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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> busy day, still a holiday, we still have hanukkah and we have kwanzaa. fourth night of hanukkah, second day of kwanzaa. kuji, swahili word for self determination. that is today's principal. >> yes. >> my daughter's name is nia and that is fifth day of kwanzaa, that is friday. we're in to it. >> yes. >> all right. >> lets take a look at weather : did you ever have a fruitcake that was good that you enjoyed. >> in the a big fruitcake kind of guy. >> here's bus stop buddy. he looks it. >> it looks pretty good. >> it looks like pound cake. >> we should put that on social media recipe for decent fruitcake. >> they made a fabulous truth cake with fresh fruit as opposed to a candy kind of jelly thing and it was delicious. >> watching at home with a great recipe would i love to see it. >> share, share, share. the breezy with the
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possibility of shower. he has the umbrella with his fruitcake. six out of ten. we will be mild but we will see quite a to clouds and possibility of showers, this morning. enjoy mild temperatures while they are here mostly in the the 50's this morning, and it is, in philadelphia, 56 degrees with winds gusting up to 36 miles an hour at the airport. doesn't look too windy in here in olde city. i don't know that we will see too much but the possibility is there this morning with peaks of sunshine this afternoon and maybe a few showers for your drive home. high temperature, early high of 60 degrees. that is your planner for tuesday from the weather authority. lets get to traffic because we have a shot of the disabled vehicle to show you right here , you can kind of tell what is going on. there is flashing lights on the side of the road there on the left-hand side of the screen. this is i-95 northbound approaching woodhaven road, it doesn't seem to be slowing you down too much. then we will go out to douglass township, near pottstown, route 73, off ramp
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to route 100 north bound there is an accident there with an injury fire department is on the scene, and one more accident that needs to be cleared, chester in delaware county second street the between wilson and mill, car hit a parked car, there. karen and thomas. >> all right sue, thank you. time is 5:02. developing right now, we have been following this all morning police need your help her hoping you can locate this great grandmother and great granddaughter, your about to see. police say 71 year-old barbara briley and her five-year old great granddaughter le myya were on their way from new jersey to north carolina to visit family for the holidays this were last seen at a exxon gas station in virginia. so barbara is driving a silver toyota suv with new jersey license plates, as you can see on the screen, c80-els. anyone who might have seen them should contact the police right away. here's a story they are talking about all over the
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country, on the front cover of every single paper and it is a professor from our area in direction hole tweeted out something fairly explosive over the weekend you can, talking about white genocide. >> we know university has condemned those tweets but educator is not backing down. our dave kinchen is on this one at drexel's campus, dave. >> reporter: this was not in the lesson plan here as the university has had to deal with this pr situation of sorts with the whole country talking about this tweet that came out over the christmas weekend. philly voice did a screen grab of one of the tweets we're talking about here, associate professor george ciccariello mayor tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. you can see that the tweet and the story itself has gone viral, and now the professor is white, and called the tweet satire designed to mock white supremacy. he actually teaches race and issues of class, and matters of that sorts, now students we ran into gave us some mixed
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reaction. >> going to drexel, i have always felt welcome and everybody was flexible to anybody else. i never tell a race issue or i never came across such a thing , so i just, i just don't think that it would directly represent drexel's standing on any issue. >> it is hard to necessity for certain that someone is being satyrical in such a conn strain format but i understand where he is coming from. i think a lot of whites are very complacent about white supremacy and i think he was right to make a point about it >> reporter: 140 characters in twitter don't often allow for elaboration so in an e-mail to fox 29 ciccariello mayor said he sent a tweet about a imagery concept white again site to those who haven't done their research white genocide is an idea invent by white supremacists. the is a a figment of the
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racist imagination and it should be mocked and i'm glad to have mocked it. drexel university released a statement, calling the comment s utterly reprehensible , saying they do not represent the values, of the university, and a meeting between the professor and the university will take place at some point likely this week about the matter and while the doctor did say also in his statement that he, his speech is protect, he also protect his tweets. you can in longer see his tweets on his feed at this time. back to you karen and thomas. >> we will continue to stay on top of it, thanks, dave. this morning a family is leading for answers in the senseless killing of the south philadelphia grocery store owner. >> who would want to kill this 81 year-old shop owner, a great grandmother, it doesn't seem like there is any motive at all, it doesn't make any sense at all. let get right out to steve keeley to explain exactly what we know, steve. >> reporter: i have only rots in two places where i live now in moorestown and here on
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south sixth street. i lived eight blocks from here and walk past here quite a bit , back from 1999 to 2004. somebody walk up these steps, and then walk down these steps just before and after they shot ape killed marie buck. this is marie's grocery you can see her sign blowing in the wind. on those very steps that killer walk up and down, you can see are now filled with flowers, candles, and the most wonderful message you will ever read about anybody. the those messages tell you all you need to know about marie buck, what they don't tell you unfortunately is why someone would want to kill her we just talk to the guys who pick up her garbage for last few years and they just told us how wonderful she was, she would be up even this early when they would come by and she made sure that they were fed, and if it was hot out they had cool drinks. amazing story after amazing story you will hear about this woman. the worst story though christmas eve, just after
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opening which she did at 7:00 promptly every day somebody walk in here between 8:30 and nine and for some reason shot at her to death and shot her repeat thely at least a dozen times according to her family. >> i have seen people that over the years that we grew up , helping in the store ourselves is. we were behind the counter where this person took her life. it is inconceivable because she just always had a big smile help you walk in the door, what can i help you with , and joking with you, and when you see it is something that i always knew. i don't have to see that memorial that everybody is leaving. i appreciate it. it just rearms what i know. she treated you like tamly. my grandfather always thought you are just a customer. you more than just a customer
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were you family. you came in, you bought, you supported her, in her living, and she supported you right back with whatever you need that she could help you with. >> reporter: well, no surveillance video cameras, she thought that she never needed them her family said but as we come back here live, you can see it wasn't completely angelic around here because somebody with nothing better to do, a few times put graffiti on both heroin owes on the titan street side and you can see perfect cellar doors. that gives you a sense maybe she could have used some surveillance just to catch person who had nothing better to to then to deface a wonderful corner store that was like a kitchen, as she was like a mother to this community in south philadelphia, for 44 years. until somebody ended that for no reason at all, it seems on christmas eve. any day to do that would be bad, but as john mcnesby asks who does this this on
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christmas eve. that is an answer that philly police, in his union, hope to get to, the bottom of real soon. >> so difficult to try to make sense of all of this, all right: steve, thank you. time is 5:09. search is on for the kill shore stabbed a hand to death in allentown. police say 27 year-old lord guerrero was pronounced dead at the hospital yesterday morning after the incident at sixth street in sumare in court. another man is in the hospital but in word on his condition. police say the victims were part of the disturbance in the street involving several people, no arrests made. delaware state police after rested brandon pollack right here in connection with the deadly christmas eve hit and run. authorities say that 54 year-old lisa bolden passed away saturday night after pollack's white chevy impala hit her on christiana road in new castle. police found that car with front end damage at a home matching description of the the vehicle leaving the scene. also this morning in the city's oxford circle section
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police are on the hunt for a driver in the hit and run, this all happened around 5:45 yesterday evening. police say a driver struck someone at bustleton avenue and roosevelt boulevard and then took off. striking vehicle may have been a black saab. there is no word on how that victim is doing. lets go to burlington new jersey where 29 year-old has been charged with luring, there is suspect hoe sees say that sickh tried to get juveniles in his car. those children were able to record one of the encounters that they had with this man as he was trying to lure them. judge is holding him on $25,000 bail. vera ruben is inspiring people, pioneering astronomer and philadelphia native has died. ruben is credited with helping to find powerful evidence of the dark matter. she found galaxies didn't rotate as predict. ruben won numerous award during her career including 1993 national medal of science there president bill clinton. according to her son astronomer most recently lived in princeton, new jersey and
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died have of natural causes, ruben was 88. we will tell you day after christmas, all that shopping, turn violent in stores across the country. >> we have in the seen it for black friday or any days leading up to christmas but day after people getting sales we had complete pond moan yum at number of malls including one in new jersey where specifically somebody shouted shots fired. >> unaudible. >> you can see everybody heading for the doors at the mills in new jersey gardens. it took place at 5:00 o'clock yesterday. this started as a fight. now no one fired a weapon but thousands of panicked customers took off running. check out this scene in texas police officers had to rush into break up this brawl all out mala there happening in fort worth. there were 150 teenagers there in that food court area where teens hang out. a couple of them were taken in custody and they decided they had enough and they decided to
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close that mall early. out west in will colorado officials evacuated the mall in aurora after a fight involving 500 people outside. a customer recorded this scene thaw are looking at on this phone. officers detaining a few suspects. no customers or officers were reported to be injured. similar story in alabama this time two grown adult women throwing punches at each other in the mall. that is person there holding cell phone, zooming in, they are going to town on each other throwing hey headachier. police broke that one up as well. it was pretty scary at a local fast food restaurant in our area. >> coming up next on the fox 29 morning news cops say a man pulls a gun on the store worker, there is video that they want to you see.
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let's get you ready for the weather head line, it is tranquil, quiet here in olde city. and, okay, we're in the moving here this morning but i'll tell you what is going on, we have a look at, milder day to take, mild for december, in fact, many places will make it in the 60's by lunchtime today , thank you, diana, it is , mild december day to day, it is a colder tomorrow so
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yeah, i keep saying get used to it but we are used to it. thomas is, anyway. a messy thursday with possibility of rain and some snow. now lets go get into the details. there is rain you can see with the cold trent coming through not much reaching our area. it seems like most of it tends to dissipate before it gets here, so we have not seen showers, showing up on ultimate doppler, this morning , as we look at the future cast, possibility of rain is there before the morning is through maybe seven or 8:00 o'clock you will see shower or two. just have the rain gear nearby we will get some sunshine this afternoon. get to an early high of 60 but then that cold air settles in tonight, and then here we are at thursday because it is a dry day tomorrow, and possibility, there you can see the snow, rolling in, it looks like snow to the north, rain to the south, but it is close enough with our temperature that we could get a messy morning on thursday with a little tricky precipitation eventually getting into some rain and that dries up by the
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afternoon. early on thursday is time we are watching. look at this, temperature is 56 degrees in philadelphia to start, december 27th not bad at all, 43 degrees mount pocono. sixty already in cape may. but it is kind of windy out there sustained wind of 23 miles an hour in philadelphia, 20 miles an hour wilmington, 10 miles an hour in lancaster. wind southwest where warmer air is coming from and we have seen wind gusts that are higher. there is cold trent that will come through on thursday and give us possibility of messy weather. we will a better handle tomorrow. mildest day we will see for a while, and the last mild day of 2016, 44 degrees tomorrow, 42 with that messy weather on thursday, 40 with a cold wind, on friday, still kind of cold on saturday, and, around midnight on new years eve. it will be in the 30's, maybe 30 or 32 degrees, but we will get in the 50's on new years take. we have to get rid of the chance of showers.
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that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority, we're checking traffic on your tuesday morning with another look at that disabled vehicle you see flashing lights there on the shoulder of i-95 northbound approaching woodhaven. accident this delaware county, chester, second street between wilson and mill, there is still a clean up there where a car hit a park car and then we will go out to douglass township in pennsylvania, route 73, off ramp to route 100 northbound, there is an accident there with injuries and one lane blocked there, thomas and karen. >> time right now 5:18. president-elect donald trump is questioning effectiveness of the u.n. on twitter he called it just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time this latest remark comes after u.n. security council vote condemns is rally settlements in the the west bank in east jerusalem. president obama chose not to vote on friday angrying it is an act of revenge against prime minister netanyahu.
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obama administration denies u.s. has turned its back against israel. big problem in chicago, police say that the gang violence there is on the rise, big time. they are now on track to have more murders, then new york and los angeles combined. this is an epidemic. detectives are investigating more than two dozen shootings that just happened over the christmas holiday where two people died, another 50 were hurt. chicago has seen a alarming increase this gang-related violence. police say there have been 745 murders this year, the total number of shooting victims soared to more than 4200 people. >> they were targeted, knowing fully well, that individuals would be at the homes of the family and friend celebrating the holidays. while this is sickening reality it shows yet again that our penalties for carrying and using guns here in chicago are just not an effective deterrent against repeat gun offenders.
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>> for comparison, major cities have murder rates in the 300s as opposed to 700. all of this violence having a major ripple effect trying up murder raise for nation's top 30 cities by more than 14 percent. today prime minister of japan is scheduled to make a historic visit to the site of the pearl harbor bombings. he will be joined by president obama. yesterday, the president, visited national memorial center, cemetery in honolulu where he took part in the wreath laying ceremony, more than 2400 people were killed touring the attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago. his visit comes six months after president obama became first sitting american president to visit hiroshima, japan. this morning philadelphia police are searching foreman who is responsible for a terrifying christmas day robbery in juniata park. police say that this man, we are about to see walk into texas chicken and burgers on the 3900 block of kensington avenue, pulled out a gun and demanded money this happened around midnight on christmas
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the 19 year-old employee handed over money and suspect ran away. take another look, if you recognize him police want to hear there you. apparently it wasn't a reindeer who got separated from santa's sleigh in christmas, it was a goat and police, well, they are kind of baffled. >> sabina kuriakose went looking for some answers, in winslow township. >> reporter: rossco the billy goat spent christmas eve on the lamb, breaking out of his home on a south jersey farm, luckily he was spotted by a winslow township police officer as he dodge cars, on a busy road, the concerned officer quickly tossed the eight year-old long haired goat into the back of the squad car, and no doubt rossco thought his time on the run had come to an end. indeed he was heading to the big house. >> he was in good, good shape and seems healthy. >> reporter: happily the homeless farm animal was in good hand. patrolman austin schmidt said fellow officers set ross co in
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a police dog enclosures. a retired cop came by with hey and feed. maybe rossco was thinking life in the pen wasn't so bad but the policeman wanted to make sure that the wayward goat, got to go home for holidays. >> i put it on facebook saying we have a goat here. does anybody know anything bit >> reporter: it was all in this post. here's a note detectives were quick to make sure, that they check, to make sure that ross co was not a rogue reindeer and that santa's sleigh was still on track, you know, just in case anybody was worried. the response, stores in town swung opened to welcome the billy goat into their happy homes. an owner did come forward but it turns out that he didn't want the little guy anymore, by now winslow township police were fond of their new friend, the department tracked dunn a local farm and agreed to take in the abandon animals. ross co is living in the big field with new friend, including these donkeys and other goats. >> it is christmastime, so i feel like everybody need a
5:23 am
home around christmas. >> reporter: this is big scheme of things officers say rossco was not fugitive of the century but they are glad they could give him a happy ending. >> we treat every animal with respect, luckily social media came to the rescue and one of the people here in town took him. >> reporter: just to give you perspective this is pen that rossco spent last couple of days in, it is in the so bad, considering he was homeless, but the police tenth is much happier he is new back on a farm and among friends. the owner tells me that rossco is healthy and doing well n winslow township sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. there that animal to another, this one is sort of the sad and disturbing, so cute. cheetahs, why some think they are heading to stinks
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welcome back. pennsylvania makes the list of states with the most, binge drinkers. yeah, cdc puts pennsylvania in the top third of states, where people drink a little too much the report says that 19 percent of pennsylvanians can be classified as binge drinkers, and those are people hoff at least four drinks perot case. new jersey coming in at 17 percent, delaware just under 16 percent, by the way
5:27 am
north dakota tops list in tennessee, coming in last. >> talking to my friends there at a party if you are fan of organic food you will fine more options on store shelves. shop rite says it is tripling the number of organic products that it will be offering, you will see them labeled as whom sole pant try organic. they offer 100 products at stores, shop rite is now hoping to compete more aggressively with places like whole foods and trader joes. >> more options. coming up at the 5:30, 15 and fabulous a birth the day invitation goes viral leading to added perks. we will explain. >> i need to see this. i need to know what it is. we will be right back.
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they are pleading to find the killer of this great grandmother and store owner as they are trying to figure out who killed her and why. police need your help a great grandmother and granddaughter missing since christmas eve after setting out on a holiday trip. we will tell you exactly where authorities say they were last spotted. good day it is tuesday, thanks so much for waking up with us on this day, we have holidays that we are celebrating. >> yes, we do, a lot of people off celebrating holidays. we have hanukkah, kwanzaa. >> and looking ahead to new years eve and new years day.
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>> couple days away. >> it is looking better. little bit better and i changed the number because i think today is looking better now. i had a six. lets go with the lucky seven out of ten today because it will get to 60 degrees, after all, it is national fruitcake day celebrated by bus stop buddy. the notice he does have an umbrella, we will see some showers before the morning is through and the at least in some places, 56 degrees in the city right now, 43 in mount pocono. fifty-eight in atlantic city. fifty-five in wilmington delaware. here at our local location, it is 56. we have 23 miles an hour wind at the airport. sunrise time is seven will 22. days are still receipt i short , although now that winter is here, we are starting to get a little bit longer. we will will see showers rolling toward us, with a cold trent, so after we will get to that high of 60, temperatures will drop off tonight and it will be colder tomorrow so enjoy mild temperatures while they are here. that is your lander for tuesday. lets get to traffic.
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we are still looking at a disable vehicle on the shoulder of i-95 northbound approaching woodhaven road. it looks like they may be clearing that up as we speak. is there an out door electrical fire, we are just getting reports of this in abington. it is on susquehanna road at mill road. in word on how serious that is just yet but that is something that could slow you down as well n delaware county an accident in chester second street between wilson and mill , car and park car there and they have not cleaned that one up just yet. one more this douglass township route 73, off ram township route 100 northbound an accident with injuries, fire department still on the scene and they have one lane blocked in that neighborhood this morning, karen and thomas 5:30. lets get to this story, police need your help, hoping to locate this great grandmother and great granddaughter. they have been missing since christmas eve. police say 71 year-old barbara briley and five-year old le my ra were on their way from
5:33 am
mays landing, new jersey down to north carolina to visit family. they have not been seen ever since. they were last seen at a exxon gas station in virginia. barbara is driving a silver toyota suv with the new jersey license late you see on your screen c0els. anyone who might have seen them, know anything please contact the police. gunned down, in cold blood on christmas eve, that is what happened over weekend and people are still getting back in the workweek and learning about this horrific news. the community is searching for answers right now, as police are trying to figure out who did this. >> it is a mystery who would do it and why. lets get out to steve keeley on the scene this morning, steve. >> reporter: thomas, that was a perfect line by karen because karen, we're here two days after christmas and getting back into the workweek marie buck's garbage collectors and delivery guys who were showing up here in tears. here's the trash man.
5:34 am
>> you know, i have been working for the company for about five years picking up ever since and she was a great lady. it is a shame what happened. i used to come here, sometimes we were running late and she used to give us water, soda, in the summertime she gave us, water and just keep us cool. >> reporter: she was worried about you. >> she was a nice lady, kind, it is a shame what happened, when i saw her, on the enthusiasms, it just broke my heart. >> reporter: he told me this morning that he was here, christmas eve morning and saw her probably just minutes before she was killed. she waved good bye in the doorway. another guy just got here and you will hear from him in a half an hour. he delivered all of her drinks , milk, got the her anything she needed from local cash and carry because some things were hard to get.
5:35 am
twenty-eight years. he said am i getting too mushy when you read those messages up split is hard not to be mushy. you talk to the people that knew her and not just family and neighbors, but people that had to do business with her, and they just tell wonderful stories and hear one in a half an hour. >> thanks, steve you get a better understanding of what an impact this lady haddon so many. steve, thank you. time is 5:35. officials at the drexel university certainly are not amused by the actions of one professor after posting on social media about white supremacy. >> he is not backing down on this one. he said people didn't understand what i was saying. he was trying to be satyrical. lets get to dave kinchen to explain what he was trying to say, dave. >> reporter: he also rip the university after they responded to the comments. we will get to that in a bit. we're talking about a professor who made these comments over the christmas weekend. philly voice did a screen grab of one of the tweets we are talking about here associate
5:36 am
professor george ciccariello mayor tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. you can see philly voice grabbed that story and other newspapers, worldwide have really grabbed it too. ciccariello marries white and called the tweets satire to mock white supremacy. he teaches race relations, politics and global studies. the students we ran into gave it mixed reaction. >> whatever he was trying to say, i don't think that is right. >> it is hard to know for certain that someone is being satyrical in such a conn strained for hat but i understand where he is coming from. i think a lot of whites are very place bent white supremacy and i think he was right to make a point about it >> reporter: doctor ciccariello marry lab breaked in an e-mail to fox 29 saying that he quote sent a satyrical tweet about an imagery concept
5:37 am
, white genocide, for those who haven't bothered to do their research, white genocide is an idea invented by white supremacist and figment of the racist imagination. it should be mocked. i'm glad to have mocked it. drexel university has called the comments utterly reprehensible and professor fired back saying that statement sends a chilling message to untenured professors exposing them to potential harassment. there is a meet ago this will be set up between both side the university and the professor but this is far from over. it is in the clear what, if any action, university may take just yet, karen and thomas. >> we will see how it plays out. temple looking to make history with a win against wake forest. >> it is something to share especially for sports. we have got military bowl going on. temple headaching us road, maybe they can win 11 straight , which is the most ever in school history. that game will be later this afternoon at nave may reen core stadium. we will have more in sports
5:38 am
this a minute. we will have one of the football players. >> in the 7:00 o'clock hour. >> joining us to talk about it , and he is no the playing but did you know the team went down there, like days ago and like last week. >> they have done so much down there helping others, signing autographs, meeting with veterans. >> but spending christmas together with their football family instead of the their families at home. >> i think they will lay better. >> do us proud. >> all right.
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temple owls taking on wake forest in the military bowl to day going for a school record, 11th win. jihad thomas talked about what they need to do to get it done >> when we have to go out there and to what we do. we cannot turn the ball over. we have to rush the ball well, get pj comfortable and get o line to continue to play as well as they have been playing for the past in or so. you know, like i said we just can't turn the ball over. we have to play effectively and match their intensity. miami of ohio, and mississippi state in the st. petersberg bowl, neither should be in a bowl at all but this ace great game. bull bugs nick fitzgerald with the touchdown run right there. later they would tack on a field goal to take the lead. miami with one last shot to win it all and the field goalies blocked. right there. mississippi state, comes away with a huge, 17-16 win. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
5:42 am
and the changing of the guard, means little kay uses for people who work inside the white house, coming up we have behind the scenes look at moving day at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
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5:44 am
it is tuesday after christmas, kids are off school , traffic moving smoothly, that is what we can say generally about most of our major roadways, this
5:45 am
morning. we will see more volume then we did yesterday, yesterday was the observed christmas holiday but this look at the schuylkill at spring garden shows how most roads are moving this morning. a little wet on some roadways from the rain that fell overnight. an accident in bucks county tulleytown township leave it town parkway route 13 another one in chester between wilson and mill street on second, and that is a car that hit a parked car there and that ongoing water main break, they have not fixed it at penns landing southbound columbus boulevard at queen street with two left lanes blocked. your forecast is coming up in 15 seconds. it is now 5:45. your weather headlines get ready for a roller coaster over the next couple of days,
5:46 am
hield december day, today, but much cooler, tomorrow, so you'll need to add layers on to that heavier coat today and then possibility of some messy weather, on thursday. so right now there is a cold front that is poised to enter the area but ahead of that we have seen milder temperatures, and a little will bit of shower activity, we will see popping up in chester county and that is the case, over the next couple of hours with some rain possible here and there but it is not a heavy deluge or anything but an indication of the cold front on its way through nine or 10:00 o'clock we will see widely scattered showers and then sun comes out this afternoon enough to get us up to 60 degrees and then we have a try day on wednesday thursday is when it gets tricky, timing and temperatures will be key to what type of precipitation we will get on thursday morning and afternoon we will see snow to the north and rain to the south. so far most of our area will get rain but in the mountains
5:47 am
they could get accumulating snow and that is for thursday. then much colder air moves in behind that frontal system. so enjoy the 50's while they are here, tab lust 50's, 56 degrees in philadelphia 43 mount pocono. 52 degrees in lancaster right now. wind are kicking up as well, we have sustain wind of 23 miles an hour in philadelphia. so, lets go through rest of the year beyond in our seven day forecast. sixty today. forty-four tomorrow. forty-two with that messy weather on thursday. very cold on friday. still pretty cold for new years eve. new years day high temperature will be 50 degrees. of course, mummers gets started early in the morning so we will be in the upper 30 's when that begins. we will see about that 30 percent chance of the shower on new years day, guys. >> thanks, there. we have another sad death actor comedian known for his stand up act has died, rookie harris passed away at 54. you may remember him because he was on that tv show everybody hates chris.
5:48 am
he had a number of other rolls as well on television. we don't know the cause of death but his manager confirms about two years ago we know he had a heart attack. maybe that played into that. we will learn more. >> still so young. >> taylor swift. >> yes. >> one of the things, she vice s people she will go to their weddings or their big events in their lives. she has done it again this time she made a very special visit to one of her oldest squad members, a 96 year-old world war two veteran. so check out the reaction. >> how cute. look at that packed house, yes , taylor. so, she heard with this person in a local news report. he got 20 grandchildren.
5:49 am
it looks like they have a hundred there suddenly. he has been to two of taylor swift's concerts and this one puts on a show like her. so much fun. also in the the news donald trump will be taking oath of office and sworn in as america's forty-fifth president on january 20th. >> of course while most americans are familiar with all of the pomp and circumstance that follows the swearing in of a new president what many are not so familiar with is what exactly goes on just a few blocks away, joe walton gives us a peak. >> reporter: what happens on inauguration day is a very fine tuned, almost military precision move in day. >> as we found out white house changes hand almost as instantly as the presidency does. >> what people don't know is that in that six hour window that they have, to move one president out and one president in, that there are 132 rooms in the white house and there is a ton of furniture, lot of momentoes, lot of things to think about getting in and out.
5:50 am
>> reporter: while inaugural shown is are underway members of the white house staff will be frantically moving out their remnants of the obama administration, and preparing the residence and offices for their new inhabitants. >> starting that morning every single item this is west wing is moved out, the desks, paper , computers, everything, new paint is put in, new carpet is laid, they will bring in new pence also, new desks whole nine. >> reporter: what about those hundreds of white house staff members who spent years serving president obama and his family. >> the president has a political staff who come in with him on his first day, remainder of the folks at white house are what is called career staff and they will stay from president to president. some of these folks, whether it is butler, chef, pastry management, some of these people have been here for 30, 40, 50 years. >> reporter: back to the incoming president as we are's learning about what a trump white house might look like. >> juxtaposition that with the
5:51 am
trump penthouse in manhattan filled with gold, very louie the 14th style. from what i hear they will in the replicate that at the white house, however i'm sure they might make a few changes to suit their taste better. >> reporter: after obama's accompanied president-elect trump here to the capitol they will head off on marine one for very last time headed for an undisclosed warm location for vacation and upon their return they will move into a rental home just a few miles from the white house in washington. joe walton "fox news". >> inauguration day january 20th. still ahead on good day this morning a birth the day celebrating for the record books, why thousands showed up nor this 15 year-old's birth the day.
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welcome back. it is 5:54 right now on this tuesday, how about people going back to work after the christmas holiday. we still have hanukkah, many are celebrating and kwanzaa as well. the lets talk about sports news right now. we have, of course big bowl game and sixers big man joel embiid, had 25 points, eight rebound not enough though against sacramento sixers playing out west fall to the kings 102-100. so close. demarcus cousins hit a clutch three pointer late in the game
5:55 am
putting his team ahead, and sixers back in action thursday night against the jazz, in utah. there is a teenager's birthday party in mexico and it turned into an epic party. the girl turns 15. this is ruby abara. it goes viral posted party on her face book page and invited everybody to share it and they did. it was viewed millions of times. thousands of people all across the country showed up, to come to her party, would you look at that right there. since then this teenager has received a number of gifts that includes offers of tv show, airline tickets and vation vacations, that is a epic party, and everybody come also rittenhouse square deck out for the holidays, there are hashing hanukkah with a 6-foot tall menorah there, people gathering late the today, of course, to flip the switch and lights. they had a huge party. big event down by independent
5:56 am
mall. there will be food, songs, organizers have been also collecting winter coats for the homeless. you can drop one off at evening menorah lighting ceremony there as well. that will start at 5:00 o'clock there we have lots of wonderful celebrations at the mall. plus shoppers, didn't just bring their wallets to the day after christmas shopping they have brought bad behaviors as well, there was punches, and fists flying all over the lays at malls all around our country including one in our area. we will show you. also have you seen these missing people, a local great grandmother and her great grand daughter are now missing after they went to visit their family, where they were heading and where was the last place they were seen. "good day philadelphia" coming up.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
happening right now a multi state search for a local woman this her great granddaughter where police say they were heading, and, why they went missing, ever since christmas eve. plus, a south philadelphia community shocked by the
6:00 am
brutal murder of an 81 year-old store owner. her family's plea to find her killer. holiday tweet goes viral for all of the wrong reasons. today is the day on a quest to make history we are live with jacob martin as owls go for win number 11 in the military bowl. great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton karen will be joining me in just a moment. lets check the forecast, good morning, sue. >> probably mildest day we will see for a while, thomas, seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. here's buddy celebrating national fruitcake day with breezes, and a shower out there. but temperatures, check this out we're in the 50's. normal high for today is 42 degrees. we're well above normal in allentown where it is 50. forty-three in mount pocono. we have 52 in lancaster. atlantic city 57. same in dover. fi


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