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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i'm lucy noland. you probably notice add chill in the air this morning when you left the house. peeks of sunshine warmed up things. i hope you soaked it. things are changing drastically. meteorologist kathy orr tracking all of this what you got, kathy. >> we have some cold that is coming. you've heard it and it it will be here early as tomorrow night into friday. right now it is dry in old city. a busy wednesday night with temperatures that are only in the 40s and some 30s. it is 46 in the city. 40 in pottstown and 35 degrees in the poconos. two to 4-inches of fresh snow from last night. temperatures will be falling through the 40s this evening. by 9:00 o'clock, 41. by 11:00 o'clock, 38 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. tomorrow will be a quiet but chilly day. and then the cold core of that arctic air will be dipping its way down into the great lakes and making it into our neck of the woods by friday. and once this arctic blast settles in, it's going to stick around for a little while. and then it will be cold enough for even a chance of snow.
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we'll talk more about that with your seven day forecast and break it down later in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> kathy, thanks. breaking now at 5:00, prosecutors have just charge add 19-year-old with deadly shooting of a 14-year-old zamir price of northeast philadelphia facing a list of charges including murder and robbery. police say he knot shot iain wisely last week on brows street while trying to rob him. price turn himself in to police yesterday afternoon. only on fox 29, fire investigators in allentown say improperly discarded smoking materials led to that blaze that ripped through a block of row homes last thursday night. the fire damaged eight homes. six of them extensivel extensiv. >> forced nearly two dozen people into the streets. the residents of the home where the fire began have not spoken publicly about that tragedy until now. our bruce gordon is just back from allentown. bruce. >> reporter: this is the two of two cousins working single moms who rented a house and made it a home. fire destroyed that home and gave these cousins a chance to see human nature at its best and
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at its worst. as fire investigators combed through the charred ruins that were once 440 north fulton street, sheree bots and her country stood outside and watched. and wondered. >> how? why? you know, why? just how? >> everything is gone. >> lives of nearly of one on this block changed last thursday night when flames erupted in a first floor back room of the rented row home that the two had just moved into with their three children, shade's boyfriend and would bot to s friend. that friend 28-year-old with their kids eating pizza when the fire ignited. he called in a panic film what do you mean my house is gone. >> you have to hurry up and get home. >> you don't expect to come home and see your house up in flames. i pulled up and there was -- there was fire coming from all three of my windows. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured but when the
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smoke cleared, half dozen families had lost much of what they owned. 440 was a total loss. >> we can't even go back in the house. we can't see if there's anything salvageable. there's nothing left. >> almost immediately friends and strangers reached out to offer help. donations a place to stay. >> it was the next day somebody was handing me something all we had was the clothes on our backs. people out there willing to help us and everything, it's amazing. >> reporter: just as quickly some in the neighborhood were pointing fingers of blame. there were rumors the young children had been left home alone. untrue and unfair says botts who nest less understand their anger and frustration. >> you're the new people in the neighborhood that caused this problem as far as some folks are concerned. >> yeah. it just stinks. >> fire that wrecked this block has officially been labeled an accident. but that does not make it any easier for neighbors who lost their houses for for a pair of working single mothers who lost
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their brand new home. >> we finally made it, you know. we're finally here. we're good. we're going to be okay. and to know a week or two later that's all gone. >> reporter: botts and shade dispute the initial finding but they are official. improperly discarded smoking materials. an accident but one that has derailed lives. theirs and they're neighbors. lucy? >> thank you very much, bruce. criminal case could soon be coming along with possible murder charges. for a warehouse fire in california that killed three dozen people. the 36 teens and young adults died in a fire at a dance party last friday. oakland city officials have declared a state of emergency to break open state and federal a aid. >> it allows the city to be eligible for possible state or federal refunds in support of this disaster. it also allows the local residents or businesses who have been impacted by this disaster
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to get funding to help them. >> federal investigators are looking into the possibility that a refrigerator or other appliance started the fire. the president-elect is time magazine's person of the year. today time releasing the cover and some behind the scenes footage of its photo shoot with the interview and of the president-elect. meanwhile it was back to work at trump tower. for donald trump today. >> trump administration just announced a pair of new hires. fox's joel waldman has more from washington. >> reporter: another day and another hire-ranking military leader expected to be added to team trump. president-elect has settled on john kelly tapped to head the department of homeland security the third general hand picked by mr. trump. the retired marine chosen in part because of his expertise on the southern border from his team leading southern command. earlier in the day iowa governor terrance brand stand accepted his offer to become u.s.
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ambassador to china a close personal friend of china's president. >> we felt great how ahead of schedule he is when you compare him to past administrations. >> reporter: among the visitors at trump tower today chicago mayor rahm emmanuel. president obama's former chief of staff. the mayor handing the president-elect a letter signed by more than a dozen mayors urging him to keep mr. obama's plan in place for shielding young undocumented immigrants from deportation. >> i was clear about where i stood and other mayors stood on immigrants. >> reporter: another president's chief of staff carl rogue who worked for george w. bush giving mr. trump an earful for publicking chastising boeing yesterday. the president-elect calling for the new air force one contract to be canceled because of its $4 billion price tag a figure under dispute. >> this was fire ready aim in my opinion. first of all, there's not contract for $4 billion. there's a contract for
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170 million. it's not to build one plane. actually the goal will ultimat ultimately to build three planes. >> reporter: president-elect trump's transition team is indicated his choice for secretary of state will be announced sometime next week. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. tonight local veterans are remembering the attack on pearl harbor. hard to believe it was 75 years ago today that the lives of so many americans changed forever. >> and the camden waterfront today's anniversary coincided with a local event of significance. 73 years ago on the second anniversary of pearl harbor the uss new jersey launched today veterans and the community joined together to talk about the battleship and also reflect on pearl harbor. the group remembered and honored those who lost their lives in the attack and one veteran says we can still learn today from what happened three quarters of a century ago. >> i think the lesson is we need to avoid war by being politically and diplomatically
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engaged with everybody. we're a global economy, we're a global world. everybody has to work together, and i think, you know, by being an isolation nation after all we're we're we left ourselves vulnerable. >> more than 2400 people lost their their lives on the attack in pearl who are lore. >> in camden things are moving on nj transit after early morning crash broad things to a stand till. one of the cars hit a sedan to tried to drive around the blinking gates that were down. the gates meant to stop from you crossing across the tracks when train can you remembering. the driver of the car has minor injuries. police issued the person a summons. >> new tonight hunt for the man accused of trying to rob a delaware county post office. investigators say the man enter the the chester post office armed with a gun. >> u.s. postal service now hoping you can send the guy its way. fox 29's dave kinchen live at the post office in chester. dave, investigators are hoping
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someone recognizes this guy. >> reporter: that's right. people we talk with did not recognize him but they had a question why rob a post office? walking inside the pope francis out of the on edge montgomery boulevard in chester and you will see this. a wanted poster announcing $25 reward for this man. carrying umbrella in one hand and a gun in the other. u.s. postal inspection service says the man approached a teller on november 30th and demanded money. a shock to customers we spoke with. >> i think it's despicable. why would you want to hold up a federal building? >> it's like a fortress in there any way. i can see why somebody would go into some place that heavy. >> reporter: postal police source tells fox 29 the man did not get away with any cash but workers inside still seemed shane by the ordeal. >> i think it's sad a little b bit. you know what i mean for a post office. kind of dumb.
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>> it's a shame. go out and earn your money. report roar officials say the suspect is about 5-foot eight and was wearing a green sweatshirt with blue jeans and black boots. >> i think out of the ordinary. i don't think it was a normal thing. and hopefully they'll catch him soon. >> reporter: that's what investigators are hoping. fortunately no injuries were reported. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, dave. these brave men and women helped safe lives every single day. but even they need a little help sometimes. ton night the story of how a rescuer ended up needing rescue himself. are you planning to see your favorite college team play in bowl game? what the attorney general wants you to know before buying tickets. it's hank and i got me a hatchimal. the oley grail of 2016 toy treasures. yes there's there was a q show hook up. see how it all advertise together in just a minute if coming up new at 6:00 over the past five years senior citizens lost more than $2 billion a year from financial abuse.
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what the city of philadelphia is doing to try to stop that from happening.
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pregnant woman is in the hospital tonight after somebody shot her with a beebee gun in north philadelphia. police say the 24-year-old woman is five months pregnant and that she was standing on the 2,000 block of north 19th street when someone fired the shots. it happened just past 2:00 this afternoon. medic rushed her to hahnemann hospital. we don't know her condition just yet. we'll have more as it comes in. a jury has acquitted former philadelphia l and i official federal prosecutors charged
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dominic verde with a long list of corruption charges including extortion and conspiracy. the feds claim that he he can polited bar owners by having ownership in an alcohol distributor and offed special protections from businesses. the jury deliberated for a few hours before returning a not guilty verdict. scary moments at a bucks county crash seen over the weekend that had a rescuer needing rescue. after paramedics and firefighters wrapped up another -- after the crash another emergency struck. >> this time involving one of their own. fox 29's dawn timmeney talked to those emergency responders today and dawn, they saved a fellow firefighters life. >> had he they sure did. if they had and been responding to a car wreck this veteran firefighter might not be alive. it was about 8:30 saturday morning, firefighters from the midway volunteer fire company in lahaska and central bucks ems responding to car wreck and reports of a woman trapped inside. crews were able to successfully rescue the victim and then --
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>> we just put her in the ambulance and then i hear some firefighters calling, upping, firefighter down we need medic. we need medic. >> reporter: rachel ran over to the side of the fire truck where she saw 67-year-old ron yor down on the ground in full cardiac arrest. >> your heart sings a little bit but then your adrenaline is going and you jump into action. >> grabbed the aed and first bag we were lucky enough to have medics on scene. >> shock him twice end star talking to us it was the most unbelievable part about it. >> reporter: success and relief. >> he's fine. >> third generation firefighter elizabeth, has known ronnie her whole life and is thankful he's okay and that she was able to play a part. >> you're usual film for everybody else but this time you're there for one of your o own. >> we knew he was good when he was asking what his name was he said george washington. that's ronnie for you. >> reporter: a real joker and with 52 years with the volunteer fire company he is as good as they come. >> ronnie is the kind of guy you can always count on.
5:16 pm
in this day and age, volunteerism in many areas is a dying thing. not with ronnie. when the fire was over he's here. >> timing is everything they say and fortunately for ronnie hig highly trained skilled professionals were right there at the scene able to get him the help he neede needed and save hs life. >> the cardiologist at the hospital and all the firefight firefighters in his family are calling a christmas miracle. there's no better feeling in the world than being able to give a family that and especially when it's one of your own. >> the best news ron was released from the hospital late this afternoon. so he will be home for christm christmas. he does hope to be back at the fire company as soon as he gets the all clear from his doctor. iain? >> all right, dawn, sounds good. thank you. well dozen of philadelphia police officers are honored for bravery, valor and heroism including one officer who was ambushed and shot in his patrol car. the philadelphia police department held its twice yearly commendation ceremony among the more than 30 officers who received awards was officer
5:17 pm
jesse hartnett who was given the sergeant robert wilson the third valor award. he was shot back in january along the 300 block of south 60th street by a man who said he was acting in the name of islam. >> service and the job goes beyond recognition most of the time, and it's just very very appreciative especially for two guys that saved my life and got me to the hospital. i'm forever grateful to them. >> three other officers received a medal of bravery. one got the medal of heroism and 26 received life-saving award. every year it's something. teddy ruxpin tickle me elmo the cash batch kids and this year it's the hatchimal. the doll in an eggshell all the kiddos want but the parents simply can't find. >> fox 29's hank flynn went outlooking for one and as you'll see he didn't have to go very far. ♪ >> reporter: i got me a
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hatchimal today a toy so in demand this year high sit down and stare at it awhile. ♪ >> reporter: i started out at target. fat chance. >> when we get a case, six in a case. >> reporter: you get one case maybe. >> that's insane. >> reporter: so i tried mow mow' trees house on arch street. >> heather, enough witness nonsense. where are the hatchimals? [ laughter ] >> you're holding out op me. heather says mow mow's deals in toys than in hysteria. >> i can't tell you how many phone calls i get every day. >> do you really? >> yeah, i feel like we should answer the phone mow mow's tree house, this is heather we don't have hatch malls but we have scooters. >> reporter: i didn't know where to turn but, hey, it's better to be lucky than good, right?
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>> never realizing that human resources director meghan had not one but two hatchimal. >> it was thanksgiving that meghan and her boyfriend tim caught lightning in bottle. >> we were there at the right time to get in line. they were handing out tickets. >> did they make the announcement. >> they did the managers were very organize and i very professional. >> they didn't want a riot. >> there was no riot. there was a heavy police presence on the scene. we were actually glad because we were working out to the parking lot with our hatch malls. >> one goes to tim' daughter laugh lynn for the other meghan is willing to listen to offers. >> barter is the great american tradition. "the q" quincy harris and i know a guy willing to make one. >> okay. here he is. >> hi, tom. >> tom. >> yes. >> tom. [ laughter ] >> look at that. >> no you look at that. >> how much? >> hey, hey, hey, step back. >> how much is that. >> it's hot all right.
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>> which alley did you buy that from? >> i don't know. tom lowden his search for the hatchimals borders on the biblical and he's come so close. >> you were so close. >> so close but so far away. i did a phone in on good day weekend. after watching i was on the phone with lauren johnson as i missed out on my ticket. i'm walking away dejected. >> i took victory lap i never expected to see a hatchimal for this story. i suspect tom is going to make a deal to have that thing hatch under his tree this year one way or the other. >> i see your hatchimal and i'll top you two american girl dolls. >> aren't there like a thousand cool toys. what do we do getting nuts over this every single christmas. tweet me if you refuse play the game or if you're really good at it at hank fox or the house at fox 29 philly. have fun out uh-uh bunch of craze cease. ohio could soon pass the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.
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what changes it will mean if the governor signs the controversial bill. >> are you ready for a complete economic collapse? what about a zombie apocalypse? these sound like movie plots, right? but people near you are preparing just in case. what they're doing that you're not. ♪
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fire investigators trying to figure out what started an early morning house fire in port richmond. flames broke out inside the home along the 2900 block of gall street just after 7:00 this morning. firefighters got there and found heavy flames on the first and second floors. it's not clear yet if anyone was hurt. one of the worse restrictive abortion bills in the nation sits on the desk of ohio governor john kasich. >> the bill would ban all abortions once a doctor can detect a feet al heartbeat most abortions will be illegal six week into pregnant. now the ban would make an exception if the mother's life is in danger but not in cases of rape or inn seven. governor kasich has not said whether he'll sign the bill into law. big question and problem for
5:25 pm
people heading to washington, d.c. to protest donald trump's inauguration. some active visits say the national park service and presidential inaugural committee are trying to block protests by not issuing permits. the two agencies have the right of first refusal to the mall, the lincoln memorial, independence avenue as well as other locations and today a group of attorneys and active visits gathered to demand the agency's release the area so protesters will be able to gather. the group claims that blocking protests violates freedom of speech and they've got message for those planning to come to dc to protest. >> for all of those who are worried, who are concerned, who are thinking about changing their plans because that is the unconstitutional effect of what the park service and trump's inaugural committee are doing, we're here to say that it's lawful to march in washington, d.c. and we welcome everyone to the district of columbia to engage in their free speech rights. >> it's not clear when protest protesters who applied for permits will find out where they
5:26 pm
can demonstrate. when a child visits one of santa's helpers at the mall that joy of christmas but that wasn't the case for one boy. what a shopping mall santa said to him that has his mom seeing red. and we're finding live in the darkness a local man is out of prison and determined to keep others from making the same mistakes. ♪ >> we all start off as naturally good people. -- the choice that is we make. >> how he's using t-shirts to get his message out there for goodness sake. kathy? in weather we're talking about the cold that is coming. our first arctic blast of the season and to the west the first storm that's making its way to california could bring us snow. scott will have more on that coming up with the seven day forecast. my guest list just tripled.
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(rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ ♪ 5:30. temperature is dropping as we take a live look at blue mountain. that's like a beckoning shot right there. if you're planning to hit the slopes this weekend you'll want to dress accordingly of course. kathy orr and scott williams they both have your forecast coming up. atm, handgun and now a policeman hunt. tonight upper merion police are searching for this guy they say
5:30 pm
walk up to someone who was taking out money from wells fargo atm. pulled out a gun and demanded money. it happened on monday on rout route 202 and henderson road. police say the guy got away in either a white forward for fusion or mazda. if you know who he is give police a call. it it's been 75 years since the empire of japan attacked pearl harbor. it was one of the deadliest attacks ever on u.s. soil. >> fox's trace gallagher shows us how the country is rec the thousands lost in pearl harbor 75 years after the attack. >> december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: the nation remembering those lost 75 years ago in the deadly attack on pearl harbor. a day full of memorial events taking place across the u.s. including a moment of silence at pearl harbor and ceremony at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. >> we remember your lost ship mates. we salute your service and
5:31 pm
youring is yea chris face and that of your families. we offer you our most heartfelt thanks for all you sacrificed and all you suffered. >> reporter: four of the five remaining survivors of the uss arizona attended today's commemoration evens in pearl harbor. the surprise attack bite japanese was an attempt to neutralize this us naval fleet in the pacific and plunge the united states into world war ii. more than 2400 americans were killed in the attack. and 1,000 more were wounded. secretary of defense ash carter in japan today praising the process of u.s. japanese relations since world war ii. >> in the coming hours as americans will remember those we lost on that day, long ago in history, we also reflect on how the united states and japan have come together in the decades since. to build one of the world's most endearing alliances. that's truly remarkable. >> reporter: japanese prime
5:32 pm
minister will visit pearl harbor later this month becoming the first leader of japan to pay his respects at the sight. at pearl harbor, trace gallagher, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. little bit of a chill in the air today. but we saw some peeks of sunshine as well. >> we did. seems like december weather is here to stay for while. kathy orr and scott williams have your forecast in 15 seconds. cool day in weather. but nothing like we are going to see friday even into the day on saturday where it will really be feeling like winter. partly cloudy skies out there tonight and pretty much the same goes during the day tomorrow. but the temperature is what we're going to be focusing on. right now in philadelphia we're in the 40s. out through the midwest some 20s and some 30s from chicago through detroit.
5:33 pm
through indianapolis but the core of the cold is in the northern planes and of course in canada. look at these numbers. in calgary it's two below. in rapid city it is 13. so that core of the cold air is still in canada and it will be moving its way toward the delaware valley. one front moving through right now. that reinforcing shot of cold air will be moving in tomorrow night and when it does, we will be feeling the difference come friday morning. this is what it will feel like friday morning. feel like reading of 18. the wind chill in the poconos 18. the same in allentown it will feel like 15 in reading lancaster as temperatures gust to about 30 miles an hour. even during the day those numbers will only be in the 20s and by saturday morning, wind chills once again will mainly be in the teens along the i-95 corridor and to the north and west. so that cold air is going to stick around. cold enough if any moisture moves into the region, we could be seeing snow. scott has been looking at that probability and a lot of our compute models are saying it could be a go.
5:34 pm
right, scott. >> absolutely, kathy. especially as we move toward sunday night into monday. take a look at the water vapor imagery we'll be tapping into west coast moisture over the next several days into the upcoming weekend and early next week but look at the weekend chill. saturday a high temperature of only 38. as we move toward sunday, 41 degrees. and by the evening, watching that system that could bring some of the first flakes even into parts of south jersey as we move tore the second half of the weekend. so saturday's high once again 38 degrees. the last time it was that cold you have to head to february the 18th. as we talk little bit about those computer models we're keeping tabs on. european model watch what happens throughout the day on sunday. pretty dry, but as we move tour sunday night into monday it papers the picture for some snow north and west. the gfs model the american model you can see it paints the picture a little earlier with the timing. even moving some of that snowfall toward the philadelphia and also the i-95 corridor.
5:35 pm
sunday afternoon into monday. so once again the bottom line we're going to have to watch the track, the timing, those critical temperatures and also kathy the amount of moisture with that system. >> absolutely. the 3t's. thanks very much, scotts were he look at the park tonight. quiet for now but not for long. a busy wednesday night in sent city. in the city overnight 35. in the suburbs going for 29. partly cloudy and chilly. during the day tomorrow the high 46 degrees. with a mix of sun and clouds. the wind begins to pick up with gusts to 20 miles an hour as we look ahead on your fox 297 day forecast, friday 41 with that arctic blast. saturday there it is. the coldest day of the season. cold for the birds with clouds, the high temperature 41 on game day. monday some rain possible al mix to the north and west and then looking ahead to tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the 40s tuesday next wednesday cold again in the 30s. the trend with those temperatures is down tis the season for rain, a mix or snow
5:36 pm
it's a lot of if you to forecast too, guys. we'll zen it over to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. so you planning to see your favorite college team play in a bowl game. what the attorney general wants you to know before you buy your tickets. >> and this man peaceful mountain paradise turn into thinking but after new resident moved in under the porch. what is living under there that has him staying elsewhere. >> at 6:00 a woman just trying to buy some gifts for the holidays had her christmas spirit stolen. what police say was taken from her after she check out.
5:37 pm
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♪ >> in your money tonight a warning for college football fans. pennsylvania's attorney general wants people to be on the look out for potential scams now that those tickets for bowl games are on sale. penn state of course heading to the rose bowl while temple will go to the military bowl. the attorney general says people who buy tickets should make sure they are buying from a reputable seller and should be obvious but don't wire money to people you don't know. >> which it pohle double do you know on training employees already launched overall of food
5:40 pm
safety training and now it's targeting customers service. the restaurant ceo says half of the chain's restaurant fall short and that employees need to learn to clean dirty napkins off tables, make sure soda machines are all organize in the area. basically keep the restaurant spic and span. goldy locks made herself at home at the three bears house of course right. in california, bear kind of turned that tail upside down. >> a bare found a house that he thought was just right. check it out. bear makes himself comfortable under the porch of this home northeast of the bakers feel. homeowner eric barnes says he was filling up his outdoor fountain when he her the bear. he turned to seat big guy just 10 feet away. the bear is well known to locals they call him ditka. >> nice. >> aft mick ditka. >> that would be my guest. barnes doesn't mind having the bear around just not this close. >> we really don't want him dead or nothing like that. we just want him out. you know, i don't want to see no harm done to him. i gist want him to leave. >> kind of nervous laugh. barnes is staying with a friend
5:41 pm
close by for now. he's just waiting for ditka to move along. >> i love that the bear, did it casm makes sense. when a child visits one of santa's helpers at the mall it's supposed to enhance the joy of christmas but that wasn't the case for one boy. what a shopping mall santa you can call him bad santa said to him that has his mom seeing red. >> are you ready for a zombie apocalypse. may sound like a movie plot people near you are preparing for the real thing watch they're doing that you're not. sean? egan, doug pederson once again not on the same page with his team. on monday we he questioned the team's effort and today they questioned him. hear what they had to say later in sports.
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♪ have you ever thought about what you do if it happens? weather the it is a complete economic collapse, hurricane or maybe even a zombie apocalypse much these people have and they are prepared. growing number of so-called prep pers or survivor lifts are way ahead of you gearing up for whatever may happen. >> zombie apocalypse. okay. >> i don't know. >> all right. fox 29's chris o'connell introduces us to those who think you can never be too prepare. ♪ take five minutes and fill your gas tank up on the way ho home. the power might be out tomorrow and now you can get gas. >> reporter: don't call them paranoid. call them prepared. meet mark and his wife sue for privacy they asked us not to reveal their last name. >> you need to be prepared for lot of different circumstances. >> reporter: you can call them the prep% next door. >> what are we preparing for? >> you're preparing for any kind of crisis situation. it could be from a car accident to collapse of society, zombie
5:46 pm
apocalypse -- who knows what. >> zombie apocalypse. more on that in a minute. just an hour outside of philadelphia in rural burlington county, we drove down a private, very private, quarter mile gravel road. arriving at the pam familiar's headed wounded compound. >> sue and i have a debate there's leap and one side is paranoid and the other side is prepared. so i kind of walk like this on both sides. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the couple showed us what life as a prepper is all about. including growing much of their own food. >> i read a lot. i got chicken magazines and chicken books. >> reporter: from the family chicken coop for egg. >> right now we're walking into the greenhouse. >> reporter: citrus plants are now in bloom. >> it's really nice in the winter tee. >> reporter: this doesn't look like your typical bunker. >> no. >> from -- i don't have a bunk bunker. yet. [ laughter ] >> reporter: his kitchen straight out of better homes and gardens. closer look a stone pizza oven powered by just fire. >> you just put in layers.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: they use foodie hydrateds for fruits, meats and spices. >> we do vegetables. here's some spicy cauliflower. >> much of his food canned and caught by mark himself. >> this is canned venison. >> i'm assuming venison you got out of the backyard. >> yeah. >> that's farm to table. farm to table. eat local, right. >> reporter: you may not be a prepper but mark says every family should have one of these tucked away. >> i recommend people go to dollar store and make their own kits. so this is a 2-gallon food great bucket with dehydrated beans. >> he fills it with rice, beans, canned tuna, chicken, instant coffee and matches. >> so for about $15, you get about a 60 serving buck of food. now it might get little boring eating beans and rice for several days in a row. but this will keep you alive. >> reporter: being prepared quickly becoming a booming business. for five grand, costco now offers a one person, one year,
5:48 pm
4,000 serving supply of food. don't worry, it will last for 25 years. for this site like the martha stewart for preppers colored foodie hydrators sold alongside temporary green houses and geodesic emergency shelters. >> you don't have to think about it in terms of the the world is going toenail. you just want to think about it in terms of being prepared for anything. >> reporter: for sue, preparing is her career. she works for a commercial insurance company assessing potential catastrophes. that opened her eyes to what could happen. because it has. like hurricane sandy. the power was knock out here for a week. but this family never skipped a beat. >> when the storms come through, and we are 100% ready for everything, it makes you realize it's not silly what we do. >> reporter: one scenario they're also prepared a solar flare. an event that could trigger
5:49 pm
volcanoes, earthquakes and disrupt the world's electrical grid. that's why the family has an older model car that doesn't use electronics. >> i have a battery pack to jump the car in case you need to jump it. >> reporter: inside each of his vehicles you guessed a survival bag. >> in here i have some spare clothing, first aid kit, some water, food. >> reporter: some people think you're going a little overboard. maybe a little crazy. >> they might have thought a lot of things were crazy before events like sandy hit the east coast and 9/11 and horrible things that happened to us if people were a little more prepared it would have been easier to survive the situatio situations. >> reporter: mark says he could provide shelter and food for his family for a decade. not to mention fresh water from his number of purification systems. >> still one of things that causes more deaths in this world than anything today is the result of bad water. most of this was fields were we bought it 20 years ago.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: another way he's getting ready, protecting his family. you see mark works for major firearms manufacturer. >> bring this up to your shoulder. >> reporter: and knows his way around a gun range. he should. it's actual until his backyard. >> i wouldn't be a good sniper. >> reporter: he took me for target practice. >> i'm able to protect myself from hostile people. let's face it in a true true crisis, you saw it down in new orleans, good people turn bad when they're desperate. >> reporter: and when he's not prepping himself, he's teaching others how to prep. mark runs the zombie survival camp. >> the skills we teach are real skills. we make it fun with the zombie theme. >> reporter: where you spent the weekend learning survival skills. firearms training, shooting a cross bow and advanced first aid and the question he gets all the time -- >> do you believe there's going to be a zombie apocalypse? my response is i'll be prepared fit
5:51 pm
happens. we'll leave it at that. >> reporter: somewhere in the new jersey pine barrens, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> great stuff. >> interesting stuff. >> i'll tell you. north carolina mom is seeing red over a recent end count at her local shopping mall. >> speaking interesting. ashley mays took her nine-year-old son anthony to visit one of stan's helpers. her child simply wanted toll him what he wanted for christmas but instead the man in the santa suit insulted him. had him crying. >> when i got done, he said lay off the hamburgers and french fries and that disrespected me and i felt awful. >> poor guy. the company that hired this particular santa's helper has indicated it will take diss plain nary act. you think? of course we know the real santa will no doubt put that guy on his naughty list. coming up all new at 6:00 over the past five years, senior citizens have lot of more than $2 billion a year from financial
5:52 pm
abuse. what the city of philadelphia is doing to try to stop that.
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5:55 pm
>> students at the moore college of art and design getting into the holiday spirit. seeing what they're doing. interior design students in philadelphia used what they learn about building and decorating to put together some fantastic ginger bread houses. they also showed off some of their best ugly sweaters. ♪ each night bill anderson looks for the brighter side and
5:56 pm
even some eras of darkest places. he found a man shining the the light at the end of a sad road that include tragedy and prisons much his amazing t shirts are helping others for goodness sa sake. >> reporter: how did you get in trouble. >> i was in the drug trade. selling drug. this one particular time we were at a skating rink. we went skating, and there was an argument that broke out. a always go out and hang out. then shooting started. >> by most accounts including his own in his younger years will little was more a part of the community's problems than he was solutions. >> my friends -- one might have friends got shot. i started shooting back. >> reporter: at 19 years old his life choices led to some very serious consequences. >> that person that you shot back at, they died. >> yeah. he died. >> and you were convicted of that crime. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: and did what? >> 10 years.
5:57 pm
10 to 20 years in prison son. >> reporter: significant jail time the guilt of a life taken and newborn child and will swore he wasn't going back and that his life would have value. today in his t-shirt studio he showed me one of the many ways he's kept that promise now for 20 years. >> i lost the movement called -- i launched a movement called piece. everybody wants peace. i wanted it. >> we trying to bring you up. >> will visits schools and prisons to share his experienc experiences. mentors young people in the neighborhood and uses his teach piece t-shirts as a way to further a discussion of responsibility he says we must have. >> we all start off as naturally good people. -- the choice we make. >> i went with will as he cliff shirts to people. >> we make deliveries. >> reporter: saw his message of peace and redemption is resonating with people and the shirts inspire them to spread
5:58 pm
the word. >> meet people out here in society especially in the inner city. he's doing a lot of good thing. >> everybody is doing shirt. i got to get mine. >> i got my shirt to show my support for the peace message and his life turn around our our deliveries ended my final question for will showed even 20 years later, he realizes his past choices led to a responsibility to help people that he embraces. >> it's a part of you. you said it helped shape you. >> right. >> i imagine also a part of your past is believing in yourself. >> there are people like will who take their individual experiences and just decide they can do more to serve their community. if you know these types of people, let me know. you can tweet me or message me. i want to share how people are doing their small part to make things better for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ right now at 6:00, it's problem
5:59 pm
only growing. seniors are losing billions every year to scams. >> once that money leaves the bank account, it is almost always gone. it will not be returned to the senior. >> what the city is doing to try to protect most vulnerable citizens. ♪ >> ready or not, here it comes. the rifle of winter like temperatures are on the way. get the cold gear ready because you'll need it when the coldest air arrives and when the best chance we could see more snow. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. you don't expect to come home and see your house up in flames. i pulled up and there was -- there was fire coming from all three of my windows.
6:00 pm
>> the fire that gutted a stretch of allentown row houses last week began in their home and tonight they're speaking for the first time only to fox 29. just today fire investigators revealed the cause of that fire. our bruce gordon is just back from allentown now with the story. bruce. >> reporter: investigators today rule this fire an accide accident. caused by improperly diss cared smoking materials. it's a ruling that brings no comfort to two women who work so hard to find a house and make it a home. >> fire investigators sifted through the blackened wreckage of 44 north fulton street cousins sherri botts and sharine in a shade arrived on the block for the first time since fire destroyed it. botts was overcome with emotion. >> how? why? you know, why? >> just -- how? >> flames erupted last thursday evening in a first floor back room of the row house botts and shade had just rented. with botts friend shade's boyfriend and the women's three children. botts says her f


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