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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 13, 2018 3:00am-3:25am EST

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bill: president trump spending a lot of time opp twitter these days, this time about immigration. the president clearly not hap happy saying the plan proposed to handle immigration false short and does not address the key component that's the president waps to see, now he has been accused of vulgar and explicit language behind closed doors. >> incredibly offense sniff. no not america. it is not we're. and christopher columbus. the statute is saying where it is. mayor vote and the statute is staying right there, but of course, this is new york. there is a slav keyial and the fired chiefpliance officer
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he filed a complaint about the was fired as a whistle-blower. he has got ato him on the show . i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." the battle over immigration reform heats up. president trump now accused of saying some vulgar things about some countries that have sent immigrants to america of course he pis behind closed doors the president took to twitter and clear he is not happy with the results from his meeting with congressional leaders. all right. let's check win mark who caught up with new jersey goff-elect. one at sacred heart cathedral in hu wark. mark caught up with him and asked him. mark? what do you got? >> yes, i did speak to governor-elect murphy here at the roman catholic cathedral in newark.
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beautiful jewel. what eventually governor-elect murphy said regarding president trump's comments about haiti. >> comments about haiti. >> incredible offensive. it is not america. it is not we are. i would encourage the president to read the basis of the statute of liberty written in the 1880's t. that is america. >> is there a buzz around the coming inauguration? i mean, friday night, only a few days away on tuesday. >> a new twitter account i understand? >> well, why not, right? >> eventually, it is all all the time. today here end newark. separate events saturday and sunday going to monday. martin luther king day then the main even on tuesday in trenton. >> ok. thanks. appreciate. >> thank. >> all right. let's bring in somebody who was born in haiti now runs a machine industry in elizabeth. his name is woody and runs the
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jefferson parks min try. how are you? >> thank you. i am doing well, and you? >> sade: am doing very well. so let me ask you rig off the bat. did you vote for president trump? >> no, i did not. >> when you heard what the president allegedly said, as i stated before, he denied he used that language. what was the first resmacks what are you hearing among the people that you work with? >> first reaction was based as well. actually, this morning, several people called me. they were upset. the haitian household when they heard that news. everybody is like so upset and annoyed about what he said. bill: well, let me ask you. everybody is posturing, positioning, making headlines on this. did he have a point, though, didn't he? not a great place to live? >> no. it is not that he didn't have a
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great place to live. at the same time, he also has the respect for the people. >> ok. thank you for joining me. appreciate. >> you are welcome. all right. let's bring in the a plus panel for tonight. i am joined buy frank lune ma who is the chief of staff for the congressman. welcome, frank. always good to see you. >> she is the business journalists and return on information, welcome, good to see you. >> of course, bob is back with the former prosecutor and now defense attorney and bob, will start with you. he is talking about the country and not the people. are we just so oversensitive today? it seems to me that could be anybody. no, the president is supposed to be emblematic ap representative of the best of what this country has to offer. not only in policy substantively but also in the way they communicate with the world and all i two say you got to go to a kid's web state to red the words on the statute of liberty bill which i did which we are
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premised on this basis. give me you are tired, are poor. yearning to breath free and the team, sure. then, the homeless. i lift milamp beside the golden door. shouldn't we be better? >> beyond the drama of doesn't excuse the nation that has really not enforced immigration laws for many, nanny years as far as a lot of people consider. beyond the drama of this. at what point do people say, you be? the president is putting america first? how many average peopl example,s here one. youngn the streets. i think it was accurate description. >> i think there is a difference between a tourists visiting the country and the president of the united states saying something. i think you have to look at where it is coing. what the purpose of even macking a comment like that is. obviously, im grapes are coming from countries where there are a
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struggle. but that doesn't mean that it gives someone the right to sy or have a casual comment. >> do we have a president now that is saying what many man hi people are saying in the comfort of their he own home, the privacy of a private conversation? >> from the way the wheels of the government work, i think it is a disstration. to me its the media jumping all over it. we are not talking about the economy. noter talking about the serious issues that are getting back and forth by talking heads ton tv then you look at trump's come men and compare them to hillary clinton calling the country deplorable or brame when he says people cling to going to the pile. they don't understand what is going on. >> the foul language. kids are listening to this. our children are being educated. never in front of a kid would i. are you kidding? he never would i do it. plus, let's not forget, italian,
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irish, germans, all of the others have come over. >> many would have said. that country i left. >> that is why i am here. >> got leave it there. check out headlines we are chasing for you tonight. >> nypd is looking for this man seen on surveillance video who they say robbed a four-year-old girl minutes after grabbing an81-year-old woman. the incident took police tuesday afternoon on the upper west side. police say the man shoved the them to floor of the post office at 178 columbus avenue grabbed the purse and tk off. less than ten machines later and walked to a chase bank at 2030 broad which and approached the woman and children at the atm and grabbed $300 from the four-year-old's hand along with the grief and fled. sell it alive in southern california as the search for survivors continues. with over 1,000 rescue workers searching debris to find any signs of life after deadly mudslides swept through santa barbara county on tuesday.
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the death toll sitting at over one dozen people so far with victims ranging in age from three to 80. that is a look at the headlines we are chasing tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we have been reporting for awhile now, that struggles are that plaguing new jersey transit. i don't have to tell you. if you have taken the train for any amount of time. you know just how bad it has gotten. the former chief compliance officer at new jersey transit filed a whistle-blower lawsuit saying he was fired because in his role as compliance officer, he was doing his job and pointing out what was wrong with the organization. i am joined now by phone with todd. todd, welcome back to "chasing news." how are you? >> hi, bill. thank you again for having me back. tell me, what is the basis of the lawsuit? how has it been received by new jersey transit court? >> foiled a compliment about the united states department of labor and the united states department of labor has a
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whistle-blower retaliation unit that is in charge tone force whistle-blower provisions from 22 df rent statutes one of those statutes he is the federal railroad safety and the new jersey transit and operates the railroad and qualify under the act and we brought this whistle-blower complaint under that. now they are claiming you misused company property. this was reference about a car, about a computer. what do you say to their acuizations against you. those are entirely all baseless, bill. everyone that works here know that's the case. he was attempt to silence. fortunate i, ways not silenced? what happens next with the department of laborer does the investigation beginning away that the investigation commencing already. iund erred thanked the united states department of labor is taking this complaint very seriously. >> todd anyone in new jersey transit tried to you out of filing this complaint. nope, not we caught them offguard with the federal railroad safety ac.
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>> thank you. thank you very. we reached out to new jersey transit and they -- shoe following state's nj transit does not come hent with respect to ongoing litigation. but in the case, we feel compelled to do so. n.j. transit categorically denies the allegations in mr. ber tret's complaint and went ton say they have implemented some safety measures. among them, slope appiah screenings, installing bumper block and cell phone penalties and have every expectation of meeting the federal deadline from installing positive train control. if you want to see the full statement. go to our facebook page. news. don't go anywhere. the battles to legalize marijuana in new jersey heating up. members of the black community really pushing back on governor-elect murphy's plan f. all of that. stay with me. dan zarrow has the forecast. wet and warm. but it is going to get cold this weekend.
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dan: i am meteorologist dan zarrow. the arctic chill returns to the tristate gr weekend anding if to be here for the foreseeable future. we talk about the timeline and a couple of chances of wintry weather in the complete local weather forecast, coming up. >> you got to be tough. something bad could happen. >> when it comes to covering today's topics, you got to hit it from all sides. this is back and forth so no mat are how you see. it is your opinion. we got your point of view covered. it is is a big deal for some. "chasing news" with bill spade
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bill: welcome back to company crank. i am bill spadea. we're talking about the weather. a miserable friday. rain, fog. although it was warm, but that is not going to last. dan zarrow is going to have your chilly forecast for the weekend. but, first, we'll check in with ashley johnson who has got the story about the battle over legalized recreational marijuana in new jersey is heating up. members of the black community pushing back on governor-elect murphy who has made it the biggest issues he waps to pass in the first year in office. what do you got? reporter: just before he sworn in, the campaign promise to legalize recreational marijuana
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has become a big point of contention within the own party. we spoke to the senate senator ron rice and councilman peter brown and say jersey should not act fast or making it lel for adults over 21 but here in asbury park. the mayor is onboard the soon to be governor along with mayor jersey city stephon forbes. >> the first city jersey city and give a lot of credit say, yes, we'll do this. we'll welcome it and do it the right way. >> asbury park has been on the cutting em of did everything. we are successful and consideringy little city and brens a little bit more. mar is planning where the city can open the dispensaries for medical and recreational marijuana once the bill becames state law and does believe the bell to do it when it first 100 days of office is lefty and expecting 300 million in sales tax revenue to help with state worker pensions and educational programs more moores says for i
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him is about social justice. people getting arrest and may be not able to get it expunged then can't get a job. the biggest concern is law enforcement but he is positive that will be well thoughtout in the bill. in asbury park, i am ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you. all right. let's bring back the a plus panel and joined by frank lune inand angela and bobby can. guys, legal marijuana. you wrote an article on this indiana the senator put the bill in. they don't have the quote. you have the push back from the black community and senator ron rice but the bishop who is the chaplain or the state troopers. this is a lot of resistance. what do you think? >> well, the reason there is pushback has a lot to do with what is going on in colorado so there is, you know, study what is going on in the other states where this has been set up in colorado and washington and how it is affected the hispanic and the african-american come tins.
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bill: why is that? the arrest of black youth is up 58% according to the colorado department of public fairs. that is amazing for public safety. >> there are some reasons. it a left to shops that have opened up with lellized recreational marijuana they are in communities where there are majority for a larger population of african-americans and hispanics, so that is one thing. but then, also the other side of it, too. where i think that a lot of people are looking what the actual benefit is. because the pushback, going back to the votes not being there. are there, shoes. one is am loy years how they treat it in the workplace and whether this is a profitable industry. >> that is a great point, bob? >> revenue projected to be less than $160 million. just talking about colorado and numbers in 2016 not a lot of money. how about getting a glob you are a lawyer. what do you ny they said it was legal here. >> yeah. not really. well, poe, we have to look at these issues. i said all along.
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we ned to go to the states look the statistics the criminal justice statistics. i listened to them my entire career. need to know what is be hind them and motivating them. from criminal justice point of view. let's see if it works. >> what do you? i i think it is a big mistake. i hope it doesn't happen. >> you tuck to recovery advocates they think it is making it easier for people to get hooked on worse job drug. we don't need to give them encouragement for picking up a drug. >> got to leave it there. >> thans for being here. all right. always goo goode. >> i all right a. good weekend. thanks. christopher columbus has been saved at least his statute in new york city. well, not going anywhere. mayor desy yo casts a deciding vote on the statute's competition leave it right where it is. of course, this is new york and this is poll tks so there is of course a caveat. allison gormly has the story. allison, a do you go? reporter: the results of the monument commission are in and the christopher co almost
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statute will stay right where it is. the decision came five months after the city boggan looking into what de blasio called symbols of hit on city's property. the commission concluded that none of the statutes will be removed entirely. 1:00 andre who which is the italian american one voice coalition fought for the columbus statute. well, it was actually, i have to say, it was bittersweet row action. because they did say that the statute is going to stay which is food but important ifly they are going to recommend putting these up which i don't think is very good. >> with you there is a catch. it is will be added to the columbus statute explaining the success and falls. other statutes that were reviewed such as theodore roosevelt. mayor de blasio said on wnyc friday morning the absence of those views and that balance, i think, has been a mistake. >> i think pit is inappropriate
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and you have to do that with every statute that is up and because no matter what. there is always different stories and different thing. the city will also commission a new monument honoring ingang us now people and review which was supposed to take 90 days kim on the heels of the violence charlottesville, virginia. the statute of jay a 19th century physician who experiments on plays will be relocated from central park to greenwood cemetery in brooklyn. officials said the monument commission did not cost the taxpayers anything and has since been ended. am allison gormly reporting for crank cbs. "chasing news." >> well, less than 12 hour ways from the next arctic blast and frigid temperature on the way. they werers are going to drop lake stone saturday morning. million then with we have a period of rain through glover night hours tapering you have saturday morning. there is going tab with! within dove opportunity around 7:00,
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8:00, 9:00 saturday morning where the precipitation could cohen side with colder temperatures so there is a chance for wintry mission in and man ry the catskills and northern new jersey and complete freezing rain could make things slick there then the weather story becomes the cold buy saturday afternoon and you have to break out the heavy parka and the scarf, the glove, the hat, then as we move to pretty much most of next week it is going to stay cold probably below freezing yet again. is on the horizon for the next storm system us to die wednesday time frame and the clapper system, a few inches of snow is a good bet and get the coastal low, it is more prolonged and phonesly heavier so something to watch. overnight tonight, throm toes, don't get very cold. we should stay in the 50's for most of the sprinkles in then after 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. temperatures will start to drop on saturday. 30's at best. again wintry mix in the morning then clearing skies throughout the afternoon. sunday will be nice and sunny
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but going to be cold. highs 30 degrees at best inch then, for much of next week, it is going to be frigid the chance of snow comes along tuesday and wednesday. have yourself a great weekend. i am dan zarrow. bill: don't go anywhere, coming up on "chasing news": it is playoff weekend. get ready. that and national hockey league back in action after a mandated bye week. george kozlowski will vit all. stay right from.
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>> all right. welcome back. george has all the information for this upcoming nfv and back in action. what do you got? the final teams.
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let's take a look a the schedule. defending the champs. can the eagles win with a backup quarterback we'll find out. sunday afternoon the first game at 1:00. then at 4:40. taking on minnesota.


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