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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 16, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury. >> this is a great spot for selfie. >> i don't agree with that. >> you guys are completely insane. i love it. merry christmas from the plaza hotel in new york city where hillary clinton will be hosting her 2016 holiday bash. it's taking place just a few blocks away from well, you know. let's just say the supporters
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here are not in the holiday spirit. >> hillary will have her holiday bash at the palazzo, are you going to gold your signout there? >> now the democrats continue to question the democrats the of the election some celebrities begging the electoral college to vote against tron. but the show must go on and it will write here inside the plaza hotel tonight, thursday. so tell me, pity party or christmas party? tweet your thoughts at diana black for the. >> i love the original. >> is the season to be in the giving spirit, bill and i were able to serve breakfast for dinner in patterson. we were invited to give away hundreds of free meals at a
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restaurant. bill is passing out the xi have a difficult job of handing out sausage and bacon. my favorite part was reading to the kids christmas books, and how the grinch stole christmas. >> we served over 600 families. >> heavy wonder what it would be like to go surfing under the aurora borealis? check out this video. next spent 2016 chasing waves all your long. it took him three days to get this shot right here. two amateur photographers went with them on this year-long journey and this is the result. >> it's been more than four months since the brutal murder of queens charter karina. her crime remains unsolved. the nypd the nypd is trying to change that with new tactics. a partial criminal profile, the man who they believe to be the assailant. i assailant. i went over it with my friend.
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>> there has not any other attacks in that area. [inaudible] >> what does the nypd say in the profile? the persons familiar with the park may have had scratches and bruises on them because karina fought her attacker. then they said to note changes in his personality. perhaps drug alcohol abuse or change in appearance. the profile is not incredibly specific. and john is said it's called the scattershot profile. >> you try to cover as much of an area as he possibly can with as many hits as you can come up with. >> he says this profile is likely more than a thing guaranteed to get the nypd fresh tips or possibly keep the killer in the shadows and away from potential victims. >> you're not only trying to
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catch karina's killer with this profile, you're also trying to get into the killer's mind. you're trying to create fear in him. what you want to do is try to flush them out, get him on the run. >> some of us chasers know what is like to take a big leap in your career. ron was in hr and accounting, i worked in the fashion industry. making a change in career is not something that we are not used to. there's nothing quite like the mlb player anthony who is now just become a cop. >> i grew up in staten island, so it something that i highly respected it's something i always wanted to do since i was
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little. >> while the career jump may seem strange at first he studied at st. john's university in queens and study criminal justice while he was there. being a cop is in his blood. >> i've extended families and friends that are or are retired police officer. >> anthony has two sons i asked when you come home from work with her son say? >> once a daddy wants to be a policeman and the other says daddy wants to play baseball. >> d mrs. porter do still play? i play with my kids, i don't i just play for fun. >> what is it like to avenue teammates, your brothers and blue? >> there here for better or worse and they have your back. >> we are walking around around town and it was the coldest day of the year. yesterday so maybe start on a pretty cold day and he said this is nothing compared what we had to deal with. you kidding me? it's cold. >> this guys a is a real hero. that's a huge things.
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it's not like a cop is going to make anything close like you would in the major leagues. that someone driven to sir. he's sounds like a guy with a calling. >> people forget is what you're passionate about what you're driven to do. if you're passionate you can find a way to make a living regardless of what you do. glad he was not only had his sights on money. >> were talking about it before with nfl what people don't understand is the lifespan of a pro athlete contract is three to make five years. talk about the stars in their their ten or 12 years. there are in and out in their 20s with maybe a couple million in the bank. >> that's not a lot. >> it's an expensive country to live in. it's great to be serving the country and being a role model for skids. [inaudible]
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note. >> one week ago we reported on the republican chairman gilmore. now we we have more information. it appears this federal probe was not limited to one loan. we spoke to another person served a subpoena by federal investigators in the ongoing probe. this is another contractor like the one we talked to before. gilmore has been the gop chair for years. is years. is a close l.a. of governor chris christie a fundraiser president-elect donald trump during this year's election. election. looks like this investigation is not just about one loan. my investigation is focused on two loans extended. one, the low for the contractor between 20 and 30,000 dollars. 30,000 dollars. the other, additional mortgage on his home for $350,000.
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what do the seven? in both cases the wonder say they are being paid back by gilmore and monahan, gilmer's law form. not gilmer himself. gilmore monahan was founded by gilmore 35 years ago last year did a total of $2.5 million in municipal work in towns across the state. now paying a personal loan and mortgage back out of law for money could run if i of state ethics role. i talked to a lawyer who is involved in the state bar association about that on thursday. >> that something the attorney general and irs would be interested in hearing about. >> are you saying that nixing the two, using business funds for nonbusiness could be a way to avoid tax? make absolutely. it's tax evasion. evasion. it's fraud. >> gilmore's own attorney.
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[inaudible] the question is whether not the chairman had to pay income tax on these loans he was taken in. but for the contract, 20 to make 30,000 dollars, the contractor said was made with no paperwork and a 0% interest. the additional mortgage on the house was given to him by the plastic company founded by john r -- man who happens to be morse county republican chairman, gilmer's counterpart in northern new jersey. we wanted to talk to the partner who founded monahan but under state rules law firms are required to set up at least two bank accounts. one, a trust that places the
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money the client gives them, the other, an attorney business one. that was the name of the fund that was on the check given to the contractor, what goes into these tourney businessmen? professional services money including money that a law firm like gilmer monahan was taken from a more monahan were taken from municipal work. 2.5 million last year of your tax dollars to pay for legal services by the firm. as the chair, a reliably republican counter, that may have one chris christie the governorship in 2009. chairman gilmer has a lot of club. >> if you make in a list of the top five republican politicians you had to work with, he's on that list. he has he has been on for a while. >> so matt rooney calls gilmore and old-school. >> he's been happy to control his territory and focus on ocean county. >> who benefits from the ocean can a republican party?
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if you look at the financial forms that they're required to file, they rent space around election time to who question the gilmore monahan. they did in 2015 right right before legislative election. so there's george gilmore, gilmore monahan, where does one end and the other began? and how does ocean party republican party fit in? we'll continue our investigation and have updates for you. in the meantime if you have anything to add or anything it should investigate tweet me at the show at chasing news. see you soon. >> diane and i were at the state house today and i'm telling you, it was a crime scene.
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>> we're off to the statehouse. [inaudible] >> you got me to the statehouse, was going on. >> i'm glad you made it because even though we thought it was going to be a quite season not soquel fast. governor christie wants to write a book but in order to yes to change the ethics fall so the committee voted, a past 9 - three, now this bad book deal goes to the full senate i will see we'll see what happens in assembly on monday. i caught up with -- was an
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opponent. >> wire while where all pay more trying to get to work and run run for the holidays and get our kids to school, were giving, we but the legislature has decided to give huge pay increases to the clinical elite. and to me i cannot think of a bigger slap in the face and to do this now. >> so you might think it's all over, but we do have till monday and senator ray have this to say. >> have everybody, everyone of of your viewers caught their legislator and say i will hold you accountable. next next year election time i will hold you accountable. please do the right thing about no. >> diane and i were at the statehouse today and it was a crime scene. in any other state this would have never happened. in in new jersey, the governor actually has the legislature poised to
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give him a gift. a gift that could be worth millions of dollars. literally changing the ethics laws in trenton so the governor can write a book and profit from it. the way he will get it done, he is buying their votes by increasing the staff salary. by increasing staff salary. by increasing the salary for judges and circuits in court employees there given away your money so governor christie can enrich himself. it's disgusting, disgusting, honestly i think it's criminal. no book deal. >> what a weak ipad. on monday we showed you the journey to locate heroin addiction tj for his family in philadelphia. tuesday we brought you the intervention to get them into
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rehab program and hopefully back into the arms of his loving family. wednesday we recapped the unlikely success we had in getting tj to give up the life on a street in heroin and enter himself in rehab. we talked about him and the overall heroin epidemic in the united states. especially new jersey. today we want to thank her viewers. they supported tj in the family. thousands of use later in a few days see in this real story had many viewers open up for the first time about their struggle. lois wrote, in tears watching this journey. brings up emotions having done the same thing many times for far to many people. hope he becomes a success story on his long during of recovery. becky wrote, i will be attending a funeral on saturday for someone that was too late for. so sad, i hope tj and his family get through. juliet is a friend of tj's and shirov, i keep watching this over and over. i haven't heard his voice or cmis face and so long. the last time we talked was this past
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june which was brief. i hope he follows through with everything offered returns back to be the friend i miss. >> eileen wrote i want the story to go on and on, just live. frank was serious about was going on and he writes it's a shame. it seems like every family has someone or know someone who is on heroin. they need they need to crackdown on the dealers and pushers and for all the people they have killed and the lives they ruin. what i've gathered from reading reaction is simple, by doing the stories we have done something for more than just tj. we started a conversation. people are opening about their personal situations and asking for help. i received dozens of private messages of people who need help i want to share their story and heartfelt thank you from strangers.
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history is incredible. we have to remember for every tj there's 1000 other people out there struggling with heroin addiction and i think starting the conversation and realizing that it could be a disease. >> you confronted this guy, and it worked in a way that was positive. so he did was incredible, what i love about it is it's not awareness his conversation. >> everyone here has remember their people around you going through this. the scared to talk about it because they're scared of being judged. if you're one of the people that are lucky enough to have a loved one or someone you know open up, listen without judgment and with open ears. >> have an story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging on to
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♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi everyone, weather authority scott williams here. it is going to be a bitterly cold overnight. look at feels like temperatures. first thing friday morning, three in philadelphia, six in millville. below zero north and west. bundle up with that winter gear. highs on friday only 27. >> he started on a cold day and he was like this is nothing compared to what we've had to deal with before. >> are you kidding me? it's cold. >> it is the port authority chairman sat down with an interview with new jersey host jim queenie. the chairman has been in the midst of a battle with new york governor andrew cuomo over both the future a port authority bus terminal in new york and the capital plan
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for the port authority. the the chairman spoke candidly about his relationship with governor cuomo and his phone call with him. >> governor cuomo speaks directly and bluntly and forcefully. it wasn't a pleasant phone call. >> good news for commuters, chairman said there will not be toll increases over the next couple of years. he actually emitted that when ridership goes down when they hike rates. the chairman also spoke about the impact of the bridgegate trial on the port authority. there's currently there's currently a review going on with testimony going from that trial. employees did live in. of david wildenstein while he was there. he said that work climate should never happen again at the port authority. >> they did that appear. that should never happen again and political involvement that tends to accomplish that needs to be rejected. no board member and chairman should sit silent when threats
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are going on without pushing back. that's what i'm going to do. >> for more in the interview tuning to nj now sunday at noon at my9. you can also ask me a twitter at chasing seville seville. >> diane and i were at the statehouse and it was a crime scene. in any other state this would've never happen. in new jersey the governor actually has the legislature poised to give him a gift, gift that could be worth millions of dollars. literally changing the ethics laws in trenton so the governor can write a book and profit from it. in the way he will get it done, he's buying their votes by increasing the staff salaries. by increasing the salaries for judges and circuits in court employees, court employees, there given away your money so (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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