state university. more than 140 female athletes including olympic gold medalists accused him of a sexually assaulting them. in your money tonight, americans spend a record amount online this past holiday season.
5:40 pm
according to adobe analytics people spend more than $100 billion online during the shopping season that number is up by almost 15% over last year. the research group says more than a third of online revenue came from purchases from your smart phones and tablets. pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants to make more salaried worker eligible for overtime. governor wolf and philadelphia today announced his proposal to change state labor rules. it would increase overtime pay for about 460,000 people in pennsylvania. the regulation would require that salaried workers earning as much as nearly $48,000 a year get time and a half for any work beyond 40 hours a week. wolf says raise raising the overtime threshold would strengthen the middle class, boost the economy and help make wages fairer. >> what i'm trying to do here is make sure that pennsylvania has brought its regulations up to the 21st century and is actually trying to do something
5:41 pm
that recognizes that central business reality and that is you have to treat your mose fairly. >> the state chamber of business and industry says the move would force employers to cut back hours and pay. the department of labor and industry is planning to release proposal for public comments in march. the changes could receive final approval sometime next year. so the flu is everywhere right now, right? did you get your vaccination? well, what if you only had to get one shot that would last your entire life? because researchers
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after your next online order in january. whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at ♪
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♪ ♪ got to love it. restaurants across our area are getting ready for the big game this morning on good day in fact our jenn fred went to delaware stopped by stone balloon in newark and made an eagles themed dish with chef robbie jester. >> big game. big game, buddy. we've got eagles. we've got the vikings. the game is right here on fox 29. but you'll do like a morning scramble brunch thing that's eagles inspired. >> that's right that's right. we're doing eagles inspired fly eagles fly chicken cheesesteak muffin melt. >> okay. >> we don't have to say philly in front of it. we're all from the area. we don't need to do that. what we're going to do we have a little cast iron pan here. >> okay. >> we'll put a little bit of oil in the pan. >> yup. >> and then we'll drop our chopped chicken in there. >> i like that. we talked little bit. you haven't had any eagles players in here but the university of delaware football players in. what do they eat? >> those boys can eat. so we have a special on
5:46 pm
wednesday nights you get two entrees. and a couple other things. those guys will actually come in and get two entrees a piece. two guys eating four plates. >> that's crazy. okay. chicken cheese this up. >> chicken cheese it up get a hard cook on our chicken. >> love it. >> are you doing special for sunday morning? >> sunday morning we'll run this guy for the eagles game. >> okay. >> so it will be all of this on plate it will be wonderful and delish. we have homemade whiz. we have great brunch. table top him moment mass four of you want to come out and enjoy a him moment is a. you like a little or oj you can do that. >> what's that green stuff. >> house meat chime me cherry. it is a couldn't dim we make with parsley, cilantro, lemon juice, garlic and little bit of oil. >> we're wrapping it up. i think it's going to be beautiful. so what we'll do we'll show the finished product on twitter. >> here you go.
5:47 pm
the finished product courtesy jenn's twitter page. looks good, doesn't it? >> in your health news right now this is not so good. actually this could be good if it works. imagine having to get flu shot only once in your life. that's it. that is the goal for some researchers in florida. it may happen sooner than you might think. fox's tom johnson has more. >> reporter: you've probably been through this sometime when you get the flu shot you can still come down with the flu. but any doctor will tell you, if you get the flu and you've the shot, it's going to be a lot less severe on you. researchers here at the university of central florida college of medicine say that's because of something called t cells and they think t cells may be the key to protecting you against the now for life. dr. mc ken street has a lunch is change in the method by which people are protected against the flu may change everything in the fight against the virus. >> we're probably about a decade away but we're getting close.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: it's actually more than a lunch and it starts with the way we are vaccinated for the flu now. a lot of very smart people essentially guess which strains will circulate and create new formula every year. sometimes they get it. sometimes they don't. >> it has been as high as hey strong 60% but dipped well below 20%. >> reporter: the problem flu virus is shifty and often chan changes. >> it survives by mutation. and so it's always one step ahead of us. >> reporter: the work in his ucf college of medicine labs has to do with t cells also called memory cells. once t cells learn to recognize certain as specs of flu virus, they will remember them and naturally fight the virus. these researchers just have to get these specific t cells to stay in the body long term and keep watch. when and if they figure it out, they say it will be a revolution in the flu fight.
5:49 pm
>> a flu shot that number one wouldn't require predict and now would give you stable long-term immunity throughout your life. >> reporter: because the way t cells work. he says the method would even protect against never before seen flu strains like the spanish flew pandemic which killed an estimated 50 million worldwide in 1918. >> and that's why a universal vaccine would be so revolutionary is we would not have to worry about that as much. >> reporter: and flu as we know it could become almost a medical after thought. tom johnson, fox news. the snow is not stopping people from searching for their next job. hundreds have been filling the oxford mall in long harn hoping to get one of the thousands of jobs available from all kinds of recruiters some of the jobs available are in health care, retail, manufacturing and more. good luck to everybody there. you will find more pitbulls in our shelters than any other dog. and more dye in shelters than
5:50 pm
any other dog in our area. but a local woman all about exploding the stigma associated with pitbulls while benefiting our community it's a win/win and our bill anderson has more. we do have a pitbull in our possession now. we rescued her. her name is wildflower from down south. >> reporter: walk into any animal shelter in the country and it's a safe bet the shelter will be filled with pitbulls. >> she was in shelter for over year. >> reporter: people likely always be divided on their temper many but coming up with way tore i great rescue pitbulls into society will be safing their lives. carol has a pretty interesting idea. >> we're here to show you today and prove to you that she has an mazing personality but she also could be a police dog. >> reporter: the throw away dogs project trains rescue dogs and donates them to police departments. >> so we want her to go past -- >> reporter: when trainers discover pitt had many of the tendencies necessary for narcotics detection, training them was a no brainer.
5:51 pm
>> if i have unlimited choice of pitbulls that i can train, this is a win/win not only for the dog but also for the department and also for the community. >> reporter: they know how certain segments of society feel about pitbulls. they can say anything but showing is better and that's why i was there. so first they showed mow wildflower's skills. after just two months of training. good girl. >> then they wanted me to see if even in the middle of aggressive searching for drugs, wildflower had no issues with strangers like me. >> hello. i'm sorry. >> that's it. >> i hit you in the face. good girl. >> reporter: i hit her in the face and she's still like, i'm not worried about you. >> nothing. all she cares about is that folio ball. >> reporter: finally they involve me in the training to see how strong she is but also that she had no aggression towards me even as i became her training anniversary.
5:52 pm
>> when she indicates that's prey drive. her desire to want to get what she's looking for and play with it. she's got little muscle behind her. >> reporter: training with me was just a step to the throw away dogs project trying to convince the public and the police who would work with them that these dogs many who would be otherwise euthanized can instead serve. >> as soon as everyone sees what these dogs are capable of, they should be lining up. >> the throw away dog project trains the dogs and then donates them to police saving thousands of dollars but now they're also hopeful that those with issues with pitbulls will simply allow them a chance to prove their value for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ you can find more about that story on my facebook page. this is an incredible story just after the day -- from the days just past 9/11 and now it's hitting the big screen. neck we've got the
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
it's a story that seems too unbelievable to be real. yet it is. it happened right after incident n-11 and it's about to hit the big screen. fox's michelle polino has the back story from one of its stars chris hemsworth. >> 19 minutes after our country the 12 of you will be the first ones to fight back. >> new movie 12 strong tells the incredible true story of a dozen special ops fighters who teamed up with an afghan war lord to fight the taliban in the days after 9/11. producer jerry bruckheimer was determined to bring the story to
5:57 pm
the big screen after details of the mission were declassified. >> chances we aren't all going to make it out. >> this is a story that actually happened it was classified for long time the fact we brought it to the screen is really something that i feel very proud of. i'm really proud of what these young american doctors and the fact that they wept into battle. they had no idea who they were going to meet up with. $100,000 bounties on their headway outnumbered and the fact that they accomplished theirs mission and they came back a life it's a great heroic story people would never know anything about. >> star chris hemsworth found some of the details of this story unbelievable. >> our boys are going to ride no battle on horseback? >> it sounds like it's made up. you wouldn't believe it if someone wouldn't said it's a true story. it's ridiculous idea for film. no one will buy that. i'm evidence pressed with the fact they all volunteered to do this. very little intel. they were handed horses and this is how we fight and adapt and involve. special forces are so impressi impressive. >> bruckheimer is no stranger to
5:58 pm
military movies and loves tell these kinds of stories. >> i like to make movies about people who make a difference in our world and thanks to our films always be remembered we did remember the titans, we did black hawk down, we did dangerous minds, we toll the story about pearl harbor, so those are movies that i'm very proud of. >> just been handed the most important mission of the free world. >> in hollywood michelle polino, fox news. and that does it for us for fox 29 news at 5:00. here's iain page with the news at 6:00. ♪ the snow is outta here and what warmup is on the way just in time for the big game on sunday. ♪ can you feel the excitement eagles nation is pumped. we've got team coverage from philly to minneapolis. leading up to the game you can only see here on fox 29. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
♪ can't you feel the excitement building? eagles mania getting stronger as we're just days away from the big showdown at linc and of course we've got you covered. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. team could have ratch for you tonight. our chris o'connell live in enemy territory, that's right, vikings country. but let's start at the home with kristen rodgers live at the linc tonight. kristen. >> hey, iain, nfc championship trophy was in the house today for the eagles. you can't ignore what's on the line this week for philadelphia. i know everyone is really excited about them being underdogs again. but the stakes are high enough they dode need extra motivation so today it was just back to practice. and one of the biggest things for the eagles this week going to be to try to overcome that minnesota defense. they say some of the keys are going to be to stab a rhythm
6:00 pm
early on offense that means getting the run game going and for nick foles that means he also needs to find a rhythm. players say he hasn't looked shook at all in the huddle and he look great again at practice today. now iain coming up a little bit later in sports, we're going to hear from nick foles on case keenum his former teammate and just how wild it is that they are now both going to play over here at the linc on sunday in the nfc champion shim game it's been wild. iain it. >> has been while. thank you kristen that clock is ticking four days away from the game here in philadelphia. our chris o'connell wanted to make sure the fans in minnesota know we're ready and we ain't messing around much he's live in white bear lake minnesota tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, i've been in minneapolis now for 24 hours and i've certainly learned there are big differences between eagles fans and vikings fans. first of all, vikings fans this is what they're doing today. they're ice fishing on white bear lake, minne


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