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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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pouring from center city street keeping people out of their homes for hours. why some still need to find a place to sleep tonight. >> four-year-old left behind at a local store. why cops say her mom took off without her. your news in 30 seconds. ♪ right now temperatures are falling and falling fast. you better have all your warmest winter gear ready to brave this. people you know it they are all layered up out in center city
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tonight. to reading we go for live look. we're talking reporter cold on the way. wind chills well below zero. >> tonight's cold not stopping people from hitting the slopes in the pocono mountains women saw people getting in their last runs less than hour ago at blue mountain ski resort. good for them. i wouldn't be out there if you paid me. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> bitter blast will be down right dangerous. we have team coverage tonight. our chris o'connell is in center city where a transformer explosion forced many into tonight's frigid weather. let's start though with kathy orr tracking what we can expect when we wake up. >> temperatures falling fast already, lucy. right now at the airport the temperature is only 22 degrees. you add the wind out of the west sustained at 16 with higher gusts and it feels like it is eight and it's only going to get colder over the course of the holiday weekend right now philadelphia 22. eight in the poconos. 20 in wilmington with the wind it feels much colder. feels like eight below in the poconos right now eight in allentown 10 in philadelphia and nine in millville and atlantic city.
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by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, and head out the door about 7:00 a.m. we're going to watch those feel like readings fall very quickly. it will feel like five below in the poconos. 7:00 a.m. seven in philadelphia. four in reading and allentown and five in trenton. we had one arctic blast that moved through early this morning with some snow showers. the second one comes in tomorrow night and we will feel the wrath of this arctic air by saturday and into sunday when wind chill watches going in effect. more on that later in the broadcast. >> talk to you then, kathy. make sure you're ready to walk out the door in the morning when the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities you can watch bob kelly and sue serio starting at 4:00 a.m. a couple of hundred center city residents without power earlier this frigid evening because of this. an underground fire sent thick black smoke and flames from manhole cover led officials to evacuate buildings along the block. let's get out to crisco only live for at the seen for us tonight. chris. >> reporter: iain, massive
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underground explosion rocking rittenhouse square during the peak of rush hour tonight. peco still on the scene. take look you see behind me you see the manhole smoke coming from the man holes. the blast forcing the evacuation of this entire block and some people are out of their homes still tonight. >> and i just saw big old fire ball come right out of the ground. >> reporter: this is what it look like shortly after an apparent transformer explosion underneath walnut street. a fox 29 viewer capturing the smoke and fire billowing from manhole covers. walnut street was shut down to traffic at the peak of rush hour and 400 customers were without power on a bone chilling cold night. >> you can hear really loud ba bang. you can see big ball of fire just kind of shooting up and then more thick black smoke. >> jennifer cabrera was getting ready for valentine's date with
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her boyfriend when she was evacuated by police with her dog. >> i just started screaming and grabbed whatever we can. grabbed the dog. grabbed my passport. grabbed my purse. car keys and our champagne for tonight. >> some evacuees huddling inside a septa bus brought in as temporary warming shelter. others filling up a rittenhouse square bakery to keep warm. >> i was scared. i didn't know what's going on and no one told us what's going on. >> four hours later some residents were escorted by police back into their homes. >> what we'll be doing for the next however many hours is still kind of up in the air. >> reporter: back out here live we did just hear from peco and we did just talk to the emergency managers out here at the scene. they tell us all of the residents are now being able to go back into their homes. but i can tell you, they're not going to be doing that tonight. that's because look up here. there's no power left on this
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block. still 90 residents here on the block still without power. so most of those people will not be -- only about 90 now. without power and hopefully that power will be back sometime tomorrow according to peco and they are looking into the cause exactly what happened under the street here on walnut street. iain? >> let's hope they get it fixed soon. chris thank you. >> looking live in trenton make sure you know the weather where you ever go with fox 29 weather app. get alerts accept to roar phone. search for it in the apple or google play stores. >> the attorney for former eagle lesean mccoy says his client did not say he made a mistake on camera. shady was asked about a fight that injured three off duty police officers. authorities are deciding whether to charge the current buffalo bills star. the fight late saturday night broke out inside the recess lounge in old city. video posted on philly shows mccoy an group of people leaving. misconduct tavern last night.
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sean brace who shot the video asked mccoy about the fight he claims the nfl player said he made a mistake. his lawyer disputes that. he says his client instead was saying, he would quote make a statement soon. take a listen. >> just trying to hear your side. you got anything to say? >> what's that? (inaudible. (. >> just want to hear if you got anything to say. >> one more time. i apologize. one more time shady. >> the case is now in the hands of prosecutors no charges as of yet. now a story you'll see only on fox 29. philadelphia police are stunned after an incident tonight in sent city. suspected shoplifter being held by macy's security takes off before police arrive. but what she left behind has left them speechless. fox 29's dave schratwieser in center city night where this all went down to tell us more. dave? >> reporter: iain, this story is a real head scratch cher.
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police tell me tonight a young mother went on shoplifting spree here at macy's with four-year-old daughter alongsi alongside. somewhere in that shoplifting spree they was caught by security, she took off and left her four-year-old daughter behind in the store. tonight police are searching for the mother and the little girl has been turned over to dhs. only fox 29 was there as the four-year-old girl left macy's just before 8:00 thursday night. not with her mom but with a police officer after investigators say her mother left her behind when she got caught shoplifting. police arrived at macy's just after 6:00 when store security grabbed the little girl's 27-year-old mother as she tried to leave macy's on the chestnut street side with over $1,500 worth of merchandise. police tell fox 29 the mother, her daughter and the stolen merchandise were taken to the store security office. as security staff checked in and began removing the stolen
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merchandise, from the mother's belongings she took off and left her little girl behind. officers raced to the scene trying to locate the mother. investigators arrived and spoke with the little girl who was able to tell them her name and where she lived. police contacted family members and took the little girl to the department of human services headquarters to be reunited with her grandmother. investigators are still searching for the girl's mother. >> now police tell me in the $1,500 worth of stolen merchandise was mostly expensive clothing for the mother. tonight again police looking for the mother. the child has been placed with dhs until a relative can be located. i asked police if the little girl said anything to them tonight. they said she kept saying, why did my mommy leave me behind? >> lucy? >> that's just so sad. all right. dave. in new jersey, residents of hillsboro could see thick black smoke for miles during rush hour. several videos of this warehouse
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fire popped up on instagram and twitter. witnesses reported hearing explosions. the first report of the fire came in just past 3:00 this afternoon. it was still burning after 6:00 tonight no reports of any injuries. firefighters will most likely be there all night putting out hot spots. >> police are investigate a double homicide in west philadelphia. it happened just after 10:00 o'clock this morning in the 6,000 block of spruce street. police say the victims a 22-year-old man an 26-year-old man both died at the hospital. sources are telling fox 29 this was a retaliation shooting from a homicide back in 2013. >> in the city's frankford section investigators are trying find whoever stole $18,000 from atm lock box. police say around 2:00 this afternoon someone went into the pick up of a man working on atm at a deli along the 1500 block of church street. authorities say that person stole an iphone and that atm lock box of 18 grand inside. so far police have not released a description of the thief.
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still developing to night even more students sick at a local college. so bad ursinus college in montgomery county canceled classes. 200 students have reported stomach illness since yesterday. the school did reopen its dining hall tonight. some of the symptoms though are so severe students have had to go to the hospital. but what's causing it? fox 29's bruce gordon explains officials are still trying to figure that out. >> reporter: ursinus campus was a ghost town thursday afternoon with school officials canceling classes through friday and social events through the weekend there was little reason to hang around. >> pretty rough. a lot of people are getting si sick. if you don't know someone that's sick, you know someone who knows someone who is sick and going to the hospital, and pretty terrible. >> when i walked in my residence hall every single hall smells like puke everywhere, all three floors. no reason to be here. >> reporter: stomach virus first reported very early wednesday morning has caused 185 students to reach out to the ursinus wellness center with 30
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of those young people sick enough to have to go to the hospital or urgent care sent. >> the symptoms tend to be a very rapid onset of nausea and vomiting and feeling quiet unwell and along with that a large portion of students have diarrhea. >> reporter: school officials have swabbed down common areas throughout campus like athletic facilities and dorm lounges and they closed and cleaned the dining hall. they're asking students to do their part. >> suggesting that they sanitize and clean surfaces in their rooms, doorknobs, wash their hands. not share utensils, food, those sort of things. >> reporter: witness dining hall closed local eat reece stepped up to provide breakfast and lunch for kids on campus. wawa, wegmans and the colleg collegeville italian bakery doing their part to feed students well enough to keep down a meal. >> awesome. i went to collegeville bakery. it was great. really good. >> reporter: again no specific cause for this stomach bug has yet been found but the school's medical director believes a food-borne illness is unlikely.
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because some of those kids who were sickened had no contact whatsoever with the dining hall. in collegeville, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. attacked at the gas pump. one driver uses a bat to beat up a 74-year-old man. the victim simple slip up police say set that driver off. a guy on the run from police when one man simply stuck out this foot and ended the chase. why police are now looking for that good samaritan. plus honored for saving her mom's live. a local eight-year-old new just what to do and it wasn't just call 911. why local police are calling her a true hero. have you ever seen anything online that actually made jaw drop? >> all the time. every day. >> some of the videos people fighting or, you know, things like that. >> your jaw actually drops? >> yes. >> reporter: show me how that looks. >> there you go. you know what, that's actually somebody's job. meet the people working getting paid to make your jaw drop.
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♪ if your child had some type of emergency unfold before them, would they know what to do? 18-year-old girl in cheltenham did something emergency officials say they've never seen someone her age do before. >> and today her mom is likely alive because of it. here to tell us more of the girl's incredible story is fox 29's shawnette wilson. >> it is definitely incredible iain and lucy. cheltenham ems have had children call 911 before. but none as composed and in charge as this little girl. they say that she saved her mom's life and because of that, she's being recognized.
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>> provide assistance to the ems staff member to get your mother to the hospital quickly and safely. >> eight-year-old jail lamar tin reads a surprise park she was awarded by the kell 10 ham ems for the grown up action she took that saved her mom's life. >> she was screaming. >> jail la won't forget the day her mom got deathly sick. she was home with her two-year-old sister ava and made the quick decision to call 911. >> when i called, he was asking me questions and then he hung up and then the ambulance came. >> reporter: jail la got her sister ready and gathered her mom's things while she waited for emergency druce get there. >> i had to calm her down because she kept saying mommy, you okay? i got her shoes, got my shoes, cut the light off. i got her jacket and then i put
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her stuff on i put my stuff -- put her stuff on i put my stuff on. >> she even got ava's car seat ready so she can go in the ambulance with their mom. >> i'm really really proud. i feel like i owe her my life. i really do. >> a month and a half later latoya can't believe how grown up her daughter was in such a critical moment. she says she was having sharp pains in her stomach and later found she had internal bleeding. >> i'm still trying to get over the fact that i almost died so that's the biggest struggle first. and then it's like you know i created her. so -- stop it. how can she, you know, something i created ended up being my biggest blessing. >> lieutenant jessica barto is one of the paramedics who responded to the call and a ranged to honor this heroic second greater with the award. >> she was super composed and actually managed to control the situation and control herself better than lost adults that we
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come in contact with in emergency situations. >> reporter: so jail la even used her cell phone in the ambulance on the way to the hospital to call family members to tell them what happened and a range for someone to pick her up along with her little sister. she says she learned most of what she did from safety assemblies they have at school iain. that's pretty cool. she paid attention. >> i guess she did. poised, too. shawnette thank you very much. city cab and limo drivers bring traffic to a halt today around city hall. to protest ride sharing services like uber x and lyft. the philadelphia cab association put together today's rally and says uber drivers pay less in taxes than those services are cutsing into their bottom line. some of the drivers say that unless the playing field is more even, they will protest while the democratic national convention is here in july. philadelphia's policy to close certain fire stations throughout the city daily is history now. audit by philadelphia controller butkovitz found the brown out policy that back in 2010 hike overtime costs by almost 20
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millions dollars. hike them. the plan was supposed to actually save the city money. also coming to an end the 2013 rotation policy that sent firefighters to different stations much the city controller says the two policies slowed the response times for the fire department and jeopardized public safety. taking a live look at allentown tonight where it is going to feel like the single digits over the next few days. the town one of the hardest hit by last month's blizzard they got 3 feet of snow. some of the city's population though says they were left out in the cold during that storm. tonight several churches are making sure that does not happen again. fox 29's dawn timmeney explains. >> i feel like it's not really right they put us out there in those temperatures and that amount of snow. it's like, you know, we're people, you know, we're human. >> reporter: brandon and his cousins say they are among the 40 homeless people asked to leave the city's warming center the morning of last month's blizzard. the storm dumping a record 32-inches of snow on allentown.
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>> everybody came together as a group, and asked if we can stay there because, you know, it was -- there was about 2 feet outside. no places were open. everybody was like why would they do that. >> reporter: lee hay conference of churches operates the overnight warming center. it has 38 beds for men and women and shower facilities. doors open at five at night everyone out at 7:00 their the next morning. >> it's not as simple as to just stay open. we have a lease with the city which would not allow us to leave people in here unsupervised. the staff that particular night had been on for 13 hour shift. >> reporter: that meant the morning of the blizzard the homeless were forced to trudge a half mile in the snow to zion liberty bell united church of christ where they were serving breakfast. >> shouldn't have happened the first time. it shouldn't happen again. >> reporter: that's why zion st. paul's lutheran church are among several churches opening their doors to the homeless during the day this weekend. they want to make sure they have somewhere warm and safe to stay. >> if people are going to leave
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the warming shelter at 7:30 in the morning, yes, someone has to step up. people should have a place to go and know there's place to go, um, we're doing our best to make that happen. >> reporter: it's not just this weekend. the churches say they will help in ex weather until the city can come up way more permanent solution much the warming center says it will turn away anyone this weekend not everyone may have a bed but everyone will be warm. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. a valet saw a woman attacked outside her work. did he not waist any time. he jump right in to help. >> the lady kept saying, you know, i'm dying, someone help, someone help! natural reaction. >> why he says saving that woman's live cost him his job. and you can get almost anything shopping at wholefoods but we have to say this we did not see coming. what the chain could soon offer in stores with permanent consequences. >> now you peek my curiosity.
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some call it the biggest thing since we landed on the moon. what we just learned about the connection of space and time. ♪ >> now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. out and about tonight and into the early part of tomorrow, again, anything left over can certainly be left there waiting in the form of some black ice for the morning rush hour. they'll be working along the 42 freeway tomorrow. heading in toward the walt will man. also, tomorrow and through the weekend, watch for work crews to be setting up shop along 95 from girard up to cottman avenue and youville that girard avenue on-ramp and the aramingo avenue on ramp shut down with construction and early tomorrow morning could be slippery spots not only on the roads but also on the man transit platforms. we'll kick it off bright and early tomorrow morning. see you at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ a police officer in georgia is dead after a shootout at an apartment complex just outside at lap at a. major greg barney was part of narcotics task force serving a warrant today. he was behind the apartment complex when one of the suspects ran firing at him. another officer returned fire hitting the suspect. he's now at the hospital and he will survive.
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barney spent 25 years on the riverdale police force. it's unclear at this time if he was wearing a bullet proof vest. after more than 40 days the standoff a federal wildlife refuge in oregon is over. authorities say the final four gave up without incident today. they were surrounded by federal agents. they were there in protest demanding the u.s. government turn landover to locals and release two ranchers sent to prison for setting fires on federal land. the occupiers are now facing charges including conspiring to impede federal officers. police in santa ana california have a teen in custody who beat an elderly man it. >> happened at a gas station. security cameras were rolling as they so often do these days. investigators say the 72-year-old was walking out of the gas station and tripped then fell on the car of 18-year-old samuel alvar less. police say that's when the teen got into an argument with the man. then pull out an aluminum bat. the guy accidentally fell on his truck. the man who was near his own truck grabbed a pipe to try and
10:26 pm
protect himself. police say alvar less got better of him and broke nearly every bone in his face and then ran off. >> this is completely insane. it's completely crazy that, um, you know, someone can just go to the gas station for a reason and someone just pulls out a bat and wax you. >> alvar less surrendered to police earlier today. he already had a warrant out for his arrest for violating probation. racy billboards up in one major city promoting a big conference to celebrate porn. why organizers are now suing the city. kathy? >> getting even colder over the weekend and chasing record cold temperatures. wind chills will be feeling like it's well below zero. i'll show when you bum coming up. have you ever seen anything online that actually made your jaw drop? that's chilly someone's job. meet the people working getting paid to make jaw of yours drop.
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right now at 10:30 saving a woman cost one man his job. that woman attacked outside a work near detroit.
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the man many are calling a hero stepped in to stop that attack. >> he says it got him fired though. this all started yesterday morning when police say a 32-year-old woman went to her mom's work. the two start the fighting, walk outside. police say the daughter took out a steak knife and stabbed her mom. that's when this man stepped in. he was the valet supervisor with a license to carry he says he pulled out his gun told the woman to stop and held her until police got there. >> the lady kept saying, you know, i'm dying. someone help, someone help! it was just natural reaction. maybe those few seconds before the police arrived could be difference between life and death. >> had it not been for his quick action and quick thinking, pulling out his concealed weapon, she might have been murdered on sight. >> that is the mayor talking of course the problem having his weapon on company property. he says the company fired him immediately and he is cored him off the property much the company never toll him about the
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no gun policy. spoke person says no comment. but did say the company did not request his firing. it's confusing yet he's still fired. as for the victim she's in critical condition. the next time you hit the schuylkill river trail there may be extra eyes watching out for you. councilman johnson wants to create a neighborhood watch for the schuylkill river trail. tonight he met with walkers, runners and cyclists who frequent the trail and want to be part of it. last week four teens were arre arrested for allegedly robbing several men of their wallets and cell phones on the trail at gun point. it was the latest in a rash of incidents on that popular recreation path. >> governor chris christie asking federal government for money to help new jersey pay for last month's winter storm. the storm dropped as much as 20-inches of snow, cut power to 270,000 homes and flooded several coastal towns last mon month. just one day after suspending his bid for the presidency, christie sent a letter to president barack obama detailing
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$82 million in costs. christie is asking the president for disaster declarations for 17 of state's 21 counties much the storm broke snow records in six of those counties stretching local budgets. it seems like a long time ago that happened. now, we've got weather that's about to i mean i can't remember how cold -- when it's been this cold. >> it's been very very long ti time. combining temperatures with the wind and driving wind chills well below zero everywhere. right now it's cold out there. in old city philadelphia it's 22 degrees. anything that is liquid on the ground left over snow or rain or anything obviously will refreeze overnight. wind chills are in the single numbers for tonight. everywhere. below zero in the poconos. 22 in the city. 32 in norfolk. us a go to the west you get into the teens marquette michigan at 10 the core of the cold air is up near the north pole. look at these numbers in northern canada. 29 below, 23 below. 27 below. 15 below. 17 below. that cold air is going to be
10:33 pm
moving our way. a wind chill watch will go into effect saturday at 6:00 p.m. through sunday morning. it does include the poconos. wind chills 20 to 30 degrees below zero at this wind chill you can get frost bite within 30 minutes. sometimes about 20 minutes so you really have to be careful. lehigh valley and also reading berks county 25 degrees below zero that will be the feel like reading sunday morning. in the philadelphia area it will feel like it's 10 below to 20 below sunday morning. and even down the shore, zero to 10 below for your valentine's day. if you're going out to brunch you have to bundle up. so during this period frost bite will definitely be a risk frozen pipes keep your cabinet doors open especially those pipes are on the exterior wall and one thing i checked today the tire pressure and the car battery. that light may go on because of the consecutive days of cold temperatures. all eyes will be on monday with the developing area of low pressure. there have been some rumors about friday an area of low pressure well offshore friday
10:34 pm
this developing low saturday looks like it's going track inland. both of our computer models are very good long range suggesting inland track. we'll see if this continues it will bring light snow tuesday -- i should say monday late afternoon and then by tuesday change over to rain. so it begins on monday. in the city overnight 17. the suburbs nine. a few flurries expected but with the wind dying down they will will be few and far between. during the day tomorrow 29 with less win gusting to 20 miles an hour. and by sunday morning, these are the records to beat. philadelphia the record is two. very close. tying the record or breaking it in allentown. the same in reading. wilmington, going to come close. atlantic city the record is six below. on your seven day forecast, saturday is cold. that second arctic blast moves in. sunday is frigid. that is the coldest day then monday we see snow late in the afternoon. right now it doesn't look like much more avenue nuisance but
10:35 pm
we'll keep you updated changing to rain and then we see a warmup for tuesday with some heavy rain possible. wednesday and thursday look dry right now. >> all right. thank you, kathy. >> you're welcome. >> all right. >> cold or not, on this valentine's day weekend, one very special red carpet will generate heat, guys. the night to shape is this friday for people with special needs. 16 and older. take look at this incredible pop up boutique all of the dresses and shoes were free to attend december. donated by dress up time to epic church. the philadelphia church is hosting friday's prom sponsored by the tim tebow foundation. >> we're talking beaut nears and corsages and what else is going on. >> karaoke. dancing. limo rides. >> make up. hair. massages. sue shine. >> whole lot of dancing. night to shine is tomorrow night in center city. fox 29 will be right there on the red carpet to share what you know are going to be just incredible stories.
10:36 pm
>> racy billboards up in run major city. promoting a big conference to celebrate porn. why organizers are now suing the city. you can get almost everything shopping at wholefoods we have to say this we did not see comin coming. what the chain could soon offer in stores with permanent consequences.
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big night on american idol. 12 of 24 contestants sang on stage with some of your favorite idol alumni. ♪ >> tonight only seven continued on. five went home and next week 12 more contestants will sink their duets and you can watch them right here on fox 29 wednesday and thursday nights. >> tonight in your morning the neck time you're making a grocery list for wholefoods you can add tattoo to the list. i said tattoo. ce on the. o of wholefoods announcing a new initiative to try to get younger shoppers in their stores. the company said it's looking for outside suppliers and vend vendors to operate wip their markets. along with in store tattoo
10:40 pm
services wholefoods is considering things like record stores to bring in those millennials. >> some people will do almost anything to escape the cold, right, iain. >> yes. >> one of the hottest trends in fitness actually turns up the heat i want to see you do this this is core power yoga. one of a number of hot yoga studios in the city. fans pour in to have sweat pouring down their face and ar arms. and the rest their bodies why they twist themselves into pretzel for a workout. folk get addicted to the heat and great way to get out of the cold. >> it feels so good to escape the cold for a full hour and be able to just sweat. >> going back into the cold definitely still feels cold but, um, you really get that warmth for app hour. it's nice. >> core power yoga on wall net street in written house and just opened the first week it's free but after that classes are 23 bucks a piece. after billboard for an expo in dallas started popping up a lot of residents began pushing
10:41 pm
back. >> what's called ex on the toy cocoon presence dedicated to all things pornography. dallas city council took up the measure voting eight to seven to deny holding the downtown convention center. the mayor of the city along with other community leaders began putting pressure on the council last month. they say they didn't want to see dallas turn into another sin city. >> i fine out on the website that there's a place called the dungeon where women are tied up and whipped. and i just said, upping, what you've crossed the line. >> the events organizers say he plans to sue the city for the money he is out. a guy on the run from police. when one man simply stuck his foot out and ended the chase. why police are looking for that good samaritan tonight. have you ever seen anything online that actually made your jaw drop? all the time every day. >> some of the videos people fighting or, you know, things like that. >> your draw actually drops?
10:42 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: show me how that look. >> that's actually someone's job meet the people working getting paid to make your jaw drop.
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>> it's hard to wrap your brain around this next story it turns out albert einstein new exactly what he was talking about a century ago. sam cook would be surprised about this. einstein wasn't sure about it. the researchers finally discovered he was right all along. verifying one of his theories and the findings could revolutionize science. scientists say they have proven einstein's wave theory and detect the ripples in the fabric of space in time. you get that time has substance that means we can time travel maybe at some point in time. a group of astro physicists used a 1 billion-dollar instrument and actually found gravitational waves moving across the universe right through anything and everything. staying unchanged. einstein theorized that when violent collisions happen in the universe such as two black holes colliding you might be able to hear these waves. that has substance. after decades researchers finally heard it. scientists around the globe are geeking out over it saying this
10:46 pm
will change the way they study space. >> galileo turned a telescope to the sky and opened the era of modern observe al astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important here today. >> this is so cool. lie go made the discover exposed of two observatory. most of the funding comes from the national science foundation an independent government agen agency. >> lease in london chasing down a suspected drug dealer when a witness steps inform you can see the guy running an man sticks out his foot tripping the guy. officers just feet behind pounce and arrest him. one problem tonight the man left before they could thank him for his help. >> internet has done a lot of wonderful things for our world mobilizinmobilizing movement, sg knowledge broadening markets but it has a downside. >> in the crowded online world you have to shock to get notice. one phrase in particular used to
10:47 pm
tease and excited -- excite is make our bruce gordon a little krahn see these days. >> i watched a little boy play the piano on tv1 day and my jaw dropped. ♪ >> the guy danced on health club treadmill and my jaw dropped. >> ♪ >> pulled a panel off a pickup truck to reveal a buzz of bees and, you guessed it, my jaw dropped. >> i got a question. when did we all get so slap jawed seems about every slightly unusual cidar orison on the internet usually posted to a social media site like facebook comes complete with a tease line claiming some unknown guy's jaw dropped when he was exposed to the lincoln 10. artists working in the median those pancake batter jaw dropping. horse yoga, jaw dropping. what's weird the public seems to be buying it. >> have you ever actually seen
10:48 pm
something on facebook that literally made your jaw drop? >> all the time. every day. >> some of the videos people fighting or you know thing like that. >> reporter: your jaw actually drops. >> yes. >> reporter: show mew how that looks. >> probably political commentary would make my jaw drop from time to time. >> reporter: what does that look lick when your jaw drops? >> chatter blast media. we are a social media and digital strategy company. >> reporter: matthew veigh creative director at a company that hems businesses like reading terminal market, agencies like the philadelphia parking authority market their message online. >> competition to get your couldn't 10 noticed and social communication is very very tough you're competing with everyone. so people are becoming more and more clever or desperate or to get their couldn't at the present time red and observed. >> reporter: that he says explains why social media in particular is chock full of promise that is every link will
10:49 pm
make your heart melt. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: you'll never stop laughing. >> you'll never stop crying. or that your of your jaw will drop. >> anything that can really hit you if it got punched and make you stop, you're scanning through on that phone, whatever can stop you is the goal of marketers these days. >> reporter: fine but can our jow actually drop? desperate for the answer and with some time to kill i paid a visit to the school of dental med sip. >> human draw is restricted. >> the doctor happily set me straight. >> you can open wide. you can gape. but dropping, no. it's not going to happen. >> good doctor happened to have an extra head lying around and explained -- >> your jaw rotates around a fixed point where the jaw meets the skull as it opens wider, the jaw actually moves a little bit out of the socket. >> because it's attached to the
10:50 pm
skull by ligaments and muscle it can open quite a ways. but, and this is important for our purpose, the jaw never come apart from the skull. >> it never really drops. >> reporter: actual medical fact most shock people will see their jaw open only 50 to 60-millimeters just wide enough to fit three he have their own fingers between their upper and lower rows of teeth. this calls for a brand new expression. >> i never thought about it that way. >> start thinking about it that way. >> perhaps that is good way to think about it. >> three tipping stun job what we might call it. >> instead of jaw dropping it will be the known as the three finger stun job. >> be fair of careful there. >> i expect my new tease line to go viral. i was in a world of social media everyone wants to be blown away. >> there's a sucker born every minute and people are still looking at that. still taking it in. they still think new post that
10:51 pm
comes up is literally going she them a raccoon saving the world. >> reporter: raccoon saving the world? that would be jaw dropping. sorry. that would be a three finger stun job. bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> i think i saw the movie raccoon saving the universe. anyhow. >> how war probably has jaw dropping video. >> it's some three finger stun jobs. item he will pell needs wins to have a chance to get to the tournament many tonight was an amazing win for temple. the flyers needed a lot more fight with a three game losing streak on the line. they had some good nights tonight coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
the centers for medicare and medicaid
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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the flyers they need add within badly. they found the right team to get healthy and they really got very healthy. the flyers played buffalo team that is one point away from being the worst team in the nhl. flyers are back after ending a three game losing streak. let's go to the wells fargo sent. all right. it's scoreless. watch on the far side there. brayden she believed gets ridden into the glass. oh, that must hurt but he actually came back in the game. he's a hock company player. rj umberger not scored for over 50 games back over year but he scores there. gives the flyers a one to nothing lead. with the flyers up two to
10:55 pm
nothing, they scored four goals in the second period. wayne simmonds will get the rebound shot. he scores. it's three to nothing. third period, the flyers little pay back for schenn and right there, here comes the calgary from buffalo but the flyers win it five-one scoring goals makes it very nice for your goaltend goaltender. >> it's very nice time to have my myself and you have goal support to work with. takes the mental strain off little bit to make sure that you don't have to be perfect. >> all right. temple needs wins to get themselves at least a chance to get in the ncaa tournament. they're all big now. tonight a miracle come back gets the owls closer to the leka corals center and temple playing connecticut. they weren't underdog in this game. daniel dingle gets them close. they were down by 12 in the second half. they out scored connecticut 24-four in one stretch. the cozy quinton dee cozy scores
10:56 pm
temple wins it. connecticut only scored 24 in the second half 63-58 that's a big big win. all right. villanova may be the top ranked team in the country in college basketball. what st. joe's is doing seems quietly a very big and great season. st. joe's now 20 and four. hard to believe st. joe's is not lost a road game this season. >> i didn't know we would be 20 and four. i'm not giving it back to anybody. i'm not golly gee isn't this wonderful? i'm not sad. i'm pleased for them. and for the people that have stood with them. but i don't think that we played our best yet. >> golly gee that goes right there with jaw dropping. maybe the strangest competition in sport i've ever seen called -- to he know land soccer ball moves across england it's unbelievable. they wanted it to end in derby shire england a soccer ball people try to move it from town
10:57 pm
to. to the other guys try to keep it there. sometimes it lasts eight hours. these people have nothing to do, no social media or no girl friend. (laughter). >> or all of the above. >> all of them. (laughter). >> jaw dropping. >> three finger -- what was it i forget it. >> dang it the three finger shocker. i think that was it. >> sorry, bruce much
10:58 pm
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: lamar odom just flew across the country with khloe to see kanye's concert. he looks amazing. >> they didn't advise him to fly to new york but apparently kanye would go once a week to the hospital and play him the rough cuts of his songs on this new album. >> if kanye thinks his music like literally woke the dead, he's real. [laughter] >> blac chyna, she's helping rob kardashian sell his sock line. harvey: she's kind of cavorting in trinidad now. some people are thinking oh, they're not together anymore. >> she put a ring on her left finger. with a big diamond on it. >> she's a stage five clinger. [laughter] >> ellen dakota fanning. they want to the st. laurent show at the palladium last night. literally everyone was there. harvey: show us pictures. >> lady gaga, lenny kravitz, courtney love. >> lady gaga, lenny kravitz, courtney love. harvey: i give you five seconds.


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