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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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funeral. >> well, kind of gray and black. >> i have to tell this ladies, there are four types of relationships, researchers say they're not all created equal. >> i bet you get new footage of cup. >> valentine day weekends, we go out, creep on people. creep on couples. >> and videotape it. >> that's what i'm saying, creep on them. >> most of these people are dead, this footage so old. >> it will be negative 25 windchill. >> go in restaurants, seeing people cozying up in a corner with candlelight dinner. >> four relationship times. there is one type that causes problems. >> oh? >> are you in that relationship? well -- >> and we talked about there is i haven't done this in a while, but you know i love this segment, alex asks, valentine day edition, valentine day violations, so i'll bring up different scenarios, group of girls, group of guys, get their opinion and determine hey
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that's a valentine day violation. he has a friends, dating this girl for awhile, talk about marriage, and he is thinking every proposing, cool. sounds great. he knows she will probably say yes, but thinking about doing it on valentine's day. is that a violation to do something, like propose to your girlfriends on valentine day? >> you say violation. >> violation. >> violation. >> way in on twitter tweet me alex holley fox 29. situations like that, we will bring up, about this around valentine day. >> i love every second of that. that will be fun. >> milky way, do you have the pictures? don't put it up yet. okay. superbowl 50 bass last sunday, i'm still buzzing about it because it was fun to watch the half time show, controversy, and all of that. >> and the game too. >> so the players went into the lockerroom of course and had extra long half time. my how things have changed in 50 years, i found picture from superbowl one, half time, right? >> oh, were you there? >> i wasn't there, but i was
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alive. and it was the kansas city chiefs played the greenbay packers, and the quarterback, oh, this might not have been superbowl one. anyway, len dawson was the quarterback for the kansas city chiefs. goes in the lockerroom. they do little talk. and then this happened. here he is. he smoked a cigar and is drink ago press k that's how they spent -- could you smoke in the lockerroom. >> insane. >> isn't that crazy? >> that's insane. >> yes, 50 years later, we don't do anything like that. >> no, things have changed. >> we're drinking milkshakes and health shakes. >> gatorade. >> lauren is out and about, going out into the frigid water to present this. hi, lauren. >> hello. so, listen, you're gotten the bling. now you need the dress. but you don't have a loft money. you're casino of balling on a budget. this is where you need to be. we're going to tell you we are. we are in the reading room at a venue, where you can get
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address, here nothing more than $300, jen, mike, alex, did you hear that? for a wedding dress. >> designer dresses, too. >> all designer. >> that's big. >> that's cool. did she say balling on a budgets? >> balling on a budget. >> i like her. >> okay. you know the movie titanic. we all saw it back in the 90s, what's the main character, the woman? >> rose. >> rose. >> okay. >> you heard about the anthem of the sea, cruise ship that had a bunch of philadelphia people on it, that was rocking in the storm, a lot of people on board. thought it was going to capsize. on that ship, a woman from south philly, we've talked to her every day, just get hadding through the whole crews, there she is, her name is rose, as well. >> yes. >> she's rose. on the anthem. >> yes. >> lives in south philly. i've come to like her. we've interviewed her. >> she is very nice, sun. >> i i kind of finds her attractive, too.
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>> little sass. >> i let's meet her live in person. she is just getting off the ship. dave kinchen is there go run into her arms. >> rose. >> that's right, here with rose, rose, from south philly, how are you doing right now? >> i'm doing okay. i mean, i think it is settling into me what happened, when we were on the cruise ship. we were nervous, we were excited, we couldn't wait to get off. and now that we're off i think it is affecting us, even last night, the crowd was just mellow, there was just people sitting around, just talking to each other, what happened, giving us their stories, it has been mellow. but i'm glad thank god to hit land. >> now, tell us just recount what you saw when the storm was really bad? >> it was about 2:30, on sunday, the seventh. we were up in the wind jammer, which is where someplace you eat. and all the food started flying off the tables, stacks
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of dishes, the tables turns, people falling, few minute later the captain came on and he said that just finds a place for a good hour, and we will be out of the storm. so we did that, we went down to the casino, which is a few levels down. we didn't even sit and he came on and said we had to evacuate. well, it was almost impossible to stand and walk. so as we're walking trying to hold on, people were crying, people were falling. we were helping each other. then we had to walk up six flights of steps. that i thought i was going to die. so when i got in my roomy just flopped and i said a prayer to god. and then after that the storm raged and raged and raged. my girlfriends next-door to me her room, her deck door was open, no one came to shut it, the captain came on few times oh, only couple of more hours, ya, well, the couple hours turned into 16 hours. the wind, there was water in our rooms, water up in our decks, finally about 9:30 the
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steward brought us a orange and m and m's and bottle of water. and then we spoke to many people who were diabetic, no food. we seen people injured with glass broken on them, whether we finally did get out the next morning the ship was -- we were told that two rutters were broke, few stabilizers, i think one of the radar on top, something fell in the water. it was a horrible site, yes. >> so what do you say to management? i mean they are talking about refunds, but do you blame the captain and the organization? >> well, i don't -- from what we're told, there is a lot of rumors going around, and what people have told us that the captain new from thursday at 1:00 p.m. that this radar has been put down. so do i blame, we can't blame the weather, because that's an act of god. but i think the captain, i don't know why he made that
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decision. almost all the way down to florida and we turned around and glided and his announcements were investigate vague, he never told us where we were. we new we were gliding. >> we're glad you're okay, we know the federal government is considering an investigation. but rose from south philly is okay. back to you guys. >> okay, give rosa hug. i love her. 9:07. how do you feel about public displays of affection on valentine day? new survey says single people are totally fine with pda can he g and hugging. >> people weighing in on twitter. but let's read the rest of it. >> go ahead. >> more than half of singles surveyed 59%, just fine, with couples pda at the table. they also say they don't mind witnessing people feeding their dates, you know, sharing food. >> oh, barf. survey done by open table. >> of course. >> and many single looking forwards to dining out for valentine day this year. >> free dinner. >> here is a game i always like to play whenever i'm at a restaurant, i like to sit
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down, i take a look at all of the defendant rent tables, i like to see if there is a couple i try to guess is it the first date, second date, are they married, and you can always tell when they are married. usually when someone dating little more exciting you can always guess. >> but even when they are married, you know, there is so much in a relationship, right, there are asked, there is work, there is whatever. so we play the same game steve and i sometimes, who is mad at who? does the husband hate the wife? >> are they having an affair, dover that one? >> of course. >> do you that? >> where do you go? >> i bet this is true store if i someone saw sue serio and her husband together, though probably think they're having an affair because they are so -- >> love i dove. >> i oh, so in love with each other. >> so touchy feel. >> i and it is not just like high billy, it is like grr. >> now, remember, they made out live on our show, what, the halloween show. >> she is texting billy right now. >> hey, baby.
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>> oh, honey. >> philip wright says pda is fine to pint, when it looks like you're about to go to the next level it is too much. >> get a room. >> someone else said it is fine but not to overdo it, be minds full of the children who may be watching and many already moving too fast. >> if you're the olive garden don't go to third base. >> did i this once at bridgette floyd, probably about a year ago. >> oh, no, what did you do? >> saturday night, late, about 11:00, and i found myself making out heavily at the end of the bar. >> oh, how long ago was this? >> about a year. >> with shellda. >> ya, ya. >> i think it was? >> is that true? >> the truth. >> true? >> look me in the eye. >> with shellda? >> i don't see allowing her to be a part that far. >> yep, there were cocktails, to the point we looked around and everybody was staring at us. it was very embarrassing. >> why? >> were you like, hey? cut it out, get a room. right? >> get a room line. >> i remember the last time,
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my girlfriend, during restaurant week, sitting down, we decided to play the game. couple sitting over by us. and we were like debating, first, no, second date. we were like going back and forth. then all the sudden the girl gets up and sits in the guy's lap. at dinner. >> what? >> we were like okay, ya. >> what restaurant. >> i won't call it out. >> serious. really? >> no. >> i know your game. but yes, they had a fun night. >> i'll tell this. i play this game with my daughter and i eventually would get up and go ask them. >> oh? >> are you two married. >> so we have some closure. >> match. com, or meet at a bar couple of weeks ago. >> ya. as we approach valentine day weekend here, looking at four different types of relationships, which one are you in? now there is was research that was actually done. which relationship leads to marriage? which relationship drives you away from marriage. >> you will lead this one? >> you noah loft ups and downs. commitment all over the place. so, researchers say there is a
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dramatic couple, lots of ups and downs, commitment swings wildly, so we're looking at who these are. >> the relationship topic here, the headline, this would be the dramatic couple. >> right. >> then the three graphics below that, describe the dramatic cup. >> i ah. >> lots of ups ands downs. >> thank you, mike. >> commitment swings wildly, twice as likely to break up. >> we know that, when it is really good, it is good. when it is bad it is bad. >> want it try it again. >> okay. >> relationship number two. top graphic will be the headliner. >> these are the ones. >> partner -- the partner focus couple is the headline. >> i just said that. >> descriptions -- >> probably doing that for himself jen not for you. >> so they are involved with each other, dependent on one another, they have the highest chance of lasting and being happy over time. >> what? >> they are dependent? >> what, dependent? i thought you were supposed to
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be on your own, be cool with yourself, meet someone else cool with themmer? >> that's a good thing, alex. >> no, no, key there is a difference between depending on someone and dependent on someone. >> independent ladies? and then there is me who wear depends. >> okay. next up: do you see on the top there? the ones with less commit tonight one another, when they have an argument. if that doesn't mean they're going to break up. >> what's that mean? >> it is like it doesn't mean a lot because they're always fighting. so you're not committed, flirting but not all going all the way. >> not committed to the argument, not going down in flames. >> we are talking about the argument the less committed, what does it mean, either you're committed or not. what's less commit in the. >> about halfway in. >> so what does that entail? does that mean you flirt with the line but don't cross the
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line? >> gave her a ring but not getting married? >> i flirt too much though. >> oh, you're a flirt. >> you got that one, right. >> yes. >> i'll try it one more time. >> i was just finishing offer the third one, they should get the money back for this research because the last graphic there said, what was it? put that last one up there? it is so non-commit al the last term. >> won't necessarily break up. well -- >> you know what that is, that's a weather person done doing that. >> won't necessarily rain. >> but maybe might break up. >> there are clouds. >> well, that's just -- >> light rain. >> let's get to the last one. >> we have the socially involved couple. >> your top graph glike see how it is right there. >> explaining this, i can't deal. >> share friends, rely on them to make decisions. that's bogus. so bogus. because i know those people. they share the friends.
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they're always second guessing themselves. well susie said l, a, well, i talked to susi anises did i say lalala. >> whose side are you on. >> so what do we learn? the second graphic the one where you'll get married. >> that's your parents, like been married long time. focused on each other. >> yes. >> okay, so, there it is. >> partner focused couples. really involved. >> these are the ones though will get married. >> your dad depends on your mom to get on the plane. >> now that you're getting married let's get awe bridal gown. so expensive, three, four, $5,000, flight. >> not here. you can find good designer dress. >> this is individual joe from last year's event. annual fundraiser features over 350 brand new and gently used discounted wedding gowns, and other accessories. >> what about if it was violently used? really went at it? >> not there. this is gently used. >> so when is that happening, lauren, and where is it?
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give us the deets. >> here are the det. s. you have the ridge. now you need address. jewels going to help us out with, that because we're at good will surprisingly with lots of designer dresses, and price point that people are not going to believe. as low as? >> $49 for used dress, 99 for brand new dress. >> and they won't go over? >> $300. >> so we will name drop real quickly. you got one in here from a really pretty prestigious label. >> look at this, mike. decline felled. see, i don't know about wedding dresses but you're telling me this is top of the line? >> decline felled's is in, new york, if you know yes to the dress, decline felled, amazing price here. >> look at this. >> from 2440. that's $2,000, mike, alex and jen, down to 1420, then only paying 250 for the dress. and you say size ten is kind of the size that you have the most of? >> very popular. we have sizes starting at two to 26. but we have the most probably of ten's and 12's, popular
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size. >> okay. a lot of these dresses, look at our beautiful model here, has tags still on them because they are brand new. not coming from brides, at love them, coming from other places, flight. >> right. we spends all year getting ready for the event. solicit manufacturers from local bridal boutiques, and they don't nature surplus, sample gowns, past season, you name t they donate it to us. and we bring great bargains to the brides. >> and you don't just have dresses, you have everything you need on your wedding day? >> we have shoes. we have tiara, veils, bridesmaid gowns, flour girl dresses, i name it. >> what time does it start saturday. >> 9:00 a.m. brides do tend to get in line very early. we have crowd control. we only let so many people in the room at a time. so best to get here early for the best selection. >> look at these beauties. gorgeous. and it will be really cold on saturday. so people want to come in and get inside and get in here quickly. you have never sold out. but you sell a lot. >> we sell a ton. we sell a ton. something for everyone, so many different sometimes, so many different designers.
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there is vintage, there is traditional. everything a bride could want. and it is at barkann prices, and it is for good will. >> explain that. a lot of people know go to good will, drop things off, donate. you sometimes don't know where your money goes, for this event when people are coming to buy their wedding dresses, where is all of this moneying. >> all of the revenue, job training programs, helps people with disabilities, get to work. so brides getting a goal -- deal, it is a win-win. >> jen, alex and mike, so mike our photograph is her we me, came in and was like oh, my goodness. maybe i should just get address even though i don't have a ring. guess what says? he said you should probably get two because you will probably get married twice. >> that's sweet of him. >> really? >> that's got to be mine grenitch. >> yes, jerk. and he is raising a house of hormones. two girls and a wife. >> yes. >> that's what it is. >> strong wife too. she. >> we are getting a love tweets. >> great event, thank you, lauren? yes, here is the thing, and
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this is good one. this is from brenda. >> are you talking about public displays of affection? >> possibly lead to marriage. >> all right. pda's okay, but i hate when a couple sits on the same side of the boot and there is no one on the other side. how do you feel about that? >> i don't like. >> i don't like it either. i have don't it though. >> so how do you talk to each other? high. >> if i do that i'm trying to cuddle or be close to you. >> the whole time? >> you know what i have done it before, if we order and waiting on our food, and i'll sit with you, and then when it is time to eat i'm going back over because i need space. >> true. main reason for sitting on the same side, the hands are under the table. >> mike? that's interesting. because jamie kelly she said i was a server, and toyed kick a valentine out on valentine day, sitting on the same side of their boot but we couldn't see where their hands were. ya. >> oh, come on, we've all done it. >> ugh. >> i don't know about that. >> all right, 9:18. thanks, alex. >> one more. >> we talk about the different
9:19 am
couple, kenya says, my husband is a focused guy, and i'm more dramatic. but we make it work. married 12 years, i guess they balance each other out. >> probably divorce next year. >> mike, don't say things like that. >> in their 13th year, it is all over. >> when a student miss as day of school or is late, sometimes the child's par sent required to come up with a reason. and the note it, say why is my child out, i'll tell you. >> so one dad from up-state new york explained in a letter to his teacher, why his 12 year old daughter isabel was like, so look at this, okay? he wrote last night isabel was lucky enough to see bruce springsteen and the e street band in albany. >> okay? >> and darn if he didn't play for three and a half hours. he goes on to say it may not and good excuse, and asked how many kids would completely miss school if god were suddenly to appear. comparing the boss to god. >> now, see that's where he goes way off the rail.
9:20 am
>> he explained fan of the bands since she was four years old, the little girl, a lot of people on social media, praised his honesty. >> yes, just don't bring up the god thing. >> so,'s blaming his child's lateness on not showing up, on bruce springsteen. >> that's right. >> hey, fox fursday, did you know that? national pet dental health month. when was the last time you tried to brush a dog's teeth, dock, that's not east. >> i no. >> it will be after this, though. we will do lots and lots of good tips, so you know how to take care of your pet's teeth. >> you want to try? go ahead. >> common zipper. >> not easy.
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>> happy fox fursday. you have probably seen the commercial. in one. yes, the one showing the dog eats with dentures. ask any dog owner, they'll tell you caring for their
9:24 am
dog's teeth, some thing you can do to freshen up your dog's breath. thank goodness doctor heather is here to tell us this is dog dental -- >> national pet company dental health month. we have whole month for. >> this such a big deal. >> real i and it is not just about clean teeth. >> it is not. >> more than that. >> it is not. 80% every dogs and cats over the age of three have dental disease. that will means they're suffering with bacteria, inflammation in their mouth. >> so, was this, this can lead to other illnesses in. >> back tear crashes growth, inflammation, can in theory spread throughout the body to go to the heart and the kidneys, can shorten animal's life. >> how do we tell if our dog has it? >> biggest sign is bad breath. if you let you smell and you back away, then it is not normal to have bad breath. >> i thought dog bad doggy breath is not good. that bacteria is in there making the teeth loose and painful, and now these dogs are really sore and uncomfortable. so, it is not just -- actually
9:25 am
painful quality of life thing. >> can any vet diagnosis this? >> we can, yes, just bring them n vets, animals, should be seen once a year, and have their veterinarian take good close look in their mouth look for signs every red gums, swelling, and sometimes we even pick up mouth cancer at the vet, too. so do be sure your vet looks in their mouth. >> many of just tried to brush our dogs teeth. and the dog says nope, chomp. and what do we do about that? >> it is truement i ' go over couple quick tips, on facebook today, the american animal hospital facebook page, beautiful article about tons and tons of great ideas of how to get your teeth their teeth brushed. >> we'll have to get that on our page too, i follow you on facebook. >> i know do you. >> so this is zipper. >> the biggest thing you start out with, make sure they're comfortable getting your fingers? their mouth. zip is her pretty cool with. that will tons of different implement, we ooh use toothbrushes, soft finger brushes, but what i like to start off with is pantyhose. >> what? >> yes, nice and soft. still has a little bit of
9:26 am
abrasive necessary. >> and doggy toothpaste. >> and this stuff is actually beef flavored, don't use people toothpaste, that can hurt them. lip up their lip, start scrubbing, you want to get between their gums and their teeth. >> look how good she is being. >> very far back tote are the ones have the most tartar. >> just like people. >> exactly. >> so that was piece of cake hearing was cool with that. >> okay. >> now, what about calvin your dog? may not like that. >> well, you're right, some dogs and cats that don't. so i found whole bunch of great ideas that you can use at home. the key thing here is there are tons of products out there that say they help with teeth. but you want to get something that's approved by the veterinary oral health council. >> little thing right there. >> might be putting that up on the screen too. >> it is, look for that seal. there is whole bunch, treats, chews, stuff you can add to the water, and all of this stuff helps decrease plaque antar tar in their mouth. >> i'll try it on calvin, okay, calvin, now, do we make him sit?
9:27 am
>> yes. >> oh, good boy. >> a lot every these products -- >> it will help his ♪ >> yes, those big kick else, huge, like almost the size of golf balls, they have to crunch them and that helps get rid of the tartar. >> i do recommend because now we're out every town every course, doctor heather, always more information than we have time for. so follow doctor heather on facebook, and you will have links to all of these other good things. and guess what? we put it on our page too, thank you. >> thanks, calvin. >> okay, you know what? i'm not finished with you people yet. i'm getting crafty for your kids, a valentine day idea, you can take to school tomorrow. and you will be the hit of the classroom. it is pin this coming up. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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welcome back everybody. watch this... do you see these two candy kanes left over from christmas. >> right. >> for valentines day. >> okay. >> mike jerrick you are crafty. >> it is a heart. >> and are you going to give me your heart? i don't think i want it. >> so, back in school we would take valentines card and give them to the little girls and boys. >> right. >> do you want to step it up a notch. >> we saw this picture on pinterest. >> do we roll your graphic. >> did we. >> pin this. >> okay. >> these are ideas you find on pinterest. >> pinterest for the real world is why i call this pin this because sometimes they don't turnout quite the way they look on pinterest. >> what is that. >> a robot and you use a juice box. >> you have that here. >> and a little pudding cup.
9:32 am
>> okay. >> so basically what you do, and you can do this with cakes that you turn inside out. again i don't try these ahead of time because i want to be real. >> yes. >> okay. it is fairly obvious i to in the do this every time. >> the thing is, i have to figure out how to do these, tracie, our producer bought me googley eyes but i have to put them on the juice box to make them look like it is -- >> yes. >> so have adhesive. >> but good thing i brought my, handy dandy from my scrap booking supplies. >> it is starting to look good. >> does it look like. >> the eye is down too far. >> these kind of candice forearms and i can do those with just regular tape. >> he has droopy eye, it is weird. >> but it is winking. >> okay, it is a wink. >> it is a really long arm.
9:33 am
it is's robot so it doesn't need to look human. >> yes. >> we have diversity. >> yes. >> chocolate putting. >> many ethnicities. >> do you want to do feet, are we done just yet. >> no, no. >> okay, so these are little valentines hearts that i got in the dollar store. they are chocolate candy. >> that is the feet the. >> yes, i refuse to be defeated. >> nice. >> by this pinterest. >> there is one, and here's number two. again, i have never actually tried this before but -- >> that is obvious. >> that is it. >> will it fall down. >> yes, it is, so i will put it up against my tape dispenser and it will still fall it is leaning there. >> now the thing is, i wrote, a little heart that says, love sue. >> okay. >> i can put it on top of the candy heart. >> could you get more busy
9:34 am
table collette so we cannot see anything on the table. >> i pick a theme and i roll with it and that is evident in that. >> where is that going to go. >> that will go to the heart of the robot even though you think machines don't have have have a heart. >> they do now. >> in valentines land, how do you think that looks. it does it look like a little will reabout on the. >> you can put a pipe cleaner on here and make it smile. >> move it up so you can see the head. >> there is the finished product. >> i have one more thing to do. >> oh, that is a good touch. >> mustache. >> it is a smile. >> it was a crooked smiley will work on that. >> i have a juice box i can make. >> that is next time. >> i'm sure there is a a physician that can help him with that eye. >> wills eye happies right down the street. >> take him over there.
9:35 am
>> so, it is breakfast with bob time. >> yes, yum. >> always fun to know where you ended up. >> where is he. >> he is in delaware. >> i'm in wilmington, delaware breakfast, best meal of the morning, it is craig's birthday and we are coming to you live from the hollywood grill here, along 202, in wilmington delaware, good eating coming up next.
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having some fun here this morning, we're here with breakfast with the best meal of the day and we're coming to you live this morning, from the hollywood grill, in wilmington, delaware.
9:39 am
ladies, they said all of the kid go to school together so while kid are in school, mom's out having breakfast. and this lady would like to be discovered here today, there you go. >> there we go. >> hollywood, it the is as hollywood as you will get here at hollywood grill here on 202, good morning, everybody. the cute baby alert. somebody is sleeping down there. this is a famous spot on 202, right at a across from du pont children's hospital, in wilmington delaware. good morning. we have the juice. oh, sir what are you ordering up. >> scrapple, spinach mushroom omelette and home fries. >> that is just your breakfast. >> yes. >> big guy, look at that, that is type of platter you have here at the hollywood grill. here's the staff behind the front counter here all smiles and waves. we had a request from one of the diners here, you got to come to the hollywood grill. i have been here a couple times. i knew exactly where it was.
9:40 am
my buddy phil, who was owner, thanks for inviting us out. >> our pleasure. >> this is your daughter. is what your name. >> anastasia. >> now you stayed home from school to help out with dad today. >> yes. >> does dad let you work the grill, register. >> he lets me do the hosting and cash register and he also lets me do other things. >> when i was a kiddy always wanted to work cash register is that the cool thing. >> yes. >> you have a beautiful smile. you will take care of business here for dad when you grow up. how old are you. >> eight. >> you have a future in the the business. but, restaurant business has been in your family for years. >> my whole life i grew up in the restaurant business. we have been here for 14 years since 2002 when we took over the hollywood grill. >> lets go down the hill because portions are unbelievable. >> let start with this. >> pancakes which we make from scratch, we have our yogurt parfait with granola, ham and eggs, we have our homemade
9:41 am
cream chipped beef, and. >> i know george likes creamed chip beef. >> we have a grilled cinnamon bun. >> a what. >> a grilled cinnamon bun. >> my gosh. >> we have our crab bendik next to their. >> okay. >> our stuffed french toast, omelette which you can pick whatever you want off the menu we will put whatever you want in the omelette. we make them how you like them. we have freshly squeezed orange juice, our coffee and full array of everything. >> for the gang down behind the bar this guy said they are regulars, they have their names on the back of the chair. >> little will bird told me a special date the today. >> happy birthday to you. ♪ >> look at you guys. >> happen i birthday dear bob, happy birthday to you. >> thank you so much. thank you so much.
9:42 am
it is my birthday. it is great to be 27, isn't it? twenty-seven, again. if you would like me to come to your spot and feature your favorite breakfast spot hit me up on facebook and twitter and i will show up at your front door each and every thursday. back to you guys, alex, in the studio. >> the the birthday boy, happy birth the day, bob. stay tuned for special digs of alex asks, we are talking v day violations, we are bringing in guys, girls, face off with your valentines situations when we come right back.
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♪ >> okay. here we are. here i am, on the other side here, writ here, it is this addition of alex asks, special addition because it is valentines day this sunday. of course we're thinking about valentines day. we are calling this v day violations. >> i will will throw out five different valentines day scenarios and up to my lovely panel here. we have guys, girls if they don't like their situation they will tell you it is a violation. if they do like it, it is a victory. thumbs up and thumbs down. introduce our panel here, for the guys, we have mike jerrick. >> yes. >> and, sean bell. >> yeah. >> and on the ladies, we have, jen fred. >> yes, mena it says what and
9:46 am
charisma and jen fred. >> now first question, i will ask the question and give a thumbs up or thumbs down and tally it all together and determine between the both of you guys is it the a violation offer victory. we all know when it comes to the valentines day the work place is so important. you have to send flowers and give a gift. if there is a a single will girl and she doesn't want to be that single will girl with nothing it is okay for a girl to send herself flowers and gifts at work, let's start with the fellows. >> all thumbs down. >> thumbs down. >> okay here. >> no. >> all the way down. >> they say no. >> i don't know what do you think. we don't need a man to buy us gifts. >> come on. >> all right. >> are you admitting you have done this. >> never. >> jen? >> okay, all right. overall we are calling this a
9:47 am
violation. >> next question if you just started dating someone, okay. been on some dates, spent time together is it the okay to assume you are probably my valentine you better be taking me out on sunday. let's start with the ladies. >> i say no. >> i say no. >> i say yes. >> why yes. >> if you are dating me we are on the path to be something greater you better come out for valentines day. >> okay. >> now, hold on, how long have they been dating. >> let's say a in or two. >> charisma, couple months say yes he. >> yes. >> yes. >> this is a victory. >> thumbs up. >> why? >> unaudible. >> okay, two thumbs down. >> it is a victory overall. >> if you are taking time to take me out you better be my valentine.
9:48 am
>> unaudible. >> okay. we're moving on. okay. next one. let's say we are each others valentine we just got this, should you exchange gifts or is it up to the guy to get the gift. we will start with the guys. do you expect a gift. >> i want a gift. >> a physical gift. >> a physical gift. >> a physical challenge. >> i want physical and the gift. >> okay. >> fellows, you guys, hold on, you guys always say this is a woman's holiday it is in the the but guys. >> we never said that, you made that up. >> exactly. >> haven't you heard say valentines is made up by women. >> don't play me. >> is this a victory or a violation. >> i think it is i victory. >> if you are giving a gift you should get one in return. >> yes. >> jen, no.
9:49 am
>> unaudible. >> if you are getting a a gift for valentines day. >> you are not engaged. >> unaudible. >> the panel has spoken, overall it is a victory. next question if a couple just started dating and getting to know each other, let's say it business a nice dinner, nice valentines day date but would the man says no, i need a gift too. i need to get something. ladies, we will start with you, is that a victory or violation. >> it is valentines day. >> it can be something simple. >> if you are taking time to plan out a valentines day, that is enough for me. >> okay. >> yes. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. violation. ladies say it is a violation.
9:50 am
it is a violation. >> now to the fellows. >> are these two single. >> they are single. >> now we know why. >> is this a victory violation, should she expect a gift if she's getting a date too. >> no, be excited about the happy meal. >> a present is a present. >> yes. >> okay. >> thumbs down. >> all right guys i want to move on, overall we are saying it is a violation be happy you are getting a meal girl friend. last person you you were dating has a child should the kid get a valentines gift too. >> come on, man. >> it is not christmas. >> i'm your step dad now, i will have you bouncing on top of my leg. i don't give my own kid valentines day gifts. >> the guys say no, it is a violation. >> ladies, when you first start dating someone they should in the be meeting your
9:51 am
kidney way. that is a process that has to happen first. >> it is a violation. >> overall it is a violation. >> this is our first unanimous one this is all a violation. >> but so excited because we have enough time for a bonus question. >> oh, yeah. >> here we go. >> final question, bonus question, can you have more than one valentine. >> no. >> because this is a week even, guys. you you can take someone on a friday, saturday and round it out with valentines day, what do you say. >> i don't think so. >> let's start with the fellows, fellows say yes. >> i will change. i just want one at a time. >> because you have more than one social media platform, twit are girl friend, facebook girlfriend, instagram girlfriend. >> there is a a whole process.
9:52 am
>> unaudible. >> ladies, you can have more than one valentine. >> maybe out with one guy and getting to know the next guy. >> we have three thumbs down and three thumbs up. keep my updated on your valentines weekend plans. thinks your special addition of, alex asks, v day violations. thank you to my fellows and thank you to my ladies. >> thanks, folks. >> thumbs up, great job. >> yes. >> we need music, music, music. >> i love you all. >> thank you. >> moving on. >> i got a thumbs up. >> lets talk about lemar odom where he is planning to go tonight for his first big appearance. >> amber rose.
9:53 am
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beautiful shot. >> it is, look at these clouds. >> you you would go snow boarding. >> i have never been skiing at big bear but i hear it its cool. >> lemar odom, this is good news, is on the road to recovery and scheduled to make his first public appearance since being hospitalized after going unconscious at a nevada brothel. how many people can say that. >> reportedly feels good enough though to go on a walk, because there is video of him on kim kardashian instagram where she and chloe wering out for a stroll and see lemar walking. this is over the weekend. you can see him walking and there walking with him. >> where is he going tonight. >> kanye west is premiering
9:57 am
his season three, season at new york fashion week and he will release his newal will bum or listening session on top of that. so they are going, and they are going with chloe in the private jet madison square garden. >> flown on a private jet to new york city because is there a big event. >> not the just big in new york. >> hold on a second. >> he will, kanye will be at madison square garden tonight, apparently a full house. >> so season three and also his new album. i don't know what to call it. >> it has three different names. >> yes. >> i know you want to go but it is, basically sold out. so what he will do is he will broadcast the whole thing to movie theaters around the world. there is a couple theaters here in philadelphia one i know of where they will have this but tickets are gone. >> there are theaters in the united states, other than this. >> but you can watch it through tidal at no cost tonight, this afternoon i think. >> 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. not exactly a concert.
9:58 am
>> but you can listen to the album. >> we will see you you tomorrow everybody. >> bye.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out p. i give it to you straight no changers. ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy. [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: nice. here we go again. [ applause ] thank you for


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