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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it was a big success. >> reporter: as work crews cleaned up, security barriers got picked up and delegates packed up, philadelphia waived goodbye to the 2016 democratic national convention the impressions were mostly good. >> i love physical. philadelphia is a great city. you know, place where we founded our nation. >> were great time. i'm sorry that it's over. and i have to consider maybe i'll go again in four years. >> mike hal bert was an alternate delegate from chicago. he says philadelphia knock it out of the park. >> superb job putting this convention on much it was a first rate convention. >> kim work as a dnc volunteer all week. she simply loved it. >> i had a blast working with people, diverse crowd from different areas meeting the delegates. >> wayne nelson work the rnc in cleveland and came right to to philadelphia sell hillary clinton t shirts and hats. >> i didn't see even an argument
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out here. everyone was peaceful. very peaceful. >> reporter: even with the big protest philadelphia police reported no property damage and no local arrests. just over 100 diss orally conduct citations issued to protesters, 98 went to out of towners. the seven people who made headlines breaking through the dnc security gates they're all from out of town, too. >> i guess it doesn't really surprise me. >> very peaceful experience with the police here. >> reporter: most praised the city's security plan commissioner richard ross took a hands on approach. >> i was quite impressed. >> everyone felt safe here. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: in center city, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. and today mayor kenney reflecting on the city's handling of the dnc and he says we got an a plus. kenney seemed proud to report there were no arrests ma boy the city police during the dnc. the first term mayor says philly septembered its reputation as a city that does big events like
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the pope or the dnc pretty well. >> we're ready for anything that can come our way. fill our hotels, fill our restaurants and make the city look good. >> the mayor wanted to remind residents that city services had to operate while the convention was underway which he says did pretty well. balloons and confetti barely hit the floor when hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine pivoted general election mode. three-day bus trip to pennsylvania and ohio beginning today with a midday rally in north philadelphia. bruce gordon was hip deep in democratic convention and just back from that clinton/kaine recallly. >> hip deep in balloons last night. racial barrier broken eight years ago with the voting of barack obama. lots of folks want to be part of this latest milestone and today they got their chance. >> it's not every day a newly minuted presidential nominee visits your community.
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much less the first woman ever to achieve that status. which brought lots of parents to temple's mcgonagle hall little girls in tow. >> if hillary becomes the president i would never forgive myself if i didn't take my daughter here for this opportunity. >> do you think maybe some day you could be president? >> do you think you'd be a good president? >> yes. >> reporter: vice-presidential nominee tim kaine and his wife ann joined secretary clinton and our 42nd president on stage for a midday rally were you job creation and other policy stuff. but an audience filled with moms and dads and plenty of young girls shook the jim gym mrs. clinton made even availed reference to breaking through that glass ceiling. >> by contrary to donald trump, i believe every time we knock down a barrier in america it librates everyone in america. >> reporter: for the moment forget the p.m. sees, for so many parents this was about stepping their kids a message.
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live on stage in female form. >> i want them to do whatever they want to do, whether it be a president, teacher, doctor, whatever they want. >> crushing forward to try and grab a hand shake or a selfie with the democratic nominee, women of all ages. for some clinton represents a now realistic aspiration. for others long-time dream fulfill. >> newly minuted citizen your first vote for president is going to be for woman? >> yes. >> how does that make you feel. >> amazing. >> reporter: you're 65 yours old. >> i am. >> when you were a little girl could have imagined voting for a woman for president? >> no. no. >> reporter: interesting to note secretary clinton mentioned the wrist rick nature of her nomination briefly and at the very end of her remarks. clearly the gender story is interesting but it cannot and of course will not sustain a candidate through the general election campaign. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce. our coverage of this historic week continues on our website, just click on the story on our home page.
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on to your fox 29 weather authority. and finally, this heat wave is over. live look at the airport tonight where everything smooth sailing right now thousands of delegates, media and visitors head home from the dnc. our first day in more than a week we have not hit 90 degrees. scott williams live outside our studios here in old city. scott, we can get used this stuff. >> yeah, i mean, chris, it certainly is a breath of fresh air. the high temperature in philadelphia today 89 degrees. so the heat wave, it is officially over. the humidity not that bad as we take a live look right now at what's happening at the philadelphia international airport. we're dry, we're quiet. 88 degrees right now. the humidity at 49%. so let's look at temperatures across the area. 86 in dover. 79 right now in atlantic city. 85 in trenton. if you're stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans, maybe going to the movies or restaurant looking pretty good, 79 at 9:00 o'clock.
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11:00 o'clock 77 degrees. ultimate doppler it's dry and quiet. but off to the west, that's our weekend weather maker that will bring some unsettled weather for your saturday and also sunday. when i come indoors we'll time it all out for you the heaviest rainfall when to expect that plus the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. less than month after septa removed one third of its regional rail cars due to a defect in its silver liner fleet, it's announcing another big change. the transit agency is no longer allowing passengers to pay on the trains. >> they'll have to sort out their fare before walking on to those platform. let's get straight out to fox 29's brad sattin live outside of jefferson station for us tonig tonight. hey, brad. >> reporter: hey, chris. we should say it's only applies to certain stations at certain times of the day. septa says it's all about safety issue but clearly this is also about a money issue rush hour can get kind of overcrowded at times and it seem not everyone is always paying a fare.
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it's been a rough go for regional rail passengers after 120 cars were taken off the track as month ago when a defect was discover. >> always running late and in the morning it's tough. because you have to go to work on time and it's like 30 minutes late. >> there's been a lot of delays with the trains not arriving on time and on schedule, and even when they're on schedule, they're full to capacity or they're blowing past the station because they're just too full to stop. >> reporter: septa is now leasing 28 cars which is helped a bit but the overcrowding is leaving conductors over worked. there's just not enough time to both check everyone's tickets and passengers on and off the trains. >> there have been situation sis where conductors aren't able to get to all passengers on the trains. so there have been some instances where they haven't been able to validate or collect fares. >> reporter: there's no word on how much money septa may be losing. but starting monday, from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m. weekdays, at the five center city stations
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tickets will be check prior to passengers being allowed to walk down at the platform. >> if you don't have ticket or a pass you can go to the sales office at the stations and do your purchase there and then you'll have ticket and you'll be validated at the top of the stairwell before you go down to the station. >> reporter: many passengers worry this could actually slow service with tickets and passes being checked before boarding rather than while the trains are moving. >> it's going to create issues with people being late and trains back up. trains aren't going to leave without people waiting for it. >> worth repeating this only impacts the five center city stations during the afternoon rush hour. now, as far as getting those 120 cars fixed, septa is telling us they'll have announcement for us at some point next week. dawn. >> brad, thank you. a man in philadelphia police custody tonight arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. victim a 24-year-old woman who was found dead inside home on the 4600 block of green street
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in germantown. this happened just after 10:30 this morning. police arrested a 47-year-old man at that home. authorities are not yet commenting on a possible motive for the murder. a federal appeals court judge will not toss out a corruption case against u.s. senator bob menendez of new jersey. menendez is accused of accepting gifts and campaign donations in he can change for political influence. his attorneys wanted the case thrown out but because of a clause that they claim protected sitting lawmakers an attorney for menendez say they may al apple to the supreme court. police race to get this guy out of a burning car. flames shooting out from under the hood. why seconds later, they had to put the guy in handcuffs. as the barriers from the dnc get cleaned away, one major change during the convention may stick around for g the proposal getting some local drivers fired up. sean? >> dawn new defensive coordinator and new scheme a bunch of eagles players will
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thrive this season. hear from one of the guys that could really have a career here. that's coming up later in sports.
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>> we are following breaking news out of the city's hunting park section. skyfox over the scene here at ninth and pike streets. that's where dispatchers tell us that crews are trying to rescue a person who somehow fell into a sewer. it is not exactly clear how this happened. you can see the crews on the scene. it's too soon to know if the person is hurt. we will continue to bring updates as they get them. >> give me your hasn't. >> a chase to rescue a fort worth texas police officer pulls a man from burning car. officers chased that car following an arm rob bro when the driver crashed one person took off and another was arrested while the third was trapped inside. you can see from the officer's body camera he was able to pull that man out.
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officers then cuffed the man. once he was pulled to safety. it's a familiar site in south philadelphia. cars park along the median of broad street during the dnc. philadelphia parking authority cracked down. banning cars from doing something residents have been doing in the city for years. >> and it appears some kind of liked the idea. some wanted to stay that way. bill anderson has the story. >> reporter: the dnc in philly showed our best traditions. but also exposed what some think are our worse. one of those traditions parking in the mode yann of south broad street is now boeing challenged. >> it has an impact for people that are injured. it has an impact on just even how the street looks. this week whenever the street was cleared we saw people really enjoying it more and saying i can see all the way down broad street to city hall. >> reporter: fifth square packet accumulating signatures to tell elected officials that the ban on median parking during the dnc showed the best of our
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city so why not let it continue? >> with the dnc we wanted to put our best foot forward and we did that by removing median parking on broad street. >> reporter: petition has received nearly 1,000 signatures in thee days. but the support of the petition was balanced by several residents i spoke to who think the ban is just unnecessary. >> the reason people park in the street is not just for convenience but because of lack of parking in south philadelph philadelphia. >> they have so many things going on on broad street. doctors offices, banks and everything, and there's nowhere to park on broad street. roar report fifth square packet showed me map where the signatures are located and it is clustered directly around south broad street. but residents said they doubt the petition will be successful because as it gapes steam the long-time mode yann parkers will also mobilize and in large numbers. >> not major issue. >> no it's not. as far as i know it's never been in south philly except when you take it away. then it becomes major issue. >> reporter: petitions or not,
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the political struggle is going to be real. and here's why. the elected officials in that area councilman squilla a lifetime south philadelphian councilman johnson and of course mayor kenney lifetime south philadelphian. so we shall see. we heard from them. we want to hear from you. leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. ♪ all right. thank you, bill. back to your fox 29 weather authority. really nice out there right now, scott. >> yeah, compared to what we've been getting, dawn, temperatures today the high 89 degrees. so the heat wave it is officially over. live look beautiful here in old city. 88 degrees right now. humidity not that bad at 49%. as we move ahead to your saturday, we are looking at clouds and some scattered showers and thunderstorms especially during the afternoon. center city your high temperature 85 degrees. down the shore, partly sunny to
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mostly cloudy. i think we'll stay dry down the shore tomorrow. 82 degrees. 79 in the pocono mountains. we're looking at scattered showers and downpours. we had a cloudy and kind of wet start to the day. but look at the last several frames. dry, quiet and a beautiful sunset across the area. but off to the west, we're looking at up settled weather some disturbances we'll kind of rotate in our direct and that will bring some drenching downpours for saturday afternoon through sunday. that will be the main timing. locally heavy rain. some gusty winds imbedded in that and rainfall totals before all is said and done we're looking at about one to 2-inches by sunday. so as we go hour by hour, for your saturday morning, some morning clouds. maybe some patchy fog out there but it look like a dry start but look at the clock. here's 2:00 in the after and in on saturday. i-95 north and west we're looking at some scattered downpours. and you can see for most of the day, south jersey and delaware looking okay. it's mainly the lehigh valley
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and the pocono mountains where things really turn kind of unsettled. by sick p.m. you can see some of the reds, oranges and yellows showing up. north and western suburb. then as we move toward your sunday morning, some morning clouds and showers around and really any time on sunday looking at that rainfall chance across the area. temperatures right now, we have 79 degrees atlantic city. 89 in wilmington. mid 80s in trenton. 89 right now in allentown. for the overnight we'll call it partly cloudy, some areas of patchy fog out there. 67 in the burbs. low 70s in the city. for tomorrow, more clouds than sunshine. 85 degrees with those scattered downpours especially in the afternoon and evening. so just kief have backup plan if you have to head in doors togged et get away. low 80s down the shore the best chance for rainfall will arrive as we move toward sunday and the pocono mountains big nascar weekend temperatures in the upper 70s. scattered showers and downpours likely both saturday and sunday.
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saturday a little more numerous. that extended weather authority forecast 85 tomorrow. scattered showers and storms especially afternoon and evening. any time on sun today. 84 degrees. a pop-up storm on monday, 86 degrees. and then partly sunny as we move toward tuesday the high 84. mid 80s on wednesday and then we kind of heat things back up for thursday into friday with temperatures topping out in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees by next friday. >> feels good out there right now. >> no no hot wave in the seven day. >> thank you for that. the summer sports drought we get every year finally over i guess. >> it's over. you will it's all about the eagles, eagles, eagle. dead period of sports is finally over. so it's all about football. today eagles hand out a contract extension plus the defense look like it's going to be a lot different than it was last year. jim schwartz has a lot of players feeling like they might have a career year. especially guys on the defensive line. hear from one of those guys coming up next in sports. i approve this message.
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♪ this season off season the eagles signed a bunch of vets to long-term deals. fletcher cock, vinnie curry et cetera. sproles was another guy looking for a deal and today they finally got it done. they finally took care of the two-time pro bowler they practiced indoors today because all that rain messed up the field so the outdoor field wasn't ready yet but that couldn't rain on sproles parade. signed one-year contract extension extenting him through 2017. sproles actually hinted at retiring after that season. he'll make 4.5 million in 2017. all sides really happy wise de deal. >> i think it's the message you're sending to the team and the players is that, um, you do the right thing here, and you're productive and you got a chance to stay here.
6:25 pm
and we want people to feel that way on and off the field. >> he does everything right. he does what you coach him to do. and, um, you know, again just the way he prepares and the way he attacks every day gives you confidence that he'll be around for to you more years. >> vinnie curry received his deal earlier this off season and the reason why he signed because of jim schwartz that four-three defense absolutely perfect for this guy. jim schwartz is perfect for curry. today he talk about how schwartz will help him thrive. >> play fast and aggressive and playing with confidence. he wants all his defensive players at a high level and just playing with full confidence. the role for mow on the team is a blessing in itself. i just want torque you know, come in every today and just try to be a major cornerstone of this team. >> to the phil looking for their second straight win tonight. they haven't had two wins in a row in about a month. since i guess july 5th and
6:26 pm
6th and guess who they play? the braves. that's you get off of. they're the worst team in the league that's where they need to get it done. that game will start at 7:35 and round two of the pga tournament -- championship a bunch of unknowns on top of the leader board. jimmy walker is leading at 10 under through 16. three shot lead. roar row mcilroy phil mickleson nowhere to be found. they mitt miss the cut. struggling right now all the big names. >> jimmy walker. >> exactly. >> good times. >> get it done. new career. >> kid dynamite. >> all right. join us back here tonight at 10:00 o'clock. a shocking attack all caught and tape. ice cream man savagely beaten. wait until you see the video. >> that does it for us at 6:00 o'clock. >> thainside edition is up next. have a great night. thanks for watching.
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>> take that, melania. look familiar? >> who is the woman who wore the same dress as melania. then the house of cards connection to the murder investigation of washington intern chandra levy. >> is the house of cards actress the real reason that charges were dropped against the suspect. >> this is a gigantic bombshell. >> and the first look at team usa's uniform. it lights up. and pregnant and drinking? lindsey lohan and the bottle of beer. plus, house of weeds. can you believe there's a house somewhere in all of this growth? >> you can't even get to the front door. this is what happens when you never ever mow your lawn. >> disgusting. and who is that girl


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