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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 11, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> i think destructing the flag is disgraceful, but they don't even know what they're protesting. >> hey, i'm still wondering whether it's the same america i grew up in. >> is this the same america for you? >> it's not. >> what a week for new jersey governor chris christie. am i right? the donald trump win has put bridgegate on the back burner, and no longer are people asking if the governor's political career is kaput. instead, they're wondering what position's next for governor christie in the trump white house. he was asked that exact question on "today show" earlier on thursday, and here's what he said -- >> we have not talked about anything. it's true that the president-elect was, was absolutely adamant about not
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discussing the transition before he was elected. >> and lastly, what does it mean for lieutenant governor kim garre dean know if christie moved on to the white house? she'll take his role, and could that help her gubernatorial ambitions in 2017? many say it could, but here to break be it all down for us, we have jim mcqueeny, political commentator and, of course, friend of the show. >> i've got to ask you first, you okay? you all right? you recovered all right? >> i'm okay. i'm still wondering whether it's the same america i group in, but that's okay, we'll see. >> let me ask you, at what point do people accept and then say maybe it's time to stop beating up on chris christie and move on? the guy had a big victory on tuesday. >> obama put it gracefully when he said at this point we're all on the same team, team america, and we have to move it forward. and i see a lot of the protests that are out there right now about the conclusion of the election. listen, if they were protesting a rigged election -- obviously not -- that would be one thing. but at this point, why don't you wait until you see what's
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proposed before you protest against it. >> ashley, what do you think? now the world according to many is a better place? a stronger place for job creation, the economy? what do you think? >> well, what this election has shed light on is that every vote counts, and i want to know how many of these protesters actually exercised their right. because don't -- hindsight is 20/20. people have been saying all along, go out and vote. you can't now change the vote. >> sibile, you heard jim mcqueeny say he doesn't know that this is the same america he grew up in. do you agree with that? >> see, i'm a journalist, and i'm not going to say what trump has done wrong if he hasn't done anything wrong. we don't know what his agenda's going to be. >> ashley, you just heard that. is this the same america for you? >> it's not. >> why? >> actually speaking with my parents who lived through -- and grandparents who lived through the civil rights era, they have never seen tension like this since back in the day. they say they're seeing some of
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the same hate from the jim crow era now in today's world. >> i'll tell you a story that i really didn't tell anybody. the other day, just walking by, somebody's like, what's up, gandhi? swear to god. see -- >> don't you think that could have been a compliment? >> no. >> gandhi? >> that's not cool. >> don't the detractors of turn trump sound like the birthers that came out right away, the world's going to end? we've had eight years of obama, the country hasn't changed all that much. is this the same america for you? >> it's not. >> sibile, start us off. >> police in philly are looking for a trump supporter. check out this surveillance footage. you can see the guy spray painting the hood of a car, then you see this image of the words trump rules spray painted against the wall of a building. if you recognize this guy, call the cops. he was wearing sneakers, a baseball cap, medium build. >> forget the mannequin challenge from last week. now it's all about the andy's
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coming challenge. based off the 1995 pixar movie when somebody yelled andy's coming, everybody drops to the floor motionless and stays there just like a doll would do or a, yeah, like a toy would do. >> andy's coming! >> do i fall now? >> thanks for making it awkward. [laughter] >> we have so much love here, we're going to be okay. we are, i know we are. >> on monday night, kelly chawke took her dog for a walk in hewitt, new jersey, but she never came home. kelly was likely struck by a vehicle as she was walking through the apartment. there is surveillance footage, but the police haven't released that yet. kelly and her husband gary were childhood sweethearts. he was walking in from his office when he saw misty, their 13-year-old dog, sitting outside. >> i went inside to look for kelly, and when she was not in there, i called the cell phone. >> he went out to find her, but he didn't have to go far.
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gary found his wife right here just a couple hundred feet from their house. thinking that she had fallen over because of a heart attack, he ran over to her. >> i had no idea it was an excellent, i thought it was a health problem. >> kelly was the heart of her family. they were always over at the house with her. >> you know, just need to know. i couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life looking at girls and not have any answer. >> the police have set up a tip line, so if you know anything that could help the police soft this case or bring -- solve this case or bring this family some closure, please let them know. >> coyotes have been roaming around new york city especially in queens, and i actually witnessed a coyote running straight at me at the first calvary cemetery in queens. in the middle of the road, people. in the middle of the road, this coyote is just standing there. see that? that's the coyote -- oh, my gosh. oh, the coyote's approaching.
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that's close enough for me, i'm getting in my car. they've been spotted there, around rikers island, around laguardia airport. well, the port authority stepped in and monday night they found and euthanized five coyotes. this has been devastating for animal rights activists and for the people who actually did love the coyotes in queens and actually fed them. i chased it to park avenue where i met with a philanthropist, jean, at her home. >> i was very sad. so i really never had enough time to find a sanctuary. and then with the election, which was a big deal this week, everyone got involved in going out and voting, and for a day everybody forgot about the coyotes, but now everyone's back on the coyotes. >> there was another option. she had actually volunteered to pay to relocate the coyotes. >> so i volunteered to move the coyotes, pay for their transportation to a sanctuary. >> but instead, the port authority stepped in, and they took the law into their own hands and basically killed the coyotes. i got a statement from the port
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authority because i asked them why they did this, and they said it was because they were concerned that the coyotes had become acclimated to human activities and the humans living in the area, and they were afraid there was going to be an attack. they also wanted to protect the airport workers around laguardia airport and the residents living nearby. >> the coyotes are wildlife. they are wild dogs, and i think that in the proper setting, that a they need to exist, and we don't want to get rid of all of our wildlife because we, we love animals, i mean, as a country and as a world. i think we set the tone when we start euthanizing different groups. >> according to the aspca, over two million animals are euthanized every year, and jean would like to put a stop to that. >> where are you going to put them? i mean, literally, where are you going to put them? >> there are plenty of wildlife refuges where they can not affect humans. >> in new york city, roughly 650 people are attacked by
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domesticated dogs every year. meanwhile, only a handful of people across the entire country are attacked by coyotes. >> well, wait, do you know why? because we find them and euthanize them, that's why -- >> oh, come on. >> that's the difference. yeah, coyotes look like dogs. they certainly aren't dogs, they are predators. yes, we haven't had a serious attack recently, but to relocate them, it's not easy. you can't put them near other animals, they eat a lot, it's not an easy thing to do. >> and we think about it, it's the port authority that did this. every time you're paying tolls over the george washington bridge, it's to euthanize wildlife. >> well, they have been relocating coyotes to the bronx, and we're seeing it's not working. they're showing up everywhere, they're showing up long island city, constantly at rikers island, i mean, birds are enough of a problem, we don't need coyotes -- >> if you want to see a coyote, go to the zoo, it's fine. >> we've been following the story of emily rand, 19 years old, for over a week.
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she can be seen on the left of this leaked snapchat video from late october throwing a punch at a man. the man punches her in the face. her skull was fractured, putting her into a coma. thursday morning we got an update on her condition. she's gained consciousness, and she's starting to slowly mouth words, but she can't get up or get any sentences or phrases out which is really tough for her family to see. we at "chasing news" had a spirited discussion regarding assaults between males and females and what should happen to each party. new brunswick police finally caught up with the suspect who was on the run that fled the scene as you see in the video. after talking to the suspect, police came out on wednesday to state that new brunswick police will not be filing charges on the male in this incident from this video. now, they say that they determined that emily, the female, was the aggressor in the incident and that the suspect had not been in hiding, and he had been cooperating with the police department. now, her uncle who she lives
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with had a different story. he said the investigators told him that the investigation was open until emily gains consciousness and tell her side of the story. but i caught up with emily's best friend, beth noble, via skype. >> i'm really unhappy about that, but throughout all of this when a lot of people were coming to me through social media expressing their anger and everything, i always said personally -- and i think i can speak for a lot of people when i say that his punishment is not as important to me as her recovery. >> does her best friend think that at any point it was her fault? >> i asked her the exact same question. they've had testimony from some of their friends about what was going on. what she told me is that, no, it's never okay to hit somebody, especially not initially. >> do you know the facebook post, was that the guy's girlfriend? >> right. >> do we know? >> so it's -- >> she went on to defend the guy. >> it's allegedly a facebook post was posted by the suspect's girlfriend, and she had a lot to say. i read it the other day on set.
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basically, her boyfriend shouldn't be at fault, he was justified in what he did. she was at fault, she got what was coming to her. it was, it was a really tough thing to read. >> ashley? >> kind of scouring the internet just to see what other people think about these types of situations, it happens all the time. i'm on one site,, where hundreds of people voted. 75% said, yes, it is okay for a man to hit a woman in certain situations. >> wow. >> that's crazy. >> and the one argument i keep seeing coming up is women want equal rights, but theyon want it in their favor. >> that's a great -- what do you think of that? isn't this a victim for feminism? >> no. >> why? >> by police justifying that there were no charges because there was a mutual fight, they have set a precedent that it's okay for a map to hit a woman -- for a man to hit a woman, strike a woman to the point where she's fighting for her life. this is a different scenario. >> what if it was two men? >> no, that's what i was going to bring up. two men, two women with, same
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result -- >> it would be self-defense. >> here's the thing -- >> so are they doing the right thing, the police department? i don't know. >> don't ever start a fight. and if you're going to start a fight, be sure you're going to win it. this woman did not know what she was getting into. she never should have thrown the punch. >> honestly, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. her punch clearly could not have done the same level of damage, and i think it's unfair. >> we've all come to know the or archaic gun laws in the state of new jersey and, well, stephane was right smack dab in the middle of it. now, stephane got his life back, and he just called to tell me some really exciting news, but i'll let him tell you.
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>> when that person defends themselves, that's just self-defense. >> not a big fan of shedding? yes, lola, i am looking at you. well, these weird leotards for dogs might just be your solution. meet the shed defender. the tastefully tacky duds claim to keep your dog warm, reduce dirt and allergens and keep your dog clean, also something our lola might benefit from. mike may finally be able to use the bathroom in place. >> that is the dumbest thing. >> ron is a janitor in bedford, new hampshire. he works the overnight shift, but he makes his presence known to the students by his creative artistic designs that he vacuums into the carpets of the kids' classrooms.
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take a look at the castles, the sports team logos, the charlie brown characters and the halloween symbols. >> he loves his job, right? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he has 15 years of administrative experience, he has gotten some bills passed in new jersey, and let's just say he knows how to work a room. ladies and gentlemen, i'm talking about the pastor who could be new jersey's next governor. >> it is a blessing to have everybody here together -- >> i know what you're thinking, another election? yep, another election. our new jersey gubernatorial race is slated to take place in 2017, and it's time to meet the contenders. [laughter] the reformed church of highland park. >> when i learned that steve sweeney and steve phillips and ray lesniak were not going to run against phillip murphy and that it appeared to me that some sort of deal-making must have occurred to make everybody fall out of the way, i just was, i was so distraught by that.
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i thought goldman sachs can't buy another election for the governor here in new jersey. >> he's running on the green party ticket. to put it simply, because he's fed up with the democratic party. he plans to run on the party's platform last not fist, fighting for those on the bottom. >> the only reason i'm doing this is because my wife could see that this was a passion, a calling that wasn't going away. with work first, with esl and literacy programs and with numerous 'em players, we give you thanks. >> he tells me he already lives by that motto at his church, helping the homeless, helping veterans and most recently helping syrian refugees. >> the federal government said you need to be deported, and we said, forget you. you can't be breaking up our families like that. >> wow. so they -- >> they were 11 months they lived in this building, in this complex. >> wow. >> yeah. >> but let's not forget new jersey has a lot of problems, specifically --
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[inaudible] i asked him, are you ready for in? first of all, why is this even appealing to you? >> tell me why somebody who works on wall street is more prepared to answer the pension problem than somebody who works ethically within a community of faith and who is constantly trying to lift up those who are at the bottom? ♪ ♪ >> i believe that faith of all kinds is about transforming the world that we live in. and i want to see love and peace take over in this land. >> is he a bernie guy? >> yes, he is. so it happened that i met him on wednesday, the day after the election, and tensions were there, let's just say that. >> yeah. >> he was very upset the way the democratic party pushed bernie aside and allowed hillary to move forward. >> i mean, if he wants a real chance, he should have tried on the democratic ticket. >> there's no chance on the democratic ticket. phil murphy's got that locked up -- >> he's got it locked down. [laughter] >> all right.
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so what's next for him? is he actually going to file papers or and go through with this? >> yes, he already has. he announced his candidacy last week or the week before. >> jersey's bernie sanders. i love it. >> you would never vote for him though. >> probably not. >> yeah. [laughter] >> guys, we have a special guest on set today, a great friend of the show and a personal friend of mine. we first met stephane josie davis a couple years ago. he certainly wasn't sporting the smile we see now. stephane was facing prison time, about ten years, to be exact. we've all come to know the archaic gun laws in the state of new jersey and, well, stephane was right smack dab in the middle of it. he was an armed guard, he'd been working his way toward his dream of being a police officer when it all came crashing down. as he was getting ready for work one day, his little sister was coming down the stairs -- >> she opens the door to the garage and comes towards me, so
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i just quickly open up the glove compartment to put the firearm and assist her and take her back upstairs --? >> he was pulled over for a traffic violation, and the gun was found. now a rocketship of potential shot straight back down to work. >> it affected my life because i can't follow my dreams. i was trying to become a police officer, you know? i went through the process twice, and i went to go get hired, and this charge was still haunting me, you know? and i had to withdraw from the process and couldn't follow that dream. >> i found this story, we at "chasing news" exclusively broke it. then the country took notice. for the following year, stephane gained supporters, appeared on every major news network to tell his story. petitions and phone calls poured into governor christie's office, and it worked. governor christie issued stephane a full pardon. i saw him that day, and i remember how happy he was. now, stephane got his life back, and he just called to tell me some really exciting news, but
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i'll let him tell you. >> well, as of the 28th of this month, i will be beginning the police academy for baltimore city. [applause] [laughter] >> wow, dude. >> i get sworn in on the 23st, and -- 21st and i'll be starting my journey. >> two questions. one, how many times have you relived that moment? >> i relive it a moment. just the simple fact that i would have been on the force five years, i could have been a sergeant by now, but at the same time, it's a life lesson. i believe that the higher power puts you in certain positions to where you have to go through those trials and tribulations. >> good luck. hey, congratulations. >> appreciate it. >> good luck. >> absolutely. >> this one of here lemm's hidden -- harlem's hidden treasures, but the true gift is the artist. he's 26 years old and has autism. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i'll tell you a story that i really didn't tell anybody the other day, just walking by, somebody's like, what's up, gandhi? >> don't you think that could have been a come print? >> gandhi? >> no, that's noting cool. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> whoever stole the seattle seahawks' defensive end car collection, land rover, please, please return it. >> what's a magic card?
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>> it's like dungeons and dragons. i used to play when i was a kid, but i stopped because i became an adult. [laughter] >> right. >> anyway, listen, 20-$25,000. >> what? >> yes. anyway, he took to twitter saying, hey, whoever stole my magic collection from my land rover last night, if you are 12 -- which is the fans of the seahawks -- please return it, i'll give you two tickets to the next home game. thus far no one has returned his magic card collection. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brooklyn, guess who's back to harlem? [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the claire francis art gallery north of 96th is family owned and very unassuming but is one of harlem's hidden treasures. the story is about the colorful,
12:57 am
beautiful artback, but the true gem is the artist. he's 26 years old and has autism. >> [inaudible] so he, he loves michael jackson. >> now, he is limited in speech, but by his art you would never know. his art depicts jazz and emotions like rage which he experienced after losing two close family members. he also has a beautiful collection of bottles. and you're painting glasses? how has this changed from your painting on the canvas? is it harder to do this or easier? >> harder. >> hard. now, his father talking about his son's art, he says back in elementary school they realized he was a natural, and the family helped him explore what has really launched a career for him. >> it tells him that each of us has a talent, a spiritual talent. and we must explore that.
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we must not hide and suppress what's within us. >> he is the only artist featured in this gallery which is a huge accomplishment for him. and also his art will be featured in popular establishments throughout harlem, and it will be seen on the lifeline of harlem, 125th street. so gotta give it to this young man. >> what'd you think, sergio? >> he has the opportunity to express his emotions in a positive way. we see so much crime, so many different things is happening, you know, all over the world, but he's using his rage in a positive, positive way. >> the average person can't do what he's doing. for the u.s. marines out there, today is the 241st birthday of the united states marine corps. happy birthday. semper fi. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪
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