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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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quake a big one, the death toll continues to rise after a large earthquake, why crews are battling the clock right now as they search for survivors. >> a creeper and a peeper. a disturbing case on temple's campus. what one woman says this man did while he lurked outside of her apartment window. >> he scores!
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>> wins the hockey game. >> they win another hockey gamement the flyers stay hot in over time goal with just seconds left. helps the team accomplish something they've not done in five years. albaladejo next. >> yes, mike? >> you and i are dangerously close to be in flyered up. >> yes! >> let's go flyers! >> let's go flyers! >> now, here's the thing, we're like jilted lovers. we're like a beaten dog. should we fall in love with this team? we've been there before with the eagles. three and zero. >> yes? >> we've been there with other teams. they let us down. should we get flyered up? are you okay with this? >> i think i'm okay with this, because the love was always there, you know what i mean? the question is did you -- should you follow your heart? >> i want, i want to fall for the flyers. so six straight. it has been five years since they've done that, december of 2011.
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they won seven straight that month. can they get one more. i they they play again tomorrow night. >> i think they can do it. >> maybe we should wait for the next one, so they can get seven. then get flyered up? >> then could you wait for the next one after that, like at what point do you decide, you know, to hop on? >> we'll make that decision later in the show. speaking of seven, you can't talk about december 7 without rolling this clip. >> a date which will live in infamy. >> we'll tack to you washington, d.c. to the pearl harbor memorial, just little later in the show. december 7th, it is a wednesday, good day, this is "good day philadlephia", thank you for joining us. >> okay, let's get a check. >> is that orange by the way? >> it is orange but usually looks red on tv. so hopefully it looks orange, i'm flyered up already. >> just happenstance you put that on today? >> if you like to say it is
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happenstance. i like to believe, sue, something in my mind that told me, you know what, you should wear orange today. >> they're going to win. >> and i believe whatever you tell me. right. we've got bus stop buddy, he's flyered up, his flyers cap on. warm coat, and for right now, the rain gear, because it is still little drippy out there, with drizzle, and with some left over showers, temperatures in the 30's, four's, so you see little bit of it on radar. but then the drizzle doesn't always show up on radar. so, see how damp it is in old city, still pretty wet. temperature at the airport had 1 degrees, feels like 35. sunrise, doesn't happen until 7:09. and i think the sunshine will come few hours after that. so, you see, 30's to the north of us, four's to the south of us. just about everybody above freezing. eventually we get some sunshine. and a high temperature of 50 degrees, really cold by the weekend, we will tell you what's happening coming up in just a few. bob kelly, good morning. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, hump day, 6:03, as you get up, get out, already handful of accidents, still,
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wet roads, we've been dealing with some off and on rain this morning, east on the schuylkill expressway, accident right here montgomery drive. only the two left lanes are open. we're also going to find delays on the 42 freeway, coming to grinding halt. coming into philadelphia. there is an accident on 42, right near the walt whitman bridge. and that's right in that construction zone. again, early morning, we don't have the overhead light. the street lamps, and we've got the heavy rain which is causing for some ponding in the work zones. amtrak, track work today, possible delays not only the paoli thorndale line, but i think with the wet conditions this morning, and there is some possible delays all around the board on the regional rails. rock hill and conshy state road, watch for an accident. and then north on the new jersey turnpike, an accident at exit number 7a. it is in the outer drive. and it is right there at that service area. so there is no access in and out of the service area, which is going to be a rough go, for folks headed north and thinking they're going to gas
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it up at that woodrow wilson service area. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:04, 6:05. >> breaking news, death toll rising avert quake strikes indonesia. at least 97 people have been killed in this quake. the 66.5 magnitude tremor has damaged more than 200 buildings, including, 14 mosks and a hospital. there are fears that more people may be trapped in that rubble. so there is ongoing effort, and really trying to rush before the sun goes down, many people as they possibly can before it is too late. >> of course indonesia made up of thousands of islands, so hard to pinpoint exactly where it s we will try to get you exact location how far from the capitol it is. >> all right, again, it is 6:05. >> chilling moments for a temple student. she notices someone is watching her through her bedroom window. >> this is really creepy. wait until you see this video. the peeper seen on security footage, lurking outside of this apartment where she lives. and lauren just down the street from it, hey, lauren? >> hey there, mike.
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yes, the scariest part of all of this, not the first time it has happened that she is inside, someone's outside peeping right through the window. now, she is really worried that he's targetting a area of off campus housing, saturated by females. take a look at this at this surveillance video, she got from building near her 15th street apartment in north philadelphia. you see the man, creeping close to a window. then a flash, from what looks like maybe a cell phone. the female victim says it is all happened moments after she took a shower, her boyfriends was there with her. listen to her story. >> ran into my room. had my towel wrapped around. and i just like dropped t so coy get dressed. and i see a flash in my window. and i like screamed, freaked out, and we've had this problem before, where this peeping tom guy. so, we -- so i screamed. he ran outside to chase after him. >> i have no idea who he is. and it is weirds, because both times we caught him, it was on a monday night. so i don't know if he's like going around to different
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houses, and then coming to us, and just kind of knows our routine, knows our schedule. i don't know how long, totally scary, ya. i'm petrified. >> the other incident as she just said, also happened on a monday night, about a month ago, she is wondering if the peeping tom knows the area where she lives, full of women, targeting them. well, police aware of bettis dent, not saying if they're connected. but mike, alex, they're investigating. >> yes, sounds like targeting for sure. you have to be careful folks. thank you, lawn end -- lauren for that. >> funeral arrangements pending for new jersey state cooper killed in highway crash monday night as people continue to mourn his lost. people were seen laying flowers outside of the post norris barricks where 31 year old trooper franky williams was stationed. williams was killed when investigators say, a driver hit him head on, on highway 95, in millville. that driver, 61 year old lloyd ruddily also died. police say he was driving
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irradically, matched the description of the person the troopers were after. trooper williams had on the force a year, married just couple of months ago. >> this crash remains under investigation. >> a two lane highway there. 6:08. >> trip to the store ends in a frightening robbery in south philly. >> yes, and so the security camera, the parking lot, catches the driver dragging a woman who had just finished shopping. look at this. wow. steve's on the story in south philly. that will time of year, steve? >> reporter: wow there is morning, we got couple of real winners on the show featuring peeping tom and purse snapping slimeball. and i'm on slimeball duty today. look where we are. of every famous spot. you wouldn't think you would be in any danger here. right behind the always crowded oregon dine another matter what time it is. and in real close to the doors of the oregon asian market, and this wasn't the middle of the night. this was thanksgiving weekend. big "black friday" shopping weekend, right next-door to toys "r" us, and it was the lunch hour.
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all right, here is the surveillance video that police put out yesterday. and while so many are shopping on "black friday", for legitimate stuff there is guys goes shopping for old lady's purse, and innocent victim, and they hope somebody knows who drives this gray toyota highlander, and police circled two things, custom side air events, and custom chrome tail pipe which makes it stand out. they did not get the license plate. all right, he stalks for a victim, parks and pounces, little old lady, she loaded her purse in the vehicle, then she loads her groceries in the back of the vehicle. her purse, she thought, saferly on the passenger seat with the passenger door shut. the guy opens the door, grabs the purse, runs back to his suv, guess what she does? she runs after him. she tries to open his door and go after him, get her purse back, unfortunately as she holds on to the handle he speeds off and takes her with him. she gets dragged, for several feet across the parking lot, finally lets go, goes flying across the parking lot. do we have a happy ending? yes, two things, not hurt bad. and number two, he took her
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cash, tossed the purse, two other women find the purse, with her drivers license, cell phone, and cards inside, and they do do the right thing. so she gets everything else back which is often the worse part of having your purse stolen. meantime, look again. toyota highlander gray in color, custom side events, custom tail pipe. and maybe you can make the police highlight of the day by turning in a low life. >> sure. what a creep. all right, steve, thank you for that. 6:10 now. it is the date that will live in infamy. it has been 75 years now, since the attack on pearl harbor. hear from a survivor who still gets emotional when talking about that sunday morning, and why wouldn't he? >> controversy surrounding the arrest of man accused of killing former nfl player in new orleans. hear why the sheriff there says his department waited days to file charges.
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>> every year since 1927 the publication has chosen who or what idea it believes has most influence the news and the world in the past year. so, we may have about 11 finalist that is we've looked at here, that i this could be a possibility. out of the 11, some of the most well known names in the running. the ones you'll be familiar with. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg,
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the 32 year old work to go donate nearly all of his steak in his company to philanthropy. >> donald trump ass he prepares to enter the white house january 20th. >> seems like shoe in. >> beyonce -- beyonce, broken awards with albumn lemonade, most grammy nominated artist we found out yesterday. hillary clinton the first woman to become presidential nominee for major political party. >> wait a second though. also the flint whistle blowers, this group made up of local pediatricians, and including this doctor right there. they call them the flint whistle blowers, that's possibility, and a bun everybody of other people. vladmeere putin, russian president, possibly, about five, six others, let's hone it down to a workable number here. >> let's go, clinton, trump, print whistle blowers.
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beyonce. or that guy right there, mike jerrick. >> no. >> you are always person of the year in my eyes, mike, of course. >> so let's get on twitter and facebook. what do you think will happen in about an hour? >> let us know. make your prediction. >> i think it has got to be down to trump and clinton, right? >> i would have to think it is one of those two. >> first woman running for president. >> and he is such a big win. really change the political scene, you know, change around a lot of people. look at politics. >> what about james cuomo, fbi director who stemmed in in the middle of the election. >> is he on the list? just throwing people on the list? >> tossing people out there. >> oh, okay. >> so get on twitter watch is happening in about an hour? >> as they try to figure out what started that horrible
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fire out in the art complex.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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>> rain fell yesterday. nobody got whole inch. this is yesterday's totals combined with so far today. but we got over three quarters of an inch of rain in philadelphia, little under half inch in allentown, they
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got little trace of ice, as well yesterday, in the pocono mountains we told you earlier, five and a half inches of snow fell in mount pocono yesterday. so, now we just have the leftovers, as the last of the low pressure system moves off shore. just little drippy, awe. so sweet. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> last night's commute was a mess. >> really was icky, so little less icky, but still wet. clouds will linger through lunchtime. as the future cast showings us eventually the sun will be here, briefly of course, because the sunsets at about 4:30 until the afternoon. >> that's the way it goes until the first day of winter winter weather advisory has cleared for the pocono mountains, still cold up there, 32 degrees, windchill 37. feels like 32 in mount pocono, not extreme, but do need the
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winter code. ooh degrees, clouds giving way to sunshine high of 46 tomorrowment look at the keeling trends, bye friday, high of only 39 degrees. and the winds pick up, so we call that a blustery day on friday. another one saturday, probably coldest day of the season so far. 6:19, on this wednesday hump day, couple of situations first of all the elvis playing the monopoly, late night that, remember, monopoly could go on for days. >> for days about specially when you cheat like i did. >> used to put money in the fridge, you get, go to the fridge, have the money hiding like in the egg thing. >> cold hard cash. >> you got it. elf moves, comes on back down hope your elf moved on the overnight. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, accident right near montgomery drive. watch for delays from city avenue on in norton the freeway jammed up headed into 295 in the construction zone.
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of the four lanes, two are blocked with a accident, so we're bumper to bumper. that's having domino effect on the 295 coming in toward philly for folks trying to get to the walt whitman bridge. no problems on the benny at the moment. but, again, everything is wet and slow like yesterday accident 7a. right in front of the service area so no entrance or exit in and out of the service area, which is going to be a problem for anyone who typically may want to stop there to get some gas and a cup of coffee. >> you know we need elf on the shelf on the set. >> we should do that. >> to keep al next line. >> no, that's to keep you in line. i know i'm all right. you're the questionable one. >> who is calling the kettle black over here. >> santa has to make a game time decision on you. >> as he's flying over my home. okay, well, today marks the 75 year since pearl harbor. it is the day japanese fighter planes attacked the american
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naval base in hawaii. it claimed the lives of more than 2,000 americans, sailors, soldiers, and 1,000 others. a survivor of the uss arizona recount the horror that far morning. 80% of those aboard that ship died. >> part of the whole thing ... if i do talk about it, i cannot sleep. >> as you can tell, fresh in his mind 75 years later. japan's prime minister will become the first sitting prime minister of japan to visit the memorial today. he will travel there, us president obama, as well. 6:21 now. one of the greatest seasons in school history ends with a huge loss. >> oh, oh,.
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>> how temple is looking to replace head coach matt rhule. former head coach. because he's leaving for baylor. >> he's going to wako. oh, man. lottery numbers.
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>> temple head coach matt rhule going to mail or. we knew it was only time able matter of time. yesterday morning, announced his decision, thanked the school and told his players to keep working hard and focus on what they can control. assistant ed foley will be the interim head coach for the oils in the military bowl. to the flyers and the panthers in over time. jake voracek loses the puck, claude giroux gives it back, voracek gets another shot and scoresment the flyers win three-two, the sixth straight win in their longest winning streak since 2011. to the sixers, no okafor, no embiid. but still have a chance to win. down by three. nick tries to tie it up. but it just can't go down right there. the sixers go onto lose, the six-91, their eighth straight lost. and the longest of the season. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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>> 6:25. >> another streak we have going on, the flyers, of course. >> sixth straight. >> win some, lose some. >> warning for shoppers, surveillance video from south philly shows just how fast a thief can strike. the man police are trying to track down after this brazen robbery. >> that's the suv that creepy guy is driving. plus: lauren? >> hey, good morning to you, mike. a temple student says the peeping tom has made her victim not once, but twice, we'll tell when you he hit the last time, what he did right outside heroin dough, that's coming up after the break.
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>> it is the season of giving, and also feeling, a woman's south philly shopping trip ends with her being dragged by a car. what police say the suspect took after stalking her, in the parking lot. >> and, president-elect trump continues his thank you tour, this time in north carolina, the big deal, the art of the big deal, he says, he reached. that will bring thongs cents of jobs to the united states. we'll see. >> and time picks its person of the year. and just a little bit. will it be president-elect trump? tell us who you think should win. we are talking about its facebook ceo mark suck berg, beyonce, donald trump, sill own biles. >> a woman weighed in said i think it should probably be
6:30 am
hillary. carla buck watches every day, hi, carla. probably should be hillary at least she will win something. link tongue and cheek there. and doris says, hey, mike, please stay away from the flyers. my flyers. see, we thought about getting flyer up because they've won six straight. >> why does she want you to stay away? >> because she said that we haven't done well with the eagles. >> oh, that's true. >> then we jinx other teams. >> also true. >> we got to talk about it. >> we do have a viewer whoever day tweets us and says we don't do enough to support the flyers. >> so we can't win, doris. we have to do this. by the way good day, it is december the seventh, 2016. we're going to talk about the anniversary of pearl harbor, 57 years ago this morning. so many people lost their lives. >> oh, my god, yes. >> we will take to you dc to the memorial down there in just a little bit. exactly 6:30 now. >> sue? >> back to the previous story, one nomination on twitter bus stop buddy foreperson of the year. he's flyered up today. hope that's not a jinx.
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drippy start, temperatures in the three's, four's, and mostly drizzly, not a lot of that is showing up on radar today. but you can see the roads still wet out there, it is 41 degrees, windchill, 37. so, winter coat, 32 in mount pocono. it is 40 in trenton, 42 in millville, 44 degrees in wildwood to start your day. we should end up with 50 degrees, and eventually the clouds give way to sunshine so now that the rain is almost out of here we will talk about how cold it is going to get in the seven day forecast, good morning, bob. >> 6:32, talking milk, bread, eggs, waking to up 5 inches of snow up in the poconos. here is a picture of the pennsylvania turnpike, by 5 inches of snow, in the poconos, nothing. that's like dusting, at the least here, but just be careful, the further north you travel, up to the pocono area, obviously, the road conditions are going to change. here is a accident. this is woodhaven road, the ramp to 95 south. so with the rain that we've been dealing with, the wet
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roads, left over from yesterday, things are slippery. and slow. here is a live look at the freeway northbound, bumper to bumper to bumper. pretty much black horse pike all the way into the walt whitman bridge. all because after accident. right at route 130 in that construction zone. and again, all every those construction zones, like 95, 422, it is tough to see the lane markers, and the drains are never located where they should be to gather all of the water, north on new jersey turnpike, exit 7a. the problem here, blocking the service area. so you can't enter or exit the service area which is not good for anyone who typically needs to get cup of java or needs to fill up the gas tank. so keep that in mind if you head north on the turnpike this morning. mike and alex back to you. >> big earthquake overnight. 6:32 now. >> and crews are searching for survivors after this earthquake that happened in indonesia. >> nearly 100 people have been killed. that death toll will go up. karen hepp, what will rehearing? >> children have been injured as well.
6:33 am
there are a lot of people that have been injured. 6.4 magnitude quake, early this morning, it struck the number we have right now is 97. but we do think it is going to be climbing, hundreds were injured officials say. this is not expected to trigger a tsunami, but the thing is where it happened in the province, so many people, 80,000 were killed the last time they had horrific quake after the tsunami. people ran into the mountains, into the those get away, but there was no tsunami. the tremor did cause extensive damage. looking at early pictures and video, number of buildings are destroyed, mosks, and that some people had been pulled alive from the rubble. >> of course this whole area, very prone to earthquake, due to it location on that specific ring of fire. but there is whole arc of volcanos. also another quake that happened this morning in twin bad, tobago, not of the same magnitude quake, in the five's, but the whole ring of fire kinds of thing. that's the latest. >> my god.
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indonesia, i always wondered about business there, made up of thousands of those volcanic islands, i mean, i don't even know how they govern like thousands of islands. >> wow. >> do you know how far from jibbing card an it is? >> big shallow quake, made a big difference in the tsunami, if they issued the tsunami, i'm not sure, it is so spread out. >> very spread out, miles, miles, miles. all right, 6:34. >> we'll keep you updated. chilling moment for temple student. she noticed someone is watching her through her bedroom window. >> this is so incredibly creepy. look at him down on his knees thereon her patio, hops over the fence, looking through heroin dough. so that's security camera, in her building, so, lauren, i don't know, is this the first time, second time? has this happened to her before? >> reporter: yes, she said it happened about a month ago. can you imagine you're inside your apartment, someone lurking outside, just moments after he step out of the shower, you notice a flash, and it is not a mistake.
6:35 am
that's what happened to one girl. she said as you said, mike, it is not the first time, the victim who does not want to be identified shared surveillance video she shared near her 15th street off campus apartment. woman tells us she had just stepped out of the shower, it was 10:30 monday night. she walked fu her bedroom draped in her towel. the moment she dropped the towel, was when she noticed the flash outside heroin dough. the girl's boyfriend ran outside, chased man down, tackled him. that man seemed to be confused about yes was being hell down. unsure if he was the man who snapped the picture, the boyfriends let him g once they got their hands on the video, they new that was their guy. now the victim says she has no idea who he is. but she is completely worried. >> i see a flash in my window. and i screamed and freaked out. i had my shades down, but there is little space inbetween my -- the bars, the window, the blind. so i guess he saw right inbetween. co-have easily taken pictures of me with the lights on,
6:36 am
like, without his flashment like he could have easily seen inside my apartment. who knows what he has on his computer, phone. i just don't want this guy to be out there doing this to other people. and not knowing about it. >> so the scary part of this, she said, also, on a monday night becomes month ago, something very similar happened when she and her roommate were home alone. they're not sure if this was the same man that was there this monday night. police are now aware of the incident. mike and alex, they're investigating. >> oh, man. that is scary. >> all right, keep your doors lock folks. 6:36. >> arrest has been made in the murder of 14 year old boy in north philly. sources tell fox 29, a 19 year old man will likely face murder charges for the fatal shooting of ian last week. investigators say the robbery was the motive. >> let me give you update on chaka fattah. role prosecute egger seeking 17 to 21 years for former
6:37 am
pennsylvania state congressman convicted of racketeering. of course i'm talking about chaka fattah. schedule to be sentenced monday. we'll have cameras there. they say fattah obtained illegal $1 million campaign loan in 2007 for his run for mayor of philadelphia. four others were convicted in this same case. >> police have warning for holiday shoppers. after a woman's purse is snatched from her car in south philly. >> yep, she is then dragged a little ways through the parking lot. seems to be okay. but this is the time of year we have these stories. steve's down there near oregon avenue. steve? >> she is tough and lucky. because tough because she tries to get her purse back. that's why she is dragged. and lucky that when she gets un dragged and lets go of the handle, she doesn't get thrown under the bad guy's vehicle. here we are, oregon diner parking lot, in the back, and we're going to spin her around. she was shopping here at the oregon market. now, a loft people even if they don't shop here they know this place, famous for its
6:38 am
large asian characters above the neon oregon market sign. they're selling christmas trees across the street, in front of the wells fargo center. this is a busy place and busy time. it is thanksgiving weekend. it is sunday at lunch hour. remember, everybody's out shopping for "black friday", to the right of us toys "r" us. so the place is packed. this guy figures what better place than to find a victim when everybody's out shopping, so he finds this innocent old lady. she put her purse in her passenger seat, shuts the passenger door, starts loading her grocery and her back tailgate of her suv when she sees this guy who had parked, got out, sees her put her purse in there, opens her passenger door, takes her purse, runs into his waiting suv and guess what she does? she runs after him, tries to run back, get her purse back, she get dragged until she let go. and he takes off. >> were you worried about getting hurt? were you afraid to get hurt? >> ya, ya, little bit.
6:39 am
>> what did he take? oh, money, ya, money. >> he also took my mom's purse. >> did you see him at all? >> no. i don't see him. >> when you were loading the packages, did you see him at all? >> no. >> as he was right next to you at some point, apparently? >> yes, i see him in the car. i don't see -- >> try to get description of the vehicle, the individual, tag number from the vehicle, something like, that but try not to grab on to the vehicle. >> this lady is very lucky that she wasn't more severely injured. >> reporter: our dave schratwieser last night showing bows compassion and good digging ability despite the language barrier, the daughter of the victim helping dave with the translation, and here it is again. and john sanford says hey you never want to do this. instincts takes over before intelligence does sometimes. you just want your purse back. she doesn't know she will be drabbing or her life in
6:40 am
danger. other people in the parking lot. look at the video, see couple pushing baby stroller just before this guy, co-have killed people. lucky he didn't kill somebody. she is luck shy wasn't thrown under the suv and got run over. obviously not hurt so bad. not in the hospital. and guess what? alex, mike, we have little bit almost happy end to go this, because even though the guy grabbed her $200 in cash, she still had, he tossed her purse and two very, very kind women find the purse, got cell phone in it, her drivers license, could have stolen her identity, phones, credit cards. they hand the person to police so she get all of the important stuff back. one thing she didn't get back is that fear of what happened, and you got to wonder, how much safer could she have done? sunday afternoon at noon. >> right. >> okay? on busy "black friday" weekend. so these guys will hit anybody, any time, anywhere, and this shows it. >> that's right. gout look, 360. >> do you have pay attention. >> constantly look around yourself loading your car these days. 65:40 now on this wednesday. >> we now know that arson
6:41 am
social security ruled out in the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. this morning investigators are zeroing in on a refrigerator, some sort of household appliance, because the witness saw flames coming from it. now learning that most of the victims were trapped on the second floor, which eventually collapsed. thirty-six people had been confirmed dead. murder charges could be filed in the warehouse manager derrick there, his mugshot there. he did very interesting interview yesterday where he talks about the guilt, and how he feels about what's going on, now people are starting to wonder, he was warehouse manager, what about the owner of the building? should the owner be held responsible? shouldn't you keep your building to up code, make sure everything that's going on is proper. now people are trying to figure out who should we blame, what's going on here. >> the owner is in big, big trouble. >> try to locate him though. >> everybody who lived in the neighborhood knew it was a tinder box, fire wait to go happen. >> 64:00; the presidential elect also announces a deal with a japanese pet mogel. this is big. >> this is going to invest
6:42 am
$50 billion in the u.s. trump says. the founder and ceo of soft bank met with donald trump in new york. he said the investment will create 50,000 jobs. soft bank owns mobile company sprint and trump plans to meet with other tech executives next week including fist co-chuck robbins in silicone valley's peter teal. >> and trump saying i'm the reason why this happened. had i not been president-elect this would not have happened. he says over and over he promises to bring more jobs to america, quality jobs. >> yes. so if he had not been elected president, you're right. >> this deal wouldn't have gone through. >> all right, so, matt rhule, matt's been on our show so many times, such a nice guy, the coach. oh, no. former coach of our temple owls. he's going to wako, text's. you know about wako, don't you? >> i know a lot about wako, hour and a half outside of dallas. >> now, if anything, how does it compare to north filly? >> well, you know what? it is a lot quieter, yes, maybe if you get like a big
6:43 am
ranch, you can get more land out there, that's for sure. >> did you hear how much baylor is going to pay matt to move to the middle of no where? >> i have not. i have not. >> oh, wait until you hear. >> did you hear about the confusion on line. >> so many people have stuff to say so matt rhule. the problem is there is another matt rhule out there. >> who is also a coach. >> well, no. >> okay. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
6:44 am
military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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breaking news, river line train, is her just suspended right now because a river line train hit a vehicle at one of the crossings, at federal and river road. >> new jersey transit service suspended between the walter reed transportation center, which is right there in camden, camden, that's the main hub, over to 36th street. that's all we know at the moment. we're trying to find out whether new jersey transit will put shuttle buses in play, whether or not any injuries, and of course keep on it, but that's all we know at the moment. rough go for new jersey transit river line commuters this morning, waking up in the poconos, obviously 5 inches of snow in some spots, heading north, road conditions, are going to change secondary roads will be delayed, as women. now, here is a live look at the roosevelt boulevard. this is southbound on the boulevard. the onramp right at fox street, looks like multi
6:47 am
vehicle crash. the cars got to squeeze in to the travel lanes. live lock at the 42 freeway northbound. heading in toward philadelphia. bumper to bumper because after accident right near 295. causing delay all the way in toward philadelphia. do you have your lights up? for the christmas season yet? come on, you better have them up. you better take a picture, we're getting ready to come visit. snap a picture you have your home al decorated #fox29lights contest when you post the picture to facebook, twitter or instagram. so i can show the pictures here on tv. tomorrow night we hit the road, going to northeast philadelphia, my old stomping ground. you better have all of the light bulbs, tuned in ready to go. what's the forecast like for the rest of the day and tomorrow night? sue has it in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
>> low pressure in the process of moving off shore. it will be moving in, high pressure, the cold front will come through, high pressure will take over, another cold front, and yet another one after that, means bike the weekend specially by saturday we will have the chilliest air of the season so far, in here. so, there you see some clouds kinds of building up in the last of the rain moving out. but still very drizzly and kind of drippy out there. even if the rain isn't showing up on radar, and that's the way it stays for the rest of the morning. by about 11:00, 12:00 we start to see the sunshine taking over, looking like pretty decent day, although it will be a chilly one. little on the breezy side as well. as far as wintery weather, that happened up in the poconos, rest of us got rain yesterday. 41 degrees right now walking out the door, feels colder than that, with windchill of 36. so nothing dramatic but i but yu
6:49 am
will need that winter coat today. fifty today, 46 tomorrow. temperature keep going down, 39 friday, and 38 on saturday. with windchills on saturday, probably be in the two's, little bit better by sunday. >> thank you very much. >> well, time magazine is going to unveil it person of the year here in just a little bit. we will bring it to you the minute it happens. so here is on the short list. we saw list of about 11 different people, it is a suggested list. it is a time didn't put out formal nominees. >> strong guesses. >> yes. >> so former secretary every state, hillary clinton, former first lady, became the first woman to receive the us president nomination for major political party. that's a big deal. it is the person who has the most many pact in the world. president donald trump. he was elected to become the 45th president of the us in a stunning win against hillary clinton, but, the reason why
6:50 am
people loved him, he wasn't typical politician. >> okay. and then you have got the flint whistle blowers. it is a group of people, you know, made up of differ rather people, doctors, engineers, professors, all of that, that blew the whistle, that said we have a lead poisoning problem in the city of flirt michigan. hopefully maybe save some lives down the road. >> and then the queen b, beyonce knowles carter. she kicked off the year with a headline where the superbowl half time performance, world to up, and plus she got the nation really talking, about formation, things she was saying, and her stance when it comes to police brutality, so that became a big thing. and so she continued about racial injustice, feminism. >> we should probably include somebody from out of the country. russian president vladmeere putin, putin made headlines this year, with his country's intervention in to syria. russian operatives were also proven responsible for the
6:51 am
hack of the democratic national committee, server. so did he have an influence on the election? >> and then our next and final one is mike jerrick. >> oh, stop. >> at one point voted anchorman with the best hairline in the state. people tune in just because they never know what he's going say next. and one year you even tried to run for mayor of philadelphia as a joke, but people took it seriously, they wanted to vote you in. >> i believe i would have won. >> most interesting influencial, yes, interesting and influencial. >> so get on twitter, let us know, a lot of people saying it will be donald trump. it seems to me he would be a shoe-in. but you never know. >> yes. >> it is the most, i remember back, well, i don't remember back in 1938, but close. hitler was person of the year. >> yes. >> so even though he was a horrible person, he's most influencial in 1938. >> not about who is good or who is bad, just the biggest influence. >> and you say donald trump it, could also be hillary clinton. because she did make history. >> first woman. >> yes, then what happened after the election, and now some people felt about that.
6:52 am
and it is going to be interesting to see. but remember, one year, they pick, it wasn't even one specific person. >> the computer? >> yes. and they also have done the protester back when the black lives matter was getting big and everything that was happening. so doesn't have to be one specific person either. >> we shall see. back page of the paper here. the price of success. he is so successful, matt rhule of the temple owls, he's taken a bigger job. you knew this was coming, i think temple even knew it was coming. matt rhule's decision to leave temple and go to texas. now how twitter users attacked the wrong guy yesterday. they were jumping all over another matt rhule? >> yes, apparently there is another matt rhule. so will the real matt rhule please stand up. please stand up. >> one matt rhule will get $7 million. >> and the other one, well, maybe still needs to get their high school diploma. mast past twitter, they
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
want to say what they want to say, and specially about a specific person, you can tweet to someone and let them know how you feel. everyone reacting after everyone found out, matt rhule, former head coach of
6:56 am
temple going to baylor. but the problem whether they decided to go to twitter to voice their feelings, they got the wrong guy. >> so instead of ripping the real matt rhule up in north philadelphia, a young man, whose name is matt rhule, he got these nasty tweets. explain this? >> his name, twitter handle happened to be matt rhule, just matt rhule. so it makes sense why tweet that, right? you would think that would be the temple head coach matt rhule. but he is high school student. first he tried explaining, to all of the unhappy fans, hey guys, i'm not head coach matt rhule. i'm high school student. and then the angry folks just kept g at him. he decided it have a little fun with the situation, so the team tweeted. >> baylor football i'm the captain now, prepare for some changes in the line up. we need to prepare for the game against the broncos. the broncos. >> and in the end he changes his profile to not the football coach.
6:57 am
you know, oh, this person, aim gamer, i go to high school here. and he goes and i am not the football coach. >> so what's the real coach's handle? >> so if you really have something to say to matt rhule, the new baylor head coach, it is coach matt rhule. that's the twitter handle. that's the guy you should be talking to not just matt rhule. poor high school student probably studying for a test tomorrow or something, and getting bombarded on twit their. >> all right, temple fans. >> is there a mike jerrick on twitter? i know you're mike fox 29. but just a mike jerrick? >> i'll like that up. who knows, people could be tweeting him thinking it is you. >> i'm going to be the real mike jerrick. >> you know you have made it when you have to have that on your handle. the real mike jerrick. >> i have a couple of friends who have that. the earl person with that name. >> yes? >> there is an alex holley out, there i tried to get that handle. they have that handle but they never tweet. hey, why don't you give it to me, because i'm alex holley and i tweet. oh, look, there is mike injury
6:58 am
glike who is that? >> says professional wrestler. >> that guy doesn't look lick a wrestler, please. >> it is a dark photo, never know. december 7th, somber day probably, well, across the nation. article war two monument in washington, d.c. we'll gave you a little preview.
6:59 am
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