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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 25, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening at 11:00. familiar al hoping for the best. their two-year-old boy is in the hospital with gunshot wound. the shooting happened while his mom was making thanksgiving dinner and now police are trying to figure out exactly how this all played out. good evening, i'm lucy noland. thankfully the family does have reason to be hopeful tonight. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has been on this story all day. live at saint christopher's hospital for children. sabina? >> reporter: lucy, call it a holiday miracle but this little boy is a survivor and we are told it look like he is going to survive this ordeal after he was shot while playing with a loaded handgun with his cousin. crime scene where hours ago a family was preparing thanksgiving dinner.
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detectives now searching the home for clues after a two-year-old child was shot by his four-year-old cousin while the boys played with a loaded handgun. >> the bullet passed through his hand and then hit him in the torso. >> reporter: chief inspect scott smalls says the 40 caliber was in the four-year-old's hands when it went off striking the toddler. the two-year-old's mother was in the next room cooking for the holiday. her boyfriend was also home. both are being interviewed by east detectives to find out where the gun came from, why it was loaded and how the kids found it. >> families get together and the young children they get curious, and in this case they found loaded gun. >> reporter: smalls says responding officers rushed the scott to the hospital in a patrol car saving precious time. >> police did great job. they got here immediately. got the two-year-old to the hospital very quickly. and hopefully that helps with his condition. >> reporter: neighbors saw the little boy carried out of the house. it's not thanksgiving they were expecting. >> i feel real sad.
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little kid. i feel real sad. >> reporter: and again, a lot to be thankful for tonight here on thanksgiving. it looks like this little boy is going to survive. now, right now, police say it look like the weapon belonged to the boy's mother. they are checking it right now. and detectives depending on their investigation could bring charges of assault and reckless endangerment against the adults in that home. lucy, back to you. >> hoping and praying for a fast and full recovery. thank you. new night the search for a shooter in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. police say a man was on the 600 block of north 35th street when someone shot him in the back. he's in the hospital critical condition. so far no suspects nor any word of motive. on your radar, cold temperatures few showers here and there. meteorologist mike masco in the house with your first forecast at 11:00. >> here we go. i'm thankful to be here with you and everybody. we have great weather. that's something to be thankful for. nothing going on ultimate doppler. clear slate look at the shot
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beautiful in old city. though it is starting to cool down. 46 degrees with a calm wind feels like temperature in check at 46. bar roomette metric pressure nice and high at 30 imps. tomorrow daytime highs may actually make it to around 60 degrees in some parts of the area. 46 in philadelphia. the coolest spot though is mount pocono at 35 degrees. it's 40s towards upper lehigh valley now a lot of clouds on top of us a couple of scattered showers dotting the boards moving off towards the east pretty rapidly but with this cold front situated to the west it is a slow-moving cold front. that means it will kick in the clouds for most of the afternoon and maybe even a spotty shower. in fact you see around chicago land that's scattered shower that will make the trip into philadelphia. upper lehigh valley may get into shower activity by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow. not big deal though. the bigger deal is out towards the west. there's some chilly air developing across the upper midwest and into the northern planes this is air that's not,
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you know, arctic in nature but it's enough where you'll notice a big change by saturday especially on your day on sunday as daytime highs will be into the 40s and then we'll do those overnight lows into the upper 20s and 30s once again. so fox future cast showing us tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures you know into the 30s if you're getting a kick start to the shopping the big ticket items temperatures will be around, say, 35 in pottstown, 40 in the poconos. and daytime highs will moderate into the middle and upper 50s. watch how temperatures go back down as we get into saturday afternoon. daytime highs right around 50 in philadelphia. coolest to the north and west and maybe even some snow showers developing out around the poconos. your forecast for tonight, it will be a chilly night. 43 in town. right at the freezing mark as get well north and west and cooler spots especially into the pine barrens right along 70 may make it to 32 or 3 degrees. tomorrow afternoon 54 in town. 50s around 60 along 95. coolest spots will be well to
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the north and west mount pocono going to 40 degrees. spotty showers and 56 degrees as we go into friday. sun and clouds on saturday at 53 degrees. here comes that big chill by sunday. i mean this crazy but it will be chilly enough and noteworthy enough with nice breeze. 48 degrees. staying chilly into monday and then watch these temperatures. yeah. 60 on tuesday. 64, wow, with rain developing by wednesday. we'll talk more about this forecast tomorrow morning on good day. lucy? >> sounds like a lot to talk about. thanks so much mike. happening right now tradition become as deeply end trenched as turkey and stuffing. you'll find long lines at the malls and stores throughout our area tonight. tomorrow, you know, as people try to position themselves to head start on the holiday shopping season. this isn't just about bargain hunting of course. some people we've been talking with say they look forward to the kick off of black friday all year long. fox 29's chris o'connell bracing the crowds at the cherry hill
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mall. you got elbow room there, chris. it doesn't look that bad. >> reporter: it's pretty busy, lucy. let me show you. >> okay. >> reporter: tougher quiche football, if that's your thanksgiving tradition. don't talk to these people. yeah, shoppers. lots of them here at cherry hill mall. you didn't think a lot of people. look at that. 11:00 o'clock at night thanksgiving. yeah arc lot of people trading in their stuffing for shopping. an hour before the cherry hill toys r us even opened shoppers were waiting. >> what we do, we go shopping on thanksgiving and then the guys watch football and then tomorrow we all have dinner together. >> reporter: must have toy this year these things called hatchimals. >> what are you here to buy. >> hatchimals. >> what are you here to buy. >> hatchimals. >> what are you here to buy. >> barber camper. >> what are you here to buy. >> hatchimals. >> what are you here to buy. >> i'm with her. the stores opens opened at the cherry hill mall at 6:00.
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many stores are bucking the thanksgiving trend by staying closed for the holiday. >> i think that maybe some retailers are looking at it more let's keep the tradition of opening on black friday and maybe give their employees some extra time, you know, to be with their families report roar yes, it is still about the deals but for some, it's all about starting a new thanksgiving day tradition. >> it's about getting out. stretching our leg. people watching. maybe catching a deal. >> reporter: well, they're some of the people catching some of those deals and there are some deals to be had. get here. cherry hill mall closes at midnight. a lot of other malls do the same thing but don't worry get your rest all the malls open 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. for your black friday shopping lucy. >> get your rest. do stretching exercises. you don't want to pull anything. >> reporter: you need it. >> thanks, chris. why waste room in your oven with a big turkey. these folks at extra hasn't bakery in south philly.
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they took care of the bird. the folks cook and roast turkey people drop off. it has the best pizza ever. i love this place. the line began forming with people holding their occur keys right around 5:00 this morning. wow. whether it's traveling to seat family or watching the parade or feasting at home americans are finding all ways to be thankful this holiday maybe reflective, right? fox pobbs rob schmidt has look at thanksgiving across our nation. >> reporter: despite security threats crowds lined the streets of new york for a glimpse of the thanksgiving day parade. new york city police department taking every pro caution using sand filled trucks, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs making sure of one had a good time and more importantly a safe time. >> with the climate being what it is right now, it's a little nerve racking, you know, i'm getting messages from my family in michigan saying just be careful. >> we can't feel scared to come out. this is a tradition, you know, this is all about tradition and
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family and no one should be scared to come out enjoy that. >> reporter: across the country people gave their time and their talents to help others give thanks. from chicago chef raising money to give away 1,000 turkeys people in georgia making sure first responders enjoy a holiday meal. >> one thing that we can do is provide food especially days like the holidays when they're either not with your family or doing we have a and hot meal goes long way. >> reporter: president barack obama saying the spirit of thanksgiving is what makes us who we are. >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we're still one people. part of something bigger than ourselves. we are communities that move forward together. we're neighbors. we look out for one another. especially those among us with the least. we are always simply americans. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump releasing a thanksgiving day message asking everyone to set aside their differences and come together as a way to make american great
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again for everyone. rob schmidt, fox news. >> philadelphia santas tick service for families in need this thanksgiving. salvation army hosted its annual thanksgivining to event you walk up and picked a pre packaged meal and go. the organization says it helped nearly 1,000 families in need this thanksgiving. a whole lot of families throughout our area enjoyed a hot meal this thanksgiving thanks to these hard working volunteers in center city. more than 350 people spent their time preparing 3200 meals for people across the delaware valley. the non-profit organization cooks and delivers meals to those battling life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, renal disease and hiv aids. we're about to introduce to you one man who probably feeling pretty thankful tonight. he was very close to closing a deal on a car but instead got robbed. how an uber driver helped catch the culprit. >> all right. you you're in the kitchen one
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day at a time webber wells chief, thanksgiving dinner. hundreds of meals being served out in north fill daal. find out how they do it in just a minute. >> president obama thanked our troops for their service today. he made nine phone calls to special service members currently deployed. today mark the president's final thanksgiving as commander in chief. thanksgiving as commander in chief. ♪ thanksgiving as commander in chiewe live in a pick ♪ and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store,
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♪ that's so cool. who doesn't love parade and philly sure notice how to throw one. today was the 97th year for the city's thanksgiving day parade. it is the oldest in the country. thousands lined the city streets to see the balloons and the floats and the bands. >> the parade was really cool. they had new floats this year. i didn't think i've seen some of the new ones they had up there. >> it was fun. i like liked the santa part and, it was fun. >> so cute. critics of the dakota access pipeline project, however, used the parade as place to protest. a couple of parade goers tell fox 29 protesters tried to block
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the view of people trying to watch the parade which doesn't do much to inn gender people to cause of course. we did however find a whole lot of gratitude on full display through arrear at a recovery center in philadelphia police and members of the community paused to give thanks. fox 29's hank flynn was there. >> when you inn joy turkey and all the trimmings we can also enjoy great fellowship. we love you and pray to jesus christ, amen. >> amen! thanksgiving dinner served to the beat of a different drummer at one day at a time recovery center on west lehigh philly pd sergeant will judge works in narcotic he was passing out cookies like does he every year. >> it's good because it develops relationship with the police department and the community. we have officers that have been coming out here for over 18 years. >> service way smile as 22nd district police and others brought turkey dinners with all the fixings, hundreds of them or
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anyone who needed one. and the kitchen was popping. >> oh, yes. >> are you kidding me? >> you sure did. tell you what -- kevin organized the kitchen part of this thing. no special orders. it took some doing. >> a lot of patience. a lot of patience. a lot of patience and just the will to do. >> a lot of plan to go. >> a loft planning. and just precise planning. >> yeah. >> get on point. get everybody in order. get everybody follow directions. >> coming through. >> i got a good sense of what it was all about when i sat down with my julia and my martha who finish their dinners but stuck around to talk. their related to the guy who organizing the whole thing mel wells whose father henry wells started the program back in the 1980s. >> have a safe and happy thanksgiving. thanks for coming out. >> i asked them to summarize the day. >> summarize the day is god.
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summarize the day is servant and reflect our police officers. we come together as one people they may have arrested coming together as one so what you seeing is definition of what thanksgiving is about. not turkey but being thankful and giving back. ♪ >> all said and done estimated 300 meals served maybe more to folks who might not have been able to enjoy a good thanksgiving dinner today otherwise. don't forget the good company to some that's more nourishing than food. i'm glad for the chance to share the meal and grateful to you for watching. >> happy thanksgiving. hank flynn, fox 29 philadelphia. >> great. happy thanksgiving to you by the way. a man hoping to close deal on his car ended up the victim avenue robbery but police say they've caught that robber thanks to an uber driver. here's how it goes. milwaukee, wisconsin mechanic patrick berry met up with 20-year-old wallace after he responded to a craigslist ad. berry says after a test drive
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wallace took off with his car soberer was on his way to the police station when he got a phone call. it was an uber driver asking for camasi wallace. wallace had apparently requested an uber but somehow had given the driver berry's phone number. that is one big oops and so tonight police say they've got their man. >> i was thankful that the police were able to do this and catch this guy and stop him from stealing other cars. >> yup. police found berries stolen car a block from wallace's home. >> miss month america witnessed the conclusion of one of the longest and most contentious elections in presidential history. protests have broken out in major cities across the country at a time of year when coming together is usually the theme. fox's joel waldman hooks how to keep that conflict from spilling over into your holiday celebrationcelebrations. >> she's crook hillary clinton. don't you understand that? this is one of the most crook politicians in history.
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you can put half of trump supporter noose what i call the basket of deplorabl deplorables. >> reporter: for familiar of opposing political views reconciling the surprising election out come could pose major problems during the holidays. >> this provides yet another venue, full, or another topic for which people who might already disagree who come together might have a difficult time. >> reporter: dr. maryann dutton is a psychologist and researcher at georgetown university. >> we all have emotions and sometimes it's difficult to regulate emotion and it's difficult for people who are on the other end of that emotion to also be able to tolerate it report roar these days, thanks to the power of social media, you'll probably already know what your friends and family members are thinking about the current political climate. so at least you'll know what you're walking 92. >> knowing that ahead of time can help create an intention much what's my intention going into this meal? so planning ahead is a good thing.
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>> reporter: additional doctor dutton offers following tips for how to handle argumentative relatives who may try to bait you. work out a pre planned seating a rage many. take a time out. simply change the subject. and the mal matily try to remember why you're spend your holiday with these people in the first place. >> i'm going to share a drink with them and not talk about politics. >> put my head down. >> reporter: you're apolitica apolitical. you'll try to avoid it all. >> yes. because there's nothing that we can do about it right now. >> reporter: as the old saying goes you don't choose your family but at least this year you can choose how to deal with them. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. you can choose not to go. >> i know a lot of people who did that also. >> i know a few of them as well. sports, however -- >> sports, yes, we have -- >> not contentious or anything like that. >> not at all being it's thanksgiving i'll stay with the spirit a little bit. >> thank you. >> in this city people always hard on everything.
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for a the first time in a long time we have something to be
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♪ sean bell saying we philly sports fans have a lot to be thankful for. couldn't agree any more. his commentary 15 seconds away. ♪ i know the city is dying for a pro championship, and likes to kill the teams when they're not playing well, but a lot to be thankful for and happy about in philly sports. for the first time in a long time there's a lot of optimism about this town. first off, there's foundation for the eagles that can set this team up for a long time. we have franchise quarterback and young head coach can make this team legit for the next decade. at very least. in basketball, well, no longer
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tanking sixers are competitive and actually trying to win games. joel embiid finally healthy and it looks like he's going to be a super star and even though big is out you know what type of player he's going to be. the phillies and the flyers both have young coaches and young talent that are only going to get better. don't forget villanova if you want little college in your life just won a national championship and beating for one again this year. this city has potential everywhere when it comes to sports. so despite a few rough patches, be thankful. it could be a lot worse. >> isn't that the truth sean. thanks so much. can way west spending thanksgiving in los angeles hospital. he was hospitalized monday for exhaustion and seep deprivation. he'll remain at ucla medical center for several more days. the rapper's wife kim kardashian west went to the hospital this morning to visit him. she stayed with him for few hours before making her way to her family thanksgiving celebration. it looks like it was billy
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joel's motorcycle that wasn't born to run. [ laughter ] >> my producer blake wrote that. great line. two week ago bruce springsteen's motorcycle broke down in northern new jersey and then a plot twist. apparently that bike came from joel's custom motorcycle shop called 20th century cycles. he fessed up during a recent performance at madison care garden and apologized and said eh, no worries. there you go. all right. we got more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. tmz, dish nation followed by chasing news, the simpsons. back here at 4:00 a.m. are we. >> we're not. >> yes, we are. >> i'm not but f
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happening right the now at fox 29 morning news black friday takes a deadly turn one person gun down in hail of bullets outside a new jersey hall. we're live with this breaking story. the search, for counts, we're out on force on this this black friday, what you need to know before you head out that door. plus a two-year old is hospitalized after gunshots ring outside inn identify his home thanksgiving day now police are investigating how this all played out. a few years ago i thought it was end of the world. >> no, just the beginning. >> for all of us. >> sad news out of hollywood one of the america's favorite tv moms has died,


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