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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 4, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> so you want me to repeat it? >> yes. [music] >> what do have? >> this is a great shot for selfie. >> i don't agree with you on that. >> you guys are completely insane. i love it. [laughter] >> inspiring copy cat pranksters
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may have gone too far. >> trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. [laughter] >> i'm standing in front of st. st. john maria high school in philadelphia, now, check out this, it's by clown of philly coming on monday, another post silly clown 215, we are coming to all northeast charter high schools, we will be after you let out on wednesday. now the social media account appears to have been deleted. the philadelphia police and the philadelphia school district they issued this statement. a philadelphia police department is actively investigating the social media posts and pursuing those responsible for them. holiday break is here, monday and tuesday the kids will be out and will come back on wednesday,
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police already posted outside. i've been chasing this creepy clown phenomena since last week. i was in new jersey where a clown was actually seen in a wal-mart parking lot. we have the exclusive footage of that. i want to know how they felt in philadelphia, i've been talking to people on the street and, bill, they are not happy. that way you don't have a whole generation of kids terrified by clowns. >> 5,000 clowns, nobody is going to know what to do. >> we have enough in the world with getting involved in a club. >> people are saying this is a hoax. >> i think it's terrible. >> if you saw a clown what would you do? >> you would run away. >> are you afraid of clowns? >> i ain't afraid of nobody. [laughter] >> has anyone actually been hurt by a clown? >> reports of kids being lured into the woods by clowns.
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there's a report that kid was chased but it is dangerous but as of right now incident when someone in a fight turned out to be not true, rumors are flying but whether or not people have been hurt, it's getting dangerous. >> this is untold psychological damage. >> iyou don't like clowns? >> i think obviously but the death threats have been taken seriously and it's annoying that they're using it, i can't even take you seriously, sorry. >> with the clown mask? >> it's kind of a serious matter if they're threatening the life of the kids. >> anybody threatening with kids, yes. but i don't think it has anything to do with clowns. so this is movie just publicity stunt. >> i have an update on the
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disturbing social media post, philadelphia police said a 13-year-old was behind this instagram post saturday. they say she says it was a frank -- prank. what do you think about the clown incidents? tweet me. >> why are we doing it? i don't know. >> bill, how would you like to see cowboys on jerry jones get hit with a football helmet? >> right on the face. >> jones would sign it. his reflex ain't so good. >> it was a crappy throw. >> if it hits you in the head it's an error. >> you have to get jones' correct, he did sign it. christie would have thrown it back. >> guys, the vampires with tens
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are back. speaker senate president and governor christie all got together late on friday to hand us a gas tax. diana you are chasing the unbelievable story and this is happening this week just to stick it once again to the middle class, what do you have? >> politicians threaten meeting at night to rob energians of hard-earned money. this time trying to raise the tax 2 3 cents a gallon. governor christie announced the deal on friday on how to funds the transportation trust fund. deal will come to a special session vote on wednesday and if it passes, new jersey from having the second lowest gas tax nation among the highers. after my car, spilled my tank and read today red bank.
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i met with state senator who is among the few politicians who is against this. >> we stopped this proposal before. our democracy works. add your voice to the conversation. call, e-mail, let your elected officials know how you feel. >> now the government refers to tax as first broad-base tax cut since 1994, that's because this deal includes state tax, slight drop by less than 1% of sales tax and increase in tax credits for the working poor as well as the personal income for veterans with discharge honorably. senator says that 23 cents, it might rise higher than that. >> it's somewhat convoluted. they're automatically going to
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increase the gas tax to get back to that artificial cap level that they created. >> i was chasing this from the very beginning right after the midnight vote, i asked governor christie are you one of those vampires with the pen. >> there's a pack of vampires, are you one of them? >> no, i'm cutting taxes. >> he said no and he was laughing. [laughter] >> it's kind of the nonchalant attitude. he passes gas tax because he wants to help roads and bridges, what did he do when it wasn't passed? he threw a temper tantrum until it passed. >> that's exactly what happened at 4:30 on a friday holiday weekend they called the press conference to make announcement on gas tax and christie got out of the press conference so quickly. i asked him, will you guys vote on this tax again at midnight like you did the first time and
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the response was pretty irritating because they kind of just explained to me how legislature works. >> money is not going fix the potholes, it took three guys in a back room to come out and stick it to us. this is only going to be paid for, the tax cuts over the course of 15 minutes. the minute governor christie is out of office, what do you think is going to happen, you're going to get stuck with gas tax. >> they can't possibly afford to retire here. let's hope that the bridges and works because everybody is leaving. >> is christie retiring here? >> no chance. >> thanks, diana, we will see you wednesday, we will see what happens. >> last week my cousin reached out on facebook if i heard about this little girl who was from philadelphia at the children's
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hospital in philadelphia getting treatment for a stage four inoperable because of location of the brain. on that sunday, neighbors put together a huge block party that was all surrounding prayer service that was supposed to storm the heavens and send all the prayers they could get up to god to pray for a miracle for who at this point that's what she needs. i spoke with her aunt gina what is it like to get incredible support? >> i feel like we were close growing up, you know, like when they would come together, i thought that way, but i have never seen anything like this. i'm proud of that and i'm -- i will tell you that that block party my sister and my brother-in-law had nothing to do with it. these were people who chose, who had this desire, genuine desire,
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to rally support, to be there and to show love and it was around prayer. >> i need to do -- >> that's okay. >> going into this interview i didn't know what to say or maintain composure which i did not and i turned to my pastor who just last week gave a sermon about a servant who went to elisha when he was facing the massive problem. >> man's panic does not produce god's power. [applause] >> i should say that, man's panic does not produce god's power. >> that's the same message that her family we wanted to share and that's what i got from church. it was incredible because i listened to it on my way down to speak to gina and opened up my
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heart. >> this is scary but we don't have to be scary. >> that's what so special. it's about our collective prayers, our fight being your fight and raising prayers up to heaven even so much that the philadelphia eagles, union and beyonce asked people to pray, when i was standing there i lost it. >> god bless you. i want you to think how lucky we are to love. >> so when people asked the family, what can we do, they answer the same way, just pray. >> there's so much at stake here not to have faith. >> yeah. >> and to trust and we have to have trust that does not have borders and that is difficult for some people. >> it is, but forgive me, my -- my tiers don't come from a place of saddens, it comes from
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inspiration. >> , no i understand. i definitely understand because we just want prayers for felomina. >> we ask you at home to say a prayer for this little girl. thanks. >> we weren't slowing down. >> he thrives.
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>> i wish, i should start my day with bourbon. >> every question in life can be answered with the mean girls quote which is why today is not a regular day, it's cool, national mean girls day. today that erin sam wells asked what day it is to which is october 3rd. >> on october 3rd he asked me what day it was. >> t october 3rd. throw on your pink shirts even though it's not wednesday and keep trying to make the worst best happen because limit does not exist. >> i should probably watch it, huh? >> her brother returned from paris island. he is a u.s. marines and the
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first spot was to radio show where he talked about what is experiences are. >> i feel like only other marines understand what that feeling is because of that chill i've got, i will never forget. >> yeah. >> i have an exciting update to a story i covered to an extraordinary 11-year-old girl from west orange marly. >> none of them were about girls like me so i told my mom about it and she said, well, what are you going to do, we decide today start a campaign. >> collects books that feature black girls like herself as main characters so girls like herself have someone that they can look up to and identify with. now, fast-forward, she has quite the role. she is an editor in chief for her very own online magazine called the marly and we sat down today and it's quite impressive.
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>> those look like fun photos. >> yes. >> you would love it. i thought of you when i had done the article. >> i had done interview with l and i didn't want to become a magazine editor and i still do, well, you can do a spread with us and you will help us figure out what you want in your own little marly mag. >> you met first lady michelle obama, oprah, i started thinking, i'm a journalist, i came with my resume ui went on an interview and i sat down with marly. >> you're trying to get out of here? >> how do you think diversity affect it is workplace? >> i think diversity in today's world is necessary, people identify with people that look like them and they want their voices heard. >> thank you, so i looked at your resume but do i need to send this to the board and chief members. >> basically you got there are many other candidates they are considering, i will call you.
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don't call us. shouldn't it be about the moral of the story, the lessons in the story. >> when you look at literature and when you look at what schools tell you to read, there's not a lot of diversity and when you don't have diversity in curriculum you're keeping a lot of voices out of the pictures. >> does she still think that boys have cooties. >> that's a good question. >> didn't martin luther king did a whole speech? >> when you can walk into a bookstore or toy store and the representation of toys and books represents what our communities look like, then we can stop having this conversation. >> we have been covering the transit crash in hoboken last week and we still don't know what caused the trash.
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turns out the black box was not functioning. the train's engineer has been questioned but he doesn't remember anything until he woke up on the floor of the cab after the crash. he's also said that the train was moving at the speed of 10 miles per hour which directly contradicts with governor christie said last week that the train was moving at a quote, high rate of speed. so we can't figure out at what speed the train was moving let alone what caused it in the first place. this crash is not an isolated incident. it's another in a long line of traffic fiascoes on governor christie's watch. why there have been vacancy at the top spot for transit over an entire year? >> there are people intermediate people who christie has appointed. rail, transportation, spending
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like roads and bridges in the state. officially they make the selection but really christy is not going to approve unless he approves t this. >> they have a board, they have an interim executive director, why can't they lead nj transit. >> until you get somebody in here, essentially the ceo you're not going to turn around the agency or begin the process of turning it around. nj transit is under federal investigation. federal railroad administration is doing audit of nj transit since june. officials began the investigation because they were concerned about safety violations and the fact that there's a vacuum at the top spot. this is actually a failure of leadership on the part of governor christie because he promised us back in 2009 when he was he was going to fix transit.
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>> what was the scene when you got there with people coming off the trains? i think politicians miss it. there are real people impacted. god for bid this one woman was said. >> people bleeding everywhere. first responders started to come and just a very, very sad situation. >> all you hear is an explosion, loud sound and i felt like a light came towards me. i didn't know what was going on at the time. >> i know we always like to place blame on governor christie. >> he acted as the head of nj transit when he pushed back on the federal government. he was knew there was a vacancy unless he became an engineer and train expert, i think it is a disgrace that he left vacancy, allowed this to happen on his watch. somebody has blood on their
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hands from this crisis and you know what, as they say the old cliché, the fish rocks from the head down. christie is the head. >> i can't believe the black box that records wasn't working. how often do they have inspections that this happens. >> what's the point of the black box? >> what's the point of the black box, right. >> it's very important to know. ♪ ♪
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>> coming up next. >> hey, guys. >> sometimes a fat cat is just a fat cat. >> you eat lasagna.
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♪ ♪ >> hey, guys. hey.
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>> you're chasing the story about a fat cat. not what you think it really is a fat cat. >> new york city's biggest cat samsung also known as catcher, it's a 4-year-old who weighs 28 pounds and stretches 4 feet long. >> it's very important to know that he's absolutely not fat. he is the picture perfect of health. >> look at the camera. >> when he first got samsung from his brother he weighed 15 pounds which is average for that type of breed and he thought that was pretty big but then in the past year he hit a growth spur. >> he was 19 to 27. so he just started looking massive. i said he has to be huge now. what's going on? he was taking half of my bed up. >> three times the size of an average cat. he eats three times and goes to three time of the amount of
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litter. >> he's about three small cans a day, snack, he he use uses a full bag of litter a week. >> no lasagna, i asked. i'm sure i was the first person to ask that. >> i'm sure you were. [laughter] >> you eat lasagna? no? okay. so what's your sign? >> and he didn't really talk too much. >> the cat or the guy? >> the cat. we will talk later then, no problem. he has 104,000 followers on instagram. cat internet trolls. >> lately there's been other jealous cats. we had one jealous cat that was saying that is your instagram an art project to fool as many press people as possible because there's no way he's 4 feet long.
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>> well, i can confirm the cat is that big. >> needs to go on a diet. >> yes. >> a cat that eats three times more than another cat is a fat cat. >> it's mass, 9 pounds versus 30 pounds. >> shaquille o'neil is a large human and eats more food than an average human. we don't need to put him on a diet. >> he's looking at me with a death stair. >> hey, guys, hey. hey. ♪ ge: whoo!
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