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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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place. do you know we have an american idol winner who will be singing live for us on this national holiday. is there lee right there. i think he is in the tv station right now. >> yes he will perform. >> we will tell you where he is performing tonight, live in concert. >> and celebrities out on valentines day, and they take helicopter ride but not all of the celebrities over weekend were sweet. the is there a star who a announced her break up on valentines day. >> oh, no. >> what a day to choose that. >> because it is so cold. >> yes. >> we thought we would just get into your mind right now. >> okay good okay. >> you are in the like the caribbean somewhere. >> yes. >> not on that cruise ship. >> in the on the cruise ship. >> in fact you are on a photo shoot for sports illustrated swimsuit addition. >> okay. >> and keep dreaming, keep thinking. >> okay. >> and then before h freezes over we might actually put the
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footage up. >> there we go. >> boom. >> start with the footage. >> well, anyway, they did shoot these swimsuit sports illustrated swimsuit addition in the warm climate, of course, my goodness, i hope that holds. and this poor young woman, don't have much of a budget at sports illustrated because they didn't give her a suit. >> you are so concern for the models. >> so generous. >> there we go, that is what i'm's looking for. >> oh, doesn't that look good. >> seriously. >> seriously. >> look at the that water. >> ocean. >> i'm on a boat. >> the sand between your toes. now contrast what you have been feeling all weekend long here in philadelphia. >> is she okay, she looks depressed. >> oh, she's fallen. clumsy apparently. >> action shot. >> that is action.
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>> okay. >> let the waves knock you over. >> she's fixing her hair. >> it is mess, the humidity, the heat. >> yes, she does president care she's getting paid. >> listen to this. >> what? >> for the first time in 52 years the magazine will have three covers, with three different models. >> i like that. >> so one of them is u.s. b champion rhonda rousey. >> probably relaxing, recovering. >> because she got knocked out. >> then we have ashley graham, plus size model. >> new comer hailly claw son. >> so which one is which. >> that is ashley graham in the middle. rhonda rousey on the right and on the lefties the new comer. >> that is why she didn't get a suit, she's a new comer. so next year she gets a swimsuit. >> yes. >> ashley graham posted her cover on instagram and continues to rack up the likes of 78,000, most are commenting
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about that purple suit. no, they are commenting about the fact that sports illustrated included her. >> yes, one tweet congratulations, showing beautiful real women and not skinny models. way to go for putting a curvey girl with some meat on her bones who is beautiful. randa is classy looking, finally. here's one from a man that say everyone gets a trophy. >> now is that a bad thing to say, is he something negative there. day of everybody gets a trophy is that what he is commenting on. >> i don't think so. >> i don't look at it that way. >> we will take that as a positive comment. >> choose to be positive. >> congratulations to all of them. >> i remember when i was a little boy, the heat, sports illustrated used to take every year, why my young sonnies looking at this. why would you put those women in that magazine. >> some of the best selling ones. >> yes. >> maybe they should just go with swimsuits and then every now and then do a sports thing.
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>> yes. >> then it wouldn't be sports illustrated. >> it would be a swimsuit magazine. >> true. >> being a team player at work is definitely, one key to success. i try to be a team player every day. >> i know, i saw you on the weekend show all weekend long. >> seven days a week nowy will start on the ten soon. >> you are. >> okay. >> watch out, lucy and iain. >> but i have noticed something, for woman it is a drawback to always be the team player. this is a study out of harvard. >> it says woman get less credit when it comes to work nothing groups. it is made worse by the fact that they are not given any credit that can affect their future job prospects but teamwork has no effect when it comes to the men. study says women only have equal opportunity of getting hired if they didn't collaborate with a partner at all. >> is that right. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> does it mean that we're hard to deal with in a group
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setting? i don't get it. >> i don't ever see that particularly. we have team players who are women around here. majority of the staff are woman. >> that is true. >> that is right. >> you are a member. >> you work with a lot of women. >> yes, heavily. it is 30 percent. >> yes. >> i love working with women. i was raised by a strong woman and four sisters growing up. >> that is what you are used to. >> that is why you are so good with the ladies. you know what to say and do. >> owe, yah. >> now listen to this, is it time we stop putting dads on baby-sitting duty. >> yes. >> there are certain things we should stop saying, fathers i think. >> tell me bit. >> it is a mom blog shore says that people are saying things to men that you shouldn't do it remind us in the movie what to expect when you are expecting, do you remember this. >> now push.
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>> a woman who has this blog, rosie devilo said we need to stop treating dad like they are inept at parenting. oh, you you are watching them this he can we even, i hope everything is okay. saying things like daddies on baby-sitting duty. need to be stopped, as a full-time job. >> she posted her frustrations on line. she also criticized advertising companies for targeting children's products at mothers only. >> we are insulted all the time. it looks like daddy dressed you. >> oh, yeah. >> and how about mom preferred products, that is right there on the label. >> right on the front, always big writing. >> and things won't be under control, if they are home got no mom. >> it the is true. my brother used to say, when i go to atlanta, do you want to hang out? no, i have to watch asia and brook or baby-sit, or some word. i a said those are your children. it is not like you you are
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watching someone elses kids. >> you shouldn't go out 24 hours a day. >> yes. >> i'm on duty now. >> he always says things like that or one will say yeah, dad pick this outfit, that is why it looks like this. >> by the way how was your valentines day that was yesterday. >> that was your weekend. >> it was good, good. >> it was weird having it on a sunday. >> it was weird. >> everybody was out and about, yesterday. >> and saturday night for sure. >> i went out to brunch yesterday, and it started early with the comments of oh, who are you here with? my friend. it was a guy, marshall. >> oh, yeah, marshall. >> why weren't you, with... >> your significant other. >> it was coming up slow, like what? i'm like because i'm with marshall. then i go to center city and walking around macy's looking at some jewelry and a guy comes up, why are you buying yourself your own gift on valentines day. >> that was his opening line.
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>> that is old. >> it was like... >> maybe he was trying get a number. >> i need to you say hey, are you single. then you can bring up whatever conversation but why are you buying your own gift for valentines day. >> like you are loser. >> yes. >> he kept going after, i went to j crew why are you shopping by yourself on valentines day. then i posted, something on facebook because i was over it. it started with boom, i am single, yes, i am not mad. sometimes, sad if you want to be. someone to share your life w difficulties a interest 30ed maybe some days. i have accepted it. people need to understand it is in the like we are punished because we're single. i listed things i love, honesty, loyalty, honor, faith, i love a man who hustle, respect, but hey drama anything less than that is settling. >> now i know you why are single. >> is there not a man out there that can do all that. >> i am like quit asking
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people why are you by yourself on valentines day. it is a choice. it is what i choice. i'm okay witt. >> did i go off a little bit. >> no, fine. >> did you get that yesterday, did you get that all sorts of questions. i feel like people treat single like a difficult ease. >> for a woman. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> stay single will, don't get wrapped up anytime soon you don't want to buy a gift, get dinner, you you guys get high five's and cheers. for woman it is like something must be wrong. >> well, is something wrong. >> no, i'm fine. >> she's fantastic. >> i am. >> i posted a pick on instagram saturday night. it was me at dinner. there is a man on the other side of that camera i was like why. >> but why. >> that is what people think. >> i liked your valentine picture. >> thank you. >> two girl friend, carla and
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chantell. >> we sent nice notes on valentines day. when i post something valentines day is a day about love whether it is your feeling love whether it is from your lover, whether it is from a loving family member or a loving friend. >> that is a cute picture. >> there is a picture, i don't mean to show the picture from that saturday night. it was me sitting at desk. >> were you out with your friend. >> right after that one. >> you had a glass of rosea. >> just cranberry juice. >> is that what it was. >> yes. >> i was like readies color for this weekend. i had some birth valentines nails. >> yes. >> there was a male. >> yes, the waiter. >> yes, nice looking. >> yes. >> did you go to the city. >> yesterday i hung out at home. it was cold. it was nice. i didn't want to go outside. >> what did you do for valentines day, anything you want to brief us on. >> i went over to barclay prime, over there on rittenhouse square. >> with your fiance. >> we had a great time.
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>> always good food there. and it was jammed packed. >> it is funny because that picture i posted is mike there the last year we were together. this year we kept saying many traditions. on friday night bee got together. we had dinner. >> yes. >> it was early valentines day addition. she got the side kick day. got me out of the way. >> all these names on instagram if you are celebrating on either the 13th or 15th, you know you are the side kick. >> love shouldn't just be the main event. >> this is way back on friday, early evening. >> yes. >> all right. nationally the average couple, we learn a little while ago that steadyman and oprah been dating for 30 years. not married. >> yes. >> but he is doing something right. >> he is. >> on the other end of the spectrum the national average, people wait three years to get engaged.
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>> yes. >> how soon should you make a commitment. >> it depend on where you live. >> i can see that. >> there is this web site, wedding and price it surveyed 1,000 recently engaged woman across the country. the guys weren't surveyed too. love bird in the north east take a year longer to put a ring on it then those in the south. >> yes, they had it right. >> three years. >> that makes sense. >> you get on my for my little series about the alex holley. >> yes. >> four years. >> yes. >> just like when you go to school, you study, take the test, and then, when i graduate you go on move on sophomore, junior year and then at the end you graduate just like with school and everything else, days should be that way too. >> yes. >> you graduate from school of
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alex. >> it took me eight years to graduate from college and eight years to get it done. >> took you eight years to propose. >> that is right. >> yes. >> i was going to say, when. >> why all these questions. >> because people i get asked that all the time. >> lets get back to you friday night. >> people are constantly alex, is that true you do not want to get married. is mike getting married. >> yes. >> listen, she's in my apartment right now because she has the day off. >> hi, shel da. >> just stay tune. >> breaking news. speaking oven gaugements congratulations to jen and ryan. >> there they are right there. >> jen is cousin of the the producer of the control room right now milky way wilke. >> how long have they been dating. >> do you know how long. >> two years. >> hi megan. >> my goodness. >> now you are involve.
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what did you do on valentines day milky way. >> can you fix your light. >> there it is. >> turn it off. >> no sound. >> well what did you get masters in. >> so can people at home hear. >> they cannot hear. >> we're speaking can everybody hear what she's saying. we can hear it the but no one else at home can hear it. >> okay. >> we haven't had that fixed yet. >> they have known each other since they were five but dating for less than two years. >> okay. >> it is too late now. >> sorry about that guys. >> did you know that this is also called singles awareness day. >> yes, i always thought that was valentines day. >> i thought so too. >> anyway. >> yesterday or today.
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>> so tell me about this. >> i think it was yesterday. there is a a place right here in the city with a reputation for helping singles fine love. >> i know this place one of the oldes bars in the country. second oldest bars. it is mcgill an's old ale house. >> yes. >> we have been there. >> yes it is down from opa and all that. >> it is a cool place. >> yes. >> should we go there. >> here's the thing. so many people meet, fall in love, get engaged. there is something in the beer or the water over there. here's more. >> mcgillan old ale house since 1860. it is oldest continuously operating tavern in philadelphia a and one of the longest serving bars in the nation. it even survived prohibition do you realize it also has bragging rights as one of the best places to find love in the city. so many couples, met and fell in love there that it has become routine for wedding parties to happen. soon there were too many
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pictures for the wall, so they discovered a book. >> they started a book. i think jenny has that. she's over there at mcgillans right now, hi there jenny. >> hi guys i'm cozying up next to the fire with all of these couples, all of these couples who found love at mcgillans, who knew this was a love trap. owner, chris, now yesterday was valentines day. >> yes good tell us about the love that was going on in here. >> mobbed in here. of course, kathy can tell you more she was here last night but i was say during the day there was a lot of anticipation. >> why mcgillins why is this the place couples fall in love. >> relax, you don't come here to find love you come here to have a good time. if it happens, it happens. >> reporter: maybe the beer, maybe karaoke. >> a lot of love songs last night i'm sure. >> a lot of love songs. >> i want to hear about that, gabby. gabby, you have been a manager here for 13 years. tell us about last night. tell us how you found love at
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mcgillins. >> it was a lot of fun. it was pretty fair, couples, and singles in the room, karaoke, lots of fun music, dancing, and that was good time last night. >> good time before holidays. everybody sleeping in this morning. we have your husband here chris behind you. you guys have an interesting story. chris, well... >> are you a story teller. >> i moved up here from texas ten years ago when i googled best wings in philadelphia i came here to join them but i left with something a little bit more spiesy we love that. >> so that was seven years ago. >> about ten years ago, our daughter grace is nine. >> so aren't you happy, your parents found love. >> yes good going back a little bit further, we have this couple here. you guys met at mcgillins 31 years ago. >> yes. >> was it the love at first sight. >> yes, it was. >> we met on a friday, st.
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patty's day weekend. she left. i never got her even if number. following week end just so happened our friend were here and then i have her phone number and after that. >> eight years later. >> yes. >> alex, we know it gets crowded here on st. patrick's day. we were here last year. maybe me you and lauren can come back on st. patrick's day, lots of people here talking about love and newly engaged couple. you guys have your wedding planned for 2017. >> correct. >> you met here at networking event. >> engineering social. we're both engineers and we met at a social four years ago. >> reporter: now what sticks out to you about mcgillins, why is it attracting so many people. >> we come back every year for the social to celebrate the anniversary. it is just everyone is having a good time enjoying food and drink and everyone is just happy. >> reporter: down home irish bar and dad, so there was recently an article put out about all of this love and he says hey, casey my daughter maybe you should come to
9:19 am
mcgillins and find love. that is why you guys are here. tell us about that. your daughter is only 23. she has a little bit of time. >> i read about the article in and i texted my daughter kelce and say why are you there so much. is that because it is a place where people find their partners. so, next thing i know we're here. >> you are here. >> you will come back, lot, until you fine that man. >> yes. i come here every weekend. >> reporter: lastly i want to tell you if you find love at mcgillins you might wind up in this nice photo album. all of these people that came one night for a beer, and their soul mate and these pictures are also hanging up on the wall. as you said, this is one of the oldest continuingly operating bars here in the city of philadelphia, all the way back to 1860. >> yes. >> i was there opening night, actually. >> wow. >> reporter: oh, yes you were here opening night.
9:20 am
>> a couple beers and not think bit. >> that is pretty cool good love place. >> that is a cool tradition i have to tell you. >> very cool. >> sue, again, you met where at tgi friday's. >> no, their first date. >> we met at work, we discussed that on friday. >> i remember, sue. >> yes good thank you. >> ad nauseam. lets get to this photo sent to us on twitter, it is snowing in sea isle and coating the beach. so we have for you right now, some snow moving into the a area just not into philadelphia just yet. south jersey and southern delaware still getting that snowfall and here you go guys the accumulations we expect before we change over to rain. just one to 2 inches, but mike and alex and lauren. >> yes. >> once we get transition it could make a big mess. >> big mess good messy monday. >> if we can make it to tomorrow, 56 to 60 degrees is the high temperature. it will be rain but i'll take it. >> i'll take it too.
9:21 am
>> okay. >> imagine again. >> okay. >> closing our eyes too. >> you are in northern california in wine country. >> ahh, yes. >> don't you like to take wine tours. >> yes. >> i say do it this weekend though it is coal. there are 60 wineries in the sound of our voice. in the delaware valley. i will take to you one so you can vice it this weekend. remarkable things are happening
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okay. starting again, close your eyes. >> okay you are the in a wine country of northern california where it is normally very warm, no matter what time, oh, boy, for the love. >> that is beautiful. >> wow. >> my daughter did this over the weekend. she said it was 75 degrees. >> yes. >> we have over 60 wineries in the delaware valley thaw can visit this week. you go wait a second. is there snow on the ground. what are you talking about, mike. well, they have tour toes all winter long.
9:25 am
why not do it during winter too. would you like me to showcase. >> yes, please. >> is there a winery in south jersey. >> ♪ the. >> so, for about a in now, i have been complaining of wine, i want to get out of the cold and get to the napa valley to see my daughter and drink a bunch of wine. then i'm at beach here in a salem county. we have over 60 wineries and basically our viewing area here on fox. we have maryland, delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania. real quickly tell me your name and what is your winery. >> scott from the northeast. >> julie. >> that is where we are right now. >> tim from bellevue winery in lancaster. >> joe and clark eastern shore of marred land. >> carli mack in chadds ford. >> christie wyat from winery
9:26 am
in delaware. >> who are you. >> i am devon of south jersey, i just drink wine. >> okay. >> but you are the one who told me you didn't to have go very far and recreate napa valley basically here. >> i just said i think you should save on i plane ticket and just spend at our local wineries in the four state area that you cover. >> if i come here, besides eating pizza a and drinking a lot of wine, which i have done. >> yes. >> what else do i get the a tour like napa. >> we do tours on saturday and sunday. very intensive tours. we have music on saturday nights. we do a lot of events here geared toward the springtime. and, anything that you can do in napa, you can do here. >> ♪ >> now time to taste. that is good. let's start with the bubbly. what is this.
9:27 am
>> unaudible. >> i like that. you made that. >> yes, do i. >> that is good. >> in the me personally but yes. >> okay, what is this. >> this is harvest ridge 2004. >> that is really nice. >> thank you. >> what is this. >> that isabel view you winery, 2013 cabinet. >> my regard to frank, tell him it was fantastic. >> oven roast classic, 2012, italian style. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. what is this. >> this is a bank croft rose, sweet style, subtle blend with merlot. >> sweet and red just like yourself. >> exactly. >> yes. >> so you got six new wineries to go to, we should make this a weekly segment, what do you
9:28 am
say. you gotta try this. >> a weekly segment. i know what mike is trying to do. >> that was like a day trip. >> it sound like a great thing to do. >> sign me up. >> yes good hi quincy we know grammys are tonight you are getting us ready for the show. >> hollywood. >> music was phenomenal, guys, music tonight, the biggest night in music is going on tonight grammys and we will talk bit and i give you my predictions coming up.
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. >> ♪ .
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>> the 58 and time we've done this in hollywood. >> and quincy harris is live in la where hose been there for the grammy weekend all the events. he's ready for tonight. >> he has no slept in about throw days. this should be interesting. >> give us his prediction. >> quincy? let's do it. >> can't do 102 categories. here are your categories, really love, deangelo, uptown funk. >> you know my vote. >> thinking out loud, blank space. taylor swift. can't feel my face. the weekend. >> this is hard category, quincy. >> go for it. >> let me explain something to you guys. record of the year actually is awards the actual producer and vocal perform of the record. i believe bruno mars uptown funk was well produced and is -- you
9:33 am
know, his vocal performance was great, i give it to bruno. >> i won't argue with you on that one. >> we'll need the record. overall, it's production, mixed in with actual vocal performance as well. i give it to bruno. >> next album of the year. >> tell us the difference between that and the record. this is color sound in color, alabama shakes to butter fly, kendrick lamar, traveller chris stale he will taylor swift beauty behind the madness the weekend. >> the album of the year is the entire album. he said pretty self-explanatory. i want kendrick lamar to won't because he got robbed. he was nominateeded eight grammys and didn't get one. you have to give taylor swift one award. she has to win something really
9:34 am
big. so and it's a -- it's really good album. i believe 1989. >> all right. >> alex you want to do song of the year? . >> yes, all right, blank space, taylor swift. girl crushing crush big town, see you again, and thinking out loud ed sheer an. >> just the lyricss, not talking about the performance, song of the year, i believe ed sheer an. i love you when you're 70. >> let's do it. courtney barnett, james bay, sam hunt tori kelly or megan trainer. >> we only know one person there and i believe it's megan trainer. and here's a tidbit, her manager is if philadelphia, west philadelphia.
9:35 am
he goes by the name of troy carter. so i'm giving it to the philly tie-in right there with megan. she has big record as well. >> coming up. we're going to spring this on you: nobody told you about this. best spoken word album. blood on snow. patty smith, brief encounters conversations, magic moments and assorted high jinks. if you life reflections at 90, jimmy carter former red, patience and sarah. janice ean and jean smart. i guess it said the actress and yes, please by amy p olar from saturday night live. >> i love jean smart because the but because we're in an election
9:36 am
year, i would have to go with president carter. let's good with president carter, not jz. jimmy carter. >> looking forward to it. and all the after parties. >> we have big after party at tyrece's house, we'll have video of people talking, instagram, you would not want to miss this coverage tomorrow. >> have fun. >> it's going to be painful. >> he'll have to sleep some time. two days straight without sleep. do you remember last year what happened? >> yes. anyway, celebrities out on valentine's day. we seen jennifer anniston and justin at the eiffel tower. but in the all posts were sweet. start announced had her break-up, chose to break-up with her love on valentine's day.
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>> ♪ . >> ♪ . >> is looking at celebrity pictures. on valentine's day and most on instagram. banks. >> she recently had a daughter, a sir get. that's a boy. i said daughter. instagram along with the this is the happiest valentine's day of my life. she looks happy. doesn't she? >> she revealed that she and her boyfriend had their first child, of course, via surrogate.
9:41 am
>> been diesel. >> posted a shift less selfie. >> that's weird. julieann huff. rotate adore. >> i hope there's a man-man on the other side of the camera. and she posted, you know what their rear-view mirror was a little bit earlier. >> zane of >> yes. ? >> . >> wow. >> you know this actress, laura la pkis, orange is the new black? >> she decided to do something interesting on rely day. is he chose valentine's day to announce that her and her husband are breaking up and there was a way of we don't have it in here. we felt like today is good day to tell you basically we've
9:42 am
broken up. it was just a -- she said today was a good day to do it. >> they've only been married about a year and a half. >> is today the best day to announce that? . >> why not? it's a manufactured holiday. >> if it takes that to get a guy for people to actually think about their love and who they care about, i'm all for it. every day of the year, i understand why you're annoyed. >> you know the whole history of saint valentine himself. let me go to my bible. he won season nine. good to have you in philly, lee. nice to have you here. we're going to tell you where he's performing so you can hear him in concert and whole play a song for you next.
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9:44 am
9:45 am
. >> the winner of american idol 2010 is lee. >> lee wins. it wasn't that long ago. that he was named the american idol winner. >> alex holley let me tell you that. welcome to philadelphia, good to have you on her. when you look at that footage,
9:46 am
do you see it every time you do a tv performance. >> i do. it's a good memory. there's nothing wrong with that. it was a few years ago, but everything brings me back. >> it changed your life. >> definitely. >> who was the guy standing next to you? >> first runner up. >> chris. >> the young lady we had her had here in the studio. she had interesting hair. >> she's a great singer and song writer. >> she's still out there on the road. >> you certainly are too, you've had five albums. >> this is my third one since american idol. but through the my life, i have. but this is the most recent record. still i spent like a year or so writing and recording it and we're touring it now. >> how was your valentine's day being a married man on the road. . >> it was good.
9:47 am
it was tough sometimes, i got good people with me on the road. . >> there's always face time, nowadays you can talk to somebody in a second. >> do you sing to her? or is she over that. >> she loves it. >> by the way if you're not near a television, we're on facebook right now, we're going to stream your performance. >> there's a lot of lady who do not want to miss you. they can watch from work. >> that i should watch from work. >> lee has written a song about alex and i. title of it? oil and water. >> ♪ sthoet .
9:48 am
i'll be gone in the morning light. i just want to tell me you i need you one more time. every time a taxi comes comes, i second guess myself. i'll be caught in the morning light. i just want to you that i need you one more time. one more time. i'll be cold in the morning light. i just want to tell you that i need you one more time.
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every time the sun gos down, i want to wrap my arms around you. like pouring water. like oil and water. i'll be cold in the morning light. i just want to tell you how much i need you one more time. one more time.
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let me one more time. dewyze . >> lee tonight at world cafe live. come on out have a good to him. >> tickets are still available for tonight's performance at world cafe live. >> check out the new record and come on out to the show.
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. >> ♪ . >> ♪ . >> it's 9:53. please welcome to the program one stock dog.
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probably something you learned in grade school because it's president's day, he's going to recite all of our presidents in 15 seconds: that is a big closure right there. all right. david bowie will receive the lifetime achievement award. >> and lady gaga will take part in the tribute. . >> iconic cover of his album, it's the album she says change heard life forever. >> he was such an influence in her life. deyo decap preyo and the remnant movie win big last night at the british oscars in london. >> they're considered the british equivalent. leo won the award for best leading actor for his role in
9:55 am
that movie remnant and also won best film of the year. best actress. if you win this one, you're probably going to win it at the oscars. >> i say. >> shoe in. >> speaking of the oscars, coming up -- not that far away, and we know now what the stars will be receiving in their swag bag. these people make so much money anyway but they get hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts. >> this year is valued 2 $20,000. >> vampire breast lip that involves blood being injected to your breast. . >> that the 19 hundred dollars. >> a car, a year's supply of audi rentals. a 15-day walking tour of japan and other place, that's worth 54 thousand dollars. >> here's the weird one. 250 bucks of adult toys.
9:56 am
would that be just one toy, one elaborate toy? what do they go for? . >> i have no idea, mike. i don't know why you're asking me. >> justin timber lake showing off his dance moves on the golf course, he's a big fan of pebble beach. that happened saturday. >> here's he came to our tv in orlando and said i will not do it. >> i've had him say that to my face. >> you cannot request it. don't do it. >> only guy that can get him to do it is president's day. >> so it's president's day. executive producer of good day philadelphia? are you ready? >> more than i'll ever be. >> when can did you first learn to do this.
9:57 am
>> second grade. >> name all the presidents? you've had to add since second grade. >> i had to add a few. >> which opportunity did you learn it to. >> yankee doodlee. but it will sped up. are you ready? >> we have 50 seconds to do this, you need 15, 20 seconds. >> three, two, one. >> washington, adams, jefferson, madison john coincidence adams, harrison tyler, buy can nine, lincoln cleveland, harrison cleveland, roosevelt. cool itch, roosevelt, truman eisenhower. bush obama. >> washington madison jefferson, johnson cleveland, roosevelt -- nixon, obama.
9:58 am
>> do you want to say that again or put it on the website fox see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: you won't believe what i am about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy. >> wendy: welcome to monday. good morning and thank you for


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