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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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yeah, that cold will hit you arctic air halving through our area dipping temperatures to dangerous levels. we will tell you about bizarre twist to this bitter weather. plus, fire and ice, a row home goes up in flames and one person is sent to the hospital how crews are handling the blaze in this blistering cold. plus shots fired at philadelphia police officers, three teens are in custody this morning, what happens and what officers say happened moments before the suspect pulled the trigger. lust, what ways discovered on princeton's campus that has within university sports team, swimming, in deep trouble. good day it is friday, december 16th, 2016. >> i tried, i cannot get this sweater off. >> it the looks like a red tie >> supposed to be a large, it is like extra small. >> medium shirt.
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>> mike's getting his sweater together he will join us shortly. >> can we have another rereal before you go. >> let the me get mike even if off here. one more reveal and then we will have to cut me out of this. >> i love it. >> don't get it. i got muscles here. >> yeah, hoe it off. >> and mittens. >> this is so cute. >> is that the death ray. >> sue, this is why i love ugly christmas sweater day. >> just too much fun. >> i will speak slowly so you have time to take it off, and plus when you are outside it is very hard to speak unless you are covered up like bus stop buddy, it is windy, dangerously cold out there. our wind chills are close to zero if they are not zero already. these are actual temperatures which is cold enough, temperatures in the teens as we start the day, factor in the wind, 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, and you get, these wind chills, four, zero wilmington, 13 reading, ten
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below mount pocono, one below in lancaster. the it feels like three in atlantic city right the now. >> that is what happens when you wear green. >> nothing on radar. we will give you low number of the take but not as low as yesterday. it won't be quite as windy. it will be dangerously cold. don't let your guard down but it is a four out of ten, today here's a look at our forecast for a high of a whooping 28 degrees, still too cold, just a little bit less windy then yesterday, and we're cold temperatures when we get precipitation. it will start out, bob kelly has snow. >> yeah, hey sueby, good morning. 6:02. a accident just south of the the blue route between 476, and the commodore barry bridge we're looking here at the brake lights on that southbound side, here's he the scene of the crash between the blue route and commodore barry bridge, anyone heading south
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into delco this morning, an accident, taking out two of the three lanes, and it is also going to start to cause delays, south on 476, as well, so keep that in mind if you are heading through tell co. fire location at 61st and baltimore at septa's route 34 bus using shuttle buses, two alarmer in southampton burlington county at ridge road at pemberton road and a water main break in cherry hill on route 70. break happened on the eastbound side, but there is icy conditions on the westbound side and make sure you are bundled upstanding outside on the corner, waiting for bus or mass transit, in delays currently on the buses, trains, trolleys, alex and thomas, back to you. a frantic fire fight when a row home goes up in flames this west philadelphia. jenny's we're learning one person has tied in that fire. >> reporter: yeah alex, a short time ago red cross did put out some information that they were responding here to the 1200 block of millick
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street in the cobbs creek section of the city for a fatal fire. no word on who the victim height be but earlier i did say we were talking to some neighbors out here. everybody came out this morning, when they heard this fire and sirens and heard lights flashing to see what was going on. these are their neighbors. they were concerned that not everyone got out safely. so we are awaiting the fire commissioner to come out here to give us a briefing, at this point, the fire department has not yet confirmed any information regarding a fatal but as i mentioned the red cross did put out some information saying that they are here and that this fire is fatal. so, fire fighters, still up there, you can see working on at least three row homes, possibly a fourth here on in, and it is unclear whether or not that home received any damage, and the fire has been placed under control, and just sorting through hot spots and going through inspecting these homes now, now fire started just after 4:00 o'clock this
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morning and we do know, that one person was transported to presbyterian hospital. so at this .1 person was transported and another believed to have died in this fire, alex. >> thanks, jenny. we have more breaking news this morning three suspects are in custody after police say one of them fired at a uniformed officer. >> they were originally wanted forearmed robbery. lets get out to steve keeley on the scene in olney. it seems like the cold played a factor here. >> reporter: they are riding around in the black nissan pick up that we have video of after it eventually stops. what happens was they saw a 21 year-old not far from the boulevard where there is a 24 hours dunkin' donuts and they held up that 21 year-old who gave up his wallet, cash and phone and then called the cops , and then gave them a good description. they find this nissan on the street, they pull it over and the three, inside, stop it at first, and then somebody must have said hey, take off, so as police were approaching on foot out of the patrol car, that is when the truck takes
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off, cops get in, chase him for about a minute and lose it and then they see it park a few blocks away. then they see these three guys here where we are as we come back to the live picture about one of the busiest intersections on the boulevard at rising sun, and these guys didn't even slow down. and then they run into this alley, jump over a fence and they actually one of them fires a gun once at police, and good thing they missed and also good thing that the cops didn't decide to fire back but somehow, these three finally gave up, and the cops caught them, without firing a shot. >> the police did an excellent job on a freezing cold night not only identifying a vehicle and chasing and apprehending all will three of these robbery suspects but they showed a whole lot of restraint after getting fired upon, the police officers, for some reason, they did not return fire. maybe they could not get a clear shot but they did a great job. they did not return fire even though they were definitely
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fired upon and they apprehended all three of the suspects. they are all teenagers. one is a juvenile one is 17, other two, 18 and 19 and the gun that they fired was recovered in the alley, by police, so great job by 24th district police on to this freezing cold night. >> reporter: look, police looked for a second gun because you look what they found here unfired bullet among drug baggies filled won sold or unused drugs on the ground. where they found robbers's gun and shell case ago this was a tive rent caliber. that is why they thought maybe somebody threw a second gun up on the roof and took these bullets and bags out of their pockets. so they called in the fire department and if they weren't busy enough on jenny joyce fire scene the fire department has to come out and bring ladders go up and assist, philadelphia cops, looking for a second gun. busy night for police and thomas, alex, we hear about police getting criticized for
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shooting their guns, how about this case doing a great job, without even using their guns. >> it takes restraint, thanks, steve. steve mentioned jenny joyce on a story about a fire in west philadelphia, there is a live interview right now. >> unfortunately it looks like despite their best efforts it wasn't going to be enough to save this young man. >> reporter: you say this is fatal can you give us any information about the victim. >> no, i cannot not at this time. >> reporter: thirty-nine year-old man was transported to the hospital, is that person is still in the hospital that person is still in the hospital right now. they were initially transported to penn presbyterian and may end up in the burn center. this was a very large fire fight, more than an hour, because of the very cold, very windy conditions, it is very tough fire ground. i was just in the building. as our crews were trying to make it up to the second floor the fire did a flash over which essentially involves the entire building on fire and just a really tough fire fight our folks are just a tragic
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outcome. >> reporter: can you tell us some of the challenges. >> it is very killed. we are fighting ice. all of the crews arized up. there was the wind that drove the fire, the initial occupancy drove tonight to two other adjacent exposure. we had fire in three row houses this fire brought about 13 response units, 75 or so fire fighters and medics to the scene. fire marshals are here and they are doing such a great job too, second alarmers, peco , pgw, water department and police are here supporting us as they always to. but again these folks do such an outstanding job. they were risking their lives in there today and they are heart broken. we all have kids. they are heart broken that they could this is to more but they really did try. i can't say anything more than that. report report unaudible.
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>> reporter: how many houses. >> three or four that are affected. there are two of the house that he is were going to be sheltering occupants and probably have red cross involved in that. they are a great partner for us as well. >> reporter: can you tell us where fire started in the home >> there is a lot of fire. there was a lot of fire in there. heavy fire involvement, heavy fire load, very difficult job and our folks did a great job. we will investigate this. fire marshals are in there now we will be investigating this for a while. we won't know about the cause for a few days. of course, also up to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death but like i said we believe right now... >> we have been listening to the fire commissioner explain the fire, tough fire fight with a tragic outcome as we have learn at least one person has died and another was taken to the hospital. >> all this taking place this morning in west philadelphia on south millick street. fire fighters say it is simply
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hard break to go say a child was involved. we are not sure of the situation, outcome involving that child. as soon as we gather more information, jenny joyce's on the scene and we will bring that to you in a moment. we will be right back. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good morning, time is 61:00t we are following developing news from princeton university. >> cool's men, whimming and diving team just learned their season has been suspended. prince top just made the announcement saying university had been alerted to vulgar offensive content on the
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university sponsored team group e-mail distribution. the princeton said some material was massage is in particular and racist. >> princeton said in part we make clear to all student athletes that they represent princeton university at all times, behavior we have learn about is simply unacceptable, basicallying ago begins values of our athletic ram and the university, and it will not be tolerated. officials say they will soon make a decision about the remainder of the team's schedule. i tell you suits, ties were loud but it was in one like him, they were screaming loud and craig sagger wore them so well, this morning, how tans, friend, tamly are remembering this legendary broadcaster.
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oh, my god, look out. >> my goodness. >> this is cell phone video you see captured a school bus sliding down an icy road in oregon. the bus was carrying several children going down that hill. before it crashed into multiple park cars. the woman who shot video said an ambulance responded to the
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scene but no one thankfully appeared to be serious injured >> that layer of ice, sue, is this typical for port land. >> not really, i'm surprised they even had school with weather like that. you know we wouldn't be around here, they are tough out there i guess. we just have the cold temperatures this morning and wind chill advisory for poconos mountains, carbon, monroe counties for wind chills of ten to 15 degrees. we have winter weather advisory that starts at ten and goes until 9:00 in the morning for snow that will arrive late tonight, before the changeover to rain, which will probably happen, around the 9:00 o'clock hour tomorrow for most of us but the polar vortex is here, you felt it yesterday, and it is still with us this morning and here's the proof, wind chills, four in philadelphia, and zero wilmington, and one pea low in lancaster, ten below in mount pocono, feels like six above in dover, delaware. these are coldest temperatures we have seen all season. no precipitation just yet. when does it start?
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any time i guess on any side of midnight and then it starts to pile up, in the mountains in a couple inches and we will see decent snow before 5:00 o'clock in philadelphia, and then maybe between seven and 9:00 when the general time period of the change over we will get, a wintry mix, and then rain, heavier at times, tomorrow morning. it starts to clear out in the afternoon but we have showers on and off and then on sunday another cyst to tell comes through with a early warm high temperature for this time of the year 60 degrees and then after the cold front comes through we will see temperatures start to drop throughout the afternoon and then some clearing, late at night on sunday. so, accumulations could be more than 4 inches in the mountains before the change over, one to 4 inches north and west, one to two this is suburbs and then coating to an inch along i-95. here to see the roller coaster ride 28 degrees today. then up to 46 tomorrow. that is why we're changing over to rain, and rainy and mild on sunday with an early high of 60 degrees.
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temperatures dropping throughout the day, much colder on monday with a high in the 30's. we will stay there on tuesday. then we will welcome winter on wednesday with a seasonal high in the 40's. so, no snow around here, bob kelly, but fortunately we still have a problem. >> we have an accident on two of the major roadways, sueby. a live look at the schuylkill expressway, police are not even on the scene just yet, look at this car here, he collided with this fellow, this is eastbound at montgomery drive, it is glass, everything all over the place even some fuel spills or oil. there goes police working up through the delay, tough part, eastbound, we're jammed solid from approaching city line, into montgomery drive where folks are just kind of, every man for themselves there kind of squeezing past the accident scene. the other accident is south on i-95, right here near commodore barry bridge, causing a delay from the blue route on down, and we just got word on a conrail freight
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train derailment near robeling , new jersey. we are waiting on details as to whether it is just a boxcar , it could be a tanker cars, is there hazmat involved we are waiting on that information. freight train derailment, but as far as mass transit, that is causing an impact on the river line new jersey transit river line, running with 30 minute delays. that fire location is what jenny is reporting from forcing septa to use shuttle bus's long a portion of the route 34 trolley, another fire , one alarmer at ridge and pemberton road over this southampton and a water main break on route 70, east and westbound watch for delays near the new jersey turnpike. the frosty and snowflakes sent thus picture from their home all decorated in wilmington delaware. they have led's all lit up. we want to see pictures of your home. keep them coming for a very kelly christmas. post them on facebook, twitter , instagram, use that # fox 29 lights contest so i
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can show lights on tv. we have them all on the web site and we will pick another home to broadcast live next week during our five and 6:00 o'clock news, thomas and alex back to you. well, president-elect trump has been going on his thank you tour through the swing states that he won. >> he wasted no time rebehind ing pennsylvania voters show someone other than a, you know, republican president or chose someone other than a democrat. president-elect promised to bring back jobs for the country and to the state and just like he mentioned throughout his campaign he promised to secure the board. >> we will build a great, great wall and we will put an end to illegal i am gracious. we are going to stop the drugs there pouring into our country and poisoning the youth of pennsylvania and every other state. >> meanwhile just two cabinet positions remain opened in
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trump's administration one for department have of veterans affairs, the other for secretary of department of agriculture. that is right, mcdonald's, you know it, mcdonald's lovers why you may never to have stand in line for your food ever again. does that sound good to you? we will explain. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek, eagles getting ready for final road game of the season taking on ravens in baltimore, eagles just one-six on the road this season kick off the at 1:00 on fox 29. eagles avoided cold by rag inn identify on a beautiful thursday afternoon. they dit without darren sproles, still in the nfl concussion protocol. eagles odd of headaching it to the playoffs how about 5 million to one. it does than the mean sunday toss than the mean something to these guys. >> first and foremost, for this team, this organization, we put so much into this ease on, you you know, to lay town or to, you know, whatever you want to call it not show up these last three weeks is not an option. >> phillies will have odubel herrera in center field for
6:26 am
next five years. herrera signs a you this contract that keeps him in philadelphia from 2021. death of the broadcaster, craig sagger, he lost his battle with cancer. craig sagger was 65. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. as tom mentioned craig sag ger died after a battle with cancer. so many people remembering him last night and also this morning. he was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, they admitted him back in the hospital late last night. >> last night the entire nba played games with heavy hearts but instead of traditional moment of silence, the golden state warriors decided to honor sagger with a moment of joy. >> but while we considered a moment of silence we thought it would be more appropriate given the way craig lived his life in the joy that he brought to so many people, to have, a moment of joy, instead would i like all of you you, to join me in an applause for a great man, and a life well
6:27 am
lived, thank you. >> 76ers also released a statement, just saying he was a valued friend and inspiration would under state impact he haddon so many people within the nba and far beyond. >> there was no one quite like him he wore bright suits, his personality matched everything he wore as well. >> it certainly did. they knew when they were getting interviews with craig, it wasn't a typical interview. >> i saw, his son craig sagger junior's twitter today a beautiful montage of when he was a child and it was just lovely. good, good guy. winter weather advisory in effect, going out tonight, maybe for a holiday party, well, you'll need to necessity when this is in effect, yeah, 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. we will tell you how much snow we will get before it changes over to rain and just how cold it is, when we come back.
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just air moving through our area, dipping temperatures to dangerous levels. why the biting wind are this is the worst thing this is forecast. plus one person is dead this morning after a row home goes up in flames, another victim sent to the hospital, how crews are handling the blaze in this blistering cold temperatures. plus shots fired at philadelphia police officers and three teens are in custody what overs say happened just
6:31 am
moments before the suspects, pulled the trigger. good day, everyone it is friday, december 16th, 2016. it is cold friday. >> it is cold. ugly sweater day. >> great day to pull out that sweater. >> we will be wearing sweaters this morning, sue. >> that is right, layers under it, layers over it, that is what bus stop buddy, he probably has an ugly sweater on but we just can't see it. because the less skin you have exposed the better, on a morning like this with wind chills around zero. but these are actual temperatures, and that within quite cold enough, thank you very much, 16 degrees in philadelphia but factor in the wind and it feels colder then that 10 miles an hour in the city. our wind chillies four, it is zero this wilmington, it is one in allentown, it is five, in millville. you get the idea. these are dangerous temperatures, and of course, it is good idea to make sure that everybody is warm, small children, older folks in your life, your pets, take care of everybody who needs you today
6:32 am
especially, four out of zero in weather -- ten in the weather by the numbers. we have wind chills in the teens throughout the afternoon , and then tonight, it is the snow arriving. how long it will stick around before it changes to rain? we will have have those details coming up. bob kelly, even without wintry weather, we have had you have this problems this morning, already. >> things falling apart here both on the roads and rails. let's roll it down here. 6:32. live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound an accident right here near montgomery drive. look at what is happening here these guys are slowing down to get a glimpse of what is going on and that will, that is how we get those gaper delay accidents that occur but eastbound on the schuylkill, bumper to bumper into montgomery drive because of a crash, jammo, south on i-95, into the commodore barry bridge. look at this 2 miles an hour we are just inching along with only the shoulder opened, because of an accident in delco. problems on the rails, 30 minute delays now, because the
6:33 am
manayunk norristown regional rail line because of power issues. i saw somebody tweet something out how long will it be before we're stuck on the train. there should be switch problems on the airport line. so, the cold temperatures, taking a toll, on the trains, on the switches, and septa says no vest trains this morning, all trains will make all stops on the market frankford line, to prevent folks from standing outside on the platforms think longer then they have to. jenny's been on the scene of the fear near 61st and baltimore. therefore route 34 trolley is using shuttle buses while the fire fighters are there. we have had conrail trait train derailment, near rob eling, new jersey. that is causing the river line to run with 30 minute delays. in the hearing any word if there is a hazmat situation or anything other than just a train derailment but that is causing delays for the commuters on the river line and two alarm fire in southampton burlington county on ridge road, thomas and alex
6:34 am
, back to you. we have now learned that one person is dead when a row home cause fire in west philadelphia. >> it started in one home and quickly spread to the neighbors. lets get out to jenny joyce on the scene south millick street , jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and alex. as you heard commissioner adam tiehl talk live on our air within the last half an hour or so, one person is dead after this fire. it is commissioner that could not give us exact information about the victim except to say that he is a child, young man, and he is, living in that fourth house in from the end of the block. we're also hearing a 39 year-old man was transported to presbyterian hospital, we don't know the extent of his injuries. a total of nine people displaced. we can see damage from this fire, destroying at least three homes, there might even be some damage to a fourth home, fire commissioner tiehl explained that there were several challenges in battling this fire. >> this is a very large fire
6:35 am
fight, and very cold, windy conditions, very tough fire ground. like i said i was just in the building. as our crews were trying to make it up to the second floor the fire did a flash over which essentially involve the entire building and fire and just a really tough fire fight our folks, they are just crushed. this is a tragic outcome here. >> unaudible. >> it is very cold. you can see we're fighting ice right now. all of the crews, they are all ized -- all iced up, it drove it the to two other adjacent exposures. we really were battling fire in three row houses. >> reporter: apparently, the young man died in this fire was found in a back bedroom, it is unclear where fire started, at this point we don't know whether or not there were smoke, working smoke detectors. we do know this investigation
6:36 am
will take sometime, thomas and alex. >> heart breaking this morning , jenny, thank you. we're also following more breaking news where three suspects lead police on a chase around the city and then opened fire on officers. >> police say they are in custody awaiting charges. steve keeley on the the scene in olney this morning, steve? >> reporter: our viewers, hard to believe it is good news story of the day, but it is. it didn't start that way. lets go to the video. notice black nissan pickup truck, three teenagers who should have been home in bed on this cold night getting ready to go to high school in the morning. but instead they are out rob bing a 21 year-old at 1:30 in the morning. police get the call, and they catch these guys essentially almost in the act and pull over the truck, and decides to stop at first and then take off. police lose it. and then they find the truck parked where they see it here and then three guys walking together still, not wise enough to split up, and run
6:37 am
and then one really not wise, turns, fires a gun at police, police somehow, without firing their own guns to return fire finally catch these guys after jumping over a fence. >> luckily, the officers were not struck by gunfire because when shot was fired at police, police were just feet away in the alley, with these three suspects. so, we're really, really lucky that none of the police officers were struck by gunfire, in police officers were injured, and all three suspects were apprehended and as i said, the semiautomatic handgun was recovered, and in
6:38 am
the alley, we found the spent shell casings from the shot that was fired at police. great police work all the waste around. our 21 year-old victim the initial victim, the reason we responded to this incident. came on scene and identified suspects as ones who committed the robbery. >> if that wasn't enough as a bone to us this, look what else they found. unspent, meaning unfired bullets of a different caliber meaning, going for a different gun than the one they have recover along with bags of drugs, right here on the same ground where they were searching and found bullet casing and the gun, from these criminals. so they went up on a roof thinking one of these three guys had a gun they didn't fire and tossed it up on the roof so police would not find it. what a night for philadelphia police and always disturbing when someone is packing their pockets with drugs and bullets and this guy who had these bullets planned to reload the gun which means he planned on probably having the fire of his gun at some point during the night. the those are kind of the people lurking in this brutal cold in the middle of the night. if you thought everybody would listen to you and spend the night inside we were all wrong again thinking crime would take a holiday during this one
6:39 am
day cold freeze. >> we know that is not the case obviously this morning. thank you you. i want to take to you breaking news we have been following all morning, police in washington state of taken a suspect into custody after a police officer was shot. now the shooting happened late last night, an hour outside seattle. officers were investigating shots fired in the area and when they arrived a man started shooting at them striking the 61 year-old officer. he has been taken to the hospital this morning and currently under going surgery, by the way, police say that suspect taken in custody is well men to law enforcement. convicted south cara gunman dylann roof will learn his fate after the holidays. roof's sentencing hearing is set to begin january 3rd. just yesterday roof was found guilty in the the shooting death of nine black parishioners in charleston last year. jury convicting him on all 33 federal charges, including hate crimes. well, coming up on 6:40. in the next hour we will have
6:40 am
pastor mark from bethel am e church with his reaction and also about moving forward. >> that is such a important conversation how do we move forward straight ahead. memorial services begin for former astronauts and senator john glenn. >> public is invited to pay tribute at noon, lying in state at state capitol building in columbus. his funeral will take place tomorrow at ohio state university. vice-president joe biden is one of the scheduled speakers. in 40 marines will carry his casket during the procession. glenn will be buried in arlington national cemetery. john glenn first american to orbit the earth indict last week at 95. chris hemsfield i spoke to and he talk about how such an inspiration to so many people especially little boys, girls, growing up and how they wanted to be astronauts. >> he accomplished so much in the lifetime, it is amazing what he has done, out of this world. >> he will be honored and rightfully so. >> i have been waiting 40to
6:41 am
talk about this. >> talk about what. >> we have royalty here. can we get a tight shot on alex. >> we don't need a tight shot. >> big honor, tonight, you should be proud of yourself, you padded yourself all night. >> no, i went to sleep. >> can we show, because alex, we're talking about one of the oldest press clubs here and alex won pen and pencil award for best broadcast personality >> thank you, thank you, last night at pen and pencil club, honor just to be nominated. >> oh, please. >> i didn't think i would win. >> i was autopsy begins great personalities. it was great. great time. like i said, just an honor, yes. >> you slept with the the award because i can tell you have philadelphia on your chin >> it was coal, i need something to keep me warm. >> chris o'connell won best multi media use of 2016. it was a great event. like i said, mike was there,
6:42 am
and he is accepting at ward. you can only imagine what the acceptance speech was. >> it is still going on right now that is where he is at right thousand. >> to you won they said you have to give a speech that is length of the tweet, 140 characters. >> this way. >> what did you say. >> i didn't know what to say because i could not count if my head. >> best person on earth, and most fantastic award goes to alex holley. >> thank you, thank you. >> you want me to read this. >> it really was an honor especially to be recognized for putting up with mike jer rick every morning, that deserves an award. it was a great time. oldest press club in the nation. the that is pretty cool. >> congratulations. congratulations to alex, have a good day. we to love eagles. because it is town to the wire , eagles, and, focusing on
6:43 am
, as we close out this season and what this could mean.
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this is a cool ugly sweater for the kids, kids on a snack or a treat, they have to get the ball into their red cup on ugly sweater day. ugly traffic mess on the schuylkill, eastbound, bumper
6:46 am
to bumper approaching city avenue in montgomery. all line up off to what would be the right shoulder, multi vehicle accident, police are on the scene there, all of the lanes are opened but there is a lot of glass, as you approach eastbound side. do you see what happened here? this guy stopped. officer pulling out, it is attract ago lot of attention eastbound. maybe he just wanted drive, kelly, martin luther king drive. southbound i-95 jammed up accident approaching commodore barry bridge and 4 miles an hour, so that is having a come minute necessity for folks rolling through delco because of the cold weather, septa, in express trains on the market frankford line, all trains making all stops, same deal for the 101, 102 trolley to limit amount of time folks stand outside on the platforms power issues on the manayunk norristown line, and don't be surprised if some trains throughout the system has minor delays. temps at 16, wind chills below that those switches will not
6:47 am
operate as easily as they do during the summertime. the route 34 trolley using shuttle buses because of fire and there is a conrail freight train derailment near robeling causing a river line delay of 30 minutes. frosty and snowflakes from wilmington sent thus picture, they are lit up with the led lights. snap your picture and keep them coming for very kelly christmas. we are showing them each and every day on tv, sharing them on social media we have them up on our web site just use that #fox 29 lights contest when you post your picture to facebook, twitter, instagram and then next week we will pick a home and we will go broadcast live again during our five and 6:00 o'clock newscast. but, we have got a lot of stuff coming our way this weekend. sue is coming your way in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
it is obvious we still have arctic advice we need to pass along on a day like today , with dangerous wind chills make sure you wear layers of loose fitting clothing so warm air can get trapped in between those layers. don't walk outside without the hat, scarves and gloves. i almost did this morning. i was running late. oh, i forgot it is 1 degree outside. properly ventilate space heaters, and see what happens in cold weather like this. limit your pets outdoor exposure. it seems obvious but don't forget. today is the day if you cab tough it out through today temperatures get much more comfortable in the afternoon, tomorrow but it feels like 4 degrees in philadelphia zero wilmington. ten below is wind chill this mount pocono, very big frostbite danger up there, six in dover, delaware and in precipitation today but, today is a different story, midnight , where you live,
6:49 am
where you start with the snow, and it is, quickly going to be replaced by rain over the next couple of hours, you see rain moving northward from the south, and then by eight or 9:00 we are starting to see the changeover in philadelphia , we will get to a wintry mix and then over to the rain as temperatures warm up. we will if the the a break on saturday. more rain on sunday, now sunday's high temperature of 60 degrees will come early in the day. do you see arrow there. we will see falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. and cold air rolls in gannon monday and tuesday with temperatures in the 30's both days, winter doesn't arrive until officially until wednesday. guys, back to you. >> long road, until then. thanks, sue. eagles/ravens, this sunday at the 1:00 right here on fox 29. this is final road game of the season for the eagles but we know it doesn't really matter, right especially last weeks looks to the redskins. we know eagles will not make playoffs. last time we talked to you
6:50 am
there was a 1 percent chance. >> right. >> so, i know for he it the is football, i love it. >> emotional segment i got tissue box here talking about the eagles. >> yes. >> 5 million to one are you still holding on to that hope. >> i'm still holding on. >> what can do i in the next five minutes to convince to you bring me over to my side. >> absolutely nothing. >> lets talk about darren sproles a lot of people were talking about that hit that he got. he will be out for this game. >> would i imagine so and again concussion protocol, safety of the nfl, pushing for player safety, you'd like to sees him sit and get better, of course, he is best player on offense outside quarterback the in the meaningless football game it is nice to have your best players out there but i don't expect him. >> did he get find for this hit, some people were saying he should have been fine. >> in suspension that came down. that is the biggest part for the hits thousand. that is the statement that we were like to see from the nfl, preaching about safety here is
6:51 am
coming down and knock a guy out for two weeks and take money out of his pocket as opposed to here is a fine because that doesn't impact the player as much as suspension. >> week before we hear coach say everybody wasn't in the game, head weren't in the game what to we learn is this are we inching toward everyone becoming that collective team. >> it is difficult to go on one game. you don't want to hand out participation trophies to say somebody showed up, therefore, they are trying. you try to get anything at this point. problem is baltimore is still in the playoff hunt and they are hungry this week. they are coming in with the goal to beat eagles. the problem is, you now set the bar, last week of showing up and giving effort. if you show up on sunday, pardon me and there is no evidence and back to what it was, prior to last week then we are back to this team quitting. back to this team not showing up. problem is they have set the bar. they need to show up again but the competition doesn't get any easier. we have ravens, giants, and then cowboys.
6:52 am
so those are teams right now, looking for playoff spots, dallas is lock up. >> i was just hoping we would peter out quietly but it sound intense all the way to the end >> is there nothing ease bye the nfl even when you are out. you can play spoiler, i kent like eye tea of rooting for a team to income out another team. dallas is already this there. but it will not be easy lets not talk about the eagles, can we talk about the the flyers. can we make to it 11 game winning streak, what do you say. >> why not at this point, 11, 12, 13, keep riding the wayne train until something happens. the difference is it is so much fun, right. think bit, it is a job, chore to watch eagles. this team out here on the ice they are having so much fun. they are finding new creative ways to win, goal tending one night, offense another night and just a nice breath of fresh air. >> basic 101, they played so well together as a team and that is typical in any sport when you can come together and
6:53 am
play well as a team. they know each other movements and play action. >> they are young too. build off of that where you have this continuity with the team from last year, growing, next year, everybody is together, playing in the same page. >> it could get better. >> that is the idea, expectations are playoff this year and growing with the nucleus. they are at the same page. dave hakstol is doing a great job. >> do you have any concerns about the dallas stars, playing in dallas. >> you want to bring up concern? >> i want to get the winning streak. >> in the for the flyers, no concern with the flyers. they are laying great hockey. >> don't hold me to. that people will blame me if i lose. >> eagles on a bus and take them over and watch flyers. >> i am with you. >> thanks, eytan see new an hour. >> you got it. >> 6:53. we will get back to breaking news and bob kelly. >> good morning. we are looking live at a fully involved car fire, this is a live look at i-95, northbound
6:54 am
at the stadium complex. fire fighters are in the on the scene yet here. here's off ramp for broad street taking you in the stadium or navy business center, again it looks like that far left lane, this is cooking, and again, hopefully we can get fire fighters there , in a hurry. we will keep a camera on grab a cup of cough east and be right back. blank black fios in the house!com>[a5df]
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(joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
6:57 am
updating breaking news we have a fully engulfed car fire on 95 northbound at broad street. here come the fire fighters, look at this thing fully cooking. tough parties even they it is 95 at broad street the fire fighters had to get on down at enterprise and sit through this delay. this is i-95, northbound, right at the stadium interchange, is there the off ramp for broad street. i just hope that whoever was in that vehicle was able to get out in time, we will have more information and come back after the break.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
arctic air still moving through our area dipping temperatures to dangerous levels. so, it is so cold. it is freezing. >> bizarre twist to this blistering temperatures. plus, shots fired at philadelphia police, three teens are now in custody, what officers say happened, moments before the suspect pulled a trigger. it is a facebook crackdown , the social media network taking action against fake news on your feed, how you can help tea tech giant, fact from fiction. and it is


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