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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 5, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: the lizard of 2018. the new year just started and welcomed whip a huge snowstorm. >> very cool. some places pressured more than foot of snow today. you don't have to tell you how bad it was. the wind was so powerful. cue feel it as you were driving done the road. >> go out and try. >> ok. ites cold. >> states of. declared not only at the jersey shore but a winter emergency in manhattan. the real question is: what is tomorrow's commute going to look
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like? temperatures overnight in many places the single digits the worst is here. we have another commute coming up. i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bill: we got a weather alert for you tonight on "chasing news." what a huge storm we had to endure today. a foot of snow in some cases and with the wind and the freezing temperatures, it ain't over yet. we got team chairs coverage for you, but, let's start with meteorologist dan zarrow with details. dan, what do you got for us. reporter: this was winter storm. 17 inches of snow. 60-plus miles per hour wind gusts along the south shore of long island. the bomb cyclone the thing intensified so rapidly we saw the blizzard like conditions for the day. now the storm system moving in. they will have to deal with the 60-plus miles per hour wind gusts and the snow as it moves away us. the threat of blowing snow
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through the overnight hours and we have to deal with the free freeze the slush on the roads may become ice and buy early tomorrow morning. already many schools decide to delay and close and continue cleaning things up. beyond the snow, brutal cold to look ahead to in the upcoming weekend. a look at that he that a little bit later in the show. but first let's go to ashley johnson who has a look at things going at the shore today. ashley? reporter: new jersey governor chris christie declared a state of emergency for the entire state as the bomb cyclone wreaked havoc along the i-95 stretch. new jersey state police tweeted and responding to 254 motor vehicle crashes and 554 motorists including spinout, flat tires and breakdowns. the ocean county roads department had close to 200 trucks out plowing that will continue throughout the night. they are talking we are going to hahave upwards of 15 inches whih is a lot more than they were
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playing. we are plowing trying to keep the roads open. just, pow, he so they are passible. it is hard to do any cleanup with it coming down as hard. we're facing a lot of wind, a lot of drifting, so we'll clear the road out, then it drifts across, so it has been a lot of work. reporter: the mayor of bellmawr shared this video from the board walk and spoke to the mayor steven reid who says the biggest concerns there are the winds and the flooding. >> a little bit about flooding but in some areas of the town. we had some flooding but we haven't seen any so happy about that. all in all, it is the wind, the wind. reporter: they were reuponning to reports throughout the day. the wind is the thing we are concerned the most about in terms of cruise. if we have sustained winds of 40 miles per hour that would prevent the crews from working in the bucket trucks. reporter: toms river police
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issued a warning to drivers to stay of the road. please do not lift the house, the officers or potential damage to your vehicles. we continue with team chaser coverage and with allison gormly in manhattan. a powerful winter storm and hitting the region thursday causing power outages and commuter dees and closures. new york governor said the stor is not normal and declared a state of emergency for new york city, westchester, long island. i am at penn station where commuters and travelers are just trying to get home. >> plus, the bus cass canceled the next bus to kingston is the morning, and i decided to try amtrak and waiting for the 716 to go. reporter: outside of the streets remain in work conditions for two reasons. the intense winds and record-breaking temperatures. the new york city sanitation commissioner said plows have been clearing the streets only for the wind to cover them right back up. but for many new yorkers, it is just another day.
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ray, who works as bartender at the rock, said going up for work today was an option. showing up is part of the new york city attitude. >> we never close. we are open every day of the year. the only day we close is christmas day. we're open every day during the storms, snowstorms, everything. reporter: mayor de blasio spent the day visiting sanitation workers on the job and new york city housing authority apartments. the mayor announced that new york city public schools are expected to be open friday. am allison gormly reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you, allison. ok, let's check in with fox's lauren blanchard for more on the story. reporter: a rapid plunge has been delivering gusty winds and rough surf all along the east coast. >> very cold. i can't feel my nose. reporter: from vehicles stuck in the snow in new jersey. what do you say to the people out driving if. >> reporter: to mail carriers in new england reporting blizzard-like conditions slowing
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them down as they work to make important deliveries like medication. >> you company see anything at all. it is hard to work in this. we'll go out and try. reporter: all as brutal winter storm norm as the bomb cyclone is now blasting the northeast with heavy snow, hi winds, and bitter cold. >> it is cold. i am from ithaca. he is cold. reporter: the system has already left tens of thousands without power has canceled thousands of flights, and has claimed lives. this as the south is now dealing with frigid temperatures after the storm wednesday. meanwhile with 70 miles per hour winds forecast along the coast, blizzard warnings have been issued up through maine. winter weather emergencies have also been declared including in new york city. >> what is quite clear this. this is a ser is where, serious, serious storm between the low temperature, the strong wind, the driving snow, everyone should take this one very
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seriously. reporter: snowplow crews are cram ling to dollars the roads. bee hp the snow the temperatures are plummet bringing with it the potential for the damaging ice. lauren blanchard reporting for "chasing news." bill: continuing with the team chaser coverage of what i am kagging the snow ocane. thank for joining me. the jersey shore is really getting hit. how are you doing? how are your residents? reporter: you nosh three residents are hunkered down with a tremendous amount of wind here. we got wind gusts while the snow is coming down. so our biggest concern were are power outage that's the storm may cause. . >> sade: got ask this you. you are notroid about beach temps today. any razz zis throughout on the beach thinking about doing anything? reporter: you, he we have one or two that walked the boardwalk. they are smart enough to walk
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with the wind as opposed tonight. most refer within is staying home, listening to the media, listening to the news, being smart. bill: so mayor the governor called a state of emergency in the counties. what are you telling them to do? reporter: yeah. bill: route 35 is flooded from what we understand. reporter: yeah. one lane is flooded. that is shutdown. it shouldn't matter anyway. so today is a lost day. that is though way you got to look at. bill: at what point du tell the workers to stay home so i got a lot of sleep this morning while i was on the road. the governor took time before he declared a state of emergency and before he told everyone the state offices were closed and people tweeting saying i am already here. too late. reporter: no, we saw people earlier this morning. he only folks are in lis officers and the department of public works and employees who are out in the and all night long. bill: ok, thank you, mayor. happy new year. stay safe. all right. let's check in with our own john who has bit of a personal
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mishappen the face of the storm. john, tell me what happened? when the weather gets this cold. you have a lot of warnings. don't use the oven heat the home for risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. don't use candle force heat, a risk of fire. well, i am here to give you one more warning. don't be like me. i have this lovely frozen pipe here end my attic. i tried to save a couple of dollar on the fuel bill, shut the heat off, just in the master bedroom, hours later, i froze, first water coming through into the closet s. quit a mess. i certainly learned my lesson. officials say, you can leave the heat on. 65 degrees that will prevent the pipes from freezing and also, let the faucets drip when water is moving through, it lowers the chances of that. so lessons learned from the novice homeowner here in the attic according to you, that don't be like me. then don't let your heat go off.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> new jersey governor chris christie announced earlier that the former new jersey two-term of nor passed away at the age of 90 and leaves a legacy of public service including the state north carolina tax lellized gambling in atlantic city and the fighting to reserve the lapped and also the ports complex in the meadowlands. quite the public service, what a history he leaves. he had seven kids one of woman tom byrnes the former democratic state party chairman is a friend of mine and our condolence for the family and all of the members of the family. rest in peace, governor. bill: all right. stay right there. we got a lot more "chasing news" coming up including new jersey is now the last state in the union to ban self-service at the gas pumps and dan zarrow is going to have all your details about the blizzard of 2018 and
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your upcoming forecast. meteorologist: well, bill, it was a be with friday. the first winter storm of 2018 now behind us. we have it ahead of us. that is no big story. it has been told lately. this is brutal cold. temperatures well below zero. we have a warm-up in the distant future though. will detail it for you in the fo
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spaed tia. the blizzard of 2018. what a disaster for commuters in the morning and coming home to tonight. in some cases more than a foot of snow. the state of emergency in new jersey and manhattan the question is: how long is this going to stick around. dan zarrow is going to have all of your weather details. but first, we'll bring in our reporter with a little bit of recap on what happened at the state of the state in new york as governor andrew cuomo laid out some of his plans for the mta. the problem that manfully saying is the governor was right on detail, still millions of commuters have to end dure in confidence and every other sort of problem this has been plaguing the mta for years and unfortunately, as politicians disagree and continue to battle, there is no solution in sight. john, what do you got for us? >> well, that state of the state was wide ranging and covered
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many topics but manies of frustrated subway riders were looking for answers on ways to fix the mass transit. they didn't get it. the details as the state of the state tends to be to laser up overcrowding is up and governor cuomo at least acknowledged there is a big problem. take a listen. we must improve the new york city subway system. we failed to maintain the engineering marvel that was a gift from our forefathers our 100-year-old system needs overall. at one point, we know how to fix the problem. ok. well, then fix it. but the problem is -- there is no f funding. the deficit right now is more than billion and law makes are trying to figure out ways to raise revenues. one of those ideas is the free east river bridge and another idea is to wave that into congestion pricing. charge drivers into manhattan the busiest place during the busiest time. governor is onboard with that
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plane. the mayor is not we'll see how that place out. bill? bill: thank you, john. all right. bring back the a plus panel. bill caruso and jeanette hoffman are we maryland t.? let me ask you millions of subway riders frustrated and i am not surprised that the state of the state was on details but it doesn't seem like anyone has real plan. reporter: yeah, you can blame for being frustrated. just last week, "the new york times" came up with a huge expose of fou they waste billions of dollars. that is billions with a bill and service has not been improved. another issue that governor cuomo has not addressed are the ridership. the buses, they are encourages can riders. they ride the buses everyday. there are no plans to improve. i don't blame the commuter force being pressed. >> how big of a political problem is this. you got governor cuomo and mayor bill de blasio for the democratic nomination in 2020
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and not on the same page, meanwhile caught in the mid are the commuters. >> the governor across the river lived a valuable lesson of how important they are to the plans. the problem that we are seeing here in new york is the problem we're seeing across the nation. we have archaic decaying transportation systems and no mechanism to fund improvement. frankly any idea related to congestion pricing is counter end tutive so you have people forced into cars now because the transportation system is so bad. now we'll tax you out of the cars. it doesn't seem like a well thought out system. bill: what is the zan i mean, you think about it. they are not wrong. bill stated. it is antiquated. look. took them 100 years to build the second avenue subway. i can't imagine. none of these are going to be overnight. >> not at all. i think what they need do bill, is what new jersey needs to do is really look at the organizations and audit them to sew what is going on. see where the money is going
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before you dare tax commuters. >> all right. thans. thanks, bill. see you guys. be saw that in snow. new jersey is now the last remaining state in the united states where you can't pump your own gas. right now, it was down to two. on monday, a new law took effect in oregon, which allowed rural counties with populations of less than 90,000 people to allow for self-serve gas at the pump in a will tell you something. it sounds like a smart idea but you ask anyone in new jersey. now i will not single out women in particular but i can tell you. sip ply-you talk to a woman in new jersey. it is one of the last great things about this state. all right. let's bring in the panel to talk about it. i will start with you. i am not tryk to sexist about this but yet to met a woman that said we ought to be pumping our own gas s. what do you say? eye don't want to pump my own gas. it is the one last thing that jersey has going for them, bill.
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i hate pumping gas. and i will remind you, new jersey's gas just cheaper than other states so let's hang on to this as long as we can. file bad for those organnians who have to pump their own gas. bill: men and women, tongue and kek, you are in a nice suit today, the last thing you want to do is pump your own gas. listen, in the states, you have option. you make choice. there is nothing more infuriating when you are waiting for some tech nism to come and pump the gas four. i want to get on the road. i want to go. this is such a stupid law. this is one that could be repealed. frankly, if outwent pay more, you want that line, then go to full serve, by all means do it. i want to pump my own gas if i can. bill: i tend to abre bill. i have been on the running side of the law a couple of times on this. the guy has taken one million years to get out there. i pump the gas and go. i think if politician tries take away the full service injection
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they are going to have revolt. because we love our full service gas here. we don't want to pump. bill: you may be right. thanks, bill. let'slet's check win dan zarrowe snowy forecast. dan? meteorologist: well, the first snowstorm in 2018 in the books and it withs a doozie with the big snowfall, the big wind gust, the blizzard conditions, as the storm moves away, things are getting calm mer out there there. skies clearing overnight. we look aced to the the next weather pron which is the combination things brutal cold and brutal winds. cold air returns to the region tonight and into friday. we'll see those windchills well below zero so windchill advisory in effect for part of the tristate area. this is true for friday. then, saturday, look at how low the windchills may get. 15 below. 20 below. may even feel colder in the higher elevations that is bitter, painful, phonesly danger os the coldest weather we have seen in quite some time. overnight tonight, the low falls
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to around 10. the windchills just below zero by friday morning. then, the refreeze is a big problem here. slush turns to ice we are going to have slippery spots throughout the day on friday. at least we have sunshine around but high temperatures only make it to the teens friday night and going to hurt with the cold then saturday, we're back to the windchills still below zero. 20's on sunday then good news for early next week. monday and tuesday, how about highs in the 40's. might be some are in and wintry mix as well. i am meteorologist dan zero. bill: thank you, dan. all right. a lot more show coming up. stay with us. tonight, we got a story about the future of lellized marijuana. that is recreational marijuana. the advocates for deal today. that all of that is coming up.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." am bill spadea. a lot of show for you tonight. legalized recreational marijuana. it is it going to happen?
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we got incoming governor saying yes it is in new jersey. but today, jeff sessions rescinded obama administration memo which paid the which to allow for states to pay for recreational use of mar percent that and the controversy over cnn new year's eve coverage at a pot party. people walking around. it really didn't set the right message in a lot of people's eyes and i am joined now by somebody who knows a lot about tissue. his name is dr. kevin. is a former obama administration official and policy advisor. he opposed to the legalization of recreational mar. welcome to "chasing news." >> thanks for having me. appreciate. doing well. bill: what kind of message did cnn send with their new year's eve coverage? >> well, it was terrible. making fun of drug use. we were sitting with young kids. we had to pay. one thing for adults to use the privacy of their own home. we don't want them arrested and different thing to glorify and
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espec listen the midst of the epidemic. what about the attorney general assuming the obama administration and part of the obama administration. any misfeelings on this. do you think the attorney general did the rig thing? what does it mean? >> no one is doing at this time at all. both of the drug czar was horrible idea. so it nis at partisan issue even though it is jeff sessions and donald trump will make it partyson. what it means is a win for public health. so the marijuana industry to no longer we are going to have a harder time raising institutional funding because the investors are not able to hide behind the cold memo whichs with a memo. they are not going to hide behind that any mer and wave that around and justification for vie lag law. before they could say, well, look no one is going to come after us. we're fine. now the is in the air. sessions said that memo is no more. it leaves it to individual u.s. attorneys we have to go from there. >> kay. thank you. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. bill: ok. let's bring in the a plus panel
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to break it down. we got bill caruso with us who is lobbyist and attorney who favors lellization and jeanette hoffman on the opposite side opposing it. i with want to start with you. you heard what the doctor said. do you aee or disagree with what said about cnn then how does this memo being rescinded impact the hobby? >> i agree with kevin on a fact that, on the fact that this issue is not going to be a big deal when it comes to, or i should say, i disagree them. it is not go a big deal to the effort going on here in new jersey. investigators are going to go where they think the returns are going to be. we haven't seen anything in the new poll says that going to change that. >> do you think it is going to derail the pot lobby. what is it? you could call it one of the hall marks legislation it and ambitious idea he has wants to accomplish in this first 100 days. what the u.s. did today
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basically said we are going to give the u.s. attorneys in each state the tools they need to regulate marijuana policies as illegal drug. i thinkette is going to take away the state to the marijuana industry and certainly going to curtail the plan. there are members of the own party right now in the democratic caucus that are not onboard with legalizing marijuana. they have concerns about 3:00 community. how it is going to impact them. how it is going to impact the public health of our children and how it is going to impact drivers and the roadbayways. this is no at done deal. i would argue that things just got a little bit pard harder for hem. bill: murphy two weeks away. we find out. safe in in the weather this weekend. enjoy your night. see you tomorrow. [cheerering and applauding]
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. from white sandy beaches to a winter wonderland the shore blasted by a blizzard. now governor chris christie declares a state of emergency. the wicked winds and snow slamming seaside heights making it hard to see on the roads and businesses are shutting down and canceling class. right now more than 200 schools are closed tomorrow. down in rehoboth beach, delaware a sheet of snow look at that now the potential for dangerous cold and stinging wind chills. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. the bomb cyclone battering our area dumping as much as 18-inches of snow in some neighborhoods. tonight, we've team coverage for you our crews are on the ground from the valley to the shore with when the roads are expected to clear and what you still need to look out for as temperatures tumble tonight. let'


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