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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ >> these guys are playing in the cold. they will be playing in the cold all weekend. it is second annual arctic avenue, along east passyunk avenue in south philadelphia. we have an ice sculptor one of the best this is business and he wants you to guess what that big block of ice is going to be. lets go back over to the big chunk of ice right there. it is a solid piece of ice. what will he turn that into. do you ever watch his work, he is live on east passyunk avenue over weekend. >> good morning, karen. >> people are fascinated by her little hatchimal. you can see, he is cracking opened. that just happened. do you you see that. >> turn to the side. >> he is getting himself out. >> reason why we are doing this because we understand is there a big ship.
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of these new hatchimalls coming this is delaware valley. we will tell you where that will happen on sunday kid striving to get these for your kid. rita ora is on good day philadelphia plus secrets from the set of the new 50 shades film, 50 shades of darker, yeah. >> rita, um-hmm. >> and a royal portrait kate midst will ton is always styling but there is something extra special about her outfit here, can you spot the sparkling connection to diana. >> i guess that thing on her wrist or crown. >> i'm fascinated by guarders and under wearing and the order of the guard are, i'm fascinated. >> we know madonna has got moves, right. we were showing what she was doing in car pool karaoke yesterday and we were all amazed. but then karen says that is nothing, i can to better than that. so, karen is going to reinact
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this moment, right here on the set with her shoes, you know, the shoes might be the best part. >> i can do that. >> you can do it. >> yes. >> all right. we will have a demo in the tv business coming up. wow. >> so lets get back here, real quickly here. it is the number one gift for this holiday. >> do you hear it. >> so, it is made of plastic, right. >> it is so cute. >> so cute. >> my little baby, he is three, every single day we get out and he pretend to hatch over it, and he would love it. >> i went to buy it but i could not find it in any of the stores. on line it is 300 bucks. i'm not spend ago this kind of money. >> it is what 60 bucks. people are buying it and trying to make money off of it. mike because he is such a caring heart wanted to have this and see how it would work. >> we wanted it and here we go. we have 60 minutes to do this. >> i know, i'm only one
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rubbing. do you want to do some rubbing. >> i love the way he pecks his way out, little bit in the shell. >> you have to rub the bottom too. he height need to go more bottom. >> yes. >> when you take one hand and kind of tickle or stroke the bottom. >> yes. >> then you take the other. >> you know so well, why don't you do it. >> clearly i don't know. >> stop, stop. >> and then you rotate on the top, see it is cracking. >> it has been cracking. >> i wonder, i was just wondering if i put it with guinea pigs, in the guinea pigs cage with them rubbing up against it with little creatures. >> somebody suggested warmer gloves because it is cold in the studio. >> true. >> think bit, the toy manufacturer, i'm sure they want to drag this process out because it is a toy. they want to make sure that kids just don't get bored witt. >> it is cold in this studio. maybe put tonight a warmer
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place. >> i have a blanket. >> chicken sit on eggs. >> so reason why we are doing this. we have some more cracking right there. we hear that the target stores may have a new ship. coming in sunday. so, lauren, what you do you have to do with this first come, first serve. what are you hearing? what are you hearing? i'm not hearing anything true, lauren. >> i was thinking i might want to go out there on sunday when you get them in. >> you have to go early because tom loudon our executive producer, he went out and toys-r-us, they were going to get it by eight. he got there right before 7:00 d people in line. so if you go, karen you need to go early. >> what are details on this, do i have to get in line. what is the deal, lauren. >> reporter: what is up, mike, karen, alex. target is the place to be on sunday but we came early, because people are trying to
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get their hand on these hot items. they will show up early. we asked 20 people who were coming in. we gotot of people are like what are you doing? we found one woman karen wells and listen to what she had to say. >> what did you come for to daze. >> hatchimalls. >> who are you buying them for. >> my friend's grand daughter do you think you'll have any luck in here. >> i hope so. my niece works at a toy store in florida. i have been down to florida, looking. i have been to california looking. my niece says go to target at 8:00 in the morning. >> can you you believe the craze for this toy. >> it is a hazing. amazing. >> do you know what it is all about. >> i know it is hatchihas so i am assuming it is an egg with something that comes out of the eggs. >> you have gone to great lengths to get this this toy. >> yes. >> for a special someone. >> yes. >> a granddaughter, grandchildren are special, very special apparently because we have been all over,
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coast to coast. >> they are 59 dollars in the store but you can go on line and pay triple that. >> we have seen them on line. >> would you be willing if you can't fine them in the store. >> to, we will wait it out. >> reporter: you are not looking for a hatchihalls but you know about them. >> yes. >> where. >> i saw it on fox this morning. >> what do you think about this craze that sits there and just cracks open. >> i like it, i think it is cute. >> yes. >> when i have grandchildren if they were older i would buy one. >> sixty dollars. >> well, for two of them, two in the family, yes i would. >> good luck to you. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. >> here's the deal they will open up on sunday. they are getting far more then they have had before, this sunday, hoping to make parents, kids, santa's little elves happy, because kid want them so bad, mike and alex and karen. >> i think i'm rushing this.
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you cannot return things in life? yes. >> here's what i learned last week. we had a toy tester on good day weekend. she said it takes between 30 and 90 minutes of loving this egg, before it cracks open. i don't know how much loving these guys have been doing, but that is what she told me. >> that is a lot of love, lauren. >> we are 60 minutes away. >> has it been constant love, constant have love. >> keep going, mike. we are taking shift here because you can get tired. >> are you looking for a hatchimalls. no, okay. >> which tarring are you? where are you? are you in cherry hill. >> cherry hill, target, yes. >> we're right here toys-r-us, they had them last weekend where tom loudon lined up and it was 200 people in line. >> people waiting hours all over the country. >> will you stay there and wait and try and get one. >> girl, no, this is what we
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won't do. >> okay, thanks, lauren. >> i'm sure karen knows what she's doing. >> it is soft. >> yes. >> it is getting soft on top. >> it is. >> you can feel it, like a little baby. >> it is cute. >> it is cute. >> watch, i saw a video yesterday and they had furbies, it the remind me of them. if you put it there there is a big difference. this one talks, eyes light up, all kind of things and it moves. >> very disappointing if it doesn't happen before ten. >> we will just cut into wendy williams. >> some people are saying, forget egg hatching lets get back to karen and the heels. >> it is 9:09 isn't that what happen yesterday. >> all right. we can do it. >> look, look, look.
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>> i'm looking. >> look at karen like she is having another child. >> it is so cute. >> it is a cute concept. >> no, i really like it. >> i will buy another one now for my granddaughter. >> does she watch the show. >> no. >> too late for this one. >> yesterday, by the way, we did show you madonna's moves in her car pool karaoke with james corden, now, here it is. or soon will be, i'm not kidding, here it comes. james will be on the right-hand side of the screen and sees madonna. >> ♪
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>> ♪ the >> ♪ >> strike a pose there is nothing to it, vogue. >> so, karen, i don't know why i look to her, over you, alex, but it seems like karen would be able to do that pose. james did it too. we asked to you wear pants in, which you did, thank you. her stripper shoes. >> did you see her shoes, i said i have to rock the shoes. >> where did you buy the shoes. >> i was lady gaga on good day back in the day. >> for halloween. >> yes, so i can bring my leg
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up and i used to dance back in the day. >> i can get it behind your head and do all that kind of stuff. >> i was a and wow. >> and i am going to rub this fast. >> thanks. >> and this way, this way. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. thank you. now you can get back into yoga.
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>> yes, yes, hot the yoga. >> now, you know, i have have a couple grandchildren. >> yes. >> i love children. maybe i'll have another child. wait a minute, i'm probably getting too old to have a child. i have new instantvation. >> from the hatchimalls. >> no, mick jagger. >> yesterday he had his eighth child, yes, his eighth child. >> i saw the news, i just kind of think of you you. >> did you. >> he can do it he is 73. he is out there. he is a grandfather. he is even a great grandfather. he has a kid that is, you know, little older then me all the way down to a tiny new baby. >> i have to find somebody to have this child with me. >> he has a girl friend. is there always someone. >> she's a ballerina. >> yes. >> so mother of this child is a ballerina, melony hamrick is
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her name. she is, 29. >> yeah. >> twenty-nine. >> so, i think he turns 74. >> did they meet at an event. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> from gala or something. >> she's a rock star. he is great at any age. fun, lives the life. >> i have seen normal people, that are 112, you can live a long life. >> so, go for it. >> okay. >> do you know the name of the baby. >> i don't know. >> the one that was oldest one, around my age was jade jagr but there was interesting to see the different moms. there was, the model, hall. >> jerry hall. >> yes. >> freakishly, who did jerry hall, after she divorced mick jagger who did jerry hall
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marry. >> tell me. >> are you ready for this. >> the guy that signs your paychecks or used to. >> that is right for a minute and a half, she was with rupert murdock. >> i think they got married. i think they did. kitkat kline can you look that up. >> kitkat kline will be spring nothing to action. >> go, girl. >> she married rupert murdock or former boss. >> right now you. >> and there they are. >> look at them. >> at their wedding. >> beautiful bride. >> beautiful. >> yeah, well. >> december romance. >> yes. >> she's getting up there too. >> how oldies jerry hall, 60. >> yes. >> thank you. >> she was married in march of this year. >> okay. >> they are 30 years apart. >> how oldies rupert, 111?
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eighty-five. >> he is 85. only 25 years difference. >> yes. >> not that bad. >> facebook friend with one of the sons. >> lockland. >> yes. >> rupert's son lockland. >> he does sign our checks, so be careful. >> does he go on fabulous trips. >> those two. >> i'm talking about lockland. >> it is not like i -- >> facebook friend with him. >> lockland moved back to australia for a while but he is back in new york now. >> let's get this, what is this clutch again, we were talking about this clutch. >> taraji p henson we are talking about because she had her white hot, who will daze special. >> i love it. >> um-hmm. >> last night. >> yes. >> and so there is a lot of performers, she does skits. and taraji we always want more taraji and we have alycia keys on the peace an owe performing, here's a little bit. >> ♪
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>> still wearing no make up. >> she looks fabulous, and her voice always works. and then tlc, i rise up. and it is such a good song. tlc and misty elliott came in and spiced some things up. >> is there misty elliott.
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>> and okay. >> and then, you cannot have taraji host a special and not have someone else from empire perform. >> who. >> jesse smallet he did a twist, little drummer boy. >> that is a beautiful rendition. >> we will see if you can purchase some of those songs
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i'm loving that movie. >> do you ever watch that ellen show in the afternoon. it is pretty good. when they go to commercial brake they have people audience dance and keep energy up. sometimes best moments on the show happen when camera are not working. off in the commercial break. look at what happened yesterday in the commercial break. wow. >> take that, will smith. >> you always dance off, when you jump in the split. you cannot top that. >> look at will smith. >> my goodness.
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>> karen hepp can you do a split. >> i can split. >> go right over here. >> oh, my goodness. wow. >> amazing karen hepp. >> there she is, ladies and gentlemen. >> there is nothing she cannot do. >> this is what i will do around 1:00 o'clock i will take on other tv people from other tv stations, in philadelphia. who can make the best ginger bread house. i have asked folks at davio's to give me pointers on how to that. >> we will see what we can do. we will check back with an ice carver, can you guess? what can you be making.
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>> ♪ >> okay. welcome back everybody. is what our ice carver making there. it is starting to lah like a head, isn't it a little will bit. >> is it? >> well. >> a snow flake, i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i cannot tell. >> karen hepp is on the anchor desk over there watching it, keeping an eye on the hatchimal getting ready for this thing to pop. it has zero or 30 minutes to go before the end of the show. >> she has been talking to it and everything. >> yes, working hard. >> after the show from 12:30 to 2:30 i will be over in front of the city hall or off to the side there at christmas village. hi there candace pastry chef, at dave ohio's over on 17th street. good to sees you. >> thank you for having me. >> i have to go up against other tv permits. >> okay.
9:25 am
>> we will be making a contest to make ginger bread houses, right. >> do you know what you are doing, do you know how to make a good ginger bread house. >> i have a team, each tv personality has a team. >> okay, you will need help. >> and hi, candace. >> look over here, thank you. you other tv folks i'm coming after u.s. specially that meisha person doesn't she do traffic for channel three. i'm coming after you. >> trash talking about a ginger bread house contest. >> so candace. >> by the way, you are having a workshop how to make these things. >> this year is davio's fifth anniversary of our ginger bread workshop. this is one of the kits we will be building at the workshop. we will get started here. >> slow down, everybody. we have to come back on camera this is real ginger bread that you have made. >> yes. >> what is key to getting it, to stick together the key.
9:26 am
and we will just pipe, a good amount of royal icing on the edge here. >> what do you mean royal. >> it is just really thick, icing just like glue to hold the house together. >> tell me how you headache that icing. >> egg whites mixed with convexer sugar until it is really thick. >> okay. >> it is really thick. >> so it is glue. >> yes, reallies i. >> it sticks together. >> okay. >> the times i made these it collapses. >> i will just take the pastry bag a little bit far and then just fortifies your foundation. >> you are reenforcing the back side. >> yes. >> with glue. >> so many times people to these and they cave-in. >> they are just like this. so the key is, we all have to set for 30 minutes to an hour before they start putting candy on so it doesn't just collapse. >> up to an hour. >> yes, you have to keep kid
9:27 am
busy. >> you have one sitting here, this thing sitting here for a while. >> hatch the ice and start decorating. >> this is where i have a problem, roof doesn't stay on there make sure you have plenty of icing. >> you just use a lot, we will provide plenty of icing at the workshop. >> what time of the day. >> 2:00 o'clock to 3:00 and we provide lunch for all of the kid. >> that is nice. >> can i try one. >> yes. >> the other side. then we let kids decorate it however they like. we provide candy, we clean up afterward, no mess, no fuss. parent can come. they get involved. everybody loves it. >> so should i put snow on top. >> you can. >> with just icing again. >> let's go. >> as much goo as you you can. >> yes. >> there is the snow on my roof. >> and then what. >> then we provide candy. >> chew stuff? can you put some across the
9:28 am
top there. >> there we go. >> across the top. >> karen, how are we doing. >> so cute, it is like i'm this love. >> i'm talking about the egg. >> it is getting there. >> for are hatchimal. >> we can keep the hatchimal this here wouldn't that be adorable. >> candace, 12:30 to 2:30 at christmas village right there by city hall, we take on other tv permits and i will win this thing, okay. >> um-hmm. >> thanks for your help. >> i'll see you sunday at davio's. >> yes, thank you. >> and mike can you make something like this please. >> can we show the finished product yet, have we seen what candace actually made? could you do this? i think not but i will do it today at city hall. see you at 12:30? i think not. >> jen's up in new york city what are you up to right now. >> mike, i just wanted to see, it is beautiful, it is golden,
9:29 am
and it is, the trump international hotel and tower, you know, here in new york it is causing trouble for commuters. we will talk about that and taraji and why i'm here in the first place it is really tall after the break. really tall. ♪
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>> oh, i can't wait to see this movie hidden figures, it will be good. jen, you got to talk with a lot of the stars? >> yes, and i already saw the movie. i saw it on wednesday, in philadelphia, and i have to say, it is so good. as good as you think it is, it is a thousand% better, and i have to say, a lot of the people here obviously for a fact are hoping that it will get heavily recommended, and awarded during award season, especially, taraji. okay, so, a lot of people are asking like how is she? if you don't know the plot of the movie, basically these women were super geniuses, you know, during the civil rights era. so they in some instances were kept, here, had to go to a colored bathroom, then kevin costner character, who is all relief, true story, he really breaks down a lot of the
9:34 am
barriers for them at nasa. in the beginning you see taraji, she's so cool, right? stand out role in this movie, did you hear the music? the music is amazing. and he's a big part of this. and then, kevin costner, who i was in a room with yesterday, he looks really good, all the public lists say he's really sweet. but he kind of looked like the full kevin costner, he had his leather jacket on, that was kind of cool. part of the thing that did i here yesterday, is i saw a lot of the movies from fox, that are going to come out in 2017. and a lot of the people who are xmen, in wolverine super fans have, been waiting for logan. that's going to be the new full-length movie, that is based on the wolverine character hugh jackman has
9:35 am
said it will be his last as the wolverine, and it is really cool. i saw about 45 minutes of it, and, i'm not super fan of this genre, but, i loved this movie. and they show him weak, you know, they show him aging, he has to wear glasses and he's with this dynamic little girl, you're going to love this movie even if you're not, you know, a wolverine super fan, but you're a wolverine super fan you will love it. it is in the future, i talked to the director off camera, and they show this like bear end futuristic world everyone fighting so people are asking, you know, about the election, divided country and all of that, and he said, you know, co-feel it last years the year before, and because people were like wow like you're clairvoyant, but everyone kind of festive. so look how beautiful central park is. and guys, i don't foe if you were watching yesterday, but i was stuck in traffic because the president-elect, his building was on the street that i was staying in.
9:36 am
and, you know, a lot of people are saying, you know, when other people have come into office, spends the same. but man, new york city during the holidays with all every these big motorcades, it is creating quite an issue so if you are going to come up here, and enjoy everything, mass transit is the way to go. get your fit bit. get your steps n i would not recommend get nag cab. >> so you're right there at 59th and central? basey? >> oh, wait. mike, i got a text from back in philadelphia, you know, landry jane, only asked for one thing this christmas, one thing. >> what's she snap. >> it is a hatchamole. and she said if mike gets a hatchamole i'm sure santa will get me one. ya. pretty sweet, right? >> little beak's coming out. my kids want one, too, so we'll see, fingers crossed. >> i can see why kids love them. >> car send talking to it,kooing. >> it talks back to you.
9:37 am
>> you babble it, babbles back, getting purple beakage. >> if anyone knows about bible, it is us, for sure. full house last night special screening of the new show, it appears on fox, it is called star. right? star? >> and it is a new drama from philly's own lee daniels, of course the correct or or of empire, and quincy harris of the q show was there, as well, so you can watch the special preview of star, next wednesday, right after empire, than is big, because you know you will be watching since it is the empire season three, mid season finale. >> so, just keep watching. you'll get to see preview for star, then also, make sure to keep watching for the news at 10:00. >> get back out to this ice sculpture at fourth and market. big rectangle. see, i think it is turning into somebody's head. >> but who is? jen, what do you think? >> oh, adorable.
9:38 am
>> by the way, they're having a big, well, festival over east passyunk avenue this weekend. they turn the avenue, passyunk avenue, into arctic avenue. it is fun. take your kids.>[]
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>> we're taking a live look, the new fresh grocer just opened up in grays ferry. >> oh,. >> people are enjoying it, so for 57,000 square foot store, located in the former pathmark off grays ferry avenue. >> so it is the sixth fresh grocer in the sit. >> i they can turn -- they've
9:42 am
been turning this neighborhood around. >> and also 300 varieties of wine, beer, so lots of options, more than just -- >> i love. that will in our neighborhood, so hard to get good fruits and vegtables, good job. can you hear it? so cute. little beak coming through. >> you guy see the lights, it is lighting up, that kind of thing. >> a lot of people watching the show today. >> thank you, we appreciate it. thank you. >> loving the craziness. >> we have a major star coming up, though. >> what? >> rita. >> yes? >> what's she doing? >> she's on good day. she has brand new project that's really big that she will talk to us about, plus, we want the secrets on the new 50 shades film, what does it take? >> well, so we will talk to her when we come back. rita aura.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> yes, we are looking at 39 degrees for our high temperature today. sunny, very cold, wind chills in the 20's, and that's the way it is going to be for the rest of the day, and the rest of the weekend. so, expect daytime temperature windchills in the 20's both today, saturday, sunday, by the time we get to monday
9:46 am
morning we could have little bit of wintery mix. ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, that song, black widow. >> oh, yes. >> that's a good one, such a good one. >> then did you see what happened overnight? the internet almost broke. taylor swift and zane from one direction. >> formerly of one direction, released new duet overnight for the new "50 shades of grey" movie, 50 shades darker. here it is. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:47 am
>> ♪ >> we are intreagued. >> we r oh, there is mia, i mean, rita ora. hi, welcome to philadelphia. >> hi, how good is that trailer, guys? >> oh, yes. >> so good. we are so ready for this. >> have you ever been to philly? have you ever been to philadelphia? >> i have been to cold philly. i heard the weather cast earlier, that's cool, i really want to be there. >> you should come. we would love to have you here. >> i know, i have so much fun in philly. hi, philadelphia. >> hello, helling owe. so what are you doing for the holidays? >> well, you know, hopefully i'm going to go back home. i am free london. so hopefully i get to go back home and see the family. i haven't seen them in god knows how long, and put on the dvd, holiday every year, you know the drill. >> now, what do they say about your role in 50 shades, these 50 shades movie? do you not discuss it with your, you know, your parents?
9:48 am
>> oh, well, luckily, thankfully there is christmas there won't and all quick conversation. i don't have any sexy scenes like dakota, who is amazing in it, i play the youngest sister, christian grey. and it is great to be a part of the whole franchise, see it come to life. i think it is really exciting. >> i love your role, so sassy, bring such a brightness and energy to the role. >> thank you. >> she is such a fun charge their we just love to have her in the movie. so, thank you for doing such a nice job. >> yes, she is the one that can kind of get away with it a little bit more than the rest of the gray's, the younger sister, but just amaze to go just nab role where, you know, not just in the mix, you know what i mean, it is exciting. i can't wait for it. >> was it hard to become abreu net? we know you for your blonde hair, right? and was it hard then to become abreu net? >> i mean, it is winter. i thought let me just tone it down a little bit, and get a bit cozier. we like it or we don't like it? >> you look fabulous either way, honey.
9:49 am
>> thank you, darling. >> it works. >> speaking of looking fabulous, and looking good, america's next top model, amazing, now the new host. so did tyra give you like a boot camp or hands it off to you like here take my baby? >> well, you know, tyra banks, how much we love her, and her being the show, the history the show had, i really wanted to keep that in there. so when she honored me with the role of being the host, i said how are we ever going to fill your shoes, tyra? it wasn't about that. it was about really re-inventing the show and bringing new kind of perspective to it, putting girls through their paces to become more than just a pretty face. they really want to have some kind of like stature and career and i want these girls to really lever the show with a idea and vision to become more than just a model. >> so will you be doing things differently than tyra, when they all walk in the room she stares at them while holding those papers giving them the inch ten look, will you be doing that. >> i know those iconic moments. yes, we will kind of do --
9:50 am
instead of tyra mail, there will be rita ora pause, you know, the girls get presented not with the cards but get big picture up on the screen. so just little touches that really bring this into 2016. but i do love those old tyra ones, for sure. >> so you've seen the one? i was going to say we're rooting for you, we're all rooting for you, rita. >> i know, thank you. we're righting for you. >> but here is the thing. everybody ends up crying. it would make me so upset not to kick anybody of off. >> i have to tell you i thought watching on tv was tough. being in the room with the girls and seeing them face-to-face and having to tell them, it is not your time right now, oh, honestly one of the hardest things i've ever done in my life. because i know what it feels like when someone turns around and says to you no, it is not the right time. you feel devastated. only because that was your moment. but do you have remind the girl it really isn't the end. and they're young and they really are so beautiful.
9:51 am
so it can only help them. they're on tv you know? >> i love your innocent. good luck with this, freak i shallly, i do watch america's next top model. >> you should. >> yes, if rita is there, i'm watching. >> thank you, rita. >> lovely rita. >> thank you. >> what's with the egg? >> nine minutes. >> it is going to happen. just making so much noise that during the shot of receipt. >> so you have nine minutes to get this done. but there is a royal portrait i want to put up here. kate middleton is always stylish, but something extra special about the outfit in this picture that i'm about to show you. we'll tell you what that is. now the ice carver should almost be done. he has eight minutes to go, people are saying, it is going to be my head. >> snow angel! >> oh, i can see that. we will turn it around after the break.
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>> the special thing about this picture, the royal portrait, kate middleton there on the right has diana's tiara on there, that was made in 1913. how about that? that's kind of special. >> that is special. outside to the ice carver. oh, santa. >> awe. nice job. >> carver, down in east passyunk avenue. >> oh, hold on. tomorrow, they have their arctic avenue festival. so come on back to the anchor desk now. it has popped. >> oh,. >> it is so huge. >> the hatchamole has hatched. >> we just had a baby. >> see, baby at any age. mick jaggar has nothing on
9:56 am
you. see there is your new babe. >> i look at its eyes. >> took two full hours to get it done. >> mike it, has your eyes. >> really does. >> show the camera. >> so here is the deal, apparently target, target stores! >> watch for that sunday, may have to stand in line. >> oh, she keeps turning. what should we name it? >> somebody said fox i. i don't know. >> it keeps coming over, and looking at me. now, based on the color that it is showing, it shows what it needs. so we have to figure out what it wants. >> what do you mean? >> the color means a different need. >> the eyes? >> yes, the eyes, sorry, its eyes lighting up.
9:57 am
>> so pink is hear my heartbeat, orange needs to burden of proof. orange has hiccups. green, sick. blue, cold. dark blue, scared, purple hungry, white, going to sleep. >> so i mean it is not over now. do you have play with this poor months? >> not even out of the egg yet. >> does it come completely out of ther? >> it comes out. >> hard to get it out. i just tried. >> oh. >> this is adorable. >> it is a good idea, man. >> i get it. >> okay, good luck getting one. >> geez. do we have names? >> it hatched. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> my baby. you're my baby.>[]
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! >> we won't judge, but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: it is what it is. thank you for watching.


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