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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  January 6, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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ordinary teen. >> tkpwf girl. she's up of 16 years old and rebecca knows she's doing something powerful and something very good. she's 10 months old and is she loves her dog. and her dog loves her. good girl. she's extremely well behaved for her age. there are a lot of moments that made me really happy with autumn. but sadly for rebecca and autumn this relationship will end soon. >> i've trained dogs to help blind people. i've been doing it for the past year now. >> rebecca it couldn't be a
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better situation. she has a love for animals and at the same time a love for people and a want to help them. she's combining her passion. >> is it i got started with guide dogs with my they'reber across the street did. it's incredible that puppies will grow up and change somebody's lives. it's incredible. they help people in nursing homes and help people in autism and help someone who is blind do simple things like crossing the street. >> why else? she said it's for chair tit and pay things forward. >> i have a lot of help in a my life so there is a way i could give back and work with animals and seems like a no-brainer. >> she knows she has to work hard a head and get her 4 legged friend to do the job proper will. >> you start with little. she has to learn to go outside and go fought "an leash on command. a lot of times they live
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apartments and that he the most important thing and they sta are the going outside at places like lawn but not -- getting the dog to walk on a leash calmly and in public which is -- sounds easy but it's hard because a lot of times puppies are excited. they have to do basic obedience. they have to sit and stay and all the things that blind person that needs to do without having distractions. >> >> leave it. come. good girl. >> is rebecca has had a blast doing t she's been with her k 99 pal nearly every minute of the day. she's taken it everywhere. >> probably the biggest obstacle is getting her to school because there is all sorts of waefrs had to be sign. >> and over whe it's taught me responsibility and taught me a lot of patience. >> >> she knows that day is coming, the day she's going to part with
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us a tum. it's going to be tough. >> will be hard to give her up and she's connected to us. everybody is always crying but at the same time it's not sad because the dog is going but just sad because you've gotten attached to the dog. but then you have to think about how it's going to change this person's life and how they're going to have a completely different life with the dog that you trained. >> she knows she's learned a lesson that will change more than her life. >> truly one of the best things that's ever happened to he me. is he rheeing a dog that can make them live a normal life. >> not many people can say i change somebody's life. >> my message to kids if a dog can teach somebody to crossroads then they can cross their own roads in life. this is not a one time deal. she says she wants to do this for the rest of her life. >> ask stay
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>> >> swinging for the borders. >> live live and win. >> >> live life and win. while they're pursuing their dreams with passion in an and determination they can make a difference. i'm madison hill. thanks for joining us on another great life adventure. >> see you next time and remember to live life and win.
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(upbeat music) - welcome to teen kids news, i'm livia. let's begin with our top story for this week. - [announcer] this report is brought to you
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by the siemens foundation. - not all fierce competition takes place on a playing field. welcome to the 2017 siemens competition in math, science, and technology, here in washington dc. why is it important to have this competition? - well christin this is an incredibly important competition for us at the siemens foundation. our mission is to ignite and sustain today's scientific workforce and tomorrow's scientists and engineers. and so the opportunity to really drive the us economy but more importantly to remember that science in this country has really served the world beautifully over decades, so we're really about supporting the next generation of scientific innovators. - [christin] absolutely, so who is eligible to enter and what are they competing for? - well high school students around the country are eligible to join the competition and they're competing for a grand prize of a hundred thousand dollars in scholarships. and that's' both at an individual level and at a team level.
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so folks can join as a member of two or three teams or they can join as individuals. but the research they bring forward gets vetted, gets filtered, through judges who are at some of the leading institutions around the country. and it's just an incredible process to watch. - from a field of more than 1,800 projects, 12 were chosen in semi-finals held across the country. six in the individual category, and six in the team category. could you describe your project? - so neuro networks are a type of artificial intelligence behind technologies like facial recognition and autonomous vehicles. - and so we developed a way to essentially speed up training of a neuro network by getting rid of multiplications. and this allows us to make these types of technologies more possible. - so cell division is an extremely important process. it plays roles in things like healing wounds. however, so little is known about this actual process. so our project focuses on getting to know
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more about cell division. and we found out that protein ccdc-11, has a role in this process that was never previously discovered. - we developed a computer model that can automatically assess how severe kidney cancer tumors are. - we created a really cheap and really effective material that can treat gum disease. - we introduced a new mathematical model to trace the spread of infections. - so we basically found a way to release drugs at a more constant rate. so you don't have to take the drug as much, such as aspirin, or other drugs you might have to take when you have a cold or flu. we just help prevent the ineffectiveness of having to take it multiple times throughout the day. - now for the finalists in the individual category, - i used mathematical techniques to reduce some of the conditions, like, some of the conditions in space that form, that lead to black hole formation. - the primary reason that breast cancer is so deadly is because of its ability to spread to other organs. and in my project i identified a novel protein that can prevent the spread of breast cancer. - so andrew, could you tell me about your project?
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- sure, so simply, my project is about something known as cryptographic auctions. and all that means is that there are these large complicated auctions that take place online and i built a protocol to help secure them. - so my research was basically on the design of these polymer nanoparticles that can be potentially used to treat and diagnose sepsis. and sepsis is basically this inflammatory condition that's caused by bacterial infection. and it's the leading cause of death in us hospitals today. - so my project is about the monodromy groups of indecomposable rational functions. monodromy groups are properties of rational functions, just like colors are properties of rocks. and my project can be thought of as finding all possible colors of rocks in that it found all possible monodromy groups of rational functions. - very cool. - there's a rare disease called charge syndrome and it's a neglected disease in the lab. one problem with studying rare disease is, it's hard to get cells form the patients. in my project i used a novel genome editing tool
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called crispr/cas9 to mimic this disease in a petri dish. afterwards i was able to discover some key features about the disease and possibly look for treatments for the disease as well. - so, which of those incredible projects were you most impressed by? wait! don't tell me! let's find out what most impressed the judges, when teen kids news returns. - [announcer] closed captioning is brought to you by:
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(upbeat music) - [christin] george washington university is hosting
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this year's siemens competition. inside, this building, the tension is building, - it's still like kinda unbelievable that i'm here. i didn't really expect to make it this far. but yeah, it's really exciting. - i think the best part really has been talking to all the other finalists and getting to know their work as well, so it's been a great process. - is there any nervousness? - yeah, i'm nervous for the results, but like i'm sure that all teams did great. yeah, it's like basically going to be a cutthroat competition. - it's like one of the most incredible feelings to be here. we're all very excited and we feel like we got a great opportunity. - so no nervousness? - we were definitely nervous for the competition but overall it was a good experience, so. - and why did you decide to enter the competition? - well we preformed our research over the summer and we ended up writing a paper on it and so the siemens competition in math & science and technology is just a really good opportunity for us to test our research to see if it's up to the standards and it just like explored
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and gave more experience in the field. - i'm feeling pretty confident about my chances, but overall this experience has been really great and i've been loving it so far. - it is absolutely a delight to host this year's award presentation honoring some of the best science done by young scientists in america today. - [christin] what's the criteria that used? - we took into account many things. we looked for creativity. we looked for independence. depth of knowledge. we really grilled them. we looked for impact on society. and we looked at both the written papers and the presentations. the quality of the presentations. how the students handled our questions. it was many criteria that were taken into account. our one hundred thousand dollar grand prize scholarship recipients are jillian parker, arooba ahmed and jiachen lee from half hollows high school in east and west dix new york.
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- we would like to start by thanking everyone who has helped us along this journey. starting from our mentor dr. takamaro for always being so supportive of us. - and i would also just like to thank my two partners for being able to give us this amazing opportunity there's no way i could have done this without them. - so i see a lot of emotion from you guys, can you just describe the feeling? - i can't even describe it, the way we were on stage and then, they announced us, it was like my heart started pounding and then i immediately ran to jillian and we just hugged each other and jiachen and i were just like oh my god. it was unbelievable. - and then once i heard that they announced the other team for second place i just kind of shut out everything and i was just like oh my god i can't believe this is happening right now. - and how did you feel? - oh, it was unbelievable. i'm, i was so excited for all of us. i never expected it and i just,
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i can't express how i'm feeling. - now for the winner in the individual category. drum roll, please. - this year's one hundred thousand dollar individual grand prize scholarship goes to andrew komo, montgomery blair high school, silver springs maryland. - i want to thank my mentor, dr. lauren tozabel for taking a chance with a high school intern. i want to thank my parents for always supporting me, always telling me i could do it. and finally i want to thank my school, and the montgomery blair high school science and math magnet program for really showing me that there's always an opportunity to do more and be better than you are right now. thank you. - are you surprised? - yeah i'm absolutely shocked. i was shocked to be in the top two and when they called franklyn's name and not mine i was totally stunned. even when i went up to the podium i had trouble making words come out of my mouth. - and what do you plan on doing with a one hundred thousand dollar scholarship?
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- with my scholarship money i'm going to pay for a couple year's of college. - what were' trying to do here is make sure that we shine a spotlight on these folks who are really heroic in their pursuit of science and that we make sure that folks understand that these are young men and women who are just like you and me. they are involved in theater and debate and sports and a whole host of things and they are looking at science and are just having a ball doing it. - [together] siemens competition! (cheers) - if you'd like to find out how you can enter next year's siemens competition, go to for teen kids news, i'm christin. - when teen kids news continues, i'll tell you about one of our nation's the most controversial state flags. we'll be right back.
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- as you're about to see, a state flag can have a lot to say, eric tells us more.
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(upbeat music) - georgia is one of our original 13 states. during the civil war, however, georgia changed allegiance, from the stars and stripes, to the stars and bars; the first national flag of the confederacy. at the battle of bull run, georgian soldiers discovered it was difficult to tell the two flags apart. so, they created the confederate battle flag, also known as the southern cross. when the war ended, georgia returned to the stars and bars, without the stars! - georgia is the most controversial state flag. it set national records for having eight different state flags, and it was a controversy steeped in the history involved with their ties to the confederacy. - many people believed those ties were too reminiscent of slavery. others believed georgia's confederate past
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needed to be recognized. in 2003 georgia's legislature introduced a flag that addressed the concerns of both sides. it features the stars and bars, which is the first flag of the confederacy, but in the canton, you see three pillars, which are supposed to represent the three branches of government, and words like wisdom, justice, and moderation. a soldier bearing a sword symbolizes georgia's commitment to defending the constitution. so it seems like georgia has finally settled on a flag. one thing that isn't controversial is georgia's important role in agriculture. its nickname is, the peach state. pretty sweet! with flag facts, i'm eric. (solemn music) - how much do you know about presidential history? i'll give you three clues, try to guess the president!
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this president had been a diplomat, serving in germany, russia, and as secretary of state. he was voted into office by the house of representatives, because no candidate won a majority in the election itself. defeated for re-election, he went on to serve in congress for the next 20 years. he was john quincy adams, our sixth president. he was also the son of our second president, john adams. with guess the president, i'm luke. - this important message is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. - [announcer] on the court, you want to crowd your opponent. it's called setting a screen. but on the road, crowding is dangerous. - [announcer] it's called tailgating. - [announcer] in football, you want to take advantage of blind spots. but when driving, don't be blindsided by blind spots. - so before changing lanes-- - [announcer] check that no one's in your blind spot.
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remember, always share the road! this is a message from the nrsf, and sadd. (upbeat music) - we've got to take a quick break. but we'll be right back with more teen kids news!
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to music, is playing it. easier said than done. music takes work, practice, and in many cases, an instrument.
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so how do you get started? emily gets some suggestions. - if you could play any musical instrument, which would it be? - probably piano just because it just, i like the way, i like way the piano sounds and my sister plays piano and i wish i could be as good as her. - guitar, because you could replay all the old legends like rock and roll and stuff. - probably the piano because it is the most romantic and calming instrument in my opinion. - the bongos, because they're fun. - i used to play the drums and that was really fun but it was short lived because i didn't think i was very good at it. - for many of us, learning to play an instrument seems almost impossible. either our school doesn't offer music classes or we can't fit the classes into our school schedule. but don't despair, there are things you can do. joining us is vincent james, from hi! - hi there. - so if i want to learn to play an instrument,
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what's a good one to start on? - one of the instruments we recommend starting out on is actually the ukulele. it's like a simple version fo the guitar because it has just four strings, although the tuning is slightly different. and you can usually pick up a decent model for about $50 and it's very easy to learn how to play. in fact many kids have learned how to play several songs in just an hour or two after first picking up the instrument. - could you give a quick demonstration on a song you can play? - well absolutely! ♪ this land is your land ♪ this land is my land ♪ from california to the new york islands ♪ ♪ from the red wood forest to the gulf stream waters ♪ ♪ this land was made for you and me. ♪ - that seemed pretty simple. how many chords was that? - that's actually just three chords. with a c, f and g you'd be amazed at how many songs that you can learn to play. - cool. so what's another starter instrument


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