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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ >> happening right now in bucks county, shots fired at police where a man has barricaded himself inside a home. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. police are on scene right now in langhorne where authorities are trying to negotiate with the man and get him to surrender peacefully. let's get right out to brad sattin live at the scene. brad, we know some homes have been evacuated. >> reporter: yeah, at least whole neighborhood has. this scene at this point at least five hours old. to give you some sense of where we are, we're at the corner of hulmeville road and gilham avenue we'll turn the camera around the actual scene is about a quarter of a mile down this street here. if you see all the way to the end there, that is lincoln highway route 1. this started sometime afternoon between 12:00 and 1:00 o'clock middletown township police calling -- getting a call to
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check on the welfare of someone. they found a man quote in crisis at the time would not come out of the house. now at some point police confirming to us that shots were fired in their direction. the swat team came here. they brought a bar cat armored vehicle to pick up neighbors as you mentioned to move the neighbors out of the scene to get them away from this street and this neighborhood. negotiates have been trying to communicate with the man now for hours even just a few seconds ago we're hearing them say come to the door, come to the window let's talk about this. we do not know at this point if the span responding. we can tell you that neighbors are saying that the man lived there -- lives there with some other people. they apparently rent that home. they have not lived there very long. and they have not caused any problems but again it's believed the man is in the house by himself. again, the alarm came because we heard and police confirmed that shots were fired in their direction. no injuries. neighbors were evacuated as we mentioned they were brought to a nearby shelter at this point. so again back here live again
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the standoff continues here again it's about two to 310ths down the street they're trying to convince this man to come out few seconds ago we her it again, come to the door, come to the window. let's talk about it. again, more than five hours at this point and standoff continues. dawn, back to you. >> we'll check back with you, thank you brad. >> developing to note a college student suspended following a series of racially charged incidents involving colleges across the country and one of those disturbing incidents was aimed at black freshmen students at the university of pennsylvania. >> the student who is in trouble tonight attends the university of oklahoma. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the very latest on the investigati investigation. heartbreaking. >> i think it's very scary. >> reporter: hearts are hurting in university city after racial threats were made against black freshmen at the university of pennsylvania through an anonymous messaging app called group me. early this morning, penn officials announced student at the university of oklahoma has been temporarily suspended from
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the school based on information gathered in the case. the hateful racist messages may not have originated at ou but the midwestern school and the fbi are investigating the now disciplined student to determine his exact involvement. >> that's frightening about the internet it could be bounced all over the place. why target penn hasn't knows where it started. that's the anonymity makes it frightening. >> i feel like the election almost encouraged people to kind of make it think it's okay to say these types of comments. >> reporter: th ou president issued a statement saying the university has "made it clear that we will not tolerate racism or hate speech that constitutes a threat to our campus or othe others. u penn freshmen maggie, says the school community feels personally attacked many still shaken. >> i was at the football last night. my mom and my sister are in from chicago, and so like the fact that like this is their impression of my school, like,
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people don't feel like they're community is being heard here. it was really hard to watch. >> reporter: penn officials say they appreciate the good investigative work and swift action taken at ou and add that "our overriding concern is the safety and well-being of our students and we will continue to do everything to support them so they can recover from this deplorable incident". >> reporter: report university says penn police will continue to work with the fbi as well as officials at university of oklahoma on this investigation. they're looking to see whether or not anyone else may have been involved. reporting from university city, i'm jennifer joyce fox 29 news. turning to your weather authority now, a cold start did not stop these folks from taking in little miniature golf at franklin square park. thing started warming a bit this afternoon but you might want to hold on to that hat and scarf if you're heading out tonight. parts of the area under a freeze warning. meteorologist mike masco says
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flannel pajamas might be in order. >> a whole lot of cuddling ladies. this is cold stuff. upper 20s and 30s. freeze warning for philadelphia county, delaware into new castle county and kent you are up into the freeze warning late tonight into tomorrow. look at these temperatures already. 46 in philadelphia. going out tonight, it is definitely to be a couple of layers needed, dover at 42. swinging into jersey it's already coming close to the 30s in some parts of the area. vineland down to 43. mullica hill at 42 degrees. cold stuff on top of us. winds really kind of adding insult to injury at three to 5 miles an hour. so little bit of a wind chill if you head out for the rest of the overnight hours. good news is there's not much cold real estate because look at the warmth back across the south and the west. look at that rapid city at 65 degrees. that gives you an idea that it's a short lived cold blast and we'll get a nice mild surge coming back in here starting tomorrow. very chilly in allentown, 43 degrees. pretty cold dinner. we'll talk about some changes in the forecast and even a coastal
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storm. we'll track that for you comin g up in just a a little bit. >> thank you mike n grays ferry neighborhood police are trying to find a gunman who tried to rob an office and ended up sending a man to the hospital. it happened yesterday around 3:00 p.m. police say the gunman burst into an office on the 1400 block of warfield street. he demanded that a 58-year-old employee show him where to get the money. that's when police say the men got into a fight. the employee was shot twice. the victim is in stable condition. an explosion kills four americans at a u.s. airfield in afghanistan early this morning. two service members are among the dead. tensions continue in the middle east as forces continue operations in both afghanistan and iraq. fox's john huddy has the very latest on the fight to stop isis. >> reporter: four americans were killed in afghanistan after an explosion at a u.s. airfield early saturday morning. >> translator: this morning
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sue aid attacker entered the bagram airfield and detonated his bomb. >> reporter: state department says the four people killed include two u.s. service members and two american contractors. 16 american troops were wounded at bagram air base largest us base in afghanistan. taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. secretary of defense ash carter released a statement saying "for those who carried out the attack, my message is simple. we will not be deterred in our mission to protect our homed land and help afghanistan secure its own future ". >> reporter: this is the second attack in afghanistan this week. suicide bomber also attacked a german consulate killing four and wounding over 100. this comes as iraqi forces continue theirmosul in their oft isis. but progress is being slowed by isis car bombs and snipers also reports of terror group retaliating against local civilians. >> translator: mosul were
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empty of residents it would have been liberated in a few days their presence hinders our work. >> reporter: commanders say isis is using the local residents of mosul as in the larger struggle to hold the city and efforts to keep civilians safe is lengthening the confli conflict. >> translator: as you know isis does not care about human life it's important to our troops to preserve human life. we care about the residents in the area. >> reporter: following the suicide attack at bagram air base the state department says that the u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan, will be closed sunday as a precaution. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. fallout continues over the out come of this week's presidential election. protests against president-elect donald trump continue across the country. 2,000 people took to the streets in new york city today shouting, ♪ my president they rallied at union square and made their way along fifth avenue. the group was fired up but remained peaceful.
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>> this movement is not only against him. it is against the ideologies that go against us. >> there's a president who is elected who has promised to round up latinos in the in this country and ship them out. >> stronger we stan together the harder it is for them to push us down when we're together. we're strong. >> police set up barricades in front of some of the expensive stores as the protesters continued to fill the streets. it was quite a different scene in portland, oregon. gun violence erupted there at an anti trump bally raylily police say a gunman shot protester who was participating in a march early this morning. that person is expected to survive. police have detained four men in connection with the shooting. vest gathers believe those men are gang members. 17 people have been arrested in portland since the protests began. more than 60 million americans will now live in states where pot is legal for recreational use. after voters in four more states
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approved ballot initiatives this week that includes nevada. how officials there will put regulations into place. >> philadelphia is running out of phone numbers. what's going happen once all the 215's and 267's are gone? we're dialed in witness answer. >> plus, former sixer allen iverson getting in on the latest viral video craze. see his take on the mannequin challenge. >> sean? dawn, we got the eagles and the falcons tomorrow. a battle of the birds hear from eagles safety malcolm jenkins on qb matt ryan and what makes him so special coming up later in sports.
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♪ mistrial is declared in the murder trial of a former law enforcement officer in ohio. he was charged in the shooting death unarmed black man during a traffic stop. after 25 hours of deliberation the jury was not able to agree on a verdict. ray tin sing was an officer at the university of cincinnati when he was fired for shooting 43-year-old sam did he bows in the head during traffic stop. tin sing testified that he feared for his life. the incident was recorded on his body camera and many raised questions about the officer's story after that video was released. protesters gathered outside the courthouse today.
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>> it's a crying shame to america. this is a crying shame to cincinnati. this is a slap in the face for justice. >> prosecutors will decide within the next two weeks if they will retry the former officer. a stunning defeat for the democrats across the political spectrum on tuesday night. you saw that. now the party is forced to figure out a way to go forward film fox's bryan llenas takes look how the party hopes to reorganize in the aftermath of this stunning loss. >> reporter: a stunning upset victory by president-elect donald trump has left democratic party in disarray in search of new leadership and a new message republicans have secured the house 238 seats to 193. while also picking up two more state legislatures for a total of 32 out of 50. republicans have the majorit man the senate 51-48 and pick up three governor seats for total 34 out of 50. >> democratic party is at its worst point since jew will he
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suss s grant since reconstruction. we are -- we have the fewest seats if you add them altogether, state, local, federal. very bad situation. i also say this. it didn't matter who you were tuesday night what type of democrat. if you were a pop pew list less russ fine gold in wisconsin or centrist like murphy of florida, you lost. >> reporter: with president barack obama on his way out and the clintons fading after a devastating loss vermont senator bernie sanders and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren emerge as leaders for liberals both acknowledge they will work with mr. trump to help working class americans but will fight to defend minorities they both say the current democratic party establishment has lot of touch with america's working class voters the same blue collar workers who gave mr. trump upset victories in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. sanders tweeting "democratic party has to be focused on grass roots america and not wealthy people attending cocktail parties. backed by sanders representative
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keith ellison a muslim american democrat from minnesota has surfaced as a new favorite to be the democratic national committee chairman. former maryland governor martin o'malley emerged as a possibility for the position. democrats have little time to regroup. they must defend 25 senate seats in 218. 13 of which are in states president-elect trump won or narrowly lost. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. handful of states are now trying to figure out new drug laws after voters approved ballot measures to legalize recreational marijuana on election day and that includes nevada. fox's eric hit shows how officials are implementing the new regulations. >> obviously the majority of nevada is very excite excited about the opportunity. >> reporter: that excited opportunity to spoke, tax and sell marijuana. but there's still questions about how question two will be put into place. >> at this point it's still business as usual. we're just going to be waiting to hear from the state and then we'll proceed as soon as we get direction from them. >> reporter: first direction for nevada, starting in january,
6:17 pm
people over 21 can legally have marijuana. but you won't be able to buy or sell recreational pot until after state sets up regulations. >> you'll be able to use it recreationarecreationally come january 1st but where are they going to buy it? those are the rules and regulations that need to come into play how they buy it, how it's produced, how it's distributed. >> some of those regulations are already hammered out. you can't smoke in public, you can't drive under the influence and if your apartment or work has rules against smoke organize drugs those still apply. lawyers say they're a lot more that has to be set on the selling side. >> every specific is going have to have dressed. all t's crossed, i's dotted they have to run it through the whole process from seed to sale. >> reporter: those rules have to be set before january 1st 218 and after their set dispensaries can fly for license tousle pot. another process layers say will take some time. >> at least another six months to 12 months before you can
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start buying recreational cannabis at a dispensary after january 218. >> even though it could be months away, dispensaries are looking forward to the new industry. >> we are ready to move full steam ahead. >> besides nevada, california, main man and massachusetts voters also approved measures to fully legalize recreational marijuana use. one year ago tomorrow that more than 100 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in paris. tonight, the concert venue where where one of those attacks happened is reopening. british pop singer big star sting is marking the reopening of the bataclan concert hall. terrorists opened fire inside that venue killing 90 concert goers. all 1,000 sting concert tickets sold out in less than half an hour. stink says all proceeds from tonight's concert will go toward two charities helping survivors. have you seen it? the man can challenge taking the
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internet by storm. it's pretty funny. >> that's good. >> and now one silly sports i couldn't certainly not me participating in the trend. take a look at this. you can see allen iverson here joining in on the challenge at the sixers pacers game last night for the challenge now as you know by now everybody is supposed to stay still. but the sixers legend actually messed it up a bit. he broke his pose. >> no. >> cheerleaders and others joined in. they're pretty still there. >> yeah. >> having lot of fun with that. >> that's because allen iverson didn't practice. >> practice! >> philadelphia's running out of phone numbers. what's going to happen once all the 215's and 267's are gone? we are dialed in with the answer. plus, a new local auto shop opens with a new twist. why the business is catering to one particular group of customers.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education-
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including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. ♪ >> all right. if off problem accepting change in your life, you may want to sit down. the philadelphia region is about to get, yes, another area code. >> and that's because it's running out of the numbers we know the 215 and the 267 prefixes. our bruce gordon has the 411 on the impending change. >> reporter: all you out there, you with your faces buried in your phone smart and otherwise. hear this. countdown is on to bring a brand
6:23 pm
new area code likely to be added to the city and some surrounding pa suburbs in the spring of 2018. it's a whole new world out there, people. >> i have had two phones -- over 15 years. >> reporter: both of them 215. >> all of them 215. >> reporter: un215. >> correct. >> reporter: anything else you're not you. >> not knee me no. >> reporter: public utility commission is behind this outrage. they've approved an area code relief plan. really pretty simple. the existing 215 and 267 prefixes have apparently exhausted their supply of nxx codes which i'll obviously i supplementation of all services distribution over lay. any chance the general public hundred dollars the plan? you tell me. >> your area code right now? >> yes. 19107. >> reporter: no, no you're area code not zip code. area code. >> i'm from d.c. >> doesn't it make it room most of the folks i talked to seem willing to accept even more communication chaos in their lives.
6:24 pm
>> 267 was a change. but. >> reporter: how did you adapt when 267 came along. >> i just did it i guess. >> reporter: that simple? >> yes. >> reporter: no big lifestyle change. >> not at all. >> we already put up with 267 right. >> was that a big change for you. >> it doesn't matter. >> reporter: didn't impact your life. >> no, no. non-issue. >> reporter: turns out unlike these folks i am what the telecommunications industry would describe as a cave man. incapable of adjusting to modern life. 22 year-year-old andrew will set me straight he moved to fillly from north carolina this year and took his 336 area code with him. >> i mean all my friends in college were from different states from different areas. >> i don't have my friends area codes i didn't need to it's ad already plugged in my phone. having different area isn't a big deal to me. >> i've had the same phone number, mobile phone number since the bag phone. >> my goodness. >> that was our bruce gordon reporting. we don't yet know what the new area code number will be but we
6:25 pm
do know it's coming. >> too funny in a couple months president-elect drum lap move into the white house and democrats are worried that key obama administration will be thrown away. coming up a look at what could happen to the president's lega legacy. >> area parks get a little love. how volunteers turned out to help beautify the area around them. >> mike? >> joyce, that area of high pressure in control. get ready. 20s and 30s for tonight but lurking back down to the south and west we do see an area of disturbed weather. i'm meteorologist mike masco we'll warm up tomorrow but then things are going turn a little wet. we'll get into the details coming up.
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♪ political analysts say key components of the obama administration could be in jeopardy once president-elect donald trump takes office and
6:29 pm
that includes president obama's signature legislation the affordable care act. >> trump spent the entire election season promising to repeal and replace it. but the president-elect is also sending signals now that he may be willing to compromise. fox's garrett tenney has more on that. >> reporter: the reason so much of president obama's legacy at stake is because so much of what he did over the last eight years was through executive orders and now just as easily as those were signed they can be shredded which is exactly what president-elect trump campaigned on. under the obama administration, millions of undocumented immigrants have avoided deportation and received work permits through a program the president created. mr. trump is promised that practice will end once he takes office. climate change has also been a priority for president obama. he's created many new regulations on energy production and the environment which are now expected to be tossed out under the new administration. the affordable care act is also on the chopping block repealing
6:30 pm
and replacing the president's signature accomplishment was search part of mr. trump's campaign after meeting with the president on thursday he now says there are several aspects of the law he'd like to keep. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered. >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you'll keep that. >> also with the children living with their parents for extended period. >> you'll keep that. >> very much try and keep that. it adds cost but it's very much something we'll try and keep. >> initially those comments raced eyebrows republican lawmakers point out that the gop has supported both of those provisions and includely them in their previous proposals to replace obama care. a couple other legacy items expected to be scrapped u.s. involve in many the iran nuclear deal and the transpacific partnership trade deal both of which mr. trump is said he plans to renegotiate. in washington, i'm garrett tenney fox news. delaware governor jack markell heading to india this
6:31 pm
weekend hoping to get some new ideas about public policy. governor markell is leading the trip to the world's largest democracy. he's hoping to get different ideas on ways to govern from public officials in india. and policymakers from all over the world. markell a democrat is the council president of the group leading the conference. state senator from nebraska a republican is joining markell. you may notice that dozens of parks across philadelphia are looking a little nicer now. >> yeah they're all spruced up thanks to the work of volunteers who cleaned up about 80 neighborhood parks. it's all part of love your park fall service day. i love that idea. volunteers planted trees, collected leaves for compost and removed all kinds of graffiti. the event right here was at the malcolm x memorial park in west philadelphia one of the city's old defendant and most active parks. mayor jim kenney thanked all the volunteers who helped to keep philadelphia's parks clean.
6:32 pm
>> we need to continue to give these parks tender loving care until we get to our rebuild and we start getting in the large amounts of money we can invest in our recreation centers and park facilities. >> this is the seventh annual love your park day. thousands gathered at citizens bank park this morning all for a good cause. several of fox 29's own participated in the walk to end alzheimer's. you can see a lot of us were there. sue serio, alex was there, quincy, bill, i was there. you was there, dawn wasn't the there. >> but many more joined us out there to fight to end this disease about 15,000 people helped to raise money more than $1.2 million. it's all part of the national alzheimer's disease awareness month, and fox 29 of course and again a proud media sponsor of the walk. >> now to your fox 29 weather authority. it was a cold start as joyce can a test to. >> my gosh.
6:33 pm
>> 8:30 for the walk. >> i know you're still cold. >> yes. i can't get warm. >> how does that happen. >> that's why dawn wasn't l she was smarter than that. >> i was. >> i totally support that cause. >> right. it's going to be another morning tomorrow where it's 20s and 30s for everybody. we'll do the freeze warning thing one more time. then it's going to get mild again. so a silver lining but then a trade off is we'll have to get through some rain. >> i don't like that. >> we'll get into it let's take a look -- >> not snow. >> not snow. don't go there yet. let's take a live look at the airport you can see the camera bobble link a around a bit. there's little bit of a wind. a wind chill value in some spots may get into the low 30s. live shot a lot of coats in old city. 46 degrees westerly wind coming in at 10. feeling like 41 this afternoon. now, made it to 51 degrees actually blow normal for a change. record high back in 1800 was at 75 degrees. we'll come nowhere close to that over the next couple of weeks. 37 already down in the poconos. 46 in town. 40 in millville a lot of spots
6:34 pm
in the wine pine barrens will find themselves into the low 30s and upper 20s again little bit of a wind making the wind chill values around 30 to around 41 degrees here in philadelphia. mostly clear 8:00 o'clock, 43 degrees. if you're staying out late a minute lit chill 40 degrees getting down into the upper 30s by tomorrow morning and a lot of sunshine tomorrow morning will bring news tomorrow afternoon an quick rebound to 60 degrees by tomorrow. there's not much happening across much of the eastern half of the nation. area of high pressure in control. that's bringing in northwesterly wind flow. we call it canadian air mass. i want to bring you down, say, around south texas, brownsville as you get into northern mexico, look at this jet stream flying out of mexico this is going to start to spawn an area of low pressure it's going to be a rather benign system moving through houston and then it's going to really start to consolidate bring moisture out of the gulf of members cone lit actually curve up the coast. believe it or not beneficial rain by monday morning look at the time stamp the clouds are increasing.
6:35 pm
looks like wet weather comes in by monday evening's commute and probably lingering into monday night. so we could see you know maybe a three quarters possibly an inch especially along our coastal points. here's fox future cast tomorrow morning let's deal with the chill. upper 30s to around 40 degrees as early as 88m. sunshine goes to work. not bad around 60 degrees. but by monday, watch how the clouds increase first somebody showers starting to pop up around 3:00 o'clock. so your forecast for tonight, upper 20s, low 30s north and west. 36 here in town. tomorrow generous amounts of sunshine get up to around 60 degrees a little bit cooler for the lehigh valley and mount pocono here's your seven day forecast call a quick bounce for tomorrow up to 60 degrees. again increasing cloudiness on monday brings in the rain showers. right around five or 6:00 o'clock especially over delaware. head heavy steady rains overnight monday into tuesday. it's damp and breezy at 56 degrees but watch how we pop the temperature right again. wednesday 59. back up to 60 a mild trend by thursday.
6:36 pm
we're getting into the middle 60s once again by next week. there is a sign that some much colder air is coming down. a big pattern change. we'll talk about that tonight after football and we'll get into the details on how much rain you could see in parts of the delaware valley for this monday system that's coming up later tonight. guys? >> all right. thank you. a new auto shop in the area opens with a special twist. why this business is catering to one particular group of customers. plus a blue angel pilot is retiring, and what she did in her career that makes her an inspiration to women who come after her.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 g internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes we're wired differently. gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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♪ how cute. florida couple proves it never really too late to find mr. or mrs. right. 95-year-old carlos suarez and 80-year-old maria company bar tied the knot in north miami beach. >> aww. >> they just met not even year ago, but why should it take long the love birds say they knew it was love at first sight. >> they look so happy. >> yes. world chess federation championship now underway in new york city. actor woody harrelson made the opening move for defending champ
6:40 pm
magnus carlson. carlson competed against player from russia but after 42 moves the match ended in a draw. the competition will continue over the next several weeks in 12 different matches. new business is opening up in upper darby and it's geared toward educating and empowering women when it comes to their cars i think that's a great idea. >> you going to like it open more. it's the girls auto clinic. it's located on west chester pike and it's owned by engineer and automotive technician patrice banks. the repair shop employs women mechanics. she wants ladies to be confident drivers and smart consumers when it comes to car maintenance the shop also has a salon for customers to get their nails and hair done while they wait. >> i knew i like it. [ laughter ] after a vicious election season many americans are hoping that attention will now be turned to what matters. what many citizens say was forgotten during the contentious campaign cycle.
6:41 pm
plus a blue angel pilot is retiring watch she did in her career that makes her inspiration to women who come after her.
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6:44 pm
well after a hard fought election season filled with talk of fbi investigations and sexual harassment, many americans say they're just tired. they say lost among all the chatter is the american people themselves. >> fox's charlie leduff traveled the country during the election cycle living with and chatting with the people. ♪ >> there is no such thing as little people. only people but american politic has discouraging way of dimini diminishing us, you and me and our children. it's been an election sickle two years long, long on words, short on substance. short on people. we've criss-crossed this great nation of ours over these past
6:45 pm
many months in search of the real people from real places. the factories, and farms and oil fields, the get toes, the bario, trailer parks and reservations. we left the halls of power to the lip gloss media. here you'll see the real americans. and this is what they say. >> everybody on the chopping block. >> you agree with that? >> well, yeah, i do. i think a lot of us are operating out of fear and in this election cycle trying to figure out who is not going to make the worst decision for us, right? >> exactly. >> can he take baths and showers at caution. why at caution? because our government didn't care. they still don't. >> tax suck, the roads suck. i'm paying freebies for everybody else to live here but me, why? where is where i hand out. i got my hand out. i ain't got nothing. >> they put all the money downtown in those shiny big
6:46 pm
buildings. they employing people but not my color. they're not me. >> over blocks because it's my block. >> lack of education, lack of trust. that's why. >> why don't you leave? >> go west. >> how? by what means? >> back up and wander around and hope i make it. bleep. i can't make enough to pay my rent. >> took the slack out of my gun young blacks like it and fake gun, too. almost got shot over a fake gun. that much more... >> they need to stop and go ho home. >> it's a green light. >> this is my home. i'm from around here. this is is my home.
6:47 pm
i am home. >> i'm black but i still know i got to live in this area. i was ain't for the white man. i'm for everybody but we ain't got a loop. >> there's too many excuses. bleep that stuff over there. it starts at home. mommy, daddy, you take responsibility. snatch your dam kid up and let them know this ain't what it is. >> you better not -- i still hate the police. police ain't no hero of mine. police is my enemy. >> i lost a hub. the boys lost a father but the world lost a hero and he forgave the person that did this to him and i forgive the person that did this to him. >> your family hurts. you hurt. and everybody around you hurts. there's no system out there that's actually making it better. va, prolonging everything you do. i mean that's what it is.
6:48 pm
i mean, it happens every day to soldiers coming back. >> everybody is mad at the government. why you going to pick up a gun and point it at your brother. >> i didn't point it at my brother but could it come to that. i didn't point it at my brother. >> it could come to that. >> you know what i mean. >> i didn't point it at my brother. i have not point add gun at anybody yet. >> but you might. >> if it's pointed at me. >> it's not bleep. it's raping. you know. bleep you do it willing. raping they force you to do th that. there's difference between bleep and rape. >> american indian is the most abused society in the history of america. it's a tragedy. >> look behind you. you know what that is? >> that's america. that's american flag. it's our country. but yeah i see what you're saying. i know where you're going with this. >> no liking. the united states no good. >> we want those people off the streets. >> we want them out. you got to deal with them every day. >> right. >> that would be a place to start.
6:49 pm
>> that would be place to start. >> you've done nothing. >> except talk about wall. >> talk about wall. talk about sending them home. um, talk about enforcing the l law. unfortunately number of its been done. >> i'm not for sending all the ones back that has been in this country for 40 years and just because they're here illegally yeah they broke the law, ain't we all? >> we need jobs. they got to be back here. we need manufacturing back in the united states. all the jobs are gone. >> the police are whooping our butts. the church is not active. once again i'll be redundant the government official are not doing anything. >> you can't put all the guilt on the white man. we have something to do with it, too. we have something to do with it, too. we all got to get together and work together and that's it, m man. >> too little socialable. >> you wake up and the name will change on the white house deck may not be the one you wanted. that happens just try and web we
6:50 pm
the people. we're in this together. >> that was our charlie leduff. she made history as the first woman blue angels pilot but now she is hanging up her flight suit. >> captain katie higgins has done something no other woman has been able to do. pilot for the legendary blue angels aviation team. her last flight is this weekend during the pensacola air show. higgins hopes she paved the way for younger generation of girls to follow in her footsteps. >> i hope that those that aren't serving in the military or don't have that opportunity are reminded that there are women and there are men still serving overseas right now. they're fighting isis they're standing the watch in the pacific and this team represents that. >> congratulations to katie higgins much this year the blue angels celebrating 70 years in the air. >> that is fantastic. sean brace here now. he's here. >> with sports. >> i'm here. we got one heck of a game tomorrow. big one for the eagles.
6:51 pm
>> fingers crossed we need a w. >> eagles look to remain perfect at home tomorrow hosting falcons. hear from falcons head coach dan quinn and why he's impressed with carson wentz and they look to make it six in a row today a high scoring affair tackling place at indiana. did the nittany lions come out on top. we have the highlights next. z/ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we' offering incredibly st 150 meg internet, st in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming.
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♪ normally when you think about penn state football you don't think of a offensive fire back. head coach james franklin has the nittany lions offense hitting on all cylinders. going into today's game at indiana penn state averaging 33 points per game in tallying over 400 yards on offense per game. translation, when you're putting up numbers like that you win football games. franklin nittany lions looking for their sixth straight win at indiana fourth quarter penn state up 28-24 indiana
6:54 pm
quarterback lego hits nick westbrook for the 40-yard touchdown pass. hoosiers on top by three. second and goal for the lions. barclay gets in the end zone his second on the day. penn state up 35-31. add a field goal up 38-31. one last drive for indiana here. penn state defense is having none of that. stripped by brandon bell and brown with the scoop and score. penn state wins 45-31. villanova at home taking on james madison. they would lose the game. matt caesar honored at the game. he added to his resume playing for the chicago cubs any question why the cubs ended their streak that kid is gold. good stuff there. eagles welcomed the six and three atlanta falcons to down tomorrow afternoon a battle of the birds. one reason why the falcons are so are so high this season penn charter alum quarterback matt
6:55 pm
ryan ryan in his you ninth season for the falcons on pace to put up 40 touchdowns and seven interceptions this year. stats like that have ryan being mentioned as this year' mvp. safety malcolm jenkins knows matty ice's all the skills. >> he's got all the arm skills and, um, all of the brain at the line of scrimmage to put him in a good play. to get in and out of runs. get in play action and he's having a productive year. he's been one of those quarterback you have to get ready to play. >> eagles need a win in a bad way after starting the season three-zero the birds have now lost four out of last five. eagles remaining schedule it's tough. it's listed as the second hardest remaining schedule in the league. if there's any hope for a turn around quarterback carson wentz mut play better. falcons head coach knows wentz is capable. >> i've been impressed by his
6:56 pm
athletecism. he's athletic and they can do some of the quarterback gun runs that make him an extra player to defense. so we've been impressed so far. we thought, you know, toughness wise he looks good. not trying to slide. trying to run it and aggressive like a lot of, you know, young quarterbacks do. >> impressive like a line up tomorrow. stay with us all day for the best degrease coverage 10am fox "game day live". main event eagles and falcons at 1:00. 4:25 cowboys and the steelers. not sure if you knew this but the sixers finally won their first game of the season last night 109-105 in overtime over the indiana pacers of course the main attraction joel embiid delivered big way scoring 16 of this 25 points in the fourth quarter and overtime. embiid is a force and just six games of play 22 minutes per game because restrictions he's averaging 18 points and six rebounds. are you trusting his process yet? no surprise sixers faithful has joe joe's back
6:57 pm
brett brown believes there's more to the story than just production. >> i just feel like the city of philadelphia is going to wrap their arms around joel embiid because of his spirit. forget his talent for minute. you know, he's into the crowd. the crowd is into him. and i think something like that with his personality complimenting his talent is a wonderful package for our organize. >> that boy is good. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> all right. well that is our news for this saturday night. your live lottery drawing is next followed by college football. >> washington and the university of southern california will hit the field and we will be seeing you right after the game. enjoy it, everybody. ♪
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