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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> hold up, beyonce on top, this morning. with your holiday shopping to a big honor for her album how she's living up to her nickname, the queen b. >> well, good morning, great to have you with us. karen hepp joining us. >> good morning, guys. >> i was showing you a picture from yesterday. >> i have not showed it yesterday. i has an allergic reaction. >> you have to e-mail that. >> i don't want it to go viral, i will show it real quick if i zoom in. which camera am i going to. camera one. real quick and then we will take it down. that was me yesterday, bam, that is enough. >> you look like will smith in the hoff i hitch, when you got the that allergic reactiony went to the er. i don't know if it was what i ate or just i had so much to eat over weekend and just really something, in the food that triggered it. >> manghost, or shrimp shellfish. >> i had everything this this past weekend but it could be, i was fine, i have had to egg
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intolerance. some people it triggers, they have allergic reactions. but doctor mike, he said go see this person and get an allergy test. i was supposed to be here yesterday and i was than the faking. >> we have a picture of you. >> yes. what i'll do to get the a day off. >> we have a picture of you. >> there it is. >> wow. >> yes. >> that is an improvement. >> deep layers of all this headache up that is what i look like. >> yes. >> did you go walking around. >> look, i mean, look. >> that is pretty good. >> it went down quickly. >> yes, i got a shot and then i took -- okay, come on. >> i took a few pills, it knocks you out, you sleep all day. you can feel it coming on. when it is almost like you don't look so well. you kind of know something is
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wrong. >> i'm glad you are better. >> you have to figure out what that was so it doesn't happen again. >> we were talking about, dropping off a big hint, karen about what he was probably like, my pillow from your co-workers looking for gifts. >> yes, someone bought me a co-worker bought me a pillow. >> no. >> satan sheets or anything. >> true. >> but secret santa telling thaw kind of thing. it can be hard know what to buy. they put that limit on it too. we have a christmas gifts for you, ten dollars, $20 and go over and so you can know. >> do you do secret santa stuff where they wrap the gift and you don't know what it is from. >> i do like that one. >> that is eke receipt santa. >> okay. >> i'm learning about the whole gift giving thing. you get shortchanged. you buy a nice gift and bring it and you get left with that, one gift that you do not want. >> toilet paper. >> and what do you call it,
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the chinese auction where all of a sudden if you don't like it, you pick the next gift. you take your gift. >> yes. >> you can keep the gift and trading up. >> you are trying to guess, and assume and swap out gifts. >> toilet paper. >> someone puts in a gag gift. >> another justly. someone puts a bag gift. it is all wrapped up. and you don't know what is in it. you see a big wrapping paper kind of thing. >> two or 3ply. >> okay. to you remember sex and the city when charlotte fell in love with her lawyer? what do you think about that. >> i think we had a clip of this. i don't think we still have it. do we. >> no. >> so, we remember the movie. >> yes, charlotte falls in love with her divorce attorney. >> they end up getting married. >> some states say that isn't allowed. they are placing hard rules on attorneys who date their clients. >> well, we're all taking advantage. >> it is one of those things you cannot afford to pay then maybe we can work out services. so they are trying to cut down
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on that. >> i so did not think about that. i did not the put that on my radar. >> it happens. there have been over 200 cases on have that loan in the past ten or 12 years. if you cannot afford to pay, maybe we candidate or have a sexual relationship. they are hoping to crackdown. >> we will look more for that. >> what about this, what do you do to relieve frustration and stress? do you go for a run. take a hot bath. now there is a new option, how about anger rooms. >> in new york city there is a business where you can go and just break stuff, according to a write up in the new york times. it is called anger room. it charges $25 for five minutes, you can crush printers, alarm clocks, glass cubs, whole lot more. prices go up to $500 for costume room set up. if you want a set up of the office, they will do that for you. is there a month as long waiting list for this. >> no. >> i believe it. >> there are anger rooms in houston, toronto, niagara falls and australia.
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in vice this all started in dallas. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> i don't know, you guys are a little strange. >> i think it is a great idea. >> we have one in different work places, i'm sure people would like to let their frustration office. >> boss's office where you close the door and vent. >> i don't know if you want to vent with the boss. >> accept it or leave. >> do you like the idea. >> yes. >> go in the room, break stuff. i feel like deserving for a couch in the therapist office. >> here's the thing if i'm angry i'm angry right now. i will note wait for a month to get in the anger room. i'm angry this second. would i do kick boxing classes to get out my aggression. >> isn't that the same thing. >> yes, manager's head. >> that is why i'm hoping for my pillow so i can scream in the pillow. >> you have to wait if you have a class at 3:00 p.m., you get mad at 10:00 a.m. u you have to wait until 3:00 p.m. you have your spot.
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you can just go, you can just let it out. >> do you have a room where you go where the kids are getting on your nerves do you have a room you can go. >> mommy juice, mommy, are you getting your beer. >> mommy has happy juice again this morning. >> speaking of mommy, how about this karen. i know you had a home birth, right. >> yes. >> it was a birth center. >> yes. >> you can still speak for this for sure. >> is this in the pool, a little water birth. >> they will start to do that. be in does that in philadelphia. but it was a birth center, a bedroom kind of environment with mid wife's. >> i guess you give birth in the swimming pool they set up in your home. >> or bathtub, and they can clean it easier. >> well, some moms, are saying, no men allowed, but you some moms are agreeing with this. she's saying, that no men should aloud in the maternity wards. she doesn't wam want them there at all. women need privacy after
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having birth and she's under going a cesarean section and she's not comfortable having a man around even her own husband. her post in the daily malice getting reaction. more than 800 people commented on this. a lot of people are split on the issue. no men allowed? >> your husband was there, right. >> most important people in your life. you want the man to be there with your child, and raising them to be part of it. it is huge. >> i would want to be there and in the room. i want to experience your pain. i don't know if we can but i want you to angry like this will never happen again. >> when you see in the movies and is there always a with man that says you did this to me. don't you touch me ever again. >> do you think it changes the dynamic of the relationship if you are in the room giving birth. there is certain things you want to sianni certain things you don't, does it change. >> well, my husband was a birth coach, he was massaging your back. it is like most meaningful screens you ever have with
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somebody. >> this is so gross. >> that too. >> there is that too it. >> you can always not look depending on the circumstances, you can up at the head, shoulder part of the woman. you don't have to be down at the other part. >> they have private rooms, you can have a private room in the hospital and give birth. >> some do and some don't. there is a lot that don't. >> yes. >> and it is already expensive to have a baby, right. >> birth centers are half the rise. >> what do you think, should the man, your husband, boyfriend be inside the room when giving birth. >> there are some things that go on, it is all out there, you know, your business and everything else, so i guess i can kind of see. let me just have my last shred of privacy. >> just stay above and you should be fine. >> it is one of those, not like going to the is a. just have a surrogate then. this woman sound like i don't want to do it. you are not getting your nails done. this is not a treatment where you are having this experience.
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>> you are saying she has man usuals. >> she has got some issues. >> some kind of issues. >> let's talk about the queen b here. >> she's a buzz this holiday season because she's giving you a chance on get decked out in her christmas gear. >> yes. >> beyonce. >> yes. >> she's launching a christmas line just in time for the holidays and this line features items including red and green hoodies with the tracy slay all day but spelling is important because it is slay like slay bells ring. >> yes. >> this is wrapping paper on the left. >> um-hmm. >> boy bye. >> i love that one. >> so cute those briefs. >> what does that say. >> yes. >> lemon in there confuses me. >> a lemon this there. >> i get it in there. >> i should know that. >> but you can get these at >> would you wear it. >> yeah, it looks like, stuff at home, sure, why not. you have to get it before
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christmas because it is credits mass related things. you will not bewaring. >> you can wear it all year. >> december 28th. >> something to wear under your fleet. >> yes. >> it is a all year kind of thing. >> we know what you are wearing at home. >> you know, before why did they do that. i see that over there. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> this is my vehicle, which no we don't have a fox parking lot by the way but it is a ticket, eagles lost and i got a parking ticket. >> great take. >> life is great on this tuesday morning. >> yes, i had like seven of these in the past month. >> i keep telling you, yes. >> parking garage. >> yeah, i know. >> parking garage, it is cheaper then tickets. on this shift you always get them. >> you are busy working hard for the money to give to it ppa. >> many people shopping on black friday and cyber monday. did you set a budget for yourself? according to new study by
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lending tree the answer is, no. half of the americans are shopping without a set budget. and, one of the quarter of them say that is why they are racking up debt in january. that same study shows they are 43 percent said they have some sort of financial regret afterward. >> did you make a list? do you make a shopping list and say this is what i will get for little ones and your husband. >> i do go shopping. all straight the through with the whole black friday week, getting all this stuff. i didn't have a budget. i don't have it laid out. i feel like i'm totally a person that is exactly the personally didn't figure out my budget, and i'm just buying, buying. >> we all are. we were all saying who really set a budget and sticks to it. it is holidays. that is what happens. you set yourself up. it is just trying to get cool things for the kids. >> every year i try to do a spread sheet and say this is what i will get, it never happens. never happens. this will be the year i will hold on to that budget but you know little ones they say, my
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niece wants an iphone. always the most expensive. >> how oldies your niece. >> she's 15. >> yes, four year-old have the ipads and all that. >> yes, they do. >> i got her this stuff. i'm not going to spoil her. >> she's down in virginia, but she will find out. >> did you get her anything. >> i think teenagers want gift card, forever 21 and all that good stuff. >> you cannot spoil her through her teenage years and then just drop her. she will be like, don't you love me anymore. >> he got a new job, the job pays different. >> i am sure you heard the phrase net flex and chill we know what it really means. cut back on your binge watching, really, because especially trying to have a baby. it effects, you know. new study. >> everything is good. i binge watch occasionally but if you sit on the couch, couch
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potato, eating unhealthy, it affects your male fertility. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> new study suggest men who binge watch tv, they have lower sperm counts, and this is a cording to the experts at university of cope hage then denmark. this is true for men who watch more than five hours of television per day. couch potatoes tend to be overweight which could be a factor in the research. >> so, wow, so many different ways to go with this one. basically if you are in activity, not working out but that is a given. i don't know if it is necessarily because you are a binge watcher. >> do you binge watch is that why you are having trouble with this segment? is this you. >> desperate cry for help, put on the pound, no question as you get older maybe you need to be more active and hit the gym. >> you can get caught up.
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>> okay. >> it just happens, yes. >> so yes i will go out for a jog, grab a ticket and i will feel better. >> i'm sure. >> yes. >> he is changing the subject there. >> you don't like doing laundry. >> i don't mine doing laundry, week, week and a half and a big load and put tonight but it is folding part. >> what is wrong with folding. >> you put everything, i dump all of the clothes, when it is try, put it on the bed and now, i leave split for a day or two in the guest bedroom and i just slowly start putting the socks together and underwear and all that good stuff. you don't mind doing it. >> well, one of the things you have to to. i dent like separating, putting it in and waiting and switching. folding parties easier part. >> do you do laundry in your home. >> i do it the now. i used to just have one of the things my husband does which is why i love him. but different kind of people. people like folding and
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wrapping presents. i don't like either of those things. people know who you are. i love wrapping presents. it is a great little goal, achievement, little practical. >> i never put the two together. >> your husband likes wrapping presents too. >> he will do wrapping presents and laundry. >> oh, nice. >> he doesn't do a lot of or things, he does that, he toss the trash. >> he doesn't do much. >> would you mind someone else, your neighbor or something. like uber is ride sharing, right. it is like laundry sharing. >> yes. >> your neighbors going through and folding your underwear and that kind of thing, knowing your business. >> they can pick up your laundry, they wash it and fold it. it is strange if they are going through your underwear, unmentionables. >> okay. >> they come over to your house and do the laundry. >> that is strange. >> is that it, megan? that is it. >> i don't want them in my house all those hours. >> there is an app, where people come over and put
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together your furniture and do all kind of stuff. you don't want people in your business. interestingly there was a news person in our town. someone was house sitting. they came over. they went through her underwear and then wrote about it and talk about it on the radio. they literally pulled her underwear, granny wear. >> granny panties. >> hey, proud of it, it is all good. >> that is right. so california bar association, which is largest in the the nation is considering a ban on sex between lawyers and clients. >> yeah, what if you fall in love with the client, what if your spouse. remember when harry revealed his feelings to char lieutenant on sex in the city. >> i can't believe men take all this stuff to get a woman in bed. >> what does it take. charlotte, i think you are the
9:17 am
sexiest woman i have ever met. >> harry, don't ridiculous i'm wearing my glasses. >> you you know how this goes, they end up getting married, and she converts, and they live happily ever after. harry's so sweet. attorney jennifer brandt is here why an out right ban is kind of tricky. >> it is not really different then what the aba recommended for years. they have recommended that there be a complete ban and in many states, including pennsylvania, and delaware that already following that. so lawyers, it is not so earth shattering but because callus such a large state and the bar association, it is becoming an issue. >> tell the truth, have you heard of instances of this happening. >> do you have any friend. >> i cannot reveal, you know, my secret but as a divorce lawyer, we are banned from having any kind of relationship with clients because you can imagine in the
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situation when you are representing a client this divorce to they are vulnerable and many times things happen, not personally but i have heard. so, you know, in that instant that is one area of the law where it is important that there be this type of arrangement. >> isn't this a invasion of privacy. >> it is, and that is sort of the argument against it. consenting adults can do what they need to do, and if there is a relationship that starts especially in a situation where it is not just a personal relationship like a divorce case. say it is a corporate matter where you are representing a corporation and it is the the representative of the corporation thaw begin a relationship with. is there a dependency there. it is a question. there is many people that are against this for this reason. >> is this a rule in pennsylvania, delaware thaw are not allowed to with your client. >> that is right. >> then what happens. >> well, you can be subject to
9:19 am
the difficulties plan nature i action and that is very serious for lawyers. we get very scared when we hear about that. it can be damaging to your career. >> new jersey? >> new jersey doesn't have that rule. >> new jersey, there have been cases, and, you know, under a general conflict of interest under our ethics rules there are instances where these situations have come up and lawyers have been disciplined for that reason. >> what about ones who separate ways. >> you are allowed however they can say now, that poses a real question because sometimes you have somebody that is a client, then not currently representing them but they may become your client again. so, you know when is a client relationship end and sexual relationship begin. there are so many questions. i thought of what if to you are married, sometimes that happens when you are representing your spouse.
9:20 am
callus exempting married couples from that ban or if their relationship started, prior to the client/attorney relationship. then is there a proof problem. >> supreme court will look at the this one. we will see, we will see. >> we will see. >> well, best of the the best on instagram, rihanna made the list, but she isn't number one, why this top five instagram account, may surprise you.
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>> ♪ >> b.a. say most recent album lemonade taking number one spot of the 50 best albums of the 2016. now, i discovered something when my parent were here over the weekend. my daddies into music. he listens to all kind of stuff. he knows i'm a big beyonce fan and i have been playing lemonade so he knows this
9:24 am
song. i realized, this is a pet peeves, he listens and realize, it was done years before and they are redoing it. beyonce latest culprit, you know that song hold up, well, it is really just andy williams, listen to this. >> ♪ >> can't get used to that, do you hear that. >> kanye does that a lot, back in the day. >> yes, i hear it. >> andy williams. >> yes. >> that is so cool. >> how about you picking up on that one. >> my dad, he happened to be playing, music and started playing. i said, you know what i do have beyonce, on your play list here. >> he has kanye, the latest one, in the video, didn't you say he has kanye. >> video fade and it turns out to be, your dad's favorite. >> yes, he likes original songs. it is a game we play. i listen to real music. he points out this was done this year. >> yes? it is true, true. >> but he still has one of the best albums of 2016.
9:25 am
other ones surrounding the top david bowie. >> so great. >> didn't we lose him this year. >> yes. >> we did. >> maybe that is part of the reason there. number three, chance the rapper, coloring book, it is a good one. >> i have never heard of this, car seat headrest, teens of denial. >> i haven't heard of this. >> no, i haven't. >> it is a group. >> yes. >> how can that be some would be no one has ever heard of. >> well, what do you listen to. >> i'm all over the place. i used to be a dy back in the day. >> really. >> what was your dj name. >> touchdown, or dj tommy d. >> that will never die now. >> yes. >> tommy d can i call thaw from now on. >> go for it. >> touchdown. >> yes. >> okay. >> i told the person, yeah.
9:26 am
>> okay. >> never mind i'm out. >> take me out. >> from back in the day. people find that hard to believe but i did. >> okay. >> were you a dancer too. >> lets not get into that. >> okay. >> water boy here you go. >> well, frank ocean, blonde, i was listening to that. my dad, i was playing this and my dad said he sound so lonely. it is a good album. he is not eligible for any grammys because he missed the filing deadline but who does that but it is a good one. >> what music do you listen to. >> i listen to a lot of different stuff. i like r and b, hip-hop, rap and oldies. my dad, and i, mike jerrick we love tend i pendergrass, temptations, a lot of them. >> i have an appreciation, i can sit and listen to music for hours, sam hunt, country music star, jody messina, i can go from country to, rock, those crumbs gave me a little bit of a headache.
9:27 am
>> when you are right there, listen to it and your ears still ringing. the light rock. radio station, growing up, dj, and alternative and then r and b and hip-hop. i have an appreciation. >> okay tommy d we're learning some things. >> aren't we. >> there is a secret season for secret santa but it can be hard to know exactly what to buy but we have help. so these are perfect gifts for your pollyanna price limit especially for co-workers. >> yes, you must have them those wine wipes. >> yes. >> um-hmm.
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>> it is a very kelly christmas, bring on the lights. this is so much fun. did you decorate in well, bob is getting ready for the holidays. he wants to see your pictures, use the hashtag fox 29 light contestment put it out there for social media. we will
9:31 am
finds. it will judge the best and then come to your neck of the woods. so show off your lights and bob will come down there to the nighttime news, so much fun, we love to show off your picks. >> karen, thomas, i need you to not pay attention to this segment since you're my co-workers, i might have to get awe gift. it is gift giving season being take part in polly anna, secret santa. so to find gifts for your co-workers, usually price limit, but it can be dif out to to figure out what to get specially with the price limits. here with few ideas shall michelle shannon, spokesperson for center city shopping. and so you split this newspaper three different categories watch are the categories. >> these are under $10, under $20, and under $30. >> i like it. so to start often, you went all around center city? >> absolutely, center city has so many unique places, you know, that you won't find out in the suburbs. >> okay, so let's start with under $10. so, with this one, here we
9:32 am
have some notebooks, some fun notebooks, and pens that go together, calendar, that your colleagues can use, in the new year. >> okay, so here are calendars here? >> yes. then this one is perfect for the holidays. these are wine wipes? so if you get wine on your teeth, like red wine, you can discreetly use these to wipe that off your smile. >> i like. that will karen was saying she likes, that hopefully not paying attention, might get that one. all under $10. >> all under $10. what are the different places in. >> thee can be found at target express. >> okay. >> a lot of people don't know, yes, two targets now center city. and these are found at the wine wipes are found at south moon under. >> okay, let's move on up then. we have the $20 area. so we start with these? >> yes, so first up, the high-tech gloves, so you can use your smart phone with
9:33 am
these. so you don't have to take your gloves off, and, you know, fuss around with that. >> so i can be texting and everything else? >> exactly. >> these are from century 21. >> okay? >> also from century 21, look at this great little clutch. i mean, who wouldn't love that for the holidays? nice, gold sparkly clutch to take with you. >> and gold goes with a lot? >> gold goes with everything, the new neutral. and then if you're more into holiday scents, we've got candles here from south moon under, and again, all of this, under $20. >> oh, really? i love giving candles. i feel like it is a great way, you can like, you know, make things -- >> great hostess gift. >> yes. >> candles, perfect. now for the 30-dollar, you really like this co-worker. >> exactly. a loft great ideas here. so, back to wine again, all comes back to wine. >> so right smear. >> the cork-sickle.
9:34 am
this is a cork shaped thing that you can put into your wine bottle or your glass of wine for that matter, and it makes your wine cold without diluting it, like an ice cube would. >> really? so like when you first buy the bottle? >> exactly. >> drop did? >> or it keeps it cool. >> where can we get this? >> you can get this at target and scarfs, we're onto century 21. so scarfs always a great gift for the holidays. cold weather, very useful, fashionable, example of that, as well. >> and then of course if you're at work you like tea, coffee, got to keep it warm? >> exactly. so these are great, very trendy now swell bottles. and you can see, they're in three different colors. they're a fabulous gift,
9:35 am
particularly for athletes in your life, or, you know, somebody that likes to go hiking. >> oh, so this is water bottle? oh, i was thinking this was for like tea tea or coffee? >> can be used either way can be used for hot or cold, keep it hot or cold for a long time. >> you have more options, thank you so much, we appreciate this. >> thank you for having me. they are asking me which one do i want. well, you can't tell me that. although i do like this cork -- this is kind of nice! just saying. >> okay, trying to figure it out. >> i'll do my shopping for you right now. >> okay! >> pick whatever you want. it is on me. >> great idea. >> meanwhile, i'm getting into my pillow. thank you so much. appreciate it. well, parents, do you know what is on your children's phones? do they have this app? it is called yellow. it may seem innocent. but, it can connect your kids with strangers. we're going to tell you why you should be aware of this one.
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dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can. >> instagram accounts, scroll through them before the ends of the year, according to rolling stones, coming in fifth spot, beyonce, yes, she is taking in one of the top spots, paying close attention to the individuals associated with her work as her music. >> when she goes on vacation she post as lot of the pictures, beautiful photos behind the scenes. i think that's her reading getting ready for a concert. >> and she doesn't post every day, but i love the ones of her and belief. >> i she makes a statement, honey, yes. number four may and surprise to most, but tia, the trans take security administration has an instagram account. and the reason for the high
9:40 am
position, well, most about the photos of the items of the tsa confiscate from the luggage. >> seriously. >> hatchet? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. fake bomb there? something you, yes, they take away the items, more than just the water bottles. >> that could be interesting. what about the bad girl of music, rihanna. >> re re. >> at the third spot, took six months off of stain gram, so from vacation shots, to party photos, instagram of her infant cousin, majesty, the singer has her 19 million followers wrapped around her finger, and she is taking to teasing her beloved navy, what she calls followers of course, long awaited eighth albumn. also on snap chat, and she is pretty ghoul following. >> i did not know that, her followers are called naffy? >> the rihanna navy. >> this next one i follow. i think it is absolutely fabulous, i add door, from national geographic if you can imagine, just pictures, like every time you can't not like the pictures when you look at them, animals, amazing scenes,
9:41 am
just absolutely stunning. just bridges you that calm like going through your feed, people's comments making you angry, you look at that, ahh, sigh, feel better. see how beautiful life in the world can be. i also like our national parks for the same reasons. the sixers? >> talking earlier, so the safari it, did exist. although no one's been able to answer whether or not it is still open, but -- oh, it is still open? you can drive right through. >> close to the season. but i did look it up, called the safari. you can't drive your own car any more. you get their car for safety reasons. >> oh. just changed this year. that was the big news, like riding vehicles. >> they would go all up in your car when driving? >> on top, take off the antenna. the fathers roll up the windows. >> sounds pretty cool. >> we thought it was cool. some kids get little freaked out though. >> they have sim lab in texas, i love when a giraffe would come, you see their long tounges, ya, i know.
9:42 am
because i was like oh, is it raining, what's going on? >> yes, basically. >> doctor mike does that every now and then. >> really? >> will come right up, love ya. >> oh, wonder you like going to the doctor. >> yep. get my physical every two months. >> well, for number one, the queen of selfies, she posts away her private life, right? >> oh, kim, yep. >> kim kardashian. now, she even published her book full of just herself east. yes, you can just scroll through her images, of course, ever since the robbery kinds of take answer step back. not so much. >> i think she stopped totally. >> i think she posted one thing, now with kanye west and what he's going through, we haven't seen much. >> i love watching. great stain gram accounts, as well. >> oh, thank you. >> i just started getting in the game, so i'm learning this whole instagram thing. do you have do an account. okay. basically just take pictures and post it? >> in filther? you don't go through trying to find a filther? >> every now and then whether i take the selfies, you look a little harsh, what kind of soft filter can i do, and i
9:43 am
crop, if you ever notice, just an eye? >> really, that's your thing? >> well, if you have a rough morning. >> oh, i know. >> i just don't post at all, like nobody needs to see this. >> please! >> so yes, what's urine is that gram so people can follow you? >> talk amongst yourselves. >> see, that's how you know you're really on urine is that gram. >> thomas drayton fox 29. it is a long one, isn't it? thomas. >> do dj tommy g, fox 29. >> that will bring in some photos back in the day. >> we would like to three. >> a lot more hair, you know? i don't know what happens to you as you get older. you know, i took break for little while here. then you come back, you start looking at yourself. we have four cameras here, when you start looking at the different angles they take, then you watch it sometimes at home? >> yes? >> and you're like what's that? >> hd, it is not kinds. >> you get older, you age a
9:44 am
little bit, gain a little weight. >> you're still looking good, thomas, no worries. parent, do you know what's own your children's phone? >> too much? too much? >> let's just do it. >> common. >> oh, up above. >> hanging onto four strands, okay? >> oh, stop it. >> just got to make it work. >> every angle. >> all eyes on you. >> we talk about this app, seriously, my neice, on one of the apps, okay? enough! a ticket on the car, eagles lost. it is raining. showing off the four strands of hair. >> close shot. >> we know you can handle it, thomas. >> i did clean the ears out, that's all good. >> (laughing). >> i do have -- the hairs, you got to start plucking the nose hairs? >> i'm always like this, i feel like i have something, just the hairs start -- well, no. >> (laughing). >> oh, my gosh!
9:45 am
too much. >> then you start shaving, as the hair starts getting higher and higher, start shaving your eyes snow. >> what? >> hair just starts growing in different places, and i actually shaved couple of hours ago. >> and you're such a man, all that testosterone. >> coming right back after this. stay with us. >> we will tell but this app, it is called yellow. and it connects your kids with strangers. see, might need it. we'll walk you through it. >> and my neice, i'll tell you about it after the break. www.ev]
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>> goods morning, casino every fog any wayne county pennsylvania. very spooky looking out there. but, remember, we need the rain. and we'll have your forecast a wet one coming up in 15 seconds. >> so yes, slots of rain moving in from the southwest, on ultimate doppler radar. and anywhere you see dark green, or yellow, or orange,
9:49 am
it is raining heavily, including right here in philadelphia, all of our surrounding counties, down around wilmington, delaware, up around allentown, in the mountains, everybody getting real soaking today, even though it is needed, it is still a mess. and certainly is a bad hair day. but temperatures are on the mild side. and they'll stay that way, 63 degrees today, and tomorrow, with chance every thunderstorms in the upper 60s, then starts to cool off as we begin december, and by sunday, it is really going to feel like it with the temperatures in the 40's, al next. >> thank you, sue. all times of apps out there. >> hello. well, there is all types of apps out there that let you chat with your friends or even perfect strangers, so snap chap, what's app, some are calling a children's version of tinder. it is called yellow app. the question is: how does it work and why is it questionable when it comes to safety, and is this something your kids should be using? so, we have our tech expert, stephanie here, with an
9:50 am
answer, you'll walk us through why there are issues with this? >> definitely some safety issues with this, i think first of all as we look at my profile that i set up, there are three things just on your profile page, that are a bit problematic. the first one -- >> before do you that, if i don't understand really what this yellow app is, how would you describe it? >> what it is, they are calling it tinder for teens, you know, only because you do the whole swipe left, sweet right. they bring up profiles, constantly, you just swipe. and if you match with the person, similar to tinder, they'll automatically connect to you that person's snap chat profile. you can chat with them through the yellow app as well but also get connect today their snap chap profile which is problematic because it encourages you to take the conversation to another social network where i think young people get lulled into that false sense of security. so you never want an app to encourage your child to move somewhere else on a different on line network. i think that's just ripe for
9:51 am
exploitation. >> okay, you have your profile set up here? >> profile i created. so three things right off the bat that are wrong with this profile. number one, my age, clearly i am not 14. but i was able to set up a profile as a 14 year old. >> and it is quite the interesting picture there. >> well, this is like at martha's vinyards, enjoying some ice cream, you know. but yes, you should never allow your child to display their age on their profile. because, again, that is just a red flag, a huge red flag to child preditors, looking for things like, that and the fact that downing this yourself within this app without any sort of age verification at all is a huge problem, because, you know, i'm adult. and there are adults on this site that are using this, as that sort of thing. second, your location. you can not create a profile on this account, unless you unable your location services on your phone, so, they have to know where you are. because the whole point is to connect you with friends, in your area, that's also a big
9:52 am
no-no. because now, potential preditor knows your child's age, and where they are. and thirdly, these emojis, you can add this to your profile as well. i know, i don't know if we can see it all the way, but add emojis to your profile, as women, and those are their own bag of worms, because they have so many different hidden meanings for kids that parents don't really know about. that that could be signalling that your kid is into drugs, or sex, or whatever it might be, so, right off the break, there are already so many things that are problem at bick this profile, giving way too much information for your kids. >> so as a parent should i tell my children not to be honest; there a way i can monitor this? >> there is a good way, because this app is actually rated 17 plus in the app store and 18 plus in the google play store. so if you set the parental controls on their phone, they won't be overall generalized on the phone. settings in the phone, they won't be able to download this if you say you can't download things for 17 plus or 18 and above or something like that, that's about the best way to keep them from downloading it.
9:53 am
>> through setting? >> through setting in your phone, yes. >> perfect. thank you so much, stephanie. again, learn learn something new every day. we appreciate that, that's the yellow app. okay, we will take a break, and be right back.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>> twenty-five new musical works added to his, among the
9:57 am
hits being recognized for the artist being recognized. other work included thon year's list, the jackson five, abc, yes. elvis presley, jail who is rock. philly holiday's lady since the blues, and beach boys, i get around. >> the grammy hall of fame all genre's of music, selected singles must be, can you believe, at least 25 years old to be selected. so congratulations to those. favorite holiday item as we get ready for the season? >> i love the preacher's wife sound track, with whitney houston. >> good one. >> i like the music chang he will, just listening to the jingles. >> what about you, dj tommy baby? >> oh,. >> oh, i got you. me? you know, i like the classics, silent night. >> oh, that's a nice one, okay. >> emelia jackson. >> ya, good one. >> yes, stay out of the rain.
9:58 am
oh! >> going back into it. ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we don't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: welcome. [ cheers and applause ]


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