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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 22, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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ly neestanding rib roast! to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> this is such a big part of my life. i've watched him outgrow for things. >> when i just flush the fish down the toilet? >> i am hungry for officially. >> bill. >> this is a great spot for self a. >> i don't agree with you on that one. >> you guys are completely insane, i love it. >> i'm here at the animal
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hospital in new jersey, but i'm not here to buy a dog or cat, i'm here about a goldfish. is it too windy for you right now? >> know it's fine. >> this is in my new favorite place to come, said that a chicken? >> no, it's a duck. it's a duck. >> it's in the fish bag. >> that is doctor mcdermott or as i call him the fish whisper. after he saved this 8-year-old goldfish with a life-threatening tumor. >> he was called in as an
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emergency because he came in swimming upside down. he was rolling around having a top time in the water with the big tumor that's in his back was causing some dragon resistance in the water making it difficult for him to swim. >> i was wondering. >> so what we do is get the fish and put them in the tank water and add some anesthetic to the water. once there quieter under we go ahead and move them to the surgery table in the flush that anesthetic water of of their gills with syringes to make sure there asleep and keep them breathing and aerated during the procedures. and for them it's doing the same type a surgical technique as a kata dog. >> winston is the family pet, she tells me why she felt the need to put her goldfish under the surgery. >> he's been a big part of my life for the past eight years, i've watched him outgrow for
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tanks. >> is not just a goldfish, he's part of our family and has his own stocking. >> boots or drilling cost about 300 dollars. i thought it would be more expensive so i had to ask the question, why not just flush it down the toilet, hope that was an insensitive. >> it comes down to how you feel about that animal and if we can do something to make them more comfortable and help extend their lifespan. >> so bill that's the story, i hope it needs some of your hesitation about this but am sure you a lot to say about the fish saga. >> fish surgery for everyone. it's 11 inches long. it's a big finch big finch fish. >> it is 11 inches long. >> it's not the size of the fish, it's how you use it. >> you're not taking this
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seriously. i found it fascinating. i think it deserves a follow-up. goldfish live at least 28 years which shocks me if not longer. >> you know it would've been cheaper, if the parents drove the goldfish to the surgery, stopped off at a store, through the fish away about another goldfish and said hey, the goldfish is fine. twelve bucks. goldfish all look alike. >> the best goldfish are the crackers. the goldfish crackers. that aren't fish. >> i'm hungry for fish fillet. >> bill, bill, bill. oh my god. the thing is,. >> it's a cold fish. >> if she wants to spend $300 to save her fish who cares, it's not like the fishes on food
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stamps and were paying for it, so it's a big problem? >> we do it we have to do. >> they were so rude and i was actually going to surprise them with the goldfish. not to be rude, but now they're just gonna look at pictures of winston. i'm having a moment. >> ever see fair spieler stay off? >> hi everyone, merry christmas, i'm celebrating the holidays that new jersey won a one point five. bill had the lieutenant governor kim on the radio for # taken in with kim. were talking about holidays and how some residents are not in their homes after hurricane sandy. it's been four years, she's cutting down the red tape and helping them get back into their home. >> there still some help available through the epa and
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other sources, so keep working at a. >> if if you want more and # digging in with kim followed me on twitter on chasing news. >> you may remember in march the big news throughout new jersey was high levels of blood found in the water in several schools and thousands of children have been found to have elevated levels of lead in their body. we chased several schools in newark which brought a bottled water because of contamination and report show city such as newark, east orange, and irvington have a higher proportion of children with lead poisoning them flint michigan were lead contamination led to a federal state of emergency. we've emergency. we been calling for new jersey is far from oh over and cities in town which you might not expect. i'm at the saddle river reformed church in upper saddle river new jersey which back in
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september had a bad report for the state for high levels of lead found in the water. >> to be fair, the two areas that were affected were areas that the church really doesn't use a lot and they say they do not use it for drinking water. >> we were relieved that it was not in any of the areas that are used in the school and for public use such as kitchens in the bathrooms downstairs. i have to say that we don't use the tap water for regular drinking water. that's usually taken care by bottled water. >> this is a widespread issue is several schools, apartment complexes and churches in north jersey which rely on wells. the church tested at lead levels of 17 parts per billion and the environmental protection agency standards is 15 parts per
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billion. so the pastor said when the church got the report they immediately took action. >> it's very important to have your water supply tested, particularly if the building was built before 1988. >> this was an issue that new jersey cannot afford to put on the back burner. reports show that people with lead poisoning have to be real and develop mental issues. the state health department suggest that flushing the cold water faucet for 30 seconds of water has been sitting for several hours and not drinking from the hot water faucet because hot water is more likely to leach lead from old plumbing. >> i care about new york and they announced the new york city public schools they will be retesting lead. that's a future crisis that could happen. >> the idea that you can't run the test after you let the water run because the lead doesn't show up. so that right there there is a solution, doesn't mean it's a long-term solution, but you
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could do this thing more slowly and methodically. it's not all the sudden billions of dollars to upgrade all the pipes overnight. >> but the kids when they're drunk at the water found they don't know to let it run for a while and then drink it. so we want to make sure the water safe for them. >> thanks ashley. from run the water, just run it. ♪ ♪ >> it's the holiday season it means a lot of things with family, friends and smiles but it also means a lot of fires. according to the to the national fire protection agency u.s. fire departments respond to over 200 fires per year that begin with christmas trees. today, group of changemakers in new jersey set out to show people at home how serious a fire can be. i headed to the fire fire academy to catch a demonstration of a christmas tree fire.
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[inaudible] >> the tree professionals on hand put up a living and display like many of us have at home featuring a typical tree set up and in less than one minute it was an inferno. a christmas tree fire can reach up to 2000 degrees. the trees should be kept away from any source of heat. at of heat. at least 3 feet. other tips about fire safety you hear them? >> if you're going the artificial route like we have make sure it is flame retardant. if your going for real evergreen make sure make sure it's a freshly cut tree. lastly for the day-to-day safety of your family make sure you
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have a working sprinkler. >> in the state of new jersey it's about roughly $2 per square foot to install sprinklers in your house. if you break that down over a 30 year mortgage, it's really a couple coffee a month. >> follow these tips and you can have undisturbed fun and have a safe and happy holiday. >> i've a couple of tips. you said you said 200 right, nationwide 200, there are 30 million christmas trees sold every year. so in one side of to say we kinda got the whole christmas tree safety thing down. the second thing is john is pushing it, talk about the slide to irrelevancy. here was a gonna fight in the governor, take a stand take a stand on bridgegate and now he's relegated to christmas tree safety? >> at the recent nj transit board meeting mr. g said transit
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owes him over 1,000,000 dollars. >> i had no
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>> bill, check out this - can can footage from a friendly officer in menominee wisconsin.
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>> you turned off of 13th avenue. >> as you can see here officer martin pulls over a student at university of wisconsin for speeding, turns out. >> i'm trying to do her presentation and i'm running behind. >> he's all freaking out and before the officer even after his election and registration he says give me that time. >> while you grab your proof of insurance and drivers license. >> thank you, so much he has a back back to them, gives him a warning, no ticket and says the students -- and then he went to class. >> richard marx jumped into action when a passenger got out of control on a flight and by little i mean very out-of-control. marx and his wife, daisy fuentes
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showed pictures on the flight from vietnam to south korea. they started pulling the hair of several flight attendants and this went on for four hours. said if you passengers think remember were were injured. the person was arrested when he got off the flight. >> at the recent nj transit board meeting i was struck by mr. g, and 85 euro businessman who stood up at the podium, trust the board members and asked for justice. >> mr. g says nj transit owes him over $1 million for forcing out of his restaurant at the atlantic city bus terminal because they wanted to reconfigure the space. i caught
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up with him at his restaurant patterson. there he showed me an arbitrator's recommendation that nj transit pay him over $1.3 million. but a judge ultimately refuse to recognize it. >> there is an agreement that if i should give them my keys and let them destroy my cursor mike women a safe place of they could restart it in a new restaurant. >> tabbed insult to injury, mr. g continue to receive nj transit rent bills even though he wasn't allowed to use the space at the atlantic city bus terminal. i reached out to nj transit per, i was told the executive director would be discussing the matter with the board of directors. he hopes. he hopes that nj transit will do the right thing and honor the arbitrators recommendations may ten years ago. >> my accountant would verify how much a last that a devastating blow put me out of business promising to put me
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back in and at that point i had no income, had to spend all the income i had had and now i am devastated. >> he's been hammering him for ten years, or did he just decide now. ten years is a long time. >> they tried to settle this privately and use an arbitrator, they tried to take it to court and use the legal system. in his opinion it failed him. now he is left at the age of 85 to literally come to the board meeting to speak to the board members directly. >> is the government saying anything. the governor was distracted by his fail on the book deal, maybe, maybe he will have something to weigh in? nj transit has a partnership with the government government. there should be somebody trip he can appeal to. >> i'm 85 years old then i'm still going out to try to earn a living and i think that's unfair.
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[inaudible] >> will light candles and have a moment of silent. >> on the front of the state house in trenton, new jersey where governor christie addressed a large crowd during a candlelight vigil that was held to address the heroin epidemic in new jersey. >> the first thing we need to do is to not make them feel like somehow they have morally failed isa coming to this disease, they have a disease just like cancer or heart disease or diabetes. in the canada needs to be treated. to not only pray for those who were not able to help. just as much to pray for each other on the strength of
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character to be able to go out and save the life. >> the governor spoke of heroin be in a disease that needs to be treated talking about money being raised to address this growing issue in the state of new jersey. the crowd was filled with family members, former, former addicts, people and loved ones that have lost someone due to heroin and drug addiction in the state of new jersey. >> he died of a heroin overdose in 2012 by the age of 24. actually were four tenths of a mile from where were standing. >> this is my son patrick. patrick in january he will be gone five years. >> this is my son joe, he died of a heroin overdose in april of 2015. >> if any of our viewers are having any issues or lost somebody or is losing someone currently, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on twitter on chasing ron. you can
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you can tweet our show at chasing news. >> take a look at the scene from the fireworks market that exploded.
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>> i am hungry for fish for oh bill, bill, bill. oh my god.
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>> i thought maybe he was a leprechaun. >> matt farrell received an early christmas present when his brother, bo farrell surprised him after a game on monday. he appeared on the jumbotron with a message. >> i've been watching you tonight. >> as a video concludes he walks out his there in person. >> so he was not expected back until february so he surprised his family. they're actually new jersey native. >> look at the scene from a fireworks market a mark mexico
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that exploded killing 26 and injuring 70 people. >> it the mexican president sent out his condolences to the family who lost loved ones and washed wishes beauty recovery to those who were injured. we send out our thoughts and prayers to everyone who is affected. >> you are chasing a story of a racist councilwoman. >> a story we first heard about from matt from his new jersey blog involving a former mayor and councilwoman of westhampton new jersey, carolyn chang. she is african-american. this involved a town involved a town committee meeting and some remarks that she made during that meeting that could be taken
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as races. the five person committee held a meeting on december 19 and the first issue up, the possible hiring of a new police officer. his name is his name is anthony -- is caucasian. four members voted yes to hire the officer while carolyn chang was a solo vote. [inaudible] >> looking at the 2010 u.s. census, the staff shows the town of westhampton in new jersey at that time was approximately 61% white, 21% blackett 7% asian and 9% hispanic. the committee is a diverse group himself, hispanic male republican, a diverse group himself, hispanic male republican, and african-american male democrat, to caucasian females one from each side of the aisle and carolyn who is a democrat and also african-american. like i said the vote was for - 1 in favor of hiring the officer.
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>> and patrolman was sworn in on the spot. matt you are here with us via skype and you wrote this article on tuesday, what are your feelings about this, do you think this has her racial motive to a? >> absolutely. i get to the heart of why we still have racial problems in this country. not because we have large populations of klan members in all 50 states, it's because we have people and they come in all colors and some are in elected office continue to upsets over the superficiality of the color somebody skin. >> isn't this about timing? if you want to make the comment we need a more diverse police force doesn't that start at the recruiting to get qualified applicants in the door. by the time you go through the process and you're at the final vote to get that stamp of approval, you've gone through every single hurdle and you've got there, that's probably the last point,
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it makes no sense for someone then to apply the race card. >> carolyn che did nothing to improve the diversity of the department during her time. my understanding is this is currently one african-american officer wasn't hired by her. chile became interested in the issue after she, democrat was dismayed that two republicans got elected a couple years ago. couple years ago. all of a sudden there was a race problem kind of convenience and it approves that this is about politics. >> to have her contact information? councilwoman, we would love to have you on the set have this conversation. >> i'll get it for you if you promise i get to come to. >> of course. >> come on down. >> another great night of chasing news, thanks for watching. follow us on twitter on chasing watching. follow us on twitter on chasing news, word tracking the chasers
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